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21 Nov 18:55

Almost, But Not Quite, Entirely Unlike Turkey Cakes

by Jen

Let's face it, bakers: turkeys look silly.

Real turkeys, I mean.



So in that spirit, why NOT make your turkey cakes look like a snake on a Mexican poncho?


Or a volcano with a chicken beak?


Or a ruffled... er...

[long pause]
[gratuitous side-eye]
...decorative... pillow.



I mean, on the one hand, bakers, this is utterly ridiculous. Have you seen a real turkey's head? It's not even brown.

But on the other hand, when else do you get to illustrate an angry little poop being attacked by technicolor leeches?

Never, that's when.


So I say... [cranks up America the Beautiful]... GO FOR IT, bakers.

Embrace the ridiculous!

Stretch those legs!


Spread-eagle that turkey!


Anything goes!!

[record screeches to a halt]

Except this.



Thanks to Heather M., Stieg, Laura B., Sandy F., Dave & Alison, DeLoris N., & Morgan R. for making us all do a triple-take. (Still pretty sure those ARE supposed to be turkeys, though.)


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21 Nov 00:48

The weather outside is frightful, but the microscale’s delightful

by Rod

I don’t know about everywhere else, but this weekend saw winter begin to take hold in Scotland. Appropriately enough, along come two lovely little LEGO builds which perfectly capture the chill in the air. First up, IamKritch‘s cabin looks like a great place to sit out the blizzard. The trees and the frozen stream are smart, but it’s the simple use of a brown grille brick for the cabin’s log walls which grabs the attention.

A Cabin in Winter

And then there’s Brick Blue Wren‘s wonderful winter diorama. I like the variety of techniques used for the trees, and the curved backdrop and base evoking the shape of a snow globe. The color scheme properly pops off the page, particularly those hefty snowflakes against the blue sky. A few more models like this and I’ll be all set for Christmas.

LEGO Snow Globe

20 Nov 19:07

Beach sand is not a permanent feature

by Minnesotastan

From an interesting longread at TheVerge:
To the casual observer, the beach may look like the only natural bit of the city, a fringe of shore reaching out from under the glass and pastel skyline. But this would be false: the beach is every bit as artificial as the towers and turquoise pools. For years the sea has been eating away at the shore, and the city has spent millions of dollars pumping up sand from the seafloor to replace it, only to have it wash away again. Every handful of sand on Miami Beach was placed there by someone.

That sand is washing away ever faster. The sea around Miami is rising a third of an inch a year, and it’s accelerating. The region is far from alone in its predicament, or in its response to an eroding coast: it’s becoming hard to find a populated beach in the United States that doesn’t require regular infusions of sand...

"There isn’t a natural grain of sand on the beach in Northern New Jersey; there is no Miami Beach unless we build it," Young says. "The real endangered species on the coast of the US isn’t the piping plover or the loggerhead sea turtle. It’s an unengineered beach."..

On July 31st, 2015, the Army Corps released a plan for patching eroding sections of Miami Beach. Miami-Dade’s sand resources had been exhausted, the Corps wrote, and some of the best alternatives lay to the north, offshore of Martin and St. Lucie counties. Though the shoals were in federal waters and the northern counties had no greater right to them than anyone else, they viewed the sand as theirs, and with the Corps’ announcement began the latest skirmish in what local officials call "the sand wars."..
20 Nov 05:20

Onward Comrades! For the Tiny Revolution!

by Rod

P.B. spends his time building fabulous microscale walking tanks and artillery units. This one, in Jovian Regimental Colors no less, is a little cracker. The tank carries an impressive level of detail for such a small model — delivered through effective color blocking and a nice depth of texture. I love the use of bucket handles to add detail to the legs — I haven’t seen that before. But the undoubted stars of this show are the teeny-tiny figures — the crewman and the Commissar — effortlessly carrying off some Communist-era chic with their little red scarves. Well played Comrade PB, well played.

TU-138 with Commissar and Crewman

17 Nov 16:21

Pretty Sure This Is How It Happened

by john (the hubby of Jen)


Thanks to Sarah O. for helping us stick figure that one out.


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16 Nov 19:32

TV Problems

Certified skydiving instructors know way more about safely falling from planes than I do, and are way more likely to die that way.
15 Nov 19:27

From the company that used to offer "the friendly skies"

by Minnesotastan
United Continental Holdings Inc will become the first big U.S. airline to limit low-fare customers to one carry-on bag that fits under a seat... 

United, the No. 3 U.S. airline by passengers carried, said customers who bought its cheapest fares would not be assigned seats until the day of departure, meaning people on the same ticket may be split apart.

United will also prohibit these travelers from carrying on bags that can only fit in overhead bins, and they will not accrue miles toward elite status.

The company expects the moves to add $4.8 billion to its annual operating income by 2020, although the figure does not include rising wages.  Fare initiatives such as "basic economy" will account for $1 billion of this, as more customers pay to check bags or select higher fares that give them two "free" carry-ons.
The classic rolling carry-on, of course, does not fit under a seat.  More at Reuters.
15 Nov 19:21

Living in a house of bricks

by Rod

We’ve previously featured Terez trz‘s ongoing project of creating a LEGO version of their own home. Now we have more images to pore over — a wonderful sitting area.


Whilst the building is cool, once again it’s the quality of Terez’s photography which elevates the models out of the ordinary. The images wouldn’t look out of place in a fancy interiors catalog. Whilst the diorama doesn’t feature any people, I think it avoids sterility with the sense of lived-in clutter created by touches like the pile of mail by the door and the organic messiness of the pot plants.


15 Nov 05:33

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - How to Spot a Physicist


I searched on google, and apparently these exist.

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15 Nov 05:32

Children Can Now Sue The US Government Over Climate Change

by EditorDavid
"America's children have officially won the right to sue their government over global warming," reports Motherboard. An anonymous reader quotes their article: Thursday, a lawsuit filed by 21 youth plaintiffs was ruled valid by U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken in Eugene, Oregon. A group of citizens, whose ages range from nine to twenty, charged President Obama, the fossil fuel industry, and other federal agencies with violating their constitutional rights by declining to take action against climate change. "Federal courts too often have been cautious and overly deferential in the arena of environmental law, and the world has suffered for it," wrote Judge Aiken in her ruling. [PDF] Several groups -- including the U.S. government and the American Petroleum Institute -- had asked the judge to throw out the case, but the judge ruled instead that climate change would "threaten plaintiffs' fundamental constitutional rights to life and liberty," calling man-made climate change an "undisputed" fact. In a related story, Slashdot reader devinp shares a new study which suggests "Global changes in temperature due to human-induced climate change have already impacted every aspect of life on Earth from genes to entire ecosystems, with increasingly unpredictable consequences for humans."

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

15 Nov 05:31

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Why I Couldn't Be a Math Teacher


If I were you, I'd focus less on algebra and more on seeking public office.

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Hey geeks of London and MIT! We're just starting to get the ball rolling on next year's shows, and submissions are now open. Both shows will be open theme!

13 Nov 19:48

Vikings menace a huge LEGO display of Anglo Saxon Britain

by Rod

Brick To The Past is a collective of British builders who specialize in large-scale historical dioramas in LEGO. We’ve covered some of their previous masterpieces, including a huge Roman camp and section of Hadrian’s Wall, and their recreation of the streets of Victorian London. We recently interviewed leading member James Pegrum about BttP’s impressive Battle of Hastings display. As if that wasn’t enough for 2016, the gang’s latest effort is this enormous diorama depicting a section of Anglo Saxon Britain in 793AD.

England 793

As you’d expect from such a large model, there are numerous areas worthy of your attention. An obvious highlight is the monastery under attack by Viking raiders…

The Holy Island

Viking raiders were the bane of Northern England and Scotland’s seashore communities in this period — regularly looting villages and burning homes. In later times the Norsemen were to settle in the region more permanently and peacefully, lending the North many of its distinctive placenames. However, who wants to see a completely peaceful LEGO model? We want ACTION, like monks leaping into the sea…

Leap of Faith!

Of course, it isn’t all war and chaos. The model also features more domestic scenes of everyday life in the period. Here’s a small fishing village — showcasing the BttP builders’ trademark attention to historical detail…

Fishing Village

And then there’s the larger settlement, perched atop an impressively-landscaped hill…

Anglo Saxon Settlement

But perhaps my favourite bit of the whole layout is the decidedly spooky forest section. Check out this brave soul tending his grazing cattle. Not sure I’d be in those woods by myself. Who knows what’s lurking behind the trees?

Anglo Saxon forest scene

All-in-all this is another amazing collaborative build. I’m looking forward to seeing what the guys come up with for next year’s LEGO show season.

Brick To The Past builders

12 Nov 17:16

A bike shop perfect for a modular building layout

by Nick

Minifigs residing in a city of LEGO modular buildings can purchase and repair their bicycles at this custom modular bike shop built by Łukasz Libuszewski. Interesting colors and unusual use of elements define the series as much as the modular standard, and there is no shortage of this throughout the build.


Łukasz added an elevator to his bike shop modular, and looking in the center column with gear racks on either side and a janitor standing slightly elevated, it appears to be functional.


View more shots of Łukasz’s building on Flickr.

12 Nov 04:29

Fan creates incredible LEGO space scenes that make you nostalgic for the 90s

by Chris

The best thing about LEGO sets in the 1990s? Well, ok, besides all the awesome themes likes Ice Planet and Dragon Knights. Every LEGO set came with a miniature catalog, either a folded single page or a half-sheet booklet, and besides just advertising new sets, they included dioramas showing all the sets from a theme in action on a cool bit of scenery, like this Castle diorama from 1995. Builder Pixel Fox is creating some amazing images that bring back that nostalgia. LEGO catalogs need to do this again.

Alien artifact
Searching for survivors
A Song of Stone and Mud

11 Nov 19:18


DEPARTMENT OF NEUROSCIENCE / Motto: "If I hear the phrase 'mirror neurons' I swear to God I will flip this table."
11 Nov 11:12

This generates names of Defunct Computer Companies That You're Sure You Can Remember From the 19A0s


Design note: The magic ingredients here are a) a bland, vaguely patrician old-world name, b) hints of the mid-century corporate models unfit for competition with the likes of Microsoft, and c) the genre of typeface that might be described as Business Futuristic.

Fonts: Chintzy CPU by Aenigma; Rollerball 1975 by Anthony Robinson; SPACE AGE by Mickey Avenue ; Alien Encounters by Hipsthetic; Hurtmold by Billy Argel

11 Nov 06:45

Cornering the market in grand style

by Elspeth De Montes

Mark Erickson is well known for his castle and medieval-themed builds and his latest creation is a grand one. Entitled ‘The Grand Bazaar’, Mark has created a beautiful, bustling, colourful market scene packed with details and nice techniques. This bazaar has an exotic feel of the east with a camel, trees from warmer climes and a rare sighting of a yellow parrot. The architectural details are lovely, with arches constructed from bricks and slopes and a great combination of colours.

(CCC14) The Grand Bazaar

There are a great many details that require a closer look, but for me the combination of colours is the highlight of this build. I love the blue tiled roof with hints of sand and olive green on the more official ‘town hall’ looking building on the right. The use of the Belville oriental carpet as a canopy adds a lovely flash of bright red, while sand red makes a rare appearance on the sloped roof of the building to the left. A really captivating scene.

(CCC14) The Grand Bazaar

11 Nov 05:40

Catbus knows your destination

by Elspeth De Montes

What is a Catbus? Well, it’s a cat that’s a bus of course! This particular Catbus has been crafted by CK Tsang and is an excellent depiction of Catbus at this scale. Catbus is a character from the classic anime movie My Neighbor Totoro by legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. The wide grinning smile and bright ‘headlight’ eyes are perfectly captured in this build. Don’t worry about the lack of a door, as one of those windows will elongate should you want to climb aboard for a ride.


09 Nov 04:41

Banker’s abode

by Josh

legostrator has built a very nicely detailed interior belonging to a banker. The scene is loaded with all sorts of cool bits but my favorites are the chair and the fireplace. I love the ornate nature of the chair. It’s a design that I may borrow in the future. The brickwork on the chimney is particularly nice, as is the arch above the fire. Everywhere I look in this small scene, I find more to like. This scene really has a lot going for it.

Bank Owner's Private Chamber

05 Nov 07:21

archiemcphee: If you ever find yourself wondering what happened...


If you ever find yourself wondering what happened to No-Face after Spirited Away, we have an answer for you. Japanese Twitter user @lionifuly spotted the lonely spirit now spends its time riding a motorcycle around Japan, both delighting and spooking fellow travelers.

[via RocketNews24]

03 Nov 20:23

Awesome Two-gate Minifig-scale LEGO Airport

by Chris

Builder LEGO 7 brings us a beautifully modern two-gate airport. Look closely, because this model is impressively large and very thoroughly detailed with all the hustle and bustle of real aviation.


The first minifigure-scale LEGO airport, 6392 Airport, released in 1985. Since then LEGO has produced about a half dozen more, most recently 60104 Airport Passenger Terminal. They’ve all been fantastic sets, and the planes have grown larger and more detailed with each iteration. However, they all suffer from one flaw: the terminals just aren’t big enough, even for very small airports, and none includes a jet bridge. Not so with LEGO 7’s stunning creation, which features not one but two jet bridges so jetsetters in this airport don’t have to step outside to disembark. Check out more photos below.

The gorgeous art-deco emblem emblazoned on the runway-side of the terminal adds instant class.


Dozens of busy minifigures keep the airport humming by directing incoming aircraft and performing maintenance.


Two-toned letters on the vehicular side let passengers know they’re in the right spot.


The view from the vehicular side, with an arrival/departure lane for VIPs.


You can check out more photos in LEGO 7’s flickr folder.

03 Nov 19:54

We all go a little mad sometimes

by Jennifer

For any minifigs on the run after stealing $40,000 from their boss, there is finally some good news! The members of Brickstons Group (Pepi Blas, Emiliano Martinez, Jose Luis de la Fuente, and Alfonso Abeger) have created a LEGO Bates Motel from Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic film Psycho and it is open for business. What a perfect place to lay low and avoid the police.


The builders based the design of the house off of the original drawings used in the film. And the Brickstons Group even built furniture for each motel room and the office. I wonder if there are any taxidermied birds in there? Of course, the recreated shower scene in black and white looks great. Check out even more photos of this great build on Flickr.

Psycho Psycho

03 Nov 19:42

piecomic: More Cluster Fudge HERE


More Cluster Fudge HERE

03 Nov 08:27


by Robot Hugs

New comic!

The last one is probably the weirdest, because sometimes people are being nice to me and will pour me a glass of something but then pour it more than halfway up the glass and i’ll quietly be all like (nooooooo).


03 Nov 05:49

archiemcphee: Sandwich Monsters is celebrating Day of the Dead...


Sandwich Monsters is celebrating Day of the Dead with this mouthwatering Quesadilla de Los Muertos! 🌸💀🌸

02 Nov 19:55

It’s all about the cake

by Rod

Milan Sekiz has mixed up all the ingredients required for a perfect little bakery. This scene is packed with detail for such a tight footprint, and the color choices represent a refreshing change from a lot of City building.


Cakes are obviously the main reason to visit any bakery, and Milan’s display counter doesn’t disappoint. Check out the tempting selection on show (and don’t miss the detail of the ventilation slits in the refrigeration units under the counter — nice).


And then through in the back-of-house, Milan has made great use of “brick bricks” and kitchen unit pieces to create a smart prep area. I particularly like the unbaked croissants sitting to the left. However, unless there’s another oven lurking off-scene somewhere, I’m not convinced this store has quite the baking capacity it requires — the visible oven provision seems somewhat lacking. But kitchen efficiency concerns aside, this is a wonderful little model.


01 Nov 20:47

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Path of a Hero


On the other hand, without adventurers, the entire brigand economy would collapse.

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31 Oct 23:07

House of Horrors

by nedroid

House of Horrors

31 Oct 22:47

"Consider this poll out today from Politico and Morning Consult, which asked whether respondents..."

Consider this poll out today from Politico and Morning Consult, which asked whether respondents agreed with Donald Trump’s assertion that, as the poll read, “the issues around Clinton’s emails are worse than Watergate.” Eighty-two percent of Republicans said they agreed. Eighty-two percent.

So that’s become an almost universal belief among Republicans: Clinton’s use of a private server for her emails is worse than the worst political scandal in American history, in which an entire panoply of crimes was committed by dozens of people, including break-ins and money-laundering and document-forging and obstruction of justice, in which those who went to prison included the attorney general, the White House chief of staff, and the president’s chief domestic policy adviser, in which the president of the United States resigned after his own party informed him he was about to be impeached and would surely be convicted. The email story is worse than that.

This is not merely wrong or ahistorical. It’s lunacy. It’s like saying, “This paper cut I got on my finger? Worse than pancreatic cancer.”

- GOP hatred of Clinton will poison our politics for years to come.
31 Oct 21:10

Giant Clasic Space tower complete with a working lift

by Clinton

While I’m more of a fan of LEGO space vehicles, I do know an amazing building creation when I see one, and this Classic Space tower by Wami Delthorn  has all the right notes of a brilliant, detailed build. As a control tower for your Classic Space astronauts, it’s complete with classic grey colouring and the yellow translucent window panels.

The build sits on a hexagonal base, giving a different twist to your usual 4-sided box. The picture is a bit deceiving, but this thing is quite tall! You can see the little space minifig at the bottom for a better sense of scale.

Just as impressive is the inside rooms and the working lift, both of which you can see in this short video: