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12 Jun 17:27

Ysera The Dreamer Sculpture by Julie Colibri

With the recent launch of Ardenweald on the Shadowlands alpha, it's the perfect time to share this Ysera the Dreamer Sculpture by Julie Colibri.

Wingspan - 15,1 inch, height - 9,8 inch, depth - 10,6 inch. Weight - 477 grams.
Materials: velvet clay (air-dry clay "Amos iClay"), polymer clay (oven-bake clay "SuperSculpey"), acrylic paints, metal wire, wooden base.

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08 Jun 13:41

For Sale: This Impressive Millennium Falcon Steel Fire Pit

millennium-falcon-fire-pit-1.jpg This is one of the Millennium Falcon fire pits welded and laser cut by Alex Dodson of UK-based Burned By Design (previously). The 3mm mild steel pit measures approximately 29″ x 15″ x 16″ and the entire rear half hinges upward to replace logs or stoke the fire. The made-to-order pits (6 - 8 week lead time) are currently available for sale in the Burned By Design Etsy store for $1,200 plus around $200 shipping outside of the UK. That's not cheap, but owning one will make you the envy of all your Star Wars loving friends. Add this AT-AT grill, this TIE fighter fire pit, and this Darth Vader mask fire pit to your collection and they may never leave. Hey Joseph, your wife's on the phone and-- "I'M MAKING ANOTHER S'MORE." He says he's making another s'more, Julia. What do you want me to-- okay, one more and I'll get the fire extinguisher. Keep going for some more shots.
02 Jun 11:48


Nature abhors a vacuum and also anything that's not a crab.
01 Jun 12:19

Aquatic Photographer Took Pictures of Birds, This Was The Result

by Franzified

Steve Benjamin is an aquatic photographer, capturing the lives of underwater creatures such as sharks, dolphins, and whales. But as he had to stay indoors recently, he was not able to do what he usually did. And so, he looked for other animals that he could photograph while indoors, and he found his ideal subjects in the form of the birds that visited his backyard.

Sunbirds is a stunning series of portraits captured using the same techniques as underwater photography. Benjamin tells Colossal he established a miniature studio for his avian visitors by positioning a feeder in a small sunny area with nearby shade, plenty of blooming flowers, and twig perches. “This is a studio setting for wild birds that are free to come and go as they please,” the photographer says.
To ensure the backdrop was dark, he used shutter speeds of 1/2,000 of a second and mounted additional lights to illuminate the vibrant intricacies of the feathers, feet, and bills. “The birds did not like flash photography so I have to figure out how to get constant light onto them with my underwater video lights,” he writes. “I had to get the birds used to being close to bright lights, which took a while.”

Some of his stunning images can be viewed over at Colossal. You can visit his website, too, if you want to view the whole gallery.

(Image Credit: Steve Benjamin/ Colossal)

01 Jun 12:10

This is pretty neat the spikes respresent inhabitants

29 May 12:19

This Might Be Our First Direct Evidence of Planet Birth

by Franzified

In a very young star system called AB Aurigae, which about 520 light-years away, astronomers have spotted what seems to be evidence of a planet being born. They reported this finding in the journal Astronomy & Physics over a week ago. The recently released images show a massive disc of gas and dust, which has a twist that could be an indication of a new planet forming.

AB Aurigae was observed a few years ago through the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile. Those images showed two long spirals of gas close to the star, spurring scientists to follow up with the ESO’s Very Large Telescope (also in Chile). This telescope is armed with an instrument called SPHERE, which can view faint light reflected by small dust grains and emissions originating from the star system’s inner disc.
SPHERE’s images confirmed the presence of the spirals, and also showed the twist indicating that the spiral arms are connected. It is these spirals that let other gas and dust moving through the young star system accrete onto the planet-to-be, which slowly grows into something fully formed and mature.


(Image Credit: ESO/Boccaletti et al./ Technology Review)

28 May 17:15

Real Products That Exist: The Star Wars Space Slug Desk Organizer

star-wars-space-slug-desk-organizer.jpg Because Star Wars everything (and I do mean absolutely everything), this is the space slug desk organizer available from Regal Robot. The officially licensed exogorth is cast in solid resin, hand painted, includes a black pencil with millennium falcon pencil topper and costs $99. *spit-takes Minute Maid Tropical Punch* My God -- $99?! Contrary to what my roommate just commented as he looked over my shoulder as I wrote this, you should not put your penis in the worm's mouth. Although, if we're being completely honest, now I'm really starting to wonder how you're going to get your $99 worth otherwise. Keep going for a few more shots.
28 May 12:04

Incenso de Breaking Bad

by André Montejorge

Esse post talvez não faça o menor sentido para quem nunca assistiu Breaking Bad, mas certamente vai deixar os fãs da série com um grande sorriso no rosto! Obviamente nem todo mundo curte o estilo do seriado então não vou ficar fazendo propaganda. Só sei que eu achei espetacular quando assisti e só de ver o motorhome “The Krystal Ship” em miniatura deu vontade de rever alguns episódios. Esta réplica é produto oficial licenciado de Breaking Bad e basicamente brinca com a fumaça que saía da produção de metanfetamina da dupla Walter White e Jesse Pinkman. Isto porque o “motorhomezinho” é um peculiar porta-incenso. O “The Krystal Ship” mede cerca de 28 cm de comprimento x 8 cm de altura e sai por U$ 29,99. “Esfumaçadamente legaus”!



Link para a loja

28 May 12:04

Bonecos de chinelos

by André Montejorge

Se tem uma coisa que acontece, não só nas Filipinas, mas em dezenas de países, é o descarte de plástico e outros materiais que detonam com a vida dos nossos oceanos. Pois um cidadão de Manila, trabalhador da construção civil, mas também exímio artista autodidata, tem conseguido que pelo menos uma pequena parte de chinelos velhos não vá para mares e rios. Elmer Padilla consegue com incrível talento transformar os velhos calçados em impressionantes bonecos de ação e personagens do cinema e gibis. Seu trabalho nas ruas, que garante uma renda extra, acabou parando nas redes sociais; primeiro em um grupo do Facebook das Filipinas e agora tem rodado o mundo. A fama repentina promete, só esperamos que além de ajudar o próprio artista, ajude também a conscientizar o povo “sujismundo”. “Pisantemente legaus”!









Link para a fonte

28 May 12:04

Cães de expressão

by André Montejorge

Sempre gostei de animais e há alguns meses, como postei aqui, nossa família ganhou um novo membro: o Lego! Nosso Terrier Brasileiro trouxe uma nova rotina à casa e ao nosso dia e mesmo com suas traquinagens não dá pra imaginar a vida sem ele. Passei a fazer parte da categoria “Apaixonados por Dogs”e até perfil no Instagram o Lego tem: legothebrazilianterrier. E se tem tanta gente que ama a cachorrada, como não se apaixonar por esta série do fotógrafo Alexander Khokhlov batizada de The Dog Show! Uma série espetacular com fotos de cães com expressões pra lá de humanas. Selecionei algumas, mas quem quiser ver mais o link para o site de Khokhlov está no final do post. “Expressivamente legaus”!












Link para o site de Alexander Khokhlov


28 May 12:03

Vampiro de alho

by André Montejorge

Claro que como um cozinheiro que se preze, curto mesmo é usar a faca, mas como não achar legal demais este moedor de alho! O Gracula é um simpático vampirinho que ao contrário dos demais, adora dentes de alho! O nome é uma brincadeira com Garlic (alho em inglês) + Dracula e trata-se de mais uma criação da Ototo Design. O moedorzinho vampiresco mede 9,7 x 7,4 x 7,4 cm, é feito em plástico e custa U$ 16,99. Amorcegadamente legaus”!



Link para a loja

28 May 12:00

Ancient Roman Mosaic Floor Unearthed Beneath Italian Vineyard

by Miss Cellania

Imagine digging in your garden and finding this lovely floor, just covered up with soil! Archaeologists knew there was an ancient villa under a vineyard in Northern Italy, but discovering this intricately-tiled floor was a surprise, just a week after the excavation resumed after a pause during the coronavirus outbreak.

The team discovered the tiles, as well as portions of the villa’s foundation, “a few meters” below the vineyard’s surface, according to the statement. To make the “archaeological treasure … hidden under our feet available and accessible,” the researchers will collaborate with authorities and the vineyard’s owners. The process will likely require both significant time and resources.

You have to wonder why and when someone decided to just have a bunch of topsoil hauled in to cover the floor. Read more about this find at Smithsonian.

(Image credit: Comune di Negrar di Valpolicella)

27 May 18:06

The Unholy Lord Of The Rings Character Face Mashup Chart

lord-of-the-rings-character-mashup-chart.jpg In where the hell was my 'You shall not pass' warning, this is a chart created by someone who can almost certainly expect an eternity of damnation detailing the unholy mashup faces of various Lord Of The Rings characters. Some of those faces -- wow. Still, if you had to have sex with one, who would you choose? "Why not all of them?" Hoho! *high-five* Thanks to my friend becca b, who informed me Legodalf was her personal favorite. Honestly, anything that's half Legolas is A-okay in my book.
26 May 11:59

Confidence Interval

The worst part is that's the millisigma interval.
25 May 12:25

A Gallery Of IKEA Style Instructions For How To Create Famous Movie Monsters And Villains

movie-monster-ikea-instructions-1.jpg This is a series of illustrations by artist Ed Harrington in the style of wordless IKEA furniture instructions for creating a bunch of famous movie monsters and villains (plus a few good guys). As you can see, they all require the ol' IKEA assembly tool (part # 100001). And, if you have the memory of an elephant who isn't constantly getting drunk on peanut liquor like all the elephants I know, you may recall we actually posted the beginning of this series all the way back in 2015. But, just like problems in 2020, now there are a whole bunch more of them. Keep going for 25 more.
22 May 11:20

Futurama's Bender Turned Into a Belligerent Smart Speaker That's Still More Useful Than Siri

by Andrew Liszewski on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

If you’re going to put a smart speaker in your home that disregards your privacy and functions only to rake in profits from you in any way possible, it might as well be a disembodied interactive version of Futurama’s Bender instead of Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. “Bite my shiny metal ask me anything.”


20 May 17:13

This Is The World’s Largest Anamorphic Illusion

by Franzified

South Korea — What seems to be a large aquarium with violent waves created by the water inside it turns out to be just a huge anamorphic illusion designed by District. It doesn’t make a sound, however, which would have made the illusion more convincing. But I guess, considering that the illusion was set up in a busy area, the sound would have annoyed the people nearby.

The digital media company created the public project utilizing the world’s largest advertising screen that spans 80.1 x 20.1 meters. As shown in the video, the deceptive aquarium looms over the outdoor area and splashes repeatedly into the sides.

(Image Credit: Colossal)

20 May 11:48

Why the U.S. Is Betting It All on the Most Puzzling Particle in the Universe

by Ryan F. Mandelbaum on Gizmodo, shared by Cheryl Eddy to io9

Nearly 14 billion years ago, a universe appeared in an unthinkably high-energy blast. Particles started to materialize out of that energy, as did their antiparticles, which are kind of like evil twins, a mirror image with the opposite electric charge. Each and every particle had an antiparticle, scientists believe,…


19 May 12:40

Maryland Bar Unveils New "Bumper Tables" for Customers

by John Farrier

Yes, this was a response to COVID-19, but it's a pretty good idea anyway, right? In addition to keeping bar patrons at least 6 feet apart, it also provides a measure of safety to intoxicated people moving around. The New York Post reports that, Fish Tales, a bar in Ocean City, Maryland, thinks that these tables will allow it to open to more than just takeout customers.

-via Dave Barry

19 May 12:39

The Anglerfish Waits for Your Descent

by John Farrier

Go ahead and take the stairs. The lights will guide you to your destination. Skurk, a street artist, used a pair of streetlights and a staircase to depict a huge anglerfish on the hunt in Bergen, Norway. She waits patiently for you to come to her.

By the way: I use the pronoun "her" for a reason. Only female anglerfish have the natural lure. Males of the species have a, um, flexible relationship. National Geographic explains:

When a young, free-swimming male angler encounters a female, he latches onto her with his sharp teeth. Over time, the male physically fuses with the female, connecting to her skin and bloodstream and losing his eyes and all his internal organs except the testes. A female will carry six or more males on her body.

We've all known guys like that.


14 May 11:57

Common Cold

Not even metapneumovirus, easily the common cold virus with the coolest name, warrants our sympathy. Colds suck. No mercy.
13 May 11:22

Paper Figures From Books

by sodiumnami

Savannah-based Bethany Bickley breathes life into fiction through her creative paper sculptures. Bickley uses torn pages from books and magazines to create her sculptures. Her work represents imagined visuals in fiction, as Colossal details: 

Among her bookish sculptures are the iconic pear tree from Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, a seated Esther Greenwood from Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, and an amalgam of weapons and detective objects to symbolize the thriller genre. In a statement, Bickley said she merges narrative and imagery “to tell a story with impact and purpose. If there are no visuals, I create them.”

image via Colossal

07 May 13:49

Whoa: A Hole In The Head Optical Illusion Tattoo

hole-in-head-tattoo-1.jpg These are black-and-white and color versions of the tattoo inked by artist Matt Pehrson of The Zion Tattoo Company in St. George, Utah on his friend Ryan's dome. Pretty trippy, right? I want to see what it looks like from the other side. Also apparently this is a work in progress, although I'm not sure what else they intend to do unless it's have a spider crawling out of the hole. I bet my girlfriend would loooove to see that when I'm little spoon. Still, this gives me an idea. "Getting a baseball hat tattoo so you don't have to wear one to keep the sun out of our eyes?" Great minds, am I right? "We don't have them." Not at all... Keep going for the color version while I write to Ryan and suggest he just point to the hole and shrug whenever he's accused of forgetting something.
07 May 13:46

Error Types

Type IIII error: Mistaking tally marks for Roman numerals
05 May 11:22

2020 Google Trends

As the 'exotic animals in homemade aprons hosting baking shows' YouTube craze reached its peak in March 2020, Andrew Cuomo announced he was replacing the Statue of Liberty with a bronze pangolin in a chef's hat.
04 May 20:30

The New Battlestar Galactica Has Found Its Showrunner

by Germain Lussier

Though Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail will still be a part of Peacock’s upcoming reimagining of Battlestar Galactica, he will not be the primary creative force. That job is going to Michael Lesslie.


30 Apr 19:11

Everyone's an Epidemiologist

If enough people uphill decide to try the rolling strategy, they can make the decision for you.
30 Apr 16:44

Mass Grave of Elephant-Sized Sloths Poses Murky Mystery

by Jeanne Timmons on Gizmodo, shared by Jill Pantozzi to io9

Death might have taken weeks; it might have been days. But when it struck, it struck ruthlessly.


29 Apr 11:50

Valuable Info: Why Empty Shampoo Bottle Are So Easy To Knock Over, A Scientific Analysis

shampoo-bottle-physics.jpg This is a video of Lehigh University professor Jerome Licini discussing, at length (some might even be inclined to argue at too much length, but those people wouldn't know science if it took a swing at them with soap-on-a-rope), why empty or near empty shampoo bottles are so easy to knock over. The simple answer? A nearly empty bottle has significantly less mass than a full bottle, and the center of that mass has returned to around the middle height of the bottle since the majority of shampoo has been used (as it was being used the center of mass traveled lower and lower along with the shampoo level, keeping it relatively sturdy). An even simpler answer? All the slippery soap suds in the shower and my penis swinging around like an elephant's trunk. Keep going for the full video and learn all you need to know to call yourself an empty shower bottle physics expert.
28 Apr 12:18

Coronavirus Genome 2

[moments later, checking phone] Okay, I agree my posting it was weird, but it's somehow even more unnerving that you immediately liked the post.