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21 Jan 18:55

anitanh:Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH


Found in the Internet Archive by AnitaNH

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studio-soundtrack: YEE

19 Jan 03:25

banshy: Untitled by Hannes Becker


Untitled by Hannes Becker

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18 Jan 20:35

Mixing cartography and landscape drawing

by Nathan Yau

Artist Matthew Rangel hikes cross-country and through the mountains, exploring and drawing along the way. He then mixes his drawings with maps and photos from history for unique results and perspective.

My location drawings of large expanses throughout my journey serve to reinforce our land-based visual codes by the activity of transcribing the land through yet another system of careful measurements. This practice deepens my personal connection with the land, lending a sense of embodied awareness of its natural and/or unnatural characteristics. I allow the process of discovery from gathering extensive research to play out in the final compositions, where maps I have gathered are combined with my location drawings to set the stage to depict personal encounters and experiences that re-present the land through a framework that speaks of the constructs humans place on the land which, in turn, inform our experience.

[via Socks]

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18 Jan 20:33

obviousplant:I added some fake dance classes to a local dance...


I added some fake dance classes to a local dance studio

17 Jan 19:02

flores & prats + duch-pizĂ  transforms aristocratic house into cultural center

by natasha kwok I designboom

in the heart of palma de mallorca, light and new circulation has given the 14th century building a new lease of life.

The post flores & prats + duch-pizĂ  transforms aristocratic house into cultural center appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

16 Jan 13:58

ummo estudio embeds cave home into limestone rock

by natasha kwok I designboom

the interior is sculpted around the natural formation, creating a strong sense of enclosure combined with spacious and light filled spaces.

The post ummo estudio embeds cave home into limestone rock appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

14 Jan 15:44

Film ReviewBack to the Future

Film Review

Back to the Future

13 Jan 01:47

National Geographic Infographics, the book

by Nathan Yau

Infographics devolved a bit in recent years, but there was a time the term wasn’t immediately associated with content marketing. (And there is still plenty of good infographic work that actually informs.) National Geographic is one such source of inspiration, and now you can get a best-of collection in book form that spans over a century.

With an essay by Nigel Holmes, charting the evolution of National Geographic over the decades and its pioneering use of graphics, as well as four fold-outs mimicking original pull-outs or inserts in the magazine, the book stands as a defining record of one of the world’s best-known publications as much as it is a beautifully presented repository of discovery and learning.

Get it on Amazon.

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13 Jan 01:37

Balloon maps

by Nathan Yau

There was a time when the best way to get a view from above was to hop into a hot air balloon, which eventually led to the so-called “balloon map.” Cara Giaimo for Atlas Obscura starts the story with a ballooner named Thomas Baldwin.

In an age of transatlantic flights and Google Earth, Baldwin’s suggestions seem a bit quaint. But in his time, when almost everyone was stuck on the ground, Baldwin’s attempts to pin down an accurate sky-view were heroic. Over the following century, entrepreneurs, military spies, and tourist boards alike would follow his lead, transforming some of the world’s most vital views into lovely, quirky “balloon maps.”

Hand-drawn, detailed maps and graphics like this — before computers — always blows my mind.

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12 Jan 06:13

Photography by Jorge Saenz

Photography by Jorge Saenz

11 Jan 15:00

A bubble freezing.

A bubble freezing.

11 Jan 06:19

srsfunny: Close Encounter With A Curious Fox


Close Encounter With A Curious Fox

10 Jan 04:13

architags:RTA Studio. Cardrona Hut. New Zealand. photos: RTA...


RTA Studio. Cardrona Hut. New Zealand. photos: RTA Studio

10 Jan 04:05

thenatsdorf:Slippery driveway. Best part is the mom’s laughter...


Slippery driveway. Best part is the mom’s laughter in the full video.

10 Jan 02:19

hiddenarchitecture: Rhinoceros, 1515 - Alberto Durero Durero...


Rhinoceros, 1515 - Alberto Durero

Durero drew this Rhinoceros without even seen the animal before and using a written description from Valentim Fernandes

09 Jan 02:01

Gravity gauge

09 Jan 02:00

Toothpaste for dinner

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humanoidhistory: Astonishing Saturn, observed by the Cassini...


Astonishing Saturn, observed by the Cassini space probe on April 29, 2014.

(Ian Regan)

08 Jan 04:15

sizvideos: 3D-printed prosthetic costs way less than other...


3D-printed prosthetic costs way less than other alternatives


07 Jan 18:29

Wishing Well

by Grant

Posters are available at my shop.

My book, The Shape of Ideas, is available for pre-order.

To read process posts and unpublished comics, support Incidental Comics on Patreon.
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earthshipdecor: Follow me for more:

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blazepress:Photographer Captures His Dogs Brilliant Facial...

05 Jan 22:58

bryandaugherty:Iceland textures


Iceland textures

05 Jan 21:46

New Paper Bird Sculptures Juxtaposed With International Stamps by Diana Beltran Herrera

by Kate Sierzputowski

Colombia-based artist Diana Beltran Herrera (previously here and here) has been fascinated by birds since she was a child, however it wasn’t until four years ago that she started working with their forms. Her incredibly lifelike depictions are built entirely out of cut paper and imitate a variety of bird species from all over the world. Each iteration of her work we have followed with intrigue, including one of her latest projects which incorporates her sculptural pieces into oversized postage stamps from countries which she has always admired.

“I always felt inspired by postage stamps as they are little windows of the world,” said Herrera to Colossal, “specifically those that contain birds which are often traveling around the word. I have collected a few and I felt that I wanted to open those stamps to a much more realistic scale to learn more about that particular animal and its landscape.”

Interested in wildlife far beyond its aesthetics, Herrera is also concerned with the ethical treatment of animals, especially when it comes to the illegal wildlife trade of birds happening in her country and abroad. You can see more of her paper sculptures of birds, fruits, and flowers on her Instagram and Facebook.

05 Jan 16:06

The Earth from Space by the French Astronaut Thomas Pesquet

by LĂ©a

L’astronaute français Thomas Pesquet a la chance de faire partie, depuis le 17 novembre 2016, de la mission Proxima. Il séjourne actuellement et ce durant 6 mois dans la Station Spatiale Internationale jusqu’en mai 2017. Il nous fait partager son expérience à bord de l’ISS sur les réseaux sociaux mais également la richesse des vues que l’on peut avoir sur notre petite Planète Bleue, qui nous dévoile toute sa beauté. L’expérience de l’astronaute est à également chaque jour sur sa page Facebook.

Australian Outback.

Dragon River in South America.


Australian Outback.


Crooked Island, Bahamas.

New Caledonia.

Lake Nasser & the Nile.

West Africa.


The estuary of the Gironde in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The Andes.

Cumulonimbus Clouds.


Credits : ESA/NASA

Thomaspesquet2 Thomaspesquet14 Thomaspesquet13 Thomaspesquet12 Thomaspesquet11 Thomaspesquet10 Thomaspesquet9 Thomaspesquet8 Thomaspesquet7 Thomaspesquet6 Thomaspesquet5 Thomaspesquet4 Thomaspesquet3 Thomaspesquet1 Thomaspesquet0
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05 Jan 12:33

Impresionante Airbus A320 de 5 metros, inflado con helio y manejado por control remoto

by Troy


Airstage ha construido este enorme avión de helio, controlado a distancia, que es una réplica en miniatura de un Airbus A320. Tiene una envergadura de 5 metros y pesa menos de medio kilo.


Es espectacular verlo volar por el interior del pabellĂłn de esta feria de modelismo de Stuttgart, en Alemania.

Visto en LaughingSquid

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