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26 Jun 20:08

Grandma Goes Online

by Holly

Grandma Online coverGrandma Online: A Grandmother’s Guide to the Internet

Submitter: It’s a pretty tacky title (at least any more) and I got a laugh at some of the content:
1) www.AnySwingGoes – though it’s about dancing, at initial glance, it could have another connotation.
2) I suppose Granny isn’t too old for Amusement Parks
3) Grandma Games just doesn’t sound right.

Found at a university library.

Holly: Of course they go straight for Bingo in the games section. Grandmas like Farmville and Candy Crush too! Oh wait, they weren’t a thing in 2001.


Grandma Swings

Grandma Online excerpt

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26 Jun 20:05

Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 25, 2019

by The Onion
26 Jun 20:01


by (JerryMaguire)
26 Jun 20:01

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Passive


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I have been moving homes for 2 weeks and am out of cleverness. Wish me luck tomorrow!

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25 Jun 15:38

New Yorkers are losing the Public Library's free movie streaming (updated)

by Georgina Torbet

There's no such thing as a free lunch, nor apparently a free movie streaming service. From July 1st, New York library patrons will no longer be able to stream movies for free from their homes as the nonprofit is ending its partnership with streaming service Kanopy, Gizmodo reports.

In 2017, the New York Public Library (NYPL) struck a deal with Kanopy allowing any library cardholder to use the streaming service for free. That gave library users access to 30,000 movies including recent hits like Moonlight, Lady Bird and The Florida Project. It also offered access to harder to find movies which were not available on other streaming platforms, as the collection was focused on documentaries, classics and independent films.

If it seems odd that a library would offer a movie streaming subscription, it's because Kanopy was aimed at the educational sector, and got its start selling DVDs to college libraries. It gradually expanded into streaming and partnered with a number of public libraries.

Although the service is free for users, it is paid for by the library. Rather than the flat subscription fee charged by services like Netflix, Kanopy works by charging libraries a license fee of around $150 for each title, triggered by just three viewings.

These fees can eat up a considerable portion of a library's budget. Stanford library chose to drop its partnership with Kanopy last year, saying the change was made "as a result of the increasing cost of the service, which have escalated significantly in the past year and is no longer sustainable."

It seems the same issue has led the NYPL to stop offering the streaming service. The library released a statement saying that it would no longer offer free access to Kanopy. Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library are also ending their partnership with the streaming service.

"The Library made this decision after a careful and thorough examination of its streaming offerings and priorities," the NYPL said. "We believe the cost of Kanopy makes it unsustainable for the Library, and that our resources are better utilized purchasing more in-demand collections such as books and e-books."

Update 6/25/19 10:48AM ET: This post has been updated to clarify Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library will also end their partnership with Kanopy, in addition to the NYPL.

Via: Gizmodo

Source: NYPL

25 Jun 15:29

Mikme Pocket lets you record mobile audio like a pro

by Devindra Hardawar

For the past five years, Mikme has been chasing the dream of perfect mobile audio recording. Its first product was an excellent wireless microphone that automatically synchronized with your video recordings on iOS and Android devices. Now, the company is turning that box into something that you can easily hide from the camera. The Mikme Pocket is its spin on a wireless lavalier (or "lav"), those tiny microphones you typically see attached to talk show hosts and broadcast reporters to capture everything they say. It'll still do the hard work of syncing up its high quality audio with your mobile videos, but now you can clip the microphone on your shirt, stuff the recorder in your pocket, and shoot more like a professional.

As much as I liked the original Mikme microphone, it wasn't the most convenient thing to use for vlogging and reporting on the go. I either had to hold it, or find a convenient spot to set it down. The MikMe Pocket solves that issue, allowing you to capture high-quality 44.1kHz/24-bit dialog wirelessly over Bluetooth, while also keeping your hands free. It's less complex than existing wireless lav solutions, which typically require a receiver connected to your camera. And of course, the Pocket is a capable standalone recorder, with the ability to capture up to 96kHz/24-bit quality on 16GB of internal storage. That means you'll be able to use it for higher-end video products, as well.

MikMe Pocket

The Mikme Pocket is a fairly nondescript box with a recording button front and center. It's a bit of a step down design-wise from the company's last device, but that makes sense since you'll be keeping it mostly out of sight. The recording box connects to the lav mic over a mini-XLR connection. a port you won't typically find on mainstream gear, but it'll let you easily plug in replacement mics or even connect to production decks. This time around, Mikme didn't go to the trouble of building its own custom microphone. Instead, you'll get a standard lav to begin with, though you can pay a bit more for a "professional" Pocket bundle with a higher quality mic.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to demo the Mikme Pocket, but it's easy to see how it could be useful for YouTubers and reporters. The company's app automatically combines the mic's audio with the video being shot on your phone, and you can also edit your clips there too. That's a far simpler process than throwing everything into a PC video editing app and making sure your sound and imagery are in sync. Starting next year, you'll also be able to switch the Mikme Pocket over to the Bluetooth hands free profile, which lowers the audio quality to 16kHz, but will let you use the device with any third-party app. (It'll likely still sound better than just recording with your phone normally.)

Professional users will likely appreciate some of the Mikme Pocket's more advanced features, including the ability to wirelessly monitor your recordings, as well as a 3.5mm stereo out connection for passing audio to cameras and mixers. Mikme also plans to offer a "pro" version of its app with more capabilities, like recording a video with two of its microphones, livestreaming, video customization and custom branding for $9.90 a month. You'll get a year of pro access with every Mikme Pocket, but after that you'll still have free access to basic features, like wireless recording and auto video syncing.

MikMe Pocket

Mikme has already raised nearly $70,000 for the Pocket on Kickstarter, and it still has 28 days left to go on its campaign. You can snag the standard version of the device for around $284, or pay $329 to get a better lav mic. And if you want to go all out, there's the professional kit with two Mikme Pockets for around $660. All of the bundles will cost around 30 percent more once the Mikme Pocket hits retail, so there's an incentive to jump in early. The company plans to start shipping the Pocket to backers this December, and we're hoping to test it out before then.

25 Jun 11:46

What is Existentialism?

Also there is no point to anything and then you die. But you are super free in the meantime, so...
24 Jun 21:30

The Holocaust Museum Houston Grand Reopening Is Finally Here

by Glasstire

The Holocaust Museum Houston, Lester and Sue Smith Campus reopens this weekend, June 22, and will host a series of events and activities through the weekend in celebration of the occasion. The museum will present Holocaust Survivor Talks in the Albert and Ethel Herzstein Theater both this Saturday and Sunday, and the first 500 visitors will receive a Holocaust Museum Houston tote bag. 

Following a $34 million expansion, the transformed building will include a welcome center, four permanent galleries and two changing exhibition galleries, classrooms, research library, café, 200-seat indoor theater and a 175-seat outdoor amphitheater. As Glasstire reported in December 2018, the museum will also be the nation’s fourth largest Holocaust museum and the first to be fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Almost doubling in size, the 57,000 square-foot, three-story structure will be home to rare artifacts such as a Danish rescue boat and a World War II-era railcar. Additionally, the museum will have a Human Rights Gallery and debut the nation’s largest gallery of artwork by the Holocaust survivor and painter Samuel Bak. There will also be an interactive media display that brings to life the writings Anne Frank, and other young diarists who died in genocides around the world.

The Holocaust Museum Houston opens to the general public at 10 am Saturday, June 22, and 12 pm Sunday, June 23, 2019. Purchase tickets in advance here.

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24 Jun 21:30

Temporary Sculpture Unwinds in Downtown Houston Green Space

by Glasstire

There is a small green space at the intersection of Caroline and Jefferson streets in the center of downtown Houston, near St. Josephs Medical Center and a couple of blocks from the Toyota Center Arena. It’s there that artist Ronald Llewellyn Jones has created a temporary sculpture made of colored yarn that stretches and twists across some large trees and garden posts in the park.

It is a non-commissioned, unsanctioned public work of Jones’s own impulse. In addition to constructing the sculpture, as he worked Jones also cleaned up the park with the help of volunteers and people walking by.

The use of string and twine to create three-dimensional works in the visual arts is well documented. Fred Sandback, Gabriel Dawe, and Annette Lawrence are all artists who have employed the material in their practices. Jones’s contribution will stay put until it is removed by the owner of the property.

An Instagram post on an account listed as Ronald Llewellyn Jones, featuring pictures of the sculpture, reads “Yarn sculptures are my most favorite thing. They give me several hours of freedom of thought. Not having access to space to work out my inner conflicts I search for neglected spaces that I most likely won’t be kicked out of.”

The post continues, “Also, I didn’t ask permission to do this and I understand that it could be gone tomorrow. I’m okay with that because I simply saw an opportunity and acted on it.” 

Jones’s sculpture isn’t on the list of public art works that Glasstire featured a few days ago, but a drive-by or a lunchtime stroll to see the sculpture may be worth it.

Ronald Llewellyn Jones

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24 Jun 21:29

Jesus Moroles’s Iconic ‘Lighthouse Fountain’ Has Been Taken Down

by Glasstire
Photo taken in 2017, prior to Hurricane Harvey. Photo: Pamela Fulcher

Photo taken in 2017, prior to Hurricane Harvey. Photo: Pamela Fulcher

Last Month the Rockport Center for the Arts announced that Lighthouse Fountain, the popular public monument by Jesús Bautista Moroles (1950–2015), will be dismantled and put into temporary storage due to structural issues.

The red granite tower, which was commissioned in 2002, was completely disassembled a few weeks after the announcement at the end of May.

For almost two decades, Lighthouse Fountain has been a hallmark for the Rockport community, symbolizing the resilience and beauty of the Live Oak Peninsula. Recently, after a slew of natural disasters — most notably, Hurricane Harvey in 2017 — the Rockport Center for the Arts decided to conduct a condition report of all the pieces in its sculpture park, including Lighthouse Fountain.

With the help of Moroles Art Co. — a foundation dedicated to the preservation of Moroles’s work and founded by Kurt Kangas and Suzanna Moroles (Jesús Moroles’s brother-in-law and sister, respectively) —  and a staff of insurance adjusters, the Rockport Center for the Arts surmised that the steel armature would continue to degrade and that the best option to ensure its preservation would be to take it down.

In the press release sent out by Rockport Center for the Arts, Suzanna Moroles, who worked closely with her brother on the monument, stated: “Lighthouse Fountain, dedicated in 2002, is a very important work in Moroles’s career and we are honored to be able to work with Rockport Center for the Arts to preserve the work. This is what Jesús would have wanted.”

The sculpture is now in temporary storage until a new armature is built and is ready to be moved to its new location at the Art Center’s downtown campus. The timeline for its much-anticipated return is still under consideration.

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24 Jun 21:23

Good Manners at Work

by Mary Kelly

business etiquette book cover

Business Etiquette and Professionalism

I can imagine that etiquette in business is a reasonable topic. This book is mainly about common courtesy with respect to titles, introductions, correspondence, etc. This book resembles more of a workbook than an actual advice book. The advice is simplistic and doesn’t really address modern office politics. The aspect of technology also puts this advice in question. Do you “friend” the boss on Facebook? Is email okay instead of a phone call?

Modern office politics is a minefield of potential missteps by both employers and employees. I think this particular book was a weeder shortly after it was published.



back cover basic guidelines shaking hands quiz phone etiquette

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24 Jun 21:18

Friday Fiction: The Baby Notion

by Mary Kelly

Baby Notion

The Baby Notion

I grabbed this book for the ridiculous cover. What is this guy trying to do? I cannot think of why one would pose like this. Are they role playing romance cover shoots? Is he a Fabio wannabe?  I am a romance fan and I want cover art that supports the story. I thought that this lovely couple was in a room with balloons, until I realized it was some kind of border. Between the weird cover art, the balloon border, and a series title of “Daddy Knows Last”, I don’t think I am going to expect a great romance. I’m giving it 50 pages to convince me to look past the cover.



back cover book snippit text

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24 Jun 21:12

Comic- Itemized Seduction

by (Bear)
Gerolt finds himself in a tawdry dungeon romp.
24 Jun 21:10

Out for the Count

We're in too deep, we can't change the name again now.
24 Jun 21:10


by Reza
24 Jun 21:10


by Reza

24 Jun 20:15


Gotta feel kind of bad for nation-state hackers who spend years implanting and cultivating some hardware exploit, only to discover the entire target database is already exposed to anyone with a web browser.
22 Jun 08:38


by (JerryMaguire)
21 Jun 15:21


by (JerryMaguire)
21 Jun 15:18

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Teleporter


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It's not a particularly good plant, but it's still better than you.

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20 Jun 22:23

Found the Ocean

by Reza
20 Jun 13:20

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Philosopher


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Dude, I gave you free will so we could have this conversation and you're barely speaking.

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20 Jun 13:18


Ironically, I've been having these same arguments for at least a decade now. I thought we would have moved on by now, but somehow the snide complaints about millennials continue.
19 Jun 10:47

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Staying Married


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The sounds moving past your father's child-like beard are correct.

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19 Jun 10:46

by dorrismccomics
19 Jun 10:46

The Most Best Person

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Giving things up makes me better than you.

19 Jun 10:45

The Haunted Algorithm

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip
19 Jun 10:45

I Alternate Universes so They Don't Wear Out

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Tonight's comic is about being in Twitter jail.

18 Jun 01:27

Philosophy News Network: Science Solves Philosophy

Philosophy is pointless because my philosophical opinions are correct.
18 Jun 01:24


The Norwegian adaptation of The Sword in the Stone takes things in a weird direction.