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jkajkajkajkajajaka csm! :D


hueuheuheuhe chino tuerto

jkajkajkajkajajaka csm! :D

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larstheyeti: Happy Monday.


Happy Monday.

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cateringisalie: shvnyyy-e: zwamboobs: blazepress: Filming a...







Filming a rainbow when suddenly.


what the fuck

#the rainbow got pissed

17 Jul 06:59

An Untranslatable Poem

by Greg Ross

In his 1983 book En Torno a la Traducción, Spanish philologist and translator Valentín García Yebra cites a Portuguese poem by Cassiano Ricardo entitled “Serenata sintética”:




Broadly, it’s an image of an evening tryst, but its import is so embedded in its language that García Yebra found himself unable to convey it in another tongue.

“In this short poem, phonemic form is everything,” write Basil Hatim and Ian Mason in Discourse and the Translator. “The words themselves are evocative: a small town with ‘winding streets’ (rua torta), a ‘fading moon’ (lua morta) and the hint of an amorous affair: ‘your door’ (tua porta). But their impact is achieved almost solely through the close rhyme and rhythm; the meaning is raised from the level of the banal by dint of exploiting features which are indissociable from the Portuguese language as a code.

“García Yebra relates that he gave up the attempt to translate the poem even into Spanish, a language which shares certain phonological features with Portuguese.”

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Venus de Milo

by Doug
19 Jul 17:20

commandmodulepilot: 45 years ago, three astronauts blasted off...


45 years ago, three astronauts blasted off on a mission to put man on the moon.

16 Jul 01:26

My little trampoline. #9gag

My little trampoline. #9gag

21 Jul 18:34

deme cuatro y una laucha entrenadora :D

deme cuatro y una laucha entrenadora :D

20 Jul 18:52

Black Leopards reaction when he sees his favorite zoo keeper.

18 Jul 18:00

Eye-Deceiving Murals Turn Streets Of Iran Into An Optical Illusion Gallery

by Justina Bakutyte

Mehdi-Ghadyanloo iran Mehdi-Ghadyanloo iran Mehdi-Ghadyanloo iran Mehdi-Ghadyanloo iran

Creative murals by designer and street artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo are turning Tehran, Iran’s streets into an outstanding open-air gallery. Executed on two-dimensional blocks of concrete, Ghadyanloo’s artworks deceive the viewer’s eye by skillfully using methods from op art and 3D painting.

Mehdi has established a mural-painting company Blue Sky Painters, which helps him to work with the large-scale street art projects. What is not very frequent in the field, is that Ghadyanloo is fully backed up by the city’s municipality. According to the artist himself, it is one of the government’s goals to promote mural art in Tehran.

“The city is an architectural mishmash with buildings often having only one facade and the other three just left blank and grey. This doesn’t make for a beautiful city but it is a great environment for mural work. I think the municipality really felt the need to bring some cohesion or at least colour to the often confused and smog-smeared architectural face of the city.”

Ghadyanloo graduated from MA in Animation, which brought him closer to storytelling and surrealism. The latter has really influenced his style in urban murals. His scenes often depict unrealistic sights and actions such as cars flying in the air, man bicycling down the wall, people defying gravity and so on. Many of Ghadyanloo’s creations also cleverly interact with their surroundings bringing even more life to the streets of Tehran. (via: My Modern Met)

Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-5 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-6 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-7 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-8 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-9 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-10 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-11 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-12 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-13 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-14 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-15 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-16 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-17 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-18 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-19 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-20 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-21 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-22 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-23 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-24 Mehdi-Ghadyanloo-Street-Art-25


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tumblr_md1cngldzP1qdlh1io1_500.gif (imagen GIF, 450 × 255 píxeles)

by kndll
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eressea: milojoinsthecorps: gaussmultimedia: Máster Diseño...




Máster Diseño Gráfico 2012-13. Proyecto personal de Sara Maese incluido en la Entrega Final de Máster: serie de carteles Studio Ghibli-Hayao Miyazaki (1984-2008). Incluye:

  1. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984).
  2. Laputa: Castle in the Sky (1986).
  3. My Neighbor Totoro (1988).
  4. Kiki´s Delivery Service (1989).
  5. Porco Rosso (1992). 
  6. Princess Mononoke (1997).
  7. Spirited Away (2001).
  8. Howl´s Moving Castle (2004).
  9. Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (2008).


I need these.

16 Jul 15:45

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight

by Christopher Jobson

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions
Jo Fitzpatrick‎

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

Dramatic Stainless Steel Wire Fairies by Robin Wight wire sculpture fairies dandelions

UK sculptor Robin Wight creates dramatic scenes of wind-blown fairies clutching dandelions, clinging to trees, and seemingly suspended in midair, all with densely wrapped forms of stainless steel wire. The artist currently has several pieces on view at the Trentham Gardens and sells a number of DIY wire sculpting kits from his website where he also discusses in great detail how each piece is built. See more over on Facebook. (via Reddit).

14 Jul 21:59

"Casa Futebol" Concept to Turn World Cup Stadiums into Public Housing


No Brazilian can be happy with their national team suffering two crushing defeats in a row, and now the country is dotted with brand-new stadiums that can only serve as a painful reminder. But now that the World Cup is over, perhaps those stadiums, so expensive and controversial to build, can be put to more enduring use.

Architects Axel de Stampe and Sylvain Macaux have put forth a proposal called Casa Futebol, whereby the twelve stadiums would be reappropriated for housing. The concept calls for the design of prefabricated apartment modules of 105 square meters that could be inserted into the periphery of each stadium's shape, along with "colonizing the outside facade" to give them a different look.



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amaditalks: There are more of is than anyone would ever be led...

by wagatwe


There are more of is than anyone would ever be led to believe. Free Palestine!

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Moral Effects of Socialism

by Alex Tabarrok

Dan Ariely and co-authors have an interesting new paper looking at moral behavior, specifially cheating, in people who grew up in either East or West Germany.

From 1961 to 1989, the Berlin Wall divided one nation into two distinct political regimes. We
exploited this natural experiment to investigate whether the socio-political context impacts
individual honesty. Using an abstract die-rolling task, we found evidence that East Germans
who were exposed to socialism cheat more than West Germans who were exposed to
capitalism. We also found that cheating was more likely to occur under circumstances of
plausible deniability.

…If socialism indeed promotes individual dishonesty, the specific features of this socio-political
system that lead to this outcome remain to be determined. The East German socialist regime
differed from the West German capitalist regime in several important ways. First, the system
did not reward work based to merit, and made it difficult to accumulate wealth or pass
anything on to one’s family. This may have resulted in a lack of meaning leading to
demoralization (Ariely et al., 2008), and perhaps less concern for upholding standards of
honesty. Furthermore, while the government claimed to exist in service of the people, it failed
to provide functional public systems or economic security. Observing this moral hypocrisy in government may have eroded the value citizens placed on honesty. Finally, and perhaps most
straightforwardly, the political and economic system pressured people to work around official
laws and cheat to game the system. Over time, individuals may come to normalize these types
of behaviors. Given these distinct possible influences, further research will be needed to
understand which aspects of socialism have the strongest or most lasting impacts on morality.

It’s interesting that Ariely et al. try to explain cheating as a result of socialism. My own approach would look more to the virtue ethics of capitalism and Montesquieu who famously noted that

Commerce is a cure for the most destructive prejudices; for it is almost a general rule, that wherever we find agreeable manners, there commerce flourishes; and that wherever there is commerce, there we meet with agreeable manners.

See Al-Ubaydli et al. for a market priming experiment and especially McCloskey on The Bourgeoise Virtues for more work consistent with this theme.

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Titanic | 0f4.jpg

17 Jul 04:00

does professor science remember that people are asking him questions through the mail? well. it's possible he never knew about it in the first place.


Design inteligente uma ova =/

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July 17th, 2014: Hey guess what came out yesterday? Adventure Time #30! It features... ZINES :0

– Ryan

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July 17, 2014

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eheuuheuheuhe cadê propaganda com Cumpadi Washington pra vender sasporra?

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Whew. That one took awhile. Hope ya like...

Whew. That one took awhile. Hope ya like it!

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YouPorn planea patrocinar un equipo de LoL, Dota 2 o HS

by Félix Palazuelos

  • El famoso portal de pornografía, YouPorn, está interesado en patrocinar un equipo de LoL, Dota 2 o HS.
  • A través de Twitter, la compañía ha pedido feedback a los usuarios desatando la euforia en Twitter y Reddit.

Un tuit de @YouPorn, la cuenta oficial del portal pornográfico libre YouPorn, en el que sugiere el patrocinio de un equipo de eSports, ha desatado la euforia en las redes sociales y Reddit. La capacidad económica de YouPorn es bestial, pero, ¿aceptarán equipos y resto de sponsors?

El tuit en cuestión es éste, donde se pide feedback sobre la posibilidad de patrocinar un equipo de Dota 2, LoL o incluso jugadores de HearthStone:

Do we have any competitive LoL, DOTA2, or HeartStone players following us? What do you think about YouPorn sponsoring a team?

— YouPorn (Jude) (@YouPorn) July 10, 2014

Personalmente y, aunque no tenga nada en contra de la industria pornográfica, ni de la libre actividad publicitaria de cualquiera, pienso que es una mala idea. Si nos tomamos los eSports como un deporte más junto al fútbol y baloncesto, deberíamos ser realistas y Redbull, Coca-Cola, Intel, Razer... no van a querer compartir camiseta con un portal de vídeos pornográficos, ni creo que Valve aceptase que una gran comunidad de menores de edad que juegan a Dota tengan que ver publicidad pornográfica. Ya veremos en qué queda la cosa.

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The truth behind Pac-Man

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Drunken Warriors

by Tom

Hahahaha q demais!


Something a bit different to tide me over until I get back from Iceland.
You can grab a printable blank card template sheet here.

Edit: Separate template for utility cards now available as per request. Note that utility cards can be made with the previous template by leaving the attack/defense entries blank.

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It's Me! It's You!


Complementando o quadrinho abaixo ;P

It's Me! It's You!

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