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16 Jan 04:46

LAPD deploys controversial drone for the first time

by Cindy Chang

The SWAT officers thought the armed robbery suspect might be in a second-floor apartment.

To find out without risking their lives, they deployed a new tool: a small drone that hovered outside the window transmitting live video.

The video showed that the man did not appear to be in the room. The...

29 Dec 23:35

Democrats want help for clueless old fogeys in Congress to understand technology [Amusing]

24 Dec 03:41

Khashoggi Way sign goes up on Jared Kushner's street

by Gareth Branwyn

Political rabble-rouser and anti-Trump activist Claude Taylor wants to make sure that we don't forget the fact that the Saudi government, likely ordered by the crown prince, brutally tortured, murdered, and dismembered a U.S. resident and Washington Post journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. To that end, he has made street sign-styled bumper stickers that you can place over existing street signs to turn any road in America into Khashoggi Way. You can get one of your own, for free, by following the instructions below.

Thanks to Claude, in his Mad Doc Pac "Rat Truck," Jared and Ivanka's street in DC is now Khashoggi Way. Claude tweets:

I’m back from today’s delivery of #KhashoggiWay. I went to Jared. Or close. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Jared Kushner assisted in the coverup of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder. #complicit @KarenAttiah

If you want to support Taylor's resistance projects, he has a Mad Dog Pac account on ShareBlue.

[Images via Claude Taylor's Twitter feed]

05 Dec 21:01

Scott Walker (R-ejected): I know nothing. Walker's aides: Um, about that [Asinine]

30 Jun 17:14

How to replace yourself with a very small shell script

by Cory Doctorow

Data scientist Hillary Mason (previously) talks through her astoundingly useful collection of small shell scripts that automate all the choresome parts of her daily communications: processes that remind people when they owe her an email; that remind her when she accidentally drops her end of an exchange; that alert her when a likely important email arrives (freeing her up from having to check and check her email to make sure that nothing urgent is going on). It's a hilarious and enlightening talk that offers a glimpse into the kinds of functionality that users can provide for themselves when they run their own infrastructure and aren't at the mercy of giant webmail companies. (via Clive Thompson)