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23 Oct 02:16

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What year is this

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There’s a reason I hated that sappy, watery, pathetic book. Now I know what it is.

well thank god  black kids  are spared this racist ignorant bad writer’s presence and bankrupt philosophy.

Is anyone remotely surprised that the author of the straightest, whitest trashy romance books is a raging racist? No. No one is surprised.

23 Oct 02:33

discovergames: nprplays: Pew: Gaming Is Least Welcoming Online...



Pew: Gaming Is Least Welcoming Online Space For Women

As the ongoing, harassment-fueled controversy known as Gamergate rages into its second month with no sign of dying down, the Pew Research Center is out with new numbers on online harassment. They probably won’t surprise you: 73 percent of respondents say they’ve faced some kind of threats or embarrassment online, mostly in the form of being called offensive names.

Of course, that’s the less scary kind of harassment. As Pew notes, “the second category of harassment targets a smaller segment of the online public, but involves more severe experiences such as being the target of physical threats, harassment over a sustained period of time, stalking, and sexual harassment.”

We have to do better than this, folks.

23 Oct 03:22

drvwhiskerstein: the correct names for the buttons on a...


the correct names for the buttons on a playstation controller

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dreamcatcher250: anthyding can hadplen


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anthy ding


anthyding can hadplen

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interninet: this gif needs to be destroyed


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this gif needs to be destroyed

22 Oct 22:12

David Ortiz has the best shoes of the World Series

by Grant Brisbee


The man is clutch, even when he's not playing baseball.

David Ortiz is one of the best designated hitters in baseball history, and he's a certified fashion icon. We weren't prepared for these shoes, though.

Papi, is that velvet?

— Dave Brown (@AnswerDave) October 22, 2014


Big Papi bringing it with the kicks tonight. @MLBonFox

— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) October 22, 2014

I always wondered what happened to Oderus Urungus's shoes after he passed. They found a good home. Picture for a moment what you would look like in those shoes. You would look terrible. David Ortiz can pull them off, though. That's because he's much, much cooler than you.

Man, I wish I could pull those shoes off.

21 Oct 21:33

just-action: The Black Rose of Turkey Turkish Halfeti Roses are...




The Black Rose of Turkey

Turkish Halfeti Roses are incredibly rare. They are shaped just like regular roses, but their color sets them apart. These roses are so black, you’d think someone spray-painted them. But that’s actually their natural color.

Although they appear perfectly black, they’re actually a very deep crimson color. These flowers are seasonal – they only grow during the summer in small number, and only in the tiny Turkish village of Halfeti. Thanks to the unique soil conditions of the region, and the pH levels of the groundwater (that seeps in from the river Euphrates), the roses take on a devilish hue. They bloom dark red during the spring and fade to black during the summer months.

The local Turks seem to enjoy a love-hate relationship with these rare blossoms. They consider the flowers to be symbols of mystery, hope and passion, and also death and bad news.

Seeing a black rose in full bloom is a once-in-a-lifetime sort of thing. Don’t miss it if you ever happen to be in Turkey during the summer.

(via Oddity Central)

22 Oct 20:50

Deadspin Here's How 9/11 Truther Pete Carroll Would Have Prevented The Iraq War | Gizmodo The Hoverb

by Jane-Claire Quigley

hi Overbey

'"OK, let me give you an illustration," Carroll says. "Let's say, after all the stuff that we heard about what was going on in Iraq, we sent 10,000 people to Iraq as peacefully as we could go. And we walked wherever they would let us go, and we just talked to people and listened to what their issues were. And then we tried to figure out the best way we could support them and change things, as opposed to bombing (expletive) thousands of people with shock and awe. It might've taken us longer to influence change, but nobody would've died. And the power that we could've generated by just being willing to listen and see if there was a way we could answer their call and help them, whatever they wanted.

"Not tell them what to do. Not change them. Just help them go where they wanted to go. What if we had done that? How much money would that have cost us? Give me a thousand peace workers that would go over and do that. Just listen and talk. Think of what we could've done, as opposed to killing hundreds of thousands of people or whatever we did. And leave the wrath of what we did."

Carroll is trembling with intensity. His eye contact is so powerful that you can't look away from him.'
'Carroll isn't crazy, said Riki Ellison, the former NFL linebacker who now runs the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance. He's just skeptical. "Pete grew up in California during Vietnam, and during Watergate. That's just the perspective he brings to the table." '

22 Oct 22:46

Nike predicts 40% boost in women's sales in the next 2 years |

by gguillotte
This year, in particular, it may seem like sportswear brands such as Nike and Under Armour are discovering women for the first time. Wednesday's event in New York as well as Under Armour's major push this year into the women's category is in part an effort to chase a market that previously had not been addressed in such a targeted way. Some analysts also see the shift as the big brands' response to women's sportswear brand Lululemon. Locally, even the Trail Blazers have boosted their offerings for women this season. In addition to sales, though, Nike has other numbers to back up its claims to market leadership in the women's category. The company noted at the New York event that its Nike+ Training Club App for women has been downloaded 16 million times and nine million women have downloaded the Nike+ Running App.
16 Oct 02:36

cl-oy: So this is my school… this happened


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So this is my school… this happened

22 Oct 14:30

"76% of negative feedback given to women included personality criticism. For men, 2%. The study..."


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“76% of negative feedback given to women included personality criticism. For men, 2%. The study speaks to the impossible tightrope women must walk to do their jobs competently and to make tough decisions while simultaneously coming across as nice to everyone, all the time.”

- (via maxofs2d)
22 Oct 20:49

More Cities Are Making It Illegal To Hand Out Food To The Homeless

Just as more people reach out to help, cities are biting back at those hands feeding the homeless.
22 Oct 21:33

strangelfreak: Conchita Wurst for Jean Paul Gaultier 2014

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.


Conchita Wurst for Jean Paul Gaultier 2014

22 Oct 14:28

Linked: Yelp Logo History

by Armin

Yelp Logo History
In case you ever wondered, Quora answers: Who designed the Yelp logo? [Spoiler: Michael Ernst] Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners
22 Oct 22:20

DeMarco Murray rewards his offensive line with new computers

by Zach Woosley

amputate Texas

The Cowboys running back is making sure he takes care of the men blocking in front of him.

They say a running back is only as good as is offensive line. DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys agrees.

Smart. MT @clarencehilljr: DeMarco Murray surprised his offensive linemen with $1300 21.5 inch iMacs in their lockers

— Don Van Natta Jr. (@DVNJr) October 22, 2014

Murray is having an outstanding season and he's a big part of why the Cowboys are 6-1. He's also a smart guy who apparently realizes it's good to take care of those who are blocking for you.

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21 Oct 22:49

FBI: Three American Girls May Have Been Trying to Join ISIS -

FBI: Three American Girls May Have Been Trying to Join ISIS
Three American teenagers were detained at an airport in Germany while apparently on their way to join ISIS in Syria. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT. WORLD HEADQUARTERS IN NEW YORK, THIS IS "NBC NIGHTLY NEWS" WITH BRIAN WILLIAMS. >>> GOOD ...

and more »
21 Oct 23:48

Here's What Crows and Ravens Are Really Saying

by Annalee Newitz

Bou loved this video

OK, so we don't know exactly what they're saying, though I suspect that at least some of the time they are yelling, "Give me a peanut, human!" But this fantastic video from ornithologist Kevin McGowan helps you recognize the difference between crow and raven calls, as well as what they could mean.


21 Oct 22:52

miraguey: fouronthefloor2: what a time to be alive



what a time to be alive

22 Oct 21:22

Darius Kazemi Discusses the Lottery of Creative Success at the 2014 XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon

by Rollin Bishop

the guy who does the Wire gifs

Darius Kazemi discussed the lottery of creative success at the 2014 XOXO festival (previously) in Portland, Oregon back in September. The talk starts off as a parody of talks typically given at these kind of festivals before discussing the inherent luck involved. Kazemi creates, in his own words, “Weird Internet Stuff,” and only a select few of his many projects have achieved measurable success despite the relatively similar amount of work put into each.

21 Oct 15:55

The Pentagon Still Has A Transgender Ban

The end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell let gays, lesbians, and bisexuals serve openly in the military. But transgender individuals remain excluded. A conference Monday examined that policy.
22 Oct 22:25

Seattle Meowtropolitan | Cat Cafe

by gguillotte

Seattle's getting a cat cafe in 2015, apparently

We will host cats from local shelters and rescues in our Seattle cat café. Our space will be comfortable for cats and humans, so come on in and play with our cats. Feel free to adopt one on the way out, too.
22 Oct 01:14


22 Oct 22:16

jessicalprice: All right, ladies (and non-binary folks!): real...


Paizo's hiring a RPG dev, and they're pushing hard for someone who's not a white dude


All right, ladies (and non-binary folks!): real talk time.

We currently have zero female developers or designers on the Pathfinder RPG staff. (I know, right?) 

EDIT: I made a big stupid mistake. We DO have a female designer, the awesome Tanis O’Connor, on the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. We don’t have any female designers on the RPG. Sorry, Tanis. *blush*

But we have an opportunity to change that. We’re hiring a new developer.

A developer is basically the movie director for their products. They work with the managers and other developers on the production team to come up with ideas for what each book is going to be about and fit it into our overall product array (so, if you’re a campaign setting developer, some of the areas of our world you cover will tie into current adventure paths or modules or hardcovers, while on others, it’s basically carte blanche to do something interesting). Then they outline the book, assign it to freelance writers, work with the art team to figure out what art is going to be in it, and develop the freelancer text to ensure it’s exciting, well-written, and sounds like Pathfinder.

Even junior developers do that — they just may get help from our more senior developers, but it’s still a position where they get to have a direct hand in building our world, writing stuff that’s published in our books, and so on. It’s a creative position with the sort of influence and direct control, at least from my experience in video games, for which you usually have to work for years to get even a small piece of. 

It’s a chance to be at the center of making the best-selling tabletop roleplaying game in the world, on a team of A+ human beings who are wildly creative, funny, and devoted to making great games that welcome everyone into our world. 

I really want to see this position go to someone who’s new and fresh. If you are a strong writer who plays and loves Pathfinder, I want you to apply. Yes, you. I don’t care if you’re just out of college. YOU. 

Now let me talk to you not as a Paizo employee, but as a woman who’s been around the block in games several times. 

We’re doing blind applications-writing/design tests, which means no one is going to know who you are when they review your test. Any unconscious biases anyone might have about your name or your school or your experience or whatever? Not going to be a factor in reviewing your test. (And if you’ve read much about women in predominantly male fields, you’ll probably know that blind applications are one of the single best things for women’s chances of getting hired.)

There’s no embarrassment here if you don’t make it to the round of people who actually get interviews. We’re not going to judge you for applying. You’re not being presumptuous or arrogant by applying. You’re being a badass, like Mythic Kyra up there.  

So put aside your impostor syndrome. Stop telling yourself that you don’t have the experience or the talent or the qualifications — I guarantee you there are a ton of guys who are less qualified than you who aren’t telling themselves that — and stop worrying that we’re going to think you’re presumptuous or silly for applying. We’re not.

And believe me when I tell you this is one of the good ones. You’re not going to make as much as you might in video games — tabletop’s a different industry — but you will have more creative input than you’re likely to get in your first job in video games. You’ll also have Wes Schneider, the single best manager I’ve ever worked with, as a manager. You’ll have a great team around you, full of people who genuinely want to make great games and want to work with you instead of competing with you. You’ll get to work with awesome freelance writers like Amber Scott and Crystal Frasier. You’ll have the chance to hone your craft in a supportive environment. I’ll be there and I’ll have your back. 

You’ll be working for a company with a female CEO. She’s a badass and one of the founders of the entire RPG industry. 

You won’t have to put up with daily sexist microaggressions. You won’t have to be one of the boys to be one of the team. I mean that. 

(Also, you’ll get free copies of everything we make, and yearly bottles of Goblin Fire red wine.)

So. Do you live (or want to live) in the Seattle area? Are you a strong writer? Do you GM Pathfinder and create your own content? Do you have an English degree, or equivalent writing experience?

Apply. Do it now. Yes, there’s a big, scary-looking list of requirements. There is for every job. Do it anyway. Did you answer yes to all the questions above? Then apply. Look up at Mythic Kyra. She believes in you. 

We want you to apply, we want you to be good, and we all had to take leaps of faith at some point and say, “I believe I am good enough to do this.” That’s how we got here. 

Come tell stories and build worlds with us. 

Art: Mythic Kyra by Eric Belisle

21 Oct 00:25

Hong Kong has too many poor people to allow direct elections, leader says

by Heather Timmons

HONG KONG—Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement protesters have been demanding that the city’s top official, CY Leung, step down for weeks now. They may soon be joined by many more of the city’s 7 million residents, after a controversial interview last night in which Leung suggested that election reforms sought by the protestors would invite undue influence from the city’s poor.

Speaking at his official residence, a colonial-era mansion set above the city—it’s furnished with crystal chandeliers and guarded by massive stone lions—Leung addressed three foreign newspapers that target Hong Kong’s wealthy international community. Allowing the entire voting population of Hong Kong, some 5 million people, to directly nominate candidates for the city’s top official position would be a mistake, Leung said:

“If it’s entirely a numbers game—numeric representation—then obviously you’d be talking to half the people in Hong Kong [that] earn less than US$1,800 a month. You would end up with that kind of politics and policies.”

Leung gave the interview to the Financial Times, The New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal. The three publications frequently keep their content behind a paywall, but their write-ups of the interview were quickly circulated on social media, where information about Hong Kong’s protests has spread quickly:

Not sure who breached paywalls of WSJ/FT/NYT (👎) but here's CY Leung's remarks in joint interview #OccupyCentral
Danny Lee 李嘉洪 (@JournoDannyAsia) October 21, 2014

Economic inequality in Hong Kong is the highest in the developed world, and among the highest in East Asia, as Quartz has reported before. About a third of the population lives in public housing, and one in five lives below the poverty line.

Currently, candidates for Leung’s job are chosen by a 1,200-member nominating committee that is heavily weighted by business interests. While the protests in Hong Kong’s central business district have been mostly student-driven, and spurred by demands for direct nomination, more spontaneous protests have sprung up in the working class neighborhood of Mong Kok, powered in part by dissatisfaction over public housing policies.

Leung himself is the son of a police officer, but the millions he made as a real estate executive earned him the nickname “emperor of the working class.” Already he has been hung in effigy, depicted as Dracula, and openly told to go to hell during the protests in Hong Kong.

Government representatives (but not Leung) and representatives from the protest movement are set to meet today, for the first time since the protests started three weeks ago. Leung said last night that his fellow officials would be “all ears.” They may get an earful on Leung’s latest public pronouncements.

22 Oct 18:30

iwriteaboutfeminism: The police and the media are trying to...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.


The police and the media are trying to change the message- and the truth- of what happened to Michael Brown. 

Tuesday, October 21st

22 Oct 18:07

We Ran the Best Bits of Chris Kluwe’s Blistering #GamerGate Essay Through the Madden Giferator - Prepare to be wargleblargled.

by Rebecca Pahle

@TheMarySue please put the best parts on some of those hilarious Madden gifs

— Maud (@AzureDome) October 21, 2014

It started with former NFL player Chris Kluwe’s brilliant, profanity-laden denouncement of all things #GamerGate. But that isn’t where it ended. Oh, no. The above tweet spurred us into action. Maud, you are our muse, our goddess, our guiding light. Hit the jump to see “wargleblarging,” “a debilitating case of genital warts,” and more represented in Giferator form.

Sadly, we had to change some of the wording, as the Giferator likes to keep it classy(ish). I’m impressed with how many of these required no editing at all, though. Creative cursing is a gift to the universe.


debiliatating case of genital warts

i like my walls

paint-huffing shitgoblins

poopsock-sniffing douchepistol

slackjawed pickletits

slopebrowed weaseldicks

Previously in GamerGate

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After review, NSA’s CTO can no longer work part-time for agency’s former chief

by David Kravets

A top National Security Agency official will no longer be moonlighting part-time with a private consulting firm run by former NSA chief Keith Alexander. The end of that arrangement comes days after the NSA said this particular work situation was "under internal review" due to potential conflicts of interest.

The private company at issue— IronNet Cybersecurity—was founded by Alexander, who ran the spy agency from August 2005 until March 2014. IronNet Cybersecurity offers protection services to banks for up to $1 million per month. Patrick Dowd, the NSA's current chief technology officer, had been working with Alexander's private venture for up to 20 hours per week.

Reuters reported Tuesday that the deal was over. "While we understand we did everything right, I think there's still enough issues out there that create problems for Dr. Dowd, for NSA, for my company," Alexander said.

Read 1 remaining paragraphs | Comments

22 Oct 22:04

Starbucks' New Chestnut Praline Latte Will Save Us From the Pumpkin Spice Latte - TIME


fuck you go to hell


Starbucks' New Chestnut Praline Latte Will Save Us From the Pumpkin Spice Latte
Your knight in shining armor is the Starbucks' new-nationwide Chestnut Praline Latte, slated for release at Starbucks locations across the country this fall. The impending national release of the Chestnut Praline Latte (from here on out referred to as 'CPL') is ...
Move over, Pumpkin Spice. Chestnut Praline Latte coming soon to StarbucksKABC-TV
Starbucks Debuting First New Holiday Drink in 5
Starbucks Is Gifting Us Its First New Holiday Drink In Five Years!!

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