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22 Jul 02:02

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Semper minimum ursi #waterbear #tardigrade


Need this on a tshirt

Absolutely motivational.  Also, where is this t-shirt?

22 Jul 20:00

Not Even Remotely Thinking

by BD
Retail | Ruidoso, NM, USA

(I work for a small shop in town. We get a few tourist high points a year. It’s a mountain town with a population of about 8,000. It’s only 20 minutes away from another town and about 45 minutes from a larger city.)

Customer: “How do you people live out here?”

Me: “What? What do you mean?”

Customer: “It’s so… remote.”

Me: “Oh, well, we have everything we need here. Also, there is larger city about 45 minutes away if we need something that we cannot find here. Besides, it’s beautiful here.”

Customer: “But… do you have electricity?”

Me: *looks at all the lights in the store, the electronic cash register and the neon sign outside, the lamp posts outside and the traffic lights* “Yes… yes, we do.”

Customer: “What about plumbing?”

Me: “Yes…”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Me: “Positive?”

Customer: “What about [popular and huge hotel]? Do they have lights and toilets?”

Me: “Yes… everywhere here does. Literally, everywhere.”

Customer: “But… it’s so remote. How do they get the lights here?”

Me: “….wires and light poles?”

Customer: “But where do the wires come from?”

Me: “The nearest power station?”

Customer: “What about water?”

Me: “Pipes, and it would come from the nearest water treatment plant, which we have here.”

Customer: “I just don’t understand you people at all.”

Me: “Well, enjoy your stay…”

Customer: “Do the people here have cars?”

Me: “Have you seen cars since you have been here?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “There you go.”

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24 Jul 11:28

NASA completes rocket design review for future Mars journey

by Andrea James

NASA's new Space Launch System (SLS) is about to go into full-scale fabrication after a detailed review. SLS Block 1, which just passed a design review milestone, will go to an asteroid placed in lunar orbit, and eventually to Mars. Read the rest

23 Jul 10:50

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Lone Kryptonian


Hovertext: I really just made this for the first panel.

New comic!
Today's News:
23 Jul 06:10

We were wrong about how boa constrictors kill their prey

by David Pescovitz

Since we were kids, we've been taught that a boa constrictor wraps itself around its prey and suffocate it. A new study suggests that's incorrect. Read the rest

23 Jul 13:04

The data must be free!

by PZ Myers


Ben Goldacre has once again produced some excellent writing on scientific data — he has written an article on data analysis and deworming trials, and it’s both interesting and important. I’ll be using it in my classes, because I do try to hammer home to my students the importance of an appropriate understanding of statistics.

The main point, though, is that science has a problem. In a discipline dependent on the free exchange of information, huge amounts of data are hidden away and locked up as ‘proprietary information’, and all that gets published are basically synopses and interpretations.

Two years ago I published a book on problems in medicine. Front and center in this howl was “publication bias,” the problem of clinical trial results being routinely and legally withheld from doctors, researchers, and patients. The best available evidence — from dozens of studies chasing results for completed trials — shows that around half of all clinical trials fail to report their results. The same is true of industry trials, and academic trials. What’s more, trials with positive results are about twice as likely to post results, so we see a biased half of the literature.

This is a cancer at the core of evidence-based medicine. When half the evidence is withheld, doctors and patients cannot make informed decisions about which treatment is best. When I wrote about this, various people from the pharmaceutical industry cropped up to claim that the problem was all in the past. So I befriended some campaigners, we assembled a group of senior academics, and started the campaign with one clear message: “All trials must be registered, with their full methods and results reported.”

How else can results be confirmed and replicated?

23 Jul 17:09

salon: Read Jesse Williams’ epic Twitter essay on police racism

23 Jul 16:46

bobbycaputo: TSA Supervisor Calls Police on Teen for Filming...


TSA Supervisor Calls Police on Teen for Filming Dad’s Pat-Down

A 16-year-old boy has caused a stir after releasing a video showing himself being denied the right to film a checkpoint pat-down — something the TSA officially allows.

YouTube user Apple Lucas claims that he was denied the right to film while being patted down by a TSA supervisor at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. He then tried to film his father getting patted down, only to have the TSA agent call a police officer to the scene.

“I explained to him that it clearly states on the TSA website that you are allowed to film the TSA agents as long as you don’t film their monitors and are not interfering with their process,” Apple Lucas writes.

(Continue Reading)

This TSA Supervisor should be fired, and of course that won’t happen, because TSA is unaccountable to anyone.

21 Jul 22:06

Tumblr | f97.png

22 Jul 16:38

Ravens get stoned by rubbing chewed-up ants on their feathers

by Mark Frauenfelder

Ravens are intelligent, better talkers than some parrots, roam in teenage gangs, and get high by rubbing chewed up ants on their feathers.

Read the rest
22 Jul 21:47

Polish Television Truck

by Chris

According to builder Karwik, this type of Polish Television truck was the first such vehicle to be designed and built in then-Communist Poland, and helped facilitate the first color TV broadcast in Poland in 1971: a program of Communist Party government proceedings.
Karwik has done a stellar job adding details on this model, from the myriad cables and wires that always accompany broadcast trucks to building nifty minifig-scale cameras. My favorites are the tiny stepstools by the truck doors.

Jelcz / Mielec / WZT WR-0043 (1971)

21 Jul 05:00

#1144; The Silver Foil Lining

by David Malki

Lose your keys through a sewer grate? At least it's practice for when you lose your keys through a hole in a bridge!

21 Jul 23:06

darth-sebious:mirkokosmos: The Fastest Ship in the...

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by Author


There’s a new Patreon level, in case anyone else wants to join in supporting the comic financially. For pledges of $15 or more, you get a signed copy of Kenan Malik’s monumental “The Quest for a Moral Compass: A global history of ethics”. Only five available!

Here’s the Patreon page.

And here, for good measure, is Kenan’s Patreon page, where you can get signed copies of J&M strips.

22 Jul 14:31

Changing lanes while black

by PZ Myers

I’ve been reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. It’s powerful — I woke up in the middle of the night last night, and had to read a bit more, and then I had a tough time getting back to sleep afterwards. There’s this bit where he’s talking about the terror he felt on being pulled over by the police in PG County, and the dread he felt at the arbitrary abuse by police of black people at traffic stops, and his friend who was gunned down by a policeman, and I am marveling at this strange world I’ve never had to experience. When I’ve been pulled over, what I feel is annoyance, and a bit of self-blaming, and concern that I might get a ticket, nothing more. Driving while white is easy.

Then this morning I get up and the first news I see is that the dash-cam video of Sandra Bland’s arrest has been released.

Holy shit.

She was pulled over for failing to signal during a lane change. When he walks up to the window to give her a warning, he asks her what’s wrong — I presume she looked annoyed — and she is blunt and tells him why. Then he tells her to put out her cigarette, and she refuses. And for that, he arrests her, manhandles out of her car, and roughs her up offscreen.

She’s put in jail, and is dead three days later, they say because she hanged herself.

This is unbelievable. Three days in jail and dead, for failing to signal a lane change? By what right is that policeman telling her she can’t smoke in her own car? What was he arresting her for? For being uppity? What was the cause for threatening to tase her, for handcuffing her, for putting her in jail?

There’s nothing in the video to show that Bland was in the wrong. She was angry but calm until the cop decided that a civilian disagreeing with him was cause to open the door and physically drag her out and arrest her. If you watch through the whole thing, the cop spends a fair amount of time justifying his actions to the camera: he was just trying to “calm her down”, and that she was “resisting arrest”. It was all her fault! She was assaulting him!

It was chilling to listen to him rationalize the event immediately after the fact — and nothing he said made his actions OK. This is a man who does not question his power to do great harm to the people he’s supposed to protect.

Coates is right. Read his book. It’ll change how you see the world.

20 Jul 03:07

elucubrare: more Very Important Twitters: @ thestrangelog, tweeting unedited bits from games’...


more Very Important Twitters: @ thestrangelog, tweeting unedited bits from games’ changelogs: 

21 Jul 19:47

RT @joaoluisjr:

by Pai Osias
21 Jul 04:01


by Robot Hugs

New comic!

This comic was originally posted on Everyday Feminism.

I encounter fairly frequently men who are under the misconception that feminism is solely concerned with promoting the interests of women over everyone else.

The truth is, the gender essentialism and gender dichotomy that is upheld by patriarchy is harmful to every gender. While men may benefit as individuals on items such as the wage gap, as a whole they are far more damaged than benefited by sexism. The construction of women as mothers and housekeepers and men as breadwinners perpetuates the ‘dumb dad’ stereotype. Constructions of women as weak and men as strong create societies that fail to recognize men who experience sexual assault or partner violence.

And gosh, emotions – gender stereotypes make emotions a minefield for every gender. Men can’t cry, women can’t get angry. Men shouldn’t be too passive, women shouldn’t be too assertive. The emotions of trans people are closely scrutinized for expressions that betray them as their ‘real’ gender. And the intersections of race, poverty, disability… the truth is, we’re told over and over again from birth how we should be able to express how we’re feeling. And it’s killing us.

This is the work of feminism – gender equality is not some straw man of the ultimate global superiority of women. Gender equality is the ability for every individual to express themselves honestly, without the social straightjacket of gendered prescriptivism holding them back.


22 Jul 00:12

Why "All Lives Matter" instead of "Black Lives Matter" is such a stupid thing to say

by Xeni Jardin
This is a great Reddit thread. Read the rest
20 Jul 20:54

blindsprings: When I was a kid I HOARDED every girl hair and...


When I was a kid I HOARDED every girl hair and kept them separate in my room because I could make batgirl or a cowgirl or or… anything i wanted! It let you do whatever you want!
My parents got me a mega blocks girly dollhouse lego knock off for christmas, and it was mostly used as a secret base for spies masquerading as a normal family.

20 Jul 22:33

"As for Write what you know I was regularly told this as a beginner. I think its a very good rule..."

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.

“As for “Write what you know,” I was regularly told this as a beginner. I think it’s a very good rule and have always obeyed it. I write about imaginary countries, alien societies on other planets, dragons, wizards, the Napa Valley in 22002. I know these things. I know them better than anybody else possibly could, so it’s my duty to testify about them.”


Ursula Le Guin

(via invisibledragon)

20 Jul 14:40

virginiaisforhaters: Wow its almost like most of human history...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.


Wow it’s almost like most of human history has been about controlling women… or something…

20 Jul 23:36

Patrick Stewart's Thoughts On Developing Picard

Discovered Document

Patrick Stewart’s Thoughts On Developing Picard

After a luncheon together, Patrick Stewart wrote this letter to Gene Roddenberry expressing his concerns and desires for bringing out the human qualities of Jean-Luc Picard (dated October 27th, 1988.)

Tags: Character Development, Gene Roddenberry, Jean-Luc Picard, Memos, Patrick Stewart, The One with Wil Wheaton


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20 Jul 14:35

Guillaume Lachapelle’s Mirrored Dioramas Create the Illusion of Infinite Space

by Christopher Jobson







Canadian artist Guillaume Lachapelle explores the infinite in this series of mysterious 3D printed dioramas titled Visions. Sitting atop pedestals in a darkened gallery, the eerie “rooms” rely on lights and mirrors to create the illusion of vast spaces that seem to reflect into much larger open spaces. These pieces were on view last year as part of a solo show at Art Mur in Québec, and you can see more of them up close over on Artsy.

19 Jul 00:07

sorayachemaly: Women scientists made up 25% of the Pluto fly-by...


Women scientists made up 25% of the Pluto fly-by New Horizon team. Make sure you share this, because erasing women’s achievements in science and history is a tradition. Happens every day.


more of this.

21 Jul 01:00

NASA's budget as a percentage of the federal budget

by Minnesotastan

Via Reddit, where the top comment provides an informed discussion of the relation of these two budgets.