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Kids Deserve to Have a Measles Free Childhood


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You can't 'just keep politics out of it'

by Leigh Alexander

Only in consumer video game fandom would there even be a debate about whether or not content "should be" political. We don't have that conversation about books, film, television or music, since naturally everything is, whether it wants to be or not, 'about' something -- the version of reality you present in the fiction you create necessarily says something about the world, or how you see it.

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24 Mar 00:36

University course catalog depicts white men winning again

by David Pescovitz

The University of North Georgia pulled their course catalog after a newspaper called them out for the cover photo, a stock image of two white guys beating a black man and a woman in a race.

"After looking into the issue, we determined that this is an isolated case of poor judgment, and was not intentional," VP of University Relations Kate Maine told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

24 Mar 01:06

rumorsincolor:thebest-memes: And now there is a raccoon in my...



And now there is a raccoon in my house…

I am truly laughing so hard at this right now

22 Mar 20:45

Let it go. (photo via mattryd7)

Let it go. (photo via mattryd7)

22 Mar 07:53

Switching to electric cars would help cool down cities

by Jon Fingas
Electric cars can do more for the environment than cut back on air pollution and fossil fuel use -- they can make sweltering summers more bearable, too. Researchers have determined that EVs create a cooling effect in urban areas, since they aren't pr...
22 Mar 14:50

"You don’t think of water as privilege until you don’t have it anymore."

““You don’t think of water as privilege until you don’t have it anymore.””


Yolanda Serrato, a mother of three in East Porterville, California, tells The New York Times.

As California’s historic drought persists, Serrato lives in one of hundreds of households in the Central Valley that no longer have access to running water. Get the full story from NYT

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micdotcom:profeminist:micdotcom:Watch: A boy wouldn’t stop...

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Melhor domingo de todos, certeza.

by Zanfa


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(photo by javiermcdrizzle)

(photo by javiermcdrizzle)

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Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design

by AD Editorial Team

Interior Designers: CHI-TORCH Interior Design
Location: Aiguo East Road & Section 2, Hangzhou South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, Taiwan 100
Area: 181.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design

Designer: Chlo’e Kao, Ciro Liu

From the architect. It is a case about 40 year-old vintage apartment. To respect its history, CHI-TORCH deliberately made conscious efforts to retain details of time manifestation and proudly displaying building materials that many try to conceal.

The concept is blended with minimalism and industrial. CHI-TORCH specifically seeks out prefect mixture of sunshine and inner space by lowering window rails to maximize outside picturesque scene.

On the other hand, man-made and antique-chic look object is the result of CHI-TORCH’s idea whither it is a herringbone parquet flooring, naturally unfinished brick-works, lighting, gadget or furniture that are made from steel, metal or aged endemic woods of Taiwan preferably worn down or salvaged and recycled.

To sum, CHI-TORCH passionately designed and selected pieces that are as much about function as style to add historic and modern co-existing spirits to the most thoughtfully designed home.

Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Courtesy of CHI-TORCH Interior Design Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Floor Plan Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Detail Living Room Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Detail Study Room Apartment Refurbishment in Taipei / CHI-TORCH Interior Design Detail Restaurant
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прочее от Jubeto

В субботу, с утрица....
1000x1500, 337 Kb / блины, доска, еда, стена

via blog:)
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Wasted Time

Since it sounds like your time spent typing can't possibly be less productive than your time spent not typing, have you tried typing SLOWER?
21 Mar 14:23

Chart of the Week: The Breadth of European Colonization

by Lisa Wade, PhD

This is a map of the countries Europe colonized, controlled, or influenced between 1500 and 1960. The purple is Europe. The orange countries are ones never under European rule. Almost the entire rest of the map — all the green, blue, and yellow — were dominated by Europe to some extent. “Influenced” is pretty much a euphemism and often not all that different than outright domination.


Max Fisher, writing at Vox, summarizes:

There are only four countries that escaped European colonialism completely. Japan and Korea successfully staved off European domination, in part due to their strength and diplomacy, their isolationist policies, and perhaps their distance. Thailand was spared when the British and French Empires decided to let it remained independent as a buffer between British-controlled Burma and French Indochina…

Then there is Liberia, which European powers spared because the United States backed the Liberian state, which was established in the early 1800s by freed American slaves who had decided to move to Africa.

More details and discussion at here.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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leupagus:sweetpea666: This post is dedicated to the cuteness of...



This post is dedicated to the cuteness of baby otters

Baby otters always look like they’re about to ask to speak with your supervisor, but in the cutest way possible.

21 Mar 16:32

darkrose-9:aliasofwestgate:justira:Reblogging not just because...




Reblogging not just because special effects are cool but because body doubles, stunt doubles, acting doubles, talent doubles — all the people whose faces we’re not supposed to see but whose bodies make movies and tv shows possible — these people need and deserve more recognition. We see their bodies onscreen, delight in the shape and motion of those bodies, but even as we pick apart everything else that goes on both on and behind the screen, I just don’t see the people who are those bodies getting the love and recognition they deserve.

We’re coming to love and recognize actors who work in full-body makeup/costumes, such as Andy Serkis, or actors whose entire performances, or large chunks thereof, are motion captured or digitized (lately sometimes also Andy Serkis!). But people like Leander Deeny play an enormous part in making characters such as Steve Rogers come to life, too. Body language is a huge part of a performance and of characterization. For characters/series with a lot of action, a stunt person can have a huge influence on how we read and interpret a character, such as the influence Heidi Moneymaker has had on the style and choreography of Black Widow’s signature fighting style. Talent doubles breathe believability and discipline-specific nuance into demanding storylines.

Actors are creative people themselves, and incredibly important in building the characters we see onscreen. But if we agree that they’re more than dancing monkeys who just do whatever the directors/writers say, then we have to agree that doubles are more than that, too. Doubles make creative decisions too, and often form strong, mutually supportive relationship with actors.

image image

Image 1: “I would like to thank Kathryn Alexandre, the most generous actor I’ve ever worked opposite.”

Image 2: “Kathryn who’s playing my double who’s incredible.”

[ Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany on her acting double, Kathryn Alexandre, two images from a set on themarysue, via lifeofkj ]

image imageimage image

I’ve got a relationship that goes back many, many years with Dave. And I would hate for people to just see that image of me and Dave and go, “oh, there’s Dan Radcliffe with a person in a wheelchair.” Because I would never even for a moment want them to assume that Dave was anything except for an incredibly important person in my life.

[ Daniel Radcliffe talking about David Holmes, his stunt double for 2001-2009, who was paralysed while working on the Harry Potter films. David Holmes relates his story here. Gifset via smeagoled ]

With modern tv- and film-making techniques, many characters are composite creations. The characters we see onscreen or onstage have always been team efforts, with writers, directors, makeup artists, costume designers, special effects artists, production designers, and many other people all contributing to how a character is ultimately realized in front of us. Many different techniques go into something like the creation of Skinny Steve — he’s no more all Leander Deeny than he is all Chris Evans.

But as fandom dissects the anatomy of scenes in ever-increasing detail to get at microexpressions and the minutiae of body language, let’s recognize the anatomy in the scenes, too. I don’t mean to take away from the work Chris Evans or any other actors do (he is an amazing Steve Rogers and I love him tons), but fandom needs to do better in recognizing the bodies, the other people, who make up the characters we love and some of our very favourite shots of them. Chris Evans has an amazing body, but so does Leander Deeny — that body is beautiful; that body mimicked Chris Evans’s motions with amazing, skilled precision; that body moved Steve Rogers with emotion and grace and character.

Fandom should do better than productions and creators who fail to be transparent about the doubles in their productions. On the screen, suspension of disbelief is key and the goal is to make all the effort that went into the production vanish and leave only the product itself behind. But when the film is over and the episode ends, let’s remember everyone who helped make that happen.


[ Sam Hargrave (stunt double for Chris Evans) and James Young (stunt double for Sebastian Stan, and fight choreographer), seen from behind, exchange a fistbump while in costume on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Image via lifeofkj ]

I applaud these guys as much as the suit actors in my japanese tokusatsu shows. They do just as much work. 

This is why I try to support shows and movies by watching them legally whenever I can. There’s so much behind the scenes stuff that goes on to make a movie happen.

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jedavu:Frozen Lakes PatternsWith the fall of temperatures, we...

Bubbles Under The Ice of Abraham Lake by Emmanuel Coupe.

Bubbles in The Ice of Abraham Lake by Phillips Chip.

Frozen Pond by Adam Rifkin.

Ice Rider in Siberia by Matthieu Paley.

Baikal Lake in Russia by Daniel Kordan.

Lake Druzhby in Antarctica by Stu Shaw.

Blue Pond in Japan by Kent Shiraishi.

Frost Flowers in the Arctic Ocean by Matthias Wietz.

Frost Flowers in the Arctic Ocean by Matthias Wietz.

Pond in Switzerland by Dartai.


Frozen Lakes Patterns

With the fall of temperatures, we have gathered for you the most beautiful photographs of frozen lakes and ponds from all around the world : Russia, Switzerland, Japan or also in Canada, their frozen surfaces are full of aesthetic and graphic patterns.

21 Mar 21:22

I wrote a thing because emotions.


About once a month, my ma and I end up having a deep conversation about my job. I am very lucky that she still loves me, talks to me, and generally supports me considering that she doesn’t like what I do for a living. She questions why I do it, why I think it’s ok, where she went wrong in raising me, when I’ll quit, when I’ll get a “real” job, when I’ll get married and raise a family… and it’s exhausting. It’s emotionally exhausting explaining my life to someone who’s heart I’m breaking with every socially unacceptable choice that I make. I find myself trying to convince her that she’s not to blame for anything “wrong” with me because I don’t think that there is anything wrong with me. I try to explain to her that I think porn is okay like some people think Vegemite is okay. That I think that we live in a transitionary culture in which sex work is still stigmatized but it’s (very) slowly on it’s way out of that. I try to remind her that people didn’t use to think that being gay was okay, that being transgender was okay, that women in the workforce wasn’t okay, that men staying home with the kids wasn’t okay. I try to remind her that people should have the right to do whatever they want if it makes them happy and they aren’t genuinely hurting anyone. I’ve told her over and over again that I love what I do. Porn allows me a freedom and an expression of myself that I couldn’t get from anything else, and I’ve managed to make a living with it. I’ve managed to support myself doing the thing that I love most. Isn’t that the dream? Isn’t that what every parent wants for their children? I just happened to choose something that is (weirdly) disdainful to most of society.

My favorite part of our conversation is always when she brings up some friend who’s found me out. It’s always a situation where they’ve seen me and they wanted to let my mom know, in case she didn’t already. It’s always with a tone of disapproval and concern. But hey, how’d they find me? What site were they jerking off to that I came up on? What search terms did they put into PornHub or RedTube or whatever other free porn site they were looking at that I came up in? Were they jerking off because they needed a stress relief because they worked a 12 hour shift to support their family? Were they jerking off because they were trying to not go out and cheat on their wife? Were they watching it with their wife, trying to spice up a 30 year old marriage? It’s okay for them to look and use but it’s not okay for me to provide it? That’s backwards. And it’s bullshit.

The best advice I ever received came from a friend’s mom, who is a stripper: She told me that no matter what you do, be the best that you can at it. It’s simple, and I’ve heard tons of people say it but her telling me when I was just 16, will stick with me forever. She was the best goddamn stripper in her time, won tons of awards and travelled the world. As far as I know, she had the best fucking time. And she was “just a stripper”. Someday, I hope that my mom will feel comfortable enough to tell her friends about me. I hope that she’ll want to brag about me, like parents to do with other parents, and her friends will be impressed that even though I’m “just a pornstar”, I’ve traveled the world, I’ve won awards, I’ve been on the covers of magazines, been featured in “mainstream” media, and basically had the best fucking time. But mostly that she raised someone who was comfortable enough with who she is to do something that she loved, even though it was an unpopular and highly stigmatized choice and that I was willing to do something that I believed was okay to do, regardless of the social consequences. Myself, and the majority of my generation were raised to believe that we could do or be anything that we wanted but as soon as we do, and it’s different from what they wanted or what their idea of what’s acceptable is, it’s not okay. And that’s not okay.

My ma will hate that I say this but, with every conversation we have in which she tries to convince me to live differently, it only cements my conviction even more and fuels the flame that is my love for sex work.

/end teenager-esque “parents just don’t understand” rant

21 Mar 21:30

(photo via jinnpinn)

(photo via jinnpinn)

21 Mar 22:10

The Batman effect

22 Mar 00:00

Villa Escargot, Chiba, Japan by Takeshi Hirobe Architects....

Villa Escargot, Chiba, Japan by Takeshi Hirobe Architects. (Photography: Koichi Torimura)

22 Mar 13:23

sixpenceee:VeinViewer: an infrared device that detects the...


VeinViewer: an infrared device that detects the location of a patient’s veins and projects them on the skin so doctors and nurses don’t miss. It was developed by the Christie Medical Holdings company. They mainly show surface veins

22 Mar 17:32

mostlysignssomeportents: Guys! Guys! Radio Shack is going out...


Guys! Guys! Radio Shack is going out of business, so this is your last chance to grab a VHS cleaning cassette before they’re all gone. by sfslim on Flickr.

Guys! Guys! Radio Shack is going out of business, so this is your last chance to grab a VHS cleaning cassette before they’re all gone.

22 Mar 11:29







"The system couldn’t be changed?!" So at this gym only MEN can be doctors. Omega level fuckery.

You don’t have to be a feminist for this to anger you. 

Yeah but if this angers you, then you are a feminist. That’s how words work.

They’re blaming it on a ‘bug’ in their system, but code is written by human beings. It isn’t a bug; they found out the code was written by archaic sexist shitheads.


20 Mar 16:14

unicornfairylove:micdotcom:Stunning Australian street art shows...



Stunning Australian street art shows the world the true face of LGBT people

Australian street artist Astrotwitch launched “Queer the Streets" last year based on the idea that, as they wrote on Tumblr, all the “queer community needs is simply for more people to know that they exist.” Their works are incredible — and every one has the potential to create a change.

Holy crap! I’m so glad the artists information is with this art, because it’s incredible. We need more people making art like this. It’s inspiring and thought provoking. Well done!

^^ I agree.
-Elliott Alexzander

22 Mar 21:03

Polly needs a cracker

by Ralph

Perhaps I am using the word character a bit too frequently to describe models lately, but the parrot built by Dicky Laban has it in spades. It doesn’t just want a cracker; it needs one. It looks so sad and yet adorable.


This is also yet another nice example of how you don’t need to build something ridiculously large for it to be cool and interesting, as long as it has mixels eyes.

21 Mar 20:53

Dining in style

by Ralph

Spring has only just started (on the Northern hemisphere), but the restaurant built by Snaillad already makes me long for summer.

The Ocean Restaurant

This must be because it was inspired by the wonderful art deco buildings along Ocean Drive / South Beach in famously sunny Miami Beach. It looks very nice on the outside and also comes with a detailed interior. Normally I am partial to visible studs on a LEGO model, but I have to admit that this would not look nearly as good if it wouldn’t have such a clean and studless construction.

21 Mar 16:13

Rain or shine, Space Police get their man

by Simon

After yesterday’s foray into Classic Space, Chris Perron (thebrickbin) must have known that like a SpaceVampire – I needed more! So magically this jaw dropping atmosphere masterpiece popped up:

It’s a gritty scene where the brave men and women of the First Space Police patrol some cyber-punkish district. I’m not sure who they’re looking for, but with that heavy duty SP1Koma Think Tank backing them up, these boys and girls of the black, blue and trans red are well looked after!

And as a second bonus link, this beauty by Moritz (nolnet) was in my blog queue for awhile it’s just so damn fun and cool:
Neo Space Police I – 6895 Redux

The model itself is top notch, but what turns this from awesome to #BennyAWESOME is the remote control action:

21 Mar 18:06

Windows 10 announcement: certified hardware can lock out competing OSes

by Cory Doctorow

This was always the threat since TPMs were first integrated into motherboards as standard hardware. Very, VERY uncool.

Microsoft has announced a relaxation of its "Secure Boot" guidelines for OEMs, allowing companies to sell computers pre-loaded with Windows 10 that will refuse to boot any non-Microsoft OS. Read the rest