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28 Mar 15:47

Obama Orders Homosexual Chemtrail Missions Over Indiana Day After “Religious Freedom Bill” Passed


greatest headline ever.

obama chemtrails indiana
Obama administration sanctioned Homosexual chemtrail missions are being flown over Indiana. Reports of homosexual outbreaks have increased since 0657 Eastern time.  It remains unconfirmed if the plane pictured is Air Force One  itself flying over Indiana and leaking homosexual-inducing chemtrails on the male population.

Homosexuality is spreading in Indiana.  Only one day after Indiana Governor Mike Pence tried to protect Christian businesses from onslaughts of gay customers, it seems Obama has ordered an increase in homosexual chemtrail missions to be flown over the state.

Families awoke to horror early Friday morning, married men in a daze.  One woman from Brownsburg said she woke up at 5:30 due to awkward noises coming from her husband’s office study.  When she peaked in she saw him ‘looking at gay internet websites and being stimulated by them.”

The woman’s testimony matches that in other regions where homosexual chemtrail missions are being flown.  The CDC estimates that for every 100 men, five are admitted gay.  But recently there is a new statistic showing that an incredible 48 out of 100 men are secretly or agnostic gay.

This confusing increase in homosexuality is directly related to the homosexual chemtrail missions.  The Obama Administration has turned Soviet-era bioweapons, designed to turn enemy armies gay, into an aerosol vapor whose ethyrs are very similar to crystal meth.

While the fashionable carnival glass, rainbow colored appearance is not intentional, it does serve as an almost ominous, symbolic warning go straight men:  homosexuality is literally being rained down from the sky and upon them.  Men are no longer in full control of their homosexuality, they are no longer free to make the choice 100% for themselves.

This new chemical warfare is giving them a higher proclivity for homosexuality.  Many more women in Indiana will find their husbands looking at lurid gay internet sites or if they check their phone history, may see they are trying to get a Craigslist or Grindr hook-up.

Today many men are protesting Governor Pence and do not even know why they are doing it.  Why are they so mad at the governor for trying to protect the greater Indianapolis area from becoming a Sodomy-Megalopolis, something we’ve seen happen time and time again on the East coast.

Several sources indicate they believe they saw Air Force One itself flying over Indiana, squirting out the rainbow-colored gas vapor that could very well turn many more men to homosexuality.


The mists of homosexual chemtrails coalesces with natural water vapor in the sky, then eventually come closer to the ground as breathable air.


While the colors of the homosexual inducing chemtrails is alluring, perhaps like a carnival glass of which gay love to use to decorate their spacious, modern homes, the effects of breathing it are inimitable:  sudden primal urge for foreign testosterone, increased appetite for deep sarcasm and satiating one’s most innate wanton desires.

hqdefault (1)

The chemtrails form mini cyclones when mixing with the air, then shoot down in a stream to the land.  Men are breathing these chemicals into their lung and becoming increasingly confused on their homosexuality, having trouble fighting off urges to experiment with their new desires.

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27 Mar 17:00

3922) When I was 9 I used to pack with a tennis ball. Yes... A fucking tennis ball *facepalm*

26 Mar 12:47

Cadbury Creme Egg season is here again at last....

Cadbury Creme Egg season is here again at last. What better way to celebrate the return of one of our all-time favorite seasonal treats than with… an… absolute nightmare of chocolate, fondant and an itty-bitty Chestburster? This awesomely terrifying, yet somehow still tantalizing Weyland-Yutani Chestburster Creme Egg is the work of Ghoulia Childs, who excels at combining horror films with tasty food.We strongly suggest declining this dangerous treat. There are plenty of other Cadbury Eggs out there this time of year and no one wants to see Weyland-Yutani develop a Cadbury Creme Facehugger. Or do we?[via Technabob]

Cadbury Creme Egg season is here again at last. What better way to celebrate the return of one of our all-time favorite seasonal treats than with… an… absolute nightmare of chocolate, fondant and an itty-bitty Chestburster? This awesomely terrifying, yet somehow still tantalizing Weyland-Yutani Chestburster Creme Egg is the work of Ghoulia Childs, who excels at combining horror films with tasty food.

We strongly suggest declining this dangerous treat. There are plenty of other Cadbury Eggs out there this time of year and no one wants to see Weyland-Yutani develop a Cadbury Creme Facehugger. Or do we?

[via Technabob]

25 Mar 13:43

Feminist Designer Launches ‘Non Sexy’ Lingerie

by Amy Walker


Feminist Hayat Rachi has launched a new line of lingerie named Neon Moon to combat what she believes is a growing trend amongst womens underwear to objectify and sexualise the female body.

The Neon Moon collection will launch with it’s first line, Mon Dieo, and will be free of wiring, cleavage enhancing padding and will be made from sustainable bamboo fabric as ‘lace and satin mold to the wearers body, which might highlight curves’.  Rachi has described the new brand as being ‘designed for women of all body types, including women who embrace pubic, leg and underarm hair’.

‘Instead of succumbing to the body shaming, sexualised and objectified lingerie on the market, I used my frustration to start my own brand,’ Rachi explained.  ‘Not everything is about being sexy or being objectified by the male gaze.’

‘I find it difficult to find a lingerie brand that shared the same ethos as myself: empowerment, body confidence and the non-objectification of women.’

As well as creating a new range of underwear that does against the physical ‘objectification of women’ Rachi also hand picked the models for the brand, ‘women who support healthier and natural bodies rather than standard fashion models’.


Rachi funded Neon Moon with a kickstarter campaign that despite not ending until April 10th, has already received 181 backers and passed her $5,000 goal.

‘I’m absolutely elated with the result.  I genuinely couldn’t fathom reaching the $5,000 goal with 18 days left.  I’ve been so blessed by the support received from women, men, transgender and non-binary people’s generosity.’

Rachi credits her goals being met so quickly thanks to people agreeing that women are often overly sexualised by the lingerie industry.

Neon Moon will allow women the option to choose the type of underwear they wish to use, and importantly it gives feminists a positive representation within the lingerie industry.  Hopefully this new band will act as an alternative for those that choose it though, rather than as another way of using the slut/virgin complex to further divide the feminist community.

Yes, the lingerie industy does definietly sexualise their products and the women it uses to model them, and some lingerie is made solely for the enjoyment of those looking at it (male or female), but that does not necessarily mean that flipping it completely on its head is the best solution.

I think it’s important to recognise the good work that Rachi is doing with Neon Moon, but it is also vital to not condemn any woman who does not choose to use it, but prefers ‘sexy’ lingerie.

There is already enough infighting amongst feminist communities over how women should present themselves and how sexualised they should allow themselves to be seen that I sincerely hope that Neon Moon, and other such brands that will hopefully follow, are not used as ammunition in this debate.

If someone chooses to wear Neon Moon underwear then that should be celebrated, if someone wants to wear a lacy thong then that too should be celebrated.  Women need to stand together as a united force, hopefully this new brand will not be used to prevent that.


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22 Mar 04:01

Lovecraft Sketches

by shaenon

oh tiny adorable HP Lovecraft


Shaenon: More art for a project that may or may not ever happen.  This was a planned collaboration with my friend Jason Thompson, master of H.P. Lovecraft comics.  Mostly I think he wanted to make me draw Edwardian stuff.

Channing: Ooh!  Ooh!  Do August Derleth!  We Wisconsinites have few enough favorite sons who aren’t radical communist witch-hunters or serial killers, might as well give Augie some love.

21 Mar 01:00

3889) Since I came out as trans and joined a support group containing over 30 trans guys who are all comfortable with walking around in just boxers around each other, I can only imagine every person as having a vagina regardless of their gender identity. It's feels sort of weird to think about it like that but it's sort of reduced my dysphoria so I'm grateful for that at least

20 Mar 16:14

unicornfairylove:micdotcom:Stunning Australian street art shows...



Stunning Australian street art shows the world the true face of LGBT people

Australian street artist Astrotwitch launched “Queer the Streets" last year based on the idea that, as they wrote on Tumblr, all the “queer community needs is simply for more people to know that they exist.” Their works are incredible — and every one has the potential to create a change.

Holy crap! I’m so glad the artists information is with this art, because it’s incredible. We need more people making art like this. It’s inspiring and thought provoking. Well done!

^^ I agree.
-Elliott Alexzander

19 Mar 01:08

No Backsies


Crowbar Hanners is my hero

26 Feb 05:01

Queer Benefits

by admin

The sarcasm is strong in this one.

And before anyone theorizes, no, I’m not male-passing in person (yet? possibly?), so believe me, no strangers have yet to guess we’re a hetero coupling.

17 Mar 15:55

Zoey Tur & The Late Transitioner’s Media Tour of Meanness Drinking Game

by helenboyd

First, I want to remind everyone that this awesome trans community has survived the likes of Zoey Tur and it will, no doubt, do so again. But in the meantime, to keep the rest of us from going mad, we’ve got a new drinking game. (Non drinkers, feel free to substitute with chocolate.)

& Yes, there are rules:

Drink for:
“crossdresser”, “crossdressing”
incorrect pronouns when referring to other trans people
image of putting on make up

Double drink for:
being amazed that people interrupt her/other loss of privilege

Chug for:
Rocky Horror allusion, even unintentional
insulting well-respected trans women of color
denying rights to younger trans people based on genital status

Suggestions are more than welcome to complete this one. Check out Monica Roberts’ take-down for ideas.

13 Mar 12:46

How to make a Chip Kelly Protein Shake

by David Rappoccio

Steel Beams: Only against the Jets, because Jets can’t melt players made of Steel Beams


Chip Kelly has made a lot of news this past week what with probably being half insane and not following typical NFL conventions when it comes to player dealings (I picture Roger Goodell in his office, a picture of Chip on the whiteboard. He circles him with a red marker and turns to the owners: “We need to keep our eye on this one, he’s trouble”)

Most of the jokes have come at the expense of the Oregon ducks, stating Chip is trying to simply re-create the Eagles into his Oregon team, which would make a lot of sense because they both know something about never winning a national championship. But people aren’t looking at the true link between all of Chip’s recent acquisitions.

Kiko Alonso: 16 games missed last season due to an ACL tear, 2nd in his football career overall.

Sam Bradford: Has had one healthy season in 5, his Rookie year, probably tearing his knee apart right this second.

DeMarco Murray: Has missed significant time with injury over the course of his career that apparently everyone forgot about because he spent last year barely getting touched behind the best line in football.

Walter Thurmond: Spent his one season with the Giants on IR after two games.

Ryan Mathews: has been off and on, and by off and on I mean off and on pain medication for his injuries.

Byron Maxwell: Actually pretty healthy guy but has probably had his heart broken several times so he counts.

The link is painful injury. All these guys are in rehab or will probably end up in rehab. For their bodies. And their Valium addictions. However, since Chip took over Philly, the Eagles have been one of the healthiest teams in the league. Some people think that health is random, as any tackle could ruin you, but maybe Chip knows something we don’t. In fact, he absolutely does. The secret is his protein shakes. So, because I’m a Giants fan who hates the Eagles with every fiber of my being, I took it upon myself to investigate these shakes and tell every team in the league how to make the patented Chip Kelly Protein Shake. As Dr. Steve Brule would say, “For your health”


3 pounds of Super Nutritious Kale. It’s a Super Food! That’s what Hipsters say, right? Make sure the Kale is loaded with incredible pesticides to keep off all those zany bugs, those things just add to your immune system. Don’t get Organic Kale, that stuff is just plain and lame.




Carrots! 3 bushels. Carrots are good for your eyes, so they’ll give you good vision to see things downfield. Also laser eyes to blind the opponent.



10 gallons of Milk. For strong bones. Don’t want your star RB getting osteoporosis on 3rd down.




3 kilos of raw dirt. Worms are welcome but not necessary. Rubbing Dirt on your wounds is one thing, but if you want to be truly gritty you need to injest it.



For super strong bones. You don’t want your star RB getting his lame Milk only bones getting broken on 3rd down.



Preferably a Grizzly, but two black bears will do in a pinch. Bears are totally badass, so you want that badass in you.



At least 1 bottle. Chip Kelly operates a system on speed, and nothing makes players move faster than The Runs.



Just in case all that bearded sky guy stuff is real




 Pretty self explanatory. 3 tons of concrete will just slow you down but 1 ton of concrete? Please.

To stay healthy you need to survive. What survives better than a cockroach? Well, 10 coackroaches, for one. Start with 10 cockroaches but you can never have too many.



Little do most people know RG3 is an imposter, Chip Kelly has the real RG3 tied up in a shed and bleeds him out once a week.



Scared of imposing defensive lineman? Nothing will scare you once you’ve been strong enough to willingly ingest someone else’s Pubic Hair.



Kind of mediocre but is has a good message about playing angry



Just for some playful flavor



Only against the Jets, because Jets can’t melt players made of Steel Beams

Take the kale, carrots, milk, dirt, pubes, paprika, blood, and laxatives and blend them together on high. Then place the mixture and the cockroaches in a slow cooker. Make sure the cockroaches are still alive. Turn the slow cooker on high and place it in the dishwasher. As the dishwasher runs, use your bone saw to cut up the bear. Take the bear chunks and throw it into a pit in your backyard with the concrete and adamantium. Then take the backhoe and jackhammer and go to town.

Melt the Steel Beams and pour it over the backyard mixture. Take the dishwasher slow cooked stew mix and pour it over that. Set the entire thing on fire. Let it burn for 3 days. Backhoe the mixture out and dump it back in the blender. Blend. Dump uranium in there. I didn’t include uranium in the ingredient list because uranium is something everyone should already have in their spice rack.

Blend for five hours and watch the Hulk. Voila, Chip Kelly Health Shake. Enjoy your new found health!

13 Mar 01:11

Asian girls make the scariest ghosts. #Fact

Asian girls make the scariest ghosts. #Fact

13 Mar 13:26

Young Adult Psychological Outcome After Puberty Suppression and Gender Reassignment

by Zoe Brain
Young Adult Psychological Outcome After Puberty Suppression and Gender Reassignment De Vries et al Pediatrics peds.2013-2958; published ahead of print September 8, 2014,

RESULTS: After gender reassignment, in young adulthood, the GD was alleviated and psychological functioning had steadily improved. Well-being was similar to or better than same-age young adults from the general population. Improvements in psychological functioning were positively correlated with postsurgical subjective well-being.
11 Mar 20:31

by John McNamee

10 Mar 01:17

The Egg of Fear pg 12

10 Mar 13:23

Canadian woman’s photo campaign against C-279 anti-trans amendment goes Viral

by Kelli Busey
Brea post best

Brae Carnes selfies vividly illustrate how dangerous it would be if the amended trans rights bill passed and females were forced to use the men’s room.

Brae Carnes asked early in her campaign on Facebook “As a trans woman I’m not even safe from discrimination at the pub or public transit. What’s going to happen if I’m forced into a men’s changeroom?”

Brae Carnes is concerned that the Canadian trans right bill as amended which has become a Jim Crow law and if enacted how it will affect her.

Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca NDP MP Randall Garrison introduced Bill C-279 in 2011, saying transgender people should enjoy the same rights as everyone else. The bill would alter the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code to protect people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Most see the amendment by Sen. Don Plett as a way to kill the bill with elections looming.

Later after a photo shoot, a man followed Carnes out of the men’s room to her car and banged on her window trying to proposition her. That man saw her as a potential rape victim, as a toy for his sexual desires to be discarded when done. He saw her as a non-person that no one would care about.

candian ass hole

Sen. Don Plett

Ms. Carnes said she has taken the photos to illustrate how dangerously absurd the amendments added by Conservative Sen. Don Plett are.

Platt says that he is all for letting trans people work and get housing but said the amendment was necessary because pedophiles would take advantage of the trans rights bill without it.

“I have no problem with people that identify as women when they’re biological male in housing and employment. They need to be treated absolutely equally,” Plett said during committee on Oct. 2.

“The issue I have is that many elements of society are separated based on sex and not on gender — shelters, change rooms, bathrooms, even sports teams. They are not separated based on internal feelings but on sex, physiological and anatomical differences. Whether or not we like the fact that men and women are biologically different is irrelevant.”

Makenna Rielly, executive director of both the Victoria Sexual Assault Network and the Victoria Women’s Transition House, disagrees with Carnes and said her organizations will continue caring for all abused woman.Rielly told The Times Colonist:

“This whole thing really bugs me, that this amendment was supposedly protecting women who’ve experienced abuse. We see this as a huge setback.”
“People don’t understand that trans people face 50 to 70 percent of assaults in washrooms.”

Carnes told the BBC in the interview below that ‘first of all he’s calling all trans people pedophiles and assailants! But where he’s really missing the mark is that there’s such a thing as trans men, and that means that they would have to use the woman’s washroom”.

Brae Carnes advocacy rings true with transgender people across the world. In my country, there are three state anti-transgender bills pending. One in Kentucky, one in Florida, and one in my own state of Texas which would essentially make my existence illegal.

09 Mar 05:48

Gender Quiz

by helenboyd

I actually found a Buzzfeed Quiz about gender that strikes me as pretty accurate.

Go ahead & see if it gets you right.

06 Mar 06:05

The Heretic

by jon


I sure am glad to be done with Star Trek comics and to move on to something less controversial, like religion. Phew!

Would you guys do me a favor and buy a few things from the SFAM store? I bet you can!


01 Mar 13:00

Hedge Shot

by Mark


I’m pretty sure I just made a ‘Clever Girl’ reference a few weeks ago so now what am I supposed to say here?! :'(

Not sure why I’m thinking about hunters so much lately! Maybe I have a subconscious desire… to be hunted.

27 Feb 22:20

Professional Cats Pg 9 – Personal Trainer Cat

by Sarah Sobole


I definitely wanna go to that gym.

As usual, I’ve gotta remind you to check out my shop and Patreon page! February’s Patreon comic is a Doctor Cat mini, and you still have a couple days to sign up for it!

28 Feb 04:29

Eddie Redmayne as transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in 'The Danish Girl'(x-post /r/movies)


hell yeah Lili Elbe

26 Feb 13:09

Don’t look now but we’ve just been invaded by “Transsexuals From Space”!!

by Kelli Busey
Transexuals From Space  post 2

Is this very problematic image funny? Might be.

Are we ready for a campy spoof about us directed by one of us? It’s proven to be a challenge for producer and director Brina who contacted Planet Transgender saying she’s been ‘flummoxed’ by transmedia who have proven unwilling to publish about her movie. But in all fairness that reluctance isn’t without reason.

Transexuals From Space  post


Transsexuals from space too “unnatural” for insurers?

One insurance underwriter refused coverage for filming saying that there would have to be medical personnel at every showing because of the films “unnatural horror’. They told Brina in a letter Transsexuals From Space would “certainly cause people to be violently ill, faint and be traumatized’.
They then mention a few ghastly bloody horror films which they previously underwrote make a point of calling those movies ‘tastefully chilling’.

Yeah, stay classy “” Sounds like the making of a cult movie to me.

Well, the screenshot featuring men in bras troubled me but its been a couple of years since the SNL Estro Max skit.

So are we as a community in a place where we can find humor in our struggle?

What the hell, there’s no knowing without asking so here go’s…

Plot summary “Transsexuals troublemakers from planet Transmotivia are traveling through space; being pushy and pugnacious to everyone they meet. When they reach Earth, they get more than they bargained for.”

Brina said, “The film was written to attract a cult appeal as well as to teach about Trans people.
Our scientist develops a formula (estrogen) that we sprinkle on underwear that turns you Trans.
At the theater, men wear bras OUTSIDE their shirts and women wear Boxers OUTSIDE their slacks. All comedic and we feature Trans, gays, GGs, kids and straights in our film.”

25 Feb 13:56

Study shows long-term hormone treatment (HRT) for transgender people is safe

by Kelli Busey

Hormones post

Years ago when many of use began HRT we didn’t know what the long term effects might have been. Many of us were faced with an ignorant and biased medical profession, who also didn’t know.

Many of those doctors knew how difficult it was to find anyone who would prescribe HRT. These predatory doctors would charge outrageous office fees leaving many of us with no option but to self-medicate.

Not to mention the ‘gatekeeper’ therapist who would lead on clients for months, even years, with a vague notion that someday they might fit neatly into their concept of man or woman to deserve the ‘HRT letter’ to present to a prescribing doctor, if one could be found.
All the while those therapists would rake in the dough from hopeful cash-strapped transgender victims.

I hope that you haven’t experienced any combination of these unscrupulous providers during your trip down our road less taken, but if you have…..

All that is changing now. We are educating the medical profession and ending our victimization by greedy immoral therapists.

A groundbreaking study titled “Hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe with provider supervision; A review of hormone therapy sequelae for transgender individuals” will help.

From the study:

Credit: A study by the Weinand JD, Safer JD, Hormone therapy in transgender adults is safe with
provider supervision; A review of hormone therapy sequelae for transgender individuals. The Accepted manuscript will appear in the Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology (2015).

•We review the relative safety of hormone treatment for transgender individuals.
•Estrogen treatment for transgender women may increase risk of thrombosis.
•Androgen treatment for transgender men may increase risk of polycythemia.
•Hormone therapy has not been shown to increase transgender individuals’ cancer risk.

Current literature suggests HT is safe when followed carefully for certain risks. The greatest health concern for HT in transgender women is venous thromboembolism. HT among transgender men appears to cause polycythemia. Both groups experienced elevated fasting glucose. There is no increase in cancer prevalence or mortality due to transgender HT.

Although current data support the safety of transgender HT with physician supervision, larger, long-term studies are needed in transgender medicine.


25 Feb 16:58


by Priscila Diniz

i need that bunny-eared veil in my life

25 Feb 04:01

A Bloody Video Game Ode on a Grecian Urn

by Allison Meier

via Sophianotloren

this is like 80% of my interests in one game, i really hope it's available on linux.

A temple in collapse in 'Apotheon,' a video game influenced by Greek vases (all screenshots by the author for Hyperallergic)

A temple in collapse in ‘Apotheon,’ a video game influenced by Greek vases (all screenshots by the author for Hyperallergic)

Ancient Greek pottery was as much about its stories as its forms. Cavorting satyrs, wrathful deities, battling athletes, and mortal warriors are frozen in this mythology of clay. Apotheon brings that classical world to life as a full-length animated video game.

Scene from 'Apotheon' (GIF by the author via YouTube)

Scene from ‘Apotheon’ (GIF by the author via YouTube)

Released through Steam by Alientrap this month for PC and PS4, Apotheon is a gorgeous interpretation of the black-figure Greek pottery style of the 6th to 4th centuries BCE. As the intrepid Nikandros, you’re on a one-man quest against Zeus, who has left humanity to rot. Teaming up with Hera, who is unhappy as usual with Zeus’s philandering, you battle your way through the Olympians, from Apollo with his dance party to Poseidon in a wrathful sea. Mostly it’s a standard progression in each level from small tasks to killing a “boss” with whatever xiphos or doru you have handy. In the most beautiful sequence, and the best to grasp the twists of fate entwined in Greek mythology, you first chase Artemis disguised as a deer through a forest, then later have to flee her bow when transformed into prey yourself.

Boat on an Attic black-figure cup (520 BC) (via Cabinet des Médailles)

Boat on an Attic black-figure cup (520 BCE) (via Cabinet des Médailles)

On a Greek ship

On a Greek ship in ‘Apotheon’

I played Apotheon on my MacBook Air (not the intended platform) and the gameplay was a bit cumbersome, combining a mix of defense and weaponry that takes some getting used to. If you play without a console, you have to juggle between a mouse for targeting and keyboard shortcuts for movement and fighting. However, I was in it for the visuals, curious after discovering the Greek vase animations of Steve K. Simons last year to see how they would be incorporated into a game. Most of the play of Apotheon is basically kill-kill-kill, and the endless slaughter can be gleefully gruesome, with heads flying and animated blood sometimes spilling down the stairs. This is ancient Greece, after all, so propriety is not to be expected. More variation in gameplay would have been an exciting way to break up the action, though. Perhaps some chariot competitions, bacchanalian drinking challenges, foot races, or other spectacles depicted on the historic vases might have made for a welcome break from the bloodshed.

Nevertheless, the game is strikingly vivid from start to finish. There’s an impressive depth to the hues of ochre, green, and gold through which Nikandros plunges as you encounter poor Daphne transformed into a laurel tree in Apollo’s garden, or fall beneath the giant club of the cyclops Brontes. It’s not an educational game on classical art by any means, but it is notable for successfully embracing an ancient aesthetic and reinterpreting it centuries later in an entirely modern medium.

Black-figure Greek vase (via Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon)

Black-figure Greek vase (via Museum of Fine Arts of Lyon)

Illuminating the dark in 'Apotheon'

Illuminating the dark in ‘Apotheon’

A temple in 'Apotheon'

A temple in ‘Apotheon’

Encountering a cyclops

Encountering a cyclops in ‘Apotheon’

Teaming up with Hera against Zeus, with a preview of Artemis

Teaming up with Hera against Zeus, with a preview of Artemis in ‘Apotheon’

Daphne transformed into a laurel tree

Daphne transformed into a laurel tree in ‘Apotheon’

Apotheon is available on Steam for PC and PS4.

25 Feb 02:18

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24 Feb 10:38

dadalaimama:poetic:Your grandma keeps it real.Amen



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24 Feb 11:45

sixpenceee:The Art of Omar Rayyan (Website)


The Art of Omar Rayyan (Website)

22 Feb 16:13

unless your site is about one thing, it’s about everything


"But one way or another, you could take 90% of what each of these sites publish and stick it on any other, and nobody would ever know the difference."
amen forever and ever

I have, for same reason, spent a couple hours on Fusion tonight. (.net, teehee.) And, you know, as much as I might want to make light of Felix Salmon’s cool guy Monty Burns routine, the site itself is… fine. It’s fine! I mean, it’s whatever. Fine is fine.

But it just isn’t about anything in the way that the site’s founders and editorial people clearly want it to be. I like Alexis Madrigal a lot. But you can write a manifesto, and you can have some sort of goofy TV channel sidepiece going on, and you’re still another site publishing people writing about news and politics and culture and sometimes sports. And in that, you’re joining every other website that publishes about news and politics and culture and sometimes sports.

The mix changes; Grantland is some more sports and a little less news and whatever intern is currently writing the “Bill Simmons” column. Slate is a little less sports and a little more politics and Troy Patterson endlessly writing the word “gentleman” into his Mead notebook in cursive while admiring his new glasses in the mirror. New York is a little of everything with some soothing noises to remind New Yorkers that they are very very important. The revamped New York Times Magazine is a lot of the same edited by people who think you can get more sexy Millenials to your website by adjusting the kerning on your font. The Atlantic is a lot of the same plus Ta-Nehisi Coates plus Coates’s creepshow commenters asking him to forgive their sins. Business Insider is a lot of the same only written for the illiterate. The New New Republic is the same stuff written by every non-white male Gabriel Snyder could find to exorcise the vengeful presence of Marty Peretz’s farting ghost, and thank god for that, plus Jeet Heer with an essay made up of 800 numbered tweets. Buzzfeed is a lot of the same only if life was a Law & Order episode about the Internet from 1998. Salon is the same stuff but every single piece is headlined “Ten Things You Won’t Believe Rethuglicans Said on Fox News” regardless of content. Vox is a lot of the same stuff plus a new-fangled invention called the “card stack,” an innovative approach which allows webpages to “link” to other pages. The Awl is a lot of the same stuff brought to you by the emotion sadness. Gawker is a lot of the same stuff, cleverly hidden across 1,200 sub-blogs along with several thousand words of instructions for how to read the site that are somehow still an inadequate guide. Vice is a lot of the same stuff written by that guy you knew in high school who told you he did cocaine but seemed to only ever have that fake marijuana called Wizard Smoke you could buy at a gas station. Five Thirty Eight, I’m told, exists, although whenever I try to open it my browser seems to show me a strange lacuna into which the idea of a website was, once, meant to congeal. But one way or another,  you could take 90% of what each of these sites publish and stick it on any other, and nobody would ever know the difference.

I’m sure some people will think I’m talking poop and saying these sites aren’t good. That is not the case. I’m saying that they are all as good or as bad as whatever piece I am reading at the moment. Writers are good or bad, and much more, writing is good or bad. But I no longer know what a website means as an identity, unless that identity is a specific subject. I know what Guns and Ammo is. I know what Road and Track is. (I know what Redtube is.) I don’t know what Fusion is. I’m not saying there’s no good work. There’s lots! I’m spoiled, we’re all spoiled, people do good work. All of these places regularly publish stuff that I admire, that I enjoy, that I think is good. (OK not Business Insider.) But that’s the only designation that matters: good. The rest is a matter of logistics and who gets that week’s John Oliver video traffic.

For a website, or a publication, or a magazine, or a natively advertising content vertical, there is no such thing as a sensibility. Such a thing does not exist. I get the desire to have one. For in as much as Salmon and Madrigal might seem like utter opposites from Alex Balk, with his morose virtuosity on the subject of a dead dream, in this sense they are the same: the want their sites, their publications, their shops to matter. And it just doesn’t seem like it matters. If you want to publish talent your identity has to be as insubstantial as the next good pitch. Getting paid? That matters. Rent matters. But not much else.

Which is my long-winded and less-perceptive way of looking at all the stuff John Herrman has been writing about and asking, if Facebook and Snapchat want to peddle your words themselves, what’s the difference? Unless, of course, the point is that Facebook and Snapchat get to keep that rent money for themselves.

Update: Again… I’m just teasing. Just a  little bit. These places run good writing. I’m not disputing that. I’m just saying that they are always launched with fanfare about what makes them different, but I’m not sure that you can ever maintain that kind of vision as an actually-existing publisher unless your site has a very specific, subject matter-based focus. When you’ve got to find enough writing to run, and you’ve received some great pitch that might not reflect your mission statement, what are you gonna choose? The abstraction of sensibility or the reality of good writing?

21 Feb 00:53

What Do Young Children Learn From Pets?

Is a better understanding of biology something children can learn from dogs and cats?

Young children's interactions with pets are mostly social

Young children are very interested in animals. One study even found children aged 11 – 40 months would prefer to look at an animal behind a glass screen (even if the animal is fast asleep) rather than play with a toy (LoBue et al 2013). Now researchers are asking whether this interest in animals means that children with a cat or dog know more about biology than those without.
The study, by Megan Geerdts (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) et al, was in two parts. First of all, the scientists needed to know how preschool children actually interact with cats and dogs. Although this is observed by parents every day, it seems it hasn’t been recorded in enough detail for science. So the researchers observed 24 preschool children in a free-play session with their pet, and asked their parents to complete a questionnaire about their child’s daily experiences with the animal. Then, in the second part, they tested 3 – 5 year old children with and without a pet on their knowledge of biological concepts.
First of all, the children’s interactions with pets were mostly social. They were not really involved in taking care of the animals, which is not surprising given their age. A study of older children (age 7 – 13 years old) by Muldoon et al found they also mostly had social interactions with their pets, and left the care-taking to their parents. 

Children typically interacted in reciprocal ways that would elicit a response from the animal, such as holding out a hand to be sniffed, trying to engage in play or giving the pet a command. The questionnaires completed by parents confirmed that interactions were social, and children were not involved in care-taking behaviour. They interacted with cats and dogs in the same way, but girls interacted more than boys.

A happy young girl cuddles her black cat
So, if a young child’s experiences of spending time with a pet are of being sociable with it, would you expect them to learn much about biology from this? It’s not like they are dealing with the biological end of things – feeding, grooming, cleaning, making sure the animal has peed and pooped. And yet they did show a better understanding of biological concepts.

The way this was tested is pretty neat. If you were to ask something like “People have a heart. Does your cat have a heart?” you couldn’t rule out the possibility that some children might have learned about hearts at their pre-school or playgroup and have existing prior knowledge. So the researchers used a made-up word that none of the children would have come across before.

96 children aged 2 - 6 took part in the second study. One group were told, “People have andro inside them. Andro is round and green and looks like this!” The child and experimenter drew a picture of andro together. Then, the child was asked whether various animals, plants and inanimate objects also had andro inside. Another group did the same thing, but instead of being told that people have andro, they were told that dogs have andro.

Then the children were asked questions about their own cat or dog (if they had one) and the experimenter’s cat or dog (if they didn’t). The questions were about whether or not the cat or dog had various psychological and physical properties, including emotions, sleep, food, and parents.

A control group of adults did the same study, but they skipped drawing a picture of andro. Adults were equally likely to relate properties from humans to dogs as vice versa (i.e. if a dog has andro, so does a human). 

Half of the children had a cat or dog, and just like in the first study, their parents said their interactions were mostly social. Amongst 3 year old and 5 year olds without pets, they were more likely to relate properties from humans to dogs, rather than vice versa. If 5 year olds had pets, they were more likely to relate properties from dogs to humans than their peers without pets.

Five year olds and adults were more likely to say properties applied to other living things rather than to plants and inanimate objects. Three year olds tended to apply things equally to plants and inanimate objects. Having a pet made no difference to these results.

But in both age groups, if a child had a pet, they were more likely to say animals had biological properties compared to children that don’t have a pet. This effect was not found for psychological properties.

This study shows that children who have social experience with pets are less likely to be anthropocentric in their reasoning. The scientists say, “our findings help to support the hypothesis that treating animals as social creatures may help children to analogically understand animals as more similar to humans in other ways, including biologically.”

What do you think children learn from their pets?


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