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Ronald Reagan pretty much ruined everything for millennials.

fuckin’ ronnie

I try and bring up how he ruined free in state tuition in the name of hippie bashing when he was California’s governor often, but don’t exactly have the biggest platform.

"Worst of all, these students’ sense of the future is constrained by planning for and then paying down their student loans, often for decades. Economists are waking up to the fact that when young Americans enter the workforce burdened with over a trillion dollars in cumulative debt, they become risk averse, unwilling to move, less able to make major purchases, and slower to become homeowners. Not coincidentally, they don’t feel safe enough to register any major protests against the society that’s done this to them.”


i am reblogging again because….. fuck ronald reagan forever and ever and ever and ever.

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Linked: Identifying Mark

by Armin

'of all crimes, got caught for identity theft'

Identifying Mark
I'm no criminal mastermind but I'm pretty sure having the Bentley logo tattooed on your forehead is a dead giveaway for being identified as a criminal, like Derek Denesevich above, who, of all crimes, got caught for identity theft. Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners
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Boehner: Bush would've punched Putin in the nose for invading Crimea - Yahoo News

by gguillotte
"No! Even Putin is smart enough to know that Bush would have punched him in the nose in about 10 seconds!"
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11 Questions: Maria Bamford on our 11 questions and My Cat From Hell

by Marah Eakin

In 11 Questions, The A.V. Club asks interesting people 11 interesting questions—and then asks them to suggest one for our next interviewee.

With upcoming appearances at the New York Comedy Festival and on USA’s new legal comedy Benched, Maria Bamford is having a busy fall. The surreal comedian has long been a fan favorite, having released four albums since 2005, in addition to the work she did with the Comedians Of Comedy. Her latest, Ask Me About My New God, is available now wherever comedy records are sold.

1. What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

Maria Bamford: The worst job I’ve ever had, which wasn’t too bad really, was at a laundry factory where you had to take the wire hangers and unwind them. Like, unwind the part of the wire hanger so they weren’t hangers anymore, they were just a ...

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Night Witches by Bully Pulpit Games — Kickstarter

by gguillotte


Night Witches is a tabletop RPG about Soviet airwomen during World War Two, flying daring night time bombing missions in biplanes.
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Arizona Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Birth Control

Arizona Law Will Allow Employers to Fire Women for Using Birth Control:



Arizona House Bill 2625, a controversial bill will allow employers to fire women for using contraceptives based on faith.

"On Monday, Oct. 20, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-2 to endorse the Arizona House Bill 2625, which would allow Arizona employers to repudiate health insurance coverage for contraceptives based on religious affirmations.
This would give Arizona businesses license to request that female personnel being prescribed birth control pills verify they’re using them for intentions that are non-sexual or non-reproductive, such as acne treatment or hormone control.”


Another day, another step closer to the fucking Handmaid’s Tale.

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карты слов


via Tadeu









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another job, another sharebattical

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officialjeffgoldblum: the original misandrists 


the original misandrists 

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colorcombos: important photoset of dogs in blankets


important photoset of dogs in blankets

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ArKay Beverages Creates a Full Line of Alcohol-Free Liquors For Those Who Prefer Not to Indulge

by Lori Dorn

'Flavors include tequila, vodka, gin, spiced rum, and amaretto, just to name a few'

ArKay Alcohol-Free Whiskey

ArKay Distributing of Fort Lauderdale, Florida has created a full line of alcohol-free liquor flavored beverages (previously) for those consumers who like the taste of the spirit but don’t want the harmful effects of ethanol intoxication or can’t ingest alcohol due to personal religious beliefs or medical reasons.

ArKay is the world’s first alcohol free liquor, which means it tastes like liquor, looks like liquor, smells like liquor, but has never been fermented or aged in a wooden cask and contains no alcohol. This version of the popular spirit is ideal for anybody who – for personal, philosophical or religious reasons – cannot drink alcohol or simply doesn’t want to indulge.

Flavors include tequila, vodka, gin, spiced rum, and amaretto, just to name a few. A number of recipes are also provided online for a vast array of “mocktails” and recipe substitutions.

ArKay in Vegas

In 2013, ArKay partnered with the band Arkay to create a “memorable” PSA song warning of the dangers of drinking and driving.

via Daily Mail

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Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified

by Rossella Lorenzi – Discovery News

Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified

A fragment of Amelia Earhart's lost aircraft has been identified to a high degree of certainty for the first time ever since her plane vanished over the Pacific Ocean on July 2, 1937, in a record attempt to fly around the world at the equator.


29 Oct 22:19

Newswire: Metallica will help Craig Ferguson say goodbye to The Late Late Show

by B.G. Henne

Deadline reports that Craig Ferguson will get a little help from Metallica as he winds down his tenure as host of The Late Late Show. Following in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake and Foo Fighters, the elder statesmen of metal will drop in for a weeklong musical residency from November 17 to 21 that will see them performing and chatting with the outgoing host. They’ll be plugging both their new vinyl reissue campaign and the 10th anniversary re-release of the documentary, Some Kind of Monster, the movie that revealed that watching Lars Ulrnich and James Hetfield bicker like an old married couple is totally metal. While Metallica can’t ride the lightning like it used to, building some shared buzz with Ferguson during a Nielsen sweeps week may be the next best thing.

29 Oct 22:13

Security Companies Team Up, Take Down Chinese Hacking Group

by samzenpus
daten writes A coalition of security companies has hit a sophisticated hacking group in China with a heavy blow. The effort is detailed in a report released today by Novetta. The coalition, which calls itself Operation SMN, detected and cleaned up malicious code on 43,000 computers worldwide that were targeted by Axiom, an incredibly sophisticated organization that has been stealing intellectual property for more than six years. The group united as part of Microsoft's Coordinated Malware Eradication (CME) campaign against Hikit (a.k.a. Hikiti), the custom malware often used by Axiom to burrow into organizations, exfiltrate data, and evade detection, sometimes for years.

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Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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Blazers players were given motivational hammers

by Mike Prada

welcome to Portland

Each Blazers player was given one of these today from the organization.

— Erik Gundersen (@blazerbanter) October 28, 2014

Looks like the Blazers ...

(Wait for it...)

(Wait for it...)

(Wait for it...)

(deep breath)


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Ebola Today: Maine Gov. Sends State Police to Keep Nurse in Quarantine -

CBS News

Ebola Today: Maine Gov. Sends State Police to Keep Nurse in Quarantine
1:09 p.m. ET: Maine governor sends backup to keep nurse at home. After Kaci Hickox, the nurse who is currently under voluntary quarantine at her home Fort Kent, Maine, said publicly Wednesday morning that she plans to leave, Maine Governor Paul R.
Maine Governor Seeks to Make Nurse Abide by QuarantineBusinessweek
White House steering clear of Ebola quaran...Washington Times
Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox pledges to challenge Maine quarantine rulesLos Angeles Times
Reuters -Boston Globe -Lynchburg News and Advance
all 582 news articles »
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The Mary Sue is Looking For a Weekend Editor

by Jill Pantozzi

DailyPlanetStaffIf you wind up being our Weekend Editor I promise not to scream your name across the newsroom. Probably.

A typical day at the office looks something like this:



And when you work from home probably more like:


Is that something that might interest you? If so, read on!

It’s true, we’re searching for a new Weekend Editor at The Mary Sue. What does such a position entail? Well, working Saturdays and Sundays, for one. Otherwise, we’re looking for a journalist/blogger (preferably a college graduate with a few years experience writing content online or off) with a wide knowledge of and passion for pop-culture, science, technology, weird internet memes, social issues, and more! You’ll be tasked with culling news from around the web and putting your personal spin on it, coming up with original content, and keeping up with our social media accounts. We’d prefer someone living locally near our offices in New York City but that is not absolutely necessary for the position.

Applications are open to ANYONE but applicants who are LGBTQ, people of color, people with disabilities, etc. are encouraged to apply. We’d love to get some more diversity on staff. But what exactly are some of the qualities we’re looking for?

  • Someone who can consume a large amount of information in a short time.
  • Someone who can multitask.
  • A familiarity with WordPress.
  • Photoshop or other photo editing software knowledge a plus.
  • Someone who’s FUN!
  • Someone who’s proud to be called a geek.
  • Someone who can take direction and follow through with assigned tasks.

What do we want in your application? These things exactly, no more, no less:

  • The subject line of your email must read: “TMS Weekend Editor 2014″
  • A brief cover letter as the BODY of your email.
  • Your resume/CV (as an email attachment) or LinkedIn profile (pick one).
  • Two links to samples of your writing. Preferably one “news” piece and one “opinion” piece.
  • Link(s) to your personal website/blog and any public social media accounts.

Please email all of that information to Editor in Chief Jill Pantozzi at We’re setting the application deadline for no later than November 4, 2014 October 31, 2014 (start date for the position is ASAP) but we retain the right to call it early if we get an overwhelming amount of applicants, so submit early. Please only email us once, we’ll be in touch if we’re interested.

Please also include a link to your favorite GIF in your application email.

Are you following The Mary Sue on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, & Google +?

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The biggest lesson I learned after a week without cash or credit cards

by Lisa Selin Davis

'Day 1: Because the café I normally frequent only takes cash, debit or credit, I reluctantly head to Starbucks'

I quit

Paypal app

It’s the morning after the JP Morgan cyber breach, in which hackers stole the information of 76 million households. I’m holding my phone over my debit card, taking a picture that will automatically decipher the digits so the LevelUp app can link directly to my bank account.

It seems like a terrible idea, but I’m on a mission: I’m going to spend the whole week using digital payments, to find out if, as many tech pundits have asserted, we’re headed toward a cashless society. According to the research firm Gartner, mobile payments will top $720 billion a year by 2017, up from $235 billion last year. Wikipedia lists 75 different online payment service providers internationally, from user-to-user mobile payments like Square Cash or Venmo, or user-to-vendor like LevelUp. Apple Pay, introduced last month, promises to add to the digital payment gold rush.

Since I don’t have the iPhone 6, required for Apple Pay, I pick the following apps:

  • LevelUp lets me pay participating businesses like CHOP’T or Umami burger
  • The Starbucks app works like a digital coffee card, keeping track of my purchases and offering me rewards
  • Square Cash and Venmo allow me to pay friends and to view their transactions
  • The Passbook app on my iPhone includes apps for Target, Walgreens and Kroger, as well as REI and Air Canada, Macy’s and Office Depot and Pinkberry, and the Apple store
  • Google Wallet started as user-to-vendor and now works mostly as user-to-user and stores various gift cards

Day 1

Because the café I normally frequent only takes cash, debit or credit, I reluctantly head to Starbucks. I order, then hold up my phone to the scanner affixed to the back of the register. “What do I do?” I ask the barista.

“There’s no money on it,” he says.

“How do I get money on it?” He tells me what to tap and swipe, but in the interest of time suggests that I give him $5 that he will then add to the balance of my app. I shake my phone, the balance shows and I hold my phone up to the scanner to pay for my burned-tasting coffee and way-too-soft bagel.

“What is the point of this?” I ask him. He gives me the spiel about earning stars and points and rewards, which is what most of these mobile payment apps offer.

This is the question that sticks with me throughout the week. Why is it better for me to use the Starbucks app instead of my credit card, which offers me points of its own? Will Hernandez, editor of tells me: “You’re using that app to track your rewards. Making the payment is kind of an afterthought.” As the Discover Card pioneered the concept of cash back for purchases in 1996, these companies are battling for, and thus rewarding, our loyalty: the more you give your money to them, the more they offer you in return. With LevelUp, for instance, if you spend $60 at some restaurants, you get $6.00 in credit. Each app or site is designed to keep your money within its own financial ecosystem.

Day 2

Patronizing Starbucks instead of my local café leaves me with an unpleasant taste in my mouth. Already we’re living in a world of retail supergiants—Amazon, Target, and Starbucks. And the more I rely on Passbook’s or LevelUp’s family of apps, the more my money stays in that circumscribed set of businesses.

Case in point: On the way home, I’m planning to stop at our local food co-op to pick up some groceries, but, sorry kids, no strawberries or bean salad for you. The co-op only takes cash, debit or food stamps.

Day 3

I discover the best part of my alterna-money week: I’m spending far, far less money than usual. I can’t just grab a non-Starbucks cup of coffee or a newspaper. I can’t even put more money on my MetroCard for the subway, forcing me to use my bike or walk. (Upside of cashless week: I may lose some weight). Most of my monthly bills are deducted automatically from my bank account. There are some things I absolutely cannot avoid spending cash for, like my daughter’s school lunch. I cheat, getting my husband to give her the $1.75.

As for my own lunch, since I wasn’t able to buy groceries—I’m adamant about shopping at the co-op, since we have to work each month in order to shop there. I consult LevelUp, which shows nearby businesses that accept the platform. JustSalad it will be; the app encourages me to choose it by way of a $1 discount. This time I’ve already linked my card and have fewer problems using my phone for food.

However, it’s a challenge to get the rest of my errands done. I need to download the CVS app to get toothpaste. OpenTable, which started as a restaurant reservation app, now lets you pay your bill that way, but, according to OpenTable’s website, only one restaurant in Brooklyn takes it. To really navigate the world walletlessly, I would need a lot more apps, a lot more room on my phone, and a lot more time.

This is perhaps the biggest hurdle that digital payments face: accessibility. “It’s a very fragmented market right now,” says Hernandez. “The infrastructure’s really not in place yet to make this happen.” Apple Pay may be all the rage, the greatest digital payment platform yet, but not everyone accepts it.

Day 4

The Brooklyn Public Library’s café doesn’t take it, either. I’m working next to my friend, a mom in her mid-30s who only recently upgraded her decade-old computer at the library, when she asks if I want anything from the cafe.

“Do you have any apps on your phone like Venmo or Square Cash?” I ask her. She looks at me as if I’m speaking Martian.

“My phone is too old for those kinds of things,” she says. “You want me to buy you something?” I demur. Man am I hungry.

Day 5

I’m able to use my L.L.Bean gift card and Amazon points for some sartorial purchases. When I need something else from Amazon, my only non-traditional option is the Amazon Store Card. It’s a kind of Amazon-only Amex; if you don’t pay in full by the end of the month they charge you a serious APR, in this case 25.99%.

Rather than sign up for anything else, I have my friend buy something for me and say I’ll pay her via Square Cash. She reminds me that she actually owes me money so she sends me $5 using the app. A text telling me so pops up mere seconds later. It’s true: once you’ve put in the work of entering your data, actually paying, or getting paid, is incredibly fast and easy.

Day 6

I want to give up. We need milk. And stain remover. And tortilla chips for the rapidly aging avocados that I don’t want to waste. It seems unfair to ask my husband to buy the milk because my hands are tied, so I go to our local bodega, take out my wallet and pay cash. I feel liberated, so much so that I added items I’d felt deprived of (sadly, mostly cookies) to my pile. It’s $14.51, and I hand the guy a $20. I remember that I owe him fifty cents from when I was short last week, before my week of alterna-money began, so he hands me back one smooth five-dollar bill. I feel giddy.

The lesson

Clearly, I’m not ready to go cashless, but plenty of folks think cash will go the way of snail mail and VHS. “One day, we’ll all be paying for things with our phones,” CNET predicts. Still, the research company Forrester reported that only 11% of Americans used a mobile wallet in 2013.

Convenience is part of the marketing platform, too, though I don’t think the cashless economy has yet delivered on this promise. Removing your wallet from your pocket or bag, opening it, taking out the credit card, swiping it vs. removing your phone out of your pocket or bag, pressing the button, entering your code, opening the app, tapping it, turning it off. “I’ve timed it,” says Hernandez. “There’s not much of a difference.” Hernandez admits that using a credit card might actually be easier at times.

Then there’s the issue of safety. While it frightened me to input my bank information into my phone, I know that most millennials are well-accustomed to the one-device-does-all world and are less afraid.

And perhaps with good reason. The number of credit card breaches—Target, Home Depot—reveal just how outdated our magnetic strip credit card technology is. In Europe and elsewhere, there’s no strip but a chip, which is scanned and then used in conjunction with a PIN; it’s supposed to be much safer. And perhaps some digital payment technologies will be even safer than that. “Apple Pay is definitely safer than the technology on which the card system is based now,” says Hernandez.

The problems of access, of smaller companies—and less tech savvy people—being able to keep up with rapidly evolving technology, and of course the digital divide (you have to have enough money for a smart phone and then enough disposable income to use the apps) are all in the way of a cashless society. At least for now. Millennials are already on it, partly because of their comfort and partly because of their affinity for design. “There really isn’t much of a difference between paying with a card and a phone,” says Hernandez. “It’s just that paying with a phone looks cooler.”

My week is over. I go through and delete the apps one by one. I go back to cash—the truly safest way to pay, assuming you don’t lose it—and my rewards-granting credit card, and remember something else that Will Hernandez told me. No matter whether we go cashless or not, “We’re still going to carry around our physical wallets,” he says. “We still have our IDs in there.”

Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaSelinDavis. We welcome your comments at

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How do you say "chickenshit" in Hebrew? - Jewish Telegraphic Agency


shared for hed

How do you say "chickenshit" in Hebrew?
Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confronted quite a challenge when the Atlantic's Jeff Goldberg quoted Obama administration officials calling him a “chickenshit.” Israeli reporters, in turn, faced their own challenge: How to translate “chickenshit” into ...

and more »
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Two students suspended after posting controversial Facebook photo -


'holding airsoft guns in a homecoming photo'

Two students suspended after posting controversial Facebook photo
MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. — Two high school students say they're facing expulsion over a photo posted to Facebook. Tito Velez, 16, and his girlfriend, Jamie Pereira, are shown holding airsoft guns in a homecoming photo they posted on Facebook last ...

and more »
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For sale: Glock 19 & 400 rounds 9mm


welcome to reddit

'Many Redditors are careful to advertise that they comply with the law when shipping across state lines. But in-state sales are another matter—including the potential to exploit a well-known loophole in federal law, which exempts "private transactions" from background checks. The guidelines page for GunsForSale instructs Redditors to suffix the title of their posts with the states they operate in, noting: "Sellers can prefer not to ship a firearm out of state, but do an in-state face-to-face transaction." '

Gun is in great condition, I've put 150-200 rounds through it at shooting ranges. Comes with the following:

  • (2) 15-round magazine
  • 33-round extended magazine
  • 400 rounds FMJ
  • 25 rounds HPJ
  • Gun oil, CLP, gun grease, cleaning brush, cleaning patches
  • Shooting earmuffs

Picture here:

I'm asking $500. No haggling, please, I need to make rent.


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Why teaching kindergarten is among the scariest jobs in America

by Vickie Elmer

'“The parents can be the scary part,” said Danko, noting some have unrealistic expectations or are very demanding or overprotective. They also may show up with questions “at the most inopportune time,” or with unreasonable requests.'

Michelle Obama at a kindergarten

The scariest jobs aren’t necessarily the most dangerous.

In a new survey of more than 3,100 workers from CareerBuilder, kindergarten teachers are among the 10 jobs that strike fear in American workers. Crime scene investigator, mortician, and politician also made the list.

“Workers have told us that the idea of working with young children is scary,” a CareerBuilder spokeswoman told Quartz. But teachers themselves don’t necessarily agree.

“They’re sweet and funny and make me look at things differently every day, ” says Kim Danko, who has taught Kindergarteners for 19 years in Riverside, California.

In addition to germs and the weight of shaping young minds, kindergarten teachers must often deal with larger groups of children than preschool or day care teachers. The average, among 19 OECD countries, is 18 students in Kindergarten for one staff member compared to seven at childcare centers. The largest kindergarten classes are found in Japan, France, Spain, Korea, Italy and Portugal, with more than 20 children per classroom.

“Definitely there’s no down time,” Danko told Quartz.  Her 26 students mostly have  “five-minute attention spans.”  In the US in 2012, the annual median pay for kindergarten teachers was $53,090.

“The parents can be the scary part,” said Danko, noting some have unrealistic expectations or are very demanding or overprotective. They also may show up with questions “at the most inopportune time,” or with unreasonable requests. (Parenting also is among the CareerBuilder scary jobs.)

Let’s hope the survey won’t scare off prospective teachers. The world faces a shortage of teachers with around 1.4 million new primary educators needed by next year and 3.4 million required by 2030.

Follow Vickie on Twitter @WorkingKind. We welcome your comments at

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The Dapper D Pop Up Shop

by Marjorie Skinner

“Men’s style clothing for women” line Dapper D has a mission to reach as many people within their under-served demographic—from tomboy to transman—as possible. The latest offensive on that front is a three-day pop-up shop adjacent to Cupcake Jones, with a portion of proceeds going to benefit one of the city most vital resources, Outside In. Social Hall, 307 NW 10th, Fri Nov 14-Sun Nov 16, 11 am-7 pm

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What the Antares rocket explosion looked like on weather radar

by Tim Fernholz

'they’re also a reminder of why NASA was willing to scrub a previous launch attempt when a sailboat ventured into the hazard area of the coast of the launch site. Had it been there when the rocket exploded, it could have been caught in the wave of debris shown above.'

Tap image to zoom
(Baron Weather)

The explosion of Orbital Sciences’ Antares rocket at the Wallops Island launch facility last night was something to see—even if you’re seeing with radio waves. These animations, provided by Baron Weather, show how debris and smoke from the accident were visible at a weather station in Dover, Delaware,  over 100 miles away.

Tap image to zoom
(Baron Weather)

After the initial explosion, then the south-westerly winds carry the smoke and debris out into the Atlantic ocean. “You see that sometimes with tornados and squall line events and severe weather events that push through and cause a lot of damage,” Stephen McCloud, a weather operations manager at Baron, says. “The radar sees it and detects it as debris.”

The next animations uses more advanced radar analysis to try identify the different kinds of debris scattered by the rocket accident. This kind of radar can differentiate between rain, snow and hail, for example.

Tap image to zoom
(Baron Weather)

Investigators will use these images to help collect the remnants of the rocket and determine the cause of the explosion. And they’re also a reminder of why NASA was willing to scrub a previous launch attempt when a sailboat ventured into the hazard area of the coast of the launch site. Had it been there when the rocket exploded, it could have been caught in the wave of debris shown above.

29 Oct 10:38



the wire season 6 is a crossover with 30 rock

29 Oct 11:38




29 Oct 11:00

The 3D Printed Future of Halloween #ElectronicHalloween

by Becky Stern

what's holding back, say, 3D-printed latex?


The 3D-printed future of Halloween @kernelmag:

You know that super awesome Halloween costume idea you’ve had for the past five years but still haven’t had the time to put together? The one that would take weeks of design, fabrication, and a ridiculous amount of skill? Whether you want to be Iron Man or Samus Aran, creating a jaw-dropping costume can seem nearly impossible, but this year could be the year that you make it happen—and without all the moulding, casting, and pouring that normally goes into such projects.

Welcome to the magical world of 3D-printing.

3D printers come in all shapes and sizes, from bread-box-sized units to machines large enough to crush a man, but they all do the same thing: conjure solid objects out of thin air. Well, thin air and some plastic. The resulting items are typically rough and far from finished, but they provide the foundation for a costume revolution that is just beginning to take shape.

Take Neomek for example. The company specializes in 3D-printing solutions for businesses, but it couldn’t resist the temptation to engage in a little Halloween mischief by turning Vice President Jim Clark’s son into a disturbingly realistic version of Dr. Finkelstein from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

29 Oct 18:51

POST INTERNET BAKOON on Twitter: "you cant have a french fry bigger than..."

by djempirical

'you cant have a french fry bigger than a potato but the only limit to a tater tot is your bravery and imagination'

29 Oct 20:01

You Can Buy This Abandoned CT Town For Less Than A Brooklyn Apartment: Gothamist

by hodad

'Like any good "abandoned" area, it was very quiet -- although the funny thing is that just on all sides of Johnsonville is normal suburbia, with plenty of modest homes containing average American families. Kids ride bikes down the street, men tend to their lawns, minivans are parked in driveways ... Johnsonville is like a weird dead spot in an otherwise regular Connecticut neighborhood.'


#r2kommune #betterct

@Laine @Dolly @reverend_bunnie @TommyBennett etc. etc. etc.

This is really more Dawson's Creek

This cute, abandoned town in Connecticut is basically Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, and it's currently being sold off at auction with a starting bid of $800,000. That's less than a brownstone in Brooklyn. That's less than some studio apartments here. It's a whole goddamn town! That's 62-acres, plus plenty of homes and General Store type structures that may or may not be haunted by cool, historic ghosts. Here's the deal:

"Why are they selling an entire town? Well, for starters, it’s been vacant for more than 20 years and through its history, has been abandoned not once, not twice, but three times

Dating back to the 1830s, Johnsonville was once a thriving mill town and popular recreation spot set along the Moodus River, with amenities including a restaurant called the Red House Restaurant, a general store and a one-room schoolhouse.

Victorian and colonial-style houses with fireplaces and pillared porches were built by the families of the mill-owners where they lived contently up until the 1950s. All the historic buildings still remain. But then modernization crept up on the quaint community, work dried up and Johnsonville became a ghost town for the first time."

According to the auction site, the buyer will be in a unique opportunity to redevelop the town by combining "the historic value of the 19th century village with 21st century living as permitted uses include: single family, multifamily housing to include market rate and affordable, senior housing, arts/entertainment center, B&B’s, inn, restaurant/banquet facility, retail shops and schools." And just think, you'd be like a 40 minute drive to all that pizza.

Original Source

29 Oct 21:30

Street Style Search App Cloth Launches Updated App With New Chat, Search, and Social Features

by Glen Tickle

never speak to or be around people

Cloth, the street style search app, has launched a new updated version that offers additional chat and search features. Users can now chat with one another about different looks, search for outfit suggestions based on weather, or see what other users are wearing in real time in cities around the world. iPhone users running iOS 8 can also receive morning notifications of the weather with outfit suggestions for the day.

Cloth is a New York City-based startup founded by Seth PorgesWray Serna, and Bradford Stephens.

The new version of Cloth is available on iOS.

Cloth App Cloth AppCloth App  Cloth App

images via iTunes

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips