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09 Feb 02:51

The real Air Bud. (photo by drewchie)

The real Air Bud. (photo by drewchie)

08 Feb 20:16

(via dolferan)

(via dolferan)

08 Feb 16:42

Ceramics Imprinted with Patterns of Vintage Typewriter Letters by Laura C. Hewitt

by Christopher Jobson


Ceramic artist Laura C. Hewitt creates a wide range of cups, plates, and other ceramic objects imprinted with letters and numbers from old typewriter keys. The Alaska-based artist utilizes fragments from mathematical formulas, programming languages, and other science-influenced designs, all carefully applied with a variety of typewriter letters in black ink to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Hewitt shares about her craft:

Most of my work has been influenced by the dichotomies and juxtapositions of rural Alaskan living. I’m particularly interested in exploring the intersections between technology and nature, art and craft, destruction and creation. As inspiration, I look for the magical within the mundane, provoke thoughtfulness with the practical and animate the pragmatic with mischievousness.

The typographical pieces are really just the tip of the iceberg, you can see many more of her wilderness and tech-inspired ceramics in her Etsy shop. (via Culture N Lifestyle)








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08 Feb 10:00

Back Roads of America from Washington DC to Memphis

by Léa

Le photographe Robert Götzfried, basé à Munich, a effectué le trajet entre Washington DC et Memphis. Sur la route il a choisi de capturer toutes les curiosités architecturales et les lieux qui paraissaient abandonnés : des maisons, des stations-services ou des magasins. Il a rassemblé ses prises de vues dans une série intitulée Back Roads.

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07 Feb 11:37

nsx: 俺の卒業制作書き時計— K / $uzuki...

David Pelaez



06 Feb 02:15

(photo by yellowmelly)

(photo by yellowmelly)

06 Feb 01:56


05 Feb 22:00

by John McNamee

04 Feb 19:12

New favorite GIF.

New favorite GIF.

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by Doug
05 Feb 14:44

owlturdcomix: Cthulhu’s playing hardball.image / twitter /...


Cthulhu’s playing hardball.

image / twitter / facebook / patreon

05 Feb 15:45

by Wrong Hands

David Pelaez

Geeky Jennifer Lawrence time travels with a bear... I'd watch that.

05 Feb 16:10

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(via tank.sinatra)

(via tank.sinatra)

03 Feb 03:26

Some say he’s still sliding…

Some say he’s still sliding…

02 Feb 07:08

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02 Feb 14:36

Apartment Living

by Grant

You can now support Incidental Comics on Patreon! Visit my Patreon page to become a patron. You will be rewarded with original art and exclusive access to webcomics wisdom. Also, you will help make Incidental Comics a reality each week! As always, thank you for reading and sharing my comics.

Posters of this comic are available here.
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boing boing boing boing

boing boing boing boing

01 Feb 05:00

(photo by hostilepenguin)

(photo by hostilepenguin)

31 Jan 18:53

Físico noruego intenta suicidarse debajo del agua

by Troy
David Pelaez



Como intento de suicidio no está mal, pero algo nos hace sospechar que el sujeto en cuestión no está muy convencido de llevarlo a término.

El tipo parece inteligente y tiene estudios ¿Por qué no ha vaciado la piscina antes de apretar el gatillo?

Es de suponer que lo hará en un segundo intento. Esperamos atentos a que alguien suba la grabación a su canal de youtube.

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deadhpool: Droid, please!


Droid, please!

30 Jan 05:58

earthstory: Morning fog clearing in Yosemite, with Yosemite...


Morning fog clearing in Yosemite, with Yosemite Falls in the background.

29 Jan 22:38

oxfordcommaforever: micdotcom: micdotcom: micdotcom: the-futu...

David Pelaez

Stop making stupid people famous!






Wait, does rapper B.o.B. really think the Earth is flat — or is he trolling us?

After claiming to have watched Felix Baumgartner’s famous Red Bull Stratos jump from the edge of space, recording artist B.o.B is furiously tweeting everything science says about the Earth being round is a total lie. Why is he doing this? We have an idea.

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Update: Neil deGrasse Tyson has joined the fray to lay the scientific smackdown on B.o.B.

Tyson sent the rapper multiple tweets disproving him and then things got personal.

Update: This feud is getting weirder and weirder. B.o.B released a new track “Flatline” on Monday, that takes a few shots at Neil deGrasse Tyson. “Aye, Neil Tyson need to loosen up his vest,” the rapper spits. “They’ll probably write that man one hell of a check.”

And then Tyson fired back with a diss track of his own. Really.


The astrophysicist enlisted the help of his nephew Stephen J. Tyson, who is apparently a rapper. Tyson delivers the facts at B.o.B. over a Drake beat.

Update: It got better. Neil deGrasse Tyson apparently wasn’t done educating B.o.B. Here’s what happened on The Nightly Show:


You need to hear the crowd’s reaction to this.

Oh my god this got better.

30 Jan 00:10

saiktaru: vagin0: disneyprincessoflyrian: books-and-cookies: ...

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i’m sorry but there is no way you could have stopped me from standing on my chair and screeching like a banshee if i saw this live…




“ballet isn’t a sport”

The thing about this is, you can barely see their muscles straining from effort. The effort to keep each other and themselves balanced, definitely, but that guy’s hand is barely shaking. The amount of training and strength and balance to go into this is fucking insane.

29 Jan 08:01

Sum of life’s parts

by Nathan Yau

What if you relived life's activities in big clumps? Thirty years of sleeping in one go. Five months sitting on the toilet. Based on David Eagleman's Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlives, this short film by Temujin Doran imagines such a life. Watch to the end.

[via Brain Pickings]

Tags: life expectancy, time use

29 Jan 20:49

Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island...

Kansai International Airport is located on an artificial island in the middle of Osaka Bay, Japan. To create the island, a 30 meter (98-foot) layer of earth was created on top of the seafloor with 21 million cubic meters of landfill. The material was excavated from three separate mountains. As of 2008, the total cost of Kansai Airport was $20 billion USD, including land reclamation that has been necessary to prevent its continued sinkage (7.1 centimeters per year as of 2008) into the bay.

4·433168°, 135·239150°

29 Jan 18:47

lesstalkmoreillustration: Francesco Tortorella

by abbyinamerica


Francesco Tortorella

29 Jan 11:56

Luciano Pia’s Incredible Urban Treehouse Protects Against Air And Noise Pollution In Turin

by dmitry


When Luciano Pia undertook to design a five-storey, 63-unit residential apartment building in Turin, Italy, he sought to break from the homogenous urban development that was consuming the area. What resulted was 25 Verde, an extraordinary urban treehouse that blurs the lines been the domestic and the wild, captures a certain childlike imagination with branches rendered in steel, and whose exterior is melded with 150 trees, as well as a vast array of additional plants to which protect residents against noise pollution, and reduce air pollution in the neighborhood.

h/t: inhabitat


29 Jan 17:14