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14 Nov 12:20

Machine Learning Captcha

More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]
14 Nov 12:19

Scientists May Have Figured out Why We Hiccup

by John Farrier

Scientists at University College London studied thirteen newborn babies. The researchers found that when the babies hiccuped, there was a surge of neural activity. They speculate that hiccuping teaches babies how to regulate their own breathing. CNN reports:

Scientists found that contractions in the babies' diaphragms produced three brainwaves, and believe that through the third brainwave babies may be able to link the 'hic' sound of the hiccup to the physical contraction they feel.
Kimberley Whitehead, the study's lead author, told CNN: "The muscle contraction of a hiccup is quite big -- it's good for the developing brain because it suddenly gives a big boost of input, which helps the brain cells to all link together for representing that particular body part."

Whitehead thinks that hiccuping adults are just engaging in an old reflex that is no longer useful. It's a holdover from infancy.

-Thanks, Virginia! | Photo: Rachel Wilder

11 Nov 17:55

MIT's Self-Assembling Modular Robotic Cubes

This is a video demonstration of the M-Block 2.0 self-assembling modular robotic cubes developed at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. You may recall version 1.0 previously seen back in 2013 HERE. "I do not." Me neither. The cubes can move on their own (including rolling, jumping, and climbing other cubes) thanks to the angular momentum created via braking of a 20,000RPM internal flywheel, and can self-assemble into a variety of different structures, which, based on a quick skip-around of the video, did not include a flesh-melting laser cannon, which is a relief. Or a penis, which is a shame. Keep going for the video demo.
11 Nov 13:36

Pumpkin Potter

by Diana Persaud

Harry Potter pumpkin is a part of a hospital pumpkin decorating contest in Brampton, Ontario.

08 Nov 15:22

Suramar Replicated in The Sims 4 by SatiSim

SatiSim has done it again, combining their love for Warcraft and The Sims 4 by rebuilding Suramar in The Sims 4. Previously, they brought Darnassus, Booty Bay, Dalaran, and Darkmoon Faire to life!

In this replica of Suramar, the magical city of the Nightborne encountered in Legion, you'll find the distinctive purple-hued buildings of the city, complete with magical flowers, runes, and luxurious accessories.

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08 Nov 15:19

What Sorcery Is This?: An Optical Illusion Chair

This is a brief video of a man demonstrating an optical illusion chair. Haha, very funny -- all I wanted to do was sit and rest my legs for a bit because I've been on my feet all day working, and now I have half an armrest up my keister. "Half of?" All of. Plus a handcuff key, two hundred dollars and a burner phone just in case. Keep going for the full video, with a little bit more pan around reveal at the end.
08 Nov 15:15

This Two-Faced Sculpture Shows Different People, Back and Front

by John Farrier

The historical figure of Johann Georg Faust was a 16th Century German occultist. The legendary Faust was a character written about in plays in stories since that time. This fictional Faust sold his soul to Satan for dark powers. His wickedness is contrasted with that of the lady Margareta, a woman of humility and holiness, whom Faust covets. Faust is encouraged down his dark path by the demon Mephistopheles.

This inspired a now-unknown 18th Century sculptor to carve a single log of sycamore wood into a sculpture that, when viewed from one side shows Mephistopheles and, from the other, shows Margareta. It is on display at the  Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad, India. You can see more photos of this remarkable piece at My Modern Met.

Photo: Salar Jung Museum

06 Nov 13:17

LEGO Dinosaur Fossil Set Becomes Reality

lego-dinosaur-fossils-1.jpg After some fan-submitted LEGO dinosaur fossil sets gained enough traction on the LEGO Ideas website to warrant review and potential production, the company is releasing set #21320, 'Dinosaur Fossils', a 910-piece set that includes 1:32 scale fossil displays of a t-rex, triceratops, and pteranodon. Plus a minifig and skeleton minifig. The set costs $60, is available now, and sadly might be the closest I'll ever come to realizing my dream of being a paleontologist. "Awww, GW, it's never too la--" Don't you inspirational poster me. That ship has sailed and you know it. Keep going for the video.
05 Nov 15:15

Skeletal Table

by John Farrier

I can appreciate Simon Fearnhamm's morbid sense of humor. This piece is titled "Full Throttle." Although it's only one of two items currently on sale in his Etsy shop, pictures of some of his other works are visible on Saatchi Art.

As it is priced at over $24,000, convincing my wife to acquire this table for our home will be a hard sell. If I don't ask her first, then I'll be the skeleton on the left side of the photo.

04 Nov 20:09

This Amazing Artist Turns Food Packaging into Fanciful Sculptures

by John Farrier

Julius Pringle, the Pringles mascot, steps to life gracefully from the can which contained his potato chips. This is one of many sculptures by Japanese artist Harukiru. Food packages, absent the contents, are the base materials for his sculptures of humans, machines, musical instruments, and more. In Harukiru's hands, a box of Oreo cookies can become a fighter jet and a box of whisky can be a knight in full plate armor.

30 of his works are currently on display at a museum in Tokyo. This compilation video shows many of those works.

-via Technabob

04 Nov 13:24

The Witcher tem sete temporadas planejadas, segundo showrunner

by Fernanda Talarico

Lauren Hissrich não quer colocar todas as energias apenas no primeiro ano da série

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01 Nov 14:46

Better Safe Than Sorry: Dog Riding In Car Ducks Under Every Bridge

This is a short video of a precious angel riding shotgun and cautiously ducking under all the bridges it passes. Better safe than sorry -- that's my motto. "I just saw you drink from a bottle under the break room sink that had a skull and crossbones on it." What's your point? "It's poison?" Poison -- or pirate party juice? "You got me, you should have another gulp." Yarr! Keep going for the whole video.
01 Nov 14:45

Screen Time

These new Bluetooth socks are great, but it's troubling to learn that I average almost 14 hours of Shoe Time a day.
01 Nov 11:57

Two Sisters' Amazing Lunar Lander And Astronaut Halloween Costumes

This is a short video of big sister Charlie dressed as the Apollo 11 lunar lander and little sister Ellie as an astronaut. I'm not sure who the Mercedes is. In a parent's own words while I daydream about going back to the moon. "You haven't been to the moon." *licking cheese from between fingers* You don't know where I've been:
With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Charlie and I had been reading about the Apollo 11 mission and Neil Armstrong -- and I cannot recommend the book "I am Neil Armstrong" highly enough. Charlie (age 5) is the lunar module itself, and her little sister Ellie (age 2) is an astronaut. Charlie enters the costume by crawling underneath and there is a pair of shoulder straps that she uses to lift the entire costume. The costume looks heavier than it is -- it's almost entirely made of foam and foamboard. The front hatch magnetically closes and magnetically stays open, and doubles as a candy sample input port. The ascent stage (top part) separates from the descent stage (bottom part with landing pads) as you'll see below.
You know, it's slowly starting to dawn on me that I never stood a chance of winning any Halloween costume contests this year. I dunno, maybe it was always just-- "Your delusions of grandeur?" Well I was going to say poor costume choice and execution, but way to make a cardboard hotdog feel good about himself. Keep going for the video, full Imgur album of the build HERE.
31 Oct 12:31

Naoki Urasawa, artista de Monster e 20th Century Boys, ganha exposição em São Paulo

by Fernanda Talarico

A mostra traz obras clássicas e inéditas do autor

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31 Oct 12:30

The Pixar Lamp: One-Legged Paralympian Shows Off This Year's Halloween Costume

This is a video of Paralympian skier Josh Sundquist (previously) showing off his very clever one-legged costume this year -- the Pixar lamp, Luxo Jr. Now that is a solid costume. If you were planning on attending the same Halloween party as Josh this year and had any intention of winning the costume contest, consider your plans cancelled, because that Jo-Ann Fabric gift certificate is spoken for. Keep going for the whole video, which includes highlights of Josh's costumes from years past after the Pixar one.
31 Oct 12:25

Terminator: Dark Fate

I was sent here to stop the robot that was sent here to protect the human who was sent here to protect the human who was sent here to destroy the robot that was sent here to vacuum the floor.
31 Oct 12:25

Ele cria belas ilustrações baseadas em cenas de filmes famosos

by Guilherme Dantas

Quem é fã de cinema com certeza tem gravado na memória algumas cenas inesquecíveis de alguns filmes famosos.

O ilustrador coreano Bup Koo com certeza é uma dessas pessoas.

Com um estilo próprio, o artista cria belas ilustrações que retratam cenas bem conhecidas de alguns filmes.



Batman: O Cavaleiro das Trevas

Billy Elliot

Edward Mãos de Tesoura

Forrest Gump: O Contador de Histórias

Guardiões da Galáxia

Harry Potter

It: A Coisa


La La Land: Cantando Estações



Homem-Aranha: De Volta ao Lar

Stranger Things

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28 Oct 15:30

Ohio State Marching Band's Spongebob Themed Halftime Show

This is a 16-minute video (as well as a 1-minute sped up version for brevity) of Ohio State Marching Band's recent Spongebob themed halftime show performance during their football game against Wisconsin. FULL DISCLOSURE: I only watched the short version because time is money, and I don't have nearly enough of either. Boner pills? I buy at least 200 at a time. Keep going for the videos, short version first.
28 Oct 12:58

Very Clever 'Xenomorph Extraction Video Tutorial' On Multi-Layered Human Anatomy Illustration

This is a pretty awesome little video created by talented freelance illustrator Jf Lemay using a multi-layer drawing he created. Allegedly it's a useful tutorial for extracting a xenomorph in chestburster form from a human body, although this is not the technique I would use personally. I would use fire. I don't care if the host is dead or alive or my best friend or worst enemy, I'll just keep flaming until there's nothing left to burn. "Good idea." Then blaming it all on you. "What, what?" I ain't going back to space jail. Keep going for the worthwhile video.
25 Oct 20:01

Imagine Going Back in Time

I wonder what the trendy adults in 2019 who are too cool for Pokemon will be into. Probably Digimon!
25 Oct 12:08

MIT’s New Model Predicts How A Non-Newtonian Fluid Behaves

by lilyinthevalleeey

MIT engineers were able to develop how the cornstarch-water mixture, a non-Newtonian fluid, can behave like a solid or liquid, depending on how fast it’s deformed. The mixture acts as a liquid when it’s swirled slowly. But it can behave as a rubbery solid, forming a glue-like string when deformed quickly.

It’s a phenomenon many preschoolers know well: When you mix cornstarch and water, weird things happen. Swish it gently in a bowl, and the mixture sloshes around like a liquid. Squeeze it, and it starts to feel like paste. Roll it between your hands, and it solidifies into a rubbery ball. Try to hold that ball in the palm of your hand, and it will dribble away as a liquid.
Most of us who have played with this stuff know it as “oobleck,” named after a sticky green goo in Dr. Seuss’ “Bartholomew and the Oobleck.” Scientists, on the other hand, refer to cornstarch and water as a “non-Newtonian fluid” — a material that appears thicker or thinner depending on how it is physically manipulated.

Using the mathematical model, MIT engineers were able to accurately simulated how oobleck turns from a liquid to a solid and back again, under different conditions.

“As long as you squish slowly, the grains will repel, keeping a layer of fluid between them, and just slide past each other, like a fluid,” Kamrin says. “But if you do anything too fast, you’ll overcome that little repulsion, the particles will touch, there will be friction, and it’ll act as a solid.”

Here’s a video of how the cornstarch-water mixture behaves when applied with various forces.

Image Credit: A. Baumgarten, K. Kamrin, and J. Bales

24 Oct 14:17

What Sorcery Is This?!: Seven Cats Vs Invisible Plastic Wrap Force Field

This is a video from Youtuber and I-can-only-assume-it's-safe-to-say cat lady Kittisaurus of her tantalizing her seven cats with a toy while they're trapped perplexed behind an invisible wall that used to not be there. Well, six of them at least -- the biggest, fluffiest white one spots the gap in the wrap and peaces out almost immediately. They eventually all make it through though, which is a relief, because I was really rooting for them. "Wait -- is that a banner?" I take rooting seriously. Work, not so much. Keep going for the video.
22 Oct 14:01


If you'd just agree to hold your meetings in here, you'd have PLENTY of time to figure things out before the deadline.
21 Oct 12:13

This Girl Followed Bob Ross’s Tutorial Video And Painted Using MS Paint. The Result Was A Masterpiece

by Franzified

When Bob Ross said, “you can do anything you want to do. This is your world,” he wasn’t joking. A Tumblr user named mochachild just proved that what Bob Ross said was true when she used the legendary boredom-killing program to paint.


(Image Credit: BoredPanda)

17 Oct 12:17

Percent Milkfat

"So what's dark energy?" "Cosmologists and the FDA are both trying very hard to find out."
15 Oct 14:33

Whoa: Divers Stumble Across Massive Squid Egg Mass

This is a video from diver Ronald Raasch, who, along with two other divers, was returning from a visit to a World War II shipwreck off the coast of Ørsta, Norway when they stumbled (technically swam) across a huge squid egg mass. It looks like a metroid. The mass is actually believed to be the mucus egg sac of a 10-legged squid, and contain millions of its offspring. Fascinating. Still, it's a shame ocean life won't even exist in ten years. "Pollution?" I'm rooting for an alien death ray, and sooner rather than later. *waving laser pointer at the stars hoping to blind a UFO pilot* Come get us you freaky green turds! Keep going for the video, and no, you're not the only one who thought the interior appears penis shaped.
14 Oct 11:57

Olha Que Massa Isso

Olha Que Massa Isso

Por que não existe esse no Brasil? Tão perdendo dinheiro!!!

14 Oct 11:54

World’s First Double Diamond Found In Russia

by sodiumnami

Russian miners found a rare Matryoshka diamond that may be over 800 million-years-old. The rare “double diamond” resembles a traditional Russian Matryoshka doll, with the stone composed of a diamond within a diamond. The stone was mined at Nyurba mining and processing division of ALROSA in Yakutia and scientists and experts claimed the discovery as the first “diamond within a diamond” unearthed in the history of global diamond mining, as detailed:

Yakutsk Diamond Trade Enterprise found this mysterious diamond during a sorting process and they turned it in to the Research and Development Geological Enterprise of ALROSA, where it was studied with several methods, including  X-ray microtomography, Raman, and infrared spectroscopies. Scientists hypothesized that there was an internal diamond at first and the external one developed during the stages of growth.
“The most interesting thing for us was to find out how the air space between the inner and outer diamonds was formed. We have two main hypotheses. According to the first version, a mantle mineral captured a diamond during its growth, and later it was dissolved in the Earth’s surface,” said Oleg Kovalchuk, deputy director for innovations at ALROSA’s Research and Development Geological Enterprise. “According to the second version, a layer of porous polycrystalline diamond substance was formed inside the diamond because of ultra-fast growth, and more aggressive mantle processes subsequently dissolved it. Due to the presence of the dissolved zone, one diamond began to move freely inside another on the principle of [the] Matryoshka nesting doll.”

image credit: Research and Development Geological Enterprise of ALROSA via

11 Oct 18:45

Drone Footage Of Italian Restaurant's Impressive Exterior Halloween Decorations

This is some drone footage of the Halloween decorations adorning the exterior of Angelo's II, an Italian restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As you can see, they have eleven giant green tentacles emerging from the windows, all topped off with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man busting through the roof. *shrug* I'd eat there. I wonder if there's a lunch buffet. I also wonder if their food is as good as their decorating. Because one time I went to this restaurant that appeared to have gone ALL OUT decorating for Halloween but no those were real cobwebs and rats. Keep going for the video.