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24 Oct 20:48

Yardarm will tell dispatchers when and where police fire guns

by Sean Buckley
Cooper Griggs

ALL guns should have this technology.

With the exception of maybe old Andy Taylor, most police officers in the United States carry a firearm as part of their standard equipment. Wouldn't it be nice to know when those sidearms are drawn, and why? A Silicon Valley startup called Yardarm...
30 Oct 02:04

Pumpkin carvings of 2014

by Arnold Chao

For Halloween 2014, the Flickr community has been busy photographing jack-o’-lanterns in elaborate displays and homemade creations.

Pumpkin Festival 2014

Half Moon Bay, California.

New York Botanical Garden Pumpkin Carving

Ray Villafane’s pumpkin creation at The Haunted Pumpkin Garden, New York Botanical Gardens, Bronx, New York.

Mother of Dragons #2

Game of Thrones-inspired carving.

Keene Pumpkin Tower stitch

Keene Pumpkin Festival, New Hampshire.

The Laughing+Tree

Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Providence, Rhode Island.


Rise of the Jack O’ Lanterns, Descanso Gardens, La Canada Flintridge, California.

Enjoy, and share, more photography of creations in the Pumpkin-carving mania gallery.

Did we miss cool carvings that you’ve photographed? Share them as comments with this format: [Flickr photo page URL]

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30 Oct 02:40

Pink Five Point #flower #pink #tree #marvista #losangeles...

Pink Five Point
#flower #pink #tree #marvista #losangeles #california #neighborhood #walk (at Mar Vista, Los Angeles)

30 Oct 04:21


30 Oct 04:25


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30 Oct 04:35


30 Oct 04:40


29 Oct 21:00

That's Teamwork

That's Teamwork

Submitted by: anselmbe

Tagged: cars , gifs , mindwarp , race car , pit crew
28 Oct 15:00

Godly Gauntlet

Pope Francis said evolution and the Big Bang theory are compatible with religious beliefs.
17 Oct 19:48

Orphaned Baby Rhino Seems To Think He's A Fuzzy Little Lamb

by Sarah Barness
Cooper Griggs

via Adam Victor Brandizzi

This orphaned rhino has made an unexpected friend.

Gertjie (aka Little G) is apparently bosom buddies with a lamb named Lammie. The two play together at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center, an organization that rehabilitates orphaned and injured animals.

The rhino seems to mimic the lamb's prancing as the two frolic happily on the grounds of their South African home.

Gertjie did not come from such happy beginnings, however. He was brought to the HESC after being found next to his dead mother, a victim of poachers.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, poaching has increased dramatically in the past few years, and hundreds of African rhinos are killed every year for their horns.

Fortunately, Gertjie has been thriving under the care of his human keepers, who have posted footage online to document his journey. These YouTube videos have helped make Gertjie an Internet star; they've also raised awareness about rhino poaching.

Now, watch Gertjie and Lammie run off into the sunset. Ah, bliss. Adorable, adorable bliss.

H/T Tastefully Offensive

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29 Oct 22:08

LG's 4K monitor has Thunderbolt support, dead-accurate colors

by Steve Dent
Cooper Griggs


If your 4K project will be beamed onto millions of TVs or movie screens, "close enough" color accuracy won't cut it. LG wants to help with the 31MU97 Display Cinema 4K monitor, a 31-inch, 4,096 x 2,160, 19 x 10 ratio display with 10-bit color that...
29 Oct 19:40


Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez


29 Oct 14:37

manicpixiescreamnewt: sickfuture: cd in a microwave it looks...

Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez



cd in a microwave

it looks like an ancient rune activating its magic

29 Oct 20:22

Data Center in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker

by sergeyursu
Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez

1367849801 1 640x468 Data Center in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker
In the central part of Stockholm, Switzerland is located the headquarters of the Internet service provider Bahnhof. This place became known a few years ago as the former headquarters of Wikileaks.

1367849801 2 640x401 Data Center in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker

1367849801 3 640x426 Data Center in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker

1367849801 4 640x468 Data Center in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker

1367849801 5 640x468 Data Center in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker
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29 Oct 16:29

catastrofe: a new kind of duathlon


a new kind of duathlon

29 Oct 14:25

"My local pet store was vandalized." -fluffybunnyofdoom

Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez

"My local pet store was vandalized." -fluffybunnyofdoom

29 Oct 09:07

Piero Glina

by piero101
29 Oct 09:07

Piero Glina

by piero101
29 Oct 09:07

Piero Glina

by piero101
29 Oct 09:08

news on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

by andreasbanderas
29 Oct 00:00


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29 Oct 06:02

A single fiber strand could carry the world's internet traffic

by Steve Dent
Cooper Griggs

whoa. That's a lot of bandwidth.

Researchers in the US and Netherlands have managed to transmit data at 255Tbps across a single strand of fiber cable over a kilometer (0.6 miles), about 2,500 times faster than any commercial fiber. They used a so-called multicore cable with seven...
29 Oct 09:47

Manuel Noriega's case against Activision dismissed by California judge

by Timothy J. Seppala
Cooper Griggs


Apparently Mayor Giuliani's defense worked: Former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega's case against Activision for including his likeness in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has been dismissed by a California judge. As Kotaku spotted, Activision issued a press...
29 Oct 14:02

HP wants to be a 3D printing giant with new 'Multi Jet Fusion' tech

by Steve Dent
HP has just revealed a lot more information about the 3D printing tech it teased earlier. It calls it "Multi Jet Fusion," and HP has nothing less than the goal of "changing entire industries" with it. If the claims are true, the tech looks mighty...
29 Oct 04:00


Anyway, that's a common misconception. Geese live for a long time; all the ones we can see will probably keep flying around for billions of years before they explode.
28 Oct 21:20

There will be a lot of Marvel and DC Comics movies in the next few years

by Billy Steele
Earlier this month, Warner Bros. announced its roadmap for DC Comics movies through 2020, and today, Marvel Studios revealed its plans as well. Basically, if you're into superhero/comic book movies, you're set for the next seven years. Need a quick...