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16 Jul 01:59

A New Board Game Lets You Play as Disney Villains and Finally Put That Peter Pan Punk in His Place

by Andrew Liszewski

Do you watch Disney’s classic animated films and secretly root for the villains? Do you think Captain Hook was actually a tragic figure, a victim of a flying boy with no sense of responsibility? With Villainous, a new board game by Wonder Forge, you finally get to spend game night playing the baddie, and you’ll…


16 Jul 01:07

McMansion Hell's tour through Texas's Most Terrible fake castles

by Cory Doctorow

I enjoy McMansion Hell to a somewhat inexplicable degree.

On the first anniversary of its triumph over Zillow's censorious attempt at copyfraud, McMansion Hell is back and better than ever. (more…)

16 Jul 01:01

Bookstore photo series perfectly juxtaposes patrons with book covers

by Andrea James

Librairie Mollat has a lovely ongoing project where they try to match patrons and staff with book covers, and the results are often inspired. (more…)
23 Jun 04:30

Watch indoor plants sway from a breeze half a world away

by Andrea James

Artist David Bowen (previously) has produced a new video of his expanded tele-present wind project, where indoor plants in Spain are moved by an outdoor plant buffeted by winds in Minnesota. (more…)

21 Jun 03:39


by The Awkward Yeti


20 Jun 16:06

At Least the Stairs Are Level-Headed

doors floor windows puns reactions funny - 7672519424

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20 Jun 01:04

Robert Zemeckis May Team Up With Guillermo del Toro to Remake Roald Dahl's The Witches

by Germain Lussier

Some of the best filmmakers alive have adapted the works of legendary author Roald Dahl, including Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and Wes Anderson. Now, three others are joining the list with one movie: Robert Zemeckis, Guillermo del Toro, and Alfonso Cuaron.


20 Jun 00:48

Pencil dice: a D6 in pencil form

by Cory Doctorow

Roll Sebastian Bergne's $3.33 pencil dice across the table to get a randomish value from 1-6. Useful for writing choose-your-own-adventures! (via Geekologie)

18 Jun 00:15

Hi rez images from NASA's 1967/8 Lunar Orbiters were withheld to hide US spying capabilities

by Cory Doctorow

In 1967, the Lunar Orbiter missions sent back exciting -- but grainy and low-rez -- photos of the moon's surface. (more…)

14 Jun 05:19

The Hypnotic Wavy Fins on This Swimming Alien-Like Robot Make It Agile as Hell

by Andrew Liszewski on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Replicating the complicated muscle structure that allows fish to wiggle their bodies and dart through the water is no easy feat. But not every underwater creature moves that way. Cuttlefish instead use long fins that undulate in waves to propel themselves, which is an approach that robotics maker Festo found…


07 Jun 00:03

The new Tales of the Automazombs is now available!

by Toni Johnson

A Darker Road, the second Tales of the Automazombs book, is now available in print and ebook! You can find it on Amazon here.

07 Jun 00:02

Mmmm, crusty.

by Jessica Hagy

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27 May 20:47


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27 May 20:40


by Reza

21 May 18:08

Morning News


All our opinions were good."

Support your local paper, unless it's just been bought by some sinister hedge fund or something, which it probably has.
20 May 17:28

Go Big

by Reza

20 May 14:25

Productivity Killer

by The Awkward Yeti


20 May 14:21

Space Cats Fight Fascism Is a Card Game With a Great Name and an Even Better Mission

by Beth Elderkin

Unwilling to shell out the extra bucks so my sister could play as one of her cats, but I *thought* about it...

It all started after the 2016 election. The TESA Collective, which makes games and tools about social causes, was in a bind. They wanted to make a game that would inspire players to change the world, but they knew people also needed a break from all the shit. How could they accomplish their goal and combat the…


20 May 05:28

Microbial Art

by Greg Ross
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Biochemist Roger Tsien won the 2008 Nobel prize in chemistry for his contributions to knowledge of green fluorescent protein, a complex of amino acid residues that glow vividly when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Inspired, Nathan Shaner, a researcher in Tsien’s lab, painted this San Diego beach scene using an eight-color palette of bacterial colonies expressing fluorescent proteins.

Alexander Fleming was drawing “germ paintings” in the 1930s.

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13 May 05:11

Schools are economic powerhouses.

by Jessica Hagy

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12 May 05:38

Crisis Averted

by Greg Ross

Mistaken reports received by the SPCA on the British island of Guernsey:

  • A call to a sick seal on a beach was in fact a duvet
  • Also a possible dead dog on a beach was another duvet
  • An injured crow was a black bag
  • A stray pug was called in and was in fact a frog
  • A dead gull hanging from a fence was a carrier bag
  • An injured bird was a blonde wig
  • Birds of prey often turn out to be pigeons
  • A hedgehog rescue once turned out to be a pine cone
  • A pregnant cat turned out to be a neutered male
  • A call for a shark in trouble was a fish

In June 2016 a member of the public brought in a “dead cat” that turned out to be a dog puppet (“a very muddy, wet, insect covered, cold, collapsed small dog with an injured nose”).

“Both the finder and I were extremely relieved and where an air of sadness had been at the GSPCA it soon turned to laughter,” said SPCA manager Steve Byrne.

They advertised for the owner on Facebook, but I don’t know that anyone ever responded.

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12 May 05:32

Pygmy marmosets devouring grapes

by Mark Frauenfelder

Pygmy marmosets are from South America. At 3.5 ounces, they are the world's smallest monkey (but not quite the world's smallest primate -- that honor goes to 2 ounce pygmy tarsier of central Sulawesi, Indonesia). Enjoy this video of pygmy marmosets enjoying some grapes, which look like beach balls in their hands.

Image: Aardvark video screengrab

12 May 05:28

Teeth nails

by Rusty Blazenhoff

The stuff nightmares are made of: TEETH NAILS.

I'm fighting tooth and nail to express my "thanks" to Nail_Sunny, the Russian nail art chain who created these monsters.

06 May 14:18


by Greg Ross

Verbatim from the FBI’s “most wanted” website:

Former Ten Most Wanted Fugitive #236: On March 29, 1967, [James Robert] Ringrose was apprehended in Osaka, Japan, by Japanese police while attempting to pass bad checks. He was arrested in Hawaii after his return to the United States from Japan. He told the FBI agents he had been saving an item for several years and now he needed it. He then presented them with the Monopoly game card, ‘Get out of jail free.’

I’m pretty sure they’d have to honor this, wouldn’t they? It’s in the rules.

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09 Apr 01:01

Selkie 1057

by Dave

In which Selkie re-writes the lyrics to the national anthem.

08 Apr 07:16


[They do not move.]
08 Apr 04:11

5' x 5' skeleton and cobweb poncho

by Cory Doctorow

If you're the sort of person for whom Halloween is an all-year affair, this highly reviewed, $25 poncho may be your jam: it features a slimming and flattering skeleton (with both front- and back-views) and is hemmed with "lace" styled to look like cobwebs -- all that's missing is for it to be waterproof for stylish rainy days, but alas, it's purely about fashion, not dryness. (via Canopy)

18 Feb 03:20

Comic for 2018.02.04

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
18 Feb 03:18

Comic for 2018.01.22


I'm sensing a pattern...

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
11 Feb 21:54