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The Daily Show: Is Duluth a climate change safe haven?


Duloot in the media!

If climate change soon renders parts of the United States uninhabitable, then where are all the coastal elites supposed to go? The Daily Show‘s Michael Kosta took a trip to Duluth to investigate how Californian climate refugees and displaced New Yorkers might fare in this snowy sanctuary city.

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New Law Requires SNAP Recipients To Balance Food On Nose Until Receiving Command To Eat It


The Onion really shouldn't be giving them ideas...

WASHINGTON—As part of an effort to ensure the benefits were only allocated to those in “true need,” a new federal law went into effect Thursday requiring all Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program recipients to balance food on their nose until they receive the command to eat it. “There’s no reason why working-age,…


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I see a lot of posts saying “teach boys about consent”.



I see a lot of posts saying “teach boys about consent”.

While that is true, a lot of parents will do that and fail to see how their own actions are the problem.

If you’ve spanked him, he’s less likely to understand consent.

If you’ve forced him to sit on Santa’s lap, he’s less likely to understand consent.

If you’ve forced him to give hugs and kisses to family members, he’s less likely to understand consent.

If you’ve grabbed him in order to force him to sit still, he’s less likely to understand consent.

If you’ve labeled him as “too sensitive” for not wanting to be touched, he’s less likely to understand consent.

If you’ve assumed he’s okay with something because he technically allowed it even though he felt pressured, he’s less likely to understand consent.

If you’re only going to criticize his actions but not your own, it won’t work.

I am a firm believer that it’s not just what he experiences in his life, but what he witnesses too. Okay so you don’t do any of those to him but you do those things to his sisters? His cousins? His mom? He is learning consent is for him hut not for women.

One of my sisters has young children, both of whom are some flavor of neurodivergent. She is too, and as a result she often lost patience quickly with some of their quirks. The biggest offender is that her kids are extremely wary around anyone they deem to be a stranger, making social connection very difficult for all participants.

When I first met her daughter, she was 3 or 4, and was extremely reluctant to come and meet me. My sister began to shame and push and pull her towards me and I stopped her. I said “don’t force her, don’t teach her that she has to let men she doesn’t know touch her, she doesn’t need to hug me”

My sister froze in place, processed it for a moment, and let her daughter go. She went back to hiding behind mom. We continued our conversation and her son slowly approached me, hugged me, and climbed up onto the chair I was in to sit beside me and partially in my lap. After a few minutes, her daughter joined him. She didn’t hug me, but she came over to touch and talk to me.

My sister was speechless. Her kids DON’T do that. I’ve heard many complaints from many family members about how antisocial they are. All I did was stick up for their right to offer or withdraw consent- and really just her daughter’s, as her son had met me pre-covid and had already gotten over the hurdle at 2 years old, but her daughter was born during covid and thus it made her severe distrust of strangers even worse.

Now her kids are in elementary school and making friends easily and I regularly get stories from her about how she witnesses them connect with other socially withdrawn kids and stand up for both themselves and their quieter friends. She took my advice to heart and started allowing them to voice whether they consented to something and now her little boy will approach a crying kid on the playground and say something like “do you want to play, or do you want me to just sit with you, or do you want to be alone?” and then actually listen to what the other kid tells him.

My niece has an incredibly traumatized boy in her class who escaped war with his family, and he doesn’t talk to anyone. But he visibly relaxes when my niece goes to sit next to him when he’s too scared and curled up in the classroom’s Quiet Corner. She reads to him and shows him her toys and holds his hand on field trips and yells at anyone who is mean to him. I’m told she’s the only person who can approach or touch him without causing a meltdown besides his family, and it started because the first time she sat with him she asked if it was okay if she did so and she waited several minutes for him to nod before she sat down.

But they still avoid the family members that forced them to interact even when they were uncomfortable. I still hear those complaints, hundreds of miles away, and the jealousy that I’ve only met the kids a few times but they talk incessantly about me. If I call one of my family members and the kids are over, I can hear them in the background trying to talk to me if they figure out it’s me on the other line.

Anyway. Long story short I didn’t have to advocate for my nephew the way I did my niece, but advocating for my niece in front of the both of them dramatically changed the way both of them were taught to manage social interaction. Consent isn’t just about teaching the boy. It’s also making sure he sees that consent being practiced with everyone.

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A botanical Pompeii: we found spectacular  plant fossils from 30 million years ago

by The Conversation

The Australian continent is now geologically stable. But volcanic rocks, lava flows and a contemporary landscape dotted with extinct volcanoes show this wasn’t always the case.

Between 40 and 20 million years ago – during the Eocene to Miocene epochs – there was widespread volcano activity across eastern Australia. In places such as western Victoria and the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, it was even more recent.

Erupting volcanoes can have devastating consequences for human settlements, as we know from Pompeii in Italy, which was buried by ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 CE. But ash falls and lava flows can also entomb entire forests, or at least many of the plants within them.

Our studies of these rare and unique plant time capsules are revealing exquisitely preserved fossil floras and new insights into Australia’s botanical history. This new work is published in the journal Gondwana Research.

A landscape with snow crested mountain in the background and ash layers covering plants next to a road

This is what volcanoes can do to landscapes – super-heated gasses from the 2011–12 eruption of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle Volcano in Argentina killed the forest. After ten years, the forest has started to regrow. Andrew Rozefelds

Remarkable preservation

The most common volcanic rocks are basalts. The rich red soils derived from them are among the most fertile in Australia.

But the rocks in which fossils occur are buried under basalts or other volcanic rock, and are called silcretes – the name indicates their origins are from silica-rich groundwaters. Silica is the major constituent of sand, and familiar to most of us as quartz.

What makes the silcrete plant fossils so fascinating is the superfine preservation of plant material. This includes fine roots and root nodules, uncurling fern fronds and their underground stems, the soft outer bark of wood, feeding traces and frass (powdery droppings) of insects, and even the delicate tissues and anatomy of fruits and seeds.

Close-up of clearly visible fern leaves and fragments made up of amber coloured stone

The foliage of a Pteridium fern, preserved in silcrete in exceptional detail. Geoff Thompson/Queensland Museum

For this fine preservation to occur, first there needs to be a rapid burial, like that from a volcanic eruption. Then, there has to be an abundant source of silica — a condition met when the volcanic rocks began to weather.

The process where silica infills and preserves plant structures is referred to as “silicification” or “permineralisation”. When plant material is buried, it provides acidic conditions that are ideal for this to happen.

And the process need not take millions of years. Overseas studies of plants in hot springs or undertaken in the laboratory have shown that some types of silica will quickly infiltrate wood and plant tissues.

Close-up of a rocky amber and white material with bubble-like shapes within

This is a cross-section of the stem (rhizome) of a silicified fern, showing its characteristic anatomy. Geoff Thompson/Queensland Museum

Why are these plant fossils significant?

Because of their rapid entombment by the volcanoes, we can be sure the plants were in situ (that is, their original location) and were actively growing. This means we can gain detailed information about the make-up of these past plant communities.

In other areas where plant fossils might accumulate – such as river deltas – we can never be sure how far the bits of plants were carried, and whether they were from different types of vegetation.

Silicification not only preserves plants, but also leaf litter on the forest floor and even the underlying soil containing roots and root nodules. The fossil plants that are preserved at different sites varies, indicating the presence of distinct plant communities.

The abundance of seeds and fruits at one site near Capella, in central Queensland, even indicated to us that the local volcanic eruptions are likely to have occurred in summer or early autumn during the fruiting season.

A detailed folded shape of a seed encased in orange-amber rock

This cross-section of a silicified native grape seed shows its complex internal structure which is typical of the seeds of this family. Geoff Thompson/Queensland Museum

The extraordinary preservation of these fossils allows us to compare them with modern plants. In turn, this means we can accurately identify them.

The ferns include fronds and underground stems (rhizomes) of the familiar bracken fern (Pteridium). We have also found the distinctive seeds and lianas of the grape family (Vitaceae), along with evidence of insect damage in the wood. Two sites also had evidence of palms.

While there have been few previous studies on silcrete plants, we have revealed new insights into the history of the modern Australian flora.

Close-up of a bright green pointy leaved fern with sun shining from behind it

A modern bracken fern found in Queensland – the clear successor of the ferns found in the silcrete rocks. AustralianCamera/Shutterstock

Volcanoes shaped plant communities

Volcanic activity both destroys and modifies existing plant communities. It also provides new substrates for plants to colonise.

Several sites contained ferns – this may be because they are among the first living plants to colonise new volcanic terrains via their tiny wind-borne spores. For instance, it has been documented that bracken ferns were pioneer plants of the barren cone of the famous Krakatoa volcano after its eruption in 1883.

But the diversity of seeds and fruits at another site suggests that an existing forest was buried by volcanic activity.

A star shaped impression embedded in an orange-amber rock

This star-shaped fruit, seen in cross section here, is currently being studied and is likely to be a species new to science. Geoff Thompson/Queensland Museum

Researchers have suggested that the key factors responsible for the evolution of the Australian fauna and flora during the Cenozoic period (the last 66 million years) were predominantly climate and environmental change. It happened, in part, due to the movement of the Australian continental plate northwards.

But the broad-scale volcano activity that occurred in eastern Australia during the Cenozoic has rarely been invoked as a key driver of such changes.

So remarkably preserved, the silcrete plant fossils are now providing startling new insights into the history of some groups of Australian plants and the vegetation types in which they grew.

The author would like to acknowledge co-author Raymond Carpenter from the University of Adelaide who contributed to this article.The Conversation

Andrew Rozefelds, Adjunct Assoc Professor Central Queensland University and Principal Curator Geosciences Queensland Museum, CQUniversity Australia

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Horse pill bug

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My family asks “Do you ever see people wearing cowboy hats in Texas?” and I tell them “Only at…




My family asks “Do you ever see people wearing cowboy hats in Texas?” and I tell them “Only at semi-formal events” and they cannot process what I just said

Cowboy boots though? Appropriate for any occasion.

Probably the people I see wearing stereotypically Texas garb most often are people from outside of Texas who wanna stay here permanently. The person who I see wear cowboy boots most often in everyday life is a British guy I know that’s working on getting his US citizenship. He’s doing a great job and I don’t say that as a joke he’s working very hard to be American and I like the effort.

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Seen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by murllss + matchaarchives for ethiopian_girl_skaters (via IG)


Seen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by murllss + matchaarchives for ethiopian_girl_skaters (via IG)

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decoysender: decoysender: [Transcript: ...




Reddit user “TheBirminghamBear” makes a comment that reads as follows:

I consider myself a pretty imaginative person.

But I cannot, and will never be able to comprehend how anyone gets worked up when a person wearing a suit comes in one day and now is wearing a dress and says “I’d like to be called ‘she’ now.”

I mean the amount of mental energy people have spent getting worked up about this is just fucking batfuck insane.

We are creatures born of voidstuff that bootstrapped consciousness out of *nothingness* and in the infinitesimal span of 2000 years went from pushing around a stone wheel to landing a rocket on the fucking moon.

And yet hundreds of millions of people spend their entire fucking lives fighting against a tiny percent of people that would just like to be called a she instead of he or vice versa.

What a fucking waste. It’s pathetic. The Protectors of Public Bathrooms? The Purity of Pronouns Police? Fucking juvenile. Depraved, sad, meager little fools.

It makes me livid beyond the inhumanity and cruelty of it. Like, I would like to lie, and tell you that my anger is entirely on behalf of the trans community, that this is entirely out of empathy for them, but that’s only a half truth. Only half of my outrage is on *behalf* of them, the other half is a purely selfish fucking fury at how fucking *pathetic* these bigots are. How sad, meager, nonsensical, and preposterously fucking *stupid* this entire mainstream political anti-trans movement is.

It makes me livid because it’s just so fucking beneath our potential as a species. We could be terrforming planets right now, and people like Sophie Wilson are essential to us having the societal capacity to do the work.

And yet we’re bogging people like her down in laws focusing on what fucking bits she has and what she wears relative to those bits. Alan Turing did more than nearly any human alive not ONLY to WIN WORLD WAR FUCKING TWO, but to advance the entirety of human technology, and he was harassed his entire life because he liked to fuck men.

So insignificant. So completely, entirely irrelevant to the grand scheme of the cosmos and we are just swarmed and consumed by the weight of these fucking ignorant, meager little losers and their sad, delerious little missions.

These cosmically myopic pissants with a mere fraction of the intellectual capacity of someone like Sophie or Alan Turing are standing around in their filthy fucking mobs protesting people like her, harassing people like her, using the power of government office to attack people like all, and for *what*? Because she was born with a dick but now as an adult prefers to act and dress as though she weren’t?

That’s *it*. That’s *all*. It’s so irrelevant to these idiots’ lives, so inconsequential to them, so.intensely personal to her and her alone, and yet they just screech and froth and drag our entire species down under the weight of their inanity and stupidity.

Entire political parties full of ivy-league educated opportunistic, psychopathic charlatans and all their ideologically sympathetic propaganda networks are whipping up our worst and stupidest and pointing them at these ordinary, normal people who did nothing wrong for no other reason than because they’re a convenient minority to victimize at that moment.

For fucks sake, if you, whoever you are, are among these bigots, take a fucking look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself why you want to spend this precious, brief span of your existence being *this* sad and pathetic.

The purity of a fucking pronoun? The safety of a public bathroom? The sancitity of children’s sports? Are you fucking serious? You are an adult and *this* is what you think matters? This is what you think constitutes using significant amounts of your time and energy fighting against? These are not real. These are not the serious concerns of a serious human being.

You people are being hooked by the fucking balls by con men and dragged around the streets made to hold a fucking bullhorn for them, shouting bloody fucking panic about *bathrooms* being invaded? Do you ever stop to look around at what a fucking clown you’re being made into? Do you? You have one life and you waste it like this?

Sophie Wilson was born with a condition that made her physically and psychologically uncomfortable by the gender norms related to the genitalia she had at birth.

Despite the public fucking spectacle people like you have made of this very simply-addressed issue, she found her peace, she transitioned, and despite the pain of the condition, and the pain of simply *being* trans in an environment this pointlessly fucking hostile, she went on to build essential components to the technology YOU people use to spew fucking hate at her.

That’s what she did. Contributed to the good of all mankind. Tell me again how *your* useless, bigoted asses are going to save reality by preventing her from using your bathroom, clowns.

She advanced human knowledge, and yet if she were in modern-day Texas they would want to throw her in jail for wearing a dress. It. Is. Pathetic.

**EDIT**: It’s good to go on a rant against transphobia every now and again. As a cis person I don’t have many opportunities to converse with these transphobes on a regular basis. I start to forget they exist.

Then they come screeeeeeching in to tell me how misplaced my anger is, because, GASP! Did I know that *people out there were asking them to use different pronouns?!*

The inhumanity of it!

Meanwhile in hellacapes like Florida and Texas they are passing laws to make drag shows illegal, they are calling trans individuals pedophiles in statr houses and trying to pass laws making it illegal to dress “in clothing different to that of the gender assigned at birth.”

But yes, YOU are the ones who have had your life upended, what with the, maybe *one* trans individuals you ever actually encounter in real life, who requests you respect their dignity as a human and call them a he even if they were originally born a woman?

You people sound fucking preposterous. I want you to know that. I’ve listened to five year olds throwing tantrums and screaming blood murder for not getting to eat a whole pack of Oreos and they sound more reasonable than you people.

You know what? I don’t believe in the science behind transphobes. I don’t recognize you exist. I think you must be making this up. You’re not real, so I don’t validate your existence. You all agree with me deep down. No one has ever shown me science saying transphobia is a legitimate state of being. So, I invalidate your existence. Thanks for agreeing with me.

Like, I know you SAY you don’t believe in honoring other people’s pronouns, but you’re just making that up for attention. Deep down you really do believe it. I know. 100%.

I’m just asking to you to look at yourselves in the mirror. Just stop and fucking look. You are adults. With access to the internet. You could do anything.

And you are spending significant time and mental energy worrying about the safety of public bathrooms. One guy said calling a transwoman a she would lead to the collapse of the Oxford dictionary.

Do you people hear yourselves? Have you taken just one fucking moment in your adult lives to honestly assess the things you believe in? Do you take a pause to just *look around* at the sort of fucking losers you’re standing beside? People banning drag shows? People calling gay people groomers? These are the same people behind segregation. The same people behind satanic panics. Jordan B fucking Peterson. These are your peers on this. This is your peer group. A pack of fucking losers.

For the sake of making something of the rest of your life, just please honestly listen to yourselves and ask yourselves if this is really what you want to be.

End Transcript]

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Be Bun
Do Crimes

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The only retail job I miss is being the cashier at a local Hardware Store in a small town surrounded…


The only retail job I miss is being the cashier at a local Hardware Store in a small town surrounded by other small towns, because I was essentially a high fantasy GuildMaster.

I worked there three summers in a row, and every laborer from every nearby town would come there for whatever supplies they needed, and man could they gossip like there was an Olympic medal for it.

At 8 AM, every morning, every plumber, roofer, electrician, and landscaper in the county was at the door waiting for me to unlock it, and they’d come back throughout the day.

I knew every tradesman in a 30 miles radius, and I knew too much about everyone in town because of, like I said, the tradesman gossip. It’s shocking that people basically tune out an entire person in their living room and say whatever they want, because they don’t see the guy fixing their light fixture as real somehow.

Then your average citizens, the townsfolk, would come in to ask for labor recommendations. The cashier at the local hardware store is a god among yelp reviews.

A woman needs her roof repaired. A man wants central air installed in his 100 year old house. Someone needs to break into a safe they inherited without the combination.

And I would make recommendations. I’d take down names and information so when a plumber I liked walked in an hour later, I could say, “come here, I have a job for you” like I needed them to clear a village of Redcaps.

There is no difference between your local mom-and-pop hardware employee and Greed Karga sending the Mandalorian on bounty hunting jobs.

If Geralt of Rivia walked in, I could have found him something to do.

I believe all plumbers dual-wield drain snakes and arcane magic, because you’d be surprised how often Liches come up in septic tank repairs.

You can belong to a monster hunters’ guild and a welders’ union, if you have the time. Always good to diversify your portfolio.

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taraljc: mostly-funnytwittertweets: I fee...

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This is such a skill


This is such a skill

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Ok but like. What the fuck is there to do on the internet anymore?







Ok but like. What the fuck is there to do on the internet anymore?

Idk when I was younger, you could just go and go and find exciting new websites full of whatever cool things you wanted to explore. An overabundance of ways to occupy your time online.

Now, it’s just… Social media. That’s it. Social media and news sites. And I’m tired of social media and I’m tired of the news.

Am I just like completely inept at finding new things or has the internet just fallen apart that much with the problems of SEO and web 3.0 turning everything into a same-site prison?

Long collection of resources under the cut.

Keep reading

ALSO you should consider browsing Virtual Pet List and seeing if there are any pet sites you might be interested in playing. There is a whole genre of browser games right under your nose

Another one that I just found recently is this, which is a whole collection of blogs, organized by topic! a place to find good blogs that interest you

Look guys the real internet IS STILL THERE I’m going to cry

Getting off of twitter and onto neocities has really healed me and I am so glad to see it is healing other people too ;u; let’s retreat into the self-made digital woods and away from corporate bs pls, I am so tired

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Had a cat that was obsessed with corn on the cob -- had to watch your plate 'cause she'd drag it off...

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Top 10 of 2023


Top 10 of 2023

  1. Polite Society dir. Nida Manzoor
  2. Rye Lane dir. Raine Allen-Miller
  3. Showing Up dir. Kelly Reichardt
  4. Blue Jean dir. Georgia Oakley
  5. Reality dir. Tina Satter
  6. How to Have Sex dir. Molly Manning
  7. Anatomy of a Fall dir. Justine Triet
  8. Past Lives dir. Celine Song
  9. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret dir. Kelly Fremon Craig
  10. A Thousand and One dir. A.V. Rockwell

Honourable Mentions:

Fair Play dir. Chloe Dumont, Priscilla dir. Sofia Coppola, The Pod Generation dir. Sophie Barthes, You Hurt My Feelings dir. Nicole Holofcener, Bottoms dir. Emma Seligman

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What is lentigo? I saw a TikTok yesterday of an orange/red tabby growing black hairs all down it’s back and one comment said it was lentigo and it’s common in orange cats. This cat is male btw and I can send the link to the video if you want


Our little orange boy, Eddie, had the black spots show up on his gums after he was a year old -- I though he was getting some sort of cancer... The vet laughed

Lentigo is exactly that: orange-based or partly orange-based (tortie) cats having small black spots developped after their first year, most commonly on their noses, but i think every body part is possible.

I wrote about it more here.



Our old man has lentigo! I never knew the name for it, we just call them his freckles.


Yes! Polk has lentigo, which affects not just her nose but also her gums and the occasional patch of fur. It's one reason I think she and her tortie sister might actually be genetic siblings, not just colonymates born around the same time. As a baby her nose was almost entirely pink but it's getting bigger patches of black as she gets older. Getting her to hold still for a photo was not easy, but here's the best one I got:

If you look above her nose, between her eyes, there's a little dark spot there, which I call her "grease spot" because when she was a tiny kitten it looked like a little dot of grease, as though she'd been crawling around in a car engine, but it just never rubbed off.

I named her after the street, Polk Street in Chicago, but I call her Polkadot all the time because of her freckles.

[ID: Three images; all three show cats with dark freckles across the tips of their noses. The first is a longhair with pale cream fur and slightly more orange fur on its face; the second is an orange tabby with dark fur and the smallest freckles. The third is my cat, Polk, a dilute orange tabby, who is looking curiously at the camera with two large dark spots and several smaller ones scattered across her nose.]

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To The Substitute Art Teacher - Jordan Bolton


To The Substitute Art Teacher - Jordan Bolton

15 Feb 22:31

asking for advice on


I would 100% try that first one (and have my knees lock up halfway through)


asking for advice on

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this is probably a stupid (genuine) question but why do you collect uranium?

Glowy green stuff cool.

I don't only collect uranium; I have a collection of depression glass in a whole rainbow of colors, but I do really like the uranium glass.

It's spooky and neat and looks cool, but it's not actually radioactive enough to be a danger to people (at least not in the green glass form; the orange glaze form seems pretty hot in comparison). I took some photos of my collection around halloween and look at this:

I have haunted teacups and that is the raddest shit.



Uranium glass is, if not perfectly safe, certainly not dangerous for occasional use. You probably don't want to wear uranium glass against your skin, but that's because heavy metals are toxic even when they aren't radioactive.

The radioactivity of uranium glass should concern you about as much as the radioactivity of granite countertops, which is to say: not very much at all.

Some kinds of uranium glass do contain lead, usually less than would be in leaded glass/crystal.

While there is no safe level of lead to consume, and while you certainly wouldn't want to *store* food in uranium glass, I hand cast shotgun slugs and have a lead smelter in my home, so I am not concerned about the amount of lead I might interact with through occasional use of uranium glass tableware (large bastard and I used to go around to different tire shops and ask if we could have the wheel weights they pulled off of used tires - they had to dispose of them somehow, so we'd haul buckets and buckets of those things to the garage, detach the weights from the clips, and toss the weights into the smelter, melting everything down to burn off dirt and impurities and then casting ingots to store and use for loading later; and all of that was significantly less dangerous than the two packs of cigarettes I was smoking each day during that time of my life).

For people who do *not* knowingly and regularly interact with lead, here's some more information:

My level of risk tolerance is not your level of risk tolerance; many people may not be willing to take the risk of interacting with any lead at all, but yeah after being a smoker for like twenty years I just am not all that concerned about the possible risks of using uranium glass plates and cups ten times a year. (though again, i would not recommend any amount of food *storage* in uranium; don't use the refrigerator boxes as refrigerator boxes, don't use the decanters to store alcohol, don't use the tidbit trays as candy dishes, etc.)

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Love is in the air 🖤🗡💀


Love is in the air 🖤🗡💀

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Singing a new year’s song with 爱妃/Ai Fei (“Beloved concubine”, a term of address Chinese emperors…


Singing a new year’s song with 爱妃/Ai Fei (“Beloved concubine”, a term of address Chinese emperors used for their favorite concubines/consorts)

English added by me :)

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Selective Focus: When Winter Was

by Paul Lundgren

Pretty winter photos of Duloot adjacent areas (Past winters, since they have blooming flowers in Jan)

Apostle Island Ice Caves, 2014, photo by Chris Plys

There is still time for the winter of 2023/24 to show its stuff. For now, all we have is the past.

Destination Duluth, a nonprofit that shares images and stories on social media in an effort to promote the city and region, recently declared “We want winter back!” A group of photographers have contributed photos from “when we had real winters,” posted with the hashtag whenwinterwas.

“We’ve missed the beauty of our normal winters,” Jerry Thoreson said in a news release. The managing director of Destination Duluth noted that more than 150 Duluth photographers contribute to the organization’s content on Facebook and Instagram pages. “They love capturing the beauty of the cold, snowy winter months in Duluth and on the North Shore. They literally thrill with the chill of 20 below with the magical sea smoke on Lake Superior.”

Shared here are select images from Destination Duluth’s “When Winter Was” collection.

Sea Smoke on –20º morning, 2016, Matthew Moses

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. Van Enkevort at -10º, photo by Dawn LaPointe

Brighton Beach, 2018, photo by Ken Palmer

Tettegouche State Park, 2019, photo by Jim Schnortz

Enger Park, 2019, photo by Gregory Israelson

Split Rock Lighthouse, 2022, photo by Bryan Benson

Lake Superior Ice Formation, 2022, photo by Adam Malmanger

Tettegouche State Park, 2022, photo by Jeffrey Doty

Tettegouche State Park, 2022, photo by Dawn Parendo

Hockey on Lake Superior, 2022, photo by Steve Mattson

The post Selective Focus: When Winter Was appeared first on Perfect Duluth Day.

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Apparently a part of the reason why farmed bees stay in the beehives that humans build for them is…







Apparently a part of the reason why farmed bees stay in the beehives that humans build for them is because the farm hives are safer and sturdier. I don’t know how a busy Discord server’s worth of bugs that only have one brain cell each would logically conclude that the humans protect them from outside threats, illness and parasites, but if I understood right, the bees would be free to move away and build a new nest somewhere else any time they’d want, and they simply choose not to.

You know how in almost every culture, people have some concept of “if I sacrifice something that I made/grew/produced to the Gods, they will ward me and my harvest from evil”?

So, in a way, don’t the bees willingly sacrifice a part of their harvest to an entity not only far greater than them, but nearly beyond their comprehension, in exchange for protection against natural forces wildly outside of their own control?

So tell me, beekeepers, what are you to your bees, if not a mildly eldritch God?

I don’t know about other cultures, but in English folklore, when a beekeeper dies someone has to go out and tell the bees.

Imagine you’re a neolithic hunter-gatherer, just hanging out, sacrificing stuff to your god, when a new god you’ve never met before shows up and tells you that your god is dead, it’s not your fault or anything, and maybe a new god will come along to take care of you, maybe not, it’s gonna be touch and go for a while

Apparently in medieval Europe they also whispered secrets to the bees.

So imagine the mildly eldritch God you worship talks to you and tells you secrets, but these secrets make no sense to you and are incomprehensible to understand or even know they are secrets. But your God does make vibrations at you, so thats probably a good thing right??

Also occasionally the Swarm decides there is not enough room in the Hive because the eldritch god didn’t take the offering of Honey at their normal time. So enough of a Swarm builds up that the second queen is able to leave without decimating the first Swarm. They are all set to search out a new place that will likely not have your God anymore (but really that’s not too much of a struggle, they have abandoned you, that’s part of why you’ve left, even though the first Swarm still holds out hope for their return).

And then, the scouts find another Hive right next to the old Hive. Literally right next to it. So the Queen lands to inspect it and wow, it’s a good deal. The area already has enough food to support 2 Hives, so it’s a not problem to stay in the area now that they have the space, but…this wasn’t here before.

And then you see God, they’ve come to help the Swarm move to the new Hive and take the offering from the old Hive. Truly this must have been their plan all along

In English folklore, you ALSO have to invite your bees to your wedding, and decorate their hive, and leave a slice of cake for them, and also bring your new spouse by to introduce them to the hive straightaway. Imagine your eldritch god doing THAT.

I mean, given the rest of it, inviting the bees to the wedding and introducing the spouse makes perfect sense. And if you invite them, of course they get cake, same as everybody else.

Decorating the hive is just a fun touch, though.

13 Feb 17:02

This Guy Has Built an Open Source Search Engine as an Alternative to Google in His Spare Time

by Jason Koebler

Tried a few basic things -- it is nice to not have piles of dreck and carbon copies. A few more obscure/technical ones took a bit of tweaking, but not bad

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This Guy Has Built an Open Source Search Engine as an Alternative to Google in His Spare Time

Using Google has started to feel worse over the last few years, as results are seemingly taken over by SEO'd content, AI-generated results, and websites with tons of affiliate links and ads. As a response to this state of affairs, a single coder has launched a new, open-source search engine in part as a response to internet’s overwhelmingly corporatized and homogenous search ecosystem. The new search engine, called Stract, is running on a server in the basement of its developer’s office, is highly customizable and, based on feedback from users in the project’s Discord, is rapidly improving. 

The project grew out of founder Mikkel Denker’s master’s thesis at the Technical University of Denmark, which was focused on helping people search their own files and documents, he told me in an online chat. He is set to finish that master's next week and will then pivot his attention to Stract fulltime.

“Most of our searches go through the same handful of entities (Google, Bing, Yandex),” Denker told me. “Even other search engines such as DuckDuckGo use Bing for their results. I found it very weird that there essentially is no way to browse the web in an open manner. So that's what I am trying to build.”

13 Feb 17:01



My mother hated bluejays so much for picking on all her little birds.

13 Feb 01:55

13 Feb 01:07

The two twins…



The two twins…

Sometimes there’s a blip in the universe, and a soul is reincarnated into two bodies at once, and those two bodies end up in the same household.

13 Feb 00:58

jenny-jinya: TW: animal death / injury / death For grandma, who...


TW: animal death / injury / death

For grandma, who loved pigeons, and for grandpa, who did not but wanted her to be happy.
Please hear me out <3