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by Lunarbaboon

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by Doug


I love Godzilla.

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Load testing

by sharhalakis

by papryk

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To Hell

by Reza


20 Nov 16:17

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Teaching


Hovertext: Seriously though, somebody explain this shit.

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 Yes, I am pretty pleased with myself.

20 Nov 01:00

How to Backpedal

by Scott Meyer

Really, any time you’re saying “it was a joke” in your own defense, it’s bad times. It almost certainly means that you’ve offended someone, and now you’re telling them that you find the offensive thing you said funny. Of course, it’s often a perfectly valid defense, but it depends on appealing to the sense of humor and rationality of someone who didn’t get the joke in the first place, and is now angry.

Early Mullet Boss had a sort of a Kris Kristofferson thing going on … which is not a good thing.

Note from Missy: Feels more like an ’80s Kenny Loggins vibe to me. Which, still, not great. 

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Simulations


Hovertext: C'monnnnn well thought-out hatemail.

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16 Nov 15:37

graf-spectre: moonuncle: doritofu: here we can see that...




here we can see that Florida is actually a poorly written artificial data matrix, as evidenced by this poorly rendered police vehicle clipping through the environment due to similation processor loads being too high during the rainy season.

Bethesda programmed Florida

18 Nov 01:21

Faig Ahmed Creates Glitched-Out Contemporary Rugs from Traditional Azerbaijani Textiles

by Kate Sierzputowski


Faig Ahmed distorts the patterns of traditional Azerbaijani rugs, dimantling their structure in order to build compositions that trick the eye by appearing to melt off the wall. By rearticulating the original design, he creates contemporary sculptural forms that look like digital glitches, patterns flatlining halfway through a tapestry or gradually morphing into a digital mosaic.

Ahmed explains that his fascination for textiles stems from their historical value, humanity utilizing fabric for nearly the entire length of human history. “Another thing that interests me is pattern,” says Ahmed. “Patterns and ornaments can be found in all cultures, sometimes similar, sometimes very different. I consider them words and phrases that can be read and translated to a language we understand.”

Ahmed lives and works in Baku, Azerbaijan and graduated from the sculpture department of Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in 2004. The artist previously focused on painting, video, and installation, but now currently focuses on textile and sculpture. Ahmed recently had a solo exhibition with Italian gallery Montoro12 titled “Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit,” and is currently in the group exhibition “Crafted: Objects in Flux” at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston until January 10, 2016. (via Booooooom)









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booksofadam: RIP lil’ blob


RIP lil’ blob

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threeleggedgoat: Fettuccine just shed :3


Fettuccine just shed :3

18 Nov 15:21

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Bacon is Literally Cancer


Hovertext: Weinersmith vs. WHO reporting, Round 1.

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20 Nov 10:31

Mentirinhas #896

by Fábio Coala


Então tá cheio de galo por aí.

O post Mentirinhas #896 apareceu primeiro em Mentirinhas.

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archatlas: The Hideout Chragi Frei The Hideout is a...


The Hideout Chragi Frei

The Hideout is a personal project, a thing I just felt like drawing. It’s about the outdoors, living off the grid, in an uncharted wilderness. I drew an A-frame hut as a shelter, because I’m not that good a pitching tents. Also, you can sort of close that thing off, in case a rabbit or an grumpy red robin should decide to start a fight. A bottle of whiskey, cup of tea and a good book form a big part of the depicted outdoor activities here, as they should in my opinion. You can buy prints here.

Images and text via Chragi Frei

21 Nov 16:01

Jesus Cat

Jesus Cat

21 Nov 21:20

“Giant mutant pigeons! Run for your lives!” -...

“Giant mutant pigeons! Run for your lives!” - Stewart

(via lemonsqueezers/mimicteixeiras)

22 Nov 04:38

"We have to create.It is the only thing louder than destruction."

“We have to create.It is the only thing louder than destruction.” - Andrea Gibson,...
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Adam Victor Brandizzi

Excellent alt text.

Researchers just found the gene responsible for mistakenly thinking we've found the gene for specific things. It's the region between the start and the end of every chromosome, plus a few segments in our mitochondria.
18 Nov 14:33

Let's Make Coffee!

by Grant

Poster prints of this comic (and your other favorite Incidental Comics) are available at my shop.
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Comic for November 18, 2015

by Scott Adams
The Generic Graph - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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