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18 Jan 12:18

Alexis and Hunter Pence’s Eastwood Gamer Cafe Looking Ready for Swordplay

by Dan Singer

Replica weaponry is now up on the white brick building at 1318 Telephone Rd. ahead of coffee shop Coral Sword’s planned opening in the space next month. Backed by former Houston Astro and self-professed video- and board-gamer Hunter Pence along with his wife Alexis, the venue will include communal gaming areas, a private podcast and game session recording booth, and “a membership driven co-gaming space.” Record and book store Wired Up closed down in the building last year, and renovations have been underway on the space since last month. The photo at top shows Coral Sword’s main entrance and storefront window to the right of it. The cafe will share the building with East End Barber, which takes up the southeast portion of the structure. Below, you can see the barber shop’s sign on the corner of Telephone and Fourcade St.: Coral Sword plans to move into the storefront between the 2 murals. A glance through the window shows the cafe’s interior, now mostly unpacked: A TABC notice posted in the window points out that Coral Sword applied for a permit back in September. Photos: Swamplot inbox … Read More
18 Jan 12:12

Arabella Condo Tower Now Showing Off Its Colors and Contours

by Dan Singer

Snapshots from the scenic Robbins Brothers jewelry store parking lot on the West Loop show how much progress has been made on the 34-story Arabella (formerly Arábella) condo tower next to the Target parking lot on San Felipe. Construction on the bumpy building began in 2015 on a portion of the former Westcreek Apartments at the corner of San Felipe and Westcreek. The photo at top shows the new building at 4521 San Felipe towering over the 25-story SkyHouse River Oaks apartment building, as well as the 17-story Wilshire condo tower. A closer view of the trio: Previously on Swamplot: Randall Davis’s Arabella Is Losing Its Accent; Meet Arábella, the Wispy 34-Story Tower Randall Davis Has in Mind for San Felipe and Westcreek; A Randall Davis-Flavored Highrise for the East Side of the West Loop Photos: Swamplot inbox … Read More
18 Jan 12:10

Comment of the Day: Still Stranded

by Dan Singer

“My first thought is that raising a home might protect the physical property, but it doesn’t remove it from the path of floodwaters. A flooding event could still strand a family, potentially putting them in a life-threatening situation from which others would have to rescue them. Tax roll aside, is this the right thing to do?” [Nice Neighbor, commenting on Comment of the Day: Why It Pays To Raise Those Flooded Meyerland Homes] Photo: Christine Gerbode … Read More
18 Jan 12:10

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Corner Pocket

by Dan Singer

16506 Dawson Mill Ct. [HAR] … Read More
18 Jan 12:09

SCARY GO ROUND for January 18th 2018

17 Jan 15:57

Houston just had its coldest night since 1996

by Eric Berger

It’s an icebox out there, folks. After Tuesday night’s precipitation, skies cleared out from north to south, and shortly after midnight many areas saw stars. This, in conjunction with very cold Arctic air, brought the low in Huntsville down to 13 degrees this morning, as of 7am CT. Most of central Houston saw temperatures from 18 to 20 degrees. Even Galveston, our balmy, tropical Galveston with its lovely palm trees, fell to 25 degrees. The following map shows temperatures across Texas this morning.

Wednesday temperatures at 7am CT. (

It does not appear as though Houston will set a record low temperature for today (which is 15 degrees, set in 1930). However, this is the coldest it has been in the city since January, 1996, and the region has not registered a colder temperature since Dec. 24, 1989.


Area roadways remain a mess. Although some roads have dried out from Tuesday’s precipitation, ice remains a problem across the city—mostly on bridges and overpasses. As of 7am, Houston Transtar reports 137 areas of ice on roadways, and these are only the major thoroughfares. Sunny skies today will help the process of sublimating ice on roads, and by noon temperatures should reach above freezing for most of the metro area. Until then, travel will be dicey through the area. Check your route before you leave home. By this afternoon roads should be clear.

Highs today will reach the mid- to upper 30s before another cold night with lows around 20 north of the city, in the mid-20s in Houston, and near freezing along the coast.


A bit warmer, with partly cloudy skies and highs in the upper 40s. There’s a chance areas far inland see a freeze Thursday night, but most of the area should be in the clear.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Warmer weather finally returns to Houston. No, really. The onshore flow reestablishes itself, and we’ll see high temperatures climb from about 60 degrees on Friday to around 70 on Sunday. Overnight low temperatures will be in the 50s. The weekend should also largely be a gray affair, with mostly cloudy skies and a chance of scattered showers and a few thunderstorms. I don’t think we’re going to see significant accumulations—probably a half an inch of rain or less for most—but it wouldn’t hurt to carry an umbrella with you as showers pop up.

The early forecast for next week looks really nice. (Weather Bell)

Next week

A moderate cool front arrives later on Sunday, and this should set the stage for pleasant, winter-like weather for most of next week. How does highs in the 60s, lows in the 40s, with mostly dry days sound?

17 Jan 13:17

Austin Huns Rugby and Tsunami Unveil New 2018 Kit and Announce Austin Beerworks as Jersey Sponsor

by Justin X. Hale

Just in time for the start of the 2018 rugby campaign, the Austin Huns Rugby Club has a stunning new look to take them into the season

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17 Jan 13:13

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Space Between Us

by Dan Singer

4604 Norhill Blvd. [HAR] … Read More
17 Jan 13:13

Heights Vinyl Skipping Out of the Heights

by Dan Singer

Heights Vinyl is getting ready to box up its collection of grooved disks, turntables, and other analog audio items before bolting from the building it shares with Cat Veterinary Clinic at 3122 White Oak Dr. (The record store’s former neighbor and industry peer — 3mA Audio — moved out of the space directly next to the vet’s office last year.) Last April, an entity connected to developer Ancorian bought the 8,900-sq.-ft. strip — as well as the adjacent apartment building at 3110 White Oak. On Sunday, Heights Vinyl announced via Facebook that it would be moving to a Fifth Ward warehouse building south of I-10 at 3301 Cline St. That building is divided into 2 tenant spaces — Heights Vinyl will take over the one shown below, fronting the parking lot along Grove St.: The other space — currently listed for lease — fronts Cline along the building’s south side. 3301 Cline St [LoopNet] Photos: Yelp (Heights Vinyl); Cat Veterinary Clinic (3122 White Oak Dr.); LoopNet (3301 Cline St.) … Read More
17 Jan 13:11

Generation Park’s Highly Targeted Marketing

by Dan Singer

Here’s the banner that aerial advertisers towed across the skies in the airspace above Amazon’s Seattle offices last Friday. McCord Development enlisted the (off camera) airplane to help tout its 4,000-acre Generation Park complex as a good spot for the online giant to build its new HQ2 office. [KOMO; Generation Park’s pitch; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Lindsay Cohen … Read More
17 Jan 13:11

Stopping for MLK Day

by Dan Singer

In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Swamplot is putting the brakes on new posts for the rest of this Monday. We’ll be back tomorrow with continued coverage of what’s new in Houston’s evolving assortment of human habitats. Photo of Crestmont Park United Methodist Church at 11333 MLK Blvd.: Swamplot inbox … Read More
17 Jan 13:10

Conroe Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Window Seat

by Dan Singer

100 Wroxton Dr. [HAR] … Read More
17 Jan 13:10

Rice Village Yankee Candle Going Dark This Month

by Dan Singer

There’s some news about the space next door to Athleta in the Rice Village Arcade shopping center on University Blvd. where mannequins were spotted limbering up on the sidewalk the other day: it’s about to shut down. A source tells Swamplot that national retailer Yankee Candle will close the store — one of 8 locations in the Houston area — on January 28. A sign in the storefront window announces its last big blowout: Photos: Swamplot inbox … Read More
17 Jan 12:54

Flattering Feline Fashions

by Mary Kelly

cat knits cover

Cat Knits

I am going to guess every librarian knitter/cat lover will be rushing to the stacks to grab this book with their knitting needles locked and loaded!

Who wouldn’t love to get their needles going on a big sweater that emphasizes the caboose by planting a semi-pissed off cat right in the center. How flattering! If you want to look like you are pregnant with an orange cat, check out the second picture below. Note the attached tail!

I have been attempting knitting for decades and can only manage a scarf that is crooked. I can appreciate the skill demonstrated. I am definitely going to get some of our more experienced knitters at work to give one of these a go. If sweaters aren’t your thing, check out the cat cozies in the last picture.

Happy Knitting!


cat knits back cover

orange cat sweater

cat knit sweater with cat

red cat sweater on a man

orange and black cat sweater with blue

lion sweater and hat

cats and cozies

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17 Jan 12:54

Some Day I’ll Be a Librarian

by Holly

Some Day I'll Be a LibrarianSome Day I’ll Be a Librarian

Submitter: This gem is still on-shelf at [University], where I attended library school. The writing is pretty good overall, but it was the text on page 16 that first had me howling — the kids at the library each *happen* to come across a wonderful book that just *happens* to be written by Sarah Splaver. What a coincidence!

The fact that the tech services librarians have personalities that are “quite different” from the public service staff — such as the “pleasant, enthusiastic” children’s librarian — made me imagine surly catalogers and scowling acquisitions staff hiding out in the back offices.

I was happy to see diversity in the images of this book! Given that it was published in 1967, I wasn’t expecting that. On the other hand, the chapter “Were Men Meant for Librarianship” emphasizes that men are especially wanted for TOP JOBS and administrative positions. ‘Cause none of the ladies are best suited for that, apparently.

The photograph that had me gaping in disbelief was the one featuring the music librarian… as she helps a patron who has a pipe in his mouth!

Holly: The kids in these pictures are about to retire from their librarian careers!

Books by Sarah Splaver

Storytime in Central Park

Whicih public does the public library serve

School librarian

Music librarian

male librarians

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17 Jan 12:46

Bee Computer

by Reza

17 Jan 12:45

EPISODE 198: Things ChangeRead the next episode→Read the...

17 Jan 12:43


by (WrongMan)
Courtesy of Grimy Ghost
17 Jan 12:41


by (WrongMan)
17 Jan 12:30


by dorrismccomics

17 Jan 12:26

01/12/18 PHD comic: 'Did you leave it on?'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "Did you leave it on?" - originally published 1/12/2018

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

17 Jan 12:24

The Problem With People

sleep is dumb

Red Robot wants you to explain humanity.

Brought to you by this pin.

17 Jan 12:24

Cat Morality: Does It Have Limits?

sleep is dumb

Kitty is hungry.

17 Jan 12:23

Infinite Cool

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic contains a lesson I hope some day to fully absorb myself.

17 Jan 12:22

SCARY GO ROUND for January 17th 2018

17 Jan 12:21

SCARY GO ROUND for January 16th 2018

17 Jan 12:20

SCARY GO ROUND for January 15th 2018

16 Jan 13:37

Existentialism at the Beach

Also...I thought the sign was strictly prohibiting NOT doing those things.
16 Jan 13:32

Dying Gift

And to you, I leave my life-sized ice sculpture replica of the Pietà which was blessed by the Pope. You must never let it melt! Now, remember, all gifts must be removed from my estate within 24 hours.
16 Jan 13:30

Memorable Quotes

"Since there's no ending quote mark, everything after this is part of my quote. —Randall Munroe