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03 Mar 08:01

Kind and Generous

by Doug
03 Mar 20:09

(photos by Benjamin Savard and an octopus)

(photos by Benjamin Savard and an octopus)

03 Mar 21:18

noobtheloser:collegehumor:Living in a World with Too Many...

03 Mar 22:03

by Pie Comic

03 Mar 15:19

obviousplant:Here are some of my top wine picks.


Here are some of my top wine picks.

03 Mar 15:58

by Cyanide and Happiness

David Pelaez

Worth it!

03 Mar 10:38

Amazing Storm Photography by Mike Hollingshead

by sergeyursu

Nebraska Supercell
Mike Hollingshead is an American landscape photographer, a storm chaser and adventurer. Started chasing storms and tornadoes in 1999.

Nebraska Supercell

South Dakota Bow Echo

Nebraska Twilight Supercell

Nebraska Tornado
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03 Mar 02:12

4gifs:The majestic pug. [video]


The majestic pug. [video]

03 Mar 05:15

(photo via evilsanta)

David Pelaez

I <3 the Internet!

(photo via evilsanta)

03 Mar 00:53

sixpenceee:The River of Five Colors Known by many as “the river...


The River of Five Colors

Known by many as “the river that ran away from paradise” and the most beautiful river in the world, Colombia’s Caño Cristales or The River of Five Colors is a veritable biological wonder.

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02 Mar 23:42

by Amazing Super Powers

02 Mar 22:30

batsvsupes:Riddle me this…


Riddle me this…

02 Mar 23:00

4gifs:This my life now. [video]


This my life now. [video]

02 Mar 21:50

by Pie Comic

02 Mar 18:07

"I was framed, honest." (photo by frisky_dingos)

"I was framed, honest." (photo by frisky_dingos)

28 Feb 22:54

by The Awkward Yeti

02 Mar 05:00

Us vs. Them by Tom Gauld

David Pelaez

History summarized..

Us vs. Them by Tom Gauld

02 Mar 06:00


02 Mar 03:30

(photo via sunbolts)

(photo via sunbolts)

02 Mar 00:50

"I received a birthday card. Thanks, ‘grampa’."...

"I received a birthday card. Thanks, ‘grampa’." -papasmurf61

01 Mar 23:54

blazepress:Weekly Inspiration 4

01 Mar 06:16


01 Mar 06:45


01 Mar 16:18




01 Mar 20:15

4gifs:Who put that there? [video]


Who put that there? [video]

28 Feb 15:38

by Lunarbaboon

27 Feb 14:45

Video: Tonight Show Hashtags: #EmailFail

27 Feb 17:30

Video: Simply Delicious Shower Thoughts with Cookie Monster

David Pelaez

So deep..

27 Feb 21:20

by Poorly Drawn Lines

David Pelaez

Mmmmm tacooos :)

28 Feb 07:00