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17 Feb 17:49

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

by CommitStrip

20 Dec 18:01

Ambient Computer Noise Leaks Your Encryption Keys

by Adam Fabio

RSA Key extraction

[Daniel, Adi, and Eran], students researchers at Tel Aviv University and the Weizmann Institute of Science have successfully extracted 4096-bit RSA encryption keys using only the sound produced by the target computer. It may sound a bit like magic, but this is a real attack – although it’s practicality may be questionable. The group first described this attack vector at Eurocrypt 2004. The sound used to decode the encryption keys is produced not by the processor itself, but by the processor’s power supply, mainly the capacitors and coils. The target machine in this case runs a copy of GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG).

During most of their testing, the team used some very high-end audio equipment, including Brüel & Kjær laboratory grade microphones and a parabolic reflector. By directing the microphone at the processor air vents, they were able to extract enough sound to proceed with their attack. [Daniel, Adi, and Eran] started from the source of GnuPG. They worked from there all the way down to the individual opcodes running on the x86 processor in the target PC. As each opcode is run, a sound signature is produced. The signature changes slightly depending on the data the processor is operating on. By using this information, and some very detailed spectral analysis, the team was able to extract encryption keys. The complete technical details of the attack vector are available in their final paper (pdf link).

Once  they had the basic methods down, [Daniel, Adi, and Eran] explored other attack vectors. They were able to extract data using ground fluctuations on the computers chassis. They even were able to use a cell phone to perform the audio attack. Due to the cell phone’s lower quality microphone, a much longer (on the order of several hours) time is needed to extract the necessary data.

Thankfully [Daniel, Adi, and Eran] are white hat hackers, and sent their data to the GnuPG team. Several countermeasures to this attack are already included in the current version of GnuPG.

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17 Sep 04:50

09/16/13 PHD comic: 'The Cult of Academia'

John Hollowell

so true!

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "The Cult of Academia" - originally published 9/16/2013

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28 Aug 10:25

More in 1.7: Resource Pack Selection

John Hollowell


Posted Image

Pictured: ordering resource packs!

One of the trickiest parts of texture packs in the past was mixing and matching. Doing so usually required you to edit them together (or get someone else to do it), but those days are gone! Not only do resource packs let us include more than just texture assets (sound, mods, etc), we will now be able to select more than one resource pack at a time in the 1.7 update! What if you have packs with conflicting assets (the same texture file)? Easy! The topmost resource pack will override all packs underneath it on the "selected" list!


Still not clear how resource packs will be ordered? It's easy! All that's required is to drag any packs you want to use into the "Selected Resource Packs" column on the right, and once there, you can drag the selected pack up or down the list, to change its load priority. Even better, server-side resource packs will ALWAYS take priority, regardless of player pack order!


The picture above gives a brief demonstration on how resource packs can be selected, and have their order changed. With one click, you can add or remove packs. Additionally, changing the load order of the pack is as easy as click-dragging the pack up or down the list. The higher on the list the mod is, the higher the priority of that pack, in cases where packs have conflicting modifications.

Packs will load like this:

  • Server-loaded resource packs
  • player-loaded resource packs (from top to bottom, on the list)
  • Vanilla resources, where none are modified

The possibilities for mixing and matching resources - to say nothing of server-side customization - is definitely going in exciting directions with these changes. Sweet!


Let's say you're using your favorite texture pack, and someone comes out with a sound pack you want to use. Right now, the only way to use both of those assets at once is to manually combine them, because selecting more than one pack isn't currently possible. Alternately, maybe someone came up with a couple new textures for some objects and creatures that you like better than your current texture pack, but you don't want to replace the entire pack. This lets you have both! Or, in the case of the sound pack, all three! Or more!

The ability to mix and match your favorite packs of ALL types - texture, sound, mod, and so on - is a huge step forward in Minecraft customization, and this will become more and more apparent as content creators start coming up with packs specifically designed to compliment other packs.

A huge "thank you" to Dinnerbone for the information regarding 1.7 resource packs, as well as his helpful gif showing how it works!
01 Jul 15:06

Beard Facts


Beard Facts

It’s the only qualification necessary to be the ambassador to Siberia. Yes. Just Siberia.

17 Apr 00:00


Before you say anything, no, I know not to leave my computer sitting out logged in to all my accounts. I have it set up so after a few minutes of inactivity it automatically switches to my brother's.