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Dump Stat

Suddenly, goblins!

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Be Cool

by Reza

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out of usual order

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August 24, 2014

Ooh, neat. We got earthquaked.
06 Nov 01:11

Privacy is Impossible

Privacy is Impossible

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Submitted by: Unknown (via Off The Leash Daily Dog Cartoons)

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22 Sep 17:10

THIS JUST IN: Simon’s Cat Sees Double…

by Brinke

…in the latest installment titled “Mirror Mirror.”

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27 Aug 02:40

When A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

by Brinke

Or even just..(gasp)…one or….two…

“This is a recent photo of our Australian Kelpie, Tula Pants. As you can see from the photo she is super cute. As you can also see a recent change in her food has left her somewhat…..gassy. Butt this too shall ‘pass.’ :) .” -Tyler C.

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13 Aug 04:49

by yasmine
My least favorite chore.