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18 Oct 14:00

This Cat is Seeing Ghosts Of Booty

This Cat is Seeing Ghosts Of Booty

GIF the booty some attention.

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18 Oct 16:00

So Glad I Found You

18 Oct 18:00

A Comic Explaining the World of the Introverts

A Comic Explaining the World of the Introverts

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18 Oct 19:00

Should've Borrowed the Cloak of Intelligence, You Rube

19 Oct 08:00

By Any Means Necessary

By Any Means Necessary

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19 Oct 17:00

"Hey Guy, Put Me Up on Your Shoulders So That I Can Kiss This Other Guy!"

"Hey Guy, Put Me Up on Your Shoulders So That I Can Kiss This Other Guy!"

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20 Oct 08:00

Classic Video Game Logic

Classic Video Game Logic

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20 Oct 07:01

Groups of Animals

by Doug
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18 Oct 07:42

dafuq?! where the fuck?

dafuq?! where the fuck?

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18 Oct 00:46

New 2014 Mac Mini Has Soldered RAM, Not User Replaceable

by Juli Clover
macmini1After going more than two years without an update, Apple's Mac mini was refreshed yesterday, adding Haswell processors, Intel HD 5000/Iris graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and PCI-based flash storage options for the higher-end models.

Unfortunately, the upgrade was disappointing to some Mac mini fans as Apple stopped offering a build-to-order quad-core processor upgrade and dual-drive storage options that exceed 1TB.

Many have speculated that the Mac mini also includes soldered RAM, which has now been confirmed by Macminicolo's Brian Stucki. According to Stucki, the RAM in the Mac mini is "not user accessible," which means those who purchase Mac minis are limited to 16GB of RAM that must be upgraded when purchasing the machine from Apple.

All three Mac mini models can be upgraded to a maximum of 16GB of RAM, with the upgrade priced at $300 for the base model and $200 for the mid and high-end models.

While the RAM is not upgradeable, Stucki says that it is possible to replace or upgrade the hard drive, but doing so may void the warranty.

Apple's new Mac mini starts at $499 and comes in three separate base configurations. On the low end, the Mac mini ships with a 1.4Ghz dual-core Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and Intel HD Graphics 5000. At the middle tier, the Mac mini comes with a 2.6Ghz dual-core Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard drive, and Intel Iris Graphics. At the high end, the Mac mini ships with a 2.8Ghz dual-core Core i5, 8GB of RAM, a 1TB Fusion Drive, and Intel Iris Graphics.

Base configurations of the Mac mini are currently available for purchase from the online Apple Store and will ship in one to three days. Custom configurations ship within three to five days.

19 Oct 18:58

Late 2014 Mac Mini Benchmarks Indicate Decreased Multi-Core Performance

by Husain Sumra
The newly refreshed Mac mini is seeing improved single-core performance over the previous models, but decreased multi-core performance, according to a newly released GeekBench benchmark. John Poole of Primate Labs says that the upper tier Late 2012 Mac minis, which had quad-core Ivy Bridge processors, saw better multi-core performance than the new Late 2014 models, which have dual-core Haswell processors.

Unlike single-core performance multi-core performance has decreased significantly. The "Good" model (which has a dual-core processor in both lineups) is down 7%. The other models (which have a dual-core processor in the "Late 2014" lineup but a quad-core processor in the "Late 2012" lineup) is down from 70% to 80%.
Poole notes that Apple may have switched to dual-core processors in some Late 2014 Mac minis because Haswell dual-core processors use one socket to connect the logic board and processor while Haswell quad-core processors use different sockets. This would mean Apple would have to design and build two separate logic boards specifically for the Mac mini, while other Macs use the same logic boards across its individual line.

This trade-off didn't exist with Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors because both of its dual-core and quad-core processors used the same socket. Another option, according to Poole, is that Apple could have went quad-core across its new Mac mini line, but it would have made it difficult for Apple to hit the $499 price point.

Despite the decreased quad-core performance, the single-core performance of the new Mac mini is in line with other Macs' performance jumps from Ivy Bridge to Haswell.

Base configurations for the Mac mini are currently available for purchase on Apple's online store with pricing starting at $499 and will ship in one to three days. Custom configurations ship within three to five days.

20 Oct 11:10

Rapid agent restores pleasure-seeking ahead of other antidepressant action

A drug being studied as a fast-acting mood-lifter restored pleasure-seeking behavior independent of—and ahead of—its other antidepressant effects, in a National Institutes of Health trial. Within 40 minutes after a single infusion of ketamine, treatment-resistant depressed bipolar disorder patients experienced a reversal of a key symptom—loss of interest in pleasurable activities—which lasted up to 14 days. Brain scans traced the agent's action to boosted activity in areas at the front and deep in the right hemisphere of the brain.
16 Oct 22:55

How the dinosaurs really died. #9gag

How the dinosaurs really died. #9gag

16 Oct 12:29

The circle of life. #9gag

The circle of life. #9gag

14 Oct 21:15

Every Johnny Depp Character in One Cosplay

Every Johnny Depp Character in One Cosplay

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14 Oct 16:00

This is Was Found in The Ocean

This is Was Found in The Ocean

It GIFs me the heebie jeebies.

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16 Oct 23:00

No Bones About This Diet

17 Oct 08:00

Technically Accurate

16 Oct 07:01


by Doug
15 Oct 00:26

I can’t wait to have kids. #9gag

I can’t wait to have kids. #9gag

16 Oct 09:00

Do You Have the Balls to Join?

Do You Have the Balls to Join?

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16 Oct 11:00

My Parents Are Pretty Middle Aged

My Parents Are Pretty Middle Aged

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16 Oct 12:00

Two Great Things That Are Even Greater Together

14 Oct 23:30

Turn your iPhone into a pen

by drew


The Jackpen, a tiny plastic nub that fits into your iPhone’s headphone jack, enables you to “turn your iPhone into a pen.” Unfortunately, it’s about a hundred times more expensive than a regular pen, and according to one review, it won’t “finish even an entire sentence before the ink runs out.”

16 Oct 06:53

Hey… Whatcha thinking about? #9gag

Hey… Whatcha thinking about? #9gag

16 Oct 11:04

One of them is not like the otters. #9gag

One of them is not like the otters. #9gag

16 Oct 00:05

1413 – Ateu 4

by Carlos Ruas


15 Oct 20:19

A Poop Bank in Massachusetts Will Pay You $40 Every Day - Health -

by OnlyMrGodKnowsWhy
Albener Pessoa

(via Firehose)

Are you under 50 years old, willing to make daily trips to Medford, and have regular bowel movements? You, my friend, could be earning $40 a day—just for pooping.

All you have to do is visit OpenBiome, launched in 2012 as the only independent nonprofit stool bank in the country. The brainchild of MIT postdoctoral associate Mark Smith, OpenBiome collects, tests, and provides fecal samples to 122 hospitals in 33 states for one of the most interesting medical treatment innovations today: fecal microbiota transplantation.

Mark Smith packages the samples for shipment on dry ice with a colleague.
Mark Smith packages the samples for shipment on dry ice with a colleague Laura Burns.
Carolyn Edelstein / OpenBiome

“Think of us as a blood bank, but for poop,” said Smith, who developed OpenBiome when he saw the gap in the medical structure to provide many patients with the life-saving fecal samples. “You shouldn’t have to fly across the country to get poop.”

Smith works with a team of full-time and part-time researchers, graduate students, gastroenterologists, and business minds to ensure that fecal samples are in every city and town and within a two-hour radius for every person who needs them. Smith said that they’ve hit the four-hour radius so far.

Wait, who wants someone else’s poop?

To keep your digestive and immune systems functioning properly, your body needs to maintain a natural balance of bacteria in your gut. But antibiotics taken to treat infections kill both “good” and “bad” bacteria indiscriminately. They kill it all, upsetting the balance and making the gastrointestinal tract susceptible to C. difficile, a “bad” bacteria. The resulting infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, affects more than 500,000 Americans per year, causing fever, nausea, abdominal pain, and serious diarrhea—and kills 14,000 Americans per year, especially in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

There are antibiotics that treat C. difficile, but as many as 20 percent of the infections return.

Our poop, it turns out, is a plentiful source of this good bacteria, and how do you get one person’s good-bacteria-filled poop into an ailing person? A fecal transplant.

“From the cost perspective, it’s a really efficient treatment for patients who aren’t responding to antibiotics,” said Smith. Including the donor screening costs, research has shown that fecal transplants save on average $17,000 per patient compared to treatment with antibiotics.

Here’s what a sample of fecal microbiota looks like .
Here’s what a sample of fecal microbiota looks like .
Carolyn Edelstein / OpenBiome

While large hospitals and health systems have their own stool banks, many independent physicians and hospitals often do not. This is where OpenBiome comes in, selling them poop at $250 per sample. That’s one price point for a 250mL sample of fecal microbiota prepared for a lower transplant delivery (yep, that low) or a 30mL sample for an upper transplant delivery (through your nose).

While health insurance companies cover some of the cost, Smith said the price tag is key to paying for the processing and distribution of the samples, finding and screening the donors, while still keeping it affordable for patients paying out of pocket.

“The real challenges is that right now it’s still categorized as an explorational drug by the FDA. Until that changes it’s really not going to find universal adoption because there’s still challenges with how insurance companies reimburse it,” said Smith.

Unfortunately, the fecal transplantation process tends to be very uncomfortable and invasive. Physicians traditionally transplant the stool samples through a colonoscopy, enema, or a nasogastric tube that runs from the nose into the digestive tract.

Soon, however, poop may come in the form of a pill. The latest research by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital, and published in JAMA Internal Medicine in October 2014 has shown frozen capsules of fecal material to be 90 percent effective in treating the C.diff infections. OpenBiome has collaborated with many hospitals across the country in developing and manufacturing these capsule-size samples for treatment.

Where do I sign up to donate?

To become a paid donor to OpenBiome, you have to undergo thorough screenings, from a 120-question health history with a physician to a travel history analysis and, of course, recent use of antibiotics. Once a donor’s sample dump is reviewed by the lab for any infectious agents and the health of the bacteria, the donor’s blood is tested for standard blood borne diseases as well as hepatitis A, B, C, syphilis, and HIV/AIDS. All of these screening costs (which total more than $1,000 per donor) are covered by OpenBiome, so the markup on the poop donations seems pretty reasonable.

Vladimir Pootin icon, a nickname for one of OpenBiome’s anonymous donors.
Vladimir Pootin icon, a nickname for one of OpenBiome’s anonymous donors.
Carolyn Edelstein / OpenBiome

OpenBiome targets younger adults, since they tend to be a lot healthier, with the average donor’s age ranging from late 20s to early 30s. The company has also focused its recruitment efforts on nearby Tufts University’s student population.

Once a donor’s sample passes the medical exam, he or she is enrolled and scheduled to visit the Medford facility every day. Each visit takes 30 minutes, during which the donor produces a sample into a hat-shaped bowl that rests over an ordinary toilet. Then the donor walks out with $40.

The cold, hard cash is not, however, the only reward. To further encourage new donors to sign up, and current donors to donate more often, OpenBiome is turning pooping into a game, awarding Super Pooper nicknames—such as Vladimir Pootin, King of Poop, and Winnie the Poo—to those donors with the most samples. (These heroes remain anonymous.) The more doo you donate, the higher your Super Pooper character will climbs in the rankings. So eat your fiber!

“These donors may seem very mild-mannered and think going to the bathroom is a humble thing,” said Smith, “but each sample they bring in can treat four or five patients.”

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