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22 Oct 18:40

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Translators (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Translators (HBO):

Our favourite Bugler in fine form, as usual.

(Even though they mean interpreters, but yeah.)

22 Oct 04:32

sithisit: truly inspirational


truly inspirational

22 Oct 19:34


22 Oct 04:44

Combined GIFs [imgur]Previously: Reversed GIFs

Combined GIFs [imgur]

Previously: Reversed GIFs

17 Oct 22:09


20 Oct 22:12

Red Sox: Slivers of light at Fenway Park

There were more shadows than light at Fenway Park this year. Although the World Champion Red Sox finished dead last this year, nearly 3 million fans watched them play. Because there were few highlights this season we take a last look at the slivers of light, patterns and people that make Fenway a special place. --By Stan Grossfeld
Red Sox third baseman Brock Holt has played every position this year except pitcher and catcher. He likes to wear his red socks high. (Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff)

21 Oct 19:31

shiftsandgigglesstuff: Raptor Demo Flight Is Just As...

21 Oct 22:57

Not today, ebola. [vine by mrlegendarius]

Not today, ebola. [vine by mrlegendarius]

21 Oct 20:17


21 Oct 20:09

fatalitum: V/H/S/2 (2013)


V/H/S/2 (2013)

21 Oct 10:37


20 Oct 14:11

partybarackisinthehousetonight: a know that kid who’s at the arcade and is just watching the...


a know that kid who’s at the arcade and is just watching the demo for a game but they’re pressing the buttons like they’re playing? well that’s how i’m handling adulthood so far.

21 Oct 09:00

When you are the guru of failovers

by sharhalakis

by astlock and sstave

05 Oct 00:28


by panafoot

panafoot posted a photo:


Colque-Cruz (19,554 feet) at Jampa Pass (15,500 feet), Peru

Seen while trekking around Mt Ausangate with Andes Adventures

Follow the link to see all of our Peru photos

Follow the link to read about our adventures in Peru

To see more photos of the great places we have been check out our photo collections

To read about the other great places we have been go to

19 Oct 12:23

Cojín salchicha gigante

by Troy

En lo que se refiere a cojines gastronómicos, hay que reconocer que esta salchicha asada gigante no está mal; su color brillante y las marcas de la parrilla están realmente bien conseguidas.

Pero aunque, además, su forma parece bastante adecuada para reposar las cervicales, en ningún caso se acerca al nivel de excelencia de nuestro afamado cojín de jamón de Jabugo.

Eso no quita que, indiscutiblemente, estemos ante un buen candidato a engrosar nuestro catálogo de cojines originales. Esperemos diponer de él en breve.

Ver más: cojines, salchichas
Seguir @NoPuedoCreer - @QueLoVendan


Tienda de regalos originales
QueLoVendan La tienda de regalos y gadgets divertidos - Cupón dto. 5% -> SOY_FAN_DE_NPC
19 Oct 15:07

Be nice to Frank. [caboosium]

Be nice to Frank.


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19 Oct 23:32

Reversed GIFs [via]Previously: Animals Being Jerks

Reversed GIFs [via]

Previously: Animals Being Jerks

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17 Oct 12:11

gnarly: Well guess what walter


Well guess what walter

17 Oct 02:29


17 Oct 04:00

lizclimo: turtle power 


turtle power 

17 Oct 08:16

The Fall

by Doug

The Fall

A belated birthday dedication to Sam H.! Hope you had a good birthday!

Here are more happy trees.

17 Oct 09:00

Friday 3.55 pm

by sharhalakis

by vorDa

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