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09 Apr 01:07

bigmammallama5:OOOOOOOHHH see that girl, watch that scene, but through your window...

by toodrunktofindaurl-abandoned


OOOOOOOHHH see that girl, watch that scene, but through your window screen


You can dance, you can jive, but you can’t go outside


You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, now in quarantine

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08 Apr 23:27

just-shower-thoughts: There will be a baby boom in 9 months, and those babies, in late 2033, will...


There will be a baby boom in 9 months, and those babies, in late 2033, will be known as the Quaranteens.

08 Apr 22:49

horrormovied: lyrslair: goldhornsandblackwool: M E S S...





“Just a by the by: “private” messages sent to individual people during a Zoom meeting show up in the end-of-meeting transcript along with all other public messages. Tell your friends, save a life.“

Honestly my partner has a lot of friends in the infosec community and they’ve all been lamenting the rise of Zoom because this is only ONE of very, very many reasons Zoom is an absolute security/privacy nightmare.

Zoom has a for bosses option to see if you aren’t paying attention called the “Attendee Attention Tracking” option

Zoom has sold people’s personal information to facebook even if you don’t have an account. A quick look though their terms of service shows this was never mentioned. They are being sued over it now. 

Zoom does not have End To End Encryption even though they advertise it as such, Zoom has personal access to every meeting and it’s servers are not at all secure in China (which Zoom admitted they should not be rooted to)


07 Apr 22:52

everythingfox: Sneaky sneak 


itty bitty booty wiggle


Sneaky sneak 

07 Apr 22:18

Bed Monsters

Bed Monsters

07 Apr 18:33

Pandemic Loteria, Rafael Gonzales Jr

07 Apr 18:26


07 Apr 18:08

between-stars-and-waves: thefingerfuckingfemalefury: samdirecto...


Since we have appropriated feral FIV+ boy's room as the home office, he has extracted rent by stealing a muffin, toast, and a few other items.






“Oh I’ll have this one, thanks!”

That fourth one tho


Thieving cattes



I’m so proud of you for this and so ashamed of myself that I didn’t think of this pun first :D

07 Apr 00:28

babyanimalgifs:Do u consider urself a risk taker 🤔


I don't think he bites... He just really lkes to get his nose deep into your "business"


Do u consider urself a risk taker 🤔

06 Apr 03:30



Social distancing

06 Apr 01:06

nayyirahwaheed: poem. from salt. by nayyirah waheed.


poem. from salt. by nayyirah waheed.

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03 Apr 23:44

enjoloras:This man is trapped in his house with what’s going to be like 1000 giant moths and...


This man is trapped in his house with what’s going to be like 1000 giant moths and it is somehow the funniest thing I have seen in days.

03 Apr 21:35

Quarantine Day: ??? Laysan albatrosses have a large repertoire...


Love the Monterey Bay posts...

Quarantine Day: ???

Laysan albatrosses have a large repertoire of dance moves they use to show affection, so it’s no coincidance that Makana was eager to help out.

HUGE shoutout to amazing Aviculturist Madeline for putting together this TikTok!!

03 Apr 21:32



Now this is "vision"
Wish this person was running for President.

03 Apr 21:29



Quality TP Kitty hoarder

01 Apr 16:51

Emily Post’s Quarantine Etiquette

by Carlos Greaves


Quarantine Society is not merely a fellowship of panicky millennials, nor does it exclude those of college-age on spring break, or boomers who heard the virus can be cured with a $200 tincture of colloidal silver. Rather it is an association of people of all ages, of which good form in social distancing, knowledge of proper sanitizing technique, and instinctive consideration for avoiding the spread of COVID-19 are the credentials by which society the world over recognizes its chosen members, which again, to be clear, is everyone.

Polite Conversation

Ideal conversation must be an exchange of pleasant thoughts, and ought not, as many seem wont to do, just inevitably keep circling back to how long it will be before things get as bad here as they are in Italy.

On the Subject of Business

When conducting business in Quarantine Society, such as joining a Zoom conference, all participants should dress as they would for any in-person business meeting. However, pants need not be worn, and this mutual lack of pants should never be spoken of nor alluded to.

When to Shake Hands and With Whom

Never and with nobody.

The Well-Appointed House

The house should be kept as clean as though you were about to have company over even though you won’t be. This is crucial for keeping indoor air quality below EPA safety thresholds when your spouse, three children, two dogs, and two cats are now suddenly all in the house at all times. It scarcely bears mentioning that this is a purely aspirational aim.

The Considerate Pet Owner

In Quarantine Society, it is not only polite, but essential that pet owners post pictures of their animal companions to social media on an ongoing basis.

On Sharing One’s Pastimes

Pictures of completed puzzles need not be shared on social media.

The Fit Gentleman and Lady

Exercise remains an important element of Quarantine Society. However, social media challenges such as the “See 10, Do 10” push-up challenge are not considered polite, as most people do not enjoy doing push-ups nor do they enjoy seeing their Instagram stories filled with people doing push-ups, thus making them feel even guiltier about not wanting to do said push-ups.

When Singing In Public

Communally singing from balconies and open windows is one of the distinct pleasures of Quarantine Society. However, when singing in a public setting, a polite choir chooses songs by universally well-liked artists such as Billy Joel or Whitney Houston. Avoid singing songs of any genre with the word “rock” in it, songs by artists with a “$” anywhere in their name, or, for that matter, any songs written after 2004.

On Sharing What One Is Eating

Pictures of haphazardly prepared meals such as a salad made of canned tuna, lima beans, and frozen spinach found at the far back of the freezer need not be shared on social media.

When Having a Meal Delivered

If you are having food delivered, the preferred methods for interacting with delivery people are:

  • Waving to the delivery person while standing on the other side of the glass storm door as if you were an animal at the zoo and your apartment was the enclosure from which there is no escape.
  • Leaving an envelope filled with cash on the doorstep and instructing the delivery person to leave the food on the porch as if you were conducting a drug deal in a Guy Ritchie movie.

The Virtual Party

When participating in virtual festivities such as Zoom parties, pants need not be worn, and the lack of pants should be neither spoken of nor alluded to.

When On the Hunt For Groceries

When shopping for groceries, the gentleman or lady patronizes only during off-peak hours, such as 9 AM when the rush of shoppers who all thought 7:30 AM would be the optimal off-peak time have finished shopping. Bulk purchases of toilet paper should be made only in the most exceptional of circumstances such as having a family of 12 or more, or a clinically diagnosed case of IBS. Those supporting large families who truly do need 48 rolls of toilet paper should have a wallet-sized family photo ready to present at all times as proof.

On Sharing That Which Is Pretentious and Which Nobody Needs to See

Pictures of Infinite Jest with the caption “Ordered this on Amazon last week, and I’ve already finished reading it! Guess it’s time to re-read War and Peace?” need not be shared on social media.


The most important element of Quarantine Society is to remember that manners are nothing more than a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, whether or not you currently have pants on.

01 Apr 16:03

nprbooks: Starting this Thursday, Dolly Parton will be reading...


Starting this Thursday, Dolly Parton will be reading bedtime stories online – the first book is going to be The Little Engine that Could. I don’t have kids myself, but I’m thinking I might stream this for my cats :)

– Petra

Oh my gosh now I totally want to play with for Felicia and Jess and see if they enjoy it as they cat nap :)

30 Mar 23:52

bloom-a-blog:This squirrel feeding perch

30 Mar 20:00

livelaughlovematters: This Cat Pouch Hoodie is the Perfect...


I know that I shouldn't be wasting money right now, but...


This Cat Pouch Hoodie is the Perfect Sweatshirt for you and your adorable cat! It’s made from ultra high quality and soft Fabric so you and your cat can feel comfortable all day! The pet holder pouch has a soft, removable, machine-washable liner that allows for easy cleaning! This Hoodie will make a lovely and meaningful Gift for anyone who owns a cat! 


30 Mar 03:38

imfemalewarrior: lesbianlegbreaker: fat-acceptance-dropout: Too...




Took me a long ass time to understand this.

*cranks up Pacific Rim soundtrack*

Celebrate what you can do! 

Exercise should not be a punishment for anything in any form. 


25 Mar 21:41

dclcevita:Cultural quarantine masterpostMaking the most out of social distancing. Feel free to add...

25 Mar 21:34

hedgehog-moss: We’ve got an itinerant cheese-selling woman who comes into town every Friday morning...


i need a personal cheese monger


We’ve got an itinerant cheese-selling woman who comes into town every Friday morning to sell the cheeses she purchases from local farms, and I like this old-fashioned way of buying cheese (other people, like the mayor, find it mortifying that our village is too small to support its own cheese shop). She stations herself in the plaza and likes to share news about the farms and villages she’s visited this week (at the moment we get a lot of baby animal news, like new calf announcements.) She has the unfortunate habit of denigrating her own cheeses without meaning to because she is a cheese perfectionist. You ask for a bleu, she grimaces hesitantly and says “Ah, poor choice, it doesn’t look quite right to me today”; or you tell her “I really liked the brie I picked last time, so creamy!” and she shakes her head and goes “Ah, you got lucky, often that farmer gives me such shitty brie with a chaulky texture—” then she suddenly looks frustrated with herself, you can tell she’s thinking “why am I giving this information to a client?? I’m the worst cheese saleswoman ever.” It’s very endearing. 

She also sells eggs, and always writes the name of the farmer she got it from on each carton so you can make sure to buy your friends’ eggs and avoid your enemies’ eggs. You’ve got to be like “Six Gilbert eggs please” and publicly announce where your loyalty lies, it’s a whole Thing. If one day you decide to go rogue and ask for Agnès eggs instead you can be sure people will notice, and they will talk. Getting my own chickens is the only way I have found to avoid pledging egg allegiance.

25 Mar 18:14

Sorry to go off-book here


But here is a Google sheet of Covid-19 resources for undocumented folks, a population I’m tremendously worried about regarding all this. My sister-in-law, who works in domestic violence prevention and resources, shared this, so I trust it’s legit.

Spanish version the works, according to the sheet it should be up by 3/23.

My audience is tiny, so if some of y’all don’t mind sharing, I’d be grateful.

17 Mar 22:31



Explains so much...

17 Mar 22:06

theweirdwideweb: goathazard: goathazard: theweirdwideweb: So in Minnesota there’s this cultural...





So in Minnesota there’s this cultural taboo about taking the last piece. If there’s a group and everyone orders pizza, typically one slice will not be eaten. At the office if someone brings donuts, the last donut will be left alone. Possibly cut in half. Then that half cut in half, but always leaving at least a little on the plate. The reason is it’s considered impolite because someone else might want it. To take the last piece is a desperate thing to do. There’s even an expression: “I wasn’t raised by wolves.” Anyway, here’s the best local facebook post going around right now. 


I saw this and thought to myself, thats so strange because thats a thing here in sweden as well, how two different places so far apart can have the same taboo.. and then I remembered something from history class

Humans are wild, huh?

Yeah this is why we talk this way. 

16 Mar 23:21

iamdangerace: imgonnasayitnow: viir-tanadhal: bundibird: mat...


Needs to be turned into an alignment chart.







“You will pay for this, Karen.”

Via Cats2K

haute couture

They’re the same picture



It’s in the eyes.

16 Mar 23:17



My friends might think that candy led to tooth issues, they would be technically correct (but probably have the wrong idea)

16 Mar 23:10

What should I do to impress my guests at my housewarming party tonight

Show them toilet paper