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31 Jul 19:53

Apple's new online content network should deliver your files faster

by Jon Fingas
If you're an iOS or Mac user, your downloads and streams are going to improve in the near future -- if they haven't already. Apple has quietly switched on its own content delivery network (CDN), letting it deliver files directly instead of leaning on...
31 Jul 19:31

The journey is about to end from the archives.

31 Jul 16:28

they're playing the clash on the oldies station

and my brain cannot process this new information.

31 Jul 18:19

untrustyou: Corey Arnold

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by researchinstitute
31 Jul 19:18

(17) Tumblr

by autodidactic
31 Jul 17:52

CIA admits to spying on US Senate computer network

by Ben Gilbert
Cooper Griggs

In the "more news that isn't really news" news.

Back in March 2014, two United States senators accused the Central Intelligence Agency of infiltrating Senate computers. Worse, they accused the CIA of hacking Senate computer networks and accessing files while the Senate's Intelligence Committee was...
29 Jul 11:46

Doberman Doesn’t Understand How Slides Work [via to.]

Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez

Doberman Doesn’t Understand How Slides Work

[via to.]

23 Jul 10:36

Voter approval rates as butt plugs

by Nathan Yau
Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez

From a couple of years ago, but still relevant, I think. Matthew Epler took candidate approval ratings (again, this is from a little while ago), tossed them in a 3-D program, made the molds to match, and poured in some silicon. Boom. Butt plugs that represent data. It's called Grand Old Party.

Epler describes his project best:

Grand Old Party demonstrates that as a people united, our opinion has real volume. When we approve of a candidate, they swell with power. When we deem them unworthy, they are diminished and left hanging in the wind. We guard the gate! It opens and closes at our will. How wide is up to us.

So true.

31 Jul 14:29

Peaches Sold as Sexy Butts in China

Peaches have long been compared to backsides. Because, well, peaches look like tushes! And now, thanks to some fruit venders in China, they really look like butts. Sexy butts.

These peaches are apparently being sold to capitalize on the the upcoming romantic Qixi Festival. They're a novelty present! And should be taken as such. But, they aren't cheap: A box of nine panty fruit is 498 yuan or US$80.

The peaches are getting mainstream coverage in China. Online, some people have been delighted by the peaches, while as Sina explains, some think they are rather vulgar! They look kind of cheeky to me.

[Photo: 农业博士]

China News reports that these unusual peaches are called "Ripe Fruit" (蜜桃成熟時), a name evoking obvious sexual connotations. The panty peaches were first developed by a fruit vender in Nanjing, with each pair of underwear slipped on each sexy butt by hand. As SDChina reports, the peaches are from Yangshan, in Wuxi, an area that's also famous for its lingerie and garment industry.

[Photo: FenyiZX]

And how do these peaches taste? Well, The Wall Street Journal once called Wuxi peaches "the juiciest, most delicious peaches on earth," so they're probably pretty good!

[Photo: Mancy]

Other fruit venders in Shanghai and elsewhere have also apparently started selling sexy peaches. SDChina adds that this Nanjing fruit vender claims to have applied for a panty peach patent a month ago and is filing for infringement with the intellectual property bureau. Peach panty patents, who knew?

[Photo: Sjzhchb]

水果店老板推"内裤蜜桃"热传 无节操营销引争议(图) [China News]

小伙发明"穿内裤的水蜜桃" 网友大呼无节操(图) [SDChina]

Top photo: Eastday

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30 Jul 18:57

Stumble Upon, A Combination Rug and Coffee Table That Looks Like a Rug With a Folded Over Corner

by EDW Lynch

Stumble Upon Coffee Table and Rug by Alessandro Isola

Stumble Upon is a clever combination rug and coffee table concept by Italian designer Alessandro Isola. The folded over corner of the rug serves as a coffee table.

Stumble Upon Coffee Table and Rug by Alessandro Isola

Stumble Upon Coffee Table and Rug by Alessandro Isola

Stumble Upon Coffee Table and Rug by Alessandro Isola

images via Alessandro Isola

via designboom

31 Jul 15:30

Workers are finally getting raises again

by Danielle Kurtzleben

One more sign that life is improving for American workers: paychecks are finally growing faster.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that workers' wages and salaries grew by a seasonally adjusted 0.6 percent during the second quarter, the fastest pace since the third quarter of 2008.


Wages and salaries only make up 70 percent of total compensation, including benefits. Total compensation costs as a whole also grew by a seasonally adjusted 0.7 percent during the second quarter.

Though it's true that wage growth was much faster before the Great Recession, the news is still a sign that the labor market is tightening, as increased demand for labor helps boost paychecks.

The news comes amid a week of signals that the recovery is improving. The Commerce Department reported Wednesday that GDP grew at a faster-than-expected pace in the second quarter, and the Federal Reserve after its most recent meeting acknowledged a healing job market and a pickup in inflation — another sign that wages are on their way up, after price growth had been low and stable for a long time.

Friday's July employment report could provide even further reason for optimism. Economists expect the report to show that employers added around 230,000 jobs in July.

30 Jul 19:00

Political Correctness Takes A Holiday

Grocery Store | NY, USA

(I am the third customer in line. There’s a woman at the register, then a man dressed in a way that clearly indicates he is a Christian minister. It’s two days before Thanksgiving.)

Cashier: “Thank you and I hope you have a great holiday.”

Customer: “A great holiday? What the f***! It’s Merry CHRISTMAS. I am so tired of this PC bull-s***, you stupid little—”

Minister: “Maybe she was talking about Thanksgiving.”

(The customer turns around snarling.)

Customer: “Shut the fu… uu…”

(She trails off when she notices his outfit. She blushes furiously, gathers her bags, and rushes out. The minister steps up.)

Minister: “Which candy bar is better, the plain chocolate or the almond?”

Cashier: “The almond is good!”

(The minister adds that to his purchases. After he pays, he hands the cashier the candy bar.)

Minister: “I hope you have a fantastic holiday.”

06 May 09:23


31 Jul 09:14

angrychocolatefiend: betweenelsewherenevermore: burdenofeclecti...




this is the single best post on tumblr

I want all the animals

is the Siamese riding the husky sidesaddle?

30 Jul 22:41

NomadPlus turns your iPhone's wall plug into an external battery

by Jon Fingas
If you're tired of lugging around both an external battery pack and a power adapter to keep your iPhone running, today's your lucky day. Nomad (the company behind the ChargeCard) has started taking pre-orders for the NomadPlus, a 1,500mAh external...
31 Jul 00:29

FCC head chastises Verizon for throttling unlimited data plans

by Jon Fingas
Cooper Griggs

Go get 'em!

Not happy that Verizon is going to throttle unlimited LTE data plans? You're not alone. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has just sent a letter to Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead criticizing the carrier for the new policy. He's "deeply troubled" by the move,...
31 Jul 04:23

Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan want to save the future of movies on film

by Timothy J. Seppala
Cooper Griggs

Yeah. Good luck with that.

The movie industry has seen its share of struggles as we transition into a digital future, and likely no one has felt the pinch more than film company Kodak. The struggling outfit is getting a life-raft, though, in the form of several studios...
31 Jul 05:29

Google Fiber hardware is being streamlined: fewer boxes, same functionality

by Sean Buckley
Cooper Griggs

But when will it be in Los Angeles?!?!? I can't wait.

Remember that new Google Fiber box we spotted in the FCC last month? It's almost here. According to Kansas City residents in Google's beta program, a new router is on the way that combines the service's existing network and storage boxes into a...
31 Jul 10:44

T-Mobile's UnCarrier plans continue to surge at the expense of rivals

by Steve Dent
Cooper Griggs

Switching as soon as I can get my AT&T iPhone unlocked.

T-Mobile keeps riding its UnCarrier plans to increased post-paid subscribers and added over a million in total for Q2 2014, including 579,000 phone subscribers. That compares to its much larger competitor Verizon, for example, which added only...
31 Jul 11:27

Tesla seals landmark deal to mass-produce EV batteries in the US

by Daniel Cooper
How is Elon Musk going to produce his vaunted $35,000 Tesla when EV batteries are so expensive? By making his own. Tesla has signed a deal with Panasonic that'll see the pair team up to build the Gigafactory. It's from here that vehicle packs and...
31 Jul 13:34

Nanobots get tiny propellers for targeted drug delivery

by Mariella Moon
Cooper Griggs

Sperm bots (almost)

Nanobots need the proper propulsion system if they're going to be used to deliver drugs to targeted areas. Take for example this teeny-tiny corkscrew-shaped propeller made out of silica and nickel that's developed by a group of German and Israeli...
31 Jul 16:32

NFL players to wear shoulder pad RFIDs for on-field stats tracking

by Billy Steele
Cooper Griggs

I'm surprised this wasn't already happening.

The NBA isn't the only professional sports league in the States getting serious about accurate stats accounting. With some help from Zebra Technologies' location system, 17 NFL stadiums will use receivers and RFID (radio-frequency identification)...
31 Jul 05:37

4094286390_975de0b647.jpg (500×404)

by bergh
31 Jul 05:59

scotch & jazz @ dusk

by joenagle
31 Jul 08:56

scotch & jazz @ dusk

by joenagle
30 Jul 15:00

DUI Stop

Cooper Griggs

worth watching the RENO 911 clip. lol

Police car video records a DUI stop being subjected to some wacky sobriety tests.
31 Jul 04:50


30 Jul 19:52

"oh man, you did not… you put the toilet paper on backwards? you realize i can divorce you for that?"

“oh man, you did not… you put the toilet paper on backwards? you realize i can divorce you for that?”


me, this morning (via notentirely)