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20 Jul 15:00

Dune, Recreated with Gummi Candies

by Alex Santoso

In Frank Herbert's sci-fi series Dune, Arrakis is a desert planet, but in this diorama, it's a dessert planet inhabited by gummy creatures. CandyWarehouse created this majestic rendition of Paul Atreides riding the giant sandworm in candies:

Crafted from a 2-foot-long gummy worm, Haribo gummy bears, black licorice string, yellow sprinkles, and rock candy crystals! A scene from the great science fiction novel Dune by Frank Herbert. Here we see the giant gummy worm on the desert planet of Arrakis. Ridden by the powerful gummy bear Paul Atreides as he seeks to control the prescious "spice" melange, which gives those who ingest it extended life and some prescient awareness. Muad'Dib!

Like they say, he who controls the sugar, controls the universe! Take a look at more epic pics:

via candywarehouse Flickrset and io9

18 Jul 22:09

Bitter Husband Makes Spreadsheet of Wife’s ‘Excuses’ for Denying Sex

by Mariella Mosthof
This is clearly the work of a madman.
17 Jul 13:42

"I’m doing this internship to make my parents happy. But...



"I’m doing this internship to make my parents happy. But as soon as I graduate, I’m heading to Bollywood!"

17 Jul 22:36

Coming out of the closet. Like a boss.

16 Jul 15:57

Cards Against Humanity: Dashcon Edition

by Brad
14 Jul 19:47

the browns: now with swag-grrr

by Rob Press

14 Jul 00:34

honchcrow: pikachu bout to get lit the fuck up


pikachu bout to get lit the fuck up

11 Jul 04:00

those incredibly, incredibly hot stars

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– Ryan

11 Jul 02:11

When half of a quarter is all, or at least mostly

by Mark Liberman

Steve Connor, "Nature rather than nurture governs intelligent behaviour in primates, scientists discover", The Independent 7/10/2014:

The vexed question of whether intelligence is inherited from birth or acquired through education seems to have been answered – for chimpanzees at least.

Scientists have found that being a smart primate is down to genes rather than upbringing, suggesting that nature rather than nurture governs intelligent behaviour in our closest living relatives.

The next sentence backs off from "down to genes rather than upbringing" to "mostly governed by its genes rather than its environmental background":

Researchers have argued for many decades over the genetic basis of human intelligence – based on IQ tests and studies of identical twins reared apart – but now a study has found that a chimpanzee’s “cognitive ability” is mostly governed by its genes rather than its environmental background.

And later in the same article, it becomes "about half of the variation in this ability is down to genetic factors":

The study involved behavioural tests on 99 captive chimps aged between 9 and 54 years. The performance of each ape was measured on a series of standardised cognitive tests for primates and the researchers concluded that about half of the variation in this ability is down to genetic factors – about the same or a little less than humans – and half down to non-genetic influences. [...]

“We found that some but not all cognitive traits were significantly heritable in chimpanzees,” the researchers said in their scientific paper.

If we read the research report under discussion– William Hopkins et al., "Chimpanzee Intelligence Is Heritable", Current Biology I[n Press, July 2014] – we find the estimated genetic role diminishing somewhat further.

The authors gave 99 chimps 13 tasks from the Primate Cognition Test Battery, and used principal components analysis to select four components which collectively accounted for 54.2% of the variance in test battery scores:

They then used "Sequential Oligogenic Linkage Analysis Routines" (background here) to estimate the heritability of the PCA components:

Thus Component 1 (23.6% of test variance) was significantly heritable — h2 = 0.538. The symbol  h2  is used to denote "narrow-sense heritability", which is the ratio between the variance due to average effects of alleles, and the phenotypic variance as a whole:

$$h^2 = \frac{Var(A)}{Var(P)}$$

In other words, about half of the variance in a PCA component accounting for about a quarter of the variance in test results was accounted for by genetic variation.

Component 3 (10.8% of test variance) was also significantly heritable, with h2  = 0.335. Thus about a third of the variance in a PCA component accounting for about a tenth of the variance in test results was accounted for by genetic variation.

The genetic relationships of components 2 (11.7 of test-score variance) and 4 (8.2% of test-score variance) were not statistically significant.

Other media coverage pushes the Nature-Over-Nurture meme even harder. Thus Kukil Bora, "Chimpanzees’ Intelligence Hugely Dependent On Genes They Inherit From Parents", International Business Times 7/11/2014:

The level of intelligence in chimpanzees, just like in humans, varies from one individual to another, and the differences in their intellect are attributed to the genes they inherit from their parents, according to a new study.

And a second article from the same publication — Lydia Smith, "Nature Over Nurture: Chimpanzees' Intelligence Comes from Genes not Upbringing", International Business Times 7/11/2014:

Chimpanzees' intelligence is down to genes rather than upbringing, which suggests that nature rather than nurture governs smart behaviour in our closest living cousins.  

Scientists have long pondered the basis of human intelligence, based on IQ tests and studies of identical twins brought up apart, but a new study has found that the "cognitive ability" of primates is dependent on inheritance rather than their environment.

Or Rober Preidt, "Like Humans, Chimps' Smarts May Rely on Genes", US News and World Report 7/10/2014:

Nature, not nurture, may play the bigger role in the innate intelligence of individual chimpanzees, a new study finds.

Or "Genes More Important than Environment in Determining Intelligence in Chimpanzees", Nature World News 7/11/2014 (with this cute picture):

Genes, not environment, are important in determining intelligence quotient of chimpanzees, Georgia State University researchers find.

The role of genes in human intelligence has been the subject of several research papers. In humans, environmental factors such as education, socioeconomic status are known to affect intelligence quotient.

The latest study shows that in chimpanzee, which is closely related to human, genes play a far more important role than the environment. Simply put: when it comes to chimps, smartness runs in the family!

At this point, you might want to remind yourself that "genes play a far more important role than the environment" is a translation of "about half of the variance in a PCA component accounting for about a quarter of the variance in test results was accounted for by genetic variation".

Also, "Chimpanzee intelligence largely determined by genes: study", Xinhua News 7/11/2014:

Some chimpanzees are smarter than others, and their intelligence differences may largely be explained by the genes they inherit, a U.S. study said Thursday.

And Mark Prigg, "Smarter than the average ape: Chimpanzee intelligence is determined by their genes not their environment, researchers say", Daily Mail 7/10/2014:

A chimpanzee’s intelligence is largely determined by the genes they inherit from their parents, reveals a new study.

"Chimpanzee intelligence determined by genes", 7/10/2014; "Nature is more important than nurture in chimpanzee intelligence, say researchers", Daily Digest News 7/10/2014; "Chimpanzee Intelligence Depends on Genes, Finds New Study", 7/11/2014; "Chimpanzee IQ Mostly Determined By Genes", Brevard Times 7/11/2014; "Chimps' Intelligence is Determined by their Genes", Science World Report 7/11/2014; etc. etc. etc.

If you're interested in the rather vexed logical, statistical, and political questions involved in this discussion, you should read Cosma Shalizi, "…In Different Voices", 6/22/2007; "Those voices again", 6/24/2007; "Yet More on the Heritability and Malleability of IQ", 9/27/2007; "g, a Statistical Myth", 10/18/2007.

Cosma starts by discussing the fact that among humans, accent (as in how you, like, talk) is indubitably heritable; later he consider the fact that zip codes (or more generally, latitude and longitude) are also heritable; and he closes with a discussion of what you're really doing when you apply principal components analysis to psychological test results.

The end of the next-to-last post in the list above:

Do I really believe that the heritability of IQ is zero? Well, I hope by this point I've persuaded you that's not a well-posed question. What I hope you really want to ask is something like: Do I think there are currently any genetic variations which, holding environment fixed to within some reasonable norms for prosperous, democratic, industrial or post-industrial societies, would tend to lead to differences in IQ? There my answer is "yes, of course". I've mentioned phenylketonuria and hypothyroidism already, and many other in-born errors of metabolism also lead to cognitive deficits, including lower IQ, at least in certain environments. More interestingly, conditions like Williams's Syndrome, Downs's Syndrome, etc., are genetically caused, and lead to reasonably predictable patterns of cognitive deficits, affecting different abilities in different ways. In many of these cases, it seems very likely (but is not yet established) that these variants cause problems with the signaling pathways which set how gene expression responds to environmental cues. Manipulating those signaling pathways during the right time windows would change what kind of mind the organism has later. The fact that different genetic disorders lead to different patterns of cognitive deficits, rather than just generally making people duller all around, suggests ways of disentangling which genes are relevant to which abilities through which molecular mechanisms. (Cf.) At a popular level, I've still not run across a better description of way the regulation of gene expression couples genotypes and environments during mental development than Gary Marcus's writings, but if you want details there is a whole rapidly-growing field of molecular developmental neurobiology (as I'm not-infrequently reminded).

I suspect this answer will still not satisfy some people, who really want to know about differences between people who do not have significant developmental disorders. Here, my honest answer would be that I presently have no evidence one way or the other. If you put a gun to my head and asked me to guess, and I couldn't tell what answer you wanted to hear, I'd say that my suspicion is that there are, mostly on the strength of analogy to other areas of biology where we know much more. I would then — cautiously, because you have a gun to my head — suggest that you read, say, Dobzhansky on the distinction between "human equality" and "genetic identity", and ask why it is so important to you that IQ be heritable and unchangeable.

10 Jul 18:40

Seeking trans participants for a project with photographer Martin Schoeller

by Zinnia Jones

My good friend and colleague Kristin is working with photographer Martin Schoeller on an upcoming project featuring trans people during transition. Schoeller is well-known for his series of photographs of celebrities and other subjects in his signature close-up style. Kristin, herself a trans woman, has worked with Schoeller on earlier projects, and he is very LGBT-friendly.

We’re looking for people who are at the beginning of their transition and are willing to have face and full body photographs taken, followed by another series 12-18 months later. This project is likely to be featured in a number of high-profile publications, and could become a standalone book. These photographs will be taken in a tasteful and humanizing style.

Trans women, trans men, and nonbinary trans people are all welcome to participate. Currently, we’re looking for participants around New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. If you’re interested, or know anyone who might be, please contact Kristin at

10 Jul 17:40

Do You Love Your Dog Too Much To Realize He’s An Idiot?

by danuproxx


I’m a proud dog-owner, and I’ve quickly learned that there is no love that will guide you into stupidity faster than loving a dog. No dog’s bladder cares that it’s 5am in a blizzard, after all, and you signed up to walk them. That said, is the love you have for your dog leading you to think they’re a lot smarter than they actually are?

Some veterinarians studied the link between ownership and the cognitive development of dogs, and, among other things, turned up that a quarter of dog owners think dogs are smarter than most people, and that half believed their dogs were roughly as smart as three to five year old. To be fair, neither of those things are terribly high bars to clear, especially if your exposure to human beings involves any form of driving or public transit. Still, it does raise the question… is your dog really that smart?

Turns out the answer is that it depends. For example, it’s been found that the average dog is roughly as intelligent as a two-year-old when it comes to solving problems. But that’s muddied somewhat by the fact that dogs have shown incredible emotional intelligence; they’re capable of reading your mood from your voice and reacting accordingly, and can even connect your emotions to the objects you’re looking at. In other words, they can parallel and react to how we feel about things.

In fact, it’s theorized that the key difference between dogs and wolves is that dogs will make eye contact with humans. That’s not trivial; eye contact is so important to humans, we’ll actually buy products based on whether or not a cartoon mascot looks us in the eye. So your dog may not be cracking the secrets of the atom any time soon, but he probably knows what you’re feeling better than anyone else.

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10 Jul 16:30

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC

by Johnny Strategy
A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

All photos by Chuck Choi courtesy Studio KCA

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

A Sculptural Cloud of Plastic Bottles Illustrates One Hour of Trash in NYC trash sculpture plastic New York multiples installation clouds

If you visited Governor’s Island in New York last summer you most certainly saw the billowing, cloud-like structure that sits in the middle of the lawn. And if you’re anything like my kids you probably dashed up to it to see exactly what thing was. But it’s not until you get up close that you realize it’s made from many, many plastic bottles stringed together. “53,780 used plastic bottles,” says designer Jason Klimoski, “the number thrown away in NYC in just 1 hour.” Klimoski and his team at STUDIO KCA collected the bottles – a combination of milk jugs and water bottles – and lashed them together to create “Head in the Clouds,” a pavilion people can walk into, sit inside, and contemplate just how much plastic is thrown away every day.

The structure, however, was temporary and the team is now looking for its next home. If you’re interested in having this in your back yard get in touch with the designers.

10 Jul 16:17


by jellobiafrasays

i'm going to be very embarrassed if it's not!


idk, is it?

10 Jul 13:30

A Night At the Morbid Anatomy Museum

by Amy K. Nelson
A Night At the Morbid Anatomy Museum

Joanna Ebenstein is petite, soft-spoken and bookish. She’s also a woman who traffics in death.

“I don’t actually think it’s morbid at all to think about death,” she says. “I think it’s really weird not to.”

ANIMAL recently visited Ebenstein’s Morbid Anatomy museum, which she founded and curates in Gowanus section of Brooklyn. Ebenstein, 42, has turned what was once a hobby and a blog into a fully operating museum that welcomes the dark, the strange, and the sensational.

“I think everything we’re doing is going to offend some people,” she says. “I don’t know how people in the midwest would view us. I don’t know if they’d come in here and see the babies in coffins and say this is [satanic].”

Since the museum opened on June 28, it’s gotten a healthy dose of media coverage. We stopped by this week to see the museum host its third singles’ night — billed as “Morbid Curiosity” — a gathering of 30-plus people in search of connecting with like-minded souls. Another reporter from a blog was also shadowing the event. Yet the night of Hendricks Gin-sponsored mingling was unremarkable in its normalcy, save the taxidermied animals, games of disease Pictionary and ice breakers that began with, “My friend is a mortician in San Francisco…”

Ebenstein’s dream is to pattern the museum after circus ingenue P.T. Barnum, who once housed an eight-story edifice in New York City that included freak shows, performance art and live animals — channeling an era of vaudeville and the World Fair. For now, though, Ebenstein’s building it small.

“I don’t ever want it to be a slick, fancy art museum,” she says. “I wanted to provide New York with something I wish had existed which was more homespun and immediate and accessible to more people.”

Moulage masks, and other “death masks,” litter the upstairs library. Masks like the one pictured above are patterned off diseased body parts and molded into wax recreations, used primarily as educational tools.

“I’m really interested in these ostensibly scientific objects that are at the same time art objects,” Ebenstein says.

Ebenstein walks me over to a bookshelf in the library, and opens Harris’s List of Covent-Garden Ladies, a best-selling, 18th-century annual guidebook that detailed the names and specialties of different prostitutes. There were 250,000 copies made, distributed at Christmas time.

Ebenstein reads an excerpt, “This lady is about 30 not a very advantageous stature but her fine eyes cannot be looked upon without exciting all the thrilling emotions and desire of the soul.”

When asked where she’d draw the line, Ebenstein says she has no interest in abortion exhibits, and says while lynching photography is an important historical medium, she doesn’t think she could live with it each day for six months.

She has limits.

“I wouldn’t show dead babies in jars, no.”

But she does have a pig fetus, and other skeletal remains from bats and birds to stingrays.

A big function of the business is the events and lectures hosted by Morbid Anatomy. Ebenstein got the idea for a singles’ night when Daisy Tainton lamented about having to explain to a potential partner why she was picking up a dead kitten at a friends’ house.

“That was pretty much a conversation stopper,” Tainton recalls.

Ebenstein suggested Tainton and the museum host a meetup for singles at the museum. On the very first singles’ night, Tainton met someone who she is currently dating. With a liquor license on the horizon, events like these are all part of the museum’s growth plan. Each one brings in more people, a particular kind of people.

“We’re trying to showcase things no one else takes seriously,” Ebenstein says. “Maybe they seem macabre and they end up sitting in back rooms or private collections, but we want to give them a home and a voice.”

(Photos: Amy K. Nelson/ANIMALNewYork)

The post A Night At the Morbid Anatomy Museum appeared first on ANIMAL.

08 Jul 03:47

These are my only 2 facial expressions.

These are my only 2 facial expressions.

08 Jul 00:24

How I Was A Yiddish Singer

by kcmeesha

The mid-1970′s, when 7-year-old me was roaming the mean streets of Odessa, was a great time to live there. Odessa’s Jewish population somewhat recovered from the devastation of the World War II and the pogroms and devastations before that and, while the Soviet Government had a firm grip on the emigration spigot, prospered as much as was allowed. Jewish actors, teachers, musicians, artists, restaurant singers, underground business owners, doctors, tailors, professors – Odessa’s Jewish population was having another one of its golden ages. Maybe I should say “Odessa’s adult Jewish population” because many kids like me didn’t know we were Jewish.

Recently I ran across a website where Jews of my generation were describing how they discovered that they belonged to the Tribe. Not one of them found out from their parents. It was always a neighbor or neighbor’s kids, some lady at the store, an angry classmate, an opponent in a fistfight, someone throwing an insult or a backhanded compliment; Jewish kids were last to know about the most important thing in their lives. And then I understood why we don’t always see eye-to-eye with the American Jews, the ones carried to a Rabbi on the 7th day to have parts of them snipped, and taught how to participate in the great world Jewish conspiracy from their early days. Unlike them, we made it to adulthood intact, without ever seeing a Rabbi or even knowing the word Rabbi, or anything about being Jewish or the conspiracy we were born to participate in. While they were able to proudly announce their Jewishness in more languages than one, our nationality was conveyed in a series of winks and tongue-clicks with an understanding look and a sad face.

Around that time every resident of Odessa worth his eggplant caviar recipe had to have an underground recording of so-called Odessa songs. These were the songs usually performed in restaurants or weddings, sometimes funny, sometimes stupid, but always entertaining and good for dancing. Some of those included faux Yiddish lyrics and even when the original Yiddish had some meaning they were copied from musician to musician so many times that they lost all or most of it in the process. My household of course had a tape like this and I played it enough times to remember all the words in Russian and Yiddish. Except I didn’t know it was Yiddish, just like I had no idea I was a Jew and many other things a 7-year old not supposed to know. I also didn’t know I couldn’t sing.

How I Was A Yiddish Singer

I am at the center with my usual facial expression. Girl whose father was a part of the panel of celebrity judges is on the left wearing glasses. Odessa, 1976

That didn’t prevent me from volunteering to perform in a school concert. The casting committee consisted of my first grade teacher with the last name Rosenberg* and the father of my classmate with the last name Schneider*. I went on to perform a hit “Rahilya, May You Croak, I Like You”.

It went something like this:

Rahilya, may you croak, I like you.
I can’t live without you, Rahilya!
Rahilya, we’ll get married, you’ll plump up
And we will live on the beach together.

And then the Yiddish part started. I dutifully repeated every word with an exceptionally joyful intonation, perfect projection and a smile on my face. At that moment I was Pesachke Burtstein reincarnated if I only knew who he was.

Afn boydem bakt zikh knishes,
They are making knishes in the attic

Funem tukhes shit zikh mel.
And flour is pouring out of the ass

Az der tote trent di mome,
When Papa is banging Mama

Kinder makhn zikh aleyn.
Kids are playing alone.

Rahilya, you are beautiful like Venus,
But you will grow a large belly
And if not, let the cholera take me
But let it take you first!

Rahilya, we will go to Yessen-tukhes**,
Where sun comes up between the blue mountains,
And if not, kish mir in tukhes***
But my patience has run out.

Tears filled my teacher’s eyes and streamed down her face. My classmate’s father, a gentlemen in what then seemed like his 70’s but probably in his 40’s, was shaking and crying like a baby. We didn’t have Kleenex then so they wiped their faces with newspapers and rags. I finished with an especially well-done kinder makhn zikh aleyn and triumphantly looked over my teary-eyed audience of two.

This is the original song I was performing that day from the infamous tape.

How I Was A Yiddish Singer

My parents were friends with my teacher, so she just called them that night and asked them to try and contain my singing talents at home.

My Mom still reminds me about this every once in a while.

I never found out why I wasn’t featured in the school concert.

I still remember the words to this and other songs from that tape but nowadays my only audience is the shower curtain.

I don’t remember how I found out I was Jewish but I don’t think it was from my parents.

And that’s how I was a Yiddish singer.

*Unmistakably Jewish names
**Play on word combination Yessentuki, a famous Soviet resort, and a Yiddish word tukhes (ass).
***Kiss my ass (yeah, I know lots of ass-words in this song)

Big thanks to my friend Yelena S. for her Yiddish expertise in preparation of this post.

07 Jul 16:46

A Non-Exhaustive List Of Johnny Manziel Dirt We Will Actually Pay For

by Tom Ley

Photo of Johnny Manziel reading a Donna Tartt book: $50
Photo of Johnny Manziel reading Capital in the Twenty-First Century: $200

A Non-Exhaustive List Of Johnny Manziel Dirt We Will Actually Pay For

We get a lot of tips about Johnny Manziel, and most of them read something like this: "Hey, I have a [photo/video] of a [drunk/high] Johnny Manziel [singing along to Drake in a club/rolling up a joint/reaching for a bong/popping bottles/snorting coke]. How much will you pay me for it?" Here is our answer: nothing.


07 Jul 17:06

Global Elite Plan to Replace Hillary Clinton with Trojan Horse Elizabeth Warren in 2016

by Kurt Nimmo

i for one welcome our new populist overlord!

Like Clinton Warren is a fixture of the war party and the elite.
30 Jun 17:48

"let me show the secrets of WHITE WITCHCRAFT" (1981)

by jellobiafrasays

"let me show the secrets of WHITE WITCHCRAFT" (1981)

01 Jul 05:00

ghost vs zombies

30 Jun 17:15

Supreme Court doesn’t have Twitter, so people are attacking this random blog

by Joe Veix
Supreme Court doesn’t have Twitter, so people are attacking this random blog

The Supreme Court ruled on the Hobby Lobby case on Monday, outraging every reasonable person in the country.

People took to Twitter to vent their rage. And sadly—since the Supreme Court doesn’t have an official Twitter account—they started attacking an unaffiliated blog that merely covers the Supreme Court, despite the fact that their bio clearly reads “A private blog about the Supreme Court.” On the bright side, at least people are passionate about it, right?

When you start reading our description. MT @ProgressivesWin: @SCOTUSblog When will you start honoring the constitution. #5OldBigots

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

File a petition MT @yenisargueta: Thanks for not giving me the choice to my own body @SCOTUSblog Can I get carrots banned cause I want to?

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

It won’t be televised here MT @cjnkira: @SCOTUSblog you ruled against the working people, especially women, today. Revolution is coming. — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014


We thought blogging seemed very 21st century. MT @Iiuslep: @SCOTUSblog want to obliterate any progressive acheivement of 20th century. — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

Least we could do. MT @HeathNOLA: @SCOTUSblog oh they can still get coverage? How generous of you.

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

Failure of democracy. MT @Rockinwil: Time to do away with the @SCOTUSblog since they are no longer representing citizens of the US.

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

Sticks and stones RT @Im_X1: @SCOTUSblog You disgust me. The very antithesis of all the United States stands for. You all should be ashamed. — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014


Noted. -Scalia MT @ypiddle: @SCOTUSblog You sided with the crazies. Good job!! Tell your boys to keep their thingies in their pants. — SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

But you complete us. MT @stevenwishnoff: @SCOTUSblog You disgust me.

— SCOTUSblog (@SCOTUSblog) June 30, 2014

Source: @SCOTUSblog

29 Jun 03:25

The sarcasm is strong with this one

27 Jun 07:38

I asked my Japanese Junior High students to tell me what they would do if shipwrecked on an island. It got very dark very fast.

24 Jun 07:15

time ruiner: 1941

by kris


sorry haberdashery that’s been in business since 1890, your last hat was sold to a man whose previous clothing purchase was a white t-shirt emblazoned with the words “LIKE A BOSS”

23 Jun 14:16

Scientist kicked out of classical musical concert for ‘trying to crowd surf’

by Joe Veix
Scientist kicked out of classical musical concert for ‘trying to crowd surf’

During the end of a performance at the Bristol Old Vic, artistic director Tom Morris invited the audience to come to the standing area in front of the stage to “Clap or whoop when you like, and no shushing other people.”

Things got a little out of hand, however, when they launched into a searing rendition of Handel’s “Messiah.” Dr. David Glowacki—a Royal Scoiety Research Fellow and expert in non-equilibrium molecular reaction dynamics who also puts the “wack” in “wacky”—got carried away during the “Hallelujah Chorus” and attempted to crowd surf.

Audience members annoyed by the mad scientist proceeded to grab him and drag him out of the concert. According to Morris, this is the first such incident since the 18th century.

Strangely, this was kind of Morris’s goal. “The Bristol Proms are contributing to a ground-breaking way of thinking which will pave the way for a new kind of classical concert,” he said to The Independent. “David was investigating what the nature of the rules are using the skills that made him an extraordinary scientist.”

“Classical music, trying to seem cool and less stuffy, reeks of some sort of fossilized art form undergoing a midlife crisis,” explained the punk rock scientist. “Witness what happened to me when I started cheering with a 30-strong chorus shouting ‘praise God’ two meters from my face: I get physically assaulted, knocked down to the floor and forcibly dragged out by two classical vigilantes.”

Watch out, classical music fans: A punk as fuck Dr. Glowacki might come kick down the barriers of your stuffy institution and knock your fucking teeth out.

Source: Indepdendent | Image: Emerging Civil War

20 Jun 09:44

A deafblind Brazilian fan is able to "watch" the World Cup with the help of his friends.

20 Jun 18:35


19 Jun 10:42

I Like the Christian Life! #25

by Testify

Praise R Cise
(Christian Aerobic Services Inc 1982)
Produced by Joey & Bernadette DiFranco
Narrator: Donna Mangold

18 Jun 17:58

Phil Is Not A Good Person

19 Jun 17:10

We’ve Reached Peak Thought Catalog: ‘I Had Sex With A Trans Woman’

by Sara Benincasa


THIS guy

Hey guys, a straight cis dude fucked a trans woman even though he knew she was trans. Isn’t that amazing? Should he not be awarded the Nobel Prize for Enlightened Cock for putting his dick inside a woman who used to have a dick? After all, “she said she had all of her lady parts” and she did so that’s totally cool, right, bro? Maybe this bro will score sweet tang off the Hampshire grads he meets in a nearby coffee shop, because Love. Anyway, obviously this is on Thought Catalog and obviously you need to read an excerpt, which I shall provide here.

…I thought she was attractive before, so what’s the problem? None. There’s a first time for anything, anyway. She rocked me and made me fee like a stud. She even cleaned my dick with a cold wet rag after I came. It was great. And then I left.

All right listen, I’ve done my fair fucking share of ridiculous Internet wordsmithing. I’ve written about butts and pussies and puke and baton twirling (not a euphemism), among many, many other things. Do I regret some of these things I have written ‘pon the Nets? Of course I do. Do I still like the vast majority of the stuff I’ve spewed forth like so much progressive heady dank jazzle into the orifice of a nice lady who happens to be trans and presumably did not ask to be held up as some example of the author’s coolness? Yes. Yes, I do like most of the things I have written on the Internet. But I do not like this thing Richard LePow has written on the Internet.

I do not like this thing because I think it posits the liaison with the trans woman as some sort of badge of honor for this young man, Richard LePow, who is probably very nice once you get to know him. But he writes things like “There has to be an older woman out there craving a cub as much as I craved a cougar.” And this makes me feel very, very strange inside my person. Not good strange, either.

Anyway, everybody go read this clickbait post on Thought Clickbait and drive their traffic up so that we get more posts from our new bard, Richard LePow, who is probably a good friend to his friends. Here’s hoping he sleeps with A Lesbian or A Republican soon.


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