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20 Jul 14:28

They Opened the Granite Sarcophagus

by Miss Cellania

Last week we read about a black granite sarcophagus found underneath the city of Alexandria. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced that the sarcophagus has been opened. Sadly, the archaeologists found that while the stone coffin was sealed, it was not waterproof. The contents most likely do not include the remains of Alexander the Great, but we now know why it is so big- there are three skeletons inside. The automatic English translation of the Facebook post says,

Dr. Mostafa Ministers, Secretary-General of the high council of Antiquities, directed at the head of a scientific archaeological commission to the city of Alexandria to open the sarcophagus, which was detected in sidi jaber district
And he stated. My Minister has opened the coffin, showing that it was filled with sewage, which was leaked through the grove in this area, plus three skeletons.

Shaaban Abdul, specializing in the study of mummies and skeletons, confirmed that the initial preview of bone structures suggests that they are most likely to belong to three officers or military soldiers, where one of the skeletons found a blow to the arrow. I
He added dr. I would like to say that these structures discovered inside the coffin will be transferred to the museum of Alexandria's National Restoration Museum and study to learn more about skeletons, cause of death and historical era.
The coffin will be lifted after its initial restoration and transferred to Mustafa's entire warehouse in cooperation with the north military (engineering body).

As expected, there were no demons inside, but it will be some time before we can ascertain whether there is a curse attached. See more pictures at the Facebook post. They may be rather gruesome for sensitive souls. -via Buzzfeed

(Image credit: Ministry of Antiquities at Facebook)

20 Jul 12:05

Look at This Incredible New Armored Dinosaur Found in Utah

by George Dvorsky on Gizmodo, shared by Rob Bricken to io9

They’re calling this newly discovered dinosaur “thorny head,” and it’s changing what we know of North American ankylosaurs, the heavily armored herbivores that had the misfortune of living alongside Tyrannosaurus rex during the Late Cretaceous.


18 Jul 17:45

Software Development

Update: It turns out the cannon has a motorized base, and can make holes just fine using the barrel itself as a battering ram. But due to design constraints it won't work without a projectile loaded in, so we still need those drills.
16 Jul 18:10

Negative Results

P.S. We're going to the beach this weekend, so I'm attaching my preregistration forms for that trip now, before we find out whether it produces any interesting results.
13 Jul 17:30

An Apple for a Dollar

I'd like 0.4608 apples, please.
12 Jul 12:39

Mysterious Black Granite Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria

by Miss Cellania

It has never been easy to conduct archaeological digs in Alexandria, Egypt. The city founded by Alexander the Great has been continuously occupied, and now has a population of more than five million people. But in the 21st century, some amazing finds have been unearthed under the city streets, like the University of Alexandria. Just recently, in the Sidi Gaber district, a huge black granite coffin was uncovered. It has been sealed shut for 2,000 years. 

The ancient sarcophagus was found by local authorities during standard archaeological excavations conducted before the construction of a new building on Al-Karmili Street. It was found approximately 16 feet below ground. A rough alabaster bust of a man, likely a depiction of the body in the coffin, was also discovered in the tomb, which is believed to date from the era of the Ptolemies, the Greek royal family dynasty that ruled for roughly three centuries from 305 to 30 B.C.E.

According to the Ministry of Antiquities, the tomb is about 8.6 feet long and more than 5 feet wide. Mostafa Waziri, general secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, says it is the largest sarcophagus ever excavated in the city.

Who could be buried in such a substantial -and expensive- burial vault? Commenters at reddit are of the opinion that it's either Alexander the Great himself, or some unspeakable evil that will unleash a curse on the entire earth when the sarcophagus is eventually opened.

(Image credit: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)

11 Jul 15:33

Wall Art

At first, I moved from pokémon posters to regular oil paintings, but then these really grumpy and unreasonable detectives from the Louvre showed up and took them all. They wouldn't even give me back my thumbtacks!
09 Jul 20:32

Stargazing 2

I mean, it wasn't exactly MY thesis. When the FAA came to shut down our observatory for using the telescope mirror to shine light at airplanes, I took a thesis and a bunch of doctorates from the supply cabinet on my way out.
14 Jun 11:42

You Can Build This Cardboard Darth Vader Costume in Less Time Than It Takes to Watch Star Wars

by Andrew Liszewski

When October 30th rolls around, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a memorable, last-minute Halloween costume that will just end up hanging in the back of your closet the rest of the year. A Japanese stationery brand has created a cheap, build-it-yourself cardboard alternative that still looks like you…


13 Jun 12:24

The Hypnotic Wavy Fins on This Swimming Alien-Like Robot Make It Agile as Hell

by Andrew Liszewski on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Replicating the complicated muscle structure that allows fish to wiggle their bodies and dart through the water is no easy feat. But not every underwater creature moves that way. Cuttlefish instead use long fins that undulate in waves to propel themselves, which is an approach that robotics maker Festo found…


12 Jun 11:52

Star Wars: luminária de mesa inspirada em uma nave TIE Fighter

by Monique Levy

O trabalho às vezes pode ser entediante, mas não significa que a sua mesa também precisa ser. Uma forma de torná-lo mais interessante é com essa luminária inspirada em uma nave TIE Fighter, de Star Wars. Ela é articulável e permite regular a iluminação da forma que precisar no seu espaço de trabalho ou quarto. Ainda não é possível explodir caças estelares X-Wing com ela mas com certeza irá trazer luz para o lado escuro da sua mesa. :)

Star Wars: luminária de mesa inspirada em uma nave TIE Fighter

A luminária é um produto oficial licenciado de Star Wars e funciona através de conexão USB, incluindo um cabo de 3 metros. Mede cerca de 60 cm de altura quando está totalmente estendida e possui uma luz de LED na extremidade final da base articulada – igual a uma luminária comum de mesa.

Para combater o lado negro da força, seja em casa ou no trabalho, essa incrível luminária de mesa TIE Fighter é a aliada que você precisa pra cumprir suas tarefas!

Star Wars: luminária de mesa inspirada em uma nave TIE Fighter


Características do produto:

  • Luminária de Mesa articulável Star Wars TIE Fighter
  • Produto licenciado e oficial Star Wars
  • 60 cm de altura quando estendida
  • Design de luminária articulável
  • Fonte de alimentação através de cabo USB (cabo de 3 metros incluso)
  • Medidas: 31cm x 23.5cm x 5.5cm

A luminária pode ser comprada nos sites The Fowndry e Merchoid.

Esse post Star Wars: luminária de mesa inspirada em uma nave TIE Fighter apareceu primeiro em Garotas Nerds.

11 Jun 15:27

These Are the Oldest Known Footprints on the Planet

by George Dvorsky on Gizmodo, shared by Jill Pantozzi to io9

An international team of researchers is claiming to have discovered the world’s oldest footprints. Dating back a whopping 550 million years and found in a limestone bed in China, the prints were made by an unknown sea creature that was undoubtedly very strange.


06 Jun 12:41

Presidential Succession

Ties are broken by whoever was closest to the surface of Europa when they were born.
01 Jun 12:26

INTENSE: The Sport Of Dodging A Spear Repeatedly Jabbed At Your Face

This is a video of Shen Qing & Zhang Yangyang's choreographed spear routine from the China National Wushu Games in Tianjin, China. Basically, one woman repeatedly stabs a spear at the other's head and body, and she dodges. VERY QUICKLY. Even watching the video at 0.25x speed on Youtube it's impressive. How do they even practice this? "Hopefully with a mask." Obviously, this is not a sport I would be very good at. Competitive eating? Absolutely. Sleeping? Reigning champion. "I bet I could beat you." I'm asleep right now. "Same, and I have been for hours." I was born asleep and still haven't woken up. Keep going for the insane video.
01 Jun 12:25

The History of the Pineapple

by Miss Cellania

Europe had no pineapples, and they were completely unknown there until Christopher Columbus returned from his second voyage to the New World in 1496. He packed some of the fruit for import along with parrots, tomatoes, tobacco, and pumpkins. While the tobacco and pumpkins survived the journey the best, it was the pineapple that really made an impression.

The fateful pineapple that reached King Ferdinand was the sole survivor: it was the only specimen that had not dissolved into a sticky rot during the journey. It produced enough of an impression for Peter Martyr, tutor to the Spanish princes, to record the first tasting: “The most invincible King Ferdinand relates that he has eaten another fruit brought from those countries. It is like a pine-nut in form and colour, covered with scales, and firmer than a melon. Its flavour excels all other fruits.” At least part of the excitement came from the fruit’s spiked form, which sent Europeans into rapture. King Ferdinand’s envoy to Panama, Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdes, writes, “[It is] the most beautiful of any fruits I have seen. I do not suppose there is in the whole world any other of so exquisite and lovely appearance.” The sweetness of the pineapple, too, should not go unmentioned. Renaissance Europe was a world essentially bereft of common sweets. Sugar refined from cane was an expensive commodity, and orchard-grown fruits were subject to seasons. The pineapple may well have been the tastiest thing anyone had ever eaten. But delicious or otherwise, it was still the preserve of adventurers, and the pineapple might never have made it into common lore if it hadn’t coincided with yet another global development: the widespread dissemination of the written word.

Pineapple became a sensation for three reasons: it was completely new, it was expensive due to shipping and was therefore reserved for the wealthy, and it was really tasty. Read about the rise of the pineapple at The Paris Review.

-via Messy Nessy Chic

01 Jun 12:24

An Old Pokemon Gold Demo Was Found and It Has TONS of Unseen Pokemon


For decades, diehards were searching for the mysterious demo of Pokemon Gold that showed up at Nintendo's Spaceworld show in 1997. Tales were told of unused Pokemon evolutions, de-evolutions and creatures that were cut entirely and never seen again. This early build, has only surfaced in magazines and some grimy VHS footage. Until now. 

Since getting their hands on the holy grail of Pokemon history, The Cutting Room Floor, 4chan and Reddit have gutted the Spaceworld demo and found all sorts of wild stuff, including Pokemon made by Nintendo that no one has ever seen. Don't worry, not all of the findings are as horrifying as Ditto's lost evolution Animon (shown above).

There's so much going on that it might be a little hard to parse it all, so we've pulled out some of the most fascinating bits.

There are quite a few never-before-seen Pokemon evolutions in the unreleased build. Farfetch'd, for instance, was going to have an evolution named Madame.


Years before Tangrowth was introduced in Diamond and Pearl, Tangela had a different evolution: Gelanla.


Then there's Pinsir, who had an evolved form named Plux.


Several familiar Pokemon were also assigned de-evolution versions in the early Gold build. The pre-evolution of Vulpix was named Trifox.


The pre-evolution of Doduo was called Chiks. In a disturbing twist, Chiks has three heads. Where does the third one go when it evolves? Does it just hide until Dodrio comes along?


Meowth was slated to have a gosh-dang adorable pre-evolution named Meowsy. I love everything about this.


Some familiar Pokemon also show up in the build looking a bit different. Remoraid and Octillery were originally going to have more weapon/military-style features. Octillery would have actually been more like artillery!



A handful of brand-new Pokemon were also unearthed in the demo, like the fantastic Tigrette and Electiger here.


Then there's Turban, who appears to be a separate version of the Pokemon that bites onto Slowbro's tail. This makes so much sense.


There were even prototype starter Pokemon that were completely different than what we got. Instead of the Cyndaquil line, the demo build had Flambear, Volbear and Dynabear. 


There were different water starters too. Meet Cruz, Aqua and Aquaria. They almost seem like Popplio from Sun/Moon, don't they?


The coolest Gold omission might be the shark Pokemon Ikari, which has an anchor for a tail.


As our own Justin Hall points out, a fan came up with a VERY similar Fakemon years before this Pokemon was unearthed.

Even more bonkers than that, just a couple of weeks ago during an episode of Drawfee, CollegeHumor's Jacob Andrews drew his own new Pokemon. It looks EXACTLY like the Doduo pre-evolution that was just discovered. 



This seems to be happening a lot, as 4chan found.


Be sure to check out the work of The Cutting Room Floor wiki more info on this incredible find!

01 Jun 12:21

Amazing Animated Monster Fight Cartoon Filmed In A Single Shot

This is an awesome monster fight animation created with pencil drawings on pieces of cut out poster board that was all filmed as one continuous shot with an iPhone. Plus the artist shows you how it was filmed after the animation itself, which might have been even more interesting than the actual cartoon. Did any of that even make sense? I don't know, just watch it -- I'm bad at describing things. "Your dating profile reads 'Fun loving dud with a beer belly.'" Okay now that I nailed. Keep going for the video while I speculate why none of the ladies on CheapDates don't ever want to message such a fun loving dud.
29 May 14:31

20 Maravilhosos Bolos Artísticos que vão explodir sua cabeça!

by Diana Martins
Tinha que ser coisa de Russo! Elena Gnut é uma confeiteira de 31 anos do Kaliningrado, Rússia, que ganhou mais de 150mil seguidores no Instagram após exibir seus designs de bolos artísticos, estupidamente maravilhosos! Elena cria tanto bolos clássicos, elegantes, creeps e também únicos como em contos de fadas. Mas melhor do que falar, é ver as imagens […]
28 May 21:13

Selection Effect

fMRI testing showed that subjects who don't agree to participate are much more likely to escape from the machine mid-scan.
25 May 19:14


By clicking anywhere, scrolling, or closing this notification, you agree to be legally bound by the witch Sycorax within a cloven pine.
24 May 12:40

Business Update

Our customers keep sending us their personal information, even though we've repeatedly asked them to stop. The EU told me I'm the heir to some ancient European throne that makes me exempt from the GDPR, but we should probably still try to fix that.
18 May 13:22

Criando esculturas na ponta de um lápis. Incrível!

by ONEberto

Esse é o trabalho de Cindy Chinn. O que ele faz? Cria esculturas nas pontas de lápis. O resultado é surpreendente!





16 May 13:05


I was just disassembling it over the course of five hours so it would fit in the trash more efficiently.
14 May 18:51

Married To The Dark Side: A Death Star Engagement Ring

death-star-ring-1.jpg Because nothing says our love is eternal like a space-based superweapon, these are the Death Star engagement rings crafted and sold by Etsy shop AlienFormsJewelery. They're available in a variety of silver and gold finishes and range in price from $450 (sterling silver) to $1,200 (18k gold). You also have the option to have a cubic zircon (included in price) or another gemstone (extra) set in the eye of the superlaser. I asked my girlfriend if this is the engagement ring she wanted and she just gave me a dirty look, which I mistook for bedroom eyes and now I'm naked and alone, ruining the freshly washed duvet again with chocolate covered cherry tomatoes (they're all I had). Keep going for several more shots of the different metal varieties available.
14 May 18:46

A Yoda Using The Force To Hold Books Up Bookend

yoda-bookend-1.jpg This is the Star Wars Yoda Metal Bookend available from Hallmark ($20). It's similar in style to these superhero bookends posted previously. When used correctly (read: putting the vertically slanted end inside the pages of the first book), it looks like Yoda is holding your books up with magic the Force. When used incorrectly, I was experimenting how it worked as a doorstop and accidentally stepped on Yoda and snapped him off the base and great, this was supposed to be a present for somebody. Keep going for one more shot with no books in case you don't have any books but really love this bookend.
11 May 11:51

Acredite, isso foi feito de papel; veja as fotos

by ONEberto

Se você não sabe, existe um grupo de artistas que trabalham com esculturas feitas com papel, o Paper Artists Collective. Esses caras conseguem construir incríveis artes com espantoso nível de detalhes. Para entender o que estou falando, dá uma olhada nessas imagens.





07 May 18:59

Driving Cars

It's probably just me. If driving were as dangerous as it seems, hundreds of people would be dying every day!
07 May 15:04


"Ugh, TMI." "Yeah, that's some tantalizing meat info."
03 May 17:55

Guerra Infinita se torna a maior abertura em todos os tempos e da sequência a uma brincadeira que começou há 40 anos

by Luide

Com US$ 258 milhões, Vingadores: Guerra Infinita se tornou a maior abertura em todos os tempos nos EUA. O filme tirou Star Wars: O Despertar da Força do topo e já em seu primeiro fim de semana arrecadou impressionantes US$ 640 milhões. Com isso uma velha tradição de Hollywood aconteceu novamente e tudo começou em 1977.

Era dezembro daquele ano e Star Wars: Uma Nova Esperança tirou Tubarão do topo das bilheterias. Steven Spielberg e George Lucas eram velhos amigos, e Spielberg resolveu parabenizar Lucas pelo feito com uma mensagem.

Não demorou muito e em 1982 E.T. – O Extraterrestre quebrou o recorde de Star Wars, aí foi a vez de George Lucas retribuir a gentiliza.

Só em 1997 o recorde foi batido novamente com… adivinha só? Star Wars e seu relançamento nos cinemas. Mais uma vez os Reis do Box Office trocaram parabenizações.

A farra dos amigos acabou em 1999 quando Titanic chegou arregaçando com tudo. James Cameron não estava muito ligado na brincadeira, mas Lucas fez questão de seguir com o combinado.

Só que o otário do James Cameron quase deixou a brincadeira morrer em 2012, quando Os Vingadores ultrapassou a bilheteria doméstica de Titanic no primeiro fim de semana. O tempo passou e a cultura pop sofreu calada, até que em 2015 Jurassic World destronou Vingadores. A Marvel fez questão de parabenizar:

Só que os dinossauros não ficaram muito tempo no topo até que em dezembro do mesmo ano, O Despertar da Força deu novamente a um filme de Star Wars o posto de maior abertura em todos os tempos.

Abril de 2018 e o recorde foi quebrado, mas agora estamos todos em casa sob as asas da Disney. Sendo assim, é óbvio que a brincadeira não vai acabar.

E segue o jogo. Quem vai tirar Thanos do topo das bilheterias?

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02 May 17:29


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