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20 Feb 13:22

Florida inmates sue prisons for digitally confiscating the music they were sold

by Cory Doctorow

Last August, Florida's prison system announced that it was switching digital music providers and would be wiping out the $11.2 million worth of music that it had sold inmates -- music they'd paid for at $1.70/track, nearly double the going rate for music when not purchased from prison-system profiteers.

The move was part of a switch to notorious prison contractors Jpay (previously), a division of the even-more-notorious Securus company (previously). Jpay is the company that gouges prisoners and their families for emails and calls, selling them absurd "digital postage stamps" and crazy transaction fees for prepaid commissary accounts.

Now, 74 year old South Florida Reception Center inmate William Demler has filed a class-action suit against the Florida Department of Corrections, backed by the nonprofit Florida Justice Institute and the Social Justice Law Collective. Josh Glickman from the SJLC called the change in providers a "confiscation of these individuals’ lawfully purchased property for no reason other than to turn a profit."

The suit describes how the Corrections Department advertised heavily to inmates, a literal captive audience, encouraging them to buy vastly overpriced, underpowered $100 MP3 players and music to go with them, saying that they would "always own" the music they bought.

If certified, the class could be sprawling in scale. Inmates filed grievances about the mp3 program so frequently that the Department of Corrections created a separate category in December 2017 to track hundreds of related grievance appeals at the administrative level.

The fallout from the media player contract is one example of how inmates are often on the losing end in the Department of Corrections’ various dealings with the private companies that do profitable business in state prisons. The department, meanwhile, has positioned itself to generate more cash than ever. Commissions from its JPay contract are spiking and its prison canteens are bringing in about $35 million or more per year.

Florida prisoners could form class action to demand refund on confiscated media players and files [Ben Conark/]

(Thanks, Ben!)

20 Feb 13:02

Smothered in Friendship

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Tonight's comic is covered for friends.

20 Feb 01:51


by (David Allen)
20 Feb 01:42

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Life Online


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Actually, the vast majority of early Internet time was spent in an AOL chatroom pretending to be a sexy vampire.

Today's News:
20 Feb 01:40

Aladdin's Wish

Also, for copyright reasons, the characters show are from the Aladdin that was made on Twin Earth. Twin Earth is exactly like normal Earth, except they never made any live action reboots.
18 Feb 20:36

Off for Presidents’ Day

by Dan Singer

Swamplot’s taking off today in observance of George Washington’s birthday, better known as Presidents’ Day. Come tomorrow we’ll be back at the keyboard with news from around town, and we hope you join us to digest it. Photo of Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital, 5656 Kelley St.: Harris County … Read More
18 Feb 20:36

Bridal Shower Games

by Mary Kelly

bridal shower games

Bridal Shower Party Games
Leister Game Company
1947 Revised 1957

One thing this little dog and pony show of Awful Library Books has taught me is to be able to guess publication dates based on cover art and fonts. Clearly, this little gem is all 1950s cuteness.

Feel free to test yourself on these lovely games. The answers are on the back cover. Extra credit to anyone under the age of 30 in guessing the celebrity names. I’m 58 and I only got half of them correct. The other game is a really bad quiz that looked like a mad lib. I scored perfect on that one!

Party On!




mad libs

party games

celebrity quiz

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18 Feb 20:35

Grandpa’s Couch (with Hot Paper Comics)

by Nicholas Gurewitch
18 Feb 14:42

Physics Suppression

If physics had a mafia, I'm pretty sure the BICEP2 mess would have ended in bloodshed.
18 Feb 14:42

How to Succeed 100% of the Time as an Author

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Think it over, OK? Just think it over.

18 Feb 14:40


by Lunarbaboon
17 Feb 15:12

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Just Sayin


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Hey, if you're making every side angry you must be doing something right, or maybe burning down orphanages.

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17 Feb 05:43

Pokémon GO Lawsuit Settlement Might Lead To Some Pokéstops And Gyms Being Removed

by Zack Zwiezen

Pokémon GO creator Niantic is looking to end a lawsuit that was first started back in 2016, during the height of Pokémon GO’s popularity. The suit was filed by numerous homeowners who believed the company had caused players to trespass onto their property to catch Pokémon or activate Pokéstops.


17 Feb 05:27

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Okay


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If we slightly alter the formulation it's practically illegal NOT to sell it to you!

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16 Feb 12:52

Test Run

by Scandinavia and the World
Test Run

Test Run

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16 Feb 12:50


by Reza
16 Feb 12:50

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Exercise


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I feel this is an underutilized way to promote Men's Health.

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Hey geeks! Come see me, eh?

16 Feb 12:49

Night Shift

Help, I set my white balance wrong and suddenly everyone is screaming at each other about whether they've been to Colorado.
15 Feb 23:43

Did Donald Trump, Jr. Call Teachers ‘Losers’ at His Father’s Rally in Texas?

by Bethania Palma
The president's eldest son aired his grievances with educators during a political rally.
15 Feb 15:04

Conroe Home Listing Photo of the Day: Into the Wild

by Dan Singer

110 S. Woodway St. W. [HAR] … Read More
15 Feb 13:36

It's Not the Years, It's the Dosage

this is a diesel sweeties comic strip

Tonight's comic is about cutting back on coffee.

15 Feb 13:35

Dating Tips from ALB

by Mary Kelly

Happy Valentine’s Day! In preparation of a night of romance, Holly and I have created a special reading list for all your romance needs! The books have all sorts of tips on saving money, pick up lines, and finding that special someone. Click on the title to see the full post. You’re welcome.


101 Best Opening Lines (Meeting People)

101 Best Opening Lines cover


Cheap Date Handbook
The Complete How-To Guide To Successful Inexpensive Dating
Cheap Date Handbook - Cover


The Complete Guide to Meeting Women

Meeting Women cover

How to Be Outrageously Successful with the Opposite Sex

uccessful with the opposite sex

Guerrilla Dating Tactics

Guerrilla Dating Tactics cover



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15 Feb 13:33


by (David Allen)
15 Feb 13:32

memory hole - happy birthday jim

15 Feb 08:43

The Ocean

by Reza
14 Feb 18:01

The Astrodome’s Heavy Weather Problem

by Dan Singer

While hammering out the details of the Astrodome’s climate control system back before the building existed, members of the design team planned for some pretty bizarre weather not just outside it, but inside its 9.5-acre interior as well. According to I.A. Naman, whose firm designed the stadium’s air conditioning, “An experience had been reported previously regarding large dirigible hangars where unusual weather conditions were reported to have resulted in rainfall inside the hangar, even though it was not raining outside.” He wasn’t joking. “There was speculation that we might have such a situation in the stadium where fog, haze, self-generated turbulence in the nature of a tornado, cloud formations or even rain, might conceivably be experienced,” he wrote in 1966. “Was this something which really could happen or was it only a fear with no real basis?” That the air inside the stadium would likely be filled with tobacco smoke made things even more complicated. If the smoke were to form a cloud of sufficient density, the engineers worried that it might obscure the audience’s view of what they came to see. “It was impractical to try to eliminate the smoke cloud entirely,” wrote Naman. So the question became: How much smoke could there be before the action on the field became too hard to follow? To find out, “A simple experiment was arranged,” he wrote. A few engineers sat down inside a sealed glass box. Outside the box, an attendant flicked on a color movie of a baseball game. Slowly and carefully, smoke was piped into the box until the engineers could no longer discern the game. A measurement was taken, indicating the maximum amount of haze a spectator could conceivably put up with. It became the target level that the design team strove to meet. In order to reach it, they concluded: A total of 2.5 million cubic ft. of air would have to be circulated through the stadium every minute, with 10 percent piped in from outside. Drawn through electrostatic filters and treated with activated carbon, that kind of air flow would be enough to limit carbon dioxide buildup, prevent eye irritation, and make sure people could see. It’d also offset the heat from sunlight that entered the stadium through its roof. When the engineers on the team turned back to consider the weather problem again, they realized they’d already solved it. As long as the system they’d designed remained on all the time — in both summer and winter — tests showed there’d be no interior fog, rain, clouds, or tornadoes to worry about. Domed Stadium Air-Conditioning Design [ASHRAE Journal] Previously on Swamplot: Astrodome Renovation Budget Isn’t Enough for Air Conditioning, Says County Judge Lina Hidalgo Photo of Astrodome: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool … Read More
14 Feb 17:56


by Lunarbaboon
14 Feb 17:56


by Lunarbaboon

14 Feb 17:55


by (David Allen)
14 Feb 17:54


by (David Allen)