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13 Aug 15:25

My geeky baby shower – dinosaurs playing board games

by Toni Johnson

Holy crap, it’s amazing when you have people that just GET you. My friends threw me a baby shower that was themed as “dinosaurs playing board games.” Dinosaurs everywhere, themed trivia, a baby version of Cards Against Humanity, the works.

I even got to help a bit by sketching out this for the invitation.

dino game invite

There were also onesies of various sizes that people decorated. A good portion had poop jokes. 🙂  There were a couple blanks left over afterwards, and I couldn’t leave them plain. Here’s one of them.

clever girl onesie


15 Jul 19:02

"At the risk of taking Gingrich’s nonsense seriously, just imagine for a moment what translating his..."

At the risk of taking Gingrich’s nonsense seriously, just imagine for a moment what translating his proposal into action would mean. The government would round up 3.3 million American Muslims, then “test” them to see “if they believe in Sharia,” a notion about which Gingrich doesn’t have the remotest clue. Sharia is the Arabic word for “law”; there’s no guidebook of official Sharia, and Islamic scholars have a multitude of ideas about how Koranic ideas could or should be translated into civil rules. But even if there were, Gingrich is literally proposing to prosecute thought crimes, as well as jettisoning the First Amendment to throw people in jail for visiting certain web sites. And where is he going to “deport” the Americans whom he decides believe in Sharia to?

Frankly, I think we need to ask just how Newt Gingrich got radicalized, and what caused him to reject the values of the country that gave him so much. Was it some radical cleric who did this to him? Is there a church somewhere in Georgia we need to be monitoring?

- On terrorism, Republicans reach for new heights of stupidity and moral repugnance.
06 Jul 12:39

toomanypangalacticgargleblasters: Well…you’re not wrong.


Well…you’re not wrong.

13 Aug 08:38

micdotcom: Watch: Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui had no idea she...

25 Jul 15:02


by Reza


23 Jul 02:16

help I keep getting the Turing test and the bechdel test confused

when two robots talk about something other than a human

08 Jul 07:22

Comic: Portable Demons

by (Tycho)
New Comic: Portable Demons
24 Jun 19:50

cleromancy: something i think about a lot is what if alien species have less biodiversity on their...


something i think about a lot is what if alien species have less biodiversity on their planets. like if they’ve got maybe 20, 25 species of bugs, total. so they come to earth and they’re like “whoa.” or they’ll like be like walking down the street and they’re like “ok what’s that” pointing at a st bernard and you’re like “oh that’s a dog” and they’re like “whoa, neat, i’ve heard about dogs.” 

and you walk for a while longer and then they point at a yorkie and they’re like “what’s that?” and you kind of have to be like “…that. that’s also a dog.” and they’re like “wait, really?” and you’re like “yeah.” and it takes them a while to absorb this but then you just keep walking.

and like you’re going for a while and somebody’s walking their bull terrier and you’re like trying to walk faster hoping your alien friend doesn’t see but no dice they’re like WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT and you’re like “that. that is a dog” and they let out an anguished wail

and like every time after that they see a weird four legged creature they’re like “that BETTER not be a goddamn dog” and half the time you gotta wince and be like “actually,” 

05 Jun 16:18

fuckyeahsources: prokopetz: vaspider: geekygothgirl: ellidfic...











Am I the only one that’s a just a tiny bit pissed off that this is still an issue?

The Original Series wasn’t even in the general VICINITY of fucking around yo

How many shows these days would do this, and do it this way? These days, it would be all, “Ohh, we have to be sensitive and show the nuances of each side” and try not to make either side seem wrong. It wouldn’t be clearly spelled out, “pro-choice is right, if you’re against it you’re the bad guys.”

Jim Kirk is not here for your anti-birth-control, anti-choice, pro-death-penalty BS

James Tiberius Kirk was written and portrayed as a feminist and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Yep.  That episode is exactly what you think it is:  pro-birth control, pro-population control, pro-choice, and pro-women’s right to choose.  And yes, Kirk, the supposed playboy of the spaceways, is in favor of all of the above.

It was written and aired in 1969.  

It probably couldn’t air today.


Also LMAO at all the sad whiny geek boys who are like “I miss the GOOD OLD DAYS of SCI-FI when it wasn’t all about SOCIAL ISSUES and instead it was just about MEN HAVING FUN IN SPACE. Like Star Trek! Star Trek wouldn’t put up with all this SOCIAL JUSTICE FEMINISM IN SCI FI bullshit!” And meanwhile I’m just over here like “…did you actually watch the show?” 


It’s also important to bear in mind that the Original Series had a predominantly female fanbase, and during its initial run, was widely mocked and dismissed by mainstream (i.e., male) science fiction fans as being fake sci-fi for girls. It’s difficult to overstate the influence women had on the franchise in its early days; most of the early Star Trek conventions were organised by and for women, and indeed, those same organisers were primarily responsible for the massive letter-writing campaign that prevented the show from being cancelled after the 1968 season. Without that campaign, the episode pictured in this post would never have been made.

The popular image of James Kirk as a sleazy womaniser is part of a conscious effort to erase that history and render the franchise’s roots palatable to the misogynistic geekboys of the modern SF/F fandom.

For a summary of those points, see “Star Trek’s Underappreciated Feminist History” by Shannon Mizzi, which draws from Patricia Vettel-Becker’s “Space and the Single Girl: Star Trek, Aesthetics, and 1960s Femininity”.

And a gentle reminder that TOS was a Desilu production, which its board of directors voted to cancel after the second pilot due to cost concerns, a vote that Chairman Lucille Ball overruled. There is no Star Trek without Lucille Ball.

My post on the 100% hypocrisy of the “Pro Life” movement, which is anti women, straight up and plain

22 Jun 00:00

Intervocalic Fortition

These pranks happen all the time. English doesn't allow one-syllable words to end in a lax vowel, so writers on The Simpsons decided to mess with future linguists by introducing the word "meh."
17 Jun 11:03

Best twitter headline of the week

by naunihal

03 Jun 02:32

Ultimate Flighting

sleep is dumb

Who do you think would win in a fight: introverts or extroverts?

19 Apr 18:17


by Greg Ross

“Personalize your sympathies; depersonalize your antipathies.” — W.R. Inge

20 May 03:48

The Winter of This Content

sleep is dumb

What's the big deal about analog books?

13 May 00:41

Neat Art Piece Hides Two Different Wire Sculptures Depending on Your Perspective

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9
Neat Art Piece Hides Two Different Wire Sculptures Depending on Your Perspective

Here’s a fun art piece made by artist Matthieu Robert-Ortis: in one perspective, it looks like two giraffes standing opposite each other while in another, it looks like a single elephant staring straight at you. The piece plays on your perspective and hides two wire sculptures in one, what you see depends on which angle you’re looking at it.


30 Apr 17:44

Red dragon hatchling

by Toni Johnson

red dragon hatchling

Since the alphabet thing turned out to be a good source of inspiration, I thought maybe I would do the same going through colors.

19 May 19:34

Real world schmeal world

by The Awkward Yeti

Real world schmeal world

06 May 00:13


by boulet
13 May 00:00

Black Hole

It also brings all the boys, and everything else, to the yard.
13 Apr 04:00


by admin


The post 113 appeared first on Tiny Dick Adventures.

07 May 03:56

Basics of Religion 101

26 Apr 17:04

whowasntthere: tohdaryl: daryltohblogs: thranduilland: lucid-luck: I want one of those scenes...






I want one of those scenes in a dude bro film where “tomboy” chick has to wear a dress to go undercover or whatever, but instead of the guys drooling as she walks down the stairs, they’re like “k. U need to stop. Go put the cargo pants back on. You look super uncomfortable and awkward in that. Brutus, you go be the fake prostitute.”

I’m just imagining this super ripped guy called Brutus being like ‘YESSS!!! I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE THE FAKE PROSTITUTE!! Now is my time to shine!!’


so I got inspired… and had to make a comic….

*wipes away a single tear* Yes.

28 Apr 07:00

Reader Question 52

by KoryBing

Madam U’s snakes aren’t individual animals but more like the tentacles of an octopus. When she’s not giving conscious attention to the snakes they do their own thing, exploring and feeding information back to her. But when she wants to she has full control over them.

26 Apr 02:57

Six cases of measles confirmed in Tennessee outbreak. Measles was eradicated in the U.S. in 2000.

by Xeni Jardin

Measles virus. U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Public Health officials in Shelby County, Tennessee today confirmed six cases of measles in the county, up from two last Friday. Victims of the measles outbreak are "widely diverse" in terms of age, gender and where they live, authorities said.


26 Apr 13:09

Site fetches the real URL for any shortened URL

by Rob Beschizza



Get Link Info protects you from being rickrolled, linked to malware or otherwise misled with a link: punch in a short URL from any of the big URL shortening services, see the real one before you go there. There's a browser plugin for Firefox and IE; for Chrome users, Redditor NickPapa suggests Nope, which doesn't quite do that, but does warn about links that redirect. [via]
26 Apr 13:35

URL lengthening service also makes URLs "shady"

by Rob Beschizza

Photo: Julian Burgess, CC.

Unlike URL shorteners, Shady URL takes any URL you give it and generates a sinister long one instead: "Don't just shorten your URL, make it suspicious and frightening."

For example, becomes and becomes

The creation of Mike Lacher, it was revamped by snipe.

19 Apr 20:47


by Toni Johnson


a little dragon dude, going on a quest.

20 Apr 00:00

Laws of Physics

The laws of physics are fun to try to understand, but as an organism with incredibly delicate eyes who evolved in a world full of sharp objects, I have an awful lot of trust in biology's calibration of my flinch reflex.
19 Apr 00:00

Breakfast Sleeves (mini-mini-comic)

17 Apr 23:34

Cultural misunderstanding

by Coelasquid


Man, my computer crashed on me when I was almost done with this one and I found I hadn’t saved since like the first 15 minutes of working on it so boo, had to keep this simple to get it out with this ridiculous weekend.

Anyway, yeah, I just like Ganondorf’s “BEHOLD! THE POWER OF A GERUDO WARRIOR” taunt in Hyrule Warriors, because when you think about it, he’s not saying “Behold the power of me, Ganondorf” (he has another taunt like that anyway). It’s some home town pride, he’s basically saying “Hahahaha I fight like a girl and I’m gonna fuck you up!” And that’s delightful.