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by Jim Benton

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(tweet by bill_nye_tho)

(tweet by bill_nye_tho)

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Continuous delivery, the manual way

by sharhalakis

by @uaiHebert

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Avocado is running on the platform of unlimited guacamole for...

David Pelaez

The people have spoken!

Avocado is running on the platform of unlimited guacamole for everyone but once in office it bans guacamole.

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highlandvalley: ころがるさんはTwitterを使っています: “農業機械のマッドマックス感ヤバい。...

David Pelaez

What the hell are these for?

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micheleilbruto: Presto mia.


Presto mia.

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Here’s most of the new prints I’ll have at SDCC. You can read...

Here’s most of the new prints I’ll have at SDCC. You can read about everything in my newsletter.

Nucleus booth is where I’ll be, booth number 2643. Did that just rhyme? So what? Not like it’s a crime. 

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Video: Bully Chicken Steals Cat’s Lunch

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4gifs: CATM [video]


CATM [video]

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Moon and Space Station in one shot. Very cool photo,...

Moon and Space Station in one shot. Very cool photo, Dylan!

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srsalme:I did this set of four images as promotion material for...


I did this set of four images as promotion material for the exhibition Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction at the EMP Museum in Seattle. From the museum’s website:

Packed with more than 150 artifacts from iconic films and television shows, Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction invites you to experience the incredible range of storytelling found in science fiction: from Star Trek to H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, from big-budget Men in Black to the Philip K. Dick-inspired Blade Runner to the recent Battlestar Galactica series.
As you step aboard this enigmatic spacecraft, discover how science fiction allows us to break away from the confines of the tangible world with unlimited imagination, boldness, and creativity. Experience the power it has to transform, motivate, and educate. And glimpse at the spectacular places born from intellect, wonder, and an unbound appreciation for the human species encountering change.
Within a dynamic and immersive space, this interactive spacecraft will encourage visitors to embark on their own space adventure, discover new alien civilizations, scout for new worlds to explore from the ship’s cockpit, and investigate numerous alternate universes. What secrets will you unearth?

I was asked to make the images look a bit more painterly that my usual comic book-esque style, which was a real challenge. I’m a big fan of classic sci-fi illustration, from Chesley Bonestell to Syd Mead (just to name a couple of names I had in mind while drawing these), so you can bet I had a lot of fan with this project.

Thanks to AD Melissa Robinson.

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foolsgoldd: gifsboom: See how unique, custom 3D printed...



See how unique, custom 3D printed prosthetics allow Derby the dog to run for the first time.

Video: Derby the dog, Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics


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fishstickmonkey: NASA’s Cassini imaging scientists processed...


NASA’s Cassini imaging scientists processed this view of Saturn’s moon Dione, taken during a close flyby on June 16, 2015. This was Cassini’s fourth targeted flyby of Dione and the spacecraft had a close approach altitude of 321 miles (516 kilometers) from Dione’s surface.

(via JPL | Space Images | In the Company of Dione)

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Video: Best Birthday Ever

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(photo via rukaba)

(photo via rukaba)

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Lego Deep Sea Submarine

by (Avanaut)

Avanaut posted a photo:

Lego Deep Sea Submarine

Because there must be a cool submarine to accompany the diver.

Photographing images like this does not come without some sacrifices. First, this was shot on a day with no wind at a beautiful small forest lake. The Finnish summer hosts an impressively rich variety of gnats, mosquitoes and such, and when there's no wind and you're in a forest... you just want to get below the surface as fast as you can. I did just that and in the process lost a piece from the submarine. There's supposed to be an assembly of three black bricks below the cockpit bubble attached to those grey clamps. It's now somewhere in the lake. :P

Maybe this shoot was about a rescue mission of those lost bricks.

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A Road Trip Through Ireland

by Léa

Le vidéaste Clemens Wirth, qui nous avait déjà gratifié d’une courte vidéo dans laquelle il expérimentait les lois de la gravité, nous offre cette fois-ci le film de son road trip à travers l’Irlande. Les paysages routiers, maritimes et ruraux s’enchaînent au rythme du titre « Your Wish » de Talisco. Une véritable invitation à s’y rendre.

roadtripireland5 roadtripireland12 roadtripireland11 roadtripireland10 roadtripireland9 roadtripireland8 roadtripireland7 roadtripireland6 roadtripireland4 roadtripireland3
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antikythera-astronomy:What’s the closest galaxy to us?Apart from...


What’s the closest galaxy to us?

Apart from the Milky Way of course… the answer is surprising.

Most people would probably answer the Andromeda Galaxy, but this would be totally wrong.

A little over a decade ago my school co-conducted a survey with another to detail the night sky around us.

Among many of the discoveries made in this survey was that there was something strange going on about 25,000 lightyears from Earth. The stars in that area were unusually dense.

In addition, the collection of stars was elliptical-shaped.

The incredible part?

It’s inside the Milky Way.

Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, a small galaxy of a billion stars, is now thought to be the closest (non-Milky Way) galaxy to Earth at a mere 25,000 lightyears away from Earth.

It was likely an independent galaxy until our much larger one ate it. It’s since  been leaving a trail of stars as it orbits around the middle of the Milky Way.

This means, like the Galapagos, you’d better go there soon if you want to see what it’s like. In a few billion years its stars may all have been stolen by the gravity of the Milky Way.

(Image credit: VncntM)

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(photo by djsosumi) [video]

David Pelaez


(photo by djsosumi) [video]

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Gotta catch ‘em all. (gif via hilariousgifs)

Gotta catch ‘em all. (gif via hilariousgifs)

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habermannandsons: Tracker



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nevver: Jupiter (with moons) and Venus

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Under fire, Stuart Palley

instagram @stuartpalley

instagram @stuartpalley

instagram @stuartpalley

instagram @stuartpalley

instagram @stuartpalley

instagram @stuartpalley

Under fire, Stuart Palley

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Can’t fault the logic of this bar. (photo by dasuberspud)

Can’t fault the logic of this bar. (photo by dasuberspud)

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Treebeard: Portraits Of My Friends With Plants Growing From Their Heads

by dmitry

According to photographer Cal Redback: “I made these images to put part of my imagination in the portraits of my friends in common areas. My first idea was to make a double exposition as we used to see, but when I started to blend them on Photoshop, I realized that I could be a bit more creative and realistic. So after many hours (and a bit more) here they are.”


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Skateboard con sidecar, para niños

by Troy


La familia que se desliza unida, permanece unida. Esto lo sabe muy bien Jared Braden, diseñador de tablas de skate en Braden Boards y padre de Jeff, un chiquillo de un año y medio.

Desde que Jeff tenía seis meses ha acompañado a su familia en sus paseos con monopatín gracias al longboard con sidecar que su padre ha diseñado para él.

La pequeña tabla lleva una barra de sujeción que mantiene protegido al chiquillo, y queda posicionada un poco por delante de la del padre, lo que le permite ir dándole consejos básicos sobre cómo posicionarse para poder patinar con seguridad. Ese proceso de aprendizaje se ve reforzado por el hecho de que el mecanismo de sujección está diseñado de forma que, en las curvas, la tabla del niño también se inclina hacia el interior de la curva, como lo hacen las tablas normales.

Visto en LaughingSquid

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