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15 Oct 12:14

Comida saudável transformada em personagens da cultura pop

by Daiane de Mario

Não precisa ter filhos para saber que crianças geralmente não são as maiores fãs de comida saudável como vegetais e afins, e é claro isso sempre é o maior pesadelo dos pais que transforma a hora de comer em um momento não muito bacana. Pensando nisso, a Laleh Mohmedi do Jacob’s Food Diaries, criou um método infalível! Ela faz verdadeiras obras de arte com os alimentos para seu filho pequeno, mesclando personagens da cultura pop como Scar, Bob Esponja, Pikachu e muitos outros. O resultado é mais do que maravilhoso e você pode conferir alguns logo embaixo, ou acompanhando o Instagram dela que é bem legal e mostra um pouco do dia a dia da sua família.

Complicado é comer e estragar essas perfeitas obras de arte!

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09 Oct 12:13

The Bitterness of Poor Quality

by Alex Santoso

I was looking for something along "you get what you pay for" and "fast, good, cheap - pick two out of three" - don't ask - and came across this gem:

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

which turns out to be a quote by Benjamin Franklin.

Image via imgur

05 Oct 17:51

Mind-Bending Building-Size Geometric Optical Illusions by Mr. June

by Alex Santoso

Many people paint buildings, but not like David Louf aka Mr. June. He paints mind-bending geometric artwork on buildings!

From Colossal:

Challenged by the existing architectural elements and obstacles, Louf likes to construct creations that will interact with their environment. He uses a laser liner to sketch up the main directional lines. Then he paints his abstract designs in an almost organic way, typically filling the entire side of whatever structure he is working on. “I always hope I can create a moment of awareness,” Louf tells Colossal. “Awareness of the viewer at that spot at that moment.”

View more over at Mr. June's Instagram.

03 Oct 18:34

Data Pipeline

"Is the pipeline literally running from your laptop?" "Don't be silly, my laptop disconnects far too often to host a service we rely on. It's running on my phone."
02 Oct 12:01

Surprisingly Mesmerizing: Hitting A Water Balloon With A Weed Whacker In Ultra Slow-Motion

This is a short video of a weed whacker whacking a water balloon, filmed in ultra slow motion. Why did it not break? I expected it to break. Is it not actually filled with water? I want answers. But I want Taco Bell more, so if I have to choose I'm 100% fine with this remaining a mystery. Keep going for the video while I slap my belly and pretend it's a water bed.
01 Oct 12:16

Japanese Scientists Created the World's Strongest Magnet Which Promptly Destroyed Itself

by Alex Santoso

The strength of the Earth's magnetic field is about 30 microtesla. The magnets in an MRI machine clock in at about 3 tesla, and the approximate magnetic field of a white dwarf star is about 100 tesla.

So just think about how powerful this 1,200-tesla magnet created by Shojiro Takeyama and his colleagues at the Institute for Solid State Physics at the University of Tokyo.

Rafi Letzter of Live Science writes:

To achieve that intensity, Takeyama and his team pump megajoules of energy into a small, precisely engineered electromagnetic coil, the inner lining of which then collapses on itself at Mach 15 — that's more than 3 miles per second (5 kilometers per second). As it collapses, the magnetic field inside gets squeezed into a tighter and tighter space, until its force peaks at a tesla reading unimaginable in conventional magnets. Fragments of a second later, the coil collapses entirely, destroying itself.

The last time Takeyama switched on his super-strong magnet, it blew out the heavy door of the lab that contained the machinery!

26 Sep 19:15

Bad Opinions

I thought of another bad opinion! I couldn't find anyone who expressed it specifically, but still, the fact that I can so easily imagine it is infuriating! I'm gonna tell everyone about it!
25 Sep 14:03

Make Your Own Hybrid Animal With the Hybridizer

by Miss Cellania

You know how naturalists of the Middle Ages described (or imagined) strange animals as combinations of known animals? You can make your own now! Kajetan Obarski and Igor Hardy made an online generator that combines two animals, illustrated by 17th century engraver Matthaus Merian, into a new animal. Try out the Hybridizer yourself, and see how weird a new creature you can create. -via Nag on the Lake

24 Sep 19:18

6/6 Time

You know how Einstein figured out that the speed of light was constant, and everything else had to change for consistency? My theory is like his, except not smart or good.
21 Sep 17:50

Unfulfilling Toys

We were going to do a falling-apart Rubik's cube that was just 27 independent blocks stuck together with magnets, but then we realized it was actually really cool and even kind of worked, so we cut that one.
20 Sep 12:35


Cauchy-Lorentz: "Something alarmingly mathematical is happening, and you should probably pause to Google my name and check what field I originally worked in."
20 Sep 12:32

Dune Buggy Manages To Navigate Up Near-Vertical Cliff

This is a video of a dune buggy somehow managing to climb an incredibly steep sand cliff all the way to the top. If I were a betting man, I would not have bet that it could be done. Thankfully, albeit very painfully, I'm not a betting man anymore after last Sunday's football games. "That explains the wheelchair." My bookie tried to feed me my kneecaps! "How were they?" Way tougher than my penis. Keep going for the whole video.
12 Sep 11:57

Social Media Announcement

Why I'm Moving Most of My Social Activity to Slack, Then Creating a Second Slack to Avoid the People in the First One, Then Giving Up on Social Interaction Completely, Then Going Back to Texting
10 Sep 12:11

Sandboxing Cycle

All I want is a secure system where it's easy to do anything I want. Is that so much to ask?
05 Sep 18:38

Rolle's Theorem

I mean, if it's that easy to get a theorem named for you ... "a straight line that passes through the center of a coplanar circle always divides the circle into two equal halves." Can I have that one? Wait, can I auction off the naming rights? It can be the Red Bull Theorem or the Quicken Loans Theorem, depending who wants it more.
27 Aug 18:04

Hazard Symbol

The warning diamond on the Materials Safety Data Sheet for this stuff just has the "😰" emoji in all four fields.
15 Aug 13:06

New Evidence Contradicts Theory That Easter Island Society Collapsed

by George Dvorsky on Gizmodo, shared by Jill Pantozzi to io9

The indigenous people of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui, experienced a societal collapse after the 17th century because they stripped the island clean of its natural resources. Or at least, that’s the leading theory. An analysis of the tools used by the Rapa Nui to build their iconic stone statues suggests a very…


08 Aug 18:26

WTF!: Thousands Of Ants Form Hanging Body-Bridge To Attack Wasp Nest

This is a video from Brazil captured by electrical engineer Francisco Boni of a hanging ant bridge loosely spanning its way to a wasp nest for an attack. No word what those wasps did to warrant the attack, but I'd like to know so I can make sure I never do the same thing myself. In Francisco's own words while I cover myself in Raid like spray sunscreen:
"Attack of legionary ants (also known as army ants or marabunta) to a wasp honeycomb. Impressive the level of swarm intelligence and collective computation to form that bridge." "When this type of attack happens, the wasps usually escape and the ants do not leave until they've completely looted the honeycomb, carrying pupae, larvae and eggs, as well as some adults who did not manage to escape. They can even build across the water!" "For ants, it is more effective to follow the trail over a bridge that goes down and then up than in an inverted upside down walk." "Also likely that upside down the ants can't carry significant loads."
Man, that's nuts. I suggest we just hand the world over before ants decide to fight us for it. Maybe they'll let us work in their fungus gardens or something. Speaking of less terrifying ants and bridges: my aunt has been trying to teach me how to play bridge when she comes over for dinner Sunday nights. "Great tie-in, GW." Thanks! "I'm joking, you're an idiot." I do always yell Uno. Keep going for the video.
08 Aug 18:23

Voting Software

There are lots of very smart people doing fascinating work on cryptographic voting protocols. We should be funding and encouraging them, and doing all our elections with paper ballots until everyone currently working in that field has retired.
03 Aug 20:30

Complex Numbers

I'm trying to prove that mathematics forms a meta-abelian group, which would finally confirm my suspicions that algebreic geometry and geometric algebra are the same thing.
01 Aug 15:24

Vassoura Quebrada: Bar e hamburgueria inspirado em Harry Potter abre em São Paulo

by Wendy Stefani

Hoje a magia está no ar, e com todos aqueles que são amantes de literatura e contos fantásticos! Qualquer pessoa que estiver em São Paulo, vai poder contemplar a inauguração do Bar e Hamburgueria inspirado no mundo da magia, intitulado: “Vassoura Quebrada”.

Vassoura Quebrada: Bar e hamburgueria inspirado em Harry Potter abre em São Paulo

Sim, todos aqueles nossos “Nunca te pedi nada” acabam de ser ouvidos. Não precisamos comentar que o coração de todo mundo foi parar na boca com essa notícia, não é mesmo? E nós do Garotas Nerds não poderíamos deixar de te mostrar o quão incrível é esse local.

O bar parece ter sido gerado por fãs da literatura e magia que buscavam “criar um local onde os presentes pudessem se sentir dentro de um ambiente mágico tendo uma refeição diferenciada, tanto em hambúrgueres e drinks.” Entretanto, sua criação não se baseada em um único filme específico, embora nos faça relembrar muitos, mas sim, baseado em sua própria história, em uma magia real e um lugar cheio de originalidade. Em sua página do Facebook eles enfatizam que não se trata de cópias ou utilização de filmes veiculados.

Vassoura Quebrada: Bar e hamburgueria inspirado em Harry Potter abre em São Paulo

O nome do local já faz qualquer um amar e ansear para visitá-lo. O bar terá uma temática própria, seja pela ambientação, pelo tipo de cardápio e atendimento aos visitantes. Todos os hambúrgueres, drinks e sobremesas serão nomeados de forma original e única, não tem como não sentir a paixão e magia.

Infelizmente ainda não será possível fazer reservas e o atendimento está para ser feito conforme a ordem de chegada, o local tem espaço limitado. Além disso, os stories no Instagram deles será constantemente atualizado para avisar a todos sobre o andamento da casa e possíveis filas.

Se você já estão amando, vejam abaixo as imagens retiradas da página deles que deixa qualquer um com os olhos brilhando:

Vassoura Quebrada: Bar e hamburgueria inspirado em Harry Potter abre em São Paulo

Herbas: hambúrguer de carne de 180g, somada a maionese e com uma aparência de dar água na boca.

Vassoura Quebrada: Bar e hamburgueria inspirado em Harry Potter abre em São Paulo

Licantro: A mistura dessa poção terá um teor alcoólico e sua aparência é escura como a densa noite, com o gelo representando a Lua Cheia. Vendida para maior de 18 anos.

Vassoura Quebrada: Bar e hamburgueria inspirado em Harry Potter abre em São Paulo

O horário de funcionamento  será das 18h até 23:00. Você irá encontrar o local na Rua: Desembargador do Vale, 836/São Paulo-SP.

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30 Jul 15:29

If "The Last Jedi" Haters Got The Movie They Wanted

The 8th canon entry in the mainline Star Wars franchise, The Last Jedi, was met with a bit of controversy from certain subsections of the fandom - namely, ones that were extremely mad at director/writer Rian Johnson, co-star Kelly Marie Tran, Kathleen Kennedy, and...well, basically everyone involved with the film, which failed to deliver on fan theories and instead sought to tell an original, interesting story filled with compelling and fascinating characters. But with a petition and ongoing fan movement gaining momentum to, uh, undo The Last Jedi, we took their complaints and whining into consideration to create ESSENTIALLY what those fans envision as the "ideal" version of the film. Enjoy!


Thank you for reading and I'm very excited to see your positive, supportive comments!!!

25 Jul 12:09

Light Hacks

Life hack: Wait for an advanced civilization to be briefly distracted, then sneak in and construct a slightly smaller Dyson sphere inside theirs.
20 Jul 14:28

They Opened the Granite Sarcophagus

by Miss Cellania

Last week we read about a black granite sarcophagus found underneath the city of Alexandria. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced that the sarcophagus has been opened. Sadly, the archaeologists found that while the stone coffin was sealed, it was not waterproof. The contents most likely do not include the remains of Alexander the Great, but we now know why it is so big- there are three skeletons inside. The automatic English translation of the Facebook post says,

Dr. Mostafa Ministers, Secretary-General of the high council of Antiquities, directed at the head of a scientific archaeological commission to the city of Alexandria to open the sarcophagus, which was detected in sidi jaber district
And he stated. My Minister has opened the coffin, showing that it was filled with sewage, which was leaked through the grove in this area, plus three skeletons.

Shaaban Abdul, specializing in the study of mummies and skeletons, confirmed that the initial preview of bone structures suggests that they are most likely to belong to three officers or military soldiers, where one of the skeletons found a blow to the arrow. I
He added dr. I would like to say that these structures discovered inside the coffin will be transferred to the museum of Alexandria's National Restoration Museum and study to learn more about skeletons, cause of death and historical era.
The coffin will be lifted after its initial restoration and transferred to Mustafa's entire warehouse in cooperation with the north military (engineering body).

As expected, there were no demons inside, but it will be some time before we can ascertain whether there is a curse attached. See more pictures at the Facebook post. They may be rather gruesome for sensitive souls. -via Buzzfeed

(Image credit: Ministry of Antiquities at Facebook)

20 Jul 12:05

Look at This Incredible New Armored Dinosaur Found in Utah

by George Dvorsky on Gizmodo, shared by Rob Bricken to io9

They’re calling this newly discovered dinosaur “thorny head,” and it’s changing what we know of North American ankylosaurs, the heavily armored herbivores that had the misfortune of living alongside Tyrannosaurus rex during the Late Cretaceous.


18 Jul 17:45

Software Development

Update: It turns out the cannon has a motorized base, and can make holes just fine using the barrel itself as a battering ram. But due to design constraints it won't work without a projectile loaded in, so we still need those drills.
16 Jul 18:10

Negative Results

P.S. We're going to the beach this weekend, so I'm attaching my preregistration forms for that trip now, before we find out whether it produces any interesting results.
13 Jul 17:30

An Apple for a Dollar

I'd like 0.4608 apples, please.
12 Jul 12:39

Mysterious Black Granite Sarcophagus Discovered in Alexandria

by Miss Cellania

It has never been easy to conduct archaeological digs in Alexandria, Egypt. The city founded by Alexander the Great has been continuously occupied, and now has a population of more than five million people. But in the 21st century, some amazing finds have been unearthed under the city streets, like the University of Alexandria. Just recently, in the Sidi Gaber district, a huge black granite coffin was uncovered. It has been sealed shut for 2,000 years. 

The ancient sarcophagus was found by local authorities during standard archaeological excavations conducted before the construction of a new building on Al-Karmili Street. It was found approximately 16 feet below ground. A rough alabaster bust of a man, likely a depiction of the body in the coffin, was also discovered in the tomb, which is believed to date from the era of the Ptolemies, the Greek royal family dynasty that ruled for roughly three centuries from 305 to 30 B.C.E.

According to the Ministry of Antiquities, the tomb is about 8.6 feet long and more than 5 feet wide. Mostafa Waziri, general secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, says it is the largest sarcophagus ever excavated in the city.

Who could be buried in such a substantial -and expensive- burial vault? Commenters at reddit are of the opinion that it's either Alexander the Great himself, or some unspeakable evil that will unleash a curse on the entire earth when the sarcophagus is eventually opened.

(Image credit: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)

11 Jul 15:33

Wall Art

At first, I moved from pokémon posters to regular oil paintings, but then these really grumpy and unreasonable detectives from the Louvre showed up and took them all. They wouldn't even give me back my thumbtacks!