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capitolsjay: this guy is systematically undoing the world


yes it does, now that you mention it, THANKS FOR MENTIONING IT.

I have always wondered why lb stood for pound, I guess I though it was phonetic... somehow.


this guy is systematically undoing the world

12 Apr 15:49

No, you really CAN'T tell the difference between CDs and mp3s.

Psychology, McDaniel College

"Perceived differences and ability to discriminate between CD and 128 kb/s mp3 audio."

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Alternate Universe | d0c.png

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alltangledupinblue: petrichoriousparalian: tella1985: artist-r...







I’m still confused ._.

Art Nouveau is flowing like nature. Art deco is rigid and looks more man made.

deco = geometric

nouveau = organic


For those that are confused…

12 Feb 16:01

Oracle recruiter over Linkedin: "I think you're the perfect match for this role on our $security_team."

by @cl0pen

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I want to be kerin's friend.

* Mondale ( has joined #fountain_pens
<kerin> sup, nerd
<Mondale> sup nerd
<kerin> punctuatin'
<kerin> to a limited extent
<kerin> you?
<Mondale> wtf does that mean
<kerin> it's a contraction of "punctuating"
<kerin> which means applying punctuation to sentences
<Mondale> why would you need to do that?
<kerin> "to a limited extent" indicates that this punctuation is incomplete
<Mondale> yes, but why
<kerin> because punctuation provides additional clarity when parsing sentences
<kerin> and my closing "you?" is digressing to inquire, out of politeness, about whatever tragically uninteresting bullshit you occupy your time with
<jrvc> OH BURN
12 Feb 19:12

notcuddles: fennekincrossing: givemeinternet: SEA IS FOR...





please leave

what perfection this is

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Ingenious Door Opens and Closes Like Folded Paper

by Christopher Jobson

Ingenious Door Opens and Closes Like Folded Paper kinetic doors

Ingenious Door Opens and Closes Like Folded Paper kinetic doors

Ingenious Door Opens and Closes Like Folded Paper kinetic doors

Like the design of functional objects such as chairs or tables, it would seem new ideas for the humble door would be completely exhausted, and then along comes Austrian artist Klemens Torggler. This 4-panel entryway called the Evolution Door opens and closes in a surprisingly elegant way at the slightest touch, folding in on itself like pieces of paper. Torggler calls this system a “flip panel door” (Drehplattentür), and it’s almost more of a kinetic sculpture than functional door, but I would be happy to have one in every room of my house. And for those of you who envision a crushed finger or hands, he’s already solved that problem.

Currently the door is meant as a prototype, an extension of his artistic practice where Vienna-based Torggler has been creating similar kinetic doors for many years, several of which are available through Artelier Contemporary. (via hajohinta, nsfw)

01 Feb 22:57

International box-sizing Awareness Day

by Chris Coyier

It's February 1st today, which I've decided to declare International box-sizing Awareness Day. In honor of, you guessed it, the most humble and undersung, yet awesome and useful CSS property: box-sizing.

The date corresponds to Paul Irish's post where he introduced the concept of using it on every single element on the page. We've talked about it around here a few times as well.

Here it is, in all it's glory:

*, *:before, *:after {
  -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; 
  -moz-box-sizing: border-box; 
  box-sizing: border-box;

The default value for box-sizing is content-box, which is what we are overriding here. There is also a padding-box value but... kinda useless if you ask me. We'll get to what this means shortly.

Notice we're using the * selector to select all elements, as well as making pseudo elements use the same model, which otherwise wouldn't be selected by the * selector alone.

Here's the browser support situation. "-" = "this version and down". "+" = "this version and up".

*, *:before, *:after {
  /* Chrome 9-, Safari 5-, iOS 4.2-, Android 3-, Blackberry 7- */
  -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; 

  /* Firefox (desktop or Android) 28- */
  -moz-box-sizing: border-box;

  /* Firefox 29+, IE 8+, Chrome 10+, Safari 5.1+, Opera 9.5+, iOS 5+, Opera Mini Anything, Blackberry 10+, Android 4+ */
  box-sizing: border-box;

In the fairly near future we won't need any prefixes at all for it, but I like to just leave that kind of thing to Autoprefixer.

Why all the HOO-RAH?!

It makes working with boxes so super duper much nicer.

When you set the width of an element, that's the width that it is. If you set the width to 25%, it will take up 1/4 of the horizontal space available in its parent element. That's it.

That's not always the case. With the default box-sizing, as soon as an element has either padding or border applied, the actual rendered width is wider than the width you set.

Actual width = width + border-left + border-right + padding-left + padding-right

The math is bad enough, but when combined with percentages (or any mixed units, really) the result is impossible to do in your head and, more importantly, ends up being some useless number that you can't do anything with.

You might think of it this way: with box-sizing: border-box the padding and border press their way inside the box rather than expand the box. The result is a box the exact width you set it to be and can count on.

Columns is a particularly useful case, but this comes in useful all the time and becomes one of those things that just makes CSS development better.

Remember to read Paul's original post which covers some more ground like performance (don't worry about it), jQuery (don't worry about it), and third-party content (easy to fix).

Happy International box-sizing Awareness Day! Maybe next year we can get organized about it and all wear groovy square sunglasses or something.

International box-sizing Awareness Day is a post from CSS-Tricks

30 Jan 17:00

Lesson #2013 - Imaginary Friends

Imaginary friends are terrible romantic partners too - man, but you get friendzoned HARD by them - but at least they're willing to listen to you.

I really need to write that novel about imaginary friends already before I start living it out in my own life and get diagnosed with schizophrenia.

STW-MAKING LIVESTREAMS: After a year-and-a-half hiatus from doing these (which, incidentally, happens to line up with the birth of my daughter, that's kind of weird), I've been doing them again on Thursday nights at 10 PM Eastern. So if you want to watch one get made, hang out with other STW readers, crack jokes about my creepy basement, ask questions and see a raptor impression, feel free to join us later on tonight!

PHD UNKNOWN - my other webcomic about fierce creatures, biology, and grad school
SCIENCE THE WORLD - research on STEM education open to all K-12 educators

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Sky Broadband parental filter blocks jquery

by Cory Doctorow

The parental filter on Sky Broadband, one of the largest ISPs in the UK, blocked jquery, the widely used Javascript library, without which many websites cease to operate. While the block was in place, Sky advised customers that they could get the Web back by disabling the filter, or switching off the "phishing/malware" category.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has unilaterally decreed that these parental filters will soon be switched on by default for all broadband customers in the UK. But don't worry, the Great Firewall of Cameron won't make any mistakes, because the PM has decreed that Web companies must:

a) Censor all the bad things, but;

b) Don't censor the good things.

Whew, that's a relief. may not sound like a mainstream website, as it is really aimed at web and javascript developers but it is pretty common for websites to link to the released javascript (.js) files for jquery and a host of other tools on as the site is a CDN for these files, the result being that it is possible many sites may not be performing as expected today.

The advice appears to be for Sky customers to log into their web account, and in the Sky Broadband Shield section turn off the Phishing/Malware filter, or alternatively disable the shield completely.

Sky parental controls break jquery website [Andrew Ferguson/Think Broadband]

(Thanks, Dave!)

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24 Jan 20:12


by Reza
22 Jan 21:00

Got Their Cables Crossed

Tech Support | AL, USA

(I work in tech support for a national car insurance company.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Company] auto insurance tech support. My name is [Name]. How can we help today?”

Caller: “Yeah. I need to know why the repairman hasn’t arrived yet to look at my cable box. I’m still not getting any of my channels right now.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but you’ve reached [Company] auto insurance. It appears you have the wrong number.”

Caller: “I know that. I don’t even have a car. This was the only number for [Company Name] I could find.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but again this is [Company] auto insurance. We are not your cable television provider. You may need to double-check the number you dialed.”

Caller: “Look, just give me their correct number already! They hung up on me last time I called, and I need to get my cable back on now.”

Me: “Ma’am, I am sorry, but we are not affiliated with your cable provider and do not have information on their contact numbers. You may want check the phone book or possibly your most recent billing statement or other mailing. I know my cable provider has their number plastered all over the mails and bills they send to me. Yours may have a similar practice.”

Caller: “Look, why are you making this so d*** difficult?! I don’t want your d*** insurance! I don’t have a d*** car, so I don’t need it! Just give me the d*** number so I can get someone out here to fix my cable box!”

(This back and forth continues for several more minutes with the caller confirming she is completely aware she’s called the wrong company, but expects us to provide her with the right contact info.)

Me: “Again, ma’am, this is [Company] AUTO INSURANCE. We provide CAR INSURANCE. We do not have anything to do with cable television, satellite television, television of any kind or any other type of service other than CAR INSURANCE. We can’t give you the number for your cable repair, because we are not that company. We do not have contact information for other companies except for those involved with our CAR INSURANCE policies or the DMV for your state for concerns with your driving record. You’ve dialed… the wrong… number.”

Caller: “Don’t condescend to me you little s***. I demand to speak with your supervisor right now!”

Me: “I apologize ma’am, but the supervisors here at [Company] INSURANCE will only speak with callers who have legitimate concerns regarding some aspect of their CAR INSURANCE policy with us. As you are not a [Company] INSURANCE policy holder and do not have a concern regarding our INSURANCE services, I will not be able to transfer you to a supervisor. Again, ma’am, I advise you to re-check the number you have dialed or take one of the many suggestions I have offered to locate the correct company regarding your cable service.”

Caller: “How dare you treat your customers in this manner!”

Me: “Ma’am, you have repeatedly confirmed that you are not, in fact, a customer of [Company] AUTO INSURANCE. I have attempted multiple times to explain that you have dialed the wrong number and have reached the wrong company. You need assistance fixing your cable television service. However you have called a car insurance company. We simply cannot help you with this.”

(My supervisor has noticed I have been on a call for much longer than usual, and has been listening for the past few minutes. He decides to jump in.)

Supervisor: “Hello, ma’am. This is [Name], a supervisor here at [Company] auto insurance. I have been monitoring the call.”

Caller: “Oh, finally. Maybe I can get some actual help now instead of dealing with this useless—”

Supervisor: “—and you really need to hang up and call the right number.”

Caller: “WHAT?!”

Supervisor: “Unfortunately, you’re either being willfully obstinate and called solely to waste the valuable time of my techs, or you are so painfully stupid that you can’t comprehend the simple concept of a wrong number. Frankly, I don’t care which one it is at this point. What you are doing now is the same as calling McDonald’s restaurant to complain about Joe McDonald’s Plumbing not coming to fix your sink.”

Caller: “How dare you! I demand—”

Supervisor: “You can demand all you want, but this call is over, lady.”

Caller: “I will not stand for this type of treatment. I will be cancelling my service and never use you again.”

Supervisor: “Good luck with that, since I imagine to cancel your cable service you’d still have to actually call the right number.” *click*

(The supervisor comes over to my desk chuckling and shaking his head. He takes me off the phones and we are chit chatting. A few minutes later, one of the new techs walks up to us looking nervous.)

New Guy: “Um, I’ve got this really pissed-off lady demanding a supervisor to give her the number for her cable company. And she just starts screaming at me when I tell her this she has the wrong number.”

(The supervisor grabs the new guy’s headset right there and takes it off hold.)

Supervisor: “This is still an insurance company, lady. You’re still calling the wrong company. Get your s*** together and stop bugging us.” *click*

22 Jan 04:50

marielikestodraw: jtotheizzoe: kenobi-wan-obi: bouncingdodecah...





Carl telling us how (not) to science.

"conclusion: dinosaurs" is still my favorite rebuttal to just about anything tbh.

Second perhaps only to “Therefore: aliens”

This is perfect

22 Jan 18:52



telnet bro? really? no ssh?

<@JC>Haha this is awesome.
<@JC>Im in sydney airport sitting next to all these really clueless people - i realised (yes i fucking realised how bored i was at
the same time) that new firmware had come out for my modem - so i telnetted in and upgraded it - and while i was at it i noticed my voip dialplan was all wrong too so i fixed that up - basically i was winning command prompt big time.
<@JC>This being an aiport and a "console" looking dodgy as fuck got some girl running to the security guard thinking i am like sending airport infrastructure results back to the KGB or some shit. Basically i was like zero cool to this chick - which is pretty cool.
<@JC>He comes over to me and grabs my shoulder and asks what i was doing i said i was "hacking the gibson"
going toward airport security and they bag a dude for telnetting his modem - when that lady next to me was probably smuggling crack inbetween her butt cheeks.
<@JC>So moral of this story - telnetting can sometimes get you nearly arrested.
22 Jan 21:50

Reasons (Ernesto’s Bad Day)

by Reza


20 Jan 12:30

The Many Forms Of Poetry


The Many Forms Of Poetry

For those of you that haven’t seen the iPad ad in question.

Seeing as Ray is a big advocate of Apple products, this was a risky piece to post.  He and I will now most likely have to engage in a duel to the death armed with nothing but his iPad Air and my Nexus 7.  Wish me luck. -Will

18 Jan 23:23

When one country decides to build a really, really big fence on their border to keep people from the neighbouring country out, it solves nothing.

Geography, University of Toronto

17 Jan 17:13

We should accept health as a human right because if we don't, a ton of people will die.

Political Philosophy, Policy and Law/Foreign Affairs, University of Virginia.

'Is Health a Human Right? Examining Philosophical Problems in Human Rights Through A Study of Malaria in East Africa'

17 Jan 18:54

People used to fix shit, but we've mostly stopped, because economics.

Design Criticism, The School of Visual Arts

'Designing for Repair: Things Can Be Fixed'

17 Jan 19:28

The top fiction bestsellers in the last decade are typically about either terrorism or BDSM. So we're all in great shape.

English major, Colby College

Title: TBD five minutes before submission deadline. 

18 Jan 09:56

European Integration is what happens when the French president and the German chancellor become friends

Public administration/Politics, FU Berlin.

18 Jan 12:44

Just wrap your lips and blow.

Clarinet Performance, Bowling Green State University

12 Jan 05:35

owlturdcomix: Google, no.


Google, no.

12 Jan 15:33

Turns out you can't learn to read without books.

Literacy Education, University of Rochester

"The Pictures Tell it All: An Argument for Using Wordless Picture Books in Elementary Literacy Instruction"

12 Jan 14:21

darksilenceinsuburbia: The Oatmeal. Asian Food!


The Chinese place was replaced by a chinese/thai place. Then, the Chinese/Thai place closed down. It was replaced by a Chinese/Sushi place. Finally that closed down, and was replaced by the just a chinese place again. Hrm, anything tastes good when you deep fry it right? (even pork bung?)