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A Winning Line for a Blind Date


Matar coisas = demonstrar masculinidade

A Winning Line for a Blind Date

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Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

by samzenpus
concertina226 writes Harvard scientists have invented a new artificial spleen that is able to clear toxins, fungi and deadly pathogens such as Ebola from human blood, which could potentially save millions of lives. When antibiotics are used to kill them, dying viruses release toxins in the blood that begin to multiply quickly, causing sepsis, a life-threatening condition whereby the immune system overreacts, causing blood clotting, organ damage and inflammation. To overcome this, researchers have invented a "biospleen", a device similar to a dialysis machine that makes use of magnetic nanobeads measuring 128 nanometres in diameter (one-five hundredths the width of a single human hair) coated with mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a type of genetically engineered human blood protein.

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Pain or Pleasure?

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innocenttmaan: There are some people out there that still...


Or, so that the quote is accurate in an evolutionary sense, WE are capable of feeling (a more complex form of) love and compassion just like they are ;)


There are some people out there that still believe that animals are just dumb beasts, but the unlikely animal friendships I’ve gathered here will prove that they are capable of feeling love and compassion just like we are.

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People Search for What Really Matters


in perfect harmony =~~

People Search for What Really Matters

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Kaz Breaks It Down for Us


Numeros não mentem (porém, o XBox 360 dava um cacete no Playstation 3)

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That's Because I'm the Firestarter


Smack my wench up

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jeremykaye: Coming this September. Throwin’ an oldie at...


Coming this September.

Throwin’ an oldie at ya!

Not much to say, still chugging along with the book and other things behind the scenes. Gonna have a new strip up later in the week!

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Anime Logic

Anime Logic

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Great Kayak or Greatest Kayak?

Great Kayak or Greatest Kayak?

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friggin' water-type Pokémon


How to be better at street harassment LOLZ0RZ

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September 16th, 2014: Hey baby is whole body slightly below room temperature because from here you look pret-ty cool

– Ryan

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I thought that only people do this.

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Freedom’s all you got. image twitter | facebook

Freedom’s all you got.


twitter | facebook

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This Venn Diagram is Almost Too Real

10 May 20:20

Tumblr | ea4.png

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Baby It's About to Get Hot in Here

Baby It's About to Get Hot in Here

Like, Fire Blast hot.

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Hi. Did you do Computer Science at some point in your life? I'm currently doing Software Engineering, but slowly losing sight of my goal. Help?

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The Chicken and the Egg

The Chicken and the Egg

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The Majority of Commentary During a Sports Game

The Majority of Commentary During a Sports Game

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"I guess I have to give him credit…" -texaspuffin



"I guess I have to give him credit…" -texaspuffin

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Don't Forget the First Rule About Online Gaming


Regras da vida

Don't Forget the First Rule About Online Gaming

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the b.u.t.t. algorithm

by kris


the problem with having a facebook-style news feed on twitter is that it may be too good. it may tell you things about you you never wanted to know. specifically, how you love “dumb butts.”

this page is procedurally generated. no one else is seeing this comic today. it’s about you and how much your dumb butt hangup is ruining your life. this is a web intervention from me and your family.

also i have the same problem

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Sebastian Selgado’s Revives The Astounding World We Live In

by Ariane Fairlie

Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph

Although he was educated as an economist, Sebastian Selgado understands the world most clearly in images, as demonstrated in his incredibly moving photography. His most recent series, Genesis, is his most ambitious and long-term project, spanning eight years as he visited 30 of the earth’s most pure and untouched sites. He was inspired to do the project because up until that point people had been the central subject of his work. He says that he “… wished to photograph the other animals, to photograph the landscapes, to photograph us, but us from the beginning, the time we lived in equilibrium with nature.”

His imagery is completely enthralling. It is obvious the time he spent for each one to capture just the right moment. The fact that his photographs are in black and white emphasizes their impact further, and creates a greater romanticism. What is truly incredible about Selgado is his investment that gives him such a great return in his artwork. For a while he was disillusioned by the world and his photography, having seen so much devastation as a photojournalist based mostly in Rwanda at the time.

Selgado returned home for his own health and sanity, to Brazil, where his parents had left him their land. It was almost completely cleared of the forest “paradise” it once was to him, and so he and a friend worked to replant the eco-system. This experience seems to have shaped Selgado’s view of the state of our planet as a whole. He has seen the atrocities we have inflicted upon it and ourselves, but he has also successfully restored a piece of it to its original strength and beauty. His images, therefore, are not caught in time as a momento of the world we were once a part of, but a reminder of what we might still participate in for the foreseeable future if we can recognize it as something worth reviving.

Selgado speaks about his practice and the Genesis photo-series in a TED talk that you can see here. (Quotations in this article from TED talk) (Via Dazed Digital)

Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph Sebastian Selgado - Photograph

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Alienation: Strange Upside-Down Closeups Transform the Human Face Into Something Else

by DL Cade


The more you look at South-Africa based photographer Anelia Loubser‘s Alienation series, the more captivated you become. A simple idea on the surface — close-up, upside-down black-and-white portraits of people’s eyes and foreheads — the final images encourage you to dive deeper into each wrinkle and other so-called “imperfection” than almost any standard portrait might.

According to Loubser’s description of the series on Behance, Alienation was inspired by a profound Wayne Dyer quote:

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

With creative composition and excellent execution of a simple idea, she manages to put a picture to these words:














The concept reminds us of the famous upside-down drawing exercise. The idea behind this approach was to confuse the analytical left side of the brain, engaging the more abstract right side that would see the lines as they truly were and not as a group of already-defined concepts (i.e. nose, eyes, eyebrows, etc.).

Of course, some will inevitably be tempted to crane their necks or flip their computer screens to reframe the portraits in a more ‘normal’ light, but we hope you won’t do that. As Loubser says, “the work is on the one hand strangely aesthetic, on the other hand mysteriously eerie.” A little bit of discomfort isn’t just normal, it’s encouraged.

To see more from Loubser, head over to her Behance profile, check out her website, or give her Facebook page a like.

(via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Anelia Loubser, used under Creative Commons license

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‘Soviet Ghosts’ Captures Post-Apocalyptic Scenes Left Behind by the Fall of the USSR

BULGARIA -Buzludzha 09

Rebecca Litchfield is a photographer who has faced radiation exposure risks, arrest and interrogations, and even accusations of espionage… all for the sake of her project “Soviet Ghosts.”

You see, Litchfield is an avid urban explorer who has been fascinated by scenes of decay found in countries that were formerly part of the USSR and the Eastern Bloc.

Photographing and exploring the old Iron Curtain isn’t the easiest thing to turn into a project, she says:

Not many explorers travel to Russia, where the rules are very different, locations are heavily guarded and a strong military presence exists everywhere. There are serious consequences for getting caught. We managed to stay hidden for all of the trip, we maximised our stealthiness, ducking and diving into bushes and sneaking past sleeping security. But on day three our good fortune ran out as we visited a top secret radar installation. After walking through the forest, mosquitos attacking us from all directions, we saw the radar and made our way towards it, but just metres away suddenly we were joined by military and they weren’t happy…

Fortunately for Litchfield, she was able to wiggle out of that tricky situation and continue her adventure through more than 10 different countries.

She says that her goal is to capture the scenes as they are, highlighting their beauty in decay, “like a memory hanging on that will soon be lost in a breeze, a museum that no one gets to see.”

Here are some of the haunting photographs in the project:

BULGARIA - Soviet Friendship Monument

BULGARIA -Buzludzha 01

BULGARIA -Buzludzha 10



GERMANY - Miltary Barracks

GERMANY - Soviet HeadQuarters 01

HUNGARY - MAV 424 Steam Train




RUSSIA - Chemical Laboratory

RUSSIA - Cinema

RUSSIA - Sanatorium 01

RUSSIA - Sanatorium 03

RUSSIA - Tuberculosis Hospital

RUSSIA - Young Pioneer Camp 02

RUSSIA - Young Pioneer Camp 04

UKRAINE - Chernobyl Hospital 02

UKRAINE - Chernobyl Kindergarten

UKRAINE - Chernobyl Sports Centre 01

UKRAINE - Chernobyl Sports Centre 02

The photos in the project have also been published in a book that’s available from $28 over on Amazon. You can also find more of Litchfield’s work over on her website.

Image credits: Photographs by Rebecca Litchfield and used with permission

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