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28 Nov 00:00

10 Weirdest Photo Captions In Wikipedia

The best part of Wikipedia is that anyone can contribute to it. The worst part? Some of the contributors are not very reliable.
27 Nov 21:00

In the Most Canadian News Story Ever, a Driver Runs Into a Restaurant, Buys a Round of Wings on the House to Apologize

In the Most Canadian News Story Ever, a Driver Runs Into a Restaurant, Buys a Round of Wings on the House to Apologize

Via CBCNews:

None of the customers at the Shoal Harbour Drive restaurant were seated at the centre tables when the truck crashed through the front window into the dining area.

The apologetic driver bought wings for the startled customers who were in the restaurant at the time.

A spokesperson with the company said there was no structural damage to the building, just broken windows and damaged furniture.

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27 Nov 20:04

The Chemistry of Ginger – Flavour, Pungency & Medicinal Potential

by Compound Interest

Chemistry of Ginger

Ginger is a spice that can be commonly found in supermarkets and in the kitchen, either as the fresh root, or in dried, powdered form. It adds a strong, pungent flavour to dishes as a consequence of a number of chemical compounds it contains; additionally, these compounds are altered when the ginger is cooked or dried, producing alterations to its flavour. Some of these compounds have also been investigated for potential health benefits, including potential anti-tumour activity.

As with all spices, fresh ginger root contains a large range of chemical compounds. Of these, zingiberene is the most dominant, making up 30% of the root’s essential oil, whilst other contributors to the characteristic flavour of ginger include ß-sesquiphelandrene and ar-curcumene. The pungency can be attributed to the presence of gingerols; one of the main culprits here is the compound [6]-gingerol. This particularly chemical is not too distant from capsaicin, the compound that gives chillies their spiciness, and piperine, found in black pepper.

Whilst these may be the primary compounds in fresh ginger, when ginger is cooked, the story changes. When the ginger is heated or dried, gingerols are transformed into different compounds, which can alter both the flavour and pungency. Cooking produces zingerone, which is less pungent, and is characteristic of the ginger flavour found in gingerbread. It’s less pungent than the gingerols, leading to a differing flavour to fresh ginger. Another class of compounds that can be produced by cooking or drying are the shogaols, which are approximately twice as pungent as the gingerols which proceed them. This helps explain why dried ginger has a greater pungency than fresh ginger.

Of particular interest is the glut of health claims surrounding some of the compounds in ginger. Many of these are conclusions drawn from studies with limited designs or small sample sizes, but there does seem to be some promise for the applications of ginger compounds in a variety of health issues. It’s already known that a number of the compounds found in ginger have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties; in a similar manner to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, ginger is known to reduce production of prostaglandins by inhibiting the enzymes that help produce them.

More research in recent years has suggested that [6]-shogaol has a strong anti-coughing effect, and could help reduce blood pressure. Additionally, it may have some anti-allergic effects, as it has been shown to inhibit the release of histamine from mast cells, a chemical whose effects manifest as the allergic response to an allergen. An anti-fever effect has also been noted.

On top of this, research into [6]-gingerol has suggested it could have applications as an anti-tumour agent. In lab conditions, and in mouse models of cancer, it has been shown to have an anti-angiogenic effect; that is, it prevents the formation of new blood cells. As tumours require the growth of new blood cells in order to spread, it’s possible that [6]-gingerol could prove useful in their treatment. It’s worth mentioning that the majority of studies looking at the anti-tumour activity of [6]-gingerol have been carried out in mouse models, rather than in humans, so whilst the results are promising, it remains to be seen whether results of the same significance will be observed in humans. Lab tests on human cancer cells have also shown that [6]-shogaol may inhibit cancer growth for ovarian cancer.

Finally, before you go adding a ton of ginger to every meal, note that eating too much can lead to the combined delights of heartburn and diarrhoea – so maybe just continue to enjoy that ginger in moderation!

Want to learn more about the chemical compounds in food? ‘Compound Interest: The Curious Chemistry of Food & Drink’ is available to pre-order now!



Compound Interest’s posts are kindly sponsored by P212121, chemical suppliers.

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This paranoid turkey fled to Taiwan. Happy day of thanks to all...

This paranoid turkey fled to Taiwan. Happy day of thanks to all the yankees out there. 🍴 (at 林東芳牛肉麵)

27 Nov 00:00

11 Most Ironic Ways to Die

Everybody does it, some in a more ironic fashion then others. Here's Oddee's list of 11 sardonic deaths.
27 Nov 02:21

Colombia hippo sterilisations begin

Vets in Colombia begin to sterilise hippos descended from animals shipped to a private zoo which belonged to the infamous drug baron, Pablo Escobar.
27 Nov 02:25

'Exciting' bladder cancer drug trial

A trial to help the immune system fight bladder cancer is showing "exciting" results with tumours completely disappearing in some patients.
26 Nov 21:51


A BLABBERMOUTH.NET vistor by the name of Philip L. has filed the following report: "I have just returned from [former SLAYER and current PHILM drummer Dave] Lombardo's clinic in Geneva, Switzerland (on November 26), which was very impressive. "During the autograph session, Dave made it clear that he was open to the possibility of joining MEGADETH if the invitation were extended to him. "As Dave was signing my copy of FANTÔMAS' 'The Director's Cut', I mentioned that MEGADETH are in need of a new drummer as of yesterday. Lombardo looked up with a big smile and said, before a number of other fans (verbatim): 'I know. I just heard. Dave [Mustaine] has my number, so I'm waiting.' He looked up at us, grinned, and moved on to sign the next fan's item. He might have made this reply in jest, but if nothing more, this indicates that Lombardo is open to the possibility of replacing MEGADETH's Shawn Drover. He appeared genuinely interested in the opportunity. "Lombardo stated during the clinic that he has touring plans with his new project, PHILM, in the immediate future, but he didn't mention this in his reply to me concerning the MEGADETH slot. "If Dave Mustaine is interested and were to reach out to him, there are strong chances that Dave Lombardo would consider collaborating with MEGADETH, especially now that he is no longer a member of SLAYER. "Other matters discussed: * Dave mentioned that he is often called 'Il Padrino' ('The Godfather') by the younger generation of metal drummers who consider him an innovator and the first extreme metal drummer. * Dave appreciates extreme metal drumming and enjoys borrowing some of its techniques (he used blast beats on 'Christ Illusion', for example), while remembering that he in many ways paved the way for it. He described his attitude to it as a give-and-take relationship. * Lombardo mentioned that he is self-taught, and a very open-minded musician. He grew up listening to jazz, classic R&B and Cuban music, to which he added fast beats by hitting pots and pans in the kitchen as a child. He mentioned that he began that particular day by listening to Andrea Bocelli. Lombardo in fact ended the clinic by adding double-bass and SLAYER-style drumming over a Ray Charles track. * He doesn't recommend smoking as a drummer... * One of his worst experiences was a near-miss accident in the '80s when he lost control over his vehicle and the car started sliding on ice (the car was also occupied by Jeff Hanneman, Kerry King and a crew guy). * Lombardo didn't use clicks while recording any of the SLAYER albums (including 'Reign In Blood'!) * When asked about Lars Ulrich's drumming, he smiled and said: 'Oh no, not again. I can't say anything about this anymore. No comment.'" Drummer Shawn Drover quit MEGADETH yesterday (Tuesday, November 25) "to pursue [his] own musical interests." His statement can be found at this location. Guitarist Chris Broderick announced his departure from MEGADETH a few hours later, saying that he was exiting the group "due to artistic and musical differences."
25 Nov 18:22

These Gorgeous Photos Show Whisky As You've Never Seen It Before

by Sarah Zhang

These Gorgeous Photos Show Whisky As You've Never Seen It Before

The bottom of a whisky glass turns out to be far more complex, beautiful, and scientifically fascinating than you might expect. These photographs of dried whisky rings taken by Phoenix-based photographer Ernie Button now inspiring physicists who study complex fluids.


20 Nov 17:41

Spain's richest duchess dies aged 88

The Duchess of Alba, Spain's richest woman and one of its most flamboyant and eccentric figures, has died in Seville aged 88.
25 Nov 11:45


by Jamie Condliffe

So. Many. Passwords. With. So. Many. Stipulations. [Truth Facts]


24 Nov 15:30

The Judges Say You Need to Work on Your Form

22 Nov 00:30

alrights: Micro-photography of individual snowflakes by Alexey...


Micro-photography of individual snowflakes by Alexey Kljatov

fuckin WOW

24 Nov 09:18

Your Inner Child


Your Inner Child

Why should he be allowed in if he didn't even help build it?!

21 Nov 22:38

Madagascar plague outbreak kills 40

An outbreak of plague in Madagascar has killed 40 people and infected dozens of others, the World Health Organization says.
22 Nov 18:00

Rules of Biology

Rules of Biology

Submitted by: (via DBZ99)

Tagged: rules , science , biology , funny , g rated
20 Nov 15:21

People Trained To Experience an Overlap In Senses Also Receive IQ Boost

by timothy
Zothecula writes Tasting lemons when they see a number seven, regarding a certain letter as being yellow in color. Not a great deal is known about why some people experience an overlapping of the senses, a phenomena known as synesthesia. But a new study conducted at the University of Sussex has suggested that specific training of the mind can induce the effects of the condition. The study even suggests that such training can boost a person's IQ.

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21 Nov 00:00

10 Hilarious Misconceptions People Actually Believe

We are surrounded by science and technology. Thanks to the intricate complexities of both, we sometimes have some hilarious misconceptions.
18 Nov 21:08


18 Nov 21:48

Zeus, the cosmic owl with a galaxy in its eyes. This adorable...

Zeus, the cosmic owl with a galaxy in its eyes.

This adorable Screech Owl is blind and likely has vitreous strands in his eyes causing this stellar effect. He now lives safely in captivity at the Wildlife Learning Center in Los Angeles.

18 Nov 14:50

Гора от спомените

by Evgeni
17 Nov 09:07

Шуменско плато

by Evgeni

Шуменското плато е като свят, съществуващ извън потока на нашето време. Парче земя с обиколка 40 километра, издигащо се на 300 метра височина. Вековни гори опасват този остров, съхранил история от древни времена.

Така идеализирано запечатах образа на Платото. Може би защото пристигнах в ранни зори, докато мракът избледняваше, а мъглата ставаше все по-гъста.

Първата ми, от няколко цели, бе да посетя резерват Букака. Както личи от името, това е стара букова гора.

След като се запознах с чудния резерват, следващата цел са скалните църкви, намиращи се в южната част на платото. Без навигация, човек лесно може да се обърка. Така, например, табела Търновтабия гласи, че това е най-високото място в Дунавската равнина (502 м), което е укрепено, т.е. има останки от крепост там. Мнимата маркировка, вместо по утъпкана пътека, води през трънливи къпинаци. В най-високата точка не видях нито укрепление, нито нещо което да подсказва за географската и историческа важност на мястото.

Извън резервата сечта е в разгара си. Туристическият път е изцяло заличен от дълбоки кални коловози, преминаващи през иначе красивата есенна гора. Скоро се разкрива живописен, просторен пейзаж към Осмарската долина, изпъстрена от най-цветния сезон есента. А досега свързвах името Осмар само с прочутия пелин...

Тук е разположен скалният феномен Окото.

Църквите в този район са няколко, но има и ниши, които са се ползвали като килии.

До тях, разбира се, е можело да се стигне само с въже или стълба.

Последната цел е Шуменската крепост. Какъв късмет да я посетя, докато кипи усилен ремонт и навсякъде са нахвърляни строителни отпадъци.

Не бих могъл да пропусна огромният бетонен къс, който се издига над Шумен. И той, като всички останали паметници от комунистическото минало, изглежда безумно и не на място.

18 Nov 00:00

12 Funny Restaurant Names

From Thai Tanic to Bread Zeppelin, these pun-tastic restaurant names will leave you hungry for more laughs.
17 Nov 16:40

This "Flying Banana" Keeps Britain's Trains from Running off the Rails

by Andrew Tarantola

This "Flying Banana" Keeps Britain's Trains from Running off the Rails

The UK rail system includes more than 10,000 miles of track which, until relatively recently, had to be inspected at a walking pace. This laser-blasting, track-inspecting locomotive, however, does so faster than a speeding bullet (train).


15 Nov 09:05

allaboutskyrim: When Skyrim mods just go too far. 


When Skyrim mods just go too far. 

16 Nov 01:00

Are we really interested in saving time?

Why people secretly don't want to save time
17 Nov 00:00

12 Awesome Optical Illusion Tattoos

These 12 unusual tattoos will make you do a double take!
14 Nov 00:37

What the characters from South Park look like in real life

by Casey Chan

What the characters from South Park look like in real life

If you ever wondered what the characters of South Park looked like in real life in the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, wonder no more. Last night's crazy episode revealed what Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny would look like if they weren't just cartoons made of shapes and circles but actual humans instead.


14 Nov 00:00

Segal's Law

"A man with a watch knows what time it is. A man with two watches is never sure."
13 Nov 12:25

Самодивско пръскало

by Evgeni

Самодивското пръскало започна да става популярно отскоро. Причината е, че се намира встрани от еко-пътеката и досега нямаше маркировка. В Девин се сетиха, че тази природна забележителност носи изгода на града и ударно се заеха да изграждат нова инфраструктура до началото на туристическия маршрут. Навсякъде има големи табели с указания и човек не може да подмине пръскалото току-така.

Отклонението към водопада е кратко, около 500 метра, със съвсем леко изкачване. Пише, че е пълноводен само през пролетно-есенния сезон, но сега е още по-пълноводен заради обилните валежи.

По спомен, пада от 70 метра височина, което при такова количество вода го прави доста шумен и пръскащ. Това е един от красивите водопади, който хем е стаен дълбоко в гората и до който се стига без особено дълго ходене. От началото на пътеката до него са само 1500 метра.

Маршрутът продължава по обичайните мостчета вградени от едната страна на реката.