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17 Jun 10:15

Upright Cupright!

by Sarang Sheth


The Camping Cup is one innovation step short of levitating in mid-air. Its ingenious design allows it to perch itself on any surface, no matter how uneven, and still stay upright! A bag filled with ball-bearings at the bottom allows the cup to settle onto any rugged or slanting surface. The ball-bearings adjust themselves, taking up the necessary shape and forming a flat platform for the cup’s base to rest on. Absolute genius!

The Camping Cup is an honorable mention at the Red Dot Design Awards for the year 2015.

Designer: Wang Jiaxin






22 Apr 09:59

Treepod Hanging Treehouse

by estellah
april 2016
07 Apr 03:29

Massive Black Hole Found in Remote Part of Universe

by Matthew Roth
Behemoth Black Hole Found in an Unlikely Place

NASA has recently published a simulated image of a massive black hole weighing 17 billion Suns. This beautiful image demonstrates that black holes may be more common than previously realized and that they aren’t always located at the center of large galaxies.

Learn more about the discovery here and be sure to follow NASA on Flickr for more astonishing imagery.

10 Mar 15:56

The Chart of Cosmic Exploration Elegantly Details 56 Years of Human Adventures into Space

by Christopher Jobson
Sofía Henao

@ David Pelaez


We’ve long been fans of the data-rich illustrations produced by Pop Chart Lab, and this new print is no exception. The Chart of Cosmic Exploration documents every exploratory endeavor into space spanning Luna 2 in 1959 to DSCOVR in 2015. The elegantly dense chart not only depicts the flight paths and orbits around planets, moons, comets, and asteroids, but also takes pains to illustrate some 100 exploratory instruments. The result is a shockingly clear overview of an immensely complex topic. The print is now available for preorder and begins shipping next week. (via Mental_Floss)





17 Jan 15:48

One Magical Instant

by Blog Import

At one magical instant the page of a book –
that string of confused, alien ciphers – shivered into meaning.
Words spoke to you, gave up their secrets; At that moment, whole universes opened.
You became, irrevocably, a reader.
– Alberto Manguel

We read to know we’re not alone.
–  C.S. Lewis


Hong Kong, China

Havana, Cuba
A great book that comes from a great thinker is a ship of thought,
deep freighted with truth and beauty.
– Pablo Neruda


New York City, New York

Books are the plane, and the train, and the road.
They are the destination, and the journey.
They are home.
– Anna Quindlen

Hong Kong, China
Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily,
often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.
– Joyce Carol Oates

Rome, Italy


Reading is everything.
Reading makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something,
learned something, become a better person.
Reading makes me smarter.
Reading gives me something to talk about later on…
Reading is grist. Reading is bliss.
– Nora Ephron

Paris, France
I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.
– Jorge Luis Borges


New York City, New York



13 Dec 10:59

Expandable Garage Shelves

by raluca
24 Nov 15:00

Everything but the turkey!

by Leticia Roncero
Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez

23 Nov 08:01


by Doug
Sofía Henao

Ultimamente siento que todos las caricaturas las están haciendo basándose en mi vida. ¿Qué querrá decir eso? confused

17 Nov 18:22

Surf’s Up

by Leticia Roncero
Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez

04 Nov 18:35

NASA Releases the Images of the Antares Rocket Launch Failure

by Leticia Roncero
Sofía Henao

@Davis Pelaez

NASA recently uploaded remarkable photos of the Orbital ATK Antares rocket launch failure on October 28th 2014 to their Flickr account.

The images document the explosion in the Antares Main Engine System that caused the vehicle to lose thrust and fall back toward the ground. According to NASA, the Cygnus spacecraft onboard of the rocket was filled with supplies slated for the International Space Station, including science experiments, experiment hardware, spare parts, and crew provisions.

Explore this and more images from NASA HQ’s photostream and be sure to follow them if you want more updates about the space agency.

06 Nov 15:00

New Portraits Drawn on Maps and Star Charts by Ed Fairburn

by Christopher Jobson
Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez (este si lo escribí bien, lo que significa que no lo hice antes de acostarme :P )


English artist Ed Fairburn (previously) uses vintage road maps and star charts as canvases for drawn portraits. Cross-hatched patterns and shaded regions inside roads, borders, and rivers assimilate into the contours of faces, as if the images had always been secretly hidden in the map’s topography. “In his hands, both built infrastructure and natural phenomena echo the organic human form,” shares Mike Wright Gallery. “National highway systems become capillaries, and the tangle of Paris’ alleyways become the wrinkles that give the face history and individuality.”

Fairburn opens a new show of work alongside artist John Wentz today at Mike Wright in Denver.









08 Nov 06:11

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez (aunque creo que no lo entendí... stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye)

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for November 08, 2015
01 Sep 19:32

George Miller recibirá premio en San Sebastián por "Mad Max"

Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez. Tocó vérsela... Yo ya la tengo por aquí :P

El director australiano George Miller recogerá el premio Fipresci 2015 a la mejor película del año en el Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián por su cinta "Mad Max: fury road", informó este martes la organización del evento.

"Mad Max: Fury Road (Mad Max: Furia en el camino) ha sido elegida como la mejor película por los miembros de la Federación Internacional de Críticos de Cine, FIPRESCI", anunció el certamen, que se celebrará del 18 al 26 de septiembre en esa ciudad vasca.

"¡No salgo de mi asombro! Es maravilloso que este gran grupo de críticos reconozca de esta forma nuestro esfuerzo colectivo", afirmó Miller citado en el comunicado.

El director australiano recibirá el galardón en la gala inaugural del Festival el próximo día 18, uniéndose a una nómina de cineastas que integran nombres como Pedro Almodóvar o Jean-Luc Godard, desde su creación en 1999.

"Mad Max: Fury Road", que se presentó en mayo pasado en la sección oficial fuera de concurso del Festival de Cannes, volvió a traer a la gran pantalla al héroe que se mueve por un panorama apocalíptico y cuya primera versión, protagonizada por Mel Gibson, dirigió el propio Miller en 1979.

En esta nueva entrega, Mad Max, encarnado por Tom Hardy, y la Emperatriz Furiosa, que interpreta Charlize Theron, se enfrentan a Immortan Joe, un señor de la guerra que los persigue. (Video Charlize Theron y Tom Hardy explican la reinvención de "Mad Max"). 

01 Oct 15:05

A New Book Celebrates the 200 Most Beautiful and Innovative Cabins Ever Designed

by Kate Sierzputowski
Sofía Henao

@Davvis Pelaez


Built as retreats for solitude and reflection, cabins are typically found in remote areas, tucked into the forest-filled corners of civilization. Due to their remote nature, they are often secreted from the public eye, unless you know the right path to explore. However, as a group of friends (including co-founder of Vimeo, Zach Klein) began to collect inspiration for cabin building projects, they discovered a vast array of outdoor structures and tree-houses with unique architecture on the backroads of America and around the world. They quickly began to document their discoveries online, and the Cabin Porn site was born.

Cabin Porn grew over the course of six years to amass a following of over 350,000 on Tumblr and became a visual bastion for architects, camping aficionados, and anyone craving an escape with a collection of over 12,000 cabin designs. The site has now been transformed into a printed book by the same name, Cabin Porn, a collection that adds narrative to the spaces first documented online to include interior photography, new homes, and advice from cabin makers that touch on subjects from how to live underground to crafting an off-grid bunkhouse.

The book narrows down its sprawling inspiration to just 200 cabins and hopes to not only present the aesthetic of these cabins, but the feel they elicit in their construction. “Inside each of us is a home ready to be built,” says the book’s website. “It takes a supply of ambition and materials to construct a cabin, but the reward is handsome: a shelter for yourself somewhere quiet, and a place to offer warm hospitality to friends.”

Cabin Porn can now be found on Amazon. Take a peek inside the book, and watch a lovely trailer below.









30 Sep 12:58

The Ornate Mosaics and Colorful Tiles of Parisian Floors Shared Through Photographer Sebastian Erras’ Instagram Account

by Kate Sierzputowski


Photographer Sebastian Erras‘s Paris-based project has only one perspective—down. This vantage however, never fails to delight as it is captures the ornate mosaics of Parisian floors, brightly patterned tiles and scenes that exist underfoot. Each shot within Parisian Floors (@parisianfloors) is uniform, a cropped image of Erras’s own shoes and the surrounding tile decorations. This repetitive shot ensures we keep our focus on the tiles, highlighting the exquisite forms that make their way below the photographer’s feet.

Inspiration for the project began when Erras took a trip to Morocco, bringing his love of mosaics back with him to France. Here he became aware of the beautiful floors that graced Paris, coming back to the city with a fresh eye to start his Instagram-focused project.

“After a while being in Paris and wandering around the city, the main attractions and sights become a given,” Erras told Colossal. “Now looking down more often I get to see a whole new side of this city! It has been a good motivation to rediscover Paris again.”

Placing the project on Instagram also allows Erras to map the city of Paris through geotags, building comprehensive map of images and allowing the photographer to see which areas of the city he has yet to discover. (via My Modern Met)











13 Sep 08:30

writingbox: A very useful demonstration of the importance of...

Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez


A very useful demonstration of the importance of sentence length.

09 Sep 17:36

Bamboo Brilliance

by Sarang Sheth


They say that if you spend 10,000 hours practicing something, you can perfect it. That’s all that comes to mind when I look at Taiwanese Designer Cheng-Tsung Feng’s work with bamboo. In its modern design style lies age old practices. The kind that absolutely glorify Bamboo as not just a material, but also a source of inspiration.

Cheng-Tsung Feng learnt to work with bamboo traditionally, in the old craftsmanship style. This, along with his young age and relatively fresh outlook on life resulted in a a stunning merge between traditional material treatment and modern aesthetic and application.

If you’re as gobsmacked as I am, and you happen to be in Paris, drop by the exhibition in Maison and Objet to check out Cheng-Tsung’s work. I guarantee you’ll never look at bamboo the same way again!

Designer: Cheng-Tsung Feng













08 Sep 13:12

on such days like today (dark, chilly, melancholy, windy, stormy, cloudy, and rainy as hell) I...

Sofía Henao

@David Pelaez, aunque también le aplica a Juan Pablo Salazar :P

on such days like today (dark, chilly, melancholy, windy, stormy, cloudy, and rainy as hell) I understand why I chose to study translation. nothing cheers me up better than the thought that one day maybe won’t really need to go out on such days, because all I’d need will be my computer, my sweatpants, and a cup of coffee. 

06 Sep 07:25

Baby Burrito Swaddle Blanket

Sofía Henao

@Juan Pablo Salazar

04 Sep 08:30

languagesarerad: when everyone around you is speaking a language you don’t know and you are like I...

Sofía Henao

Current state


when everyone around you is speaking a language you don’t know and you are like I WANT TO PLAY TOO

02 Sep 13:12

Source: @BahnAnsagen Twitter account.

Source: @BahnAnsagen Twitter account.

31 Aug 15:45

Portraits reveal a desire for human connection;a desire so...







United States


Portraits reveal a desire for human connection;
a desire so strong that people who know they will never see me again
open themselves to the camera,  all in the hope that at the other end
someone will be watching, someone who will laugh or suffer with them.

For more portraits please visit our Wordpress blog:

12 Jul 05:57

sandandglass: Last Week Tonight s02e19


Last Week Tonight s02e19

26 Aug 22:11


by Leticia Roncero
Sofía Henao

@David Peláez

26 Aug 08:30

Star Wars vs WWII Print Set

by Dobis
24 Aug 12:00

Extracting beauty from the mundane: Wouter Rietberg

by Leticia Roncero

When you look at the mundane patterns in the world, are you able to extract a dynamic view or do you look the other way? For Wouter Rietberg, even the most quotidian aspect of a gray city turns into a vivid pastiche of angles and photographic elements.

Wouter is a software engineer and photographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He says he didn’t get interested in photography until a few years ago, when he bought a camera with manual settings for a trip to the United States. Later on, he bought a DSLR and a few lenses and started trying out different kinds of shots: flowers, macros, landscapes…

“The walks to and from work grew longer and longer because of all the photographic detours, and I started to do proper photo walks in and around the city,” he said. “My focus started to move towards geometry and minimalism. And now, I don’t leave the house without my camera.”

When it comes to taking photos, Wouter doesn’t follow any particular processes: “I found that when looking for a specific shot, I’m far less likely to find something good than when I just go with it.”

He selects an urban area and tries to find interesting aspects to shoot: “I regularly get stares or questions from people: ‘Why are you shooting those ugly buildings?’ or ‘There’s a beautiful old church around the corner, why are you looking at this garage door?’ I guess I enjoy trying to find something interesting in mundane or downright ugly objects more than shooting beautiful stuff.”

Whenever he wants to discover a new place, he just opens Google Street View to get an idea of the location, grabs a bike and wanders around the spot trying to find more interesting subjects. “I also revisit places to improve already-taken shots, or to visit on a different time of the day to get different lighting conditions.”

Wouter uses a 70-200 f4 lens, which allows him to get close enough to the objects he wants to shoot. “I like details on the pixel level, and I want to keep the end result image as large as possible, so I try to crop as little as possible,” he said. In the composition side of photography, Wouter declares himself a big fan of the rule of thirds. “I’m a bit of a pedant, so I use a nice script in Photoshop, called Golden Crop. It draws an overlay with the lines, diagonals and golden ratio spirals,” he said.

The patterns in his photostream mix and match in a very particular way, but Wouter says this is because his shots have all a similar theme: lines. “Most of the time I upload an image that has some link to the previous one, or at least don’t clash with each other. Unless it’s one of those awful ‘eye hurters.’”

In addition to patterns, Wouter enjoys photos of landscapes, minimalism and “urban ugliness”, as he calls it. Anything that is geometric and doesn’t involve people. “I don’t like portraits, or street photography. I can admire the quality or craftsmanship, but I can’t connect with the image.”

Wouter has been on Flickr since 2007, and he is a member of a few groups, like Cream me! “Most of the members know each other in real life, and all are long-time Flickr members, so the critiques can be long and painful, or just short and blunt, but always helpful and sincere.” He also mentions Bitches Brew as a source of inspiration: “It’s filled with strange abstracts, beautiful minimalism, and downright strange stuff. And most importantly: No people!”

Aside from these Flickr groups, Wouter finds inspiration in a few other things, like the work of graphic artist M. C. Escher, or the architecture of “normal buildings,” he said. “Not the high-end buildings by the big names, but the day-to-day stuff designed by nameless people. From a distance, those buildings might look uninteresting and often ugly, but if you look more closely there are often interesting symmetries or geometrical discrepancies.”

Be sure to check out Wouter’s Flickr photostream for more patterns and figures.

24 Aug 09:41

Fashion Illustrations with Embroidered Accents and Accessories by Izziyana Suhaimi

by Christopher Jobson


Singapore-based artist Izziyana Suhaimi introduces embroidered accents to her carefully rendered pencil and watercolor illustrations. Patterns of flowers unfold much like a tapestry across the paper canvas creating pieces she refers to as “evidence of the hand and of time.” For her series The Looms in Our Bones Suhaimi focuses mostly on fashion acessories where scarves, hats, and other clothing is depicted in thread, while she also uses the same techniques for more abstract shapes and designs. From her artist statement:

Embroidery for me is a quiet and still act, where each stitch represents a moment passed. The building of stitches then becomes a representation of time passing and the final work is like a physical manifestation of time – a time object. Each stitch is also a recording of the maker’s thoughts and emotions. I enjoy the duality of embroidery, in its movements of stabbing, cutting, covering, building, repairing, taking apart. Every stitch made seems to unfold a story and withhold it at the same time.

You can see much more of Suhaimi’s work here. (via Fubiz)












19 Aug 17:31

teacupthesauceror: inferrance: blazepress: These are pictures...




These are pictures of different dried human tears. Grief, laughter, onion and change. Each type has a different chemical makeup which makes them appear different.

i would like to view my dried tears then so maybe ill know why tf im always crying

The four basic human emotions: grief, laughter, onion and change

18 Jul 05:37

nickmillerturtleface: I am George, George is me.


I am George, George is me.

13 Jul 08:52