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21 Jun 15:00

Feline Folly

by Mary Kelly

test your cat's personality

Test Your Cat’s Personality

I’m not sure I would need a little quiz to tell me that my cat is a judgmental narcissist, emotionally blackmailing me into buying premium cat food. I also think she is plotting my demise. I honestly think that most cat/human slave relationships are like this.

As a book, this barely qualifies. It really is just a quiz and it is more like a funny party favor than anything a library would want to add. I do think that cat books are essential for both adults and kids. I know it is futile, but I always hold out hope that some cat person out there finally has them figured out.

Meow to all that.


test your cat back cover

quiz for cats

testing your cat

testing your cat


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21 Jun 14:59

If You Are, I'll Tell You.

sleep is dumb

Tonight's comic is too stressed to be creative.

21 Jun 14:58

SCARY GO ROUND for June 21st 2018

21 Jun 02:12

West University Home Listing Photo of the Day: Be Right Down!

by Dan Singer

4102 Dartmouth Ave. [HAR] … Read More
21 Jun 02:11

Bunker Hill Home Listing Photo of the Day: Sole Cycle

by Dan Singer

11910 Cobblestone Dr. [HAR] … Read More
21 Jun 02:08

Katy Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Birdbath

by Dan Singer

6406 Cypress Ln. [HAR] … Read More
21 Jun 02:07


by Reza

21 Jun 02:06


by (David Allen)
21 Jun 01:49

SCARY GO ROUND for June 20th 2018

21 Jun 01:46

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

The Hertzsprung-Russell diagram is located in its own lower right corner, unless you're viewing it on an unusually big screen.
17 Jun 16:13

#848: The World's Biggest Battery

California has a ton of solar power. But as soon as night falls, it's gone. Today on the show: How to bottle the sun.
17 Jun 16:00

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Program


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Later, the man humanely destroys its CPU.

Today's News:
16 Jun 06:01

The RePurpose Depot’s Repurposed East End Warehouse

by Dan Singer

The middle structure in the row of 3 warehouses on McFarland St. just north of Navigation is seeing some new action since former NASA flight controller Caroline Kostak turned it into RePurpose Depot, a material reuse retail space selling cheap lumber, siding, flooring, fixtures, and other supplies and furnishings. Before opening the retail operation last December, she’d worked on salvaging materials from soon-to-be demolished houses. The space at 305 McFarland now draws its inventory from those kinds of deconstruction missions as well as donations. That makes it a hub for homeowners looking for building supplies after Harvey, along with thrifters seeking more ornamental, DIY-ish trinkets. A grand opening is planned for next Saturday, June 23. Reclaimed Building Materials [RePurpose Depot] Photos: Swamplox inbox … Read More
16 Jun 06:00

The Ongoing Travels of City Hall’s Flooded-Out Basement Employees

by Dan Singer

Shell has been allowing the city’s procurement staff to stay for free in 74,000 sq. ft. at One Shell Plaza, across Smith St. from the City Hall basement they were forced out of by Harvey’s floodwaters. (They’re joined in the office tower by IT employees from the city’s 611 Walker facility, which suffered its own water damage when its sprinkler system malfunctioned in December). But the free ride is coming to an end this month, reports the Chronicle’s Mike Morris: Shell is charging $70,074 for June rent. Now, the city plans to move its refugee employees again — this time to Enterprise Plaza (pictured above) at 1100 Louisiana where they’ll stay from July 1 to the end of next year at a rate of $93,380 per month for 69,000 sq. ft. (about $1.7 million total). After that, they’ll head back to 611 Walker, which the city plans to have ready for permanent residents by then. As for the damaged City Hall basement and the tunnel connecting it to the adjacent annex across Bagby St., their interiors “remain stripped, the walls peeling or patched with plywood, the wood veneers in one stairwell warped to mark the water line just below the annex’s first floor.” [Houston Chronicle] Photo of 1100 Louisiana St.: Hines … Read More
16 Jun 05:58

Where Gulfton Sidewalks Will Trip You Up and Where They Completely Disappear

by Dan Singer

The results are in from the Kinder Institute’s recent survey of Gulfton sidewalks: where they exist, they’re in bad shape. The map above uses a stoplight-style color scheme to rank the condition of each segment: red means no sidewalks, yellow means they exist but with gaps, hazards, and other obstructions — and green means they’re good to go. (Black areas weren’t assessed by the 16 participant-observers who set out on foot to compile the study last month.) Out of all charted segments, the worst is a 9-block corridor along Atwell St. that starts a block west of Burnett Bayland Park; it’s completely sidewalk-less between Elm St. and Bissonnet. In total, nearly 43 percent of the examined street segments lacked any kind of pedestrian walkway. Other side-ways where you might want to tread lightly include those along Chimney Rock — which is laced with trip hazards all the way from 59 down to Evergreen St. at the southern end of the neighborhood. Nearly three-quarters of the sidewalks in study fell into this category of disrepair. Even the areas with smooth pavement were beset with other problems: 70 percent had almost no shade, and 98 percent had no pedestrian-level lighting. The consequences: between 2010 and 2017, 149 people were either killed or injured while walking through Gulfton, according to TxDOT data. In Dense Gulfton, Walkability, Safety Improvements Needed [Urban Edge] Map: Kinder Institute … Read More
16 Jun 05:56

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Master’s Bedroom

by Dan Singer

612 E. 7th St. #1 [HAR] … Read More
16 Jun 05:55


by (Ghoul Skool)

16 Jun 05:51

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Layers


Click here to go see the bonus panel!

Sure, you laugh now, but one day the Grandma Hypothesis will be in every textbook.

Today's News:

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16 Jun 05:50

Brookhaven RHIC

"Buddy, you trying to pull something? I can't buy this gold--all the electrons are missing. I could face serious charges!"
15 Jun 13:35


by (WrongMan)
Courtesy of Grimy Ghost!
15 Jun 13:33

The Clone Zone

sleep is dumb

Tonight's comic would have preferred if you asked permission first.

15 Jun 01:22

Meters Headed to Memorial Park Parking Spots

by Dan Singer

Among the many changes now slated for Memorial Park: parking meters. The $70 million gift the Kinder Foundation pledged in April to expedite park renovations came with a few spend-it-wisely stipulations, including one that the city won’t blow any of it on maintenance costs — which could rise as the redo adds new trails, drainage improvements, a running complex, and a land bridge (depicted in the rendering above) across Memorial Dr. to the green space over the next 10 years. Although the $1-per-3-hour-block meters will only crop up in certain sections of the park, the change they collect will help offset upkeep across the whole 1,500-acre area. A consolation: the new trail system proposed for the park will be vast, according to a handout from the city’s Quality of Life Committee, “thereby reducing the need for car access” in the first place. But that workaround only helps if you’re arriving empty-handed, unlike golfers who’ll have top pay $1 per hour to park in the course and driving range lot — Mike Bailey notes in Golf Advisor — beginning sometime before the fall. Memorial Park Amended and Restated Developer Agreement (PDF) [Houston Committee on Quality of Life] Accelerating the Delivery of the 2015 Memorial Park Master Plan (PDF) [Memorial Park Conservancy] Big-city park proposes parking meters for golfers [Golf Advisor] Previously on Swamplot: Proposed Memorial Dr. Tunnels Would Allow Grassy Hookup for North and South Sections of Memorial Park Rendering of planned Memorial Dr. tunnels beneath park: Memorial Park Conservancy … Read More
15 Jun 01:19

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: The Men’s Department

by Dan Singer

1135 Bayou Island Dr. [HAR] … Read More
15 Jun 01:14

Pierson's Puppeteers Have a Posse

sleep is dumb

Tonight’s comic isn’t the puppet. YOU’RE the puppet.

14 Jun 01:51

Houston Home Listing Photo of the Day: Parched

by Dan Singer

9411 Millbury Dr. [HAR] … Read More
14 Jun 01:49

We’re Fish

by Reza

14 Jun 01:48


by (WrongMan)
Courtesy of Cavern of the Crystyl Wyzzyrd! Link to full episode:
14 Jun 01:43

Customer Rewards

We'll pay you $1.47 to post on social media about our products, $2.05 to mention it in any group chats you're in, and 11 cents per passenger each time you drive your office carpool past one of our billboards.
13 Jun 12:52

Drink Up!

by Holly

Urine TherapyUrine Therapy: Nature’s Elixir for Good Health
Peschek-Bohmer and Schreiber

Let’s not dismiss this book just because its subject seems controversial or taboo. It wasn’t the worst choice for a public library in 1999. I think the authors could have done a better job of differentiating between “treatment” and “cure,” but they do technically use the word “treatment.” They are just really insistent, complete with testimonials from patients, that urine therapy will work for you. You just have to get over your squeamishness and give it a try. Down the hatch. Cheers! Prost! (The authors are German, after all.)

The ailments listed on the front cover are pretty benign, but the book gets into more serious diseases and conditions like herpes, glaucoma, and back pain. Hey, Mary, if your sciatica is acting up, just drink pee.

I did have to chuckle at the chapter called “Cocktail Hour.”


Urine Therapy back cover

Urine Therapy contents

Urine Therapy contents

Urine Therapy testimonials

Urine Thearpy testimonials

cataracts, glaucoma, and ear pain



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13 Jun 12:42

SCARY GO ROUND for June 13th 2018