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carolbelivet:say what you will about disco but i’ve never once been sad while listening to abba


say what you will about disco but i’ve never once been sad while listening to abba

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Lol savage

I no longer believe in the human race.

This is the laziest shit ever

How lazy can humans get?

Have you never met white ppl?

yh but if you look outside your own personal reasons for using this, laziness, it actually looks a really great and practical way to put on your socks if you have a disability that hinders you from otherwise being able so without someone there to help you 

you do realise that there are people out there who literally have to travel door to door helping elderly people, disabled people and people with chronic illnesses to put on their socks? people are paid to help put on pressure socks to help with oedema? don’t you realise that if these people could have one of these tools, these caregivers could be doing something else and that this therefore is an incredible tool designed to cater for some of the most healthcare dependent people in our society? do you guys even realise there are other people living other lives?

i really wish i had this when my spine was broken and i had to wear a medical metal corset which made bending down impossible. i had to ask my mom to help me with socks and it was kinda humiliating.

My dad spends an hour in the morning getting dressed because he has no one to help him to get his socks on because his ankle is fused. If he had this it would literally save him an hour.

“Oh but people are so lazy!”

fuck off you ableist pieces of shit

Honestly I don’t even get how you could look at this and think “lazy”. This looks like more work for an otherwise able-bodied person than just putting their sock on the regular way. It’s pretty obvious this is meant for people who have trouble bending over, like come on.

You know how people go straight to “lazy” on this? Because we’re trained to think of most accessibility modifications as lazy. The disabled = lazy message is deeply embedded in our culture.

Does anyone know what this is called/where I could get it?
My mom has incesingly bad arthritis and the process of bending to put her socks on is getting harder for her. My dad could totally put the socks on it for her at night and then in the morning she could just slip them on.

It appears to be the Pratiflex PR001. They claim that the Pratiflex PR002 is more versatile, though. They’re Brazilian products, and my Portuguese is not so hot (nor is Google Translate’s). However, the website is here and you can apparently order them online for the equivalent of approximately US$20 (not including shipping, etc.) for the PR001 or US$34 for the PR002. 

The site says that they’re widely used in the States and Europe, but that they’re finally making them available in Brazil, so presumably you could find similar products from different companies elsewhere. A search for “sock applicator” turned up this category with several similar products, for example. From that page, this appears to be a good product, available for shipping in the U.S., for about $30.

So this is a teeny bit off topic, but there’s a group called the Tetra Society of North America, and if someone needs an assistive device and it isn’t commercially available yet, they have volunteers that are retired engineers and other design/handy types that will work together on solving a challenge you may have. They help make all kinds of things from adapted Wii remotes to specialized coffee pot handles to medical product adaptations. They are SO cool. This is their website: 

That’s not off-topic at all; I thought of this discussion immediately when I saw you post the link elsewhere. 

This is also relevant to some of the discussions on your blog overnight, pardonmewhileipanic.

do these only work with pressure socks? it looks like they wouldn’t work too well with looser socks. when i’m having a flare-up, bending to put socks on is excruciating, but i knit my own seamless socks for sensory reasons, and they don’t have elastic. i’m not sure they’d do the foldy-over grippy thing. i wonder if there’s a different design of sock-putter-onner that clips or something.

also a big double bird to all the ableist jackasses calling it ‘lazy’ to need help putting socks on. I hope you slip on a turd and crack your tailbone and can’t reach your feet for a month.

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vloggmusprime: Her name is cheese onion


Her name is cheese onion

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Remember Tara the Cat, who last year saved her owner’s son from a vicious dog attack? Well, the SPCA of Los Angeles just awarded her its annual “Hero Dog” medal.

Her unprecedented heroism had to be recognized. They scratched out “dog” and wrote “cat.”


Now this is some quality fucking content.

Changing my feelings on cats…

Videos don’t usually lie, but I still don’t trust cats.

That cat straight up fucking hip checked that dog a solid 3 feet like hall of fame Gordie Howe. 

Cats are assholes but have good hearts.

I’m watching it and I don’t understand how. The cat is half the dogs size it looks like a physics defying hip check. Also the dog is randomly like…fuck this human I’m going to kill it…but then is like oh shit a cat…I think I just watched a glitch in the Matrix

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Rainy day in NY today

Rainy day in NY today

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Chelsea Peretti: One Of The Greats

that was not where I was expecting it to go AND I LOVED IT




It is worth the extra effort <3

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Republicans are venerating a Russian rat.

Republicans are venerating a Russian rat.

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Study identifies 5 common cat personality factors. (No, "cat-itude" isn't one of them.)

If you're a "cat person", I'm willing to bet that you are already saying "Of course cats have personalities!" But which parts of your feline friend's personality are just part of being a cat, and which vary from cat to cat? Well, according to this study, there are five traits that account for the majority of the variability between cat personalities: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Dominance, Impulsiveness and Agreeableness. Not only that, but this variation can sometimes be attributed to environ
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harry-is-lily-ginny-is-james:ADHD is so weird how it switches itself up on you. Like, some days I’m...


ADHD is so weird how it switches itself up on you. Like, some days I’m watching Netflix but it’s not enough stimulation so I have to be on Tumblr while watching the show to not be bored. And other days if my dad and sister are just talking at a normal volume while I’m trying to read, it stresses me out and puts me on edge to the point where I feel physically nauseous and end up snapping at someone because I’m too irritable. Like, why?

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beeshirt: cookingstims: By Foodydiy on Instagram i want to make...

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By Foodydiy on Instagram

i want to make these just so i can set them around my house, invite people over, and grab a fuckin plant off the mantelpiece apropos of nothing and dig in, reveling in my friends’ looks of abject horror

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v1als: tastefullyoffensive: Worth it. (via welder22) “Legacy....



Worth it. (via welder22)

“Legacy. What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.” – Hamilton, 2015  

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overachieversloth: markv5: “Технически, я не ходил по...



“Технически, я не ходил по столу”…

I’m gonna shit a brick.

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pondwitch: starline: drtanner: alwaysbewoke: this is fucking...





this is fucking me up. are we really here? is this really about to happen?!?!

It’s real, and you can preorder it


im gonna cry this is wonderful

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Telegram channel


Hipster horse?

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Telegram channel


Poodle doodle doo!!!

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semitics:Love my dad


Love my dad

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delta-echo-romeo-papa: wolfgutz: attract: friku: where the...


I had one cat over the years that really liked being vacuumed...





where the fuck has this been all my life?????????

brrp brrrp brrrrp

this is the type of content i want to see on tumblr

This is the greatest thing I have seen all year



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motherofbirds: There’s a bird out there literally called a...


There’s a bird out there literally called a Puffleg. 
And it is blowing my mind with it’s cuteness.

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Link to Twitter thread on Haiti“Haiti was one of the riches...

Link to Twitter thread on Haiti

“Haiti was one of the riches colonies int he world. In 1789, Haiti produced 75% of the world’s sugar and was the leading producer of cotton.

The island is the source of roughly 1/5 of France’s wealth. France turned Haiti into a slave colony and started massive deforestation.

When the French were driven out in 1804, this was a frightening shock to the world—Haiti became the first free, black, former slave country.

Haiti was immediately punished for this liberation: France imposed an extreme indemnity on Haiti to enter the international economy.

Haiti didn’t finish paying until after WWII. The United States imposed yet a harsher sentence—they refused to recognize Haiti until 1862.

Interestingly, 1862 was the same year the US recognized Liberia, and for the same reason: it was the year of the Emancipation Proclamation.

Unsure with what to do with a massive population of freed Black people, the most popular idea was to ship them off to Haiti and Liberia.

That plan was dropped after the South was given authority to institute a system that was, in many ways, worse than slavery: convict leasing.

The first US prison boom resulted from convict leasing, where millions of mostly Black men were arrested & thrown in mines & cotton fields.

In the 1870s, the US took over from France in torturing Haiti. In the late 19th century there were dozens of military interventions.

The worst, led by Woodrow Wilson (Nobel Laureate), was in 1915, when the US military brutally attacked Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

It was bad in DR, but worse in Haiti because they were “n*****s,  not spics.” Wilson re-instituted slavery in Haiti & killed ~15,000 people.

The US marines drove out the Haitian parliament at gun-point because they wouldn’t accept the US version of a new Haitian Constitution.

The US Constitution, written by FDR, included provisions for US corporations to buy up Haitian land-“progressive legislation” it was called.

The only way to develop Haiti was to allow US corporations to buy it; since Haitians couldn’t understand, Parliament had to be disbanded.

The Haitan people–“n*****s speaking French” as William Jennings Bryan referred to them–didn’t want the US Constitution.

The marines then *did* hold a referendum: 5% of the population voted, and the US Constitution won 99.99% of the vote.

Most of the population was driven off, and the US left both countries—Haiti/DR—in the hands of brutal militaries, trained by the US marines.

In the 1980s, the atrocities escalated again: the World Bank/USAID were created and determined to make Haiti “the Taiwan of the Caribbean.”

The proposal included policies that were the exact *opposite* of the ones pursued by Taiwan.

Haiti—under threat of force—followed the advice of the World Bank, which was to drive the population from the countryside into the cities.

The World Bank plan required they gut spending on education, social programs, and infrastructure, because economics explains that’s a waste.

There were political developments: an "election” in 1986. Baby Doc, the 2nd of the Duvaliers, was elected after winning 99.98% of the vote.

Ronald Reagan praised “Democratic progress” in Haiti, and subsequently increased aid to the military junta.

Nobody was paying attention, but behind all of the terror and monstrosities, the Haitians were engaging in remarkable grassroots activism.

In 1990, Haitians committed a major crime, which required serious punishment: there was a free election, & the Haitians voted the wrong way.

If you want to know what happens when you vote the wrong way in a free and open election, ask the people in Gaza.

Amazingly, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, a populist priest and a strong proponent of liberation theology, won the election with 2/3 of the vote.

The United States immediately shifted all military aid to the business-led opposition to lay the basis for overthrowing the government.

Aristide was quite successful–it looked, for a while, that Haiti might not only become free and democratic, but fall out of US hands.

The military coup took place 7 months after Aristide’s election. In response, the Organization of American States imposed an embargo.

The US technically joined the embargo, but within a few weeks, Bush 41 modified the terms, allowing US corporations to violate the embargo.

Bush (+ Clinton) issued Presidential Directives blocking oil shipments to the military, but both secretly permitted Texaco Oil to send oil.

In 1994, Clinton did send in the marines and allowed Aristide to return, but under very harsh conditions:

Aristide must accept the program of the defeated candidate in the 1990 election–neoliberal policies that destroyed Haitian agriculture.

Well there was another election in 2000, and Aristide won handily. The United States, under George W. Bush, blocked all aid to Haiti.

Haiti had to pay interest on the aid it wasn’t getting.

Meanwhile, the country was being hit by natural disasters, magnified by the destruction of the land and society over the past 200 years.

In 2004, Haiti’s two main torturers (France & the US) invaded, kidnapped Aristide, exiled him to Central Africa & re-imposed the military.

And now we’re reaching the present moment. In January 2010, a major earthquake hit Haiti and killed ~300,000 people.

Aristide submitted a request to France to provide aid to Haiti to help after the indemnity they imposed; they put together a govt committee.

Headed by Régis Debray, a liberal French politician, the committee determined that there was no merit in the request.

After more than 200 years of terror and torture, it is time for the United States and France to pay *substantial* reparations to Haiti.”

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bellygangstaboo: So the whole time that 5th dentist been...


So the whole time that 5th dentist been looking out for a G.

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scotchtapeofficial: scotchtapeofficial: willigula: Goat Tower,...




Goat Tower, Wolf Creek State Park, IL, c. 2010



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kaity–did: There was a little girl in church, about 5, and her parents obviously let her get...


There was a little girl in church, about 5, and her parents obviously let her get dressed herself that day because she came waddling in with the puffiest coat on in the summer in North Carolina. She comes and sits in the pew in front of us. 15 minutes into mass she turns around and hands my husand an orange. Her parents are mortified.

“Savannah not again!” They sold! (Again kills me)

They appologize and she turns back around. A few moments later she goes to hand me an orange but her parents grab it from her before she can.

Savannah is determined. She reaches her tiny fists into her puffy coat and pulls out two more ornages. She begins to distribute them. Her parents are now beat red and in shock.

This small child proceeds to laugh a laugh I can only call manical (in a Catholic church) unzip the inner line of her coat and releases what had to have been 20-30 of those little kid oranges into the pews.

WE EAT Savannah yells cackeling

The priest can no longer contain his glee

The entire church is dying with laughter

She felt like Jesus on the moutian with the baskets of fish that day I’m sure.

Children are amazing.

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Show some solidarity. Have some decency.

Show some solidarity. Have some decency.

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catsbeaversandducks: Wonderful wonderful creature! ❤️🦇Video...


I wanna move to 'straya just so that I can have a giant tree in my backyard full of fruit bats. (also to have even cuter possums)


Wonderful wonderful creature! ❤️🦇

Video by Charlie Lilly and Nox

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hoebutmadefashion: redsatinsheets: i can’t believe lebron james...



i can’t believe lebron james is president now

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pettyrevenge: To the man in the car across the street - I saw everything. I saw how you parallel...


To the man in the car across the street - I saw everything. I saw how you parallel parked like a decent human being, nice and snug with the car in front of you, realizing he had a “no parking” zone in front of him, and thus plenty of room to pull out forward. Little did you know that the man that would pull up behind you wouldn’t give you the same courtesy, pulling up within a half inch of your rear bumper, effectively trapping you between two cars. 

I saw your look of frustration as you came back out to your car and realized the situation. And then, your look of resigned determination as you entered your vehicle. The red of your brake lights released and you gently bumped backwards into the offending car. A slight pull forward, careful enough not to tap the innocents in front of you. Another reverse and satisfying bump to the luxury car behind you. Your shitty 90’s Cavalier didn’t care. Another slow ease forward. And then, totally unnecessarily, one more hearty bump to the douchebag mobile before you head off into the night. 

I saw it all…

…and I approve.