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23 Sep 04:42

Eclipse Science

I was thinking of observing stars to verify Einstein's theory of relativity again, but I gotta say, that thing is looking pretty solid at this point.
23 Sep 04:34

What to Bring

I always figured you should never bring a gun to a gun fight because then you'll be part of a gun fight.
23 Sep 00:36

Don’t worry, the steampunk cyborg zombies are tame

by Toni Johnson

Yay book!

The short story series I edited and wrote for, Tales of the Automazombs: A Desperate Plan, is available now on Amazon in ebook and paperback!

The stories within A Desperate Plan are set in a steampunk world gripped by plague that preserves its victims after death. To cleanse the land, inventors create a shambling horror that can devour infected flesh without spreading it further. It’s the best plan they have, since they exhausted every other option. But don’t worry. There’s no way these cyborg zombies (the Automazombs!) would ever turn on their creators.

Sound interesting? You can pick it up on Amazon.

After reading, I welcome your honest review. Reviews, on Amazon especially, help other readers notice little indies like me.

Also! Visit to learn more about the book, the world, and to read extra stories / comics.

23 Sep 00:29

tastefullyoffensive: The perfect card. (by anemone letterpress)


The perfect card. (by anemone letterpress)

14 Aug 02:24

32 - 10 - Allergy Season


New comic!

Today's News:

Spring is a tense time for our relationship.

14 Aug 02:20

32 - 1 - Figure Drawing


New comic!

Today's News:

Bless Fedja and his adorable accent.

Some favorite Fedjaisms from his students include "magic tool" (eraser) and his insistence that we use "BEEEEG paper" (as opposed to small paper). 

14 Aug 02:14

godless-david:Use these terms. If for no other reason than...


Use these terms. If for no other reason than because they don’t want you to.

22 Jul 00:50

An Idea

by Reza

20 Jul 15:06

A Mega”Bite” of Storage!

by Sarang Sheth

Don’t worry, these animals won’t bite! Well, actually, they will… but that’s why they’re so incredibly useful. AniBite turns nature’s fiercest predators into adorably innovative multi-purpose clips that grip and hold everything from stationery, to EDC, to toiletries.

Designed to replace hooks, hangers, and stands with something more quirky and characteristic, AniBite’s series of one-touch clips can be placed anywhere and can hold pretty much anything. Made in three variants, a bear, a leopard, and a wolf (or as I call it, direwolf), the AniBite can hold up to 300 grams (almost 9 times its weight). Just lift the head back and place your item between the jaws before pushing the head down again. AniBites can hold your toothbrush (in both vertical and horizontal ways), razor, or even stationery on your desk. Use it as an innovative spectacle-holder beside your bed, or even for your keys right near the door… or push your creative limits and have these animals manage your cables for you!

The AniBite is made from sanitary and non-toxic plastics like PETG and PCTG, and comes with a PU Gel adhesion surface on the back that can attach to pretty much any flat (or even mildly textured) surface without leaving any marks. When the adhesion goes weak, all you have to do is clean the back with water and it’s good as new! The design is practical and child-friendly with blunted teeth that won’t pierce or poke.

Ideal for the nature lover as well as the design lover, these little multi-purpose hang-clips are utilitarian, eye-catching, and go right into our hall of quirky fame! Why hang real animal heads on your wall when you could have these functional, adorable miniatures instead?

Designer: Xivestory













09 Jul 18:04

Comic for 2017.05.08

New Cyanide and Happiness Comic
29 Jun 05:17

Existence Proof

Real analysis is way realer than I expected.
25 Jun 20:27

Pictures of dinosaurs, by a flower-drawing algorithm

by Cory Doctorow

Chris Rodley fed some pictures of dinosaurs to a "style transfer" machine-learning system that had been trained to draw flowers, and this was the gorgeous result. (via Kottke)

25 May 04:22

Wondermark on inheritance (and a great last panel metaphor)

by naunihal


23 May 06:12

Lunch Order

22 May 04:44

Raptor Mom Comics

by Coelasquid

Too much time participating in mother’s day activities to draw a good mother’s day comic hahaha

15 May 01:50

Bury Ourselves

by Reza

15 May 01:49

Naive Dramatic

by Reza

15 May 01:37

Squirrel of Encouragement

by Reza

30 Apr 03:03

Immigrant Doctors

by Alex Tabarrok

One percent of all the physicians in the United States come from the six countries targeted in Donald Trump’s new Executive Order. I found that a surprisingly high number. According to the Immigrant Doctors Project, those 7000 physicians provide 14 million doctors’ appointments each year and many of them are located in the poorer, whiter, and rural parts of the country.

I don’t see this as a knockdown argument against the policy but it does illustrate a surprising cost and also how much the United States benefits from the immigration of the highly-skilled and educated.

The post Immigrant Doctors appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.

09 Apr 15:11

Just Let This Little Girl's Wonder Woman Invisible Jet Costume Win Every Contest

by Beth Elderkin

When cosplayers conjure up Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, they’ll usually tell you to just use your imagination. But one little girl, with the help of her professional balloonist father, brought the make-believe plane to life.


03 Apr 04:31

nightkunoichi: rapid-artwork: fedoraspooky: sir-p-audax: bogle...







Giant tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets. Insects will eat the burrowing tarantulas’ eggs - so the spiders protect the frogs from predators, and in return the frogs eat the insects. Source

This has blown my mind for years. It’s so unreal. It’s almost the same exact reason humans and cats started living together.

Tiny frogs are tarantula housecats. A science fact seldom gets to sound that much like meaningless word salad.

This is legit, guys. And I’m excited about it.

Someone needs to draw a tarantula person with a tiny pet housefrog now. Please let this be a thing.

How is this?

This entire post is magic.  And that is so cool how the Tarantula will protect the frog.  :3

03 Apr 04:09

bowtochris: chromalogue: runtime-err0r: itsvondell: you can take one man’s trash to another man’s...





you can take one man’s trash to another man’s treasure but you can’t make it drink

Fun fact: the blending of idioms or cliches is called a malaphor.

My personal favorite is “We’ll burn that bridge when we get to it.”

I’m rather fond of “It’s not rocket surgery” and “not the sharpest egg in the attic,” but my all-time favourite is, “…until the cows freeze over.”

You’ve opened this can of worms, now lie in it,

03 Apr 04:09

grapes-of-laugh: fidefortitude: fidefortitude: i woke up at 6 this morning, wrote ‘malware is like...




i woke up at 6 this morning, wrote ‘malware is like vampires’ on my notes page, then went back to sleep.

@me: what the fuck


You Wouldn’t Download A Vampire

03 Apr 03:56

penfairy: Mad Max Fury Road is the best because it screams in your face “HEY LOOK HERE’S A V8...


Mad Max Fury Road is the best because it screams in your face “HEY LOOK HERE’S A V8 INTERCEPTOR AND A MASSIVE FUCKING TRUCK COVERED IN SKULLS AND A GUITAR FLAMETHROWER AND BIG ACTION SEQUENCES AND EXPLOSIONS, ISN’T THAT COOL??????” and then it gently takes your shoulder and whispers in your ear “but you know what’s cooler? respecting women & dismantling the patriarchy”

22 Feb 02:50


22 Feb 02:49

Clever UFO Street Art

Clever UFO Street Art

22 Feb 02:47


by Jennie Breeden
22 Feb 01:44

dollsahoy:(Also, this means he can honestly say “I never said...


(Also, this means he can honestly say “I never said that” when people he doesn’t like fill in his blanks with the nasty things to which he’s alluding.)

14 Feb 02:32

off-hand drawings for my kid

by Toni Johnson

So, the little one’s 5 months now (!) and loves the white boards. Since she’s a little too small for drawing (she just wants to eat markers, not draw with them), I’ve been doodling for her with my non-dominant hand (I’m holding her with my left). They’re super goofy. 🙂

First up, a triceratops with a busted nose horn.

Next, a plethora of purple pigs.

And I took over my husband’s board to make something with each dry erase marker color we own. He added an Allosaurus who looks to be having none of this nonsense.

14 Feb 02:11