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07 Apr 13:12

Homemade Masks

I'm going to change the sign so the pole is horizontal and the sign is mounted on the front like a plunger, so I can carry it around like a lance to gently push people back if they try to approach.
06 Apr 17:47

UK Police Release Dalek To Remind People To Stay Indoors

police-dalek-warning.jpg This is a video from the parody Twitter account for the Sandford, England police department (from Hot Fuzz), who unleashed a Dalek on the streets to remind people to stay indoors, regularly repeating, "All humans must keep indoors. All humans will self isolate. By order of the Daleks." Pretty scary, right? And by scary I mean I'd strip that Dalek for parts faster than a band of Jawas. Also is there really a police department out there that has the funding for a Dalek? Because my local police department doesn't even have cars, just Razor scooters. Keep going for the full video.
03 Apr 11:40

Screaming Oreo

by John Farrier

Michael Reid, an art dealer in Sydney, Australia, expresses the existential angst that many of us are starting to feel while in quarantine. Like Edvard Munch's inner voice, he screams. Let us all make food art from our stash. But beware: once the cookies are used up, they're gone for food.

-via Lustik

31 Mar 12:09

Pathogen Resistance

We're not trapped in here with the coronavirus. The coronavirus is trapped in here with us.
27 Mar 18:04

Flying Saucer Abducting Cows Paperclip Holder

ufo-paperclip-dispenser-1.jpg This is the 'Filing Saucer' (very clever) paperclip dispenser available from Fred (a fairly reasonable $12). Thanks to a magnet in the bottom of the UFO, it looks like the aliens are actually abducting cow shaped paperclips. At least until you run out of cow shaped paperclips and replace them with regular ones, then it just looks like the aliens are just abducting regular paper clips, and now why would aliens be abducting regular paper clips? It doesn't make any sense! Keep going for a couple more shots in case those might affect your purchase decision.
13 Mar 12:19

Oh Wow; Guy Makes Impressive Diablo Statue With 3-D Printing Pen

diablo-3d-printed-sculpture.jpg Note: Subtitles on. This is a video of humorous Youtuber 3D SANAGO crafting a Diablo statue using a 3-D printing pen. It does have a basic wire armature and electronics for its light effects inside, but is otherwise all extruded plastic. Very impressive. Per 3D SANAGO: "Just work hard for 3 weeks and buy one instead," he jokes. "It's better for your mental health." Which, coincidentally, is equally valuable information if you were considering building your own love doll. Keep going for the full video, but it is 18 minutes so feel free to skip around.
13 Mar 12:15

The Tiniest Dinosaur Ever Found

by Miss Cellania

We think of dinosaurs as big and birds as small. The connection between the two types of animals is displayed in a very small piece of amber with a 99-million-year-old skull inside. The skull is only 7 millimeters long and belongs to the newly-named species Oculudentavis khaungraae, a bird-like dinosaur discovered in Myanmar.

Using high-resolution synchrotron CT scanning, the researchers were able to study the fossil in exquisite detail, without having to crack it open. The skull measures just 7.1 millimeters in length, which is comparable in size to the skull of a bee hummingbird, the smallest modern bird living today.

“The discovery suggests that miniature body sizes in birds evolved earlier than previously recognized, and might provide insights into the evolutionary process of miniaturization,” wrote Roger Benson, a paleobiologist from the University of Oxford who wasn’t involved with the research, in a Nature News & Views article. “In this case, weighing perhaps 2 grams, Oculudentavis is about one-sixth of the size of the smallest known early fossil bird. This indicates that, only shortly after their origins late in the Jurassic period (which lasted from about 201 million to 145 million years ago), birds had already attained their minimum body sizes.”

This is one strange creature. It had plenty of teeth, and eyes that were like a lizard in some ways, like an owl in other way. Read about this discovery and what it tells us about the history of dinosaurs and birds at Gizmodo.

(Image credit: Lida Xing)

10 Mar 12:16

Scientific Briefing

"I actually came in in the middle so I don't know which topic we're briefing on; the same slides work for like half of them."
09 Mar 13:40

Yoshinori Kitase, produtor da Square Enix, gostaria de fazer remake de Final Fantasy V

by Priscila Ganiko

Produtor expressou vontade pessoal durante entrevista

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03 Mar 19:27

Coronavirus Name

It's important to keep the spider from touching your face.
28 Feb 12:19

Parasite's Gorgeous Storyboards Are Being Translated and Turned Into a Truly Cinematic 'Graphic Novel'

by Charles Pulliam-Moore

Parasite director Bong Joon-ho is known for visualizing the scenes in his films in fine detail, and pouring his ideas into meticulously crafted storyboards that read almost as cinematically as the final product. Given Parasite’s widespread critical acclaim, it’s no surprise that the movie’s storyboards are getting a…


26 Feb 15:39

There's a Lot More Happening Inside Mars Than We Knew

by Ryan F. Mandelbaum on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Scientists have published a treasure trove of new research from the InSight lander’s first year on Mars, showing just how active the Red Planet really is.


20 Feb 12:43

Picking Bad Stocks

On the news a few days later: "Buzz is building around the so-called 'camping Roomba' after a big investment. Preorders have spiked, and..."
17 Feb 13:32

Extinct Turtle Weighed 2,500 Pounds

by Miss Cellania

A giant extinct turtle was discovered in the tropical regions of South America in the 1970s. It was given the painfully generic name of Stupendemys geographicus. The turtle lived five to ten million years ago, but only recently have fossils been found that are intact enough to give us a real vision of its size. The S. geographicus fossil shown above is accompanied by a paleontologist for scale.  

Researchers of the University of Zurich (UZH) and fellow researchers from Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil have now reported exceptional specimens of the extinct turtle recently found in new locations across Venezuela and Colombia. “The carapace of some Stupendemys individuals reached almost three meters, making it one of the largest, if not the largest turtle that ever existed,” says Marcelo Sánchez, director of the Paleontological Institute and Museum of UZH and head of the study. The turtle had an estimated body mass of 1,145 kg (~2,500 pounds) — almost one hundred times that of its closest living relative, the big-headed Amazon river turtle.

Believe it or not, this turtle had to worry about predators. Read about the largest turtle ever at SciTechDaily.

(Image credit: Edwin Cadena)

14 Feb 12:05

What The?: Silo Collapses In The Most Beautiful Way Possible

This is a short video of a silo demolition that goes not according to plan in what is arguably the most beautiful way possible. It's like it was making a run for it until it had no more leg to stand on. Honestly, when the Lord calls me home that's exactly how I want to go too. "In the most beautiful way possible?" No, in some freezing-ass cornfield in the middle of nowhere. You know sometimes I worry about you. Keep going for the video, which is worth a watch for the better frame rate and audio.
14 Feb 12:03

3D Printers Are Finally Starting to Work More Like Star Trek's Replicators

by Andrew Liszewski on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Transporters? Spaceships that can travel at the speed of light? Star Trek introduced us to many fantastical technologies that have us looking forward to the 23rd century. But we might not have to wait that long for all the tech Captain Kirk had to play with, as 3D printing has taken another big step toward making…


14 Feb 12:03

Mysterious Object Beyond Pluto Could Help Explain How Our Solar System Formed

by Ryan F. Mandelbaum on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Nothing you encounter is truly “pristine.” Nearly every atom on our planet has been processed in some way, either by humans, the Sun, Earth’s core, or other influences. But on New Year’s Day 2019, the New Horizons mission flew past one of the most pristine objects in the solar system: Arrokoth, an object far beyond…


13 Feb 19:12

I'll Go This Way, No This Way!: Pendulum Swinging Above Magnets With Reversed Polarity

This is a video of a magnetic pendulum constructed by Youtuber markhacks trying to navigate its way atop a minefield of magnets with reversed polarity. The way it moves, it kinda reminds me of-- "My boner while trying to follow along with one of those 80's Jazzercise videos." OMG I thought the exact same thing! "Really? So are we workout partners now or what?" I will always be your spotter. *watching you crush yourself under barbell* Weird ass boner dude. Keep going for the full video.
13 Feb 12:45


Blockchains are like grappling hooks, in that it's extremely cool when you encounter a problem for which they're the right solution, but it happens way too rarely in real life.
12 Feb 12:19

Lunatic Returns Canned Corn Kernels To Cobs To Determine Approximately How Many Cobs Are In A Can

This is a video of Youtuber Curiosityandbeyond (I'd argue this has gone waaaaaay beyond curiosity) returning the corn kernels from a Russian can of Heinz sweet corn to existing cobs to determine approximately how many cobs worth of corn are in a can. The result? SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: two. Granted I'm not sure how this compares to the cans of corn I buy because I don't get the Heinz cans from Russia, but valuable information nonetheless, and I can't wait to spread this knowledge at happy hour on Friday where everyone will be convinced I'm the world's most interesting man, or wish I'd already been eighty-sixed, which I have been, but *setting empty bottle on bar* this bartender is new and doesn't-- "Hey aren't you the guy who peed in the pool table?" Gotta go! Keep going for the video while I wonder if the internet could get any more internetty.
10 Feb 19:52

Gatos desenhados de forma 100% acurada.

by Zanfa
10 Feb 19:40

Impressively Synchronized Japanese 'Fake Mirror' Performance

This is a video of a fake mirror act from Japan starring a gymnast perfectly in sync with her live action mirrored reflections. That must have taken some practice. Way more practice than I'd be willing to participate in, just so we're clear. "You must be great on a team, GW." I really am. *pegs own teammate in back of head with dodge ball* Out of the way, fartbox! Keep going for the performance.
06 Feb 12:55

Longcat: The Next Generation

by Miss Cellania

(Image credit: ryan4637)

The way a cat stretches is so impressive that it inspired Pilates and a long-lived internet meme. In fact, the world is full of longcats!

(Image credit: Stuckurface)

How do they do that? My theory is that a feline spine is constructed like a Slinky. Made of rubber.

(Image credit: dead_marine)

See a collection of the 80 finest longcats found on the internet in a ranked list at Bored Panda.

03 Feb 14:55

A Handwoven Moving Block That Changes Its Shape

by sodiumnami

Studio Drift created a large-scale moving block as a modern interpretation of one of the world’s oldest operas, l’orfeo. ‘EGO’ is handwoven from 10 miles of reflective Japanese fluorocarbon. Studio drift had to develop its own weaving room for the production of the moving block. Designboom has more details: 

during the performance, a puppeteer directs the block live via algorithms and software so that it is completely aligned with the dancers and singers. as the object changes shape and state, it conveys the shifting perspectives of the opera’s protagonist
l’orfeo, a major multidisciplinary performance — collaboratively created by director monique wagemakers, choreographer nanine linning, and artist lonneke gordijn (studio drift) — premiered in the netherlands on january 28, 2020. ‘developing this opera in a close collaborative process with director monique wagemakers and choreographer nanine linning opened up my eyes for the magical possibilities of a theater setting and made me re-think the role of the public and its importance in our work,’ explains lonneke gordijn, who founded studio drift with ralph nauta in 2007.
another world is created in which an entire group is immersed simultaneously,’ gordijn continues. ‘techniques can be used that create visual effects that are impossible in a ‘real’ situation. stimulating all the senses with amazing power and impact. it was a delight to be introduced to this new world and I feel inspired to explore in more depth how we can bring and audience through an emotional journey with artworks outside of the theater or gallery space. in this 
process we enhanced each other, puzzling together to sculpt an experience where dance, music, voice, sculpture and technology become one voice.’

image via Designboom

30 Jan 18:43

Whoa: The Most Detailed Images Of The Sun Ever Captured

sun-detail-1.jpg These are the most detailed images of the sun taken to date, captured by the National Science Foundation's recently completed Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope atop the summit of Haleakala, Maui, in Hawai'i. Some more info about just what the hell we're looking at, which apparently isn't unpopped popcorn:
The image shows a pattern of turbulent, "boiling" gas that covers the entire sun. The cell-like structures - each about the size of Texas - are the signature of violent motions that transport heat from the inside of the sun to its surface. Hot solar material (plasma) rises in the bright centers of "cells," cools off and then sinks below the surface in dark lanes in a process known as convection. In these dark lanes we can also see the tiny, bright markers of magnetic fields. Never before seen to this clarity, these bright specks are thought to channel energy up into the outer layers of the solar atmosphere called the corona. These bright spots may be at the core of why the solar corona is more than a million degrees!
Fascinating. I can still remember the first time I looked at the sun through binoculars when I was a kid and couldn't see at night for two weeks. I also remember the first time I looked at a booger under a microscope. My point is, science: I've been doing it for a long time. Keep going for a trippy gif of the sun in action. I think the devil tried to speak to me!
30 Jan 18:42

You're Hurting My Brain: Ames Window Optical Illusion

This is a vintage video of Deane Hutton from the Australian children's television program The Curiosity Show discussing and demonstrating the Ames window optical illusion, a two dimensional window that appears to stop and change direction when it's actually spinning 360-degrees. Admittedly, an impressive illusion. Still, the most impression illusion of all time remains-- "Whatever you orchestrated to score a girlfriend." Now that was just pure magic. No but seriously I was going to say-- "The detachable thumb trick." HOW DO THEY DO IT? Keep going for this video, as well as another they did prior because the illusion was so popular.
29 Jan 18:10

Fan-Made Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Animation In The Style Of A Studio Ghibli Movie

This is a short The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild fan-made animation in the style of a Studio Ghibli movie. I enjoyed it. Of course I enjoy almost anything Zelda or Studio Ghibli. Unfortunately, as much as it pains me to admit since I'm such a bigger Zelda fan than all of you combined and doubled, I'm only just now playing Breath Of The Wild because it took two and a half years for somebody to finally buy me a Nintendo Switch. "Why didn't you buy one yourself?" What's it look like, I'm made of money? "More like piled turds." Like dry and tough like little bricks or-- "Fresh and mushy." You're a jerk. Keep going for the video.
27 Jan 20:31

What Sorcery is This?: Stream Appears To Flow Uphill

This is a video from near the French border in northern Spain of a stream that appears to flow upward. Why is it doing that? Let me copy/paste that for you while I try to convince a coworker pee actually flows from the urinal into your penis:
A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill, mystery hill, mystery spot, gravity road, or anti-gravity hill, is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces an optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.
Fascinating. You know I really do learn something new every day. Granted nothing that's going to help me succeed at a life, but that didn't stop me from going to college for seven years either, did it? "How are those student loans, GW?" Suffocating. "After all this time?" Always. Keep going for the full video.
27 Jan 14:55

Holy Smokes: A Full Length Shot-For-Shot Remake Of Toy Story 3 In Real Life

toy-story-3-irl.jpg Eight years in the making (and after receiving Disney's permission to post without cease and desisting), this is Toy Story 3 IRL (links to Facebook project page), a shot-for-shot remake of Pixar's Toy Store 3 faithfully recreated by brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew (an M named family) using stop action in real life (previously posted trailer HERE). That...must have been a hell of an undertaking. Still, the results speak for themselves and *nudging results on stage* well -- go on. "We suck." Dammit, no -- just like we practiced earlier. "We're awesome!" That's more like it! Now let's go get some pizza and ice cream, champs. Keep going for the video, which, yes, is an hour and forty minutes long because it is the whole movie shot-for-shot.
27 Jan 13:02

Kylo Ren Returns to Saturday Night Live for Another Round of Undercover Boss

by Julie Muncy

And he only kills, like, a couple of people. Truly, he’s growing.