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30 Jun 02:05

Uber Is Reportedly Losing Tons Of Money

Uber Technologies Inc. is telling prospective investors that it generates $470 million in operating losses on $415 million in revenue, according to a document provided to prospective investors.
30 Jun 02:38

OPM shuts down background investigation portal because of vulnerability

by Sean Gallagher

The Office of Personnel Management has suspended operation of the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (E-QIP) system, the web gateway used to submit materials for background investigations. The agency announced the move today, citing the discovery of a vulnerability in the portal during an ongoing review of the agency's security. "As a result, OPM has temporarily taken the E-QIP system offline for security enhancements," an agency spokesperson said in an official statement to press.

The flaw in E-QIP is reportedly not related to the massive breach of the OPM's systems, which may have exposed up to 18 million individuals' personal information. That information includes everything from social security number and date of birth to records of clearance adjudications, proceedings in which officials discuss reasons why an individual's security clearance may have been removed.

In some cases, adjudication data could include information about financial difficulties, sex lives, substance abuse, and other failings that could be used to potentially blackmail a person or otherwise coerce them into potentially giving up classified information.

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30 Jun 03:11

Marshawn Lynch grabs his crotch, dives into pool of Skittles

by Brandon Lee Gowton


This was destined to happen eventually.

As if Marshawn Lynch's first appearance on Conan wasn't awesome enough, the television host recently welcomed back Beast Mode for another visit. This time, Conan O'Brien found a way to combine the Seahawks running back's love of: 1) diving backwards into the end zone while holding his crotch and 2) SKITTLES into one awesome activity! It's a dream come true. This is the best touchdown Marshawn Lynch could possibly ever score.

30 Jun 03:33

[Interest/Recruitment] GURPS X-COM

by Bira

yo if I see gurps xcom one more fucking time I'm quitting this fucking hobby

I'm a big fan of the X-COM computer games, and I've been kicking the idea of a RPG campaign based on them for a little while now. Of course, I don't want the experience to be 100% identical to that of the source material - you can just play the computer games for that. Instead, players will help set the stage by choosing how the menace they're fighting manifests, and then shape the X-COM project by choosing the people who lead it. The actual PCs will be X-COM field operatives, who will have to live and die with the choices their players made :). Their missions will have a little more variety than what was possible in the computer games, but their results will still influence what goes on in the wider world.

I'm expecting 4-6 players to start with and will keep a waiting list. Post here to apply! Applications aren't first-come, first-served. The system used will be GURPS, which can contain all the elements I expect to appear here. Knowledge of its rules is a definite plus, but not an absolute requirement.

I try to maintain a regular posting rate on my games, and I'm reasonably good at it. GURPS combat requires a bit of back-and-forth, so to better fit the PBP format I tend to ask for several actions in advance and handle all the rolls. If people really want to roll their own dice we can work something out.

Maps and tactical combat are a big draw of the computer games, but cartography takes a lot out of me... Unless someone can point me to a bountiful source of ready-made, hex-friendly modern maps, we'll be shooting aliens entirely within the theatre of the mind.
30 Jun 03:57

How do you draw yourself?? (^O^)


iguanamouth is a national treasure


this is me,. all pictures of me need to look like this

29 Jun 20:00

Car Chase in Detroit Ends with Two Dead Children

by Melissa McEwan


[Content Note: Death; injury; police misconduct; racism.]

In an absolutely terrible story out of Detroit, police officers did not cease pursuing during a car chase once it entered a populous residential neighborhood, and two black children are now dead and several others injured:
Brother and sister Michaelangelo and Makiah Jackson, ages 6 and 3 respectively, were playing in front of their home when a police car appeared, chasing what appeared to be a red Challenger. According to eyewitnesses, the police car bumped the Challenger, and the car "flew up in the air." Witnesses heard tire squeals, as if the car was attempting to stop, but by then it was going too fast and had lost control and hit the two small children, killing them instantly.

...Even after the car had dragged the children a distance down the street, the police did not stop their pursuit. They continued to chase the car across one front lawn after another, finally crashing, critically injuring three more children including three-year-old Darius Andrews, Jr., Isaiah Williams, 5, and Zyaire Gardner, 7. Twenty-two-year-old LaKendra Hill sustained injuries. The father of the youngest called seven-year-old Zyaire "the real hero," adding, "He saved my son's life. He grabbed him and tried to hold him."
My condolences to the families, friends, and neighbors of the children who were killed, and I hope the families of the injured children, as well as LaKendra Hill, have the resources they need to heal their physical wounds.

As with many other deadly interactions with police, the original police account was contradicted by witnesses: "On the night of the incident, police Chief James Craig said that the police car had already stopped the chase after they 'lost sight of the car.' After many eyewitnesses had refuted that claim, Craig said that a supervisor had ordered a stop to the pursuit."

Further, the police tried to justify the pursuit by claiming that the driver (or passenger) of the car was seen with a gun, but again had to backpedal: "The next day the chief said there was no gun, and that the case started when the police 'made eye contact' with the occupants of the car."

If that sounds familiar, it's possibly because police in Baltimore "made eye contact" with Freddie Gray before pursuing him on foot and then arresting him and putting him in the back of a police van where he later sustained fatal injuries.

The driver of the car, according to police is 29-year old-Lorenzo Harris, "who was on parole but had not been reporting in to his parole officer." Okay. Well, unless there was evidence he was imminently planning a violent crime, a high-speed chase was hardly necessary for a parole violation.

And that's not just my opinion:
On paper, the official policy of the Detroit Police Department includes this:
Members involved in a pursuit must question whether the seriousness of the violation warrants continuation of the pursuit. A pursuit shall be discontinued when, in the judgment of the primary unit, there is a clear and present danger to the public which outweighs the need for immediate apprehension of the violator. Officers must keep in mind that a vehicle pursuit has the same potential for serious injury or death as the use of fatal force. … Officers must place the protection of human life above all other considerations.
Their true attitude, priorities, "policy" is written in the blood of small children on those front lawns.
Meanwhile, despite the Chief Craig's contention that "a supervisor had ordered a stop to the pursuit," the officers who continued the pursuit allegedly in contravention of a command have not been suspended nor fired, nor are they even being investigation, in any report I can find. Craig has said merely that "his department is reviewing its pursuit policy."

Harris, the driver being pursued for a parole violation, has been arrested and charged with two counts of second-degree murder, among other charges.

Naturally, we are meant to view Harris, a convicted drug user who was skipping parole meetings, as exclusively responsible for the deaths of Michaelangelo and Makiah Jackson.

But I wonder how it is that we are supposed to ignore the context in which any black man or woman, who is pursued after "making eye contact" with police, might find themselves dead if they land in police custody?

Who the fuck is being served or protected by any of this?
15 Jun 20:12

Eating a bookThese three objects can hardly be called books. Yet...


via Toaster Strudel

'when you’ve shown to be able to read a word, you can bite it off and eat it.'

Eating a book

These three objects can hardly be called books. Yet they are, although they are not what you’d expect from such objects. These so-called “hornbooks” were used to teach children to read, roughly from the fourteenth to the eighteenth centuries. To this end they presented some “light” reading, such as the alphabet, the Lord’s Prayer and other short texts. Some of these hornbooks were particularly clever. The one in the middle, dating from the eighteenth century, features an abacus and supports simple calculations. The one at the bottom, also the eighteenth century, is a particularly delicious specimen: the wooden slab could be used to bake a gingerbread. It is the ultimate “book” to get children to do their schoolwork: when you’ve shown to be able to read a word, you can bite it off and eat it.

Pics: Washington, Folger Library, Stc 138136 (top, 17th century); Washington, Library of Congress, 102.3 (middle, 18th century); New York, Columbia University, Plimpton Hornbook 6 (bottom, 18th century). More on hornbooks in this longer blog post I wrote a while back.

29 Jun 21:06

PREVIEW: Waid & Staples Bring New Flavor to "Archie" #1


gon get my jugs on

A comic book icon gets reimagined in Archie Comics' brand new "Archie" #1 from superstars Mark Waid & Fiona Staples, on sale July 8.
29 Jun 14:28

Dallas Retailers Reopened Their Store -- After They Got Married

#LoveWins in Dallas, TX as the co-owners of Red Pegasus Comics & Games were married Friday, as were the proprietors of Zeus Comics.
29 Jun 19:01

BREAKING: The Supreme Court Will Allow Coal Plants To Emit Unlimited Mercury



29 Jun 23:01

guardian: Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi were the grand...


Sirs Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi were the grand marshals of New York City’s Pride parade this year. Judging by these photos, they clearly had an absolutely miserable time. 

See more scenes from Sunday’s celebrations over at The Guardian. 

29 Jun 20:43

E.L. James' Twitter Q&A didn't really go as well as planned



29 Jun 10:30

Smooth Moves: Riding Insanely Fun Scooter Boards | Gadget Lab


I know I work for a startup again because someone was riding one of these on my first week at work

You’ve seen Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner and JR Smith cruising on these things. What are they exactly? Are they safe? Can I buy one? WIRED Senior Writer David Pierce has the answers and tips for riding The Scoot, even the knockoffs of the knockoffs.

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Want even more? Subscribe to The Scene:

WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture.

Smooth Moves: Riding Insanely Fun Scooter Boards | Gadget Lab
29 Jun 19:22

Portland man arrested for violent tantrum after seeing Comcast worker in bedroom


mwip + all carriers = TAL

29 Jun 16:13


by Max Garrone
All the pencas shorn from a piña at the Tosba farm.

All the pencas shorn from a piña at the Tosba farm.

Penca is one of those fantastic wandering words in Spanish that has picked up a number of connotations. In the mezcal world it means the leaf of an agave plan. Pencas come up all the time when talking about mezcal because you have to cut them off in order to get to that starchy core, the piña, without which you wouldn’t have any mezcal. But literally it translates as “main rib” in a botanical sense and is used to describe the ribbing in vegetables like cabbage and spinach. In Mexico it’s also used to describe the pad of a prickly pear cactus. In Chile it’s used for “prick,” and I don’t mean to prick your finger… In Spain it can mean big nose or a chicken’s rear end, the area colorfully known as a “parson’s nose” in Oxford English.

But back to the mezcal world! Pencas occupy a big role in Mexican culture because they have been used in an incredible variety of roles. Today most are left in the fields as compost but historically they’ve been used for all their fibrous goodness. Their tips have thorns so those were used as sewing needles, fishing hooks, ornaments, and additions to weapons. The fibers of the pencas are so strong and long that they were frequently used as thread. The whole leaf is also really strong so it was occasionally used as a building material for a roof or siding. Dried they are also a fuel for fires. Still today some mezcaleros use them to fire their stills, thus completing some cosmic cycle.

Read more of our entries in the Mezcalistas Encyclopedia of Mezcal and email us questions or ideas for future entries.

29 Jun 21:37

7 best comments from SCOTUS lethal injection decision |


Come on, you twit! Drop the bafflegab! DROP THE MOTHERFUCKING BAFFLEGAB

Scalia on Breyer's comments:

29 Jun 21:38

UPDATE 3-NBC fires Trump, drops pageants over candidate's insults to Mexicans | Reuters

Trump needs to find another partner to help fund and broadcast the shows or he must pick up all the costs himself and find another media company willing to broadcast them.

Trump had already said he would not take part in "The Apprentice" reality TV show on NBC - in which he uses "You're Fired!" as his signature command to eliminate contestants - while he was running for the White House. NBC said sister show "Celebrity Apprentice" licensed from United Artists Media Group would continue.

The last season of Celebrity Apprentice averaged about 7.6 million viewers, according to Nielsen, which measures viewership.

Trump said on Monday that he stood by his comments.

"If NBC is so weak and so foolish to not understand the serious illegal immigration problem in the United States, coupled with the horrendous and unfair trade deals we are making with Mexico, then their contract violating closure of Miss Universe/Miss USA will be determined in court," Trump's statement said.
29 Jun 22:11

yondaanaconda: In case you dont understand, when LGBT people...


via Toaster Strudel


In case you dont understand, when LGBT people say they feel uncomfortable with people posting rainbows over their icons whilst not being supportive of LGBT people in the least this is exactly what they mean

29 Jun 16:10

joseinextdoor: Steven Universe pays homage to Revolutionary...

by villeashell

via otters
first-ballot eternal autoreshare hall-of-famer and why I like Steven Universe despite watching about 1.2 episodes of it


Steven Universe pays homage to Revolutionary Girl Utena

a.k.a. The exact moment I fell in love with Steven Universe.

29 Jun 18:52


by Reza

via Rosalind


20 Jun 03:06

knowledgeequalsblackpower: sale-aholic: geejayeff: So they...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.




So they welcomed him in and he shot them anyway. But didn’t the “New Blacks” assure us that the cure to racism was a simple matter of black people extending a hand…


Somebody get Common, Pharrell, or Raven to explain how the victims failed to cure this mass murderer’s racists ways. I’ll wait…


Look, I know Common didn’t have this situation in mind when he said that stuff, but putting the onus on black people to fix racism is bullshit. It’s not on the victims of abuse to convince their abusers that they are worthy of better treatment. And as demonstrated by Dylann Roof’s actions, no matter how nice, respectable or full of love and acceptance a black person is, white supremacy will commit any atrocity to achieve it’s ends. 

So can we put the respectability politics, tone policing, and victim blaming of the black community all the way to rest once and for all.

Did anyone send this to Common and others like him yet?

Notice how whenever the perp is white and the victims brown, it’s all about “forgiveness” and “peace” and “love”. Coming together.

Let it would have been a brown guy and a white church. Terrorist woulda been dead and/or being tortured in Guantanamo. And we would be overseas fighting a new war.

But no. Black victims. Everybody stay calm. Calm right into the grave.

Stay calm until the next attack on our community… And just hope it’s not you or someone you love…
I’m so tired of it.

29 Jun 01:43

latias: toastdurr: wallabyvvay: dancelilithdance: toastdurr: ironicbaking: toastdurr: “ummmmm...








“ummmmm ur bra strap is showing :/ ”


i thought this was me at first and i was really confused


omg hi





29 Jun 09:11

Coheed and Cambria Sing Justice Scalia's Dissenting Opinions

Coheed and Cambria perform an original song with excerpts from Justice Scalia's... more »
Coheed and Cambria perform an original song with excerpts from Justice Scalia's dissenting opinions on the Affordable Care Act and Same-Sex Marriage. « less
Published June 26, 2015 180k views Immortal More Info »
29 Jun 05:01


by Ian


29 Jun 05:12


Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.

28 Jun 18:14

How Tumblr And MTVs Redesigns Will Kill Vaporwave

Two very weird, seemingly connected things happened on the internet yesterday. First, MTV revealed its Tumblr-tastic rebrand featuring cheesy 1990s computer graphics. And then, Tumblr launched Tumblr TV, a web viewer for GIFs with anexplicitly 90s MTV-style visual spin. Basically, Tumblr became MTV, and MTV became Tumblr.
29 Jun 06:21

Amazon may be the world’s favourite bookstore—followed by Flipkart

by Paul X. McCarthy

In a business environment that has seen industries decimated by the rise of digital, one sector showing resilience is that of books.

“Books are not like recorded music,” says Shaun Symonds, general manager of Nielsen Bookscan.

If anything, the total global market for books is growing, as confirmed in research by PwC and others:

Total Market for Global Books Continues to grow.(PwC Global entertainment and media outlook 2015–2019, PwC, Ovum)

If you adjust for the effects of the closure of major book chains such as Borders, there is in fact only one or two years of decline in sales volume over the last decade in most major markets. Every other year including the most recent year’s figures reflect a modest year-on-year growth in total books (including eBooks) sold in the year before.

That’s not to say there’s not been significant disruption and consolidation in the industry. A large part of the highest-value, highest-margin segments of the business such as hardback fiction are steadily migrating to eBook and online fulfillment. And of course, the rise of online pure-play booksellers such as Amazon, Flipkart and The Book Depository has meant a new level of global competition for local independent bookstores and chains alike.

The migration to eBooks has meant the total dollar value of books sold has declined but the profitability of some publishers has actually increased as they’ve removed a lot of their printing, warehousing and distribution costs. A growing source of the industries profits are from eBooks as analysis by Bain shows.

Growing share of profits from eBooks.(Publishing in the Digital Era, Bain 2011)

On the retail front while some bookshops have not managed to survive this last decade, many have held on. And some are thriving and flourishing—delighting their customers in ways only they know how. And being remembered for it.

The long-established Shakespeare & Company featured in Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris.(Tamara Craiu/Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND)

In an economy increasingly governed by attention, the need for companies and retailers to have their brands recognised and remembered has never been greater. Being forgotten is one of the greatest clear and present dangers in the global, web-connected and digital economy.

Using web data, it’s possible to measure the collective visibility of today’s leading bookstores from around the world.

Towards a global Top 40

Novelist & co-creator of kids TV series Hi-5, Posie Graeme-Evans, recently wrote about her Top 10 Favourite Bookstores.

What if you could find out what everyone’s favourite bookstores were, around the world? And what if this list included all the legendary independent stores like Shakespeare and Company in Paris, as well as online bookstores like Amazon and bookstore chains like Waterstones, Barnes & Nobles and Dymocks. Using large scale data collections from the web, I set about doing this.

The Top 40 Bookstores list is based on how many people think about these stores and how often.

Perhaps not surprisingly, online stores lead the list with followed by the online goliath Flipkart of India just ahead of the world’s largest bookstore chain Barnes & Noble. France’s giant cultural and electronics retailing chain, Fnac, is fourth with the UK’s largest bookstore chain, Waterstones, rounding out the top five.

What may come as a surprise is that leading independent single stores or small chains including Shakespeare and Company (Paris), Powells (Portland) and City Lights (San Francisco) all feature in the top 20.

Here is the list in full:

World’s Top Bookstores 2015

# Bookstore Twitter HQ Country
1 @amazonbooks US
2 Flipkart @Flipkart India
3 Barnes & Noble @BNBuzz US
4 Fnac @Fnac France
5 Waterstones @waterstones UK
6 The Book Depository @bookdepository UK
7 AbeBooks @AbeBooks Canada
8 Shakespeare and Company @Shakespeare_Co France
9 Books-A-Million @booksamillion US
10 Hay-on-Wye @Hay_On_WyeBooks UK
11 WHSmith @WHSmith UK
12 Infibeam @infibeam India
13 Chapters Indigo @chaptersindigo Canada
14 Powell’s Books @Powells US
15 City Lights Bookstore @CityLightsBooks US
16 Blackwell UK @blackwellbooks UK
17 National Book Store @nbsalert The Philippines
18 Alibris @alibris US
19 Foyles @Foyles UK
20 Eslite Bookstore @eslite Taiwan
21 MPH Group @M_TWEETbyMPH Malaysia
22 Hudson Group @hudsonbooks US
23 Books Kinokuniya @Kinokuniya Japan
24 Fishpond @Fishpondcom NZ
25 Strand Bookstore @strandbookstore US
26 Hastings Entertainment @goHastings US
27 Half Price Books @halfpricebooks US
28 Popular Holdings #popularworld Singapore
29 Livraria Cultura @livcultura Brazil
30 Higginbotham’s #higginbothams India
31 Landmark Bookstores @landmarkstores India
32 Hatchards @Hatchards UK
33 Fopp @foppofficial UK
34 Dymocks Booksellers @dymocksbooks Australia
35 Harvard/MIT Cooperative Society @harvardcoop US
36 Eason & Son @easons Ireland
37 NewsLink #newslink Australia
38 Archambault @archambaultCA Canada
39 Kyobo Book Centre @withKyoboBook Korea
40 Hodges Figgis @Hodges_Figgis Ireland

Ranked by Bookstore Mind Share 1.01; Paul X McCarthy, June 2015.

The methodology

To create the Top 40, I created a “Bookstore Mind Share” (BMS index) derived from web data such as global visits to each bookseller’s Wikipedia page. This approach is a proxy for popularity or notoriety. I then standardised the results to allow comparisons across categories and across the world. As the BMS is based on the English-language web, it is mainly representative of English-language countries and English-language bookstores but interestingly still includes bookstores in Korea and Brazil.

By using a standard measure across global web platforms like Wikipedia traffic data, Google Books N-Gram and Google search term frequency, you can create interesting and fascinating comparisons that span across time and geography.

Another example of this type of web data use is the MIT Media Lab’s Pantheon project where you can browse rankings of many people across history from ancient times to today including:

This is an experimental data project and I would encourage readers to comment or make suggestions for improvements or additions.

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. We welcome your comments at

29 Jun 06:26

Edwidge Danticat and Junot Díaz Protest Dominican Republic Expulsions

Danticat, who is from Haiti, and Diaz, who is from the Dominican Republic, joined forces to condemn the D.R.'s ongoing expulsion of natives and residents who can't prove that they have at least one parent with "Dominican blood."

29 Jun 04:00

Paul's Walk n.

OED Word of the Day: Paul's Walk, n. The nave of old St Paul's, a place for gossipmongers
29 Jun 00:12

acutenautilus: It’s only 4 months until Junji Ito’s greatest...