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Official actual real news


dork shit, cool kids keep scrolling


Wow, so much coming up at once that I’m excited about:

  • Redemption, Silent Spirits’ brilliant military sci-fi setting and system, which I’ve been editing and laying out and is so almost done
  • The forthcoming Veranthea Codex Kickstarter for a massive and massively cool new Pathfinder setting from Mike Myler and Rogue Genius Games that I’m hyped to be involved with
  • The Strange Magic Kickstarter by Interjection Games, bringing three awesome and creative magic systems to Pathfinder that I’m also hyped to be involved with
  • A huge milestone for me that should be official in November, about two or three years earlier than I thought I’d achieve it

What a wacky and exciting year. Hell, most of this has been in the last two months!

I’ll follow up with more details soon, but dang. I’ve got a lot to be grateful for right now, and a lot to look forward to.

Seriously, this is crazy. My mind is steady blown that any of this is happening.

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So this happened


stupid fucking New York

So this happened

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Newswire: Fox picks up a medical drama from Malcolm Gladwell

by Sonia Saraiya

Fox has ordered a put pilot of The Cure, a project from Malcolm Gladwell—author of several bestselling pop-science books and a staff writer at the New Yorker—and Glenn Gordon Caron, the creator of Medium. The Cure is a medical thriller about tackling a deadly disease; Deadline observes that The Cure stands out for being the rare drama that, right from its premise, centers on a black protagonist. She’s described as “a young, impulsive African-American neurologist who decides to take the law into her own hands.”

Gladwell has tried his hand at TV writing before, developing the script for the HBO Cold War drama The Missionary, a show that never made it past the pilot stage. Should The Cure go forward, it’s unknown whether he’d stick around or, like Michael Crichton on ER, just be there for the pilot and subsequent creator credit.

Fox’s decision ...

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An Extremely Simple Method for Cooking and Shucking Corn on the Cob

by Brian Heater

via Jfiorato

already more work than we've ever put into cooking corn

1. put corn in oven
2. oven on
3. ok yay eat

Food Wishes host Chef John offers up an extremely simple method for cooking and shucking corn on the cob that involves cooking the ear of corn in a microwave, slicing an end and simply slipping off the husk.

via 22 Words

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A Japanese Bread Cutter and Mold That Makes an Adorable Pop-Up Panda

by EDW Lynch


Pop-Up Panda Bread Form

Japanese company Torune has created a combination bread cutter and mold that forms and cuts a piece of bread into an adorable pop-up panda. The device is available online at JBOX.

Pop-Up Panda Bread Form

Pop-Up Panda Bread Form

photos via JBOX

via TokyoFinds, Andrew Ledford, Lustik

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Through the Woods, Emily Carroll

Through the Woods, Emily Carroll

25 Aug 20:25


by Joe Jervis

via Ibstopher

They followed up with an apology tweet.
26 Aug 21:30

Final days for Chibi Pony Adventurers on Kickstarter

by Polar_Bear

'They’ve made 3x their goal'

Final days for Chibi Pony Adventurers on Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures has just a couple days left in their Chibi Pony Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. They’ve made 3x their goal, so check out the unlocks and extras for the campaign before it’s too late. Source From the campaign: Impact! Miniatures has entered their final 3 days of their KickStarter to create new Chibi Ponies. The […]
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Firing range instructor dies after 9-year-old shoots him with an Uzi - Los Angeles Times


the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun

Firing range instructor dies after 9-year-old shoots him with an Uzi
Los Angeles Times
An instructor at a shooting range in Arizona died Monday after a 9-year-old girl accidentally shot him in the head with an Uzi he was showing her how to use, the Mohave County Sheriff's Office said. Charles Vacca, 39, of Lake Havasu City was shot Monday ...

and more »
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The Book is on Lifesupport


grimdark + this art style = not my thing, but signal boosting nonetheless

The Book is on Lifesupport:


I have to admit, I’m frustrated. Sales on the book continue to drop and there doesn’t seem to be much I can do to stop it. I’ve tried everything I can.

I got a big-name voice actor to do my trailer.

I got national news coverage.

I switched the book to color.



If you haven’t given the book a try, please do. If it’s not for you, it’s not for you, no harm, no foul.

But maybe you’ll find something new, not Big Two, that you like. Maybe you’ll keep a creator in business.

Worth a try, right?

26 Aug 20:58

A 1983 Volkswagen Golf Covered in Popcorn

by EDW Lynch

A 1983 Volkswagen Covered in Popcorn

In a visually striking work of installation art, artist Lucas Danehl has covered nearly the entire exterior of a 1983 Volkswagen Golf in popcorn. Danehl, a student at the German art school Braunschweig Hochschule für Bildende Künste, spent a year on the project.

A 1983 Volkswagen Covered in Popcorn

A 1983 Volkswagen Covered in Popcorn

photos by Jacob Aaron Schroeder

via JAS, Lustik

26 Aug 20:25

Comcast allegedly trying to block CenturyLink from entering its territory

by Jon Brodkin

all carriers suck forever

CenturyLink has accused Comcast of trying to prevent competition in cities and towns by making it difficult for the company to obtain reasonable franchise agreements from local authorities.

CenturyLink made the claim yesterday in a filing that asks the Federal Communications Commission to block Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable (TWC) or impose conditions that prevent Comcast from using its market power to harm competitors.

Comcast has a different view on the matter, saying that CenturyLink shouldn’t be able to enter Comcast cities unless CenturyLink promises to build out its network to all residents. Without such conditions, poor people might not be offered service, Comcast argues.

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Great Job, Internet!: Pay tribute to America with a Slayer-style cover of the Bagel Bites jingle

by Marah Eakin

'produced by MetalSucks reader'

The Bagel Bites jingle (“Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening…”) has long been a source of much love and amusement, even if the product it sells isn’t nearly as worthwhile of admiration. And, the Internet being the Internet, there are plenty of covers of that jingle floating around, from one semi-sweetly sung by a dad to his baby to another that’s not nearly as family friendly. MetalSucks has uncovered a pretty good new one, though, sung in the style of Slayer, a band that undoubtedly loves both pizza and bagels. “Bagel Bites [Snack Em All]” was produced by MetalSucks reader Sloan Stewart and is apparently a tribute to not only the hybrid food, but to big-ass cans of Mountain Dew and hamfisted trips to Dollar General. God bless America.

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Chris Bosh photobombs Matthew McConaughey at the Emmys

by Michael Katz



Chris Bosh photobombing Mathew McConaughey at the #Emmys on @eonline

— Jorge Sedano (@SedanoESPN) August 25, 2014

There's no photobombing offseason. Classic #MrNiceTie right here!

Ready for the #Emmys! #misternicetie #Emmys2014 #EmmyAwards

— Chris Bosh (@chrisbosh) August 25, 2014

(via Washington Post)

26 Aug 05:20

Emmy voters just did something that the networks couldn’t—stop Netflix

by Jason Lynch

'all of the trophies handed out during the ceremony’s first hour went to repeat winners. And most depressing at all, Television Academy members bypassed edgy comedies like Orange, Veep and Silicon Valley to award to the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy to, sigh, Modern Family — for the fifth year in a row.'

Not so fast, Kevin Spacey.

Faced with the prospect that Netflix is radically and permanently upending the television industry,  networks have been frantically searching for a way to keep the streaming service at bay. On Monday night, they found an unexpected savior—Emmy voters.

While Netflix entered this year’s Emmy race with an impressive 31 nominations, and picked up seven wins at last week’s Creative Arts Emmy ceremony, the network came up empty during Monday night’s 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. No wins for Orange is the New Black, none for House of Cards, nada for Ricky Gervais’s Derek.

These shows weren’t the only Emmy frontrunners left in the cold: HBO received only a fraction of its expected wins after Matthew McConaughey and his True Detective co-nominees failed to defeat the Breaking Bad juggernaut, aside from a directing trophy (Bad added five final Emmys to its tally), and The Normal Heart, Veep and Game of Thrones got far fewer wins than had been expected. Thrones, in fact, was shut out entirely…or perhaps we should call it “Netflixed.”

Netflix seemed primed for a big night, after last week’s Creative Arts wins seemed to indicate that Orange is the New Black would be lauded. Host Seth Meyers acknowledged Netflix’s expected big night in his opening monologue when he joked, “Not very nice when someone younger comes along, is it, cable?” And Netflix was at the center of one of the evening’s early highlights: a hilarious commercial that ran during the telecast in which Gervais crossed paths with characters from House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. It was supposed to be the first of many memorable Netflix moments on Emmy night. But it turned out to be the only one.

Instead, Emmy voters opted to embrace TV’s past instead of its future, awarding — again — previous winners like Jim Parsons, Allison Janney, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jessica Lange and The Amazing Race. In fact, all of the trophies handed out during the ceremony’s first hour went to repeat winners. And most depressing at all, Television Academy members bypassed edgy comedies like Orange, Veep and Silicon Valley to award to the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy to, sigh, Modern Family — for the fifth year in a row.

Who are these voters, exactly? It’s impossible to tell. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), which oversees the Primetime Emmys has more than 16,000 members split into 29 “peer groups.” But only a small portion of those members, sometimes as few as 50, make the decisions for each category, and their identity is kept secret.

Still, all wasn’t entirely lost for Netflix: Sherlock was one of the night’s big winners with three Emmys. While the show is a BBC/PBS production, the only place to see it right now in the U.S. is — that’s right, Netflix.

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Opinion: We’re Going To Enjoy This Cocaine-Fueled Mason Jar Rocket Ride For As Long As It Lasts (by James E. Lillie)

By James E. Lillie, CEO, Ball Mason Jars

26 Aug 16:48

Diesel the Playful Pit Bull Does High Jumps and Flips As He Chases After Soap Bubbles

by Lori Dorn


A very playful pit bull named Diesel does high jumps and flips as he chases after soap bubbles being blown by his human.

Diesel the Pit Bull.

26 Aug 16:20

Comcast tells government that its data caps aren’t actually “data caps”

by Jon Brodkin

all carriers suck forever

For the past couple of years, Comcast has been trying to convince journalists and the general public that it doesn’t impose any “data caps” on its Internet service.

That’s despite the fact that Comcast in some cities enforces limits on the amount of data customers can use and issues financial penalties for using more than the allotment. Comcast has said this type of billing will probably roll out to its entire national footprint within five years, perhaps alongside a pricier option to buy unlimited data.

“There isn't a cap anymore. We're out of the cap business,” Executive Vice President David Cohen said in May 2012 after dropping a policy that could cut off people's service after they use 250GB in a month. Comcast's then-new approach was touted to "effectively offer unlimited usage of our services because customers will have the ability to buy as much data as they want."

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26 Aug 16:44

California to Allow Dogs at Restuarants

by Charles Mudede

fuck you Merc

This is interesting:

With a swipe of his pen, Gov. Jerry Brown has ensured Sutter can tag along to some bars and restaurants.

Assembly Bill 1965 makes it easier to bring your pet next time you dine out or grab a drink. The bill permits dogs to join owners at the outdoor sections of food establishments, provided the canine companions are under control and not barred by a city ordinance or a restaurant owner.

The bill gives business owners the right to say yes or no to dogs. Now, I don't have a problem with dogs. Some of my best friends own dogs. But dogs tend to be less predictable than humans, and also they get so excited when encountering each other. One can imagine that every new dog that enters a dog-friendly Cali restaurant will cause the usual dog disturbances—the sudden shuffle of keen interest, the straining on the leashes (if they are on leashes), the sniffing of assholes, the barking, the possible eruption of growling, and so on. Also, there are the dogs that find it hard not to stare at you as you eat—moist and sad dog eyes glued on your face and the food on your fork. This is just too chaotic, too intense for many of us who just want to eat in peace.

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Impressions: Gabriel Knight 20th Anniversary

by Richard Cobbett

"screen after screen of cucumber-flavoured meh that’s far more concerned with technical realism than pushing the mood or needs of the story"

By Richard Cobbett on August 26th, 2014 at 5:00 pm.

Turns out the Sins of the Fathers was having a whole lineage devoted to burning witches and still never inventing smores. Luckily Gabriel is more prepared. If only there was some lava or something around to add that extra sulphur kick. Also, more witches at around 3AM when the munchies really strike.

Reluctant shadow hunter Gabriel Knight returns to the scene of his first case soon, and we’ve played through the first few days (though for this one, we’ll be talking just about a recent build offering a polished up version of Days 1 and 2). Will history repeat itself both inside and out of the game and turn a 90s adventure classic into a modern one too? Here’s some impressions.

Gabriel Knight is, and by no small amount, one of my favourite adventure games of all time, and one I hold very dear – an early glimpse at a world that truly embraced the kind of narrative and atmosphere and maturity that we now take for granted, but was in sadly short supply back in 1993. I remember seeing the first screenshot, of Grace apologising to one of Gabriel’s many conquests that “Gabriel is a lout. I mean, he’s out.” I remember the issue of InterAction, the official magazine that proudly declared itself “A Blatantly Biased Look At The Games From The Sierra Family,” showing this world not based on dungeons and dragons or fairy tales or whatever, but inspired by the likes of Angel Heart. Obviously I’d never heard of that movie at the time, and wouldn’t in fact see it for another decade (It’s really good by the way), but it was clear that here was something special, to be anticipated and savoured and remembered and talked about some twenty years hence.

It certainly wasn’t the only adult adventure out there, with Sierra’s own Dynamix and Coktel Vision alone having several under their belts. It was however one of the first heavy hitters, held up as proof that gaming was now a grown-up thing – a tale of voodoo murder and dark history set in a world of New Orleans where one man had to uncover a conspiracy, atone for the sins of his fathers… hey, it was even in the title… and fill millions of players’ heads with all kinds of voodoo trivia that they would, probably, never be able to use. It also taught the world one valuable life lesson – never beg sympathy from a Cajun. Why? Because everyone knows you have to be Creole to be kind. Badoom-tsssh.

The thing is though that while I love the original, I’ve never been sure what the point of a remake actually is. First, the original is easily acquired and a few pixels the size of cats never hurt anybody. More importantly though, as great as it was, it was a thing very much of its time – and it’s not the graphics that date it. Twenty years is a long time, and standards have changed. The horror elements that once worked so well now feel quaint, the main story of Gabriel and his monster hunting family has been done to death, and most of all, the pacing that was fine for a 1993 adventure is now just so, so, so slow. There just never seemed any real chance of it recapturing the vibe… the spark… the raw of-its-timeness that made the original so important the first time around.

Disappointingly, I seem to be right so far. But that’s not the only reason I feel let down.

I spoke to one with eyes held low, she didn't seem to care. Neither blinked for entire hours, we just stood there and stared.

This remake is, to be clear, basically fine. Fine. It’s Gabriel Knight; the same story, the same script, the same game, save a couple of tweaks here and there and a little streamlining, such as no longer being able to go to the Napoleon House, Voodoo Museum, Dixieland Drugstore or Grandma Knight’s home on Day 1. I understand the reasoning, to make it clearer what you’re meant to do, but it still feels a shame; making the world feel so much smaller, as well as losing the earlier pointers to Gabriel having a life outside of torturing Mosely and waiting for his destiny to kick in. That said, other changes are very welcome indeed, including making it much easier to find that bloody snake scale on Lake Pontchartrain, and making it much easier to find that bloody snake scale on Lake Pontchartain. Yes, I’m including that one twice, and considering throwing it in a third time.

What’s missing though is the vibe, the atmosphere, and most importantly, a sense that this remake was done with a full understanding of why decisions were made the first time around, despite Jane Jensen being on board. It’s hard to explain why it doesn’t work, but… okay, try this. Imagine taking a TV show, upscaling it to IMAX size, and passing it off as an IMAX movie. It’s not going to work, because the creative decisions that went into the original can’t simply be copy and pasted into another format. Here for instance, the move from a letterbox view to a full screen has major knock-on implications for the setting. The letter boxing added a sinister claustrophobic nature to the world that added to the sense of menace all around despite it taking most of the game for anything to really happen, and that’s gone. Just as notably though, the original rooms are built around that aspect ratio, with the result that their redrawn ones… especially stretched out across a widescreen monitor… can feel cavernous. Gabriel’s detective pal Mosely especially seems to have less of an office than a warehouse, while the roof of Gabriel’s bedroom is now about twelve feet high. In itself, no, that’s not a big deal, but a change of view this dramatic calls for more reworking than redrawing.

Inside a pretty murder site where I had no right to be, I found a picnic spot at last, close to the bourgeoise.

The use of colour is arguably the biggest problem throughout the bits that I’ve seen though. Gabriel Knight was inspired by graphic novels and restricted to a 256 colour palette, and the artists used every shade of it to push the atmosphere of each scene – the warmth of St. George’s, the coldness of the murder at Lake Pontchartain, and most dramatically, the otherworldly opening of each day – blood red letters splashing over vivid pools of green and purple and an amber sky that doesn’t get to rise. Here though, not only are those individual elements nowhere near as strong even at their darkest, they’re soon flattened by the light in a way that smacks less of “Welcome to our dark game of mystery” as “Cool, looking like a nice morning in New Orleans.” It’s just not the same.

I dreamed of chintz of startling pink, of a style just out of sync. The girl was hot and all that jazz, but man her taste did stink. (Though the real question was why she had a picture of the two of us from a VGA life on her mantelpiece, right where nobody could possibly miss it...)

Again, it’s not that the art is in itself bad. It does however often seem to miss the point, stepping away from elements that worked so well to create atmosphere the first time around instead of seeming to acknowledge their importance, and making some genuinely bizarre changes. Super-rich socialite and definitely not villain Malia Gedde for instance has swapped her moody, fire-lit library and its expensive leather chairs for bright pink chintz. The murder scene at Lake Pontchartrain, originally cold and moody and in the middle of nowhere, is now orange-soaked and peaceful and looking like quite a nice place for a picnic… a thing that quickly has a dreadful knock-on-effect with Malia’s graphic novel style introduction when she rolls up in her car and we no can longer have the powerful, iconic contrast between her warm world of orange and Gabriel’s of blue – as well as giving her an oddly neutral expression rather than the actual emotion of the original. It’s just so disappointing. Gabriel Knight was all about style and mood and atmosphere. 20th Anniversary is technically solid, and sometimes looks really good – St. George’s and the Voodoo Museum being standouts on these Days. It feels oddly passionless though; screen after screen of cucumber-flavoured meh that’s far more concerned with technical realism than pushing the mood or needs of the story.

Too much fake tan she wore as she approached, she was what I am not. Bright orange now from head down to toe, save any bits that she forgot.

One thing that the remake had no choice but to start afresh with though are voices, due to the original recordings not being available or good enough quality, and much of its cast being either out of a remake’s budget or inconveniently dead. The replacements I’ve heard so far are at least okay, though sometimes it can be difficult to judge between better, worse, and simply different. Grace for instance sounds flat to me, but to at least some extent that could be down to just not being Leah Remini. By far the biggest improvement so far is the Narrator, sticking with Virginia Capers’ strong accent but talking a lot faster. The weakest so far however is Gabriel himself, who always seems to be doing an impression of Tim Curry doing his already dodgy New Orleans accent. (Yes. Yes it was.) It’s distracting when it’s okay, and when it’s not… well, think “Schattenjager Elvis.”

It adds a few things to the mix too of course, including the aforementioned streamlining of the puzzles, a Journal that replaces the tape-recorder with quick reminders of what to do next, a full hints system, and behind-the-scenes bonus content. This is a really great idea, frustratingly executed, showing storyboards and early pencilwork and comparison shots… trapped in a really small window in the middle of the screen, with no way to blow them out and actually get a good look. There are also a few comments from people like Jensen and composer Robert Holmes, but again no space to actually put them, so all there seems to be are thrown out snippets like “The police station music has a sense of humour. Inspirations were Animal House and Airplane” and “The player encounters the murder scene right away on day 1.” Yeah. Not exactly the inside scoop there, guys.

The museum was shut, the puzzles cut short, but answers still I craved. A power cut cost me all I had, but thank sweet Christ, I'd saved.

Again though, the issue feels a bit deeper; a lingering lack of passion – that the updates are only concerned with the surface level, that the art takes the safest possible path, that the flow changes are less about the sense that this is how Gabriel Knight should be as just, well, talking down a bit to modern adventurers as poor startled children who couldn’t possibly handle things like a bar that doesn’t serve an immediate purpose. This also unfortunately extends to some of the weakly implemented edits and additions, like nobody having taken a moment to fix the line where Grace comments on Gabriel’s hair sticking up despite him now having the lion’s mane look from the later games, or the way that looking at the newspaper claims that the front page story is about the Voodoo Murders when the new zoom-in to show it reveals it to be a puff piece for Jackson Square that no paper would dream of wasting a headline on on the slowest of news days, or most embarrassingly, that there’s a big pile of Gabriel’s novels in his cabinet that are credited to “Blake Backlash” (and in one case “Black Backlash”), which Beast Within players will know is his detective rather than his pen-name, and definitely not the name of a female orthodontist as discussed on Day 1.

My last poem used and gone, I stared unto my screen. I prayed for some snark to fill the gap, to comment on this scene...

These are trivial things, yes, but trivial things build up, especially in a game meant to be a celebration. And unfortunately for me, even a couple of days built them up too much. I won’t say I’m not curious to see how a few of the later scenes have been redone and won’t be glad to get a remastered version of the soundtrack at some point, but nothing in the days I’ve played suggests that this rather than the original is going to be the definitive version. They both suffer from pacing issues, but the original just has more personality in everything from backgrounds to portraits, sprites that seem part of the world, better atmosphere despite the infinitely more limited technology and palette, and above all, makes all the pieces feel like they’re pulling together. The remake on the other hand has a simplified interface and streamlining, better music, a tolerable narrator and graphics better suited to modern monitors even if they are iPad aspect ratio. I know which I’d choose.

Drawn to auto-erotic aphixiation, I sought not to expire. But was in my pants at 3AM, I joined the heavenly choir.

What could improve things before release? Things like graphics and voice are obviously locked at this point, though a few quick changes where possible to the newspapers and Gabriel’s books wouldn’t go amiss. Realistically though, the biggest improvement for me would be to throw out the behind-the-scenes content in its current form and replace it with something good – allow full-screen views and zooms of the scans, and dump the dribblingly inane “The splendour of Malia Gedde’s home is a direct contrast to Gabriel’s lifestyle” obviousness in favour of some actual anecdotes, stories, talk of things like how the game changed over development and cut content, other directions the game might have taken, talk of the line is between the real and fictional voodoo, how the graphic novel style came to be and why it wasn’t continued with in later games… y’know, interesting things. As much as I prefer the original game to its remake so far, that would offer a solid reason to go through it again. Certainly more than the new tweaks and shiny scenery.

Still, I do hope it does well. It might just be my imagination, but 20th Anniversary feels less like a project in its own right as a glorified audition for that Gabriel Knight sequel that we never got, in much the same way as Leisure Suit Larry. The series didn’t have the same level of “Oh you bastards!” cliffhanger as, say, Tex Murphy, but it would be good to see the story conclude in some form, whether a new novel like Aaron Connors is doing for Tex, or a full-on new adventure. Whether or not this can bring in enough new fans to rekindle the fire though, I have doubts. The original is still an indisputable classic, but a classic that’s had its day, even if it does still have its Knight.

Gabriel Knight: 20th Anniversary Edition is due for release “mid-2014″.

26 Aug 17:24

A Young Adult Novel Starring Lois Lane Will Be Published Next Spring - It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a DC woman getting her due!

by Carolyn Cox



Lois Lane is finally getting her own novel in Fallout, a 300-page-plus book geared towards young adults and set for publication by Capstone/Switch next May. DC Women Kicking Ass has this description from the publishers:

Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis. An Army brat, Lois has lived all over—and seen all kinds of things. (Some of them defy explanation, like the near-disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the middle of one night.) But now her family is putting down roots in the big city, and Lois is determined to fit in. Stay quiet. Fly straight. As soon as she steps into her new high school, though, she can see it won’t be that easy. A group known as the Warheads is making life miserable for another girl at school. They’re messing with her mind, somehow, via the high-tech immersive videogame they all play. Not cool. Armed with her wit and her new snazzy job as a reporter, Lois has her sights set on solving this mystery. But sometimes it’s all a bit much. Thank goodness for her maybe-more-than-a friend, a guy she knows only by his screenname, SmallvilleGuy …

Exciting! The cursed/haunted videogame trope is always fun, and author Gwenda Bond’s decision to have Lois and Clark meet online could be a modern explanation for how Superman conceals his secret identity later on in life. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the book’s heroics are left to Lois’ “maybe-more-than-friend” and how many are performed by the girl reporter herself, but regardless, Fallout‘s publication is exciting news for anyone who thinks Superman’s main squeeze has gotten a short shrift in the comics and movies–especially considering a similar pitch for a series of Lois Lane books aimed at young female readers was passed on in 2011.

At the time, author Dean Trippe told DC Women the book was rejected because “it doesn’t look like the current leadership of DC is remotely interested in this kinda thing.” (Take note, those who insist we’d have more of the kind of content we’d want if we’d only write it ourselves: Lois Lane, Girl Reporter looked great.) Now that DC has finally demonstrated interest in a Lois book, here’s hoping that like any other young adult novel worth its mettle, Fallout spawns similar stories and sequels galore. Are you folks excited for the exploits of young Lois? Any speculation on what the title means or what kind of a role Clark will play?


(via DC Women Kicking Ass)

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by bubbaprog

fuck your defense

26 Aug 18:25

Justin Bieber Rear-Ended by Paparazzi, References Princess Diana Death on ... - The Hollywood Gossip


'allegedly tried to snatch a man's cell phone at an arcade in Hollywood, sources confirmed. The “Boyfriend” singer was at Dave & Busters'

New York Daily News

Justin Bieber Rear-Ended by Paparazzi, References Princess Diana Death on ...
The Hollywood Gossip
Law enforcement officials confirm that the singer was rear-ended by a paparazzi member yesterday in Los Angeles while driving his Ferrari. According to various outlets, Bieber saw that a photographer was trailing him, grew irritated about it and slammed on ...
Bieber compares car crash to Diana's deathBusiness Standard
Justin Bieber shares photo of Selena Gomez, confirms relationshipIndia Today
Justin Bieber compares treatment of paparazzi after car accident to the death of ...The Independent
Daily News & Analysis
all 244 news articles »
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Newswire: Polaris, the band from The Adventures Of Pete And Pete, is going on tour

by Marah Eakin


Polaris, best known as “that band from The Adventures Of Pete And Pete,” is going on tour. The Mark Mulcahy-fronted trio has only played live once, during a charity concert in 2012, and it released just one record—the aptly titled Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete—back in 1999. The Waiting For October tour makes stops in nine different cities, including New York City, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. Its October 26 show in Chicago, presented by Consequence Of Sound, will be held in tandem with a taping of The Adventures Of Danny And Mike, a podcast hosted by Danny Tamberelli and Mike Maronna, the two original brothers Pete.

Dates for the whole run are below, as is one of the band’s best-known songs.

Polaris tour 2014

Oct. 4—The Met—Providence, Rhode Island
Oct. 9—Hammerstein Ballroom—New York, New York
Oct. 10—Spaceland Ballroom—Hamden, Connecticut
Oct ...

26 Aug 20:00

Report: Capcom aims patent infringment suit at Koei Tecmo

by Earnest Cavalli

'The patent in question refers to backwards compatible content being transferred from a game to its predecessor.'

Capcom has filed suit against Koei Tecmo alleging that the Dynasty Warriors publisher infringed on key Capcom patents in recent games, according to a Sankei report translated by Siliconera. The patent in question refers to backwards compatible...