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22 Jul 21:37

Ryu and Ken on Their Day Off

by Don
23 Jul 22:24

SNAPCHAT: hombremcsteez

SNAPCHAT: hombremcsteez

23 Jul 18:24

Blackcurrants & Cat Urine – The Chemistry of Blackcurrants

by Compound Interest
Blackcurrants and cat urine. Two things you probably wouldn’t expect to have a whole lot in common, if anything. However, to some, blackcurrants and blackcurrant bushes can have a distinct smell of cat urine, and the chemistry behind this strange phenomenon reveals an unexpected link between our unlikely combination of protagonists. Before discussing blackcurrant chemistry, […]
23 Jul 00:00

Another 15 of the Weirdest Dating Sites

These days it seems that the search to find someone normal gets harder and the methods to find love get even weirder. We've scoured the web to present to you what is: The Most Unexpected and Strange Dating Sites in Existence
21 Jul 16:00

(via tumblr_nq45j3uwrG1qedb29o1_400.gif (imagem GIF, 400 × 230...

(via tumblr_nq45j3uwrG1qedb29o1_400.gif (imagem GIF, 400 × 230 pixels))

I know it came from some other tumblr but only the link was given to me :-/

18 Jul 20:00

Bear Breaks into Pie Shop and Devours 38 Pies, Skips the Rhubarb

by Maddie Stone

It was a great day to be this Colorado bear yesterday. After breaking into a local pie shop, Sir Bear helped himself to some pie. Matter of fact, he helped himself to all the pie, except for the strawberry rhubarb.


20 Jul 08:15

This Sea Sapphire Can Become Transparent in the Blink of an Eye

by Jamie Condliffe

Now you see it, now you don’t. But the disappearing act performed by this small sea sapphire isn’t magic: it manage to flex its body to reflect frequencies of light that the human eye simply can’t see.


08 Jul 20:52

EPFL's CleanSpace One Satellite Will "Eat" Space Junk

by samzenpus
Zothecula writes: Working with Geneva's University of Applied Science and Signal Processing 5 Laboratory, Swiss research institute EPFL has announced details of a plan to capture its tiny SwissCube satellites by using a new spacecraft outfitted with a conical net. Called "CleanSpace One" the team hopes that their "Pac-Man" solution will capture the old satellite. Gizmag reports: "...SwissCube's spinning action will make it more difficult to image, as its surfaces will alternately be brilliantly sunlit or hidden in shadow. That's why CleanSpace One's computer vision system will be running algorithms that account for variables such as the angle of the sun, the dimensions of the target, the speed at which that target is moving, and the rate at which CleanSpace One itself is spinning. High dynamic range cameras will also allow it to simultaneously expose for both bright and dark surfaces."

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09 Jul 14:59

Short Sleepers Might Be Benefiting From a DNA Mutation

by timothy
An anonymous reader writes: As someone definitely not in that category, I envy people who can get along with little sleep, have sometimes secretly believed they're exaggerating. Maybe not. The BBC reports on DNA research that says there might be genetic basis for the very slow sleep needs that some people have. The article says that UC-San Francisco researchers "compared the genome of different family members. They discovered a tiny mutation in a gene called DEC2 that was present in those who were short-sleepers, but not in members of the family who had normal length sleep, nor in 250 unrelated volunteers. When the team bred mice to express this same mutation, the rodents also slept less but performed just as well as regular mice when given physical and cognitive tasks." If it's stuck in the genes, though, I guess I'll still want more hours in a row if I don't want to start hallucinating. So how many hours do you need? I seem to get along with six or seven, but sleep past noon on the occasional weekend day.

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16 Jul 00:50

This Fanged Fish Can Live Inside a Volcano

by Annalee Newitz

The more we learn about undersea volcanoes, the more we realize that life can thrive almost anywhere. Now, an Australian research vessel has discovered a new kind of fish living in volcanoes off the coast of the continent. It’s called a scaleless blackfish and it’s adorably ugly.


13 Jul 11:15

How Hollywood Creates the Ultimate Digital Humans

by Jamie Condliffe

Computational simulation of the human form has advanced spectacularly over the last few years. This video explores the current cutting edge, revealing how Hollywood studios create the startlingly accurate digital humans we’re now used to seeing on screen.


12 Jul 20:23


12 Jul 16:24

ellyjstahl: Hacked printer error messages


Hacked printer error messages

12 Jul 17:27

22,000 miles up, a Japanese Satellite is taking an image every 10 minutes

09 Jul 00:00

10 Hilarious Photoshop Trolls

Check out these ten hilarious responses to "Can you photoshop me?"
05 Jul 17:00

When You're Late to the Katy Perry Concert but Don't Want Any Wrinkles in Your Shark Suit


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06 Jul 21:00

If You Slowly Replace Every Member of the Band With a Big Bearded White Guy Is It Still Considered Baby Metal?

05 Jul 18:00

The International Space Station Finally Gets New Supplies

by Kiona Smith-Strickland

Russia’s unmanned Progress M-28M vehicle docked with the International Space Station today, just week after SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded, destroying its payload of supplies and science experiments bound for ISS.


06 Jul 15:07

This is why robots need faces

01 Jul 20:40

Scientists Are Perfecting the LED Lighting For Our Future Space Gardens

by Maddie Stone

Gardens may be an unruly mess on Earth, but in space, we’ll need our vegetable patches to run like well-oiled machines . That’s why researchers at Purdue University are working out the scientifically perfect cocktail of LED light to grow bumper crops in total confinement.


01 Jul 15:03

I’ve come a long way.image | twitter | facebook

I’ve come a long way.

image | twitter | facebook

30 Jun 16:00

Bathrooms: The Last Refuge of True Love


In a world that can be scary, cruel, and lonely, only one place remains where love flourishes.

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30 Jun 17:00

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Terminate You Online

30 Jun 15:28

Prohibition vs Regulation

01 Jul 00:00

Do Not Disturb: 15 More Creative Hotel Door Hangers

When you are on vacation and you don't want to be disturbed, you could certainly use one of these funny door hangers.
30 Jun 18:10

The Chemistry of Cider

by Compound Interest
Having looked at the chemistry behind beer previously, it seemed only fair to also take a look at cider for all the cider drinkers out there. On a hot summer’s day, the cool, refreshing taste of cider is hard to beat. But what are the chemicals behind this flavour? Before we look at the chemistry, […]
29 Jun 14:25

The Perfect Suitcase Transforms Into a Portable Dresser

by Andrew Liszewski

For longer hotel stays, it makes life easier to put all your clothes in drawers instead of rifling through a tangled web of t-shirts, shorts, and shoes. Or, you could make things even easier with a suitcase that transforms into a pre-packed dresser.


24 Jun 02:32

Lost in The Outback

Lost in The OutbackMad Max Fury Road is awesome, and you're doing yourself a serious disservices if you don't watch it in theaters.

It has become quite a popular joke that Mad Max takes place in our time and is really just what happens when Australians get lost in the outback.
23 Jun 13:58

Bus drivers obey rules 'in protest'

Unusual protest will see drivers follow regulations.
23 Jun 14:00

Possible Signs Of Aggression