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freshmoviequotes: The Rules of the Game (1939)


The Rules of the Game (1939)

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Silly readers, bookshelves are for displaying LEGO!

by Andrew

Some builders go years without sharing any of their builds online, but the LEGO creations can be worth the wait. We featured a lovely LEGO Tardis by Alan McMorran way back in 2008 (and I had the pleasure of meeting Alan in person at BrickCon the next year). Alan is back with a fantastic bridge that spans shelves at two different levels in his study.

The Constantine Lego Bridge

Alan tells me that the “Constantine Bridge” was inspired by the old London Bridge and the Ponte Vecchio in Venice — houses and their residents crowding the arch.

Mini-Modular buildings

The bridge itself is built with a Technic interior, and each of the narrow buildings atop it is modular, and can be swapped around to suit Alan’s mood.

Bare Bridge

The two buildings at each end of the bridge are excellent modular buildings in their own right, guarded by competing factions of Imperial Guards.

Western Tower Eastern Tower

Check out lots more photos in Alan’s photostream on Flickr.

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asexualspectrumspector: eight-times-nine: iamtheun: systlin: totohoy: systlin: kittyknowsthings...


Carb sirens










why are there so many posts about asexuals being immune to sirens. people. sirens don’t lure you in with sex (necessarily). they sing about whatever it is that you want most. they could sing about mothman or cinnamon toast crunch and guess what then your asexual pirate is fucking dead

this is the only kind of ace discourse i ever want to see on my dash. the only kind. ever again. good job

Do you think the sirens would be grateful that they finally get some variety? 

“Oh my god we can finally just sing about pasta thank the fucking gods.” 

I’m not asexual but I’m fairly certain sirens would do a far better job luring me into the depths with a song about pasta rather than sex…

I mean



i would die happy if one of them sang about money

“Oh sailor, oh sailor, lay your head to rest, come sailor, come sailor, come to your death– wait what the fuck are we singing about is this sailor ok”

(original art is Ulysses and the Siren by Herbert James Draper, 1909)

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"Jet lightning"

by Minnesotastan
While watching and photographing this year's Perseid Meteor Shower, something unexpected happened: a gigantic jet erupted from a nearby cloud. The whole thing was over in a flash -- it lasted less than a second -- but was fortunately captured by an already-recording digital camera. Gigantic jets are a rare form of lightning recognized formally only a few years ago. The featured high resolution color image, taken near the peak of Shikengkong mountain in China, may be the best image yet of this unusual phenomenon. The same event appears to have been captured simultaneously by another photographer, further away. The gigantic jet appears to start somewhere in a nearby thundercloud and extend upwards towards Earth's ionosphere. The nature of gigantic jets and their possible association with other types of Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) such as blue jets and red sprites remains an active topic of research. 
I have never heard of this before.  You learn something every day.  With a hat tip to the Crazy Cat Lady.
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World's oldest gold artifact

by Minnesotastan
Archaeologists dug up the gold artifact, which is just an eight of an inch in diameter and dates from 4,500–4,600 B.C., at what was believed to be the first urban settlement in Europe. It’s just outside of the modern town of Pazardzhik [Bulgaria].

What’s particularly interesting about the item is that researchers believe it to be 200 years older than gold jewelry discovered back in 1976 in the coastal town of Varna, thought to be the oldest in existence. That would make this speck-like bead the oldest piece of gold in the world.
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sourcedumal: profeminist: exgynocraticgrrl-archive: Tony...




Tony Porter: A Call To Men
"Tony is the original visionary and co-founder behind A CALL TO MEN: The National Association of Men and Women Committed to Ending Violence Against Women. He is the author of "Well Meaning Men...Breaking Out of the Man Box - Ending Violence Against Women" and the visionary for the book, NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters.

Tony's message of accountability is welcome and supported by many grassroots and established organizations. He’s currently working with numerous domestic and sexual violence programs, the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, colleges and universities around the country. He has worked with the United States Military Academy at West Point and the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Tony is an international lecturer for the U.S. State Department having worked in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, United Kingdom and Brazil. In addition, he has been a guest presenter for the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women and has been a script consultant for Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." - (x)

More Tony Porter posts 

And when we do tell men how dangerous it is, they tell us to shut up.

See: Any conversation about street harassment.

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sixpenceee: I like rainy days so here’s a compilation of rainy...


I like rainy days so here’s a compilation of rainy days. Here are similar compilations featured on@sixpenceee you may enjoy:

Goes well with some deep breaths, and relaxing of the shoulders.

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danismm: résidence Les Eiders, Paris


résidence Les Eiders, Paris

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Fill up at this futuristic gas station

by Elspeth De Montes

crises_crs has catered for those urgent requirements for high altitude gas refueling in his latest build, a Dieselpunk gas station. Crises was inspired by the mind-bending futuristic art work of Argentinian artist Alejandro Burda and his ACA service station.

Gas station

22 Aug 16:48

Information superhighway

by Leigh

Originally, the so-called “information superhighway” was a metaphor. Information would still be flowing along telecom trunk lines, just like it had before. The amount of info available through those same old lines was the real story of the early 1990s. But fast forward a few decades, to a future imagined by Carter Baldwin and Simon Liu: there’s so much information that a highway can barely contain it. Miles and miles of high-speed cable, just below the actual roadway. I’m not sure what’s going on in the wild undergrowth beneath the infrastructure, but that doesn’t interest me nearly as much as the infrastructure itself. The tubes! The girders!

Information Superhighway

19 Aug 02:49

★ Is Donald Trump Actually Trying to Win?

by John Gruber

Nate Silver, “Trump Is Doubling Down on a Losing Strategy”:

So it’s not surprising that Trump has undertaken a major shakeup of his campaign, hiring Bannon and promoting the pollster Kellyanne Conway. Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort has effectively been demoted. But rather than make a much-expected “pivot” toward general election voters — as Manafort had reportedly been pushing for — the new plan is to “let Trump be Trump,” doubling down on the strategies that Trump used to win the nomination, including an emphasis on nationalism, populism and “brutal fights with Clinton”. […]

If you trust the polls, this seems like a fundamental strategic error. Trump is running worse than Mitt Romney among almost all demographic groups; white men without a college degree are the most prominent exception. But there aren’t enough of those men to form a majority or really even to come all that close.

It’s a crazy strategy if his goal is to win the election. But what if Trump doesn’t want to win? Back in March, former Trump strategist Stephanie Cegielski wrote an eye-opening piece for XO Jane, claiming the goal was never to win:

Even Trump’s most trusted advisors didn’t expect him to fare this well.

Almost a year ago, recruited for my public relations and public policy expertise, I sat in Trump Tower being told that the goal was to get The Donald to poll in double digits and come in second in delegate count. That was it.

The Trump camp would have been satisfied to see him polling at 12% and taking second place to a candidate who might hold 50%. His candidacy was a protest candidacy.

Even if this is true, I disagree with describing him as a “protest candidate”. He is, fundamentally, a self-promotional candidate. He’s doing it to promote the Trump brand and increase his personal celebrity. His support comes from people who see him as a protest candidate, but Trump himself cares only about Trump, not immigration or Middle East foreign affairs or who’s nominated for the Supreme Court. The evidence is that his positions on those subjects have been all over the map.

I found Cegielski’s bold claim credible right from the start. That could be wishful thinking on my part, because I don’t want him to be president. It’s easy to believe what you want to be true. That’s the sort of thinking that led a lot of Mitt Romney supporters (including Romney himself) to believe that because of “skewing”, Romney was going to beat Obama in 2012 despite the fact that all the major polls showed him losing. The basic idea is that U.S.-based polls are “skewed” in favor of Democratic candidates, and that when “unskewed”, you could see that Romney was actually winning. But there was never any actual evidence that the polls were skewed — Republicans bought into it simply because they wanted it to be true.

But to my mind, Trump’s entire campaign strategy makes more sense in this scenario. I think Trump finds being a candidate for president to be a lot of fun. He loves the big crowds and the sound of his own voice. He loves being on the TV news non-stop, and on the front page of every newspaper, every day. I think he’d find actually being president to be terribly boring. By all accounts, it’s a lot of work, even for presidents like Reagan and George W. Bush, who delegated smaller decisions and seldom concerned themselves with the intricacies of policy details.

[Update: As proof that Trump knows the job itself would bore him, note that The New York Times reported the following:

One day this past May, Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., reached out to a senior adviser to Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, who left the presidential race just a few weeks before. As a candidate, Kasich declared in March that Trump was “really not prepared to be president of the United States,” and the following month he took the highly unusual step of coordinating with his rival Senator Ted Cruz in an effort to deny Trump the nomination. But according to the Kasich adviser (who spoke only under the condition that he not be named), Donald Jr. wanted to make him an offer nonetheless: Did he have any interest in being the most powerful vice president in history?

When Kasich’s adviser asked how this would be the case, Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy.

Then what, the adviser asked, would Trump be in charge of?

“Making America great again” was the casual reply.

Kasich himself confirmed the phone call in an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. That’s an extraordinary offer, but admittedly, not the same thing as not wanting to win the election. It’s certainly on the spectrum, though. I suspect it hinges on cognitive dissonance — Trump doesn’t want to lose (and certainly not in an embarrassing landslide), but also doesn’t want to perform the job of president.]

Michael Moore, writing yesterday for The Huffington Post, claims to know for a fact that Trump doesn’t want to win. He’s only trying to get a better TV deal:

So, on June 16 of last year, he rode down his golden escalator and opened his mouth. With no campaign staff, no 50-state campaign infrastructure — neither of which he needed because, remember, this wasn’t going to be a real campaign — and with no prepared script, he went off the rails at his kick-off press conference, calling Mexicans “rapists” and “drug dealers” and pledging to build a wall to keep them all out. Jaws in the room were agape. His comments were so offensive, NBC, far from offering him a bigger paycheck, immediately fired him with this terse statement: “Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.” NBC said it was also canceling the beauty pageants owned by Trump: Miss USA and Miss Universe. BOOM.

Trump was stunned. So much for the art of the deal. He never expected this, but he stuck to his plan anyway to increase his “value” in the eyes of the other networks by showing them how many millions of Americans wanted Him to be their Leader.

Moore does not reveal his source for this information, but hints that it comes from someone at NBC. Take it with a grain of salt. But it jibes perfectly with Cegielski’s claim that they only wanted to finish second and do a lot of showboating along the way.

Where I’ve struggled with this scenario is Trump’s intended end game. If it’s true Trump doesn’t want to be president, how does he get out of this while saving face? As Nate Silver wrote above, if he wanted to try to win, or least wanted to make the election as close as possible, he’d be campaigning hard to the center. Instead he’s running hard to the right.

What if Trump’s goal, now that he’s the Republican nominee, remains the same as it was a year ago when he announced his candidacy? Not to become president, but to be on TV and make a lot of money doing it. But now, instead of being the star of a show on someone else’s network, he could own a channel of his own. (Or in typical Trump fashion, own a minority stake but put his name all over it.)

Jeet Heer, writing for The New Republic, lays out the case, in the wake of Trump naming “media firebrand” Steve Bannon to run the remainder of his campaign:

But if the Trump campaign is an epic disaster, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing. In fact, by cementing ties with Breitbart and seeking advice from disgraced former Fox News head Roger Ailes, Trump has sent his strongest signal yet that long-held suspicions about his media-mogul aspirations are true. He’s using the election to develop an intensely loyal audience that occupies a special niche: those who think Fox News is too mainstream. Who better to help him cash in on such an effort than Bannon and Ailes?

The idea that there is sufficient demand for a media outlet to the right of Fox News is extraordinary, but Trump’s sizable minority of supporters suggests that there might be. Fox News is the network of the Republican Party. (Or as Bush speechwriter David Frum remarked in 2010, “Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we are discovering we work for Fox.”) Trump voters support him not despite the fact that he’s touting ideas that are almost completely contrary to traditional Republican policies; they’re supporting him because his ideas are contrary to traditional Republican policies. It makes sense these same people would be dissatisfied with the traditional Republican news network. There aren’t enough of them to win the Electoral College, but there are more than enough of them to form the audience of a successful media outlet.

The New York Times reported yesterday:

In recent months, Mr. Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, have quietly explored becoming involved with a media holding, either by investing in one or by taking one over, according to a person close to Mr. Trump who was briefed on those discussions.

At a minimum, the campaign’s homestretch offers Mr. Trump, who has begun to limit his national media appearances to conservative outlets, an opportunity to build his audience and steer his followers toward the combative Breitbart site.

(Kushner is publisher of The New York Observer.)

In short, Trump isn’t trying to appeal to more people, which is how you win elections. He’s trying to appeal more to the people who already support him. That’s how you might build an audience for an “alt-right” media company.

The idea that the Republican nominee for president doesn’t actually want to be president is outlandish. But Donald Trump is outlandish. And what I find compelling about this scenario is that it does not imply that Trump is stupid. Here is a short list of adjectives I personally would use to describe Trump: reprehensible, bigoted, reckless, obnoxious, selfish, incurious, under-informed. But one word I wouldn’t use is stupid. Ignorant, yes, but not stupid.

If Trump is trying to win the election, what he’s doing the last few weeks doesn’t make any sense. But if his goal is not to win, then maybe he’s crazy like a fox. A fox with no regard whatsoever for civil discourse, the stability of our republic, or the future of the Republican Party — but a fox nonetheless.

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How the NSA snooped on encrypted Internet traffic for a decade

by Dan Goodin

Enlarge (credit: NSA)

In a revelation that shows how the National Security Agency was able to systematically spy on many Cisco Systems customers for the better part of a decade, researchers have uncovered an attack that remotely extracts decryption keys from the company's now-decommissioned line of PIX firewalls.

The discovery is significant because the attack code, dubbed BenignCertain, worked on PIX versions Cisco released in 2002 and supported through 2009. Even after Cisco stopped providing PIX bug fixes in July 2009, the company continued offering limited service and support for the product for an additional four years. Unless PIX customers took special precautions, virtually all of them were vulnerable to attacks that surreptitiously eavesdropped on their VPN traffic. Beyond allowing attackers to snoop on encrypted VPN traffic, the key extraction also makes it possible to gain full access to a vulnerable network by posing as a remote user.

BenignCertain's capabilities were tentatively revealed in this blog post from Thursday, and they were later confirmed to work on real-world PIX installations by three separate researchers. Before the confirmation came, Ars asked Cisco to investigate the exploit. The company declined, citing this policy for so-called end-of-life products. The exploit helps explain documents leaked by NSA contractor Edward Snowden and cited in a 2014 article that appeared in Der Spiegel. The article reported that the NSA had the ability to decrypt more than 1,000 VPN connections per hour.

Read 8 remaining paragraphs | Comments

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Your Greatest Weakness


The opposite of Dunning-Kruger isn't that great either.

New comic!
Today's News:
21 Aug 01:11

icancauseaconstellation: Advertisment tower, Groningen, The...


Advertisment tower, Groningen, The Netherlands, 1930s. Photographer unknown. Repository: Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam.

21 Aug 03:19

Tiny nuclear cooling towers look less ominous in LEGO

by Caylin

Admittedly power plants are not a common subject for LEGO builders, so seeing one is always fun. WHBRICKS gives us this adorable tiny nuclear plant, which is lovely in its simplicity. It’s highly recognizable and barely 12 studs long. The billowing steam is particularly nice and adds to the overall look and feel of the tiny build. This would be an excellent addition to any microscale layout!

cooling towers

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justinejoli: arjuna-vallabha: New temple dedicated to Odin and...



New temple dedicated to Odin and other Gods in Denmark, photos by Jim Lyngvild, more at


Riders of Rohan in 3 … 2…

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uncalar: Cartoon: Pooh & Piglet at Tanagra. With thanks to...


Cartoon: Pooh & Piglet at Tanagra. With thanks to Michael G. Munz @TheWriteMunz for tweet inspiration.

20 Aug 05:00

Incredible 5,000 piece LEGO Star Wars AT-AT is properly scaled to minifigures

by Chris

We’ve seen a number of official LEGO Star Wars AT-ATs over the years, but they’ve all shared one fatal flaw: They’re just not as enormous as the menacing, walking beasts that first strode across the screen in The Empire Strikes Back. Mechanical engineering student Noah has built a properly scaled, 5,000-piece LEGO AT-AT that — at 2 feet tall — towers over minifig Snowtroopers and Hoth Rebels alike.

Hoth AT-AT

Noah tells The Brothers Brick that it took him about a year to build his AT-AT — a bit longer than it might have taken if he hadn’t been at school.

You can see a walk-around video that Noah posted on his YouTube channel, where he also has in-progress videos showing the internal structure.

We asked Noah whether his schooling in mechanical engineering helped him build such a large model. He tells us that the AT-AT’s head is particularly heavy, causing a moment of force, with the head extending far out from the AT-AT’s main body and affecting its center of gravity, which he solved by integrating Technic beams into the neck.

Noah has also built a rather impressive Hoth scene to showcase his AT-AT, with entrenched Rebel troops futilely attempting to hold back the mighty Imperial AT-AT.


The AT-AT in the photo above obscures one of my favorite features of the scene, a very substantial ion cannon built into the rocky, snowy landscape.


You can see more photos of the AT-AT on Flickr. Noah tells us that he’s working on a large-scale scene from the planet Sullust, so stay tuned!

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pdlcomics: Fun-Idea Felipe

18 Aug 19:05

Cat Insulted

by Kevin
Not this cat, but probably one just like it

I’ve written several pretty long posts recently and have more of those in the pipeline, so today it’s this instead:

Paramedics called to the scene who checked the man found his vital signs to be normal. But they noted that he was displaying odd behavior—crawling around on the floor, randomly using profanities and calling the family cat a “bitch.”

That is odd, because a female cat is generally referred to as a “queen.” Some sources say “molly” or “dam,” but “bitch” is only used with canines and otters, as far as I can tell. But perhaps he was using it informally, in the sense of “a difficult or unpleasant thing,” often but not always female at least in aspect. That’s my working hypothesis, anyway.

The questionable usage may have been influenced by the 53-year-old Omaha man’s recent consumption of pot brownies, which he found in the back seat of his car while unloading groceries and assumed were regular brownies. They were not. The odd behavior began not long after he ate four of them.

He must have mentioned the brownies to his wife, who remembered that the couple’s adult children had used the car earlier that day, and put two and two together. She tried to call them to ask what exactly was in the brownies, but called 911 after she was unable to reach the kids. One of the latter showed up at the house, though, after police had arrived. According to the report, he “told officers the brownies belonged to his siblings” and that he was “pretty sure” the brownies only contained marjiuana. Based on that confident assessment, his father declined to be taken to the hospital and went to bed instead. Police said the investigation had closed without charges, so the siblings appear to be off the hook, at least as far as the cops are concerned.

Dad also seems to be in the clear, unless calling a cat a “bitch” constitutes “cruel mistreatment of an animal.” See Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-1009(2)(a). But it probably doesn’t, for two reasons.

First, the next subsection of that statute makes it illegal to “knowingly and intentionally tease or harass” an animal, but only if it’s working with law enforcement, and there’s no evidence this was a police cat. These laws are rarely enforced anyway. See Charges Dropped Against Woman Arrested for Making Faces at Police Dog,” (June 7, 2007) (noting that prosecutor decided it would be difficult to prove faces affected dog’s behavior); but see First Amendment Doesn’t Guarantee Freedom to Bark” (July 26, 2011) (noting court’s holding that even if First Amendment applied to barking directed at police dog, barks would constitute unprotected “fighting words”).

Second, cats don’t care.

UPDATE: The Omaha World-Herald has this followup today with more details, including that the “Pot Father,” as the column refers to him, remembers seeing flying geometric shapes and denies that he intended to insult the family cat. At this point, everything seems to be fine.

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canisinculta: kaijuno: I’m just super fucking bitter that once the flint water crisis got it’s 15...



I’m just super fucking bitter that once the flint water crisis got it’s 15 minutes of fame people stopped giving a shit. The water is still poisoned, people! Donations have plummeted and people have been forced back into drinking and bathing with the water! The medical effects of this are astounding, cases of legionnaires disease have skyrocketed, people are having seizures, people are having weird rashes break out over their body, people (including me!) are having their blood poisoned, and it’s not just lead! it’s coliform bacteria! it’s THMs! it’s all in the water and it gets into the bloodstream and breaks down blood vessels, causing bruising and petechiae and internal bleeding and no one gives a shit anymore and it’s only gotten worse like how many people are going to have to die until people realize this is still a problem

I would like to add that the people of Flint cannot sell their houses, because selling a house with leaded water is illegal. Additionally, households with children can’t stop paying for the water because living in a house without running water is cause for CPS to take their kids. Flint has been living this way for over two years. 

The people of Flint are trapped by the legal system. And it is only the most high profile case out many cities with a similar problem. 

Because the government has abandoned them, they are dependant on help from the outside. Donate here

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micdotcom: Breaking: The U.S. Justice Department will no longer...


Breaking: The U.S. Justice Department will no longer use private prisons

On Thursday morning, the U.S. Justice Department issued a memo saying it would end the use of private prisons to hold federal inmates. The decision comes on the heels of a major internal report by the Justice Department showing that its private prison contractors weren’t running safe prisons. Similarly, scathing reports exposed the widespread abuse and neglect in private prisons. But this isn’t the end of private prisons.

18 Aug 17:22

itscolossal: More: Blue Rivers of Bioluminescent Shrimp Trickle...

17 Aug 00:20

Which is slower - andante or adagio ?

by Minnesotastan
This week while burning some music to CDs I realized that I had no idea what the answer was, so I had to look it up.  Here's an excerpt of the Wikipedia entry on tempo:

Basic tempo markings

By adding an -issimo ending, the word is amplified. By adding an -ino or -etto ending, the word is diminished. The beats per minute (bpm) values are rough approximations.
From slowest to fastest:
  • Larghissimo – very, very slow (24 bpm (beats per minute in a 4
    4 time) and under)
  • Grave – very slow (25–45 bpm)
  • Largo – broadly (40–60 bpm)
  • Lento – slowly (45–60 bpm)
  • Larghetto – rather broadly (60–66 bpm)
  • Adagio – slow and stately (literally, "at ease") (66–76 bpm)
  • Adagietto – slower than andante (72–76 bpm)
  • Andante – at a walking pace (76–108 bpm)
  • Andantino – slightly faster than Andante (although in some cases it can be taken to mean slightly slower than andante) (80–108 bpm)
  • Marcia moderato – moderately, in the manner of a march (83–85 bpm)
  • Andante moderato – between andante and moderato (thus the name andante moderato) (92–112 bpm)
  • Moderato – moderately (108–120 bpm)
  • Allegretto – moderately fast (112–120 bpm)
  • Allegro moderato – close to but not quite allegro (116–120 bpm)
  • Allegro – fast, quickly, and bright (120–168 bpm) (molto allegro is slightly faster than allegro, but always in its range)
  • Vivace – lively and fast (168–176 bpm)
  • Vivacissimo – very fast and lively (172–176 bpm)
  • Allegrissimo or Allegro vivace – very fast (172–176 bpm)
  • Presto – very, very fast (168–200 bpm)
  • Prestissimo – even faster than Presto (200 bpm and over)
Much more at Wikipedia.
15 Aug 00:00


This car has 240% of a horse's decision-making ability and produces only 30% as much poop.
15 Aug 06:25

The Wall Street Journal, really sticking its neck out and...

The Wall Street Journal, really sticking its neck out and suggesting that Donald Trump, who wants to be president, should make the supreme sacrifice of spending thirty fucking minutes a day learning the shit he should already know.

Keep fucking that chicken, Republicans! You’re doing a great job.

14 Aug 18:49

micdotcom: Watch: Anti-racism activist Tim Wise traces the...

14 Aug 22:06

The Allied liberation of Venlo, 1st March 1945

by Rod

Maarten W is proving himself the master of the LEGO street scene. We’ve previously featured his Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and desert market creations, but this WWII-inspired diorama is his best yet. It’s a recreation of the moments when Allied forces liberated the Dutch town of Venlo on 1st March 1945.

the liberation

The damaged buildings are beautifully done, giving a sense of what the townsfolk must have endured as the battle raged around them. Maarten has included numerous small vignettes throughout his diorama, such as the American GIs interacting with the survivors.

the liberation

The details of the left-hand house are particularly poignant — the remnants of the upper-floor telling a tale of shattered domesticity. And whilst I’m not a “dog person” myself, even I can appreciate the message of hope for the future as one of the townspeople finds his pet amidst the ruins.

the liberation

13 Aug 22:38

buzzfeed: Illustration by @booksofadam, based on this tweet by...


Illustration by @booksofadam, based on this tweet by say_shannon.