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13 Apr 22:38

Why Everyone's Saying 'YAAAAAASSSSSS' Now

Why Everyone's Saying 'YAAAAAASSSSSS' Now:
From “yeah” to “yaaaaas” to “yiss,” we’re rejecting the clinical “yes” and finding more nuanced ways to give our approval—and to hedge our bets.

Aw Yiss, my friends.

aw yiss.

Thanks for the shout out, the Atlantic!

16 Apr 21:34

Conjurer’s Kitchen unveils their “Death in...

Conjurer’s Kitchen unveils their “Death in Chocolate” series.  


11 Apr 03:01

yxen: Joan Smalls & Xiao Wen Ju in “an Eccentric Couture”...


Joan Smalls & Xiao Wen Ju in “an Eccentric Couture” for Vogue italia

Photographed by Steven Klein

16 Apr 20:58

Point of view

by Minnesotastan

via Sophianotloren

It's so seldom that we get to post anything cheerful about a rhinoceros...

Found at Big Binho (a reader's blog).
17 Apr 20:06

Tim for FLOOF post baf

Tim for FLOOF post baf

17 Apr 17:21

I got it! I got it!… What the hell is this?

I got it! I got it!… What the hell is this?

16 Apr 04:01

RXcuse Me

by Robot Hugs

New comic!

There are actually few things that irritate me more than unsolicited opinions on my medication.

16 Apr 01:10

thelandofwtf: Workplace Safety Champion.


Workplace Safety Champion.

17 Apr 05:00

#1117; The Computer Mechanic

by David Malki

Thanks to Sara McHenry for “Snake Coil”!

17 Apr 19:19

There’s Pepper getting weighed. He’s lost weight it...


Birblr takes care of its own. <3

There’s Pepper getting weighed. He’s lost weight it would seem. They examined him, did a crop swab, and a gram stain.

The verdict? Well, Pepper has a bacterial infection. There was a lot of gram negative bacteria in his crop. They took blood and are doing a CBC to look for underlying causes. The results of that will likely be told to me Monday.

In the meantime, Pepper needs to be given Baytril, an antibiotic, every 12 hours, followed by Benebac Plus. Depending on the results of the blood test, and if the antibiotics help him recover, he may need to go back in.

Thank you so much again for your generosity! I was able to cover the entire vet bill, and should be able to cover the next visit if he needs to return. Any leftover money is going in a savings account to be used in the event of another bird emergency.

17 Apr 20:01

Keel-Billed Toucan

Keel-Billed Toucan

13 Apr 18:20

valeria2067: fandomsandfeminism: genderqueerarinhanson: kittys...





Is this real 😱👏


….This is real. God damn.

Hey, Mr. & Mrs. Alcorn: The flipping Vice President of the United States just publicly recognized your DAUGHTER by HER real name. Chew on that.

16 Apr 13:30

Making Paper from Invasive Plants

by Andrew Salomone

invasive-papers-3If you’re preparing to weed your garden this spring, then you might consider making an art project from the invasive plants that you remove, just like Detroit-based artist Megan Heeres did with The Invasive Paper Project. This project creates awareness around invasive plant species and their effect on our ecosystem, […]

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13 Apr 22:38

fandomisms:elkane: Jack Dawson… Penniless artist who wins a...



Jack Dawson… Penniless artist who wins a ticket onto Titanic in 1912, attends a first class dinner, develops a taste for the finer things in life, pockets the Heart of the Ocean, survives the sinking, pawns the diamond, spends the following ten years building his wealth and in 1922 moves to West Egg as Jay Gatsby… Millionaire with a shady past and fear of swimming pools.

wake up america

16 Apr 01:42


16 Apr 01:44


16 Apr 01:46

asylum-art: Super PringleTumblr extracted from the “ Super...


Super Pringle

Tumblr extracted from the “ Super Pringle”, favorite for this excellent series of photos featuring “Pringle”, a small dragon barbu  from Australia, in different situations to say the least amazing!


16 Apr 01:51

rum-n-cock: cathwey: bullet-train-to-osaka: Should I, tumblr?...




Should I, tumblr? Should I?


do it for Adam and Steve 

15 Apr 21:30

University of New Mexico students approve ‘gender‑neutral’ constitution

by Associated Press
University of New MexicoStudents at the University of New Mexico have voted to make all pronouns in the student government's constitution gender-neutral.
16 Apr 13:38

tumblr_luj0a13Dfy1qcw1zto1_400.gif 300×210 píxeles

by frili
17 Apr 00:24

asylum-art: Landscape Monolith, series by Reynald...


Landscape Monolith, series by Reynald Drouhin    

MONOLITH is the title of French multimedia artist

Reynald Drouhin

’s latest art project which consists of a series of digitally manipulated images of stunning natural landscapes. In the middle of picturesque sunsets and serene Arctic landscapes, Drouhin pastes a mysterious prismatic shape and then flips it, thus creating a mind-boggling visual effect of an otherworldly transparent object hovering in desolate locations. The entire project is an ingenious appropriation of the famous monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey” where mysterious dark rectangular objects (dubbed as monoliths) were scattered across the solar system by an unknown alien civilisation which seemed to guide humans along a risky interplanetary journey.

Reynald Drouhin

’s MONOLITH series captures exactly the double nature of Kubrick’s monoliths: the inverted shapes in the photographs seem to be a window to another dimension, a physical anomaly which distorts the nature around it, and is both menacing and inviting

17 Apr 00:24

asylum-art: 10 Surreal Photos of a young 16 years old...


10 Surreal Photos of a young 16 years old photographer 


The surreal photographs of Zev, aka fiddleoak, a young 16 years old photographer who combines his photographs with a beautiful mastery of Photoshop to lead us into his miniature and dreamlike world. Initiated to Photoshop and photography at the age of 8, this young prodigy takes photographs of his family and his entourage, he then combines them into beautiful compositions. A truly impressive work for a young 16 years old photographer!

17 Apr 00:28

gifsboom: Jordan [vine]




17 Apr 00:57

ayeyoaunz: officialbabydoll:officialbabydoll: bisexualfemme: M...





Mini Homes for the Homeless

My friend Peter (pictured above) and a group of misfits from the local community have gotten together to build portable miniature homes to give out free of charge to our friends and neighbors living on the streets of Tacoma, Washington.

These mini homes are insulated, and are built simply but will protect someone from the rain and cold. They measure 7 feet by 3.5 feet and only weigh 35 pounds, so are easily transported. When we give them out they also include an emergency survival blanket, a mat, and an off-grid heating system.

We both work and live with the local homeless population, so these homes (which are made possible only by donations and volunteers) are going to people that we know and see on a regular basis.

In the future we hope for land so we can build a community of mini homes and do projects regarding solar energy, rainwater collection and composting toilets.

The need is great, and at the time of writing this only 2 have been made. What we need is building materials such as 2x4s, plywood, greenhouse plastic, 1 inch PVC piping, and foam insulation. If you are interested in joining this misfit team by helping in any way, please send me a message and I can give you more information.

If not, please signal boost! Our friends on the street are in the rain right now as I write this, and just reblogging can help.

You can help us out by donating ANY amount (even $5) through a Home Depot e-gift card here. Please send it to the email:

If you’re around the area of Tacoma, WA and want to take part in the next work party, contact me for more info!

The good news is that thanks to everyone’s help, tiny home number eleven is done and belonging to a new owner now, along with all the other tiny homes except for one. The bad news is that we are currently out of donations, funds and materials. Please consider donating to help this project possible, even if it’s a “small” amount. 

Otherwise, check out our project being covered on Seattle Morning News with Dave Ross in the interview link here or read our article in Real Change here


Omg this is 20 minutes from my house!! This would be such a fun thing to do!!

17 Apr 01:04

boredpanda: World’s Most Patient Pet Owner Walks His Giant...

15 Apr 16:43

New Words That Should Be Added to the Dictionary (images via...


via ThePrettiestOne

New Words That Should Be Added to the Dictionary (images via imgur)

Previously: Name Improvements for Everyday Stuff

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16 Apr 01:01

Dolly is fattest of birbscircle is bets shape for all of the...

Dolly is fattest of birbs

circle is bets shape for all of the needs include: Nap, yell, and warms

16 Apr 01:55

theoldaeroplane: What ARE books?We just don’t know.


What ARE books?

We just don’t know.

16 Apr 05:33

lookatthisbabybird: untitled by nicnac1000 on Flickr. baby...


untitled by nicnac1000 on Flickr.

baby moorhens are metal af

16 Apr 20:03

Post-bath Bolin

Post-bath Bolin