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03 Apr 04:22

congenitaldisease: Before the 1960′s, when the TV series...


Before the 1960′s, when the TV series Flipper became popular, trained sea creatures such as dolphins were a very rare occurrence. Richard “Ric” O’Barry was a dolphin trainer at Miami Seaquarium and helped to capture five wild dolphins that would be trained to star in Flipper. He carried this on for 10 years until Kathy, who was the main dolphin to star in Flipper, died in his arms; he strongly believes she committed suicide when she didn’t resurface for air. It was this one event that completely changed his stance on what he was doing. He suddenly realised that imprisoning and training these beautiful and intelligent creatures for human entertainment was abhorrent. On Earth Day of 1970, Ric founded The Dolphin Project which is an organisation dedicated to educating people about the plight of dolphins in captivity. This organisation rescues and rehabilitates dolphins and releases them back to the wild. As well as this, Ric leads an international effort to stop the hunting of dolphins and the trafficking of dolphins to theme parks such as Sea World. He has written two books: Behind the Dolphin Smile and To Free a Dolphin, and also appeared in the documentary, The Cove.

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It’s not okay to have your child be scared of you. That isn’t respect. That’s control. 

It’s not okay to have your child obey you at all times in order for you to love them. That isn’t high standards. That’s manipulation.

It’s not okay to force your child become what you wanted to become. That isn’t wanting the best for them. That’s living vicariously through them.

It’s not okay to take away your child’s basic needs as a punishment. That isn’t teaching them. That’s hindering them. 

It’s not okay to dictate your child’s sexuality or gender. That isn’t normalizing them. That’s repressing them.

It’s not okay to berate your child’s appearance or intelligence for being what you think is sub-par. That isn’t toughening them. That’s bullying them.

It’s not okay to take out your stress on your child. That isn’t parenting. That is abusing.

It’s completely okay to distance yourself from your parents. That’s not unloving. That, sometimes, is self care.

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Giant tarantulas keep tiny frogs as pets. Insects will eat the burrowing tarantulas’ eggs - so the spiders protect the frogs from predators, and in return the frogs eat the insects. Source

This has blown my mind for years. It’s so unreal. It’s almost the same exact reason humans and cats started living together.

Tiny frogs are tarantula housecats. A science fact seldom gets to sound that much like meaningless word salad.

This is legit, guys. And I’m excited about it.

Someone needs to draw a tarantula person with a tiny pet housefrog now. Please let this be a thing.

How is this?

This entire post is magic.  And that is so cool how the Tarantula will protect the frog.  :3

25 Mar 18:23

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hell yeah 

hell yeah

hell yeah

hell yeah

hell yeah

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Can’t crack that programming problem? Go to sleep (or take a walk)

by Dan Kim
Cary Renquist

I always either solved them in my sleep or in the shower...

Think back to the last time you had that really tough programming problem you couldn’t crack.

If you’re like me, you may have spent a few hours trying to brute force a solution. Then, in despair and frustration, eventually you gave up for the night.

And then the next morning, you wake up and the solution is clear as day in your head. You face palm yourself, rush to your computer, implement it in 15 minutes, and all is well in the world again.

Or this — I work a problem all morning to no avail. Lunch time hits, so I take my dog for a 30 minute walk. And somewhere along that walk I’ve figured out the solution. I get back home and fly through it the rest of the afternoon.

George has the right idea, but this doesn’t count as real sleep. 😆

Look, I realize I’m not saying anything particularly new or profound here. But it absolutely bears repeating because I often forget this too:

Sleeping and walking are some of the best techniques to improve your work as a programmer.

(Pro tip: don’t take your phone to bed or on your walks. Your brain needs to be fully disconnected.)

I’m no scientist or expert on how the brain works, but there is plenty of science to back it. The basic premise is that free association and fixation forgetting (letting go of what you’re banging your head on) is crucial to problem solving. Your brain can put together solutions more effectively when it’s allowed to wander.

This is exactly why “Eat, sleep, code, repeat” is such bullshit. Your brain needs to do something else from time to time (and be rested) to do your best programming.

So the next time something isn’t clicking, leave it. Forget about it. Take a walk and go grab a donut. Get 8 hours of sleep. Your brain will do the heavy lifting and tell you when it’s ready to solve that problem.

If this article was helpful to you, please do hit the 💚 button below. Thank you!

We’re hard at work making the of Basecamp 3 better every day (by getting a good night’s sleep every night). Check it out!

Can’t crack that programming problem? Go to sleep (or take a walk) was originally published in Signal v. Noise on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

22 Mar 22:41

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I’m absolutely embarrassed that I never knew this before but…


The pen stand that most Wacom products come with?


It twists off and has a bunch of nibs in it.

I’ve been buying extra nibs when they were in this stupid thing the whole time.

Reblog to save a life.


I just checked and HOLY FUCK

For anyone who has a Wacom Intuos that looks like this 

The spare nibs are on the back of the removable panel where you can change the pen loop colour. 

Also there’s a little hole in that compartment that looks like this

You see the little eject symbol? This guy is how you remove your worn down nibs.

Press the pen nib in on an angle like this and lift up.

and ta-da! you just removed your pen nib!


I feel like an idiot for not knowing this.

22 Mar 21:33

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(Tweet from @nycsouthpaw) Kris Kobach should learn to use folders and cover sheets.

[image] Department of Homeland Security Kobach Strategic Plan for first 365 Days.


Can someone caption this when you get a chance? I’m on mobile.

[Transcript for those who are having trouble reading]

1. Bar the Entry of Potential Terrorists
-I. Update and reintroduce the NSEERS screening and tracking system (National Security Entry-Exit Registration System) that was in place from 2002-2005. All aliens from high risk areas are tracked. 
-II. Add extreme vetting system for high risk aliens. Question them regarding support for Sharia law, jihad, equality of men and women, the United States Constitution. 
-III. Reduce intake of Syrian refugees to zero using authority under the 1980 Refugee Act.

2. [Unreadable] Record Number of Criminal Aliens in the First Year
-[unreadable] 193,000 criminal removal cases dropped by the Obama Administration.
-[unreadable] ICE guidance memorands(?) adopted by the Obama Administration, issue new guidance [unreadable] “criminal alien” as any alien arrested for any crime, and any gang member. 
-[remainder is mostly unreadable; discusses enlisting local and state goverments to aid in the decrease of “criminal aliens”]

3. [Mostly unreadable, discusses PLANS FOR THE WALL]
-[unreadable] in addition to the 319 miles of existing [unreadable] covering the entire 1,989 miles planned for rapid build. [unreadable] the PATRIOT Act to prevent illegal aliens [unreadable]

[Most of the rest is unreadable]

5. [unreadable]
-[mostly unreadable, the ending sentence contains the phrase “Draft amendments to National Voter…”]

That’s all I could make out. If anyone else wants to add what they can see, feel free to do so.

This is a serious breach of classified information handling. I hope he gets fired for this! Better people have been fired for less (and lost an election)


22 Mar 21:01

thelifeofryan:Cat People


Cat People

15 Mar 06:07

pollyguo: More rat comics

Cary Renquist

My boys had better grammar...


More rat comics

13 Mar 12:27

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This is particularly sweet because that wolf almost undoubtedly didn’t have a pack. He was lonely. And then he wasn’t lonely: he had all the weird little squished stunted-development wolves and their weird bipedal not-wolves!

i am ugly crying like snot just avalanched out of my face i love dogs


This should be a children’s book

@followmeonelasttime literally crying here

there is water in my eyes

13 Mar 05:52

4oh8: angelic-dove: date a boy who hates coleslaw date a boy who never lets coleslaw near you date...

Cary Renquist

So that's why the wife married me...



date a boy who hates coleslaw
date a boy who never lets coleslaw near you
date a boy who will chuck a bowl of coleslaw across the room if someone puts it near you

Need me a freak like dis

13 Mar 03:53


13 Mar 01:43

Texas Democrat proposes rectal exams for men who want Viagra and a fine for masturbation

by David Ferguson
A Democratic Texas legislator has called for men who want the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra to be subject to a rectal exam and for male masturbation to be punishable with a $100 fine. According to the Dallas Morning News, state Rep. Jessica Farrar based her bill is a “satirical version of a...
13 Mar 01:32

Not an adult yet.

Not an adult yet.

12 Mar 19:42

gaymilesedgeworth: gaymilesedgeworth: my favorite American holiday is the one where we have a...



my favorite American holiday is the one where we have a gopher predict the weather 

the gopher has spoken

12 Mar 19:37

Private corner

12 Mar 08:20

science-officer-spock: when someone asks if you like star trek:


when someone asks if you like star trek:

12 Mar 08:07

ruinedchildhood: same!

12 Mar 07:57

bando–grand-scamyon: hopethisainttaken: thisiseverydayracism: ...





Oh, you know there’s more.



When water BEEN wet but “THEY’RE” afraid to drown…

12 Mar 07:36

thetrippytrip: This makes me want to go sit next to her with...


This makes me want to go sit next to her with pepper spray.

12 Mar 07:29

oakyafterbirth: if this poor downtrodden woman with nothing to...


if this poor downtrodden woman with nothing to her name but a free condo that she rented out for money, a managerial position at her mother’s company, and a free room at her grandparents’ house can pay off her loans, the rest of y’all are just bums

12 Mar 07:10

ultrafacts: 1017sosa300: ultrafacts: Source: http://www.pets...

10 Mar 02:32

stability:this made me laugh a lot more than it should’ve


this made me laugh a lot more than it should’ve

10 Mar 02:30

grimelords: a tv show where you take random redditors and ask...


a tv show where you take random redditors and ask them to design their perfect society then force a small dutch village to live by the rules they make up for a year

10 Mar 00:01

optimysticals: selchieproductions: ayeforscotland: Scot-Asians...




Scot-Asians proudly displaying the new Muslim tartan at Glasgow City Chambers.

Scotland is about inclusion. That’s they key word from this point on.

That is a beautiful tartan! Here’s the theological explanation behind the design:

- Blue to represent the Scottish Flag
- Green to represent the colour of Islam
- Five white lines running through the pattern to represent the five pillars of Islam
- Six gold lines to represent the six articles of faith
- Black square to represent the Holy Kabah


06 Mar 05:11


Cary Renquist

Saw most before, but not Boston Marathon -- WTF in 1967?




An Exotic Dancer Demonstrates That Her Underwear Was Too Large To Have Exposed Herself, After Undercover Police Officers Arrested Her In Florida


Dorothy Counts – The First Black Girl To Attend An All-White School In The United States – Being Teased And Taunted By Her White Male Peers At Charlotte’s Harry Harding High School, 1957


Austrian Boy Receives New Shoes During WWII


Jewish Prisoners After Being Liberated From A Death Train, 1945


The Graves Of A Catholic Woman And Her Protestant Husband, Holland, 1888


A Lone Man Refusing To Do The Nazi Salute, 1936


Job Hunting In 1930’s


German Soldiers React To Footage Of Concentration Camps, 1945


Residents Of West Berlin Show Children To Their Grandparents Who Reside On The Eastern Side, 1961


Acrobats Balance On Top Of The Empire State Building, 1934


Mafia Boss Joe Masseria Lays Dead On A Brooklyn Restaurant Floor Holding The Ace Of Spades, 1931


Lesbian Couple At Le Monocle, Paris, 1932


The Most Beautiful Suicide – Evelyn Mchale Leapt To Her Death From The Empire State Building, 1947


The Remains Of The Astronaut Vladimir Komarov, A Man Who Fell From Space, 1967


Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967


Harold Whittles Hearing Sound For The First Time, 1974


Nikola Tesla Sitting In His Laboratory With His “Magnifying Transmitter”



06 Mar 04:56

kivrinengle: darkeyeddreamerr: *blows kiss to space* for the 7 exoplanets orbiting Trappist-1 See,...



*blows kiss to space* for the 7 exoplanets orbiting Trappist-1

See, this is what old-timey science fiction never predicted - the human tendency to grow attached. They wrote stories of colonizing other worlds, of exploration and discovery. They didn’t write that four minutes after discovering new worlds, the humans had made up nicknames for them all, given them personalities, and were prepared to fight to the death for their honor.

Sometimes real life is better.

06 Mar 04:51

Arabic Words Illustrated to Match Their Literal Meaning by Mahmoud Tammam

by Kate Sierzputowski

“Cat”, “Duck”, “Dog”, “Fox”.

Egypt-based graphic designer Mahmoud Tammam creates simple modifications of Arabic words, transforming the language into visual representations of their meaning. The words Tammam chooses to design are often animals, turning long slopes into a llama’s neck, or a series of curves into an octopus’s tentacles. By creating these pictorial translations he allows the words to be understood by those not familiar or well-versed with the Arabic language, a minimal gesture that leads to a much greater understanding.

You can see more examples of Tammam’s illustrated language on his Instagram and Behance. (via My Modern Met)

05 Mar 07:20

bluespock: one spock two spock red spock blue spock glad spock sad spock old spock new spock hat...


one spock

two spock

red spock

blue spock

glad spock

sad spock

old spock

new spock

hat spock

cat spock

head spock

dead spock

tie spock

high spock

alive spock

revived spock

all the spocks may come and go

but there’s one thing we’ll always know

no matter where or when you may be

spock is there

for you and me

live long and prosper