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20 Oct 00:00

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"We rarely think people have good sense unless they agree with us."
16 Oct 12:00

10 Things You Should Do in the First 10 Minutes of Your Day — Apartment Therapy

by The Kitchn
(Image credit: Abby Stone)

From Apartment Therapy → 10 Things To Do the First 10 Minutes of Your Day

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07 Oct 21:05

The Real Reason Clowns Creep Us Out

by Erika Engelhaupt
30 Aug 16:00

Your Dog Knows Exactly What You’re Saying

by Carrie Arnold
Until now, scientists didn't know that the canines understand both our words and the tone in which we say them.
15 Sep 14:00

Making Toothpaste at Home, From Ancient Times to Today

by Becky Little
29 Sep 23:54

Panna Cotta recipe

by David
Panna cotta recipe

Panna cotta is incredibly easy to make, and if it takes you more than five minutes to put it together, you’re taking too long! The result is a silky, custard-like dessert that pairs well with fresh fruit, a compote of baked fruits, or even just a spoonful of homemade jam.

Interestingly, it’s become popular in Paris and nowadays, it’s just as common to see it on menus as crème caramel and crème brûlée. The nice thing about Panna cotta is that you don’t have to make a custard or worry about baking it in a water bath. And the pairing possibilities are endless.

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27 Jul 18:24

Antibiotic Found in Noses—Here’s What You Need to Know

by Michael Greshko
30 Jul 09:16

Belgium charges man with planned terror attack



One of two brothers arrested in Belgium in an anti-terror operation is charged with attempting to commit "terrorist murder".
31 Jul 16:34

France churches host Muslims for Mass in show of solidarity

Muslims across France have attended Catholic Mass in a gesture of solidarity after the murder of a priest on Tuesday.
06 Jul 16:00

Son of a Beach


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18 Jul 05:32

Задържаха GUNS N' ROSES на канадската граница за притежание на оръжие

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   На 15 юли GUNS N' ROSES, които продължават голямото си реюниън турне с Axl Rose и Slash, са били задържани ...
26 May 00:00

Johann von Neumann

"In mathematics you don't understand things. You just get used to them."
08 Jun 00:00

Douglas Adams

"Anything that is in the world when you�re born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. Anything that�s invented between when you�re fifteen and thirty- five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it. Anything invented after you�re thirty-five is against the natural order of things."
14 Jul 00:00


"Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege."
21 Jul 18:00

First Proof That Wild Animals Really Can Communicate With Us

by Traci Watson
A long-known relationship between African men who harvest honey and a bird called a honeyguide allows both species to get the delectable treat.
05 Jul 13:36

The Chemistry of Bell Peppers – Colour and Aroma

by Compound Interest
Bell peppers come in a range of hues, from fresh greens to vibrant reds. Chemical pigments are behind these, but what changes to cause peppers to travel through this spectrum of colours? Here we take a look at the compounds behind the colours (as well as some pepper aroma chemistry) – and find that peppers […]
22 Jun 23:27


13 Jul 12:29

Island dwellers map their country with Sheep View 360

by Mariella Moon
Google has captured all kinds of places on cam for Street View, from the Batcave to Mt. Everest, but it hasn't had the chance to visit the Faroe Islands yet. The tiny and remote archipelago in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean has almost twice a...
08 Mar 23:45

dailygiffing: Video: Cyclists Barely Outrun Huge Ostrich in...


Video: Cyclists Barely Outrun Huge Ostrich in South Africa

Welcome… to Jurostrich Park.

21 Mar 09:51

British plane spotters fined in Kenya

Four British plane spotters in Kenya are ordered to pay £1,400 ($2,000) or face a year in jail for trespassing at an airport in Nairobi.
22 Mar 01:20

Ancient scrolls give up their secrets

Metallic ink was used to write the Herculaneum scrolls, say scientists.
29 Feb 14:26

Гледайте новото видео на AMORPHIS "The Four Wise Ones"

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   По-долу може да гледате онлайн новия видеоклип на AMORPHIS "The Four Wise Ones". Песента е от издадения през септември 2015-а. актуален ...
07 Mar 00:00

Joe Ancis

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well."
21 Mar 07:27

Ехо през зимата

by Evgeni

Още една възможност да преоткрия любимата ми Стара Планина, е като подходя до някое вече познато място по различен маршрут. В случая избрах да стигна до хижа Ехо от село Розино, вместо през Рибарица или Беклемето.

Почти цяла зима в балкана липсваше снежна покривка и ето, че едва през март понатрупа малко сняг, колкото да побелее тук-там. Мръкна се, а гъстата облачност не предвещава ясно време за следващия ден.

Но да планираш времето в планината, е като да играеш на зарове - никога не знаеш какво ще се падне. Ето че на зазоряване няма пукнат облак.

Светлината променя облика на околността и по изгрев каменният параклис се озарява в златисто.

Негостоприемната довчера планина, днес разкри за кратко своята неописуема красота, в зимното мартенско утро.

17 Feb 12:12

ROYAL HUNT: 'Half Past Loneliness' Performance Clip From 'Cargo' Live Album

Frontiers Music Srl will release ROYAL HUNT's new live album, titled "Cargo", on March 18. A performance clip of the song "Half Past Loneliness", taken from "Cargo", can be seen below. Following the release of their latest studio album, "Devil's Dozen", ROYAL HUNT participated in three widely known festivals around the globe in the fall of 2015: ProgPower USA, Loud Park (Japan) and Rockingham (U.K.). They performed their energetic brand of symphonic/progressive yet highly melodic and instantly accessible "royal rock" for thousands of appreciative fans. While ROYAL HUNT's next tour — set to the spring of 2016 — is being announced, the band found the time to gather in the studio and pick out the best performances recorded during their festival trek: an hour and a half of ROYAL HUNT's trademark sonic assault, skillfully captured on tape. Why live album and why now? "Well, mostly because we haven't released any live recordings for roughly ten years or so," says keyboard maestro and principal songwriter André Andersen. "'2006' was great and many fans consider it to be our best (some will pick '1996' or 'Closing The Chapter' as their favorite) but anyway — it's been awhile, so we assumed that it might be interesting for you to check out our 'new swing' at this live set. Just think about it: last time we recorded 'Paradox' live was almost 20 years ago! Add a few new songs, the excitement of the festival performance, a couple of new faces to the lineup and — all of a sudden — things are sounding quite a bit different. We'd say it sounds fresh but let's see what your opinion on this matter will be." "Cargo" includes a complete rendition of ROYAL HUNT's signature concept album "Paradox". ROYAL HUNT has released 13 studio albums and the band's name stands for quality symphonic/progressive metal. "Cargo" track listing: CD1 01. The Mission 02. Half Past Loneliness 03. River Of Pain 04. Tearing Down The World 05. Message To G-D 06. Long Way Home CD2 01. Time Will Tell 02. Silent Scream 03. It's Over 04. May You Never 05. A Life To Die For ROYAL HUNT is: André Andersen - keyboards DC Cooper - vocals Andreas Passmark - bass Jonas Larsen - guitar Andreas Johansson - drums
09 Feb 21:30


15 Dec 00:00

Rodney Dangerfield

"I told my psychiatrist that everyone hates me. He said I was being ridiculous - everyone hasn't met me yet."
24 Jan 00:00

Doug Larson

"Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog."
25 Jan 00:00

Tom Robbins

"Disbelief in magic can force a poor soul into believing in government and business."
01 Feb 05:00

xkcd: Salt Mine


yesss, my dream place too!:)

This one is a little bland. Pass the saltshaker?