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denchgang: never skip leg day


never skip leg day

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unshaped: middriff: he tried to help tried



he tried to help


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Every Business Needs a Mascot

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But You'd Be in MANAGEMENT!

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Aren't They All, Really?

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There's No "I" in Team...

There's No "I" in Team... I'm out.

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You Have Been Warned

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Budget Cuts Always Hit the Bathroom First

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Hello, Nurse!

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Wi-Fi Enabled Crock Pot

by drew


The WeMo 6-Quart Crock Pot ($129.99) allows you to control your crock pot with your phone. This is “convenient,” somehow, even though a regular crockpot has a dial on the front, requires no phone interfacing, and is $30.

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Summoning a spirit

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A typical date for Vader

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Cérebros se conhecendo

by O Criador

E qual o motivo dessa alegria? Você não sabe que vai arder no inferno?

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Shark blowie

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snazziest: Responding to compliments


Responding to compliments

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Feliz dia do Biólogo!

by Carlos Ruas

Como hoje é o dia do Biólogo, resolvi colocar neste post todas as tirinhas que eu tenho sobre Darwin, para quem não as conhece, divirta-se!


















E para finalizar, o vídeo que eu fiz para explicar a seleção natural para quem ainda não entende direto como funciona:




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Cat Entertains Himself With Head-Mounted Laser Pointer [via...

Cat Entertains Himself With Head-Mounted Laser Pointer

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Or...What Was That Other Thing?

Or...What Was That Other Thing?

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The End of the World

by Doug
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by Doug
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AD Round Up: Architecture of the Soviets

by Connor Walker

During the Soviet Union’s relatively brief and tumultuous history, the quest for national identity was one that consumed Russian culture. The decadence of Czarist society was shunned, and with it, the neoclassical architecture the Czars so loved. Communism brought with it an open frontier for artistic experimentation, particularly where public buildings were involved. It was on this frontier that Russian Constructivism was born, and some of Russia’s greatest buildings were built.  This article on compiles a list of some of the “best of the best” in Soviet architecture—and we liked it so much that we’ve compiled our own top ten list! See all of our favorite Soviet projects, after the break!

Amalir Sports and Concert Complex- Yerevan, Armenia

Railway Station- Dubulty, Latvia

Olympia Hotel- Tallinn, Estonia

Embassy of the USSR- Havana, Cuba

Tarelka Hotel- Dombai, Russia

Russian Academy of Sciences- Moscow, Russia

Regional Drama Centre- Grodno, Belarus

The House of the Soviets- Kaliningrad, Russia

The Palace of Ceremonial Rites- Tbilisi, Georgia