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21 Jul 14:39

bright-witch: “Beams” by Emily J. MillerWhile strolling around...

“Beams” by Emily J. Miller

“Beams” by Emily J. Miller

“Beams” by Emily J. Miller

“Beams” by Emily J. Miller

“Beams” by Emily J. Miller

“Beams” by Emily J. Miller


“Beams” by Emily J. Miller

While strolling around the Tillamook Forest Center, I came across a beautiful installation piece.

21 Jul 14:38

Sport Venues Metro in Taipei

by Costanza

Pour les Universiades 2017, le métro de la ville d’accueil, Taïwan, a été décoré d’une manière singulière : les wagons correspondent à des ambiances de sport allant de la piscine olympique au terrain de course. De quoi déchaîner la toile et donner lieu aux clichés les plus fous.


Image by Taipei City Government


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19 Jul 17:18

The Playfully Cynical Murals of ‘Muretz’

by Christopher Jobson

Expelled from school at the age of 15, Brazilian artist Muretz decided to make a career doing exactly what got him in trouble in the first place: drawing. Known mostly for his rounded cartoon-like characters that fill nearly every available inch of the walls they inhabit, the pieces walk a fine line between playful and cynical, bringing a sense of humor to figures struggling with inner demons. Muretz most recently had a show at Montana Gallery in Barcelona and you can also catch him on Instagram. A few prints are available here.

19 Jul 17:07

beijing’s vast new airport terminal by zaha hadid architects takes shape in china

by philip stevens I designboom

new construction images show the enormous scale of the airport terminal, which, once open in 2019, will be the world's largest.

The post beijing’s vast new airport terminal by zaha hadid architects takes shape in china appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

19 Jul 14:29

The Unbeatable $99 3D Printer!

by Sarang Sheth

The 3Doodler pen is a rather fun toy. I say toy because while it’s an extruder, it isn’t capable of industrial-grade printing. However, it’s cheap, fun-to-use, and retails at $99. Kodama’s Obsidian 3D printer is a rather capable printer. It prints at a minimum resolution of 50 microns, and works with a wide range of materials. It also costs the same amount as the 3Doodler pen.

Kodama has constantly wowed us with how far they can push the boundaries of 3D printing. Their first machine, the Trinus, was designed to be a DIY printer that literally was made of 11 components that snapped together easier than an IKEA bookshelf. However, their second machine, the Obsidian, is the one worth talking about. Designed to be used out of the box, this plug-n-play printer works like a dream. It can print in a wide range of materials, comes with a ‘resume’ function for power-cuts, and even with its own “dashcam” that streams progress to your phone or tablet while allowing you to check and modify prints from miles away.

The Obsidian printer is conveniently sized (perfect for the creative), and comes in three tiers. The basic model is capable of incredibly detailed prints and costs just twice as much as the filament you use. The Plus and Deluxe tier introduce innovative new features to the model while keeping the price still ten times cheaper than post 3D printers. Obsidian’s Deluxe comes with the resume function, in case of power failure, and even has a heated bed module, giving you the freedom to work with materials like ABS and Nylon. It also comes with a mounted camera that live-streams your print to you if you’re away and can even make a time-lapse video of your print taking place. The control panel is a Smart LCD touch-screen (with a quad-core ARM running Android) paired with a refreshing UI that allows you to work the printer like a charm, and it even extends functionality to your smartphone or tablet with a native app, allowing you to pause/resume prints on-the-go!

3D printing and crowdfunding are more interconnected than you’d think. They’ve both helped each other grow as big as they have and honestly, I was sitting here thinking that we’d hit saturation point. However Obsidian pushes the ceiling a little higher by delivering a printer that you can use literally out of the box, and costs less than your smartphone. Universal in every sense, the Obsidian can work with almost any type of 3D model you make, whether in a software on a computer, or even sculpted in VR. The print quality, from what we’ve seen, is exquisite, and the fact that you can monitor/stream your prints from wherever you are is something everyone needs, but no printer company ever anticipated. With the Obsidian, Kodama is definitely onto something big!

Designer: Michael Husmann of Kodama

BUY NOW: $99 $199













18 Jul 14:48

A Mega”Bite” of Storage!

by Sarang Sheth

Don’t worry, these animals won’t bite! Well, actually, they will… but that’s why they’re so incredibly useful. AniBite turns nature’s fiercest predators into adorably innovative multi-purpose clips that grip and hold everything from stationery, to EDC, to toiletries.

Designed to replace hooks, hangers, and stands with something more quirky and characteristic, AniBite’s series of one-touch clips can be placed anywhere and can hold pretty much anything. Made in three variants, a bear, a leopard, and a wolf (or as I call it, direwolf), the AniBite can hold up to 300 grams (almost 9 times its weight). Just lift the head back and place your item between the jaws before pushing the head down again. AniBites can hold your toothbrush (in both vertical and horizontal ways), razor, or even stationery on your desk. Use it as an innovative spectacle-holder beside your bed, or even for your keys right near the door… or push your creative limits and have these animals manage your cables for you!

The AniBite is made from sanitary and non-toxic plastics like PETG and PCTG, and comes with a PU Gel adhesion surface on the back that can attach to pretty much any flat (or even mildly textured) surface without leaving any marks. When the adhesion goes weak, all you have to do is clean the back with water and it’s good as new! The design is practical and child-friendly with blunted teeth that won’t pierce or poke.

Ideal for the nature lover as well as the design lover, these little multi-purpose hang-clips are utilitarian, eye-catching, and go right into our hall of quirky fame! Why hang real animal heads on your wall when you could have these functional, adorable miniatures instead?

Designer: Xivestory













18 Jul 14:47

london’s natural history museum unveils blue whale skeleton as part of major refurbishment

by philip stevens I designboom

led by casson mann, the project sees the removal of the diplodocus dinosaur cast and the introduction of 'hope', a blue whale skeleton.

The post london’s natural history museum unveils blue whale skeleton as part of major refurbishment appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

18 Jul 14:33

Iceland Landscapes by Faune

by Costanza

L’Islande vue par les photographes du magazine en ligne FAUNE, est une immense étendue couverte de brume et de nuages envoûtants. Le mystère plane sur cette terre isolée et lointaine rappelant une planète pré-historique où l’homme n’était qu’accessoire.

Photographies: Aniruddha Satam & Ana Gomes

14 Jul 00:56


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lesbiansandpuns: weavemama: weavemama: I feel bad but this is...




I feel bad but this is so fucking hilarious

if anyone is lost, Donald trump jr literally just tweeted out evidence of him being involved with Russia. Something this journalist has been trying to find evidence of for months…… he is obviously in in shock 😂

he has continued to be hilarious

13 Jul 00:35

wellheyproductions: adultswim: i’ll have 4 GET YOUR SHIT...



i’ll have 4


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10 Jul 00:35

monkofanam: “I wore black because I liked it. I still do, and...


“I wore black because I liked it. I still do, and wearing it still means something to me. It’s still my symbol of rebellion – against a stagnant status quo, against our hypocritical houses of God, against people whose minds are closed to others’ ideas.”

– Johnny Cash

09 Jul 03:43

studio weave builds elevated hikers’ shelter in the french countryside

by natasha kwok I designboom

'le haut perché' sits quietly atop a bordeaux jalle, and the project itself encourages the exploration of bordeaux’s fringe sites by creating a stay-over shelters on the edge of the city

The post studio weave builds elevated hikers’ shelter in the french countryside appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

08 Jul 11:41


08 Jul 00:17

greekstreetart: Jola Urban typo - Calligraphy Athens 2017



Urban typo - Calligraphy

Athens 2017

06 Jul 11:42

Amazing Hydrohouse by Max Zhivov

by Léa

Max Zhivov est un studio de design qui imagine de magnifiques yachts. Il est à l’origine d’une maison flottante hors du commun. Elle dispose d’un couloir permettant d’amarrer un hydravion. Mais elle possède également un living-spacieux, une grande chambre et deux chambres d’amis ou encore un garage. De quoi apprécier la vie sur l’eau.

01 Jul 16:08


30 Jun 20:47

Creative New LEGO Print Campaign

by Léa

La filiale thaïlandaise de l’agence Ogilvy est à l’origine d’une nouvelle campagne print très créative pour LEGO. Sur le slogan « Build the Future » les créatifs ont imaginé l’histoire de petits garçons construisant les métiers de leurs rêves. L’un sera astronaute, l’autre pompier et le dernier deviendra une rock star. La marque souhaite encore et toujours avoir sa place dans l’expression de l’imaginaire des petits… et des grands. Une campagne primée lors des derniers Cannes Lions.

28 Jun 20:02

4gifs:German Shepherd confronts backyard ‘intruder’. [video]


German Shepherd confronts backyard ‘intruder’. [video]

25 Jun 02:05

David Mitchell @itsPeteski

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24 Jun 01:48


24 Jun 01:48

everythingfox: H A P P Y Juniper the Fox

24 Jun 01:33

Back in the USSR

Marneuli. « And They Shall Grow », a sculpture by Merab Berdzenishvili (1975). © Stefano Perego

Zhinvali. Aragveli monument. © Stefano Perego

The former Ministry of Highway Construction of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, by the architects George Chakhava and Zurab Jalaghania and the engineer Temur Tkhilava (1975), now Bank of Georgi

Tbilisi. The Palace of Ceremonies/Rituals, by Victor Djorbenadze (1984-1985). © Roberto Conte

Tbilisi. Archaeological Museum (1988). © Stefano Perego

Tbilisi. Housing complex, by Otar Kalandarishvili and G. Potskhishvili (1976). © Roberto Conte

Tbilisi. Technical Library, by G. Bichiasshvili (1985). © Roberto Conte

Chiatura. Soviet war memorial and residential buildings. © Stefano Perego

Back in the USSR

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24 Jun 01:19

Life without stuff

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23 Jun 21:37

Flying Orca. Photos by Menno Schaefer.

Flying Orca. Photos by Menno Schaefer.