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05 Oct 18:14

Thousands of images from NASA's Apollo missions make it to Flickr

by Edgar Alvarez

Conspiracy theorists must be javing a field day with this

Over the past few months, NASA's been showing us a ton of stunning images of Pluto. And if you thought that was captivating, wait until you see what else has made it onto the web. On Friday, Project Apollo Archive took to Flickr to publish more tha...
05 Oct 19:35

Bud Light's connected fridge ensures you never run out of beer

by Billy Steele

If only it had real beer

There's no good time to run out of beer. And if it's going to happen, it's usually when you have friends over or your team is in a close game. To ease the frustration of drinking up all of your suds, Bud Light has the Bud-E Fridge. The mini fridge...
05 Oct 22:25

Four-legged bot uses drone sidekick to avoid rough terrain

by Andrew Tarantola
Even with a sure-stepping robot like DARPA's Big Dog, there is still plenty of terrain that today's packbots simply can't handle. That's why a team of researchers from ETH Zurich's Autonomous Systems Lab has devised a way to ensure these robots nev...
06 Oct 04:02

Las Vegas bets that SpaceX will make it to Mars before NASA

by Jon Fingas
NASA may believe that it'll be the first to land on Mars, but don't tell that to Las Vegas betting houses. Popular Mechanics has asked Docsports' Raphael Esparza to set odds for the first organization to reach Mars, and he believes that SpaceX stan...
05 Oct 12:18

Watch DOOM running on Apple TV and Apple Watch

'But does it run DOOM?' We've heard this question probably as many times as 'Will it blend?'. Around the turn of the decade each electronic device had this initiation ritual, which required passing a very simple test - running the old-school classic DOOM. The latest devices to past the test are Apple TV and Apple Watch. A few developers from Facebook's office managed to port DOOM on both devices. It took them about 10 hours of hacking, but in the end - it is possible to have DOOM up and running on your Apple TV and Apple Watch. John Carmack's classic has gained a legendary status over the years and even today we are still witnessing people porting the game over various devices. There are even printers running the thing already. Here is hoping the microwave ovens are next, we know many people out there have been waiting patiently for this upgrade. Source |...

01 Oct 20:23

They must be using floating point

02 Oct 23:51

Stackoverflow's Best Comments in Source Code

03 Oct 19:13

In case of fire. This is too good, couldn't find anywhere so I made it.


This has been making the rounds lately.

04 Oct 15:16

Train Station with proper indexing (Cardiff)

04 Oct 11:01

Daimler tests a self-driving, mass-produced truck on real roads

by Jon Fingas
Daimler's dreams of self-driving big rig trucks just took one step closer to reality. The automaker has conducted the first-ever test of its semi-autonomous Highway Pilot system in a production truck on a public road, driving an augmented Mercedes-...
03 Oct 01:24

Over 8,400 NASA Apollo moon mission photos just landed online, in high-resolution

by Xeni Jardin


Space fans, rejoice: today, just about every image captured by Apollo astronauts on lunar missions is now on the Project Apollo Archive Flickr account. There are some 8,400 photographs in all at a resolution of 1800 dpi, and they're sorted by the roll of film they were on. (more…)

02 Oct 18:25

Twitter noob Snowden gets hammered with 47GB of notification emails

by Billy Steele
What happens when one of the most wanted men in the world joins Twitter and forgets to disable email notifications? 47GB of emails. As you might expect, Edward Snowden was immediately inundated with followers, replies, favorites, DMs and retweets -...
02 Oct 21:57

Marilyn Manson Wants to be on Gotham

by Michael Martin

Rock star Marilyn Manson appears to be campaigning for a role on FOX’s Gotham.

Manson took to Twitter to ask fans if they would love the show more if he played a part in it.

Wouldn't you love GOTHAM even more, if I was a part of the show?

— Marilyn Manson (@marilynmanson) October 1, 2015

Given Gotham's focus on villains in Season 2, Manson would be a good fit for the show. He's no stranger to the small screen, and has appeared on a number of other TV shows, including Sons of Anarchy, Eastbound & Down, Californication and Once Upon a Time.

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02 Oct 15:25

UK scientists create quantum cryptology world record with 'unhackable' data

by Chris Merriman
UK scientists create quantum cryptology world record with 'unhackable' data

5,000 encryption keys a second, will that do you?

02 Oct 18:15

Microsoft Buys Havok From Intel

After eight years under Intel, Havok has a new owner in the form of Microsoft. The Windows company wants to use Havok not just for games, but for some of its other programs as well.
02 Oct 19:00

Windows 10 Feature Focus: CompactOS

by Brett Howse

Microsoft took a serious look at how to save space from the operating system files with Windows 8.1 Update. What they came up with at the time was WIMBoot, which used the recovery partition’s compressed WIM image file as the basis for most of the system files needed by Windows. Since the recovery partition is at least 4 GB in size, this is a pretty substantial savings especially on the lower cost devices which WIMBoot was targeted at.

I’ve discussed the changes with Windows 10 a couple of times, but a recent blog post from Michael Niehaus outlines how the new system works, what it is called, and how to manually enable it.

The last bit there is pretty important, since moving to WIMBoot was not something that could be done easily. It had to be done at the time the system image was put onto the computer, and there were a couple of extra steps OEMs could take in order to incorporate their own software into the WIMBoot.

Standard Partition with Windows 8.1

WIMBoot Enabled Windows 8.1

This also lead to some of the first issues with WIMBoot. The actual size of the recovery partition, if it was just Windows, would be around 4 GB, but once an OEM adds in their own software, along with maybe a copy of Microsoft Office, and all of a sudden the recovery partition could bloat to 10 GB or more. This was a major issue because unlike with a standard install of Windows, the recovery partition can not be removed on a WIMBoot system leaving a large chunk of a possibly small drive used up with no way to reclaim that space.

The other issue was that over time the WIMBoot partition would become less and less used, since when there were security updates to the operating system, key system files would be replaced with a full uncompressed version, but the original version would still be part of the WIM which could not be modified. Over time, Windows would grow and grow to fill more and more of the drive, and the WIMBoot concept was clearly not working out as intended.

So with Windows 10, Microsoft has moved away from the recovery partition altogether. When you do a system reset, Windows will be rebuilt from the components in the \Windows\winsxs folder. This means that the system will also be almost fully patched after a reset, unlike with earlier versions of Windows where any restore off of the recovery partition would revert you back to whatever set of files was used to create the WIM. Only the most recent 30 days of patches will be installed, and this was a design decision in case the reset itself is due to something going wrong within the last 30 days.

The other part of the space savings is from a compression tool Microsoft is calling Compact OS. This kind of goes back to WIMBoot in a way, since the system files are compressed into what amounts to a WIM file. The big difference here is that unlike WIMBoot, CompactOS can be enabled and disabled on the fly.

From an administrative command prompt, simply use the commands:

Compact.exe /CompactOS:query

This will query Windows to see if CompactOS is enabled or not

Compact.exe /CompactOS:always

This will enable CompactOS

Compact.exe /CompactOS:never

This will disable CompactOS

I ran CompactOS on an ASUS TP200S which has 64 GB of eMMC storage. Windows 10 did not enable CompactOS automatically since it was not needed, but manually enabling it saved over 3 GB of space on the C: drive. Luckily ASUS has included enough storage in the TP200S where it’s not really necessary out of the box, but on any system with 32 GB or less this could be a big help.

There is going to be a performance impact of course since the files will need to be decompressed when accessed and the actual differences are something I hope to have a chance to test and document at some point in the not too distant future.

In the end, CompactOS looks to be a nice upgrade over WIMBoot which had a lot of promise, but was not as effective as hoped.

02 Oct 03:39

Not Your Mother’s Apple Martini

by aHeapingCup

not your mothers apple martini 11

Apple martinis.

They can be so cliché and cloyingly sweet and leave you with regrets the next day.

This drink will probably leave you with regrets as well but it makes up for that by making you feel very classy beforehand.

It’s inspired by my trip to an apple orchard where I went apple picking.

I picked some teeny tiny apples.

not your mothers apple martini 8

You can’t tell but they are really tiny apples, man.

Like, so cute I cried when I had to cut into them.

This apple martini is slightly sweet and sour but no where near as chemically tasting as a sour apple martini and there is room for adjustment to your liking.

First thing to mention here is the use of shrubs or drinking vinegar in this recipe. For more info you can read this. Otherwise just go with it and trust me you won’t be sorry. It’s waaaaay better than that sour pucker shit.

You can buy or make your own shrub. I decided to buy my first shrub just to have a frame of reference for when I try to make my own.

not your mothers apple martini 5

I got PokPok’s apple shrub from amazon for like $20 for a 16oz bottle. A little goes a long way and they have loads of flavors to choose from.

It’s perfectly tangy and sweet and it is basically a sweetened vinegar syrup so it hits all over the palate and is good enough to drink simply diluted with sparking water as a refreshing soda.

Next you need a dark liquor, preferably apple flavored.

not your mothers apple martini 4

You don’t need both of these to be honest. You can use either one alone and just use 2 1/2 oz of it for the recipe below. I just used both to build layers and flavors.

If you had to pick one, I would recommend just using the calvados which is an apple brandy. You could also use applejack if you prefer. I used Hennessy because I already had some and I used the calvados just to reinforce the apple flavor.

Finally, you need a hard cider:

not your mothers apple martini 7

I found this at BevMo! and chose it because of the packaging (it’s a problem I have and it’s only getting worse) and I ended up really liking it, not to sweet and not too dry.

I made a gingersnap rim because Fall.

All you need is a few gingersnaps and some pent up rage :)

not your mothers apple martini 1 not your mothers apple martini 2 not your mothers apple martini 3

Once the drink is rimmed, combine the ingredients (recipe below) in a shaker filled with ice.

Shake till very cold and pour.

not your mothers apple martini 9

I like to garnish with an apple slice and a wedge of cheddar cheese.

Mmmm cheddar cheese

*in Homer Simpson’s voice*

not your mothers apple martini 18

Mmmm cheddar cheese apple martini with gingersnap rim mmmm

*also in Homer Simpson’s voice*


1 1/2 oz cognac (or your favorite dark liquor)
1 oz calvados (or applejack)
1 1/2 oz apple shrub (a.k.a. drinking vinegar)
4 oz hard cider

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake till cold. Pour into a martini glass.
Garnish with an apple slice in the drink and a wedge of cheddar cheese on the rim, which I have dipped in ground up gingersnaps.

01 Oct 03:10

School Lets Girl Cough Self Into Vomiting Fit, Because Her Inhaler Doesn’t Have Her Name On It

by lskenazy


A 9-year-old girl starts coughing so hard in school that she can barely breathe. You’re the school officials. Do you:

1 – Take bets on how long till she turns blue

2 – Call your lawyer, just in case she dies

3 – Let her use her inhaler

At Columbia Elementary in West Jordan, UT, officials chose “none of the above.”

They certainly didn’t let the girl use her inhaler, for one simple reason: her name wasn’t on it.

So of course they had to grab it away. I mean, just because SHE brought it in and SHE needed it — thanks to the fact that SHE gets coughing fits — there was really no way to ascertain whether the inhaler was really hers. It could be anyone’s!

And besides, it’s a drug, and all drugs are evil.  Inhaler. Crack pipe. What’s the diff? 

According to Fox4KC,  the girl, Emma Gonzalez, had:

obtained an inhaler over the weekend after a coughing fit landed her in the emergency room. On Monday, the fourth grader was hit with another coughing spell in class at Columbia Elementary.

When Emma took her inhaler out to use it, her teacher sent her to the office, where staff took the inhaler.

Emma said she started coughing so hard she threw up on her pants.

What’s a little vomit compared to the real problem: Parents who simply WON’T fill out forms right after a trip to the emergency room? Let this be a lesson to them! (Boldface mine.) 

District officials say the staff did everything right by taking the medication to make sure it was for that specific student.

The inhaler doesn’t have Emma’s name on it and the school had not been notified that she was taking the medication.

“There could be all sorts of problems if children were just allowed to take any medication and we didn’t have that verification. Again, this is for the student’s safety,” said district spokeswoman Sandy Riesgraf.

I’m sure Emma feels safer already, knowing that she will be prevented from accessing life-saving drugs if all the paperwork is not in order. Phew! – L. 


Why should we give this to you just because you appear to be gasping for breath?

Why should we give this to you, just because you appear to be gasping for breath?


01 Oct 12:15

1905 Queen Victoria 214A Brougham sold at auction

by Staff Writer

It's electric :)

File under: Latest News

1905 Queen Victoria 214A Brougham sold at auction Photo credit: Bonhams Photo credit: Bonhams Electric cars are often seen as a modern phenomenon, with the success of the Tesla Model S and BMW i8 hybrid at the forefront of people's minds. However, this is emphatically not the case, as the Woods Brougham demonstrates. Recently sold at auction in Ebeltoft, Denmark, this 1905 Queen Victoria 214A Brougham was made by... continue reading

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01 Oct 16:49

Self-driving taxis will begin trials in Japan next year

by Daniel Cooper
Self-driving cars are a few years away from becoming a thing, right? Not in Japan, where the company Robot Taxi has announced that it'll start testing robotic taxis in 2016. A report by the Wall Street Journal reveals that the firm will begin by of...
01 Oct 17:11

Skype Translator is rolling out to all desktop users

by Billy Steele
After a preview offered access to Skype's live translation tool on the desktop earlier this summer, the feature is rolling out to all users. If you're in need of a quick refresher, Skype Translator converts video calls in English, French, German, I...
01 Oct 18:36

Stagefright bug now spreads through malicious audio files

by Andrew Tarantola
Cripes, how many times is Google going to have to patch before the Stagefright exploit bug stays fixed? The company has already patched its code three times but on Thursday, security research firm Ziperium (the guys that initially discovered the fl...
01 Oct 21:15

Experian leaks info from 15 million T-Mobile credit applications

by Nathan Ingraham
T-Mobile has just revealed that it has been the victim of a major hack that has exposed the personal details, including social security numbers, for approximately 15 million of its customers. CEO John Legere has just posted a letter regarding the h...
01 Oct 22:46

Humble Bundle will send you indie games every month for $12

by Andrew Tarantola
There's yet another interesting roundup of products hitting Humble Bundle's digital shelves tomorrow. The charitable gaming distributor announced on Thursday that it is rolling out a new monthly subscription bundle of online indie games. The subscr...
01 Oct 07:44

F1's Max Verstappen passes driving test on 18th birthday

by Staff Writer

File under: Latest News

F1's Max Verstappen passes driving test on 18th birthday Photo credit: Newspress Newspress Formula One hotshot Max Verstappen passed his driving test yesterday. The test, which took place on Max's 18th birthday, means that F1's youngest star can finally drive himself to the races, rather than relying on taxis, or even his father, Jos. continue reading

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01 Oct 13:00

Nest gets more smart home devices talking to each other

by Roberto Baldwin
Getting your connected-home gear to actually connect with one another can be a pain. Nest is trying to alleviate at least some of that hassle by adding Weave, its ad-hoc networking system to Works with Nest, it's third party development platform. W...
29 Sep 08:18

No pain, no gain! £24m-worth of cars written off in Spectre

by Sophie Williamson-Stothert

Not like

File under: Latest News

No pain, no gain! £24m-worth of cars written off in Spectre Atlaspix / Alamy 007 will return to big screens across the UK on 26 October, but car enthusiasts will cringe to hear that the making of the new title claimed millions of pounds-worth of metal. According to the Daily Mail, stunt co-ordinators for the new Bond movie, Spectre, destroyed seven specifically designed Aston Martin DB10 sports cars,... continue reading

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29 Sep 08:08

Paul Walker's daughter files wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche

by Sophie Williamson-Stothert

Lawyer is probably an ambulance chaser

File under: Latest News

Paul Walker's daughter files wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche Two years after his untimely death, Paul Walker's daughter has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Porsche, claiming that the vehicle he was riding in had design flaws that prevented him from escaping from the wreck. The Fast and Furious movie star was travelling as a passenger in a 2005 Carrera GT when it was involved in the fatal crash in... continue reading

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30 Sep 09:44

This Is Tesla's Model X, and It Has a Bioweapon Defense Mode

by Jenna Pitcher

Tesla Motors officially launched its latest electric vehicle, the Model X, during a keynote presentation in California today given by CEO Elon Musk.

The all-wheel drive sport utility vehicle partially trades the souped up performance of the Model S for functionality.

The P90D with Ludicrous mode enabled accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds, has 250 miles of range and a top speed 155 “of miles per hour. The 90D model travels up to 257 miles on its 90 kWh battery, accelerates from zero to 60 MPH in 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of 155 MPH.

Tesla Model X_____

Continue reading…

29 Sep 12:42

9 More Blindspot Scripts Ordered

by Matt Porter

NBC has ordered nine additional scripts for their new series Blindspot.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Blindspot, starring Jaimie Alexander, reached 10.6 million viewers after debuting a week ago, which then grew to 15.2 million after three days of delayed viewing, making a notably strong showing among the fall's new series.

The nine additional scripts order does not guarantee that the show will get what's referred to as a full "back-nine" order, expanding Blindspot from it initial 13 episode pick up to a full 22-episode season. However, it's clear NBC is optimistic about the series and wants those scripts ready for the likely scenario that they do order a full season.

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