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28 Aug 01:28

Video Interlude: 2 Drone Videos Capture Hurricane Marie Malibu Surf Madness

by Bianca Barragan

there have been some very crazy waves recently, the least of which are in malibu, but whatevs.


This Hurricane Marie that's off the coast right now is bringing flooding to SoCal beach towns and has resulted in more than 100 rescues in the last 24 hours at LA's beaches, but the towering waves it's delivered also means that surf's up. These two videos, captured by drones, show the intense surf conditions near Malibu's Surfrider Beach, as well as the crazy people who love intense surf conditions. The first video is is not just any ordinary view of the surfers and the sea; it reportedly shows renowned surfer Laird Hamilton "shooting the pier"—as in, surfing right through the maze of wooden masts that form the pier's base. WITHOUT DYING. (Another non-drone view of yesterday's feat is here.) No word on whether this footage was shot before or after he helped to rescue a fellow surfer yesterday.

What the second video lacks in stunts, it makes up for with intimate shots, getting in closer than a lot of the other footage that's popping up today. The camera captures several different angles of the surfers, the waves, and the spectators on the beach that collectively give viewers a good idea of just how many people called in sick to be at the beach.

The LA Times shares a couple more videos from Orange and San Diego counties, too. And see Malibu on a calmer day right here.

· High surf: Seal Beach flooded, Malibu Pier closed, more updates [SCPR]
· Shooting the Pier at Malibu, CA - Drone Footage [YouTube]
· Hurricane Marie by Drone at Surfrider Beach, Malibu 08/27 [YouTube]
· Laird Hamilton shoots pier on Huge wave - Malibu Lagoon / Surfrider Beach - 8/26/14
· Laird Hamilton -- RESCUES MALIBU SURFER ... No Lies Involved [TMZ]
· Possibly Illegal Drone Video Flies Over the Malibu Coastline [Curbed LA]

27 Aug 23:07

It Came From Craigslist: Ridiculously Tiny Shack in Los Feliz Trying to Rent For $950

by Pauline O'Connor

kill me


Peeking shyly out from behind the curtain on Craigslist today is an itty-bitty guest house now being offered for rent in Los Feliz. As the ad notes at the top, "THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY," so adjust your expectations accordingly, 'k? Here we go: "It measures approximately 180 square feet inside. It's good for someone who is single and doesn't need a kitchen. The nice part is I built the patio and patio cover giving you an extra 150 feet outdoors. It's a nice outdoor office if you will."


The listing goes on (and on):
"Cable TV & Internet provided. No water bill. No electricity bill. All 4 utilities are PAID FOR.
The complex is at the foot of the Franklin Hills. Just a 5 minute drive from the NEW W Hotel that was just built in Hollywood...NEAR KODAK THEATER!

HILHURST & VERMONT have proven to be the latest happening Chic/Area with many new shops/restaurants/etc CONSTANTLY sprouting up and're a walk away! There's something happening every night! There are Power Yoga practice spots in the region within walking distance.

If you enjoy being able to walk to dinner, the movie theaters or to have a cup of coffee you'll love the location because it is: CONVENENTLY located within walking distance to Starbucks & Car Wash (have a cup while waiting for your car to get cleaned).

NEAR: Trader Joe's/Gelson's & other major Grocery Stores, Banks, Post Office, Farmers Market (on Sunset Blvd on Weekends), Theaters, Dining, Library, Book Stores, and MORE...there's a popular eatery called THE ALCOVE'll love it here!

I've also installed a $600 WATER PURIFIER to provide CLEAN water for drinking so if you spend good money buying water bottles, those days are gone, your water will be above bottle quality with this unit...AT NO CHARGE.

ATTRACTIVE INTERIOR: Surround Sound wiring pre-installed in unit/including Cable Television/Internet hookup.
The Living Area and Bathroom are equipped with ATTRACTIVE TILE FLOORS which are EASY TO CLEAN. Everything about this is GREAT except that the guest house is SMALL and parking is on the street but fairly easy to find."

Finally, in case anyone's wondering: "No furniture seen here are included, but some items are for sale if you would like to keep them for the move in." How much to make this miniscule jewel your home-sweet-home? Oh, just $950/month.

· $950 / 180ft² - Small Guest House for Rent (Los Feliz/Franklin Hills) [Craigslist]
21 Aug 17:30

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer

I haven't heard this before, but it could be true. No one talks about Jeremy Piven anymore anyway.

March 23, 2014

This network that has a really short name is deathly afraid of saying anything negative about this B list mostly television actor who once had a cable show and is now making a movie about it. They refuse to say anything bad about him. One person says it is because they are afraid of being sued and another says it is because he knows a lot of secrets about someone very famous who works for the network.

E!/Jeremy Piven/Ryan Seacrest
21 Aug 07:00

foxadhd: Pizza Forever



22 Aug 02:16



ramen gif

18 Aug 14:00

This bride had her horse walk her down the aisle

by Chris Wolfgang


We've seen dogs walking people down the aisle, but you probably haven't witnessed just too many horses in that role yet. Alcatraz accompanied Ashley as she and Justin were married at Aubrey Hill Equestrian Center in Florida last fall. Smart lady, Ashley wore sparkly Converse as she walked by her horse's side.

Judging by the tattoos and the fact that Ashley, you know, keeps a horse, we can gather that she's a fan of the equine kind. But it looks like Justin has his own creature friends: he took some time to pose in his wedding finest with a bird, a snake, and a lizard. Of course, if animals aren't your thing, stick around anyway! You'll come across details like Ashley's lace collar, black dresses and linens, deep-red roses, and flickering candles. All that and horses too? It's like we've landed in the best romance novel ever.



























Bakery: Cupcake Emporium • Caterer: Nancy's Haute Affairs • DJ: First Day Entertainment • Event Planner: Serendipity Designs Wedding Event Planning • Floral: Fiore of Pensacola • Photographer: Aislinn Kate Photography• Rentals: Wedding Walls • Venue: Aubrey Hill Equestrian Center

Recent Comments

  • Stefanie: This is gorgeous! I love her tatts, the location, the horses, everything! And the Bearded Dragon and baby snake are … [Link]

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16 Aug 16:45

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer


June 3, 2014

This B list actress does just about everything. Apparently she also just got a breast enlargement because she says when her actor husband left her it devastated her and she thinks new breasts will make her feel better about herself.

Idina Menzel
17 Aug 23:06

taishou-kun: Recruit - Jalan Nyaran travel CM - Japan -...


cats, poms, BENTOS


Recruit - Jalan Nyaran travel CM - Japan - 2013

リクルートじゃらん にゃらん - 2013

14 Aug 17:34

Mountain Lions Are Killing Each Other & Inbreeding Because They're Trapped By The 101 Freeway, Study Says

by Jean Trinh

They are trying to build them a bridge so they can cross the freeway. Just a bridge full of male mountain lions.

Mountain Lions Are Killing Each Other & Inbreeding Because They're Trapped By The 101 Freeway, Study Says Researchers are finding that the mountains lions living in the Santa Monica Mountains are exhibiting some bizarre behavior—like heavy inbreeding and killing each other off. [ more › ]

12 Aug 02:37



so fancy

14 Aug 16:00

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

by ent lawyer

whoooaaao! you get yours, Liza.

June 27, 2014

Old Hollywood: Which A-list former child actress once caught one of her boyfriends, who was then an almost A-list actor soon to become an A++ Oscar winner/nominee, doing the horizontal mambo with a future EGOT winner?

Natalie Wood/Warren Beatty/Liza Minelli
14 Aug 01:17

Celebrity Real Estate: Buy Faye Dunaway's Modest Duplex and Fab Stuff For $1.75MM

by Bianca Barragan

I wonder if her neighbors even know.

It's hard to believe that Chinatown star Faye Dunaway lives in such a reasonable house, but this duplex in West Hollywood, which she bought in 1998 for a mere $315,000, has been her main residence for the past 16 years. (Hence all the memorabilia and photographs, which can be included in the sale for an added price, although the awards are probably off limits.) Dunaway occupied the larger of the two units, while the smaller was unoccupied; in total, there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms in the building. The recently remodeled duplex sits on a large lot that's walled off from prying eyes by giant hedges; features original interior details including arched windows and crown moldings. Dunaway is selling it for $1.75 million.

· 901 N. Spaulding Ave. [The Agency]

06 Aug 14:15

Muppets Most Wanted Bento Box

by Wendy


Muppets: Most Wanted Bento Box Lunch
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Blueprint Social for Disney.

I loved the Muppet so much when I was a kid. I looked forward to watching The Muppet Show on Sunday nights all week and I remember running home from playing with the neighbor kids so I didn’t miss the beginning. I had a Kermit doll sitting on my bed and a poster of Miss Piggy hanging on the wall at the end of it. So obviously I was excited when Disney rebooted the Muppet movies a few years back. I wanted to revisit my old friends, but more importantly I wanted to share the Muppets with my boys. This weekend we watched the most recent installment, Muppets Most Wanted. (The movie will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th at but we got a sneak peak.) It’s jam-packed with all my favorite Muppets, of course, and it also has about a zillion cameos and songs. The kids thought it was hilarious (yay!) and after watching it I was inspired to make a Muppets bento box.

Shall I show you how to make one too? Yes, of course I should!

Here’s what you’ll need:


  • sliced whole wheat bread
  • deli-sliced havarti cheese (or other white cheese)
  • deli-sliced ham
  • mayonnaise
  • strawberries
  • sugar snap peas
  • teddy bear crackers


  • 3-section bento box
  • paring knife
  • pig cookie cutter/stamp
  • jewel picks
  • black food marker

And here’s how I put it together:

Use the CuteZCute cutter to make a pig

I started by cutting the bread for a Miss Piggy sandwich. I cut two head shapes with the outer cutter, then I stamped a pig face on one of the slices of bread. (I saved the bread scraps in the freezer to use for bread crumbs or something later.)

Miss Piggy-ize the sandwich

Once you have the basic shapes for the head, it’s time to cut some hair. Miss Piggy has beautiful platinum blonde hair, so I chose a slice of havarti cheese to mimic it. Lay one of the bread pieces on a slice of cheese and then use it as a guide to cut Piggy’s hair out with a paring knife. I went with her classic long wavy hair-do, but you could do any other hair style you like!

The ears on the cutter I used didn’t match Miss Piggy’s pointier ears, so I cut them off and made my own. I squished the cut pieces down flat with y finger to make them easier to handle, then used the knife to cut them into tear-drop shapes. Once I had everything looking just right, I “glued” the hair to the bread with a little bit of mayo and then glued the ears on top of that. The inside of the sandwich was filled with ham and some of the cheese scraps. (Reserve a bit of the cheese for later).

Fix Miss Piggy's droopy hair with a tooth pick

After I assembled the sandwich I noticed that Miss Piggy’s hair was a bit droopy. If you’re less uptight about these things than I am you could just leave it, but I wanted my girl to look her best, so I stuck a couple toothpicks in each side of the sandwich to prop her hair up. Just remember to warn your kids that they’re in there so they don’t bite down on them at lunch time!

Muppet Most Wanted bento box lunch

Add the sandwich to the largest section of the bento box. I had a lot of extra space left at the bottom so I filled it in with strawberries. And then I added some jewel picks because we all know how Miss Piggy loves bling.

Kermit the Frog made with snap peas and cheese

Next we’re going to add Kermit into the lunch. I tried making an accurate likeness of him, but I couldn’t pull it off, so instead I decided to go for a symbolic representation. Good enough! I started by trimming some sugar snap peas so they were as long as the bento box is tall. Then I stood them on end in one of the side dish sections.

Next, I cut a couple of semi-circles and a pointy collar from the reserved cheese scraps. The eyes definitely needed Kermits signature pupils, so I drew those on with a black food-safe marker. Finally I laid the cheese bits on top of the snap peas. It’s not the perfect Kermit, but it will do!

Muppets: Most Wanted bento box lunch

The last touch was to add some teddy bear crackers to the remaining compartment. Who do they look like? Fozzie, of course!

Ta da! Muppet in a lunch box!

Muppets Most Wanted is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and Digital HD August 12th at

Follow The Muppets on social media:

And find more ideas for Muppets fun here:

07 Aug 23:45

Rent Check: Rent a Cute 1940s Cottage in Toluca Lake for $1,875

by Pauline O'Connor

but the kitchen has even less counter space than we do now :(

Catching our eye on Craigslist today is a sweet 1940s cottage up for grabs in Toluca Lake. Per the ad, the cottage is one of nine units and features two bedrooms, one bathroom with separate tub and shower, living and dining rooms, hardwood floors, crown molding, wainscoting, vintage tile and stove, a new dishwasher, and new central heat and air. Located within walking distance of Trader Joe's, Honey Baked Ham, and Bob's Big Boy, the cottage also comes with one garage space. Monthly rent is $1,875.

· $1875 / 2br - Cute Cottage in Toluca Lake with 2 beds & 1 Bath [Craigslist]

06 Aug 16:40

Blind Items Revealed

by ent lawyer


January 14, 2014

This B list mostly television actress known for her curves from a very hit cable show has lost 20 pounds in the past six weeks because she has been turned down for every role as "too fat." Apparently she also spoke to a plastic surgeon about a breast reduction.

Christina Hendricks
05 Aug 17:00

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast from Disney’s PCH Grill at Disneyland Resort

by Pam Brandon

I have a french toast casserole recipe but this one sounds pretty interesting.

Next in our Delicious Disney series, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast from Chef Mark Buan at Surf’s Up! Breakfast with Mickey & Friends at Disney’s PCH Grill in Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel at the Disneyland Resort.

Chef calls it French toast, but it’s more like a bread pudding made with rich challah, a traditional Jewish yeast bread sweetened with honey. And is there any more perfect combo than chocolate, peanuts and sweet bananas? It’s perfect for a breakfast buffet, or we’d serve it for dessert with a generous drizzle of warm chocolate sauce.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana French Toast
Serves 4


  • 8 thick slices day-old challah bread
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1/4 cup chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 6 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 3/4 cup low-fat chocolate milk
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • Chocolate syrup and powdered sugar, optional


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Coat a 9x13x2-inch baking pan with nonstick spray. Set aside.
  2. Cut bread into 1-inch cubes and place in a large bowl. Slice bananas into 1/2-inch slices, and add to bowl. Stir in chocolate chips.
  3. Combine peanut butter, eggs, chocolate milk, cinnamon, and salt in a blender. Process until smooth.
  4. Pour egg mixture over bread mixture. Stir gently until bread cubes have absorbed egg mixture.
  5. Pour mixture into prepared baking pan. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until top is golden brown.
  6. Before serving, drizzle with chocolate syrup and dust with powdered sugar, if desired.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast from Disney’s PCH Grill at Disneyland Resort by Pam Brandon: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

04 Aug 18:15

Tom Haverford Supercut - Every Business Idea Ever

by ent lawyer

Some of these I missed.

31 Jul 06:06

Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz & Linda Evangelista Cover Bazaar US September 2014

by Joanna

she is just not a very good looking woman, is she?

harpers bazaar september 2014 covers1 Lady Gaga, Penelope Cruz & Linda Evangelista Cover Bazaar US September 2014

Carine’s Icons–With her role as Harper’s Bazaar’s global fashion director; Carine Roitfeld has tapped what she describes as “iconic women” to appear in the magazine’s September issue. The covers revealed on WWD feature pop star Lady Gaga, supermodel Linda Evangelista (who also recently covered Vogue Japan) and actress Penelope Cruz photographed by Sebastian Faena. “For all the icons, I used fishnets. Fishnets are like my link,” she said, noting that in the portfolio they can be seen as tights, gloves or as part of dresses, for example,” Carine told the news publication about her styling for the shoot.

View More

01 Aug 20:15

Video Interlude: Take a Video Tour Through Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

by Bianca Barragan

michael jackson was really fucking weird.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 12.05.33 PM.png

We heard news today that firm Colony Capital, owners of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, are putting the famed property up for sale. The Los Olivos ranch, which once had a giant slide and carnival rides on the premises, occupies over 2,600 acres of land. We've found a video exploring the expansive grounds but mostly focusing on the less-often-seen interior of the main house, which used to contain crazy knickknacks (the Academy Award for Gone With the Wind!) and still has flooring ripped from an Eighteenth-Century French home. Elizabeth Taylor got married here, Marlon Brando hung out here—the house is full of stories.

· Michael Jackson's Neverland Is About To Be Sold [Forbes]
· Neverland Ranch archives [Curbed LA]

01 Aug 17:31

avantblargh: gaaaaaaaaaambit: all the tracks from quill’s...





all the tracks from quill’s AWESOME MIX from guardians of the galaxy



i’m already way too excited to see this movie, since i’ve decided it’s the only marvel movie worth watching.

15 Jul 04:08

The Worst Ketchup in All of Walt Disney World

by AJ

A pretty classic disney-tourist complaint. This guy has such a sophisticated palate that he puts ketchup on all the chicken he eats, so he must really know what he is talking about.

Ketchup. I personally love the stuff. I dip fries into it. It goes onto my burgers and hot dogs. I’ve been known to put it on steak. All incarnations of chicken — when not slathered in Buffalo wing sauce — get ketchupped.

But recently, I requested ketchup at Crew’s Cup Lounge in Disney World’s Yacht Club Resort when having a little lunch there. And I met with the Worst. Ketchup. In. Disney World.

If I’ve piqued your interest, here’s a pic of the offending condiment: Dickinson’s Ketchup. In one of those teeny tiny room service jars, no less. (Apparently the Crew’s Cup kitchen is the same one that manages room service. Sigh. Double sigh.)

Dickinson's Ketchup in a Jar

Dickinson’s Ketchup in a Jar

As I see it, there are three major problems here. Shall we?

Problem #1: getting the ketchup out. Um…it’s impossible. There’s ketchup in there, all right, but it’s uber thick and pretty much just stays in there no matter how long you tip the thing upside down. So you have to get your knife involved in scraping the stuff out, which not only provides a nails-on-a-chalkboard (or, knife-on-glass, as it may be) irritation, but also dirties your knife.

Problem #2: the taste. I know that most ketchup starts with concentrated tomatoes — like tomato paste, I’m thinking — but this seems, well, entirely too tomato-y to me. It’s, like, mega-tomato. There is such a thing as too much tomato.

Dickinson's Ketchup Ingredients -- Click to Enlarge

Dickinson’s Ketchup Ingredients — Click to Enlarge

But THEN there’s Problem #3: the texture.

Once you wrestle it out of the jar — and really, you should have a tiny rubber spatula for this feat — you see that it really is the consistency of tomato paste. You could probably make a little ketchup sculpture out of it. And that’s just wrong.

Out of the Jar

Out of the Jar

So I have made a mental note to myself: when staying at Walt Disney World, I’ll squirrel away a packet or two (or 6) of good, old fashioned Heinz if and when I see them. It may be tough, what with all those ketchup dispensers at condiment bars. But I’m gonna try.

Gloppy ketchup. Gross. Sorry Dickinson Family.

Are you opinionated when it comes to condiments? Tell us about your most — and least — favorite dips and toppings in Walt Disney World!

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

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16 Jul 23:27


by mugumogu

oh yikes. Hana eats it big time.

Maru chases Hana, and she escapes.

Maru:[Hey, wait!]
Hana:[I don't wait!]


Hana:[Come here!]

This photograph is out of focus, but Hana crashed.

Maru:[Are you ok?]


29 Jul 22:36

Take Olympic: Watch Lionel Richie and a UFO Dazzle the 1984 LA Olympics

by Bianca Barragan

More than worth watching. I feel every Olympics should feature Lionel Richie and a UFO.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 1.54.12 PM.png
The truth was out there.

The landmark 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles kicked off 30 years ago this week; with their tight budget and heavy sponsorship, they changed the way Olympics are run, and they also brought us some amazingly goofy pageantry. The opening ceremonies had their Gershwin and rocket men (hat tip to A Walker in LA for that one), but the closing ceremony—marked by a live performance of "All Night Long" by Lionel Ritchie in a sequined jacket-and-shirt combo that must have weighed about 20 pounds AND the appearance of a UFO that hovered over the Coliseum communicating with the crowd—was pretty clearly the pinnacle of the games. They'll be tough to top if LA wins its bid for the 2024 Summer games.

Lionel Ritchie put on an awesome performance of his classic jam for the crowd at the Coliseum in some of the booty-cuppingest white pants known to man, flanked by breakdancers popping and locking their hearts out while stage-mounted pyrotechnics flashed to the oohs and aahs of the crowd.

Yes, this video does take a while to get good, but around the three-minute mark, when the spaceship starts descending and interacting with the crowd, à la Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it gets very cool. The two-ton, jet-fuel-powered spaceship, nicknamed "the Flying Taco" by the event staff, had a close call just a few days before the ceremony that almost grounded it. The secrets of how the craft was made were revealed in 2009.
· Out of the sky, some Hollywood magic [LAT]
· Here Are LA's Huge Plans for the 2024 Olympics [Curbed LA]

24 Jul 21:00

Nation’s Gratuitously Sexual Couples Announce Plans To Wait In Line At Six Flags


I was surprised to find this still occurs on my last trip to six flags.

WASHINGTON—Interrupting various stages of excessive public intimacy to address the general population, the nation’s gratuitously sexual couples announced plans Thursday to wait in line at Six Flags amusement parks across the country. A represe...

24 Jul 23:05


by mugumogu

Holy crap!

まるさん、抜け毛の季節ですねぇ。 抜け毛の季節といえば――
Hey Maru, because it is hot, a lot of your furs fall out.

So I make wigs for you.

Which do you like?

Maru:[I match all.]

Hey Hana, it is lent to you next.

Hana:[It's too hot!]


27 Jul 22:11


by mugumogu

A cat fight in a box that evolves to social grooming.

The box is too small to use it together.

17 Jul 17:15

Lagerfeld Barbie! Mattel Launching Doll Inspired by the Famous Designer

by Joanna

I am definitely going to buy this. I guess I am back in the swing of Barbie collecting.

karl lagerfeld doll barbie Lagerfeld Barbie! Mattel Launching Doll Inspired by the Famous Designer

Sketch of Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll from WWD

Barbie Gets a High Fashion Makeover–As a part of Mattel’s Barbie Collector series, a limited edition doll is being created in the likeness of iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld, reports WWD.

The doll, named Barbie Lagerfeld, will be dressed in the designer’s signature ensemble of a tailored black jacket, high collared white shirt, skinny black jeans and the look wouldn’t be complete without dark sunglasses and black ankle boots. The global vice president of Barbie product design says, “It’s not everyday that Barbie dresses like the world’s most famous fashion designer.” Barbie Lagerfeld is slated to be launched in the fall with further details about the doll being released at a later date.

Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette is also in the spotlight with an upcoming campaign for Shu Uemura.

21 Jul 20:36

Squatting: Nightmare Palm Springs AirBnB Renter Refuses to Leave

by Bianca Barragan


palm springs squatters B.jpg
[Eviction sign via Chris Dorney / Shutterstock]

In addition to the fact that AirBnB is likely not legal in your neighborhood, another potential downside to the vacation rental service is that you might have to take renters to court to evict them. Business Insider reports on an AirBnB host living who's having to do just that with her condo in Palm Springs. The "guest," a man whose profile identified him as Maksym, rented the woman's condo for a month and paid upfront, but after two days said he was dissatisfied and demanded a refund. And that's where the trouble began ...

The property owner, now feeling uneasy about the visitor, contacted AirBnB so that he could get his money back and leave. It turns out that, aside from the initial AirBnB fees, the company was "unable" to collect for actual time stayed in the condo. At a loss for what to do, and after a chain of "antagonistic texts" with the guy in her condo, the property owner decided to let him stay for the term of his reserved time, hoping he'd leave afterward.

But on the last day of his reservation, when the condo owner emailed the guest and told him to leave or she'd shut off the utilities, he responded with a caps-lock-riddled tirade claiming that he was occupying the condo legally and that he was going to sue her because his brother got an ulcer from drinking the tap water in the condo. It turns out, he was only partially crazy.

When the condo owner hired a lawyer, she discovered that, in California, tenants who rent property for 30 days are considered month-to-month-lease tenants, meaning that in order to kick her squatter out, she would actually have to go through the whole process to evict him. Eviction is neither fast nor cheap: it could take as much as half a year and cost around $5,000 in lawyer's fees. AirBnB always reminds hosts to be aware of their state's laws, but if they'd include a footnote about this exchange, maybe people would actually pay attention to that warning.
· Airbnb Host: A Guest Is Squatting In My Condo And I Can't Get Him To Leave [BI]
· The Few Places in Los Angeles Where Airbnbs Might be Legal [Curbed LA]

27 Apr 02:16

princesslifestylechoices: valueplus and I as cats true


OH MAN is this what robotron will look like when she is old and fat?


valueplus and I as cats


16 Jul 23:24

New to Market: Sharp Mid-Century Modern by Byles & Weston Asking $1.7MM

by Pauline O'Connor

let us live here

Featured in the May 1950 issue of Arts & Architecture, this Pasadena post and beam was designed by architectural partners Douglas Byles and Eugene Weston III. Sited on a quarter-acre lot in the San Rafael Hills, the updated residence features three bedrooms, three baths, maple floors, walls of glass, beamed ceilings, clerestory windows, a wood-burning fireplace, and marble countertops, while the grounds offer lovely mature trees, a koi pond, and a saltwater pool with spa. Last sold in 2010 for $1.365 million, it's now asking $1.698 million.

· 320 SAN MIGUEL Rd [Redfin]