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21 Apr 02:24

So much pain… (photos via uylimaz)

So much pain… (photos via uylimaz)

21 Apr 04:06

(photo via joeycoffeecakes)

(photo via joeycoffeecakes)

21 Apr 07:01

The Birthday Wish

by Doug

The Birthday Wish

This one is dedicated to Pierre! Happy birthday to you!! :)

Also, Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth while we’re at it. Here are more birthday comics.

20 Apr 17:23

For those of you currently celebrating 4/20. (photo via...

For those of you currently celebrating 4/20. (photo via retroman360)

20 Apr 23:26

astound: waffles are healthier than pancakes because they have abs

astound: waffles are healthier than pancakes because they have abs
20 Apr 14:03

fowllanguagecomics: Angry flower bonus panel.

19 Apr 10:38

Charming Artist’s Studio with Unique Design Details in London

David Pelaez

what's with the horse, though?

Chelsea Artist Studio-01-1 Kindesign
This impressive historical two bedroom artist’s studio is located in the heart of Chelsea, in London, England, United Kingdom, showcasing soaring ceilings and inviting lateral living space.

Chelsea Artist Studio-02-1 Kindesign
Chelsea Artist Studio-03-1 Kindesign
Chelsea Artist Studio-04-1 Kindesign
Chelsea Artist Studio-05-1 Kindesign
More Images

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19 Apr 15:53

(photo via superbakaking)

(photo via superbakaking)

18 Apr 18:00

grandbudepest: rip

17 Apr 17:15

Tarjeta de regalo “Shut up and take my money”

by Troy

Brillantísima idea para suavizar el engorroso momento en que, en lugar de obsequiar con un bonito regalo al homenajeado, cerramos el tema con un vulgar e impersonal "Toma, para que te compres lo que quieras".

Supongo que no hace falta explicarlo pero, por si queda algún despistado, recordaremos que la mítica frase "Shut up and take may money" proviene del capítulo "Attack of the Killer App", de la sexta temporada de Futurama, cuando Fry se desespera porque quiere comprarse un flamante iPhone eyePhone y el vendedor insiste en explicarle ciertos detalles sobre la cobertura y duración de la batería del aparato.

Por cierto, si sentís la necesidad imperiosa de adquirir cualquier producto maravilloso de nuestra tienda, no os preocupéis, vamos a estar muy calladitos (ventajas de comprar online).

Visto en imgur

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17 Apr 17:20

by Gemma Correll

17 Apr 20:00

pdlcomics: Good Times

16 Apr 15:51


16 Apr 18:30

safelyendangered: Did I scare you?


Did I scare you?

16 Apr 20:50

piecomic: Facebook - Twitter - Patreon

16 Apr 21:34

Meth. Not even once. (image via batpanda) [context]

Meth. Not even once. (image via batpanda) [context]

17 Apr 00:30


17 Apr 02:16

batsvsupes: SNIKT



17 Apr 05:30

explosm: By Kris Wilson

17 Apr 07:47

When a translator repeatedly fails to deliver files for your revision meaning you now have to work the weekend

17 Apr 07:45

xkcd: U.S. of movie backgrounds

by Nathan Yau
17 Apr 12:52

Hello! Do you have a gif for when you've just started working on a bigger project and the client is already on your ass asking how it's coming along and when he can get the 1st file and and and? Anon already wants to murder someone.

16 Apr 17:27

Splendid Structures (larger)

16 Apr 17:35


16 Apr 16:07

An analogy for life. (pages from We Are in a Book! by Mo...

An analogy for life. (pages from We Are in a Book! by Mo Williams)

16 Apr 16:00

Colorful Street Art Coming to Life

by Donnia

Photographe et motion designer résidant en Espagne, A. L. Crego est l’auteur d’oeuvres street art auxquelles il donne vie à travers des GIF animés. Ces fresques en mouvement interagissent souvent avec l’environnement qui les entourent. Une sélection de ses GIF est disponible dans la galerie.

16 Apr 09:12

uoudesign: KITT Desk by  KILTT

16 Apr 07:01

The Challenge

by Doug
16 Apr 09:00

When something that you do all the time stops working

by sharhalakis

by uaiHebert

16 Apr 02:05

I can’t unsee it. (images via percussiongirl)

I can’t unsee it. (images via percussiongirl)