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27 Mar 13:49

Don’t Believe Winter’s Lies [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
24 Mar 18:00

Copyright Warnings [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
11 Apr 01:01

“Sysadmin grants sudo privileges to developer on production web...

“Sysadmin grants sudo privileges to developer on production web server” - Andrea del Verrocchio and Leonardo da Vinci, 1425-1475, Oil on wood

(collaboration from Joseph )

10 Mar 10:00

Did you hear that they are gonna give us a raise? Whaaat?

by sharhalakis

by @uaiHebert

23 Feb 15:12

Spellrazor Is “A Haunted Videogame From 1981″

by Graham Smith

Spellrazor [official site] is a “creepy resurrection of a semi-mythical game considered lost back in 1981,” according to its Game Jolt page. It’s also a top-down shmup with 27 weapons, each one assigned to a different button on your keyboard, and a console where you can access the fictional story of the game’s own development. It’s also also free in its current alpha state and worth your time.

… [visit site to read more]

01 Mar 20:12

Back to the Future Prequel Trailer: 1.21 Gigawatts

02 Feb 12:34

1608 – Sobre legalizar a maconha

by Carlos Ruas


08 Jan 15:22

Frustrated Pirates Prophesise The Death Of Game Piracy

by Alec Meer

And on that bombshell

My eyebrow’s raised so high that it’s knocking plaster off the ceiling, but it’s worth sharing this oddity as a talking point if nothing else. It seems Just Cause 3 [official site]’s DRM is still presenting stiff competition to crackers over a month on from release, prompting one pirate collective to predict that we are in the game piracy end times. “According to current trends in the development of encryption technology, in two years time I’m afraid there will be no free games to play in the world.”

Obviously that’s garbage, both because people willingly make tons of free games and because many paid games choose not to include DRM at all, but maybe DRM really has become a new force to be reckoned with.
… [visit site to read more]

06 Jan 10:00

Fixing a bug during the deploy

by sharhalakis

by @uaiHebert

31 Dec 20:43

Happy New Year 2016!

by CommitStrip


17 Dec 10:00

Bug fixed... should be ok now... no, wait

by sharhalakis

by Leprosy

10 Dec 10:00

Trying to figure out an elusive bug

by sharhalakis

by @uaiHebert

09 Dec 18:56

This language sucks

by CommitStrip

08 Dec 23:15

Media critic Anita Sarkeesian, in collaboration with other activists, has published Speak Up & S

by Patrick Klepek

Media critic Anita Sarkeesian, in collaboration with other activists, has published Speak Up & Stay Safe, a guide to navigating harassment on the Internet. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to never deal with harassment, it’s a great reference guide to avoid sharing too much about yourself on the Internet, and to determine how much is already out there. (A lot, as you’ll soon learn!)


07 Dec 00:00

The Three Laws of Robotics

In ordering #5, self-driving cars will happily drive you around, but if you tell them to drive to a car dealership, they just lock the doors and politely ask how long humans take to starve to death.
04 Dec 12:06

Amazon Deal of the Day: HUGE Savings on Top-Rated Strategy Board Games

by Geeks are Sexy


Most geeks LOVE strategy board games, and that’s why today’s edition of our “Deal of the Day” post should be specially interesting for you guys! Today only, Amazon offers HUGE savings on various strategy board games. They say “up to 40% off,” but some of these games offer even bigger savings that that! Be sure to check ’em all out!

[HUGE Savings on Select Top-Rated Strategy Board Games]


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04 Dec 10:00

Dev team looks at the legacy code

by sharhalakis

by ​​@ItsCryptkeeper

30 Nov 14:00

Custom Super Mario World SNES Is A Thing Of Beauty

by Gergo Vas

Custom-themed, limited edition consoles weren’t really a thing back in the day of the SNES and the Genesis, so it’s up to a dedicated few to set things right. Zoki64 picked Super Mario World, the most obvious choice for his custom SNES.


24 Nov 21:56

io9 How Tumblr Users Transformed a Homophobic Post Into a Dystopian Science Fiction Lovefest | Jezeb

by Kinja! on Kinja Roundup, shared by Stephen Totilo to Kotaku
30 Nov 10:00

Monday’s login after Friday’s password change

by sharhalakis

by JH

18 Nov 20:13

The Sysadmin’s Apprentice – Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse!

by CommitStrip
Paul Dukas – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

18 Nov 00:00


Researchers just found the gene responsible for mistakenly thinking we've found the gene for specific things. It's the region between the start and the end of every chromosome, plus a few segments in our mitochondria.
16 Nov 18:36

Three days to fix a bug

by CommitStrip

12 Nov 01:27

Kero Blaster, from the creator of indie classic Cave Story, is now on Steam.

by Nathan Grayson on Steamed, shared by Nathan Grayson to Kotaku

Kero Blaster, from the creator of indie classic Cave Story, is now on Steam. If you haven’t played the retro-style sidescroller on other platforms, now’s as good of a time as any. The latest version has more stages and a new mode and story. Also you are a frog. Frogs are cool.


09 Nov 00:00


2060: The gregarious superintelligent AI, happily talking its way out of a box, is fast becoming a relic of the past. Today's quantum hyper-beings are too busy with their internal multiverse sims to even notice that they're in boxes at all!
18 Oct 16:40

Stop saying technology is causing social isolation

by Héctor L. Carral

A group of friends checking their smartphones while hanging out. Almost everyone on the subway with their eyes fixed on their gadget’s…

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02 Nov 21:30

Metroid Fan Movie Is Pretty Great, Even Without Nintendo's Help

by Luke Plunkett

Metroid: The Sky Calls is an 11-minute, fan-made short film that shows Samus having a very bad day at the office. It is—relative to the scope and budget—very, very good.


28 Oct 08:32

Beerspresso: O café com toques de lúpulo

by Mexido de Ideias

Beerspresso: O café com toques de lúpulo por Mexido de Ideias

Harmonizar drinks com café já é algo comum. Nós inclusive adoramos publicar receitas ou contar sobre os rótulos com notas cafeinadas. Mas os coffeelovers ao redor do mundo não cansam de nos surpreender. A novidade da vez é o Beerspresso, um espresso com toques de lúpulo (um dos principais ingredientes da cerveja).

beerspressoA técnica é uma invenção da cafeteria Taproom Coffee & Beer, localizada em Atlanta, nos Estados Unidos. Para produzir o Beerspresso, os baristas analisaram métodos de preparo de café gelado até decidir por um de origem japonesa. Para criar o sabor de cerveja, adicionaram lúpulo seco (que acentua as notas cítricas e florais do café). Ele não acrescenta graduação alcoólica ao café.

Além do lúpulo, um Beerspresso precisa ter a espuma característica da cerveja. Para isso, a cafeteria adiciona nitrogênio à bebida, garantindo uma espuma densa e cremosa. Segundo os produtores, ela lembra um pouco o leite vaporizado adicionado aos cappuccinos e espressos comuns.

Nós aqui do Mexido de Ideias ficamos curiosos e com vontade de experimentar. E você?

Por: Carolina Gasparini

Beerspresso: O café com toques de lúpulo por Mexido de Ideias

27 Oct 18:22

One of the coders’ hardest problems

by CommitStrip

17 Oct 14:40

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Airport Security


Hovertext: I'm just saying: TSA, you could be so much more.

New comic!
Today's News:

Wow! BAHFest west is already sold out. Sorry to those of you who didn't make it in time, but we should have some tickets held at the door on show day. Also, there are still some tickets for Discovery News, which is right after us, in the same building!