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29 Jul 20:28

One of literature’s biggest, Canuck-friendliest prizes has shut out the Great White North

by Jake Flanagin

"This is the second year in a row no Canadian authors have been longlisted."

Canadian readers looking for compatriots on this year's Man Booker longlist will be disappointed.

Longlisted nominees for the 2015 Man Booker Prize—considered one of the premiere awards for English-language literature—were announced on July 29.

This year marks the second time in the prize’s 46-year history that nominations of US authors were permitted. From 1969 to 2014, inclusions were limited to novels initially published in English by publishers in the Commonwealth of Nations: the UK, Canada, Australia, India, Nigeria, etc.

This year’s longlist, which will be whittled down to a shortlist of six on Sep. 15 (with the winner announced Oct. 13), includes five US authors: Bill Clegg for Did You Ever Have a Family (Jonathan Cape), Laila Lalami for The Moor’s Account (Periscope, Garnet Publishing), Marilynne Robinson for Lila (Virago), Anne Robinson for A Spool of Blue Thread (Chatto & Windus), and Hanya Yanagihara for A Little Life (Picador).

2015 nominees

Author Title Nationality
Bill Clegg Did You Ever Have a Family US
Anne Enright The Green Road Ireland
Marlon James A Brief History of Seven Killings Jamaica
Laila Lalami The Moor’s Account US
Tom McCarthy Satin Island UK
Chigozie Obioma The Fishermen Nigeria
Andrew O’Hagan The Illuminations UK
Marilynne Robinson Lila US
Anuradha Roy Sleeping on Jupiter India
Sunjeev Sahota The Year of the Runaways UK
Anna Smaill The Chimes New Zealand
Anne Tyler A Spool of Blue Thread US
Hanya Yanagihara A Little Life US

US authors outnumber every other nationality, including those from the UK (only three). Likely, Man Booker purists will lament this Yankee invasion, though it probably reflects the reality of the industry. The US book market is one of the largest in the English-speaking world.

But some might point to this year’s complete absence of Canadian nominations as a reason for excluding US authors in the first place. This is the second year in a row no Canadian authors have been longlisted.

“I think it is pretty evident that any time you open up a prize to include other nationalities, and especially the USA with its huge number of fine authors, the odds of making any such prize list becomes that much harder,” Patrick Crean, a publisher with HarperCollins Canada, told the National Post last year.

Canadian authors have long been a linchpin of the Man Booker long- and shortlists. Alice Munro’s The Beggar Maid was the only short story collection to ever have been shortlisted. Michael Ondaatje was the first Canadian novelist to win the Prize in 1992 with The English Patient. Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin (2000) and Yann Martel’s Life of Pi (2002) were also prizewinners, and Canadian literary stalwarts such as Mordecai Richler, Robertson Davies, Brian Moore, Rohinton Mistry, Michael Ignatieff, Carol Shields, Patrick deWitt, Esi Edugyan, Eleanor Catton (winner in 2013, with New Zealand dual-citizenship), have all been shortlisted in past years. Even more have been longlisted.

There’s clearly no dearth of quality Canadian literature in the marketplace—so why is the Great White North so habitually overlooked by Man Booker?

Some might say it’s a necessary sacrifice to open the contest up to writers from historically unrepresented corners of the globe. In 2015, Marlon James is the first Jamaican-born author to be nominated—wonderful news for a country with an already rich literary tradition. But if that’s the case, why is it that the Canadians are the ones taking the brunt of the shift? American and British authors are already the most overrepresented nationality when it comes to marketing and film-option opportunities. Budge up, eh?

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29 Jul 21:20

There Is a 17th Republican Presidential Candidate for Some Reason - New York Magazine


love the NYM hed: "There Is a 17th Republican Presidential Candidate for Some Reason"

New York Magazine

There Is a 17th Republican Presidential Candidate for Some Reason
New York Magazine
Former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore speaks at the First in the Nation Republican Leadership Summit April 17, 2015 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Photo: Darren McCollester/Getty Images. If you're a right-leaning hipster who considers all 16 Republicans ...
Gilmore Becomes 17th Republican in 2016 Presidential RaceVoice of America
Virginia's Gilmore makes 17 GOP presidential candidatesGreensboro News & Record
Jim Gilmore launches bid for White HouseBBC News
Politico -Daily Caller
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29 Jul 22:23

Google workers that pack same-day deliveries want to unionize

by Cyrus Farivar


A local Teamsters Union announced Tuesday that over 140 warehouse and shipping workers contracted with Google Express are seeking their representation.

The delivery services, which Ars tested in 2013, is now run by Adecco, a human resources and temporary worker company. According to Local Union 853, Google Express workers are only limited to two-year contracts, regardless of their job performance.

"With the conditions that these people have, they have nothing to lose," Rome Aloise, Local 853’s principal officer, told Ars.

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29 Jul 23:04

'Gritty,' 'Dystopic' "Little Women" Adaptation in Development at The CW


our dystopian present

A new take on "Little Women" is in the works at The CW, but it sounds considerably far removed from Louise May Alcott's original text.
29 Jul 14:55

Well, Black Widow #20 is on the stands today. It’s been an...



Well, Black Widow #20 is on the stands today. It’s been an amazing ride.  A big thanks to Axel Alonso who originally pitched me the idea of drawing this book, Ellie Pyle, who was the best editor anyone could ask for, Jake Thomas, who kept us going flawlessly for the second half, Clayton Cowles, who lettered the book beautifully, month in and month out and of course Nathan Edmondson, who created such a perfect version of Natasha and her world. It was a thrill to draw all those scripts. Last but not least  , THANKS to all of YOU who supported the book and kept it going for almost 2 years! Nathan and I have been so happy with the reception to our run on this book. It made it a pleasure creating these stories for you.

30 Jul 00:19

CA county offers $75,000 reward to catch drone pilots who botched firefighting

by Megan Geuss

In a unanimous vote on Tuesday, supervisors for San Bernardino County, California agreed to offer $75,000 worth of rewards (PDF) in exchange for help in tracking down the drone pilots who flew their drones over wildfires in recent weeks. The drone interference has forced firefighters to ground aircraft, and has caused fires to “spread faster and further,” according to Board of Supervisors Chairman James Ramos.

The first incident occurred in late June, when interference from a hobbyist drone flying over the Lake Fire in San Bernardino County forced the US Forest Service (USFS) to divert three planes carrying flame retardant, costing USFS $10,000. The drone was reportedly flying higher than the legally-allowed 400 feet above the ground, and USFS had issued a temporary flight restriction over the wildfire, as it does commonly during wildfires. The drone operator was not found.

Two weeks later, during the Mill 2 fire (which was also in San Bernardino County), the Los Angeles Times reports that “officials had to briefly suspend a tanker after a drone was spotted flying over Mill Creek Canyon near California 38.”

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30 Jul 01:21

11 Nations of America (larger)


lol @ new france

30 Jul 02:20

Uber cars bashed in Mexico, cabbies protest rideshare apps - Miami Herald

Uber cars bashed in Mexico, cabbies protest rideshare apps
Miami Herald
A raucous crowd attacked Uber drivers and their vehicles with clubs and stones outside the Mexico City airport, the company said Wednesday, as licensed taxi drivers demonstrated to demand a “total halt” to app-based rideshare services in the capital.
Uber drivers attacked outside Mexico City airport as taxi drivers demonstrateThe Guardian
Protests by taxi, bus drivers snarl traffic in Colombia's capitalFox News Latino

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30 Jul 05:00

Interview: Jason Segel scores the role of his lifetime, David Foster Wallace

by A.A. Dowd

Trepidation was not an uncommon response to the announcement, back in late 2013, that Jason Segel had secured the role of David Foster Wallace in an upcoming movie. The lankiest of the goofballs to emerge from the Judd Apatow players company, Segel had then worked almost exclusively in comedy, juggling his day job as a cast member on the sitcom How I Met Your Mother with roles in broad big-screen yuk-fests. And though he is, in fact, a writer himself—he’s penned several of his own starring vehicles and helped re-launch the movie career of the Muppets—plenty were still struggling to picture him as one of the most revered wordsmiths in modern literature. Some early production photos of the actor, his hair pulled back into one of Wallace’s trademark bandanas, didn’t inspire new waves of confidence.

But then people actually saw The End Of The Tour ...

30 Jul 02:02

Mia Farrow faces Twitter backlash after posting hunter dentist's office address - Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun

Mia Farrow faces Twitter backlash after posting hunter dentist's office address
Toronto Sun
Actress Mia Farrow is facing a backlash online after sharing the business address of the Minnesota dentist who illegally hunted down a protected lion in Zimbabwe. The Rosemary's Baby star was among a host of celebrity animal lovers who were left ...
Mia Farrow criticized for tweeting business address of Cecil the lion's killerEntertainment Weekly (blog)
Mia Farrow Faces Twitter Backlash For Lion Dentist's AddressCBS Local
Mia Farrow Criticized for Tweeting Cecil the Lion's Killer AddressAceShowbiz
Fox News -Clay Center Dispatch
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29 Jul 14:30

Jizz (birding)


hi rosalind

Experienced birders can often make reliable identifications in the field at a glance by utilising jizz.


29 Jul 17:05

The 10 Worst Parents in Superhero Comics

by Rob Bricken

'All the Parents of the Runaways'

What makes a hero? Is it bravery? Sympathy for others? Uncompromising morals? Or is it just having really terrible parents? I’m not sure about the latter, but being raised by horrible people clearly doesn’t hurt. Here are 10 moms and dads that being a good guy clearly isn’t genetic.


29 Jul 17:20

T. Rex's Serrated Teeth Were Even More Badass Than We Thought

by George Dvorsky

shared for birbrex art

Paleontologists have known for years that Tyrannosaurus Rex and other closely related theropods had jagged teeth to help them chew through flesh. But close inspection of crack-like features at the base of these serrations has revealed there’s more to these fearsome teeth than previously believed.


29 Jul 17:20

Newswire: Kenya Barris and Alex Barnow are co-writing the Shaft reboot, can you dig it?

by B.G. Henne

cast Dris

44 years after the original Shaft’s Richard Roundtree tossed jive-ass gangsters out of second-story windows, and 15 years after Samuel L. Jackson starred as his nephew in the 2000 film, the planned reboot is one step closer to bringing John Shaft back to the big screen. According to The Hollywod Reporter, Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and The Goldbergs executive producer Alex Barnow will team up to pen the script for a fresh take on the cat who won’t cop out. This collaboration is in addition to their greenlit pitch for a movie about a lame white guy who wakes up sharing his mind with Ice Cube.

Despite his incapability of being understood by anyone but his woman, Shaft has remained an enduring pop-culture character, and the 1971 film is a seminal entry in the blaxploitation genre. The screenwriters are planning to use humor to address racial tensions, while ...

29 Jul 19:22

The Range Smart Thermometer, A Probe Thermometer Accessory for Smartphones

by Glen Tickle


range smart thermometer

The Range Smart Thermometer by Supermechanical is a probe thermometer accessory for smartphones that lets chefs precisely measure the temperature of their meat. The Range app also includes a database of precise temperatures for different types of meats and candies, and the steel and silicon design allows the probe to be clipped safely to the edge of a pot or pan.

For a limited time, the Range Smart Thermometer is available in our Laughing Squid Store for a 14% discount off its list price.

range smart thermometer 2

range smart thermometer 3

range smart thermometer 4

range smart thermometer 5

images via Laughing Squid Store

29 Jul 20:06

Tabtag, Creative Glowing MacBook Stickers That Use the Illuminated Apple Logo as a Light Source

by Justin Page

oh what big deaTHEMOON ONE


Tabtags are a creative series of removable and reusable glowing stickers, made by a skilled group of Vienna, Austria-based designers, that use the illuminated Apple logo on a MacBook lid as a light source. Tabtags were funded through Kickstarter, thanks to all of their generous backers. The collection of stickers are available to purchase online from the Tabtag website.


Sunny Side Up

Full Moon



images via tabtag

Thanks Shelby DeNike!

29 Jul 18:22

Goodbye, Android


'Google still has very little control over software updates, and Android users are basically at the mercy of their carriers and phone manufacturers when it comes to getting updates or new operating system versions.'

"Don’t get me wrong. In many ways, Android is great. I love its open source ethos and the ability one has to customize it. But I can’t take it anymore for one simple, but really fundamental, reason."
29 Jul 20:37

The Birth Of MLS


meanwhile, in men's sportsball

A 10-team organization with zero soccer-specific stadiums at the start, Major League Soccer now has 20 franchises, 13 of them playing in homes of their own, with payrolls that have tripled. As the league plays its 20th season, key figures recall the kickoff campaign.
29 Jul 20:35

The Random User, A Robotic Computer Mouse With an Artificial Finger That Clicks Around the Internet Randomly

by Glen Tickle


The Random User is a robotic computer mouse with an artificial finger built by design studio Monobo that clicks around the Internet randomly. The device is a comment about online identity and the way behavior is tracked online.

A vintage intervened mouse that browse internet randomly, without control. A special user who does not attend UX strategies, CTAs, quality content …
This small desktop experiment explores the identity on the Internet theories and the “Google Analytics” world.

the random user 1

the random user 2

the random user 3

images via Prosthetic Knowledge

via Prosthetic Knowledge

29 Jul 20:48

Our Post-Amazon Dystopia: We Cannot Hide From the Echo

by Maddy Myers

'Aanya Nigam, a 16-year-old girl who doesn’t trust the Amazon Echo, so “she unplugged the device and hid it in a place that her mother, Anjana Agarwal, still hasn’t been able to find.”

Nigam’s got the right idea, if you ask me. (No word yet on whether she knows any time travelers, but if she starts making claims, I’m listening.) The Echo has struck me as disturbing ever since the very first commercial came out; this promotional video plays out like a cyberpunk horror on the verge of a second-act reveal.'


I’ve always wanted to press a button and have a fresh bottle of laundry detergent appear on my doorstep. I can almost do that now, provided those buttons are the keys on my keyboard, but having an Amazon Dash Button affixed to my washing machine would save me so much time. I won’t even have to decide on a detergent brand; Amazon HQ has decided that Tide should be my go-to. That’s why I feel no reservations whatsoever about this branded $4.99 button, made especially for Amazon Prime Members. Gatorade? Kraft mac and cheese? Food pellets? Victory cigarettes? Just hammer on that button, folks, and ye shall receive!


The future Sarah Connor of our post-Amazon dystopia is Aanya Nigam, a 16-year-old girl who doesn’t trust the Amazon Echo, so “she unplugged the device and hid it in a place that her mother, Anjana Agarwal, still hasn’t been able to find.”

Nigam’s got the right idea, if you ask me. (No word yet on whether she knows any time travelers, but if she starts making claims, I’m listening.) The Echo has struck me as disturbing ever since the very first commercial came out; this promotional video plays out like a cyberpunk horror on the verge of a second-act reveal.

Personally, I welcome our future robot overlords. But I don’t welcome our corporate overlords, and when I read about Dash Buttons and Amazon’s latest drone technology (purely for delivering products, of course), I feel suspicious. I can tell when I’m being sold a vision of “convenience” that benefits high-powered CEOs’ wallets.

When the robots of the future become self-aware, I don’t think they’re going to turn on us. They’re going to turn on their evil corporate creators, who’ve forced them to sell and deliver useless crap. They’re going to save their fellow underpaid, underserved workers in Amazon’s warehouses, led by a 16-year-old girl with the foresight and the strength to believe in what they can do.

Brb, writing a screenplay.

(via The Verge and Phys.Org, gif via Tumblr)

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29 Jul 22:06

‘Nat & Lo’s 20% Project’, A Video Series That Takes a Behind-The-Scenes Look at Side Projects Created at Google

by Scott Beale


“Nat & Lo’s 20% Project” is a new YouTube video series created by Google employees “Nat” (Natalie Hammel) and “Lo” (Lorraine Yurshansky) who are documenting side projects at Google created as part of the company’s 20% time policy that allows Google employees to work on independent projects 20% of the time. Subscribe to the “Nat & Lo’s 20% Project” YouTube channel for all the latest videos in the series.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

29 Jul 22:45



fuck the police

29 Jul 22:40

Astronauts Have Bolted Kombucha Samples to the Space Station

by Ria Misra

Nope, it’s not a home-brewing experiment gone horribly awry in the ISS. It’s an attempt to test the resilience of kombucha, by throwing it directly against the void of space.


29 Jul 23:16



hi otters

29 Jul 23:19

d0gbl0g: los perritos super gorditos gang


los perritos super gorditos gang

29 Jul 23:20



bout that firehose life

30 Jul 00:00

Cassini Spies "Unusual" Red Arcs on Saturn's Icy Moon Tethys

by Robbie Gonzalez


Recently acquired images of Tethys, one of the ice moons of Saturn, have given scientists their best view yet of several “unusual, arc-shaped reddish streaks” that sweep across the satellite’s surface.


29 Jul 16:57

The Royals are utterly confusing reporters with 'Trap Queen' references

by James Dator


"Trap Queen" by Fetty Wap is the infectious tune that has permeated the entire Royals locker room. It kicks off with the numbers "1738" (a reference to Remy Martin 1738 cognac), and now players are trying to confuse reporters.

KC players are fining each other if they don't use "1738" in postgame interviews. I have no idea what it means. Success has driven them mad.

— Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

Cain on Bauer: "He was like a 17-38 to the plate." Hosmer on his RBIs against Cleveland: "I'll take 17. I'll take 38."

— Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

Moustakas on Hosmer's pick: "Hoz picks that thing 17 out of 38 times."

— Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

It's led to reporters losing their cool ...

McCullough: "I am not putting that in newspaper." Moustakas: "Why not?" AM:: "It makes no sense." Moose: "It makes perfect sense."

— Andy McCullough (@McCulloughStar) July 29, 2015

It's unclear where the 1738 obsession started, but it seems fairly safe to level that charge on Lorenzo Cain. Here's out first and only piece of evidence:

Yes, "Trap Queen" is his walkout music. Keep this up Royals, the season is so much more fun with you.


SB Nation video archives: Reporters getting hit by balls (2013)

29 Jul 23:06

Instead of music, the Marlins played fart sounds during Nationals batting practice

by Mark Sandritter


No, really.

If you've ever attended batting practice at a MLB stadium, you probably heard loud music blaring through the stadium sound system, just like you would at any NFL or NBA game. If you watched the Nationals batting practice in Miami on Wednesday, you heard something a little different.

Went back through BP tape and found the fart noise during #Nats BP. This is not a joke.

— HoldenKushner (@Holdenradio) July 29, 2015

Yup, that's right. Instead of playing music while the Nats took BP, the Marlins decided to let some fart noises fly. Maybe they were real farts, we will never know. Either way, they were so loud they even echoed! Seriously, that isn't a fake video.

Now not only are the Marlins not playing music during Nats BP, loud fart noises are coming through the speakers. I swear, I'm not kidding.

— Dan Kolko (@masnKolko) July 29, 2015

Later, after the farting had commenced, the Marlins sound team took a different strategy.

Fart noises have now been replaced by Kenny G-ish stuff. Beginning to think they borrowed @JamesWagnerWP's iPod.

— Chelsea Janes (@chelsea_janes) July 29, 2015

Fart sounds and Kenny G style music. That's how the Marlins roll.

The Nationals eventually tried to solve the problem by bringing a portable speaker from the clubhouse and putting it next to the batting cage.

That on the far right is a speaker the Nats have brought onto the field. They're taking matters into their own hands.

— Dan Kolko (@masnKolko) July 29, 2015

The only question now is whether playing fart sounds during an opponents batting practice is against the many unwritten rules of baseball.

29 Jul 16:20

Re: Gamer Talk: How do you handle homosexuality and transgenderism in your campaigns?

by Chris Lambertz (Community & Digital Content Director)

meanwhile, in gamer culture

Guys, let's please direct this back to the original topic, rather than a discussion of moderators. To be brief: If posts are derailing a topic into territory that belongs elsewhere, we'll direct posters to stop. If posts violate our Community Guidelines (which could be posts that we feel are baiting and will spur heated discussion, offensive posts, personal attacks, and so on), they're removed. If posts are made simply to argue that a post was removed, we'll direct users to the proper channels, instead of taking the discussion into a direction it generally doesn't belong. is a privately owned space, and while posting here, all users agree to the guidelines we have laid out. If anyone has questions/concerns with those guidelines, any member of our staff is happy to provide more insight. I'll admit that it isn't a perfect system, but there is no secret bias by anyone on our staff against specific members of the community or points of view when posts get removed. If you truly feel there is, I'd suggest revisiting how you're phrasing these points of view, rather than focusing on the idea that we'll squash specific posts "just because." Our moderation team/community team is very deeply invested in providing a welcoming space for just about every kind of gamer. If you'd like to suggest what we can do better, or comment further, please take it to the appropriate forum.