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07 Mar 19:00

Donating To The Problem

Animal Shelter | USA

(A guy walks into the shelter with a closed cardboard box.)

Guy: “I have a donation to make to your shelter.”

Me: “Sure. What kind of donation do you have? Toys, food, or beds?”

Guy: “It’s a bunch of puppies.”

Me: “Sir, that’s not a donation. That’s the reason we need donations.”

28 Feb 19:00

Trying His Breast

Home | Perth, WA, Australia

(I am sitting on the couch at home, relaxing after a 12-hour work day.)

Me: “I’m feeling a bit down. Can you say something lovely about me?”

Boyfriend: “BOOBS!”

Me: “Maybe something a bit more romantic?”

Boyfriend: *pauses to think* “CANDLELIGHT BOOBS!”

Me: *sighs* “That works.”

24 Feb 18:00

The Worst Example Of Homosapien

Grocery Store | Chicago, IL, USA

(A customer came up to me while I am stocking the cooler.)

Customer: “Where’s the straight milk?”

Me: “What? What’s straight milk?”

Customer: “Straight milk!”

Me: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Customer: “Straight milk, so it doesn’t turn my kids gay.”

Me: “Milk doesn’t turn anybody gay!”

Customer: “Sure it does. See right here. It’s HOMO-genized milk. I want the HETERO-genized milk.”

Me: “…”

05 Mar 23:46

Flipping Tables / (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ | 771.jpg

04 Mar 01:51


27 Feb 13:00

There There...I just Wanted a Kiss

There There...I just Wanted a Kiss

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28 Feb 20:15

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25 Feb 02:47

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21 Feb 22:22

Bartender Level-Drunk!

16 Feb 17:30

fuckyeahwarriorwomen: animatedamerican: mildlyamused: Another...




Another day, another kick ass woman from history who is sadly lacking her own movie franchise.


but nah, women never did anything interesting or exciting in the Old Days

She was known as the Lioness of Brittany.

Holy fuck balls!

15 Feb 21:30

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12 Feb 21:41

Revelado o nome de Deus

by Carlos Ruas





08 Feb 05:00

February 08, 2014

Just a reminder, I have an exclusive comic this week over at The Nib.
16 Feb 10:22

Desenho Livre # 44


Eu sempre penso isso quando ouço essa música... haha

28 Mar 11:47

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14 Feb 18:00

Feeling Entitled To Be Untitled

Restaurant | Saskatoon, SK, Canada

(One man, probably in his mid-twenties, is sitting with two similarly-aged attractive women.)

Me: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentle sir. My name is [Name] and I’ll be your server today. Can I get you anything to drink while you look at the menus?”

Female #1: “I’ll take a Coke.”

Female #2: “Me, too.”

Me: “Okay. Two Cokes, and… for you, sir?”

Guy: “Don’t call me ‘sir’! I’m too young to be a ‘sir.’”

Me: “Yeah, I know how you feel. Can I get you anything to drink though, s- uh, mister?”

Guy: “Don’t call me mister, either! And I’ll have an iced tea.”

Me: “Okay, okay. Sorry. Two cokes and an iced tea, coming right up.”

(I get the drinks quickly and come back to their table.)

Me: “Right, here we go. Two cokes for the lovely young ladies, and an iced tea for… ah, young master.”

Guy: *buries his face in his arms in shame as the women burst out laughing*

06 Feb 06:43

The Ulysses Contract

by Greg Ross

In 1982, 24-year-old schizophrenic patient J.S. faced a difficult decision: The neuroleptic drug Prolixin relieved his psychotic symptoms, but it produced tardive dyskinesia, a progressive disorder that caused uncontrollable movements of his legs, arms, and tongue.

His therapist learned of an experimental program that might reduce this side effect, and J.S. signed consent forms to enter treatment. But the first step was to stop all medications, and without the Prolixin he descended again into psychosis and refused the experimental medication.

This produces an impossible dilemma: Does J.S.’ “sane” self have the right to overrule his “insane” self, if the two disagree? Can Dr. Jekyll bind Mr. Hyde? Such a directive is sometimes called a Ulysses contract, after the Greek hero who ordered his men to disregard his commands as they sailed past the sirens. If a patient directs his caregivers to ignore his own future requests, can the caregivers follow these orders?

In J.S.’ case, the answer was no. The research unit’s legal counsel decided that his earlier consent did not override his later refusal, and he was withdrawn from the program. When he resumed his antipsychotic medication and learned what had happened, he begged for another chance to try the experimental medication. Had they been wrong to refuse him?

(Morton E. Winston, Sally M. Winston, Paul S. Appelbaum, and Nancy K. Rhoden, “Can a Subject Consent to a ‘Ulysses Contract’?”, The Hastings Center Report, 12:4 [August 1982], 26-28)

09 Feb 21:18

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12 Feb 10:01

Behind the firewall

by sharhalakis


by onfreeparking and others

10 Feb 22:08

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10 Feb 22:08

Unpopular Opinion Puffin | 6ec.jpg

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07 Mar 21:22

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12 Dec 07:37

m1ssred: chemical reaction


chemical reaction

28 Dec 05:00

December 28, 2013

15 Feb 21:15

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