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21 Mar 21:02

This is the best (and simplest) world map of religions

by Frank Jacobs

There goes the day...!

  • At a glance, this map shows both the size and distribution of world religions.
  • See how religions mix at both national and regional level.
  • There's one country in the Americas without a Christian majority – which?

China and India are huge religious outliers

A picture says more than a thousand words, and that goes for this world map as well. This map conveys not just the size but also the distribution of world religions, at both a global and national level.

Strictly speaking it's an infographic rather than a map, but you get the idea. The circles represent countries, their varying sizes reflect population sizes, and the slices in each circle indicate religious affiliation.

The result is both panoramic and detailed. In other words, this is the best, simplest map of world religions ever. Some quick takeaways:

  • Christianity (blue) dominates in the Americas, Europe and the southern half of Africa.
  • Islam (green) is the top religion in a string of countries from northern Africa through the Middle East to Indonesia.
  • India stands out as a huge Hindu bloc (dark orange).
  • Buddhism (light orange) is the majority religion in South East Asia and Japan
  • China is the country with the world's largest 'atheist/agnostic' population (grey) as well as worshippers of 'other' religions (yellow).

The Americas are (mostly) solidly Christian

But the map – based on figures from the World Religion Database (behind a paywall) – also allows for some more detailed observations.

  • Yes, the United States is majority Christian, but the atheist/agnostic share of its population alone is bigger than the total population of most other countries, in the Americas and elsewhere. Uruguay has the highest share of atheists/agnostics in the Americas. Other countries with a lot of 'grey' in their pies include Canada, Cuba, Argentina and Chile.
  • All belief systems represented on the scale below are present in the US and Canada. Most other countries in the Americas are more mono-religiously Christian, with 'other' (often syncretic folk religions such as Candomblé in Brazil or Santería in Cuba) the only main alternative.
  • Guyana, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago are the only American nations with significant shares of Hindus, as well as the largest share of Muslim populations – and consequently have the lowest share of Christians in the Americas (just under half in the case of Suriname).

Lots of grey area in Europe

  • Christianity is still the biggest belief system in most European countries, but the atheist/agnostic share is strong in many places, mainly in Western Europe, but especially in the Czech Republic, where it is close to half the total.
  • Islam represents a significant slice (and a large absolute number) in France, Germany and the UK, and is stronger in the Balkans: The majority in Albania, almost half in Bosnia and around a quarter in Serbia (although that probably indicates the de facto independent province of Kosovo).

Islam in the north, Christianity in the south

  • Israel is the world's only majority-Jewish state (75%, with 18% Muslim). The West Bank, shown separate, also has a significant Jewish presence (20%, with 80% Muslim). Counted as one country, the Jewish majority would drop to around 55%.
  • Strictly Islamic Saudi Arabia, but also some of its neighbors in the Gulf, have significant non-Muslim populations – virtually all guest workers and ex-pats.
  • Nigeria, due to its large population and even split between Islam and Christianity, has more Muslims and more Christians than most other African nations.

Different majorities across Asia

  • Because countries are sized for population rather than area, some are much bigger or smaller than you'd expect – with some interesting results: There are more Christians in Muslim-majority Indonesia than there are in mainly Christian Australia, for example.
  • Hindus are a minority everywhere outside India, except in Nepal.
  • North Korea is shown as three-quarters atheist/agnostic, but this is debatable, on two counts. In what is often referred to as the last Stalinist state on Earth, religious adherence is probably underreported. And the state-sponsored ideology of 'Juche', although in essence based on materialism, makes some supernatural claims. For instance: despite having died in 1994, Kim Il-sung was declared 'president for eternity' in 1998.
Of course, clarity comes at the cost of detail. The map bands together various Christian and Islamic schools of thought that don't necessarily accept each other as 'true believers'. It includes Judaism (only 15 million adherents, but the older sibling of the two largest religious groups) yet groups Sikhism (27 million) and various other more numerous faiths in with 'others'. And it doesn't make the distinction between atheism ("There is no god") with agnosticism ("There may or may not be a god, we just don't know").

And then there's the whole minefield of nuance between those who practice a religion (but may do so out of social coercion rather than personally held belief), and those who believe in something (but don't participate in the rituals of any particular faith). To be fair, that requires more nuance than even a great map like this can probably provide.

This map found here at map infographic designer Carrie Osgood's page. Information based on 2010 figures for religious affiliation.

Strange Maps #967

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08 Mar 08:20

rob-walks: New favourite example of Latin morphology being semi-transparent to English speakers. 


My new favourite iteration of a meme!


New favourite example of Latin morphology being semi-transparent to English speakers. 

05 Mar 00:50

by dorrismccomics


18 Feb 03:07

Pantone predicted this. and now, perhaps the most vital work I will ever do: using colordistance to...


This is the actual best!

Pantone predicted this.

15 Feb 08:45

the same



the same

11 Feb 15:13

waiter, i'm sorry, and i never do this, but... these takes arrived cold


The best response to anything

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January 25th, 2019: In this world, you need to make sure you hot give as much as you hot take.

– Ryan

08 Feb 13:18

“X is a made up word.”Please, tell me more about the...



“X is a made up word.”

Please, tell me more about the all natural words that grew on the word bushes and were harvested by the word farmers in bushels and sent to the word market.

06 Feb 08:49

Recursive painting in real life

by Nathan Yau

It started with a mom holding her painting of a bird. Then someone painted that photo and took a picture of himself holding the painting. Then someone painted the photo of the man holding the painting of the picture of the mom holding the bird. The recursion continued. Luckily someone diagrammed all of the iterations:

Just wow.

Tags: painting, recursion

05 Feb 07:36

August 3, 1996 — see The Complete Peanuts 1995-1998

August 3, 1996 — see The Complete Peanuts 1995-1998

17 Jan 10:36

engineering, report

engineering, report

13 Jan 05:21

What Is There to Be Afraid of?

by Dorothy


13 Jan 05:18

Dream and Maze


Wow. I would visit if open to the public!

Words by Nhat Vo Published on 1 January 2019 Category Architecture Photography by Chao Zhang

How can something decorative carry minimalist qualities? That’s the question I first asked myself upon seeing Dream-and-Maze-themed guest rooms from The Other Place guesthouse, designed by Studio 10.

Situated in Pingle County, Guilin, China, the renovated interiors are made of strange twists: staircases that lead to nowhere, curved openings, geometrical accents, and a play of vibrant colours. Dimensions are distorted and spatial division is almost non-existent, all confined within a larger space that can be seen as a mystery box full of fantastical wonders. Here, only flat surfaces are present—technical structures and appliances are hidden to implement the push for surrealism.

With the aforementioned components, one can’t help but to dismiss this project as decorative and even post-modern. Besides the monochromatic use of colours and minimal furniture, there is a lack of apparent minimalism. However, what I appreciate most in this project is the use of negative space to construct a feeling of openness within a restricted width. By clustering the rooms together, the designers were able to keep the generous ceiling height and used that as an agent to free up individual parties. With that system, Studio 10 cleverly delivers a lightness that’s neither dense nor sparse—the use of seemingly pointless staircases becomes a geometrical element to pull all the volumes together. The simplicity of this project then does not lie in the interior’s appearance, but in the mindset and decisions of the designers.

I believe in minimalist qualities in every aspect of life. Perhaps objects, designs, arts, structures, instances… shouldn’t be the ones that communicate those qualities to us, but we are the ones who should be able to look and live through the lens of minimalist individuals.

26 Dec 23:50

Have a very surreal Christmas!

by Bobby Solomon

Seasons, uh, greetings

I came across this painting by Yves Tenguy titled L’Orage (Paysage noir) which looks to me like an homage to Christmas, replete with a red Christmas tree and the spirits of Christmas floating about! This is totally my kind of party ;)

Yves Tanguy - 'The Storm'

26 Dec 23:49



This is surely a metaphor for something...

22 Dec 19:42

I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. I just want you for the weekend.

by ben

Sharing for the first and last videos - wow!

Festify your Christmas jumper for a good cause.


Package thief glitter bomb trap:

All the Best Cinematography winners:

Maths genius:

Damn good vid:

22 Dec 00:56

catchymemes:Ingredients of ‘Nature’s Perfect Foods’

19 Dec 12:19

ho ho HO



ho ho HO

17 Dec 08:31

itscolossal:Miniature Architectural Interiors and Collections of...

15 Dec 21:13

(via Hand-Drawn Gifs Created from Graphite and Marker by...

11 Dec 21:39

Facebook is killing everyone, maybe even 3QD

by S. Abbas Raza

Well, I can share here. 3qd is one of my favourite feeds for intelligent long form writing. Recommended!

Dear Reader,

I am not particularly against Facebook and actually use it myself to keep in touch with far-flung family and friends. But there is no doubt that in the last five years many smaller websites and the majority of blogs have been killed off by what some people are calling the “Facebook Effect”. Many people find Facebook (and also Twitter, of course) so addictive that they spend too much time on it looking at cat videos (which I like too!) and whatever else their newsfeeds throw at them, and then they feel guilty about spending any more time online and in this way audiences for smaller, more serious sites like 3QD inexorably shrink. We have seen only a small reduction in our readership and have so far avoided turning into what the Japanese call ishikoro: the blogs or websites which have fallen into neglect or are completely abandoned.

If you like 3QD, please help us grow our audience by taking a few minutes to recommend us to your friends by email and by social media (yes, we might as well try to use the same media that is hurting us to get the word out). You could send this link to our “About Us” page which explains what we do: “”. Please just do that now, will you?

Best wishes and season’s greetings,



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10 Dec 21:51

For yesterday’s @guardian review.

For yesterday’s @guardian review.

06 Dec 21:52

How to find happiness in a video game

by Juan


If you loved this comic you may want to check out the companion Dossier I made about it on Patreon!
It’s full of extras like: sources of inspiration, further secrets of the story world and even a playlist.

06 Dec 08:19

Library (2635)

by personal message


06 Dec 07:55

moonbuckets: a BeTtEr mOrE poSiTIve THuMbErler right, @staff ?


Ughhhh tumblr


a BeTtEr mOrE poSiTIve THuMbErler

right, @staff ?

06 Dec 07:41

Original illustration by Elia Colombo

by abvh

Original illustration by Elia Colombo

04 Dec 11:00

for yesterday’s @guardian review#adventcalendar #samuelbeckett

for yesterday’s @guardian review

#adventcalendar #samuelbeckett

04 Dec 09:57

A Love Letter to Nature: Paintings by Elicia Edijanto

by Jason Jose

New paintings by Jakarta-based artist Elicia Edijanto inspired by her love for nature. Using mostly black watercolor, she tries to create unique works to "remind us of how human-nature relationships are supposed to be: beautiful, harmonious, and living side by side." Her subjects are often "children and animals because they are honest, sincere, unprejudiced and unpretentious," and that they express a particular mood or atmosphere such as tranquility, solemnity, and also wildness and freedom.

See more of Elicia Edijanto's work on Behance or at her website.
04 Dec 04:51

Original illustrations by

by abvh

Oh no

Original illustrations by

02 Dec 21:37

“Vague - The Magazine” I found this old vintage...

“Vague - The Magazine” I found this old vintage fashion…thing

Original title “Vogue”

21 Nov 07:11

Vulgar language: "arsehole" geese

by Victor Mair

Good goose story!

Article in ABC News (Australia) today (11/20/18):

"'Arsehole' geese become internet sensations as farmer writes honest for-sale post"

All Leslie Du Preez wanted was to add a little tranquillity to her small southern Queensland farm.

"We got these beautiful geese and thought they'd be a wonderful addition to our beautiful zen-like property," she said.

It did not go to plan.

"They terrorised our poor sheep, they made little kids cry. The roosters got pecked and the peacock's tail feathers got pulled out by them. There was no peaceful free-ranging and having a good time. It was mayhem."

So Leslie posted an ad on Facebook:

"I decided honesty was the best policy and it went a little bit viral."


We have a small flock of 5 geese. 3 males and 2 females that we need to rehome.

WARNING They are arseholes!!!

A few hours later, she checked on her post.

"I got a bit shocked after a couple of hundred people had shared it, and there were comments that had us in hysterics of people's horrible geese stories," she said.

"We are not strong enough for this. So if you think a couple of cute fluffy geese would suit your needs please PLEASE PLEEEEEEEASE come get them. Bring help and a large box. Don't be fooled by their cute little beady eyes. They stare deep into your soul and know all your fears.

"I asked for $50 and a bottle of scotch, so we could have a drink and relax when they finally leave," Ms Dupreez laughed.

Most dictionaries I consulted classify "arsehole" as vulgar and offensive, but I always thought of it as a jocular, watered-down version of another word.

I've seen "arsehole" used in combination with "gobshites", which I also thought of as jocular.  Even BBC tolerates it when used in moderation:

"BBC approves 'shite' and 'gobshite' (in moderation)"

Compare the German equivalent, Arschloch ("arsehole"):

"Das Wort 'Shitstorm' hat nun einen Platz im Duden" (7/4/13)

[h.t. Jichang Lulu]