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14 May 03:43

Life without people, Jonathan (Jonk) Jimenez

14 May 03:02

war-photography:Tabula Rogeriana  (2011)by DAVIDE MONTELEONE


Tabula Rogeriana  (2011)

30 Apr 21:12

Is the hot hand in basketball real?

by Nathan Yau

With Numberphile, Lisa Goldberg discusses her research with Alon Daks and Nishant Desai at the University of California, Berkeley on the hot hand in basketball. When a player is hitting shots, is he more likely to hit the next one? The experiment results suggest that the hot hand is actually just randomness.

That said, there are other points of view on this topic.

As a statistician, I don’t think the hot hand exists mathematically, but as a sports fan, I’m more than happy to ride the wave of excitement.

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Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

Vanscapes by Alison Turner

02 Apr 03:08

What Facebook and Google know about you

by Nathan Yau

Facebook and Google (among other companies) know a lot about you through the services you use. Dylan Curran for The Guardian provides a rundown:

This information has millions of nefarious uses. You say you’re not a terrorist. Then how come you were googling Isis? Work at Google and you’re suspicious of your wife? Perfect, just look up her location and search history for the last 10 years. Manage to gain access to someone’s Google account? Perfect, you have a chronological diary of everything that person has done for the last 10 years.

This is one of the craziest things about the modern age. We would never let the government or a corporation put cameras/microphones in our homes or location trackers on us. But we just went ahead and did it ourselves because – to hell with it! – I want to watch cute dog videos.

We knew this, right? But it’s weird that it took a government-related impetus to bring privacy concerns in social media back into the light. It feels different this time.

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24 Mar 21:04

When a person’s camera is a pen, you see the world differently....

When a person’s camera is a pen, you see the world differently. My new book of illustrations is titled, “All My Photographs Are Wade With Pens.” Available on Amazon or any other book seller.

28 Feb 00:35

Traveling birds on a thousand-mile journey

by Nathan Yau

Birds migrate to areas more hospitable, but where do they go? It depends on the bird. It depends on the time of year. It depends on other various factors. Drawing from several data sources, National Geographic maps how birds migrate thousands of miles. View it on your desktop of maximum animated pleasure.

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27 Feb 10:45

Extremities, WanJim Gim

instagram @willeys_art

Extremities, WanJim Gim

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peet-b-shelley:a local celebrity. Brugge, autumn 2012


a local celebrity. Brugge, autumn 2012

04 Feb 01:28

artinparsi: پاسور اصیل ایرانی - Persian Playing Cards


پاسور اصیل ایرانی - Persian Playing Cards

30 Jan 23:05

A Dirt Bike You Could See Dieter Rams On

by Jack O'Farrell

Minimalism is slowly making its way across to the automotive industry one bike and car at a time. And the Kalk Electric Dirt Bike is no exception. It’s quite simply delicious. Designed for light off-roading, this eco-friendly bike is somewhat of an art project if you happen to catch it from the side. The bike’s overall minimalism may be what makes it so desirable. The pastel grey/blue body frame is a minimalistic masterpiece which is used to shield the 15 kW mid motor, powered by a 51.8 Volt, 50Ah battery for torque and range – conducted by specifically developed and tuned software, for the controller and dynamic performance.

The light and snappy ride, with its focus on off-road and trail riding in the outback, means that its main character is about torque and acceleration while providing a quiet gliding and surf experience. Thanks to its digital presetting it ́ll let anyone fly at their own level. Available for preorder soon, the limited pre-batch has a number of unique features, where a majority of its alloy parts are CNC machined, together with the plastic parts being made of carbon fiber and then painted.

Designer: David Gonzalez of CAKE

Click here to Pre-order














Click here to Pre-order

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unrar:The ruins of Timgad, the most intact of Roman cities in...


The ruins of Timgad, the most intact of Roman cities in Algeria, by George Steinmetz.

09 Jan 11:36

He got game, Dave Carswell

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(via muahhday / CantBeatTheBiz)

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spellsandwitchtips: bunnyfood: Bad Boys This is magical in an...



Bad Boys

This is magical in an entirely different way.

22 Dec 22:11

Ed Sheeran’s creative process explained with music visualization

by Nathan Yau

The New York Times is back at it in explaining the creative process. A couple of years ago they explained the making of a Justin Bieber song. This time they talked to Ed Sheeran and his collaborators about the making of their hit song Shape of You. The musicians talk and the visualization serves as a backdrop.

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19 Dec 23:36

Japanese Tip: An Exhibition of 8,000 Chopstick Sleeve Sculptures Left Behind at Restaurants

by Christopher Jobson

Yuki Tatsumi was working as a waiter in a restaurant when one day, as he was cleaning up a table, he noticed that a customer had intricately folded up the paper chopstick sleeve and left it behind. Japan doesn’t have a culture of tipping but Tatsumi imagined that this was a discreet, subconscious method of showing appreciation. He began paying attention and sure enough noticed that other customers were doing the same thing. Tatsumi began collecting these “tips” which eventually led to his art project: Japanese Tip.

Since 2012, Tatsumi has not only been collecting his own tips but he’s reached out to restaurants and eateries all across Japan communicating his concept and asking them to send him their tips. The response has been enormous. He’s collected over 13,000 paper sculptures that range from obscure and ugly to intricate and elaborate.

left at a restaurant in Kochi

Earlier this month, Tatsumi staged an exhibition in Tokyo where he displayed 8,000 of some of the most interesting sculptures sourced from all 47 prefectures around Japan. “Japanese Tip is a project between restaurants and customers,” says Tatsumi, “to communicate the ‘appreciation for food’ and ‘appreciation of the service’ by using the most common material used at any Japanese restaurant.”

The exhibition has since closed but you can see some of the paper sculptures on his website and you can follow the initiative on Facebook. (Syndicated from Spoon & Tamago)

left at a cafe in Mie

19 Dec 23:36

wannaodin: FOLDER. || どっち


FOLDER. || どっち

14 Dec 16:36

sheslostctrl: Studio in Luque, Paraguay by TDA. Photos: Federico...


Studio in Luque, Paraguay by TDA.

Photos: Federico Cairoli.


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14 Dec 02:48

The Year in Volcanic Activity

Gennady Teplitskiy / Shutterstock

Dave Schneider / Alaska Volcano Observatory & Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Christian Miranda / AFP / Getty

Firdia Lisnawati / AP

AFP / Getty

Gilles Adt / Reuters

Sergio Velasco Garcia / AFP / Getty

Courtesy Emilio Kuzma-Floyd @eyes_of_a_nomad / Reuters

Emmanuel Flores / AFP / Getty

The Year in Volcanic Activity

04 Dec 23:21


04 Dec 23:21


02 Dec 23:42

generationintrovert: Pillow forts and Netflix kind of day


Pillow forts and Netflix kind of day