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enatwash: dremoranightmares: i’ve lost count of how many times...



i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve reblogged this


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historicaltimes: Member of the 101st Airborne Division enjoying...


Member of the 101st Airborne Division enjoying the view and a cognac at Berchtesgaden in 1945. The US soldiers’ three day drinking binge from Hitler’s private cellar is considered one of the most expensive of all time.

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The Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois, is the oldest...

David Pelaez

First time I hear about that religion..

The Baha'i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois, is the oldest surviving Baha'i House of Worship in the world and the only one in the United States. The building contains an auditorium that seats 1,191 people beneath a 138 foot-high (42 m) domed structure. You’ll also notice that many components of the complex come in sets of nine as the number symbolizes perfection and completion in the Baha'i faith. This incredible shot was captured by Razvan Sera.

42°4′27″N 87°41′3″W


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obviousplant: I left some fake in-store coupons at the grocery...


I left some fake in-store coupons at the grocery store

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Video: Curious Hawk Checks Out Weather Cam

David Pelaez

that last one!

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(via irishnexus)

(via irishnexus)

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Flying Box House Built with Shipping Containers

by Donnia

Avec un petit budget, le studio d’architecture 2A Design a relevé le défi de construire une villa moderne, à partir de conteneurs maritimes. La Flying Box Villa se situe dans un quartier rural près de la ville de Rennes, en France. Cette maison préfabriquée, de 300 mètres carré et 3 étages, présente une façade blanche complexe et étonnante, puisque la maison semble flotter.

flying-box_architecture_009-1050x459 flying-box_architecture_008-1050x564 flying-box_architecture_007-1050x1132 flying-box_architecture_006-1050x490 flying-box_architecture_005-1050x700 flying-box_architecture_004-1050x700 flying-box_architecture_003-1050x700 flying-box_architecture_002 flying-box_architecture_001-1050x700
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this-is-life-actually: Don’t mess with a cosplayer. After her...


Don’t mess with a cosplayer. After her boss set up a new dress code banning ponytails and “cultural head wraps,” June J Rivas decided to protest by diping into her costume closet. There are so many more photos and awesome comment reactions.

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owlturdcomix: I didn’t want to know. image / twitter / facebook...


I didn’t want to know.

image / twitter / facebook / patreon

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Eco Street Murals By NEVERCREW Duo

by dmitry


NEVERCREW (previously) is a swiss based artists duo composed by Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni. They work together since 1996. In the recent years NEVERCREW undertook a research that doesn’t aim at forcedly channeling reflections in a precise stylistic and formal way, but rather to find a new language that allows to follow them, deepen them and share them; and especially that it’s also a practical and visible demonstration of that. Working together since almost twenty years, Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni developed the issue of the comparison (the confrontation between two persons, between ideas, between forces) and at the same time, interacting in the public space as street artists, they extended this confrontation outside in a direct way, making this perennial dual “discussion” one of the hubs of their work.


NEVERCREW works then on particular “living systems”, overviews that are made perceptible in their totality and in their structure by the act of sectioning, which allows to see them (and if desired, to explore them) as they are inside while maintaining the perceptible global shape. They apply and generate a double vision, or “simultaneous vision”, layered in sets/systems that start from the individual mechanical or natural components up to the overall composition given by the association of different subjects, and then finally expand out automatically in a direct and personal relationship with the observer and the environment.


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Dad goals. (via concedead)

Dad goals. (via concedead)

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Same. (via baggs22)

Same. (via baggs22)

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Ellen Berryman used her gymnastics background to give her a competitive edge, 1976. (Photo: Warren Bolster)

Vicki Vickers in the 1970s.

Peggy Turner hand-plant in the 1970s.

Robin Logan displaying a high jump in La Costa in the 1970s.

Denise Fleming. Lakewood Skatepark halfpipe, October 1978. (Photo: Bob Ballou) IMAGE MANIPULATED

Cindy Whitehead board grab in the pool, ca. 1970s.

Judi Oyama during a session with Steve Caballero at the Winchester skatepark, 1979. (Photo: Mike Smiley Goldman)

Robin Alaway at the Carlsbad skatepark in the 1970s. (Photo: Warren Bolster)


22 Jul 16:00

The New and Improved Oco Cloud Camera!

by Troy Turner

Big brother to the Oco1 currently for sale, the Oco2 now features self-learning, a full HD camera, hybrid storage, a handy magnetic base and even two-way talk! Place it on any wall or surface in your home to keep a watchful eye on the goings on directly from your smartphone.

The magnetic base allows you to position the angle of the camera in virtually any direction and change it quickly and easily to adapt to different spaces. HD and Cloud storage ensure your data is always accessible, even if thieves decided to run away with your Oco2. The self-learning feature actually gets to know your space and can differentiate between pets, lighting and other elements to prevent false alarms and only alert you when something serious is going on. Smart push notifications let you know about distinct changes at your home, and not just a truck driving by or a light turning on. If you want to check on the status of your home or activate functions, you can even talk directly to Oco2!

Designer: Etienne Bougeot







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archatlas: Olympic Rings INspired Bridged in China Penda has...


Olympic Rings INspired Bridged in China

Penda has designed a prestressed double-helix bridge spanning China’s Gui River that will become an integral part of the infrastructure system for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. The San Shan Bridge, which translates to 3 Mountains Bridge, draws inspiration from the interlacing of five rings in the Olympic Symbol to create a form evocative of the area’s mountainous landscape.

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archatlas: Good Hotel Design on a TIght Budget Hostal...


Good Hotel Design on a TIght Budget

Hostal Ritoque by Gabriel Rudolphy & Alejandro Soffia is a design with the philosophy that good design should not be exclusive to luxury and is not dependent on cost. 

In our society we customarily perceive architecture as a luxury, understanding luxury as something valuable and at the same time scarce. We agree with the first component of the definition, but with respect to the second point, we as architects have probably not been persistent enough to build a better quality environment, nor inside or outside the Centres. Now if we define luxury as Bruno Munari does, we realize that, in general, high-level architectural production is associated with improper use of costly materials, which produce an equality gap to the extent that the benefits of good design can only be taken advantage of by those that can afford it.

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Aduana Boliviana & Juriques Volcano

by dataichi

dataichi posted a photo:

Aduana Boliviana & Juriques Volcano

Chile border near San Pedro de Atacama

22 Jul 16:57

Isla Incahuasi

by dataichi

dataichi posted a photo:

Isla Incahuasi

Salar de Uyuni - Bolivia

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(via 91brg)

(via 91brg)

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igor sirotov architects has constructed PS1 house into alpine rock face in russia

by Igor Sirotov

the overall aim of the design was to work with the existing environment, by creating an interconnected construction that mimicked the exiting landscape.

The post igor sirotov architects has constructed PS1 house into alpine rock face in russia appeared first on designboom | architecture & design magazine.

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James Bullough // Art United Us (Kiev)


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feahred: ☾☼☽



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tlatollotl: Choquequirao is a 15th and 16th century settlement...


Choquequirao is a 15th and 16th century settlement associated with the Incan Empire, or more correctly Tawantinsuyu. The site had two major growth stages. This could be explained if Pachacuti founded Choquequirao and his son, Tupaq Inka Yupanki, remodeled and extended it after becoming the Sapa Inka. Choquequirao is located in the area considered to be Pachacuti’s estate; which includes the areas around the rivers Amaybamba, Urabamba, Vilcabamba, Victos and Apurímac. Other sites in this area are Saywite, Machu Picchu, Chachapampa (Chachabamba), Chuqisuyuy(Choquesuysuy) and Wamanmarka (Guamanmarca); all of which share similar architectural styles with Choquequirao. The architectural style of several important features appears to be of Chachapoya design, suggesting that Chachapoya workers were probably involved in the construction. This suggests that Tupaq Inka probably ordered the construction. Colonial documents also suggest that Tupaq Inka ruled Choquequirao since his great grandson, Tupa Sayri, claimed ownership of the site and neighboring lands during Spanish colonization.

It was one of the last bastions of resistance and refuge of the Son of the Sun (the “Inca”), Manco Inca Yupanqui, who fled Cusco after his siege of the city failed in 1535.

According to the Peruvian Tourism Office, “Choquequirao was probably one of the entrance check points to the Vilcabamba, and also an administrative hub serving political, social and economic functions. Its urban design has followed the symbolic patterns of the imperial capital, with ritual places dedicated to Inti (the Incan sun god) and the ancestors, to the earth, water and other divinities, with mansions for administrators and houses for artisans, warehouses, large dormitories or kallankas and farming terraces belonging to the Inca or the local people. Spreading over 700 meters, the ceremonial area drops as much as 65 meters from the elevated areas to the main square.“ The city also played an important role as a link between theAmazon Jungle and the city of Cusco.

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GIFs of Cult Movies and TV Shows Scenes

by Hoel

Dans son projet LowPolyScenes, l’artiste brésilien Bruno Alberto a recréé sous la forme de Gifs des scènes cultes de la pop culture, passant par le cinéma ou les séries télévisées. Au programme : Indiana Jones, Retour vers le Futur, Sauvez Willy, Star Wars et bien entendu l’inévitable Game of Thrones.

Indiana Jones

Retour vers le Futur

Star Wars

Sauvez Willy

Game of Thrones

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Anyone from Denver missing a cat? (via ashismighty)

Anyone from Denver missing a cat? (via ashismighty)