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Windows Update drivers bricking USB serial chips beloved of hardware hackers

by Peter Bright

Hardware hackers building interactive gadgets based on the Arduino microcontrollers are finding that a recent driver update that Microsoft deployed over Windows Update has bricked some of their hardware, leaving it inaccessible to most software both on Windows and Linux. This came to us via hardware hacking site Hack A Day.

The driver in question is for a line of USB-to-serial chips designed by Scottish firm FTDI. FTDI's chips are incredibly popular in this space, as just about every microcontroller and embedded device out there can communicate over a serial port. But this popularity has a downside; there's a vast number of knock-off chips in the wild that appear to be made by FTDI, but in fact aren't.

FTDI develops drivers for its chips. The drivers can be obtained directly from FTDI, or they can be downloaded by Windows automatically, through Windows Update. This latter feature is a great convenience for most people, as it enables plug-and-play operation. The latest version of FTDI's driver, released in August, contains some new language in its EULA and a feature that has caught people off-guard: it reprograms counterfeit chips rendering them largely unusable, and its license notes that:

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We live in a world ruled by fictions of every kind

by but does it float
The Bus by Paul Kirchner Title: J.G. Ballard Atley
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dafuq?! where the fuck?

dafuq?! where the fuck?

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Newswire: Netflix shows off images from its Daredevil series, reveals who Rosario Dawson is playing

by Sam Barsanti

Apparently there’s more to New York Comic-Con than cartoon raccoons and people distancing themselves from terrorist organizations, as Marvel and Netflix also used the convention as an opportunity to promote the streaming service’s upcoming Daredevil show. A writer for io9 sat in on the panel and posted a good account of the clips that Marvel showed, which included Daredevil kicking some guy’s ass, Daredevil having a moment with Rosario Dawson’s character, Daredevil (as Matt Murdock) talking to future-love interest Karen Page, and a scene featuring Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin that was—in io9‘s words—“SENSATIONAL.”

It sounds like the show is going to stress that the Kingpin isn’t the outright villain he’s usually portrayed as, with him being more of a complicated man who sometimes does good things. Also, speaking of Rosario Dawson’s character, she won’t be playing Elektra—as ...

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R.I.P. Bikes

R.I.P. Bikes

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Newswire: Courtney Love says all of Smashing Pumpkins’ hits are about her

by Sean O'Neal

Like everyone currently slumped over life’s jukebox, Courtney Love is convinced that this Smashing Pumpkins song is about her—they’re all about her—and no, you need to call a taxi. Possibly in search of some late-night halal, Love recently wandered into BBC Radio 6, where she slurred about some of her musical influences—specifically the music that she influenced, a list she says includes nearly all of Smashing Pumpkins’ best-known songs. Unfortunately for him, Love says, Billy Corgan “stopped writing about me and stopped having hits” (choosing instead to write for her and stop having hits), leaving him in a place where “he just can’t seem to get over the lump and become relevant again.” These assertions were made nearly in the same, presumably hot breath, with Love once again hearing only what she wanted in them.

“There’s one on Siamese Dream called ‘Spaceboy’—that ...

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October 20, 2014

Thanks so much to LSC, and to everyone who came out for BAHFest. We hope you all had a grand time!
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Penn and Teller on Vaccinations - Video

And even if that Autism thing was true (WHich it fucking isn’t) your kid is still safe from these diseases.

What’s fucking worse? You saying you’d rather have dead kid then and Autistic one? Seriously Anti-vaxxers need to banished to the moon something.

preach it

This is also why shit like Autism Speaks is fucking terrible.

People are so terrified of autism due to their campaigning that they’re willing to put LIVES at risk to avoid a child who has it.

Without that fear, the anti-vaccination campaign would have never taken off.

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Pixel art nível master

by IdeaFixa

pixel art5


Pixel Tumblr.

Octavi Navarro é um artista e ilustrador que mora em Barcelona, Espanha, e trata os 8 bits dos jogos de video game dos ano 1980 e 1990 com muita seriedade. Na verdade, ele leva o conceito a um tipo de gourmetização dos 8 bits no tumblr que alimenta com os painéis complexos que contam pequenas histórias. A quantidade de detalhes e a criatividade da narrativa são impressionantes.


pixel art


pixel art1


pixel art2


pixel art3


pixel art4


pixel art6


pixel art7



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I’m feeling grateful this morning for the thousands of users that have chosen to purchase premium subscriptions to The Old Reader.  We know you have other options and that many of you are paying for premium accounts even though you don’t necessarily need all of the premium features.  It means a lot to us and will ensure the continued growth of this valuable resource.

The Old Reader to us is about having a neutral and ad free tool for keeping on top of the information that is important to you.  It’s also about connecting with other people to share meaningful information.

So in honor of you… we will once again show a picture of a cat.  It’s the least we could do.  Thanks!


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Outside the Box

by Grant

You can order a poster print of this comic at my shop.
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by Reza


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Newswire: The Better Call Saul music video is as catchy as meth

by Sean O'Neal

As promised, AMC used the waning hours of its Breaking Bad marathon to debut a Better Call Saul music video. And while many expected to see Saul Goodman marrying girlfriend Stephanie Seymour while Jesse Pinkman rips an amazing guitar solo in the desert, as Breaking Bad taught us, expectations often go awry and that was “November Rain.” Instead we got country music’s Junior Brown, with lyrical help from Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, wrangling a little ditty about the myriad misdeeds committed by Saul’s clients—DUI, vandalism, insurance fraud, child abduction, shoplifting a George Foreman grill—and why they’d better call him. Fair warning: Even more so than the Heisenberg ballad “Negro y Azul,” Brown’s song has a chorus that’s meth levels of addictive.

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The Entrancing Cinemagraph Creations of Julien Douvier

by DL Cade

This is beautiful!

The cinemagraph genre is one of the most exciting to follow because, unlike almost every other type of “photography” (in quotes since you they aren’t photos in the traditional sense of the word), it’s not yet oversaturated with phenomenal work.

Almost everywhere you turn you’ll find a great street photographer, or landscape photographer, or fine art photographer. But when you stumble across a master at creating cinemagraphs, he or she is one of only a handful. Julien Douvier is one such photographer.

As you might remember, earlier this month we featured a number of Douvier’s cinemagraphs of moving water.

Douvier is based out of Strasbourg, France, and his ability to combine well-crafted photographic compositions with just a touch of motion somewhere in the frame makes his cinemagraphs some of the most compelling we’ve run across.

Not limited by one genre, his photographs range from landscapes and nature scenes to street photography, sometimes augmented by only the slightest bit of motion, and at other times completely wrapped up by it. Below are some of our favorites from his sizable cinemagraph portfolio:

To see more of Douvier’s work or follow along as he creates more, head over to his website or give him a follow on Tumblr and Behance.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Cinemagraphs by Julien Douvier

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How to Understand Introverted People

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Alright, Let's Roll

Alright, Let's Roll

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That Looks Great

That Looks Great

GIF me your food.

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I fixed it for you.

by thebloggess

Yesterday I got an email from a very sweet girl who wanted to tell me how happy she was to have found “this tribe of bizarre stranglings” because she finally figured out she wasn’t alone and there were others out there like her.  And it was very lovely, although I did think it was odd that she was witnessing so many stranglings here, but then I realized that she meant “strangelings” (like “changelings” but stranger, and that spellcheck had probably changed it for her because spellcheck is an asshole who doesn’t understand the fluidity of language.)  She also included this quote from the Breakfast Club because she thought it fit our odd community so well:

we're all pretty bizarre

And I agree.

And I decided to write this post in case you needed to be reminded of how important you are to me, and to all the other strangelings and misfits out there who find themselves at this blog, and realize they aren’t alone, and get the support they need to be the dazzlingly odd person they are without apology.  You have no idea how important you are.

And I love the quote, but I did feel it needed a small tweak to reflect the us that we’ve become:


Never change, sweet strangelings.

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Jakub Rozalski's dystopian sci-fi countryside paintings

by David Pescovitz

The future bullies its way into the traditional European countryside in German artist Jakub Rozalski's dystopian paintings. (more…)

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Will never try the right one :/. Ever.

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Demonstrating end-to-end automation to new employees

by sharhalakis

by necessaryaegis

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Tom Fruin’s Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park

by Christopher Jobson

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
Axel Taferner

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
Shawn Hoke

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
Gigi Altarejos

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
Gigi Altarejos

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
Gigi Altarejos

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
DUMBO Arts Festival

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
DUMBO Arts Festival

Tom Fruins Stained Glass House Installed at Brooklyn Bridge Park stained glass sculpture New York glass
DUMBO Arts Festival

As part of this year’s DUMBO Arts Festival, sculptor Tom Fruin installed his famous plexiglass house, Kolonihavehus, in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The multi-colored house was lit from inside and temporarily inhabited by performance duo CoreAct who engaged in a collaborative physical performance that is described here by DUMBO:

The colorful glass house is inhabited by two performers, who portray everyday dilemmas and lifestyle paradoxes in a subtle manner. They have lost the ability to meaningfully discriminate, and are trapped in a long chain of procrastination, mirroring our current social patterns.

You might also recognize Fruin’s other renowned sculpture in DUMBO, Watertower. (via My Modern Met)

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Why We Fight

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samaelcarver: The Meme of our Years.


The Meme of our Years.

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chapmangamo: Translated TV Shows


Translated TV Shows