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03 Aug 13:24

televandalist: Everyday



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gamegrrl: did a little eyeliner tutorial for you guys...


did a little eyeliner tutorial for you guys :-)

03 Aug 23:10

thepoliticalfreakshow: “Reasons.” Police Violence. America.


“Reasons.” Police Violence. America.

03 Aug 12:52

Koch compares agenda with civil rights movement


fuck this guy

Charles Koch compared his political network’s effort to reduce government regulation to the American revolution and the civil rights movement, The Washington Post reports. Koch, chairman and CEO of Wichita-based Koch Industries Inc., told donors at a California gathering that Americans are motivated by the issue of justice. “Look at the American revolution, the anti-slavery movement, the women’s suffrage movement, the civil rights movement,” he said. “All of these struck a moral chord…
03 Aug 21:12

creepingmuse: mewbutts: internetexplorers: when i die i want to be buried wearing a pair of...




when i die i want to be buried wearing a pair of sunglasses so that a few decades down the line i will also be a cool skeleton

26,473 notes. 26,473 people identified with this statement. if even half that many people actually did this, can you imagine how confused future archaeologists would be

We believe the dark glasses may be a sign that the deceased wished to hide their guilty eyes from St. Peter, who guarded the gates of heaven. Their true ritualistic use is unknown. 

03 Aug 19:44

dontbeanassharry: aroacelukeskywalker: nursenotes: 1. Fist:...




1. Fist: Make a fist around the epi-pen, don’t place your thumb/fingers over either end

2. Flick the blue cap off

3. Fire. Press down into the outer thigh (the big muscle in there), hold for 10 seconds before removing (the orange cap will cover the needle). Bare skin is best but the epi-pen will go through clothing. Avoid pockets and seams. 

- Ring an ambulance even if everything seems to be fine!

Oh my god.
So as someone who has to carry an epipen EVERYWHERE I am so happy to see that there’s an info post about them.
Like in the extreme case that I can’t inject myself, somebody else would have to do it, but nobody knows how to do it! Thank you, this may just save my life some day.

Don’t be wimpy about it, either. I know friends who are like, “but idk if I could stab you with a needle!” Please stab me with the needle, don’t be hesitant about it.

In my case (I can’t speak for all allergies), an epi buys me 20 minutes of breathing to get to the hospital. It is not a magic bullet, it’s a few critical minutes to help get me where I need to go.

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mercurialistheather: I AM THE PRINCESS KING Find your way!



Find your way!

03 Aug 14:19

Masturbator of puppets: The anatomically correct GG Allin marionette


TW puppet peen

GG Allin marionette
GG Allin marionette
There are entirely too many times during the day that while doing important “research” for DM, I audibly utter the words “I can’t.” However, after learning of the existence of a GG Allin marionette, I wasn’t even able to muster a sound in...

03 Aug 19:18

cursedkennedy: jaanfe: bridjett: bellpincher: shit, calm...





shit, calm down donna


A mess!!! Donna he is a cartoon mascot!!

Im donna

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eery-xyz: celestial-fruits:Not sure how to finish this...





Not sure how to finish this painting…

it looks like the cat is shyly showing off its art. Which is nice.

03 Aug 17:00

Fonda, 22“I love wearing pieces with a story: pieces that remind...

Fonda, 22

“I love wearing pieces with a story: pieces that remind me of what I have done, where I have been, or of my loved ones. Now I’m wearing a skirt that I found at the Fruitvale BART station while waiting for a friend so that we could go to a woman’s studio to dance with her snakes, a top that used to be owned by a belly dancer, earrings that my lover found at the flea market, a necklace that I made with bones from an owl pellet, and Docs because every lady needs a pair of kick-ass boots.”

Jul 24, 2015 ∙ The Mission
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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Profits and Process


Hovertext: This comic officially not in relation to anything.

New comic!
Today's News:

 Tickets for BAHFest East are now on sale!

These tickets have sold out early every year so far, and the student tickets (available to students from any university) usually sell out very quickly. So, if you want to guarantee a spot, and see people like Rosemary Mosco, Abby Howard, and Max Tegmark, please book soon!

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Janis Joplin's high school yearbook photo, 1960

by John VE
03 Aug 13:03

effyeahnerdfighters: (via mylonelysoul)

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the gothest sentence in existence

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by Ryan Pagelow



Check out today’s comic on Webtoon.

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floozys: our shop cat thomas just had to have surgery and they...


our shop cat thomas just had to have surgery and they had to shave his knees and now he looks like one of those jackets 😭😂

30 Jul 20:55

universalkeys: Birthday girl


Birthday girl

30 Jul 19:46

"When I meet other people my age and tell them what I do for a living (only after unsuccessfully..."

When I meet other people my age and tell them what I do for a living (only after unsuccessfully avoiding it), after the usual what kind of music, name of the band questions, etc., things turn to my thoughts on the merits or lack of in today’s pop music. Sometimes I think they want me to reassure them that they are not just turning into old assholes. Saying the same things old assholes said about them and their music. In order to determine if you’re turning into an old asshole, you have to accept the fact that the rate at which a society progresses can be measured by the rate at which it’s old assholes die or accept their irrelevance. Since we can’t change your life expectancy let’s focus on relevance.

Why was your music all that anyway? If you’re thinking “because they played their own instruments” you may be becoming an old asshole.


Ted Nugent plays an instrument. What is he? You guessed it. I was even young enough once to think he had something meaningful to offer the world.

Basically every generation deserves a chance to get it wrong! And if you think the one coming up is going to get it any more wrong than yours did; congratulations!

You’re an old asshole.

Don’t be an old asshole.

- Mike Cooley, poptimist (via thepretender)
30 Jul 16:36

dacadaca: iwillbeyourhands: androdjinni: youdlikethis: Actual...





Actual graphic from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition of 1915. 

Your eyes are an ocean.

Your breasts are also an ocean…

#gals being canals

#daca #this looks oddly like your drawing style omg

drawing ocean lesbians since 1915

30 Jul 14:41

2015 U.S. Trans Survey Is Coming August 19th

by helenboyd

pass it on

Here’s the always awesome Ignacio Rivera with a few reasons why it’s important, and I’ll add myself that having published some scholarship on trans issues, the last survey provided much needed data and continues to be cited in necessary ways.

30 Jul 04:26

bathorycassette: bathorycassette: the record shop near me just...



the record shop near me just isn’t having it anymore

i thought this was gonna get like 5 notes wtf

30 Jul 11:04

speciesbarocus: Illustrations to the Book of Revelation...


Illustrations to the Book of Revelation (1909).

The stile follows the early 17th century’s Old Believers’ manuscript tradition [x]

30 Jul 09:25

Roy, The Telekinetic Child-Owl (1973-1979)

by Scarfolk Council
Scarfolk Council was no stranger to invading the privacy of ordinary families. Back in December we introduced you to the council Christmas Boy (see HERE) who strictly monitored the contentment of families during the festive season. We've since received letters asking how the council kept households in check during the rest of the year.

In 1973 the council engineered a genetically modified creature called Roy. He was the result of cross-breeding barn owls with surplus human infants raised by prying, judgemental, lower-middle-class parents. Roy was cloned and delivered to every family in Scarfolk. His job was to oversee domestic affairs, and, if any family member deviated from officially sanctioned activity, Roy was to berate them by tutting and shaking his head.

Unfortunately, there had been a clinical oversight. Volatile poltergeist DNA had accidentally contaminated Roy's genes when a careless scientist left open a lab window which looked out onto a supernatural-energy processing plant. Instead of the envisioned tutting and head-shaking, Roy flew into violent rages, triggering major telekinetic events. There were reports of Roys decimating entire families and, in one case, allegedly annihilating an entire housing estate.

The council was under pressure to recall the defective owls, but because there had been a sudden drop in the numbers of families claiming benefits, it announced instead that Roy was a resounding success and millions more of the human-owl hybrid were commissioned by the police and social services.
30 Jul 00:35

lotusgurl: victoriousvocabulary: MELOMANIA[noun]an extreme...





an extreme love for music.

Etymology: from Latin melos (music) + Greek mania (madness).

[Fuco Ueda]

So me.