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16 Oct 16:24

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Gregor


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May I just say that I'm really happy with how the fold in the burrito looks in panel 1.

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16 Oct 16:22

Your Horoscopes — Week Of October 16, 2018

by The Onion
16 Oct 11:42

UK public broadcasters want top billing on streaming services

by AJ Dellinger

As streaming services and set-top boxes continue to creep up on traditional TV, public service broadcasters (PSBs) in the UK are worried about being left behind. The heads of ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5 are urging the government to require tech companies to give them prominent placement within on-demand services.

In a letter published by The Guardian, the broadcasters laid out their case. They argue public service channels are trustworthy news sources, innovative, and local. (Though in the case of the BBC, it's by mandate. The channel was ordered last year by a UK regulator to show more British content.) The big streaming companies just don't care about any of that. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other big streaming services don't drive traffic through news programming or niche, community-focused broadcasting. Instead, they are big, broad and global.

Even UK-based streaming services like Sky and Virgin Media have a tough time keeping content from public broadcasters on top of listings. Regulations have restricted the platforms that public channel shows can be accessed on, and recommendation algorithms have basically killed off the standard TV guide format in favor of presenting people with picks tailored for their interests.

Perhaps the biggest problem for public broadcasters is the regulations that would be required to mandate top billing. Ofcom, the UK's broadcasting regulator, lent its support to the idea of giving PSBs more prominence on streaming platforms but noted that doing so would require new legislation. It's not clear if the parliament is willing to take up the effort.

If the UK government does try to legally mandate PSBs to get prominent placement, they'll likely run into a significant protest from just about everyone who makes a custom TV operating system. That includes set-top box makers like Apple and Roku, smart TV manufacturers like Samsung and Sony, and streaming services like Sky and BT—all of which would be required to push shows from public broadcasters ahead of promoted content, original series, and algorithmic recommendations. Odds are low any of those companies have an interest in undergoing that effort.

Source: The Guardian

16 Oct 11:37

Microsoft adds dictation to Office web apps to help with dyslexia

by Jon Fingas

Microsoft has made voice dictation available for desktop Office users for months. Now, though, it's making the feature available to web users in the name of aiding those with dyslexia. The browser versions of both Word and OneNote will enable dictation sometime in the "coming weeks" so that dyslexic students can write more effectively than they would by typing. This should also help for dysgraphia (a condition that makes it difficult to write coherently) and people with mobility issues, Microsoft added.

Dictation should spread to Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint sometime in 2019.

More accessibility improvements are coming in the near future. Microsoft is bringing Immersive Reader to its Flipgrid social education communities, and upgrading the tool with both real-time translation as well as support for reading math problems. The feature is now available in Office Lens on Android, too. You'll have to wait until later in the fall to use the translation features, but the other additions are rolling out this week.

Via: The Verge

Source: Microsoft Education Blog

16 Oct 11:26


this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Tonight's comic is getting this Halloween party started.

16 Oct 02:41

Fendi accidentally made a 'vulva' scarf

by Rusty Blazenhoff

Fendi is taking a beating online after creating a pink scarf that resembles female genitalia, bush and all.

The Italian luxury fashion brand took down their £750 vulva-like "Touch of Fur" shawl after the internet got wind of it (blue and red versions are still available).

The Guardian humorously notes, it "makes you look like you’re being born."

If you like the look of labia, are ok with wearing real fur, and have $990 to kill, this scarf is still available from online retailer Farfetch.

Fendi’s £750 ‘vulva’ scarf makes wearers look like they’re being born

16 Oct 02:39

A dating website for Trump supporters leaked its customers' data ON DAY ONE

by Cory Doctorow is an app for people who want to have sex with white supremacists; it launched today and promptly leaked all 1600 of its users' data: "users' names, profile pictures, device type, their private messages — and access tokens, which can be used to take over accounts."

The data was accessible from a public and exposed Firebase data repository, which was hardcoded in the app. Shortly after TechCrunch contacted the app maker, the data was pulled offline.

Donald Daters, a dating app for Trump supporters, leaked its users’ data [Zack Whittaker/Techcrunch]

16 Oct 02:38

Learn About Houston’s Rap History with a New Book & Exhibition

by Brandon Zech

99 Live screw Tape (Image via Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries)

Throughout the fall of 2018, various venues around Houston are finding ways to celebrate the city’s rap history. Although it is not lauded as the state’s music capital (Austin claims that title), Houston and its suburbs have spawned a number of nationally known rappers and groups: Since the late 1980s/early 1990s rise of the Geto Boys, Houston’s rap and hip hop scene veterans have included UGK (Pimp C and Bun B), Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Trae tha Truth, Chamillionaire, Devin the Dude, Travis Scott, and many others.

Brothers in Rhyme- Fat Pat, Big Hawk, and the Screwed Up Click UH Library Special Collections

Installation view of Brothers in Rhyme- Fat Pat, Big Hawk, and the Screwed Up Click at the University of Houston MD Anderson Library

Houston also served as the hub for chopped and screwed music — a DJ technique that involves scratching and “chopping” a slowed-down version of a song. The technique was pioneered by DJ Screw in the early 1990s, and he and his collaborators made hundreds of “Screw Tapes” featuring chopped and screwed music paired with freestyle raps by members of the Screwed Up Click, a loose collective led by DJ Screw.

In 2010, ten years after DJ Screw’s death and only a few months after it established the Houston Hip Hop Recording Artists Collection, the University of Houston Libraries Special Collections acquired the DJ Screw Papers, a collection of tapes, papers, photographs, recordings, and other objects that document DJ Screw’s life and work. Since then, UH Libraries has acquired the archives of Houston rapper Anthony “Fat Tony” Obi, DJ Steve Fournier, and materials related to the production of Peter Beste and Lance Scott Walker’s book Houston Rap.

Houston Rap Tapes by Lance Scott Walker

Some of the objects from these collections are currently on view in Brothers in Rhyme: Fat Pat, Big Hawk, and the Screwed Up Click, an exhibition at UH’s MD Anderson Library though December 14, 2018.  Also happening this fall, in conjunction with the release of Lance Scott Walker’s new book Houston Rap Tapes: An Oral History of Bayou City Hip-Hop from UT Press, are book events across Texas, including a book launch with Rick Royal of Royal Flush from 7-9PM on October 16 at Deep Vellum Books in Dallas; and a Q&A and book launch at Brazos Bookstore in Houston on October 21 from 5-6PM. See below for more upcoming book events celebrating Houston’s rap history. Also, go here to see Glasstire’s 2017 interview with Mike Frost about the history of Houston’s hip hip album covers.

Houston Rap Tapes Book Launch
PRODUCE®, Corpus Christi
October 18, 7-10PM

Houston Rap Tapes Book Launch
Marfa Book Company
October 19, 7-10PM

Houston Rap Tapes Book Launch
Friends of Sound Records San Antonio
October 20, 6-9PM

16 Oct 02:29

I-45 ‘End Hunger’ Warehouse Sells to a Houston Food Supplier

by Dan Singer

The new owner of the former Mary Barden Keegan Center along the southbound I–45 North feeder goes by the name Houston Market Center LLC and is connected to J. Luna’s Produce, a longtime vendor at the soon-to-be redone Houston Farmers Market on Airline. The sale closed late last month and included both the parking lot and 5,000-sq.-ft. community garden that sit behind the warehouse, closed-off from Vincent St. and the rest of residential Brooke Smith by a wrought-iron fence. Last week — reports a neighbor — workers got rid of that fence, “cleared out” an onsite homeless camp, began dismantling a retaining wall, and cut down a few trees adjacent to the parking lot. The seller, Virgata Property Company, picked up the building from the Houston Food Bank 2 years ago and — last summer — leased it to the Peli Peli restaurant group as a prep center for the South African chain’s catering operation and a production hub for its house-brand sauces and spices. Since then, Peli Peli’s added 2 more order-at-the-counter restaurants to its lineup of formal and informal locations: one in the Esperson Building at 808 Travis downtown, and the other in the new 365 by Whole Foods Market on 610. Previously on Swamplot: Empty ‘End Hunger’ Warehouse by I-45 North To Be Filled with Workers Making South African Food and Seasonings Photo: Virgata Property … Read More
16 Oct 02:27

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Deposit

by Dan Singer

3507 Amos St. [HAR] … Read More
16 Oct 02:27

Have a Sexy Pregnancy

by Mary Kelly

sex and pregnancy

Making Love During Pregnancy
Bing and Coleman

This book is the pregnancy version of the Joy of Sex originally published back in 1972. I couldn’t put in the illustrations since they were pretty graphic. In addition, they were penciled so light that you had to look carefully to see what was going on. (Maybe that was the point.)

I did include a couple of absolutely ridiculous charts that attempted to graph desire. Big surprise: some couples feel good about sex while pregnant and others not so much. I spent most of my pregnancies barfing, so feeling sexy wasn’t particularly front and center in my brain.

As for collection development, I think this topic should have some shelf space. I think we can drop the hippie couple in weird drawings and charts that illuminate nothing.



love pregnancy sex interest during pregnancy testimonials

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16 Oct 02:16

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Rebel


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I love you, but I cannot accept your lifestyle.

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16 Oct 02:16

Every Day I'm Spectre-in'

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip
16 Oct 02:15

A Dialogue on Freedom

15 Oct 04:10

Switch Online Now Lets You Cheat At The Legend Of Zelda

by Ethan Gach

Today, Nintendo continued to build out the NES library in its Switch Online app with the previously-announced addition of NES Open Tournament Golf, Solomon’s Key, and Super Dodge Ball. But it also had a surprise: “Living the life of luxury!,” a hacked save file for The Legend of Zelda that starts players out with a…


15 Oct 03:20

The Making Of Nintendo’s Best Nose-Picking Game

by Stephen Totilo

We sometimes hear the tales behind the making of Nintendo’s greatest games: the Zeldas, the Marios and the Metroids. Let us bend our ears for another tale, this time of the making of Gold Digger, a game about a finger interacting with a nose.


15 Oct 03:05

These $1,350 Game Boy-Themed Jordans Almost Look Worth It

by Ethan Gach

Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks is a company that produces super-small runs of custom sneakers. Its take on the retro Air Jordans IV are especially sleek, including 2017’s extremely limited SNES and NES-themed ones. Now there’s a Game Boy pair, and holy shit do they look hot.


15 Oct 02:59

Cities: Skylines Mod Helps You Get Your Blade Runner On

by Cameron Kunzelman

Cities: Skylines is about building cities and unleashing your urban designer, and now there’s a mod for the PC version of the game that will let you make sky roads that look right out of our best dystopian films.


13 Oct 18:20

Commissioners Court: No Robo-Brothels in Unincorporated Areas Either, Please

by Dan Singer

Now that the city’s banned sex doll businesses that let customers get it on with the merchandise right there in the store, what about the rest of the county? “That activity is already not allowed,” Judge Ed Emmett says at the Commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday. County attorney Vince Ryan added that there are currently laws on the books that “would prohibit those kinds of acts.” But as to what the laws are: Emmett says Ryan “will seek clarification before the next Commissioners meeting on Oct. 23,” reports Community Impact‘s Vanessa Holt. In both the city and the county, there’s nothing illegal about selling human-like sex devices for take-home use, officials tell Holt. [Community Impact; previously on Swamplot] Photo of 5615 Richmond, planned location of thwarted sex doll brothel: LoopNet … Read More
13 Oct 18:16

Spring Home Listing Photo of the Day: Show’s Over

by Dan Singer

47 Mohawk Path Trl. [HAR] … Read More
13 Oct 18:06

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Eyes Wide Open

by Dan Singer

10907 Sagewind Dr. [HAR] … Read More
13 Oct 18:03

God Likes Clean Hands

by Mary Kelly

Secrets of fun and success

Young Only Once
Secrets of Fun & Success

Another guide for Christian Teens. Lots of helpful advice on how to be more likeable. Evidently, “using good English” is important in the likeability game. Ladies, you need to be up on the latest in household management, child care, and possibly support your family. Remember, it’s up to you to make sure your spawn are raised properly so they won’t be a “misfit”.  Finally, you really need to clean up. No one wants to hang around someone who smells.

Bottom line: be nice, speak English and stay odor free.


back cover endorsements

likeability quiz

grooming tips education for homemaking

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13 Oct 18:02

Friday Fiction The Computer Ate My Brother

by Mary Kelly

computer ate my brother

The Computer Ate My Brother

Direct from the 1980s, we have a rogue computer that evidently eats kids. Of course the computer has a few “issues” and can evidently read your mind. Harry, our protagonist, is irritated by a brother. Harry thinks he is awful and wham, the computer takes him away. This theme of evil computers that are out of control and capable of becoming sentient is all over pop culture at this time. Tron, 2001: A Space Odyssey , War Games, Neuromancer, and a bunch of others I can’t remember off the top of my head have plots that incorporate computer power out of the hands of humans.

Is it a weeder? In a public library, I would say yes based on that cover. Over the years, I have had kids ask me stuff that makes me feel old. Floppy discs, typewriters, desk telephones, and other items are virtually non recognizable by kids born into the world of smart phones and computers. I feel too old. Now get off my lawn.


computer ate my brother back cover


computer ate my brother

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13 Oct 17:53

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Bored


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Also it's a bit insulting that they only want to chat when they're bored.

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13 Oct 13:04

Comic: Prime Demo

by (Tycho)
New Comic: Prime Demo
13 Oct 13:03

New Stick

by Reza

13 Oct 12:58

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Spirit


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Dammit. Is the votey panel funnier than the whole comic?

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In case you missed it, we're offering two new books for sale!

13 Oct 12:54

The Happiest Person You Know

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Smiles are just socially acceptable lies.

13 Oct 12:54

Behind the Mask

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

you don't have to pretend to smile around me.

13 Oct 12:52

Rock Wall

I don't trust mantle/core geologists because I suspect that, if they ever get a chance to peel away the Earth's crust, they'll do it in a heartbeat.