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21 May 18:35

Mad Max: Fury Road + Popular Text Posts Yes, perfect.

Mad Max: Fury Road + Popular Text Posts

Yes, perfect.

21 May 22:45

Josh Duggar resigns from anti‑gay hate group amid reports he molested five girls as a teenager

by Staff Reports
Josh DuggarJosh Duggar resigned from his position at the Family Research Council as a result of the accusations becoming public.
16 May 09:44


22 May 18:40

editorincreeps: soapamine: i-want-my-iwtv: dandelioncourt: // that scene where Lestat lunges at...





// that scene where Lestat lunges at Louie from off screen and starts to drink from him cracks me up because it reminds me so much of the R.O.U.S.’s scene from the Princess Bride hahaha


^This is bad and I should feel bad bUT I DO NOT.

oh my god this is the best thing ever



Oh G-d, you’re not wrong. 

21 May 21:29

pbsnature: The male sage-grouse has some tricks!To establish...


Documentary on birbs! Link in text.


The male sage-grouse has some tricks!

To establish mating rights, the male birds strut about, puffing up yellow air sacs in their breasts and making a series of popping sounds to intimidate other males. For weeks, they practice their elaborate display and square off with other arriving males, battling to establish dominance and territory. Successful males then display for discriminating females and are allowed to mate only if chosen as the most suitable. The criteria are a mystery to all but the females, nearly all of which select only one or two males on the lek each year.

The full Sagebrush Sea documentary is online [x]

This busty bird is featured in this wonderful new documentary about the “Sagebrush Sea” a sea of sagebrush that once covered nearly 500,000 square miles across North America. At first glance it looks mostly empty, but if you look closer you’ll notice a variety of wildlife.

22 May 09:44



baseball is the least interesting thing about baseball


21 May 22:38

bookoisseur: tastefullyoffensive: What even are owls. Ok if I...



What even are owls.

Ok if I was ever going to get a bird, it would have to be an owl.

Anne once read a book called Wesley the Owl that made us both completely fall in love with owls. They can’t ever be domesticated, really, but if you’re lucky enough to have one choose to live by you, try to get to know it.

22 May 11:10

hedendom: British photographer, Tom Mackie, captured this...


British photographer, Tom Mackie, captured this stunning image of the Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) while visiting Iceland.

Forming what looks to be a face, many locals suggested he had captured an image of a troll, vættir or perhaps even a higher power, manifested in the lights.

22 May 14:00

First Texas GOP lawmaker backs same-sex marriage

by VIA: Texas Observer
Sarah DavisRep. Sarah Davis (R-West University Place) expressed support for same-sex marriage Thursday, becoming the first Republican state lawmaker in Texas history to publicly do so.
22 May 17:30

TLC yanks ’19 Kids’ from schedule amid Josh Duggar molestation confession

by Staff Reports
TLCSources familiar with the situation tell TMZ, the fate of the show is uncertain, but there's now so much heat in the wake of Josh Duggar's molestation confession ... the network had to make the decision.
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22 May 21:41

commanderholly: clickatiel: A cockatiel singing Super Mario...





A cockatiel singing Super Mario Bros

From Le Jardin Des Animaux on Flickr

Paco needs to step up his game.

What even are birds?

22 May 15:49

“I cried so hard when they called her name that I...

“I cried so hard when they called her name that I started choking and my son asked if I needed an ambulance.”

22 May 04:01

Not Yours

by Robot Hugs

New comic!

This comic was originally created for Everyday Feminism here.

I have yet to meet a woman in a relationship with another woman who hasn’t encountered a guy suggesting a threesome. Hey dude, what’s up with taking the one of the only possible configurations of sex and intimacy that doesn’t involve you as a demographic, and then just mentally shoving yourself in the middle of it?

30 Apr 19:02

Great Job, Internet!: Leanflix helps viewers find out what’s streaming

by Rob Dean

via Sophianotloren

A new website in beta right now could help people find what they want to watch on all available streaming applications. Leanflix was created by a quartet of people to help locate the exact type of film couch potatoes are interested in and where to view it. Users can set genre types, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings, years released, MPAA ratings, and a few other metrics to find something that piques their interest. Then the site looks at Amazon, iTunes, HBO Go, Netflix to see options for streaming, renting, or buying.

These metrics help narrow down watching options in ways that no other streaming site offers, and would be great assets to all such platforms. The site is still taking new users’ suggestions and questions to improve, but for those looking for an R-rated ’80s horror film with a high Rotten Tomatoes audience score, Leanflix may just be the wave ...

19 May 17:13

the signs as troubled birds





























I am three ounces of whoops ass. 

I love this book! I actually picked up a copy of Guide to Troubled Birds last week. It’s so cute and a tad disturbing.

22 May 15:02

"White feminists like to pretend that they get it. They get it because they’ve been there. They’ve..."


via ThePrettiestOne

White feminists like to pretend that they get it. They get it because they’ve been there. They’ve experienced sexism. They’ve experienced misogyny. They’ve been passed over for promotions, whistled at on the street, and had to listen to boring dudes at parties who require approximately ten years of your time in order to explain how fascinating they actually are. These white women have been down in the feminist trenches for years, and like your world-weary Grandpa, they’ve seen it all. They understand the oppression of all women, ok?

Except not. Intersecting forces of oppression mean that women who are queer, racialized, disabled or trans will experience misogyny in very different (and frequently more deadly) ways than white women do. Saying that just because you’re a woman you totally understand all different ways that women are marginalized is not only wildly inaccurate, it’s also just plain ignorant. Just because you don’t have male privilege doesn’t mean you aren’t the proud owner of a whole host of other types of privilege. And whether you like it or not, those various forms of privilege influence how people treat you.

White women don’t own womanhood, and they don’t get to explain it to women of color. End of story.

- Shit White Feminists Need To Stop Doing — Human Parts — Medium (via sociolab)
22 May 01:58

coolthingoftheday: 1. Spun glass caterpillar2. Io caterpillar3....


why isn't 9 the death face caterpillar


1. Spun glass caterpillar

2. Io caterpillar

3. Jewel caterpillar

4. Unknown

5. Flannel caterpillar

6. Darth Vader caterpillar

7. Polyura Sempronius

8. Slug caterpillar

9. Big-headed caterpillar

10. American dagger caterpillar

Pictrues 1-10: cute blubby chubs whti wiguly little fwubs

22 May 19:00

If You Need Proof That Breast Policing Is Ridiculous, Look No Further Than These 4 Examples from Facebook

by James St. James
Person covering their breastsBy the time we got through these, we were really riled up.
21 May 23:04

new vid babes!  MASTURBATION!  let’s talk about:✔...

new vid babes!  MASTURBATION!  let’s talk about:

✔ masturbation stigma and shame
✔ childhood discovery
✔ why self pleasure is kinda (definitely) revolutionary

22 May 14:00

Why You MUST See Mad Max This Weekend

by Natalie Wilson

oh my god it was so good

spoiler alert!

212061A version of this article originally appeared on Skirt Collective

Much has been made of the call by Aaron Clarey in his piece “Why You Should Not Go See ‘Mad Max: Feminist Road.’” As many articles have discussed Clarey’s ridiculous, hyper-macho douchery, (for example, herehere and here), I will instead offer a counter call: Instead of “mancotting” the film as Clarey begs “real men and real women” to do, I urge you to GO SEE IT! Go now!

Here is part of Clarey’s original call for a boycott of the film:

[D]o yourself and all men across the world a favor. Not only REFUSE to see the movie, but spread the word to as many men as possible. Not all of them have the keen eye we do here at [Return of Kings]. And most will be taken in by fire, tornadoes and explosions. Because if they sheepishly attend and Fury Road is a blockbuster, then you, me, and all the other men (and real women) in the world will never be able to see a real action movie ever again that doesn’t contain some damn political lecture or moray about feminism, SJW-ing and socialism.

In response, here is my counter feminist call to action: Do yourself and others a favor—see Mad Max: Fury Road and tell as many humans as you know to see the film, to discuss it on social media, to decry the Men’s Rights Activists aiming to make the world a hyper-patriarchal dystopia where heterosexual macho types horde all the power with their weapons of choice, namely violence, oppression, rape, enslavement and hatred.

Not all people will recognize the importance of supporting this film, many may go for the special effects and the popcorn, but even if they don’t attend wearing “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts, they will still be treated to a great action movie which enacts feminism in both content and form. Those who see the film will help to pave the way for a future where real humans can enjoy movies that reflect the real world, which is made up of women AND men, boys AND girls, where gender is a continuum and NO, romance and baby-making are not the be-all and end-all of life.

See Mad Max: Fury Road. See it as soon as possible.

See it because Charlize Theron is amazing, Tom Hardy is a new and improved Max, and because the action is breathtaking and achieved with very little CGI.

See it because director George Miller happily proclaims: “I can’t help but be a feminist” and believes women are capable as actors and directors and are essential to telling imaginative, important stories—something that is all too rare a belief in Hollywood, where in the last several years, women directed less than 2 percent of top-grossing movies.

See it because it was edited by a woman, Margaret Sixel.

See it because Eve Ensler led workshops about violence against women with the cast and crew.

See it because, as MRA Clarey readily admits (perhaps his one correct point), Hollywood DOES condition us. As Carolyn Cox of The Mary Sue puts it,

By admitting they’re threatened by Charlize Theron … Clarey and his commenters are also agreeing that the media we consume and the stories we tell are hugely important.

See it because while Clarey worries women might be conditioned to want to be more like Imperator Furiosa than Sophia Loren (I know, WTF???), we can use that conditioning instead to feminist purpose. As Melissa Silverstein puts it,

A little girl can dream of being a hero just as much as a little boy can because she sees multiple examples of heroic women.

See it because, as Peter Howell documents, “Hollywood doesn’t often let females star in its big ‘tent-pole’ films” because “Male-dominated movie studios don’t believe female action movies make money.” See it because we need to remind Hollywood and MRAs this is false (as Hunger Games, InsurgentAlien, Terminator and so many other films prove that point).

See it to disprove Neanderthal thinking on the part of Marvel Comics CEO Ike Perlmutter and Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton who in a leaked email correspondence “proved” female superhero films don’t make money by naming three such films while ignoring the many female-driven films that have made money and dismissing just how many male-led superhero films have tanked.

See it because Clarey’s assertions are laughable, and contrary to his claim that “feminism has infiltrated and co-opted Hollywood,” we still have a Hollywood machine driven by a privileged male elite who don’t seem to want to give up their own little version of the world, their very own MRA movement—“Men Rule Art.”

See it because there is a culture shift happening in media, a wave that includes GamerGate, calls to stop online harassment (#StoptheTrolls), an evergrowing feminist blogosphere, and a growing call to Hollywood to wake up and smell the feminism.

See it because while some see MRAs as a non-threatening fringe, they DO warrant attention because they consistently and vehemently offer sexism as the answer and their websites and organizations garner thousands of followers. (For some truly horrifying evidence about MRA beliefs, you need look no further than David Futrelle’s piece on We Hunted the Mammoth, which documents some truly horrifying comments running the gamut from espousing beating one’s wife to denouncing one’s daughters if they dare to have college aspirations.)

See it because, as noted by Nicole Sperling in her piece on the film for Entertainment Weekly, it is “one glorious, relentless assault” that may make us “never look at action movies quite the same way again.” As Sperling notes, the film “challenges our perceptions about women and freedom, heroism and extremism.” However, while Sperling claims the film focuses on the “slavery endured by all women,” I would extend this—the film actually details how everyone is enslaved by patriarchy. Yes, the women are the sex slaves whose bodies are raped as well as forced into producing breast milk to feed male troops, but the male minions are also enslaved to the dystopian war machine and turned into heartless warriors and slave-laborers.

See it because Furiosa is not a “degendered…eunech warrior” (as claimed in the Sperling review) but rather a gender-queer, disabled, bad-ass feminist hero who proves that heroism has no one gender, no one body type, no one sexuality

See it because it suggests it will take collective action rather than one lone (male) hero to save the future. In the film, it takes Furiosa, five female “breeders,” a group of badass gun-toting grannies, as well as Mad Max and other males tuned to the feminist cause to bring down the likes of Immorten Joe, the villain at the heart of this iteration whose names speaks to the fact patriarchy is not “immortal” nor is the concept of your average (macho) Joe a thing to espouse.

See it because we are all on this tiny spinning planet together and only together can we find the “Green Place” espoused in the movie where the water will be clean and people will not be oppressed.

See it because if you have ever doubted the acting chops of Charlize Theron, this movie will convince you of her incredible talent. She is absolutely fierce as Furiosa. In a movie with very little dialogue and limited characterization, Theron is able to exude an intensity of will and palpable strength of character that is on par (if not exceeding) other female heroines such as Ripley and Sarah Connor.

See it for the grannies with their mad survival skills, for the fierce “Breeders” who refuse to be sex slaves, see it for its championing of the one-armed sharp shooter Furiosa. See it because how often do we see women portrayed as better survivors, snipers and drivers than men?

See it because it is the best feminist road movie since Thelma and Louise. See it because Furiosa’s story is so much more powerful than Black Widow’s in The Avengers. See it because we need to prove Hollywood big wigs wrong and make Clarey and his MRA minions STFU.

See it to piss off MRAs and show them feminists will not be stopped by their testicle-clutching pleas of superiority. See it for their daughters, and sons, and partners, who can hopefully grow into a world free of their “Immorten Joe” mentality.

Finally, see it because, yes, movies matter, and if we want more feminist-friendly blockbusters, we have to prove there is an audience willing to support such movies.

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Natalie Wilson 
teaches w
omen’s studies and literature at California State University, San Marcos. She is the author of Seduced by Twilight and blogs for Ms., Girl with Pen and Bitch Flicks.

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back dat ass up, bolin


worth the clickthrough

back dat ass up, bolin

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the soft boobies are not enough, pet meeee

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kinghardy: charleishunnam: “As you were reading the script did...



“As you were reading the script did you ever think, ‘Why are all these women in here? I thought this was supposed to be a man’s movie?’”

– Tom Hardy answering a (really dumb) question at the Mad Max: Fury Road Press Conference 


I just wanted to remember this (x)

Bless you for adding that on.

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andrejpejicjimmyvegafanfic: trouncing: REMEMBER SKIP-IT FROM THE 90’S my weapon of choice...


that shit HURT





my weapon of choice during school yard fights 

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starborn-vagaboo: grislyteeth: children if you know barn owls...




if you know barn owls then you already know what noise awaits you.

if you don’t, be prepared for the sound of pure, feathery rage given voice.

Being greeted by a box of baby barn owls.

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21 May 16:00

These First Time Parents Show You Exactly How To Introduce a Brand New Baby To Your Family Dog

Submitted by: (via Alexey M)