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30 Sep 17:30

Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

by ent lawyer

oh for crying out loud...

March 14, 2014

This former child star, who was then teetering towards B-list with A-list name recognition after several years of being A+++ list, had to deal with one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, after he invited her to his studio office to discuss the movie that would prove to be a sort-of comeback. He then exposed himself to her and she ran out of the room crying. Fortunately, another actress who was to appear in the same film was waiting in the next room for her daily session with the producer whom she would later marry.

Shirley Temple/David O. Selznick/Jennifer Jones/movie: Since You Went Away
27 Sep 17:29

Trip To Visit MyKuali In Penang, Malaysia

by The Ramen Rater

dude is now getting free trips out of this instant ramen blog.

Tonight at 11pm, we leave for the airport! I didn’t expect how our first leg to Taipei would go north then south. One thing I just realized is that body of water at the top left. When I was a kid, I had a map on the wall of my room. I would look at it and found that body of water fascinating – just the name – The Sea Of Okhotsk. It sounded so strange and so far away. I never expected I would be that close to it; really quite amazing to me.

In past interviews I’ve done, I have told newspapers that my way of traveling was through the noodle. I would find a pack from an exotic country far away and feel like I was going on a little adventure. I never though that the daily noodle ritual would take me to those kinds of places someday.

We want to thank our hosts at Sky Thomas Foods, makers of MyKuali products for this opportunity to meet them, tour their factory and learn about Malaysia! This is really amazing and we are truly in awe of their kindness. See you soon!

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26 Sep 22:45

That's Rather Hideous: Garish 1980s Citadel in the Hills of Glendale is Yours For $2MM

by Pauline O'Connor


By the power of Greyskull! You may want to take an extra-deep breath before proceeding, 'cause it's probably about to be taken away. Built at the dawn of the go-go '80s, this singular abode sits atop its own promontory in Glendale's College Hills neighborhood. Behind the elaborately carved walls of the "custom neoclassical estate," you'll find six bedrooms, four glittery-disco baths, an art gallery, several quarries worth of marble, and columns, columns, and more columns. Per the listing, the 4,444-square-foot house also boasts "historical statues and carvings throughout," a sauna, a swimming pool, and "forever views." The .57-acre property has yo-yo-ed on and off the market regularly for the past decade, asking as much as $9 million. But the seller now appears to be getting serious, re-listing it this week with a pricetag of $1.995 million.

­ 950 AVON OAK Terrace [Redfin]

22 Sep 16:00

owning-my-truth: rubyvroom: Sorry for the extremely lengthy...


ugh ugh ugh

14 Sep 12:16

I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID THIS they went to the cricket with one of...


it is really hard to get sunscreen off of stuff. I just imagine there was residue in there.

I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID THIS they went to the cricket with one of those big 2L pump bottles of sunblock that they filled with vodka and just dispensed drinks all day

18 Sep 16:00

sherlockspeare: (X)


what a dick

24 Sep 23:05


by mugumogu

the last shot!

Maru&Hana glare at each other across the tunnel.

At this time, Maru dashed earlier than her unusually .

Hana was surprised and escaped on the sofa.

Maru:[Yes, I did it.]

Maru:[If I take out earnest, the victory or defeat is clear in this way.]

Maru walked with a face full of confidence.

However, Hana's counterattack came immediately.

24 Sep 15:00

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Unveils Elsa-Inspired Wedding Dress

by Korri McFann

brb returning my dress

It’s time to “Let It Go” … down the aisle! We’ve teamed up with Alfred Angelo to create an Elsa-inspired bridal gown as part of the 2015 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo bridal collection – and I couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek with you!


This high-fashion, conceptual sketch is an interpretation of Elsa’s signature “Snow Queen” dress featured in Disney’s “Frozen.” The ice blue softly flared sheath gown has been dramatically beaded to glisten like sunlight on fresh fallen snow and boasts a sweetheart neckline and dramatic Watteau train (a classic style that drapes from the shoulders to the floor). The gown will be available starting January 2015 at Alfred Angelo stores nationwide and specialty retailers worldwide.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Unveils Elsa-Inspired Wedding Dress by Korri McFann: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

17 Sep 17:20

Pop-Up Shops: YES: LA's First Cat Cafe Pops Up in Chinatown Next Month

by Natalie Alcala


CatCafeChinatown_2014_09.jpgImage via

It's all happening! After wishing and hoping for Los Angeles to score its very own cat café, the Kickstarter's founder Carlos Wong is ready to reveal his first tease of the feline-focused project via a pop-up in DTLA.

As reported by LA Weekly and confirmed on the official Catfe Facebook page, Wong is partnering with Chinatown BID and no-kill shelter Best Friends LA to bring the café to Chinatown's Far East Plaza from October 2 through 5. The pop-up, which serves as the Kickstarter's second round of funding, will run from 4 to 9pm daily and is set to feature "cats for petting (and adopting, but only if you're over 18)" as well as "costumed maids" and butlers. Music will be provided by Lolita Dark.

Bonus: The final day of the temporary showcase aligns with CicLavia, inviting all cyclists to ride right into the cuteness.
· California's First Cat Café Is Coming to Chinatown in October [LA Weekly]
· OMG: LA May Finally Get Its Own Cat Cafe [Racked]
· Get Excited Meow: LA's Catfe Could Be Coming to Little Tokyo [Racked]

16 Sep 18:15

Jimmy Fallon And Barbra Streisand

by ent lawyer

Our kitten was on the Tonight Show. So proud of her.

16 Sep 01:33

nevver: Dinnerware


The any plates remind me of our last house.

15 Sep 15:00

Professor Dumpster: Living Large in 36 Square Feet — The Atlantic

by Jennifer Hunter

If you want to click through for photos from the atlantic story you may agree we have a new nominee for This Fucking Guy.

Pin it button big

If you're ever in Austin and have some trash to dispose of, you'd better be careful where you throw it. Choose wrong and you might just toss your litter in Jeff Wilson's home. That's right, the University College dean is currently living full-time in a 36 sq ft green metal dumpster and guess what? He says he has a "better life than I had before."


02 Sep 17:48

Karl Lagerfeld Meets Barbie Lagerfeld

by Joanna

I want this but I don't know if I can justify the cost right now.

barbie lagerfeld doll with karl lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld Meets Barbie Lagerfeld

If you want to get your hands on the Barbie Lagerfeld doll inspired by Karl Lagerfeld, you better move fast. Set to go on sale on September 29th during Paris Fashion Week, the Lagerfeld doll will only have 999 limited-edition models produced at $200 a piece. The doll will be available at select Karl Lagerfeld boutiques, Colette in Paris, Net-a-Porter and The Barbie Collection. A new image revealed by WWD features the designer posing with the doll who is shown “looking up” to him.

Image: WWD

02 Sep 15:55

Our Latest Contest: Your Best Sandwich Recipe

by Food52


Something magical happens when you put food between two pieces of bread with the appropriate spreads and condiments. Make the Earl of Sandwich proud: Wow us with a grilled cheese, BLT, or a not-so-classic PB&J. 

Head to the contest page to enter!  Photo by James Ransom

03 Sep 01:25

New to Market: Mid-Century Jones & Emmons Eichler House Asking $750k

by Bianca Barragan

we would just have to move to Orange.

Designed by the architecture team of A. Quincy Jones and Frederick Emmons and built by prolific mid-century developer Joseph Eichler, this house in Orange has been upgraded "without marginalizing the integrity of the classic-vintage design." So even though the kitchen has flashy new appliances, it also still has the original 1960 cabinets. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house has 1,639 square feet and new "water-wise" landscaping in the front and back, giving the outdoor spaces a nice beachy feel. "[T]he best-sorted 1584 model to come up for sale in years," the retro residence is asking $750,000.

· 612 E Palmdale Avenue, Orange, CA [Estately]
· Joseph Eichler [Curbed LA]

01 Sep 16:00

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer

what a lovely book that will be. yikes.

April 30, 2010

#1 - Which designer who recently died was HIV+ and was distraught over the fact he had infected at least four other people.

Alexander McQueen ( I was not going to ever reveal this, but apparently there is a new book being published which discusses it)
08 Sep 16:30

Storecasting: LA's First Membership Salon Opens in WeHo This Wednesday

by Natalie Alcala

This is actually an amazing deal if you have to dye your hair every month or you have dark hair but want to be blonde. Also if you live nearby and want a blowout all the time.

SocietySalon_2014_09.jpgImage via Society Salon

The corner of Melrose and Kings Road is about to get even hotter. In addition to scoring a Rebecca Minkoff boutique (stay tuned for opening date), the hub will soon be home to Society—our city's first membership salon. Founded by former Sally Hershberger stylist Sam DiVine and industry guru Ashley Kight, the premiere beauty studio will be unveiled at 8327 Melrose Avenue this Wednesday, September 10.

In addition to offering a la carte services and treatments, Society hosts three membership tiers that are billed on a monthly basis: The Social (unlimited blowouts at $80/month), The Standard (unlimited blowouts, haircuts and single process color at $120/month) and The Signature (unlimited blowouts, haircuts, single process color, highlights and low lights at $180/month). There's also a men's package called The Sophisticate that hooks up unlimited haircuts for an affordable $60/month.

Society will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. To attend Wednesday's grand opening, email (Bonus: partygoers will all receive a complimentary blowout certificate that's valid within 14 days.)
· Society [Official Site]
· Mapped! LA's 38 Best Beauty Boutiques, Salons and Spas [Racked]
· Rebecca Minkoff is Taking Over Ed Hardy's Old Shop on Melrose [Racked]

15 Sep 00:57

Overheard In L.A.: We All Know That Babies Taste The Best

by Carman Tse

"They have to make it up to me cause all they got me for the wedding was the $800 sheets."

Overheard In L.A.: We All Know That Babies Taste The Best This week's edition of Overheard in L.A. features bits of overheard conversation from people finding a little inspiration from 'Snowpiercer', dealing with the worst wedding guests ever, and looking for a potent potable. [ more › ]

13 Sep 19:07

Photos: Portland's Salt & Straw Ice Creamery Lands In Larchmont

by Krista Simmons


It seems to be part of a larger Oregonian exodus into L.A., with Stumptown, Pok Pok, and now Salt & Straw setting up shop. They've created a cadre of amazing, SoCal driven flavors for their first official brick-and-mortar in the area. [ more › ]
15 Sep 16:53



brb, pitching "My Dad the Orca"

12 Sep 23:30

Friday Afternoon Haiku: Nine Lives

by Brinke

this kitten looks a lot like Teen Wolf

Mama always said
Clean your plate or no dessert
So this kitteh did

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12 Sep 16:16

jynxthecat: youarenotdesi: kalimirchi: kalimirchi: White...


holy shit





White people pretending like they know more about my culture than I do

It’s horrifying that I’m not the only one facing this, that white people not only romanticize the fuck out of our religion and culture, appropriate it, but now have taken to trying to teach us how it works instead. 

idk how to react - it’s kinda too ridiculous to be real.


This is the kind of shit that pisses me off. People are coming at her calling her a liar and pretending to know what her culture is, but I have never done anything like this to anyone, and I never will. I am white, and I have no intentions of acting like I know someone else’s culture, but please….saying all white people are the same is hurtful and I’m sick of hearing it. I want you, all POCs and anyone outside of my own culture to be happy and feel good about yourselves, and to not be bashed or feel offended, but I wish you would feel the same for me. Equality goes both ways.

reblogging for everything above the “not all white people” bullshit above. there’s a lot i could dissect in the above paragraph, but i’m too lazy/annoyed to do it.

09 Sep 23:00

You Can Only Go To This Pool Party If You Bring A Dachshund

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

i can bring two

You Can Only Go To This Pool Party If You Bring A Dachshund There's a Hollywood Hills pool party happening, but it's only for people with wiener dogs. [ more › ]

10 Sep 14:58

Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Sandwich Bento

by (Shannon Carino)

groot lunch

We loved Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot was our favorite character.  It's funny, because normally?  Totally not my kind of movie.  I had passes to see a 20 minute preview, so took Ben.  The preview was hysterical, so we went and saw the real movie when it came out.  All four of us loved it, Ben especially.

So last night, when I was making Ben's lunch, it occurred to me that I could make a Groot sandwich, so I got to work and …

Ben has a ham and cheese sandwich, shaped like Groot on 12 grain sandwich bread.  Why 12 grain?  It has texture.  Groot himself was cut with my kitchen sheers to make the points at the top of his head.

I then flattened crust with a rolling pin and cut a thin strip to make his mouth.  I flattened some scraps of whole wheat bread and cut two circles to back his eyes and some freehand strips to make the extra twig branches.  His actual eyes are two brown M&Ms.  Dots of cream cheese hold everything in place.

For side dishes, Ben had strawberries with a Groot-like pick and a mini orange in a "StarLord" silicone cup.  Well, it's a star cup, I was trying for a theme.  He also took a tube of yogurt, a granola bar and a cheese stick to fill out his lunch and snacks.  Lunch is packed in our EasyLunchboxes.
04 Sep 22:57

jadedpastry: helveticafutura: lorettalove: dontbearuiner: can...


best best









She is the best.


Literally the best.


10 Sep 03:12

wehadfacesthen: Elizabeth Taylor in the trailer for Suddenly,...


people always using Liz to lure children.


Elizabeth Taylor in the trailer for Suddenly, Last Summer  (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1959)

11 Sep 21:23

ResQte Of The Week 2: Need A Sweet Home In Alabama!

by Brinke


Three kittens“I’m currently raising some foster kittens on behalf of a sick friend,” says Megan E. “They have come to be tolerated by my bigger cats. In fact, sometimes I catch them snuggling together.”

Crescent as a kitten
“The big white and gunmetal grey kitty is Tony (Sir Anthony Fluffypants,) the orange tabby w/tail is Streaky the Super-Cat, the orange tabby w/out tail is Flash, the Calico is Crescent Moon, and the mid-sized grey tabby kitten is Percy (Lord Percival Blakeney.)

Kittens and cats
“I’m looking for home for the three little kittens in Huntsville Alabama, but may take them to the local no-kill Humane Society if no one wants them. (How could that be?!) Anyway, I think they are all super Cute and hope you guys enjoy the photos!”

streaky as a kitten
[*Note: If anyone in the Huntsville area is interested, send us an email and we'll forward to Megan. -Ed.]

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12 Sep 16:40

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

by ent lawyer

James Dean not too great in the sack apparently.

June 13, 2014

Old Hollywood: Which almost A-list actor who is more famous nowadays for his premature death literally stalked out this A++ list Oscar winning/nominated actor so he could say he slept with him? The latter actor didn't have any good things to say about it, however.

James Dean/Marlon Brando
12 Sep 18:30

Will It Waffle? The Answer, Of Course, Is Yes. — New Cookbook

by Emma Christensen

bill's ideas just being stolen right and left.

The angle: Put your waffle maker to work!

Recipes for right now: Waffled Ham and Cheese Melt, Classic Waffleburger, Waffled Macaroni and Cheese, Waffled Tamale Pie, Zucchini Parmesan Flattened Fritters, Waffled Mochi, Waffled Banana Bread, S'moreffles

Who would enjoy this book? Anyone looking for more reasons to pull out their waffle maker (or justification for buying one), college students, parents.


12 Sep 17:50

Arch-cat-tecture: 14 Amazing Cat Shelters Designed by Los Angeles Architects

by Bianca Barragan

These artful outdoor shelters for cats—all designed by Los Angeles designers and architects—were available for viewing one night only in Culver City this past Wednesday as a benefit for FixNation, a nonprofit working to stem LA's street cat population through humane, non-lethal means. The show, titled Giving Shelter, was organized by Architects for Animals, a group that does events like this across the nation. A rep for the event tells us that after the crowd in attendance on Wednesday voted on designs from Lehrer Architects, HOK, Perkins + Will, and many others, HOK's creation was named the "fan favorite." After looking through the submissions, we think the competition must have been pretty close. *We've added three more images of the designs from Space Int'l., Pfeiffer Partners Architects, and RTKL.

· FixNation [Official Site]
· Cats [Curbed LA]