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astronomyblog: Saturn and its moons Image credit:...


Saturn and its moons

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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mardakaisson: hooligan-nova: violentbaudelaire: 25 years of ads...




25 years of ads peeled away

A warning


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3D Illusions Insects In The Street’s Walls

by Alix

Ces œuvres sont signées Odeith. L’artiste grapheur Portuguais est l’un des pionniers dans le domaine des graphs en 3D depuis les années 2000. Dans cette série, il met en scène des insectes de taille géante, colorés et détaillés. Un véritable travail de précision et d’illusion d’optique réalisé sur plusieurs surfaces et sur plusieurs angles afin que le résultat soit aussi réaliste que possible. Connu pour sa typographie en trompe l’oeil, l’artiste ajoute ici une nouvelle corde à son arc.

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Counting baseball cliches

by Nathan Yau

Post-game sports interviews tend to sound similar. And when you do say something out of pattern, the talk shows and the social media examine every word to find hidden meaning. It’s no wonder athletes talk in cliches. The Washington Post, using natural language processing, counted the phrases and idioms that baseball players use.

We grouped phrases that were variations of each other together (within a one- or two-word difference) into a list of roughly 20,000 possible cliches. Then came the subjective part. From that list, we chose the ones that were the most interesting, then grouped those with similar meanings. And voila — the phrases we considered to be the cream of the cliche crop.

I can’t decide if the word cloud to open the article is a fun hook or a distraction. I’m learning towards the former, but I think it would’ve been less the latter without the interaction.

Tags: baseball, cliche, Washington Post

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humanoidhistory:Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke on the Moon,...


Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke on the Moon, April 21, 1972. Photo by John Young. (NASA)

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george wu powers bird puppets by jazz in his short film ‘the dawn chorus’

by Georgina Wu

the movie is a mix of high-end style alongside cheeky puppetry commissioned by short film strand random acts run by UK TV channel 4.

The post george wu powers bird puppets by jazz in his short film ‘the dawn chorus’ appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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Aerial view of sheepdogs herding sheep

by Nathan Yau

Sometimes the visualization takes care of itself. Photographer Tim Whittaker filmed sheepdogs herding thousands of sheep, and the flows one place to another are like organized randomness.

Tags: drone, flow, herd, sheep

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A transforming river seen from above

by Nathan Yau

The Padma River in Bangladesh is constantly shifting its 75-mile path. Joshua Stevens for the NASA Earth Observatory shows what the shifting looked like through satellite imagery, over a 30-year span.

Kasha Patel:

The upper section of the Padma—the Harirampur region— has experienced the most erosion and shows the most notable changes. The river has become wider at this section by eroding along both banks, although most activity occurred on the left bank. Using topographic, aerial, and satellite imagery, scientists found that the left bank shifted 12 kilometers towards the north from 1860 to 2009 and developed a meandering bend. The river left a scar where the water once flowed, as you can see in the 2018 image.

See also the dramatic shifts of the Ucayali River in Peru.

Tags: environment, NASA, satellite imagery, water

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Optical illusion shows our messed up lightness perception

by Nathan Yau

A gray piece of paper moves along a gradient. You won’t believe your eyes.

A demo of lightness perception

— Akiyoshi Kitaoka (@AkiyoshiKitaoka) August 12, 2018

Tags: illusion, perception

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xkcd: Disaster Movie

by Nathan Yau

From xkcd, a blockbuster idea right here.

Tags: humor, xkcd

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draggedthruthe-yard: gahdamnpunk: Look how talented he is!!...



Look how talented he is!!

His instagram is waspa_art


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solarpunk-aesthetic: Aardehuizen, Netherlands An eco-village...


Aardehuizen, Netherlands

An eco-village constructed from recycled, reused, and locally sourced materials – including hemp, straw bales, wood, locally sourced clay, and recycled car tyres. The village contains 23 houses and is a home to 70 people. The village produces 75% of its own electricity and 100% of its own hot water from solar energy.

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Check out this week’s “Drone Sunday” post from From Where I...

Check out this week’s “Drone Sunday” post from From Where I Drone, which shows a shiver of whale sharks being fed by divers off the coast of Cebu Island in the Philippines. In recent years, these friendly sharks have attracted mass tourism to the island; however, several exploitative acts committed by tourists and locals have raised concerns about the animal’s welfare and even prompted protective actions from the Philippines Government. Follow From Where I Drone for more amazing drone photography!


9°27'38.6"N, 123°22'48.8"E

Source imagery: @karanikolov

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betterskatethannever: Marius Syvanen // Mind of Marius: The...

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Bucket o’ companies compared to Apple $1 trillion value

by Nathan Yau

Apple’s value passed $1 trillion on Thursday, and as tradition requires, we must consider the scale of such a large number. We must compare the value of Apple against the sum value of a surprising number of small and medium companies. The New York Times has you covered with a bucket of blobs metaphor.

So blobby. So bucket-y.

Tags: Apple, business, New York Times, stocks

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archatlas: Southbank by Beulah by UN Studio UNStudio’s...


Southbank by Beulah by UN Studio

UNStudio’s design for a new mixed-use development in Melbourne. The project includes areas for recreation, retail, offices, residential, hotel, and exhibition spaces organized around a vertical “Green Spine”.

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Impressive Murals by Street Artist Odeith

by Edwige

Le street-artist portugais Odeith, précédemment évoqué dans l’un de nos articles, originaire de Damaia, débute dans le monde du graffiti dans les années 1990. Il réalise ses premiers essais sur des murs urbains, ou encore sur des voies ferrées. Passionné par le dessin depuis sa tendre enfance, il peut désormais le faire évoluer à travers le street-art : il décide de créer des portraits muraux à grande échelle dans les rues portugaises.

Il sera par la suite distingué à l’international grâce à ses illusions d’optique et ses nombreuses réalisations en perspective, sur des surfaces différentes. Ses incroyables fresques, impressionnantes de réalisme, constituent une partie importante de ses créations, ainsi que de nombreuses réalisations en 3D, qui feront de lui un maître dans le domaine du street-art.

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s-m0key: Wailua Falls, Hawaii | By - pray4julian


Wailua Falls, Hawaii | By - pray4julian

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vanjalen: This is so fucking funny he did great


This is so fucking funny he did great

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escapekit: Hidden FiguresAdvertising agency DDB Germany has...

David Pelaez



Hidden Figures

Advertising agency DDB Germany has created a series of print ads for Stabilo highlighter literally highlighting women lost between the lines of history.


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detailedart:Detail of Berenice’s tresses, 1878; by Ambrogio...


Detail of Berenice’s tresses, 1878; by Ambrogio Borghi, exhibited in the Exposition Universelle in Paris.