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03 Nov 15:19

The Scurvy Dog

by Doug

The Scurvy Dog

Pirate week continues! Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming up on Sept 19th! Yarrrrr!

13 Sep 23:45

catsbeaversandducks: Donald Purrump 1. Brush your cat 2. Form...


Donald Purrump 

1. Brush your cat
2. Form the hair you brushed into a toupee
3. Place toupee on cat
4. Share!

(photos via Trump Your Cat)

07 Sep 00:40

4gifs: Puppy clown car. [video]


Puppy clown car. [video]

24 Aug 18:31

Life’s Work

by Doug
31 Jul 16:46


It's probably for the best. Since Roombas are native to North America, it's illegal for Americans to keep them in their houses under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
15 Jun 18:57


15 Jun 18:07


09 Jun 20:39

Go Team

by Doug
01 Jun 16:38


25 May 17:03

iheartchaos: Dear future archaeologists…


Dear future archaeologists…

25 May 16:59

2 for 1 drinks this week at QWOP tavern.

2 for 1 drinks this week at QWOP tavern.

25 May 16:56

Овощи, которые похожи на что-то другое


Это что то на вроде темы ПОСМОТРИ В ЛИЦО ЕДЕ или например Доктор ! Я их вижу ! 

Но все таки немного другая, смотрим …



Тыква похожа на уточку


Помидор с дьявольскими рожками




Хохочущий перец


Клубника, похожая на медведицу


Картофельный медвежонок


Венера Милосская


Буратино, это ты?


Кокетливая редька


Испуганные перцы


Базз Лайтер из морковки


Вечер в джакузи


Томатная уточка


Томатный кролик


Картофель в форме сердца


Нарушитель границы


Лицо пассажира маршрутки в час пик




Картофельный барашек


Этот лук что-то задумал


Картофельная лапа


Безумные морковные обнимашки


Добавляйте что то свое ...

Давайте еще вспомним, как Животные удивляются и что такое Праздник непослушания !. А вот Смешные политики — 4 и Неудавшаяся панорама. А может быть действительно Они следят за нами ? и это Ужасы нашего городка ?

Оригинал статьи находится на сайте ИнфоГлаз.рф Ссылка на статью, с которой сделана эта копия -
25 May 16:46

gifsboom: Video: Cat Traps Baby in Cabinet

25 May 16:46


25 May 16:42

My brain hurts.

My brain hurts.

25 May 16:41


25 May 16:40

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Gang Signs


Hovertext: Things you learn drawing comics - you can't do the Devil's Tuning Fork in color.

New comic!
Today's News:
14 May 17:17

Whale that escalated quickly…

by admin

06 May 16:14

(via @sidtrotter)

(via @sidtrotter)

05 May 16:07

4gifs: Incoming! [video]


Incoming! [video]

03 May 02:45

This Meatball Skillet Recipe Is All About the Cheesy Strings — Delicious Links

by Ariel Knutson
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Enchiladas, cheese-stuffed garlic bread, lasagna, and this meatball skillet – they all have one important thing in common: cheesy strings. You know what I'm talking about. You notice it most when you're scrolling around Pinterest and you see a gorgeous photo for a recipe where there's a fork pulling some of the food out of the dish, resulting in lots of gooey cheese strings. Beautiful, right?


03 May 01:34

4gifs: Common do it! Do it! What are you waiting for? Do it...


Common do it! Do it! What are you waiting for? Do it now! [video]

02 May 22:35

If Famous Movie Directors Were Chefs by Cheekylicious

If Famous Movie Directors Were Chefs by Cheekylicious

02 May 22:29

obviousplant: Please call, I’ll kill you last


Please call, I’ll kill you last

02 May 22:28

(photo via teamhugecaw)

(photo via teamhugecaw)

01 May 16:47

Dam Curry Rice, A Fun and Functional Wall of Rice Holds Back Delicious Curry Sauce

by Rebecca Escamilla

Rice Dam
photo via 38beem

Restaurants and cooks at homes in Japan are serving curry rice in a functional and eye-catching way: by building a wall of rice that acts as a dam holding back curry sauce. Not only does the architectural fare look adorable, but it keeps sauce from getting all over the plate and mixing into other foods.

Rice Dam
photo via 38beem

Rice Dam
photo via 38beem

Rice dam and curry
photo via tsuna_wo

Curved rice dam
photo via xxxa101

???????? ?????????(???????)

— ??????????? (@dam_namasu) March 26, 2015

via Naver Matome, RocketNews24

28 Apr 17:32

(photo via mhg813)

(photo via mhg813)

28 Apr 17:19

(photos via rumplexx)

(photos via rumplexx)

28 Apr 17:18

The official uniform of the Internet. (photo via RipnDip...

The official uniform of the Internet. (photo via RipnDip clothing)

17 Apr 17:09

A QUIC update on Google’s experimental transport

by Google Chrome Blog
Last year we announced QUIC, a UDP-based transport protocol for the modern Internet.  Over the last quarter, we’ve been increasing the amount of traffic to Google services that is served over QUIC and analyzing QUIC performance at scale. Results so far are positive, with the data showing that QUIC provides a real performance improvement over TCP thanks to QUIC's lower-latency connection establishment, improved congestion control, and better loss recovery.

For latency-sensitive services like web search, the largest gains come from zero-round-trip connection establishment. The standard way to do secure web browsing involves communicating over TCP + TLS, which requires 2 to 3 round trips with a server to establish a secure connection before the browser can request the actual web page. QUIC is designed so that if a client has talked to a given server before, it can can start sending data without any round trips, which makes web pages load faster. The data shows that 75% percent of connections can take advantage of QUIC’s zero-round-trip feature. Even on a well-optimized site like Google Search, where connections are often pre-established, we still see a 3% improvement in mean page load time with QUIC.

Another substantial gain for QUIC is improved congestion control and loss recovery. Packet sequence numbers are never reused when retransmitting a packet. This avoids ambiguity about which packets have been received and avoids dreaded retransmission timeouts. As a result, QUIC outshines TCP under poor network conditions, shaving a full second off the Google Search page load time for the slowest 1% of connections.   These benefits are even more apparent for video services like YouTube. Users report 30% fewer rebuffers when watching videos over QUIC. This means less time spent staring at the spinner and more time watching videos.

Where do we go from here? Today, roughly half of all requests from Chrome to Google servers are served over QUIC and we’re continuing to ramp up QUIC traffic, eventually making it the default transport from Google clients — both Chrome and mobile apps — to Google servers. We plan to formally propose QUIC to the IETF as an Internet standard but we have some housekeeping to do first, like changing the wire format and updating our reference implementation from SPDY-over-QUIC to HTTP2-over-QUIC. In the coming months, we also plan to work on lowering handshake overhead to allow better server-side scalability, improving forward error correction and congestion control, and adding support for multipath connections.   

If you want to follow along or play around, feel free to check out the code and experiment with it, or join as we continue to improve the Internet, one packet at a time.

Posted by SYN, SYN-ACK and ACK (also known as Alyssa Wilk, Ryan Hamilton and Ian Swett)