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Cat with head-mounted laser pointer

31 Aug 04:00

House Of Vans- A Skatepark Located Under London Waterloo Station

by Zeon Santos

When enterprising skateboarding enthusiasts decide to build an indoor skate park they usually build it inside a similar pre-existing structure, like a warehouse or roller skating rink, but the House of Vans didn’t want to build just any old skate park.  

They wanted something that looked crazy cool, had plenty of surfaces to ride and grind, and wasn't in danger of being sold out from underneath them, so when they found a space underneath London Waterloo station it was clearly meant to be.

House of Vans-London is a "free creative space" and London's only indoor skatepark, and the 3,000 square foot venue is home to more than some sick skating sessions- it also houses a decent sized music venue, art gallery, cafe, movie theater, and a few bars so guests can wet their whistle after the sesh.

-Via designboom

28 Aug 20:35

Medieval rockstar The last page of a medieval book is usually a...

Medieval rockstar

The last page of a medieval book is usually a protective flyleaf, which is positioned between the actual text and the bookbinding. It was usually left blank and it therefore often filled up with pen trials, notes, doodles, or drawings. This addition I encountered today and it is not what you’d expect: a full-on drawing of a maiden playing the lute, which she holds just like a guitar. A peaceful smile shines on her face. I love this rockstar lady, so unexpectedly positioned at the end of the book, trying to catch the reader’s attention as he is closing it.

Pic: London, British Library, Sloane MS 554 (more here).

29 Aug 09:46

A Couple at the Le Monocle Lesbian Nightclub, Paris, 1932

by John VE
Le Monocle was a well-know lesbian bar located in Montmartre section of Paris, France that was open from the 1920s thru the early 1940s.

During the 1920s, Paris gained a reputation for the variety of its nighttime options and for its free and easy attitude toward life in general. As a result, many gay and lesbian nightclubs opened and flourished. Among these was Le Monocle, which is credited with being one of the first, and certainly the most famous of lesbian nightclubs. It was opened by Lulu de Montparnasse in the Montmartre area, which at that time was the main gathering place for Parisian lesbians who were often seen at Montmartre’s outdoor cafes or dancing at the Moulin Rouge. Le Monocle’s scene was describe by Florence Tamagne as, “All the women there dressed as men, in Tuxedos, and wore their hair in a bob.”

The name Le Monocle derived from a fad at the time where women who identified as lesbian would sport a monocle to indicate sexual preference. The writer Colette once obsevered the fad by describing women in the area as “often affecting a monocle and a white carnation in the buttonhole.”

(via Historical Times)
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$1,000 For New Swear Word: A Prankster from 1910

by Marcie Gainer

I am utterly baffled by this newspaper clipping:


h/t Weird Universe

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The Only Person Who's Naked in These 'Nude Portraits' is the Guy Behind the Camera

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen

There’s something to be said for thinking outside the box and turning an idea on its head, and that’s exactly what photographer Trevor Christensen is doing with his hilarious and surprisingly thought-provoking series, Nude Portraits.

That’s because there aren’t actually any nude people in his portraits… the only person who’s naked during the photo shoot is Christensen himself, who is busy capturing his subjects’ reaction to his birthday suit.

Christensen launched the project on Monday, and since then it has exploded as this simple concept of turning the tables on the genre attracted thousands of up-votes and skyrocketed Nude Portraits onto the “Front Page of the Internet’s” front page.

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen

Speaking with Utah Public Radio, Christensen revealed that his purpose all along has been to examine the photographer/subject relationship. “When I’m taking someone’s picture, often it puts them in a very vulnerable position,” he explained. “I think that power dynamic is really interesting, and I just want to give them the chance to also see me in a vulnerable state.”

This isn’t a surprise or trick either, he speaks to each of his subjects before hand to try and ease any potential discomfort and explain what is going to be going on. And yet, even knowing that it’s coming, the reactions are still well worth capturing on camera.

Nude Portraits by Trevor Christensen

For now, the four photographs here are the only ones he’s taken, and they feature friends and girlfriends — in other words, people he’s familiar with. But his ultimate goal, as he tells UPR, is to shoot “a really broad demographic.”

As a 25-year-old, straight, white male, he wants to explore the reactions of people who fall into none of those categories. “I’m looking for [...] any amount of variation possible,” he says, mentioning ‘little old ladies’ as a possible subject, “because only my hipster friends isn’t really quite as interesting as a broader demographic.”

To see more from Christensen or keep up with Nude Portraits as he seeks out diverse subjects to strut his stuff in front of, head over to his website or give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Image credits: Photographs by Trevor Christensen and used with permission

28 Aug 17:00

There Are Microscopic Spiders Living On Your Face

by Sophie Weiner

sweet dreams

There Are Microscopic Spiders Living On Your Face

Fun Fact: You have several kinds of microscopic spider-relatives living on your face right now. These mites inhabit every mammal that scientists have ever attempted to find them on, with some mammals carrying up to four different species at once!

Scientists first began to understand how prevalent these mites are when they realized you can find mite DNA embedded in any sample of facial skin cells. And where there’s mite DNA, there are mites. As far as the two types of mites growing on our faces, it’s difficult to tell how they got there. They are not closely related, so it would make sense that they arrived on our skin in different ways. We may have even adopted one of them from domestic animals or pets.

These two mites could actually give us information about the history of humanity. Sequencing their genes, we could trace the path that humans took as we spread out over the Earth.

When looking at the DNA from one of our mite species, D. brevis, we found that mites from China are genetically distinct from mites from the Americas. East Asians and European populations diverged over 40,000 years ago and so far it looks like their mites did as well. On the other hand, D. folliculorum from China is indistinguishable from that of the Americas. Of the two Demodex species associated with humans, D. brevis lives deeper in your pores than folliculorum and is probably shared between people less readily, whereas D. folliculorum appears to enjoy global domination.

(Photo: Wikipedia)

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28 Aug 14:35

The once and future goddess

by Mark Liberman

Geeta Pandey, "An 'English goddess' for India's down-trodden", BBC News 2/15/2011:

The Dalit (formerly untouchable) community is building a temple in Banka village in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to worship the Goddess of the English language, which they believe will help them climb up the social and economic ladder.

About two feet tall, the bronze statue of the goddess is modelled after the Statue of Liberty.

"She is the symbol of Dalit renaissance," says Chandra Bhan Prasad, a Dalit writer who came up with the idea of the Goddess of English.

"She holds a pen in her right hand which shows she is literate. She is dressed well and sports a huge hat – it's a symbol of defiance that she is rejecting the old traditional dress code.

"In her left hand, she holds a book which is the constitution of India which gave Dalits equal rights. She stands on top of a computer which means we will use English to rise up the ladder and become free for ever."

Chinki Sinha, "The English Goddess Who Went Away", Open 9/14/2013:

There could have been a black temple here. The entrance might have said ‘Paradise Lost’ after John Milton’s poem about man’s disobedience and ouster from the Garden of Eden. Milton intended the poem to justify the ways of God to men. There was no justification intended here. The temple was meant to celebrate the outcastes, the fallen—Paradise Lost would be a refuge. Within its walls, Dalits would chant ‘ABCD’ and solve mathematical equations. They would denounce other gods and goddesses who perpetuate caste barriers.

The goddess wore a hat, a gown, and had gold hair. She looked like a Statue of Liberty knock-off. Chandra Bhan Prasad, the man who created her, says there were modifications made to give the new goddess her own mythology. The Goddess of English held a keyboard and a pen. She was atop a computer on the screen of which was the chakra of the Buddhist faith. She also held the Constitution of India to cement her bond with the Dalit community because Dr BR Ambedkar, the Dalit scholar and leader, was its founding father.

Why was the temple to be black? Because people would have found it strange. It would provoke reaction and this goddess was all about reactions. Black is seen as evil. The goddess would redefine black, give it sanction, says Bhan. This was Paradise Lost. They would regain it. But nothing happened. The English goddess went as suddenly as she came.

Why? Well,

The goddess came but only just. After the first day, she was stacked away in the office of the headmaster and for a few days, remained there in hiding. The district administration shut the temple down because, it was rumoured, Mayawati, then Chief Minister, had said there could only be one Dalit goddess in the state. Bhan wrote to the administration asking for a reason and was told there was a Supreme Court directive that no temple should be built on public land without permission from the administration.

“We said this was private land, and they still said you can’t build it,” says Bhan. “They kept sending police officials. When we started building the roof, they came and stopped us.”

The goddess was transported to the house of the school owner in a nearby town. There she remains, hidden away till she can be installed once again. The expensive black granite that was bought for construction of the temple lies around unused. Rain pours down, washing away the dirt, and the stones glisten again. A dog seeks shelter in the old office from the rain. This is where the goddess had been moved after the police came to Banka and ordered that construction be stopped.

26 Aug 21:00

Cookeville Police Department Website Is A Thing Of Beauty

by RemyCarreiro

oh my god it's beautiful

image via The Sentinel

Sometimes, the best thing about the interwebz is when you just kind of come across some website that just feels incredibly out-of-place to you. A website that seems to not really understand what it is selling or promoting. A website that feels like it came right out of 1996 and somehow landed back in your computer, almost 20 years later. Today, for me, that site is:


First and foremost, it is clear they take what they do at the Cookeville Police very seriously. You know how you can tell? The way the website has flashes of lightning around the name. Heck, even that photo on the main page says: We are not playing any games (even though the site totally looks like it would totally be a load screen for some lame action game).

Keep in mind, we say this with no disrespect for the police force in mention. We tip our hats to what they do. It takes courage and bravery to choose that line of work and we commend you all for it.

But your webmaster on the other hand? Um, not so much. 

25 Aug 19:00

Call of the Wild

by Chrissie
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26 Aug 20:00

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge?

by Miss Cellania

In the September issue of Smithsonian magazine, we see how archaeologists can explore underground without digging it up. Vince Gaffney heads a project that has given us a sort of three-dimensional map of what’s underneath the land surrounding the most mysterious place in Britain: Stonehenge.

Gaffney’s latest research effort, the Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project, is a four-year collaboration between a British team and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology in Austria that has produced the first detailed underground survey of the area surrounding Stonehenge, totaling more than four square miles. The results are astonishing. The researchers have found buried evidence of more than 15 previously unknown or poorly understood late Neolithic monuments: henges, barrows, segmented ditches, pits. To Gaffney, these findings suggest a scale of activity around Stonehenge far beyond what was previously suspected.

Read about what they found, and see plenty of pictures and graphics to explain the project at Smithsonian. -via reddit

(Image credit: Henrik Knudsen)

26 Aug 17:45

Jackie Jormp-Jomp Is Real: Why ‘The Identical’ Could Be This Year’s ‘The Room’

by Vince Mancini

I’m hearing that TV spots for The Identical are starting to pop-up around the country, so it seems the cat is almost out of the bag. If you saw one and wondered “what the hell is going on?” you’re not alone. What looks like a Jackie Jormp-Jomp* Elvis movie come to life is actually even stranger than that. It’s also part of Hollywood’s ongoing move to bring Christian-themed projects into the mainstream, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

If lead “Blake Rayne” reminds you of Elvis, you’re not alone. He used to be Ryan Pelton, described as “the world’s number one Elvis impersonator,” who, according to lore, got his start when his mom entered him into an Elvis impersonation contest in 1998. From there he traveled the world, eventually showing up on American Idol in 2007, and playing a circuit of state fairs, as well as “a nightly act at the Myrtle Beach Legends In Concert theatre in South Carolina,” which I bet was an incredible place to meet chicks. Pelton announced early last year that he’d no longer be performing as an Elvis impersonator and would instead by striking out on his own under his new awesome stage name, Blake Rayne, which, he says, being a big Batman fan, reminded him of Bruce Wayne.


City of Peace

So, The Identical is what happens when you try to make an origin story about an Elvis impersonator without being able to use Elvis or any of his songs? Well, sort of. There’s also a Christian angle. The film is about an Elvis-looking dude who gets separated from his identical twin at birth, with one brother raised by an evangelical preacher (played by Ray freakin’ Liotta). The Identical was produced by a little-known independent production company called “City Of Peace,” whose mission is “to provide framework where music, films and video with ‘redeeming value’ can be developed, produced, marketed and distributed worldwide, bringing a message of hope, love and encouragement to this generation.”

Director Dustin Marcellino says “the underlying theme of the film is, if God is in your dreams, then nothing can stand against you.”

Marcellino, making his directorial debut on The Identical, by the way, is the grandson of Jerry Marcellino, a record producer who wrote and produced songs for the Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Frankie Valli, and others; and the son of Yochanan Marcellino, who founded a series of Christian record labels.

Ahh, so it’s a CHRISTIAN unlicensed Elvis movie, you’re probably thinking. Again, partially right, but it’s not that simple either.


City of Peace

Turns out, the Marcellinos are some kind of Jews for Jesus operation, with Yochanan’s label promoting Christian-themed projects alongside Zionism from its headquarters in Israel, where Dustin was partly raised.

On the Wikipedia page for Yochanan’s Gallilee of Nations label:

 The label was involved in a 1998 joint project with Integrity Music, Adonai: The Power of Worship from the Land of Israel, a compilation album featuring multiple artists.

The label signed a long-term distribution deal with Provident Music Distribution in 1999.

Provident Music, incidentally, put out Facing the Giants, a Christian-themed football movie.

So it seems, The Identical is this sort of a dual vanity project from a former Elvis impersonator and a Christian/Zionist record label that hopes to promote him as their next big artist. Ergo, the answer to “what’s the deal with ‘The Identical'” is, imagine The Room if Tommy Wiseau was an evangelical Christian Elvis impersonator making a royalty-free origin story in which he played his own twin.

Image (3) Scanners.gif for post 329609

Avco-Embassy Pictures

Oh, except that instead of a cast of complete unknowns, it stars Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Joe Pantoliano, Seth Green, and the hot girl from Silicon Valley. Christian movies are really the only independent movie game in town right now, AND THINGS ARE GETTIN’ REAL WEIRD. More on this as it develops, obviously.

*30 Rock’s famous, fictional Janis Joplin biopic that fails to secure the rights to Janis Joplin’s name or music, and thus has to be called “Jackie Jormp-Jomp.”

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Sitting Bricks: 1920

by Dave
Washington, D.C., circa 1920. "Swartzbaugh, C.E., Mrs." Who'll be the first to write on her wall? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.
26 Aug 13:00

Graffiti-Themed Toy Will Turn Your Child Into A Drug Dealer, Allegedly

by Sophie Weiner
Graffiti-Themed Toy Will Turn Your Child Into A Drug Dealer, Allegedly

Taking the “broken windows” law enforcement theory to absurd extremes, Queens Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder has voiced his desire to ban a toy called Kidffiti. The kit sold at Toys R Us includes stenciling tools. Sprayable chalk that imitates spray paint is sold separately. “Graffiti is just the first act of vandalism. It oftentimes leads to drug abuse and drug sales,” Goldfeder said. 

Goldfeder has written a letter to Toys R Us asking them to take the toy off shelves. “What this product is doing is marketing directly to minors in a way in which it is glorifying vandalism instead of artistic value,” Goldfeder told the Daily News. “It is important to address graffiti before it escalates.” A spokeswoman from Consumer Affair commented that her agency isn’t able to ban toys that aren’t illegal.

Goldfeder isn’t alone in his graffiti-inspired panic. Police Commissioner Bill Bratton recently condemned a graffiti art show happening at the Museum of the City of New York which he called “outrageous,” and similarly warned could influence children to engage in illegal activities. (Image: Toys R Us)

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Say goodbye to carved pumpkins because fruit faces will scare your socks off this Halloween

by Oona McGee


What do you think the face above is made from? It might look like a carefully carved wooden sculpture but the truth is, it’s not made from wood at all. It’s made from something a lot greener and sweeter; something that once fell to the ground and inspired a man called Isaac. And got two people banished from the Garden of Eden.

Yes, it’s the humble apple, and this year it’s more scary than sweet. Soon you’ll be swapping your pumpkins for apples because this easy-to-create work of art will be the best way to keep people off your porch this Halloween!


The process starts with a few carved lines in an ordinary apple. Create a face and then simply leave it to dry outdoors.


As the apple loses moisture, it takes on a very different texture.


After a week, it begins to look like an ancient artifact excavated from an archaeological site.


The process from moist apple to ancient artifact has Japanese netizens intrigued, with many people heaping praise on the creative idea.


Creative idea or a waste of good fruit? Either way, it’s further proof that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And possibly everybody else too.

Source: Kinisoku

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People Would Rather Take Orders From A Robot Than Their Boss


via firehose
not with a bang, but with a "man, fuck that guy telling me what to do"

Research coming out of MIT confirms that in a two-human, one-robot team working toward a common goal, the humans would rather the robot be in charge.
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They Said What?!: Find Out What Peyton Manning, Dave Grohl, And Josh Groban Have To Say


“We have to try really hard to not accidentally summon a demon.”
—Peyton Manning
On his pre-snap adjustments

Ever wonder what’s on the mind of today’s most notable people? Well, don’t miss our unbelievable roundup of the best and most talked about quotes of the day:
25 Aug 16:20


24 Aug 14:04

"Boys'" toy logic

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Article: 10 Beautiful Interracial Arrests

Race is complicated, but one thing remains true: An arrest transcends skin color. Need proof? Just look at these touching, honest displays of physical coercion taken from Ferguson, Missouri that are bridging the racial divide.
21 Aug 16:18

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160-Year-Old Parisian Railway

by Christopher Jobson

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

By the Silent Line: Photographer Pierre Folk Spent Years Documenting a Vanishing 160 Year Old Parisian Railway trains Paris history

The Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture (French for “little belt railway”) was a 32 km railway that encirled Paris, connecting all the major railway stations within fortified walls during the Industrial Revolution. In service from 1852 to 1934, the line has now been completely abandoned for 80 years.

Several developers and local officials have recently set their sights on the vast swath of unused land, tunnels, and stations as an opportunity for new development. However, some railway enthusiasts and related organizations want the tracks and stations to be preserved indefinitely as part of the cities’ heritage. Others want to turn areas of de Petite Ceinture into parkways similar to the nearby Promenade plantée, a 4.7 km park built on an elevated train track in 1988 that later inspired New York’s famous High Line.

As part of his project “By the Silent Line,” photographer Pierre Folk has been working since 2011 to photograph the 160-year-old railway’s last remnants before any final decisions are made. He stalks the tracks at all times of the year, often returning to the same locations to document nature’s slow reclamation as rusted tracks and crumbling tunnels are swallowed by trees, vines, and grass. This is just a small selection of Folk’s work, you can see many more photos right here.

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While discussing the internet...

(Thanks Allan!)
18 Aug 01:00

The Glossary Given to Audiences of David Lynch’s “Dune”

by Marcie Gainer

h/t io9.

From Imgur: “I went to see David Lynch’s Dune in the theater in 1984. As we entered, we were given a glossary of Dune terms with our tickets. I understand this is not a common piece of movie ephemera, so I thought you might like to see it.”

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Citizens of Delaware Can Now Inherit Digital Assets, Rest of Us Stuck With Analog Estates - "To you, I bequeath all 800 of my Flappy Bird knockoffs."

by Dan Van Winkle


Currently, all of the digital wealth you’ve built up—iTunes libraries, Steam games, Farmville micro-transaction purchases—is the property of whatever service provides that particular online account upon your passing, but a new law enacted in Delaware will allow citizens to inherit their loved ones’ digital possessions. On a related note, the top Google search term in Delaware is now “permanently delete Fifty Shades of Grey from Kindle account.”

Of course, you already inherit computers and the files on them as digital objects, but the world hasn’t gone fully DRM-free yet, so some things may be off-limits to you without access to an account.

The new law, the Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Digital Accounts Act, simply and summarily awards the ownership of any online account to whoever the account-holder wishes instead of the tech company behind it. Other states have passed less comprehensive laws on the subject, but Delaware is leading the way in a comprehensive solution thanks to help from the non-profit Uniform Law Commission.

Great work, Delaware.


Now all we have to do is get the rest of the states on board, and we can end the unnecessarily complicated process currently involved in making sure your loved ones will always have access to all of your cloud-based pet and baby pictures.

(via Gizmodo, image via Noah Hall)

Previously in digital rights

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Artist’s Notebook: Sean Joseph Patrick Carney

by Marina Galperina
Artist's Notebook: Sean Joseph Patrick Carney

ANIMAL’s feature Artist’s Notebook asks artists to show us their original “idea sketch” next to a finished artwork or project. This week, artist and comedian Sean Joseph Patrick Carney talks about making Experimental Aioli, seven signature aioli flavors paying tribute to a New York individual or institution of cultural influence including Bill de Blasio, Action Bronson and Matthew Barney for a performance installation in the group exhibition “Peristalsis” at Air Circuluation in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Guess which one had weed in it.

In the summer of 2011, I was at a friend’s house in Portland, OR and his mother was in town visiting him. They’d invited me over for brunch, and she was making an elaborate and impressive spread for the three of us. As we sat down to eat, she placed a bowl of homemade aioli on the table to accompany one of the dishes. I fucking love aioli; it’s kind of like the thinking man’s ranch dressing. I was stoned out of my goddamned mind as we began to eat and an idea crossed my mind: Experimental Aioli. It would be a restaurant, an incredibly obnoxious and elitist one, that only served drinks and aioli. The theme would be BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) and we’d have pairing suggestions for each aioli, offering patrons the opportunity to order other restaurants’ food for delivery to try with our incredible sauces.

Except for talking a bunch of shit about how I was going to take out a massive and irresponsible business loan to eventually make this happen, I never really did anything with it. You can ask all of my friends from Portland though, and they’ll confirm that I literally would not shut the fuck up about Experimental Aioli for years. As proof, here is an email that I sent in September of 2011 to two of those very friends when I read a Gothamist article about some bullshit artisanal mayonnaise shop that opened in Williamsburg:

Aioli Email

I was super annoyed, but whatever. They were running a retail shop; I had bigger plans. Eventually, I moved to New York in December of 2013. Shortly thereafter, a good friend of mine, Paulina Bebecka, approached me about participating in a group exhibition at a new gallery that artist Marcin Ramocki and some friends were starting in Bushwick. Air Circulation, as it would be called, was to be an interdisciplinary exhibition site where each year’s programming was centered around one particular theme. For the first year, that theme would be “food.”

Ramocki and Bebecka were curating the first exhibition, and she and I met up in the East Village after work one day in early February to talk about possible ideas for the show. I pitched her the idea of Experimental Aioli, and she was on board.

Obviously, this project is a playful nod to Gordon Matta Clark’s Food restaurant project in SoHo with Caroline Goodden in the 1970s. And there’s no shortage of references to contemporary artists who have worked with food, especially given away for free as a social experience, but I won’t bore anybody with a comprehensive list. My approach to this was less about the conviviality of the event, and more about the concrete comedic action of producing an obscene amount of gourmet mayonnaise.

Eggs in Bowl

Over the next several weeks, I shared a Google Drive document with Bebecka that included ideas I had for different flavors. The point was that each flavor that I developed had to be a tribute to a New Yorker, or New York Institution, of cultural influence. Since I’d just moved to the city, I wanted to do something in honor of it.

I took to Twitter and started to holler at the various people for whom I wanted to make a custom aioli flavor. With their favorite foods in mind, and the particular curiosities of their personalities, I began to write out individual aioli recipe ideas and possible food pairings.


Some people responded graciously, like Jerry Saltz and White Columns, others were too stoned to care, like Action Bronson and Matthew Barney. Nonetheless, I was undeterred by their silence and pushed forward with developing a flavor for them. In all, I produced seven different flavors, each in a limited edition of five.


Because of the fact that aioli’s main ingredient is raw egg yoke, I had to wait until the day before the exhibition to prepare all of it. Nobody wants to eat homemade mayonnaise that is a week old; it’d probably make one kind of ill. Still, I had a lot of prep to do leading up to the big egg-whisking session, and I ended up having the privilege of spending a bunch of time perusing the various industrial kitchen supply stores on the Bowery. I picked up some special bottles, 2oz and 4oz in size, so that I could offer a standard size at 4oz, and a “TSA-Friendly” version at 2oz that could legally be brought onto any domestic flight. Most of the snacks that airlines serve (pretzels, pita chips, etc) pair wonderfully with a sauce of this caliber.

aiolis all set

It took me about thirteen hours the day before the exhibition to make all of the flavors from scratch. I did not employ any electronic kitchen gadgets; every aioli was whisked by hand, all of the ingredients finely chopped with a knife, and each bottle filled slowly by me. It got pretty Zen, actually. I even watched Tommy Boy and Can’t Hardly Wait while I prepared it in my kitchen, which by the end of the day that Friday looked like a fucking war zone. Oh, I also listened to a bunch of Scott Aukerman’s podcast Comedy Bang Bang. Everybody should check it out.

By approximately midnight, I had each flavor bottled, sealed, and refrigerated for release the following evening at the opening of “Peristalsis” at Air Circulation.

Despite being determined to be a BYOF pop-up restaurant, Bebecka suggested that I pick up some foods for dipping since it was highly unlikely that anybody would have brought their own food to the gallery. I compromised my ultimate vision (just kidding) and picked up a bunch of bread, various chips, veggies, and other things at that weird grocery store off the Morgan stop that is like fancy but really isn’t. During the exhibition’s opening reception, I stood behind a large table-type-thing and chugged Budweisers while people came up and sampled the flavors.

Aioli Suite

The most common response that I got was, “These are actually really good.” That’s because I’m a fucking good cook. I wasn’t making them to gross anybody out. Lots of people were exceptionally excited about the flavor “Rare Chandeliers” which I made for rapper Action Bronson because it had weed in it. They tried to scarf down as much as possible to see if they’d get stoned. I have no idea if they did or not.

The majority of the aioli was consumed, though I left behind a few bottles at the end of the night as I was planning to go party and did not need to risk having a bunch of mayonnaise explode all over the inside of my backpack.


a fixmaybe(Photos: Anne Marie Chu Fong)

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17 Aug 15:30

Gwar’s Oderus Urungus Was Laid To Rest With A Viking Funeral

by Josh Kurp
Download Festival 2011 - Day 3

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Dave Brockie, the lead demon singer of GWAR who went by Oderus Urungus, passed away in March, but it wasn’t until last night that he was OFFICIALLY laid to rest in the most metal way possible: with a viking funeral outside a barbeque restaurant. And not just any BBQ joint, but GWAR’S BBQ joint, Gwar-B-Q, at Hadad’s Lake in Richmond, Virginia. Loudwire has the report.

Randy Blythe of Lamb of God was among those who eulogized Dave Brockie. The rocker, who also spoke at the private memorial earlier this year, opened by stating, “Dave is the only motherf*cker I know who has to get put away twice. He’s too big for one f*cking funeral.” (Via)

Blythe later shared the following message on Instagram:

Tonight we sent Oderus home in a fitting manner at the public memorial for Dave Brockie. A blazing Viking ship with Oderus laid out in it, the cuttlefish pointing proudly straight up. Watching my friend Dave’s costume go up in flames in front of a thousand fans was so much more intense for me than the private memorial for friends & family we had April Fool’s Day. I spoke at both of them, as GWAR asked me to, & both times as I spoke I was sad. But watching his alter-ego burn tore me up way more than the first memorial, maybe because there was Dave, the human who was my friend who just “left us”- I never saw his body- & then there was Oderus, who was something entirely else. To watch his stage gear burn was like watching part of my life literally go up in flames. I was sobbing my eyes out as I took this photo. It was just a super-intense moment. Very beautiful, but overwhelming. Fly free, Oderus- you are missed. (Via)

fire boat


That would make for a really good metal album cover.

Via Loudwire

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17 Aug 14:15

When Venn Diagrams Go Horribly Wrong

by Tyler Durden

Or maybe just one of those rare occasions when the truth slips through?

h/t @RussianNavyBlog

17 Aug 09:00

Sleepy Bird

by John Farrier

birb nap

(Photo: Molaire & Tentacules)

At the end of a long day, the topiary laid back and slept.

I'm having trouble determining the origin of this bush, but I gather that it is located in Le Jardin de Plantes, a botanical garden in Paris. It may have been inspired by the work of the children's book illustrator Claude Ponti.

-via Lustik

15 Aug 02:50

methblue: uptownzurban: Please!!! I encourage anyone who...



Please!!! I encourage anyone who follows me or sees this to sign this petition. My city is under a lot of distress right now for this wrongful doing. Here is the link to sign the petition…

see this makes more sense, wouldn’t do shit but here the government HAS to look at it

15 Aug 17:06

claudetc: My girlfriend brought me a bunch of roses for our...


My girlfriend brought me a bunch of roses for our anniversary.

She thought there was some horrible irony in bringing me pictures of other attractive ladies (and guns n roses vocalists), I reckon it was metal as hell bringing me other the heads of other women like trophies.

Top tier GF.