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25 Sep 18:34

Can we just STOP with the “Martin Luther King, Jr., Didn’t Riot But He Changed the World” Thing?


First, MLK was relentlessly investigated by law enforcement authorities on suspicion of being a Communist. His supporters were abused and murdered by both civilians and law enforcement over the years. The FBI spent vastly more resources trying to demonstrate that he was causing riots as a paid agent of Soviet Communism than they ever spent investigating the endless murder threats to his life. And, of course, the FBI mounted multiple sting and other investigations to expose and exploit his all too human flaws, particularly his cheating on his wife. His life is hardly a good model of police-citizen relations.

Second, King faced endless, brutal criticism for the peaceful protests he led. Lots and lots of (mostly) white people insisted that now was not the time to protest, that social and political change would best happen at its own pace, over a long period. Heck, has anyone actually read “Letter from Birmingham Jail”? The whole thing is a response to a letter published in the Birmingham paper in which white ministers asked why an “outsider” like King would come to Birmingham to lead protests, leading to his famous response “I am in Birmingham because injustice is here.” There is never a convenient time for protest, or an acceptable way to demand change from majorities that like things the way they are. Martin Luther King may be an American saint now. But he wasn’t when he was alive. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Third, is it now required that we all be Martin Luther King? Is it required that we all have the patience to endure endless harassment and violence in order to be “worthy” to protest? Do remember that King himself had largely abandoned the philosophy of nonviolence at the time of his assassination. For example, he was only in Memphis in April 1968 supporting a direct action strike by sanitation workers in the city, an action LOTS of people would have called violently disruptive to the health of the community. His movement only seems beatific in retrospect, through the lens of the rioting and social chaos that ensued his marginalization in the later 1960s and 1970s.  There are no perfect protestors even when there is much to protest.

I do not think the Martin Luther King, Jr., you remember is the Martin Luther King, Jr., who actually lived. 

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25 Sep 04:05

myjetpack: For the Guardian


For the Guardian

25 Sep 03:14

Mechanical automaton is ready to roll

by Rod

Vince Toulouse brings us this excellent automaton — ready to roll out on its single wheel and come to the rescue of any malfunctioning contraption.

The Mechanic

The retro-futurism of the design here is just awesome — slick and smooth, yet unmistakably “old-timey” in its sci-fi. The color scheme is spot-on and the greebles strike that balance of believability and character essential in good steam- or dieselpunk building. The red-tinted goggles are a masterstroke, lending a wonderful dash of personality. Lastly, this is one of those models which looks as good from the rear as it does from the front. Great stuff.

The Mechanic

24 Sep 21:03

The Jewish people angry at you aren't "concern trolls". They're upset that you only want to listen to the Jewish people who agree with your insistence on using the Holocaust as a prop. You've hidden in an echo chamber of your own opinion. :/

I don’t want to spend the rest of my Saturday on this, but this is important to me, and I hope to get past “Someone is wrong on the Internet”.

Talking about one of the worst genocides in the history of our species, which happened less than a century ago, isn’t using it as a prop. RIght now, at this moment, when someone who embraces the exact sort of nationalism, xenophobia, bigotry, and appeals to fear and hatred as the man who lead the Holocaust is dangerously close to power – and not just him, but the people who feel empowered, emboldened, and welcomed into the mainstream of society by him – we have a moral duty to talk about it. Because if we are to ensure that it never happens again, we have to shine the brightest and clearest light possible onto the anyone who would even consider allowing it.

We all know that Donald Trump isn’t going to put people into camps and murder them, and I understand that for someone who feels strongly about the horrors of the Holocaust, bringing up Hitler’s rise and what he did to millions of people can seem like I’m trivializing that, or as you say, “using it as a prop.” 

It’s impossible to talk about Hitler and the Nazis without people thinking about the Holocaust. As far as I can recall, I’ve never said “Trump is going to unleash another Holocaust.” What I have said, and what I will continue to say, is that he is a fascist who has no respect for the press, the Constitution, the marginalized and the vulnerable in our society. He began his political life by spreading his ludicrous Birther conspiracy, and he began his campaign this year by attacking immigrants, specifically Mexicans. He’s attacked Muslims, African Americans, and women. He’s incited violence against anyone who disagrees with him. He’s embraced and refused to disavow very loud and very public support from neo-Nazis, members of the KKK, and other white nationalists. He put the editor of Breitbart in charge of his campaign. 

And I could go on and on like this, but my point is: he is doing many of the same things that Hitler did in the 1930s during his rise to power. Don’t take my word for it, listen to people who lived through WWII (including Holocaust survivors) and they’ll tell you that they haven’t seen or heard anyone in American politics who reminds them of Hitler until Trump, not even Goldwater or Wallace. The fact that Donald Trump is this close to the presidency should be appalling, sickening, and terrifying to all good and decent people, and we should all be working as hard as we can to stop him, and defeat him and his ideas in a landslide that unambiguously repudiates him and everything he stands for.

So I’m not going to stop talking about Donald Trump’s embrace of neo-Nazis, or how things he does echo things Adolf Hitler did, because I don’t want someone like that to have the amount of power that the American president has. I don’t want the people who follow and support men like them to be close to power, and I’m not going to be silenced by someone on the Internet who has decided what I can and can’t talk about, when I’m deeply afraid and upset by what’s happening in my country.

24 Sep 20:27

My grandmother was German & a teenager when Hitler came to power. All her life she remembered the fervour around his promises to Make Germany Great again, the racism & hatred he spouted that many people overlooked because they had so much fear & pain in their lives that they were willing to cling onto anything that gave them hope. When Trump started his shit, she sighed & said "that seems familiar, will people not learn from our mistakes?" So is Trump like Hitler? People who lived it say yes.

This is the point I’ve been trying to make, and will continue to make.

24 Sep 19:18

danismm: Vintage ad for Gaytop counters (England)

22 Sep 16:11

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Dinosaurs


This comic shamelessly derived from a conversation with Abby Howard, who is the best young cartoonist in the world.

New comic!
Today's News:
24 Sep 17:28

So if I understand this right ....


1. America is the greatest country in the history of the world because it allows people to pursue their dreams in freedom;

2. Anyone who criticizes America, whether by protesting during the national anthem or on the street after horrible incidents of violence and hate, should be purged or should leave America because using one’s American freedom to actually criticize America makes you an unbearable hater of American freedom;

3. Therefore the perfect expression of American freedom is to brainlessly parrot the establishment line about America being the greatest country in the history of the world because of its freedom.

That about got it?


23 Sep 18:01

nevver: Scarfolk Music Library (1970s) Scarfolk is so...


Scarfolk Music Library (1970s)

Scarfolk is so amazing. You can easily lose an evening by falling down that rabbithole.

23 Sep 14:24

Stop at Brickton Harbor to fuel up before your journey

by Caylin

One of the last things you do before departing on a journey is stop for gas. Arjan Oude Kotte has created Brickton Harbor, a place for your LEGO vessels to stop for fuel before they leave for their own journeys.

This detailed harbor is full of great details! The fuel docks feature the fuel pumps and lines for the boats, and the textured siding on the building is fantastic.

The fishing vessel coming in has all the rigging you could ever need, and it’s clearly time for a haulout to get some new paint on that hull. The bouys are out and they’re ready to come in.

There are plenty of places to stop at the harbor, and it’s well lit at night, too, so the ships don’t hit the docks. Awfully important, that.

22 Sep 10:03

ISP Trolls Copyright Troll With A Taste of Its Own Medicine

by Ernesto

bahnhofIn recent years file-sharers around the world have been ordered to pay significant settlement fees, or face legal repercussions.

These so-called “copyright trolling” efforts have been a common occurrence in several countries, with Sweden one of the latest hunting grounds.

One of the organizations leading the way is Spridningskollen (Distribution Check). Using data gathered by German anti-piracy outfit Excipio, they plan to start by targeting around 1,000 alleged pirates, offering them settlements of around $233 (2,000 kronor).

While many Internet providers don’t put up a real fight to protect their subscribers, privacy conscious Bahnhof is. Not only does Bahnhof delete all logs that could link IP-addresses to alleged infringements, the company is also pushing back in other creative ways.

Previously they accused Spridningskollen of trademark infringement and this week they followed up this threat with a more concrete warning.

Giving the “trolls” a taste of their own medicine, Bahnhof sent them an invoice for the exact amount they also ask from accused pirates, to settle the alleged trademark infringement.

“You’re infringing our trademark ‘Spridningskollen.’ Bahnhof filed for the trademark on 2016-08-31, with the launch of the website,” the settlement invoice reads.

The anti-piracy outfit uses for their website and Bahnhof urges the company to pay up and take it down, or else.


“Choose to pay 2,000 kronor and switch off your site as soon as possible, or face legal action when the trademark application has been processed,” they write.

“You can say that this letter is a settlement offer. If the infringer of the trademark does not pay the rightsholder the case can proceed to trial, which is far more costly for all involved.”

It’s unlikely that the anti-piracy coalition is going to comply voluntarily, as the trademark application can be disputed. Nevertheless, Bahnhof’s provocative approach is refreshing to say the least.

When asked, most ISPs will say that they have the best interests of their subscribers at heart, but very few companies are willing to go above and beyond and highlight possible abuse.

And adding some irony in the mix makes it all the better.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and ANONYMOUS VPN services.

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21 Sep 19:49

Rectal Smuggler Won’t Know Doody’s Position Until November

by Kevin
LTB logo

Well, I apologized in advance yesterday for the likely increase in posts due to me now officially being on sabbatical, but probably this post would have happened anyway. So let me apologize separately for this one, for reasons I’m sure are already clear.

The Ottawa Citizen reported yesterday that Justice Peter Doody heard closing arguments, but did not rule, in the trial of a former employee of the Royal Canadian Mint, on trial for allegedly smuggling gold nuggets out of the mint via the time-honored practice of inserting them into an internal smuggling compartment and then walking out with them. The roughly 210-gram (7.6-ounce) nuggets, known as “pucks” but obviously not puck-sized, are used to make gold bars or coins, and if these are basically the same thing as the “buttons” described here, are .9999 pure gold. [Note: not .9999%, as I originally wrote, which would not be very pure at all, but 99.99%. The Mint refers to it as “.9999 pure gold,” so I blame it.]

Gold nugget (not in smuggleable form)

Gold nugget (not in smuggleable form)

After certain interim steps that need no discussion, the employee would take his smuggled nuggets to a gold-buying shop at a local mall, collect a check for about $6800 Canadian, and then walk over to a bank in the same mall to deposit them. So this money-laundering scheme, as one might call it, was about as sophisticated as the smuggling plan itself.

The man sold 18 pucks in a four-month period, and so was showing up about once a week, but no one at the shop seems to have asked any questions. A bank teller got suspicious, though, because (1) he deposited 18 checks from the same gold shop in four months, (2) he was wiring money out of the country, and (3) she noticed he worked at the Royal Canadian Mint. The Mounties were alerted.

They found four more pucks in a safety-deposit box, and he apparently also nabbed “dozens” of gold coins in the same way. The total value of the haul was estimated at almost $180,000.

According to the Citizen, at trial the defendant argued that the Mint could not prove conclusively that the nuggets had come out of it (again, I apologize for the whole post, really) rather than bought on the open market. The things are apparently unmarked, and—more surprisingly—no gold had been reported missing. Of course, he is a Mint employee found in possession of .9999 pure gold, and they did show that the pucks “precisely fit” the spoon used to scoop out molten gold during production. Records also showed he set off the metal detector more often than any other employee (except for those with a medical implant), but he somehow always passed the search that followed, which involves a “hand-held wand” but not in that way. This is all circumstantial, of course, but seems fairly persuasive.

Investigators also found a container of Vaseline in his locker, but again, totally circumstantial.

“Appalling!” said defense attorney Gary Barnes on Tuesday. He was talking about the Mint’s security measures, which “one would think should [be] the highest” imaginable, and yet “here the gold is left sitting around in open buckets!” The evidence apparently showed that the gold is left sitting around in open buckets, I take it, but it’s hard to see how it could be processed without there being at least some opportunity for a refinery employee to access it, handle it, and potentially put it in his rectum. I am not an expert in mint operations or the other thing, though, so I will defer on these questions. The Mint says it has upgraded its accounting and security tech since the incident came to light, but probably because they aren’t American police in New Mexico or Long Beach, for example, didn’t show any particular eagerness to look up a citizen’s butt anytime they get half a chance.

Justice Doody, to whom I apologize in particular, took the matter under advisement and is not expected to rule until November.

Between 2005 and 2006 an Australian smuggled $135,000 of that country’s dollars out of the mint where he worked, although that was all in $2 coins. Thankfully, because that reportedly worked out to four pounds of coins every day for ten months, he stuck them in his shoes instead.

20 Sep 20:36

laughterkey: adulthoodisokay: sirpeter64: A lynx climbs a...




A lynx climbs a tree at the Langedrag Nature Park in Norway.



20 Sep 16:44

catsbeaversandducks: “Aliens.” Via I Have Seen The Whole Of The...

20 Sep 05:55

My Coffee with a Trump Supporter


I finally found a Trump supporter – this morning when I went to buy coffee. (I noticed a Trump bumper sticker on his car.)

“Hi,” I said. “Noticed your Trump bumper sticker.”

“Yup,” he said, a bit defensively.

“I hope you don’t mind my asking, but I’m curious. Why are you supporting him?”

“I know he’s a little bit much,” said the Trump supporter. “But he’s a successful businessman. And we need a successful businessman as president.”

“How do you know he’s a successful businessman?” I asked.

“Because he’s made a fortune.”

“Has he really?” I asked.

“Of course. Forbes magazine says he’s worth four and a half billion.”

“That doesn’t mean he’s been a success,” I said.

“In my book it does,” said the Trump supporter.

“You know, in 1976, when Trump was just starting his career, he said he was worth about $200 million,” I said. “Most of that was from his father.”

“That just proves my point,” said the Trump supporter. “He turned that $200 million into four and a half billion. Brilliant man.“

“But if he had just put that $200 million into an index fund and reinvested the dividends, he’d be worth twelve billion today,” I said.

The Trump supporter went silent.

“And he got about $850 million in tax subsidies, just in New York alone,” I said.

More silence.

“He’s not a businessman,” I said. “He’s a con man. "Hope you enjoy your coffee.”

20 Sep 03:08

micdotcom: Watch: WWII veteran and former POW’s message about...

19 Sep 00:00

Fashion Police and Grammar Police

* Mad about jorts
18 Sep 16:25

The problem with cold-pressed juice

by Minnesotastan
The real cost of the juicing fad? Food waste. Tons of it.

Linked with fasting, “cleanses,” and the raw-food movement, these fruit and vegetable drinks continue to skyrocket in popularity, whether made-to-order like mine or bottled, pressure treated, and refrigerated for purchase within a few weeks. Such a short shelf life contributes to sky-high prices, which a certain demographic is more than willing to pay. Projected 2015 sales of bottled cold-pressed juices exceed $400 million. That’s nearly 15 times 2010’s actuals...

Because cold-pressed juices are squished, rather than shredded by blades, they may contain more of certain vitamins (like A and C) and bioactive phytochemicals (like carotenoids) than their mass-produced, heat-pasteurized counterparts. Compare sipping a green juice to simply eating greens, though, and it’s a different story: “Juices lose fiber and the nutrients attached to that fiber,” explains Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University. Moreover, one 16-ounce serving of cold-pressed fruit juice can contain twice as many calories as 2 cups of raw vegetables.

That same serving of juice generates up to 4.5 pounds of pulp, depending on the ingredients. So where does all the leftover cucumber, mint, kale, apple, and carrot go? In the worst nightmare of a zero-waste zealot, straight to a landfill. There, the pulp rots and generates methane.
Further details at Modern Farmer.

Photo credit Mike Mozart, via Wikipedia.
16 Sep 22:28

"Talking about race, there are definitely some white people who don’t like that. And it’s not even..."

“Talking about race, there are definitely some white people who don’t like that. And it’s not even always the content, it’s just saying: ‘white people.’ Because a lot of white people are not used to being called white. They get to be “people,” “human beings,” their first name. … The rest of us, we’ve had to get used to being the Other. We’ve had to get used to constantly answering those questions. We’ve been required to stand up for ourselves and to force ourselves into the spotlight because no one’s going to give it to us.”


Hari Kondabolu, comedian and former immigrant rights organizer, on how some white audiences react to his jokes about race

Read more here.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Wishes


Screw it. I'm gonna go steal some souls from kids playing D&D.

New comic!
Today's News:
15 Sep 13:00

This Bakery's Baby Shower Display May Actually Give You Nightmares

by Jen

I thought I'd seen it all, dear minions. Heck, I HAVE seen it all.

Just... not like this:

Either these naked baby dolls came to life overnight and started eating the display cakes, OR - and this is even MORE disturbing - the bakery did this on purpose.


I'm not even creeped out by dolls, you guys - exhibit A-Z right here - but this? With all the icing smears, and those staring dead eyes? (And why - WHY - are they naked?!)

Yep. That's a giant plate o' NOPE, right there.

But wait!


Apparently this naked demon doll sat in the icing before collapsing, which really brings the ol' "I licked that piece so it's mine now" strategy to a whole new level.


Maybe you didn't notice lil' icing butt, though, because:







Thanks to Kristen D. for the sweet dreams. And my "sweet dreams" I mean "screaming nightmares." You monster.


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14 Sep 19:40

clickholeofficial: Society Isn’t Perfect, But You’ve Got To...


Society Isn’t Perfect, But You’ve Got To Admit, We’ve Made It Pretty Easy To Buy Gum

It only takes one look at your newsfeed to see that we’ve got a long way to go as a society. Despite all of the progress we’ve made, we still struggle with many of the same problems that have plagued and divided humanity for centuries. And yet, despite all of our shortcomings, you have to admit, we’ve made it pretty easy to buy gum.

As the powerful continue to exert its control over the powerless, it’s easy to conclude that society is failing its most vulnerable members. Still, we must remember that we are lucky enough to live in a society where gum is more abundant than ever. No other generation has enjoyed the variety of flavors that we enjoy today, with such widespread availability. As important as it is to close the gap between the rich and the poor, it’s pretty undeniable that society has really threaded the needle when it comes to selling gum.

Read More

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by Author


A resurrection from 8 years ago today.

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13 Sep 04:01


by Robot Hugs

New comic!

Someone isn’t pulling their weight around here.


13 Sep 20:59

theycantalk: trial and error


trial and error

13 Sep 19:40

oldschoolfrp: Scouts and transports expand trade networks...


Scouts and transports expand trade networks across the galaxy.  (David Deitrick cover for Trailblazer, Microgame 20 by Greg Costikyan, Metagaming, 1981)  Mint copies of Trailblazer have been appearing at used book stores in the US, along with Dragons of Underearth and some of the MicroHistory titles.

13 Sep 18:44

Beat it, Mike.

Beat it, Mike.