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30 Oct 16:00

The 30 Scariest Wikipedia Pages You'll Ever See

by Erin Donnelly

I haven't read all of them yet but there is some crazy shit in here.

Remember when an after-dinner viewing of Unsolved Mysteries was all it took to get the goosebumps going? These days, we're too busy gobbling up stories of killer clowns, horror flicks inspired by favorite childhood games, and TV tales of leg-barbecuing zombies to take much notice of the fact that, hey, life itself is pretty darn terrifying already.

One need only drop into the rabbit hole that is Wikipedia for proof. Historical serial killers, unexplained disappearances, and ridiculously gruesome forms of torture? Not even Stephen King or Ryan Murphy could dream this stuff up. When you consider that all of it actually happened, you'll realize that Hollywood-issue horror has got nothing on some late-night Wiki research.

Behold, 30 of the most spine-tingling Wiki entries we've come across. We clutched our teddy bears, cried ourselves to sleep, and wet the bed so you could feast your eyes on these spooky stories. Nighty night!

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Opener Image Designed By Shawna Huang.

Abraham De Moivre

The death of this 18th-century French mathematician reads like something out of an Edgar Allen Poe story. Consider this passage: "As he grew older, he became increasingly lethargic and needed longer sleeping hours. He noted that he was sleeping an extra 15 minutes each night and correctly calculated the date of his death on the day when the additional sleep time accumulated to 24 hours, November 27, 1754." Yes, he was a smartypants math whiz and an expert on the probability theory. But, you know, still eerie.

Axeman of New Orleans

John Wayne Gacy had clowns; the Axeman of New Orleans had jazz. From May 1918 to October 1919, an axe-wielding serial killer terrorized the Italian-American community of New Orleans. In an interesting twist, the killer wrote a public letter stating that he would spare those who were playing jazz. Crank it up!

Belle Gunness

There are Black Widows, and then there is Belle Gunness. Born in Norway in 1859, this six-foot-tall housewife left a trail of dead lovers, husbands, and children in her wake. Eventually moving to the Midwest, the serial killer is supposed to have faked her own death by arson, a crime for which her besotted hired hand, Ray Lamphere, was charged. Lamphere died in prison, countless bodies were dug up on Gunness' property, and no one quite knows just what became of the "female Blackbeard."

Whitehall Mystery

Scotland Yard is used to solving crimes, but, ironically, nobody's cracked the case of a murder that took place on its own grounds. During the building's construction in 1888, police found the dismembered remains of a woman in three different locations. The woman's head, left arm, and right leg were never found, and her identify remains a mystery.


This ancient Persian form of execution almost makes waterboarding sound like a walk in the park. We'll spare you the disgust of going into the very gory details, but let's just say that it involves lots of milk and honey, being stretched, shitting yourself, and being invaded by insects in the worst way imaginable.

Albert Fish

Serial killers don't get much more horrifying than Albert Fish, a.k.a. Gray Man, the Werewolf of Wysteria, the Brooklyn Vampire, the Moon Maniac, and The Boogey Man. Ultimately executed by electric chair in 1936, the New Yorker was a notorious child rapist and cannibal who also dabbled in consuming his own urine and feces. Rumor has it the monstrous "family man" even fed his victims to his own children.

Mary (Elephant)

Poor Mary was a five-ton Asian elephant who performed in the circus. In 1916, she killed a trainer who was reportedly prodding her behind the ear with a hook. As punishment, the story goes that Mary was first shot five times, then hung in public. During the first attempt, she fell and broke her hip, but died after a second hanging.

Slow Slicing

Skip this one if you're the least bit squeamish. Still with us? Slow slicing was an ancient form of Chinese torture that involved methodically cutting off parts of a victim's body until the person died. After slices of flesh had been removed and limbs severed, the ritual was typically completed with a decapitation — or a knife through the heart.

Bible John

What makes this Scottish serial killer from the late 1960s especially troubling? All three of his rape and murder victims were menstruating at the time of death, and were found with sanitary pads and tampons near or on their bodies.

50 Berkeley Square

Described as the most haunted house in London, this posh address has had reports of ghost sightings for about 250 years now. Though stories vary, one legend has it that the attic is haunted by the ghost of a young woman who killed herself after being abused by her uncle. At least two people staying there have reportedly died of fright, and even former resident — and 18th-century British prime minister — George Canning claimed to have had paranormal experiences there. The townhouse is now home to the Maggs Bros. antiquarian booksellers. Shop at your own peril.

Tom & Eileen Lonergan

The 2003 film Open Water was partially based on the disappearance of this American couple during a scuba diving trip to Australia's Great Barrier Reef in 1998. Their boat left the diving area without the couple on board, but nobody realized the Lonergans had disappeared until two days later. Troubling diary entries sparked speculation of a suicide or murder-suicide, but the bodies have never been found and no one knows for sure what happened to the pair. And, this is why we're never scuba diving again.

Bobby Dunbar Disappearance

In August 1912, four-year-old Bobby Dunbar vanished during a Louisiana fishing trip with his parents. Eight months later, a handyman was picked up with a young boy believed to be Bobby. Despite the man's claims that this boy, whom he called Bruce, was the son of a female friend, he was jailed for kidnapping. "Bobby" was reunited with the Dunbars, though many accounts say that he had no recognition of his so-called parents, who couldn't be quite sure whether or not he was theirs. Nonetheless, the boy was raised with the Dunbars, went on to have children of his own, and died in 1966. In 2004, his son underwent DNA testing, which showed that he was not blood-related to his supposed cousin, the son of "Bobby's" younger brother. What happened to the real Bobby? We may never know.

Bubbly Creek

Bubbly Creek sounds like a quaint hot springs, but it's anything but. Those "bubbles" for which the Chicago River's south branch was once known were created by methane and hydrogen-sulfide gases from the decomposing entrails and blood that had been dumped there by nearby meatpacking factories. Gag.

Carroll A. Deering

This schooner was found on the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC in 1921, with one thing missing: the crew. The lifeboats, logs, and all personal effects had also vanished. Though the likeliest explanation is a mutiny, the story of the Rio-bound vessel has given rise to Bermuda Triangle conspiracy theories.

Cicada 3301

Though not bloody-murder-scary, there's something rather mysterious and chilling about this cryptology organization. Shrouded in secrecy, Cicada has released three sets of Internet puzzles since 2012 (one per year), with the aim of recruiting cryptanalysts. (Nope, solving " The Puzzler" on Car Talk just doesn't cut it.) No company has revealed itself to be behind the puzzles, and no one who may have solved the puzzles has publicly come forward. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Phantom Time Hypothesis

This one isn't just spooky, it's also somewhat mind-blowing. What if Charlemagne never existed? What if there was a conspiracy to rewrite history and make up dates that didn't actually occur? What if AD 614-911 never happened? What if it's not 2014?

Red Rain In Kerala

People living in the southern Indian state of Kerala were understandably disturbed when blood-red rain started pouring on them in the summer of 2001. Various hypotheses have suggested that the downpour is due to algae spores, debris from a meteor, or even signs of extraterrestrial existence.

Ed Gein

Just about every horror story (including Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Silence of the Lambs) was inspired by the case of Ed Gein, Wisconsin's highly disturbed killer and body snatcher. In addition to killing two women, Gein had a habit of raiding graves and creating his own human trophies. Among his gruesome belongings were a pair of leggings made from human skin, an actual face mask, and a belt lined with the nipples of various women.

Euthanasia Coaster

A ride on this conceptual coaster will be your last. The idea for a steel roller coaster that euthanizes passengers was developed in 2010. A series of inversions would trigger cerebral anoxia, or a lack of oxygen, causing death to those seeking to end their lives. The coaster hasn't been built (yet), but maybe read the warning signs really carefully the next time you hit an amusement park, just in case.

List Of Serial Killers Before 1900

This ghastly list is an exhaustive Who's Who of every baddie from history. Apparently Liu Pengli was the first reported serial killer, with more than 100 victims under his belt. You've also got poisoner Queen Anula, "The Werewolf of Bedburg," and Britain's "Sally Arsenic." A motley crew indeed.

Eva Dugan

Dugan is the only woman to be executed by hanging in Arizona, and the event was so traumatizing the state was compelled to switch to the gas chamber. By all accounts, the convicted murderer was bold and brassy, telling jurors at her trial that, "Well, I’ll die with my boots on, an’ in full health. An’ that’s more’n most of you old coots’ll be able to boast on.” Not quite. Upon her hanging, in 1930, Dugan's head snapped off, rolling towards the gathered spectators.

Oscar (Therapy Cat)

The resident therapy cat at Rhode Island's Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a special gift: predicting death. As of January 2010, the feline had predicted an estimated 50 deaths, reaching the point where staff members will notify family members if he is seen sleeping in a patient's room. Don't get any ideas, kitty.

Michael Taylor (Ossett)

After a period of erratic behavior, 30-year-old Englishman Michael Taylor was subjected to an exorcism in 1974. The all-night session was conducted by a local Anglican priest and a Methodist clergyman. At 6 a.m., the men let Taylor go home, though they cautioned him that at least three demons (insanity, murder, and violence, obviously) still resided in him. Sure enough, Taylor killed his wife, strangled his poodle, and roamed the streets naked and covered in blood until a policeman found him. He was later acquitted of his crimes on grounds of insanity.

H.H. Holmes

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. That was the case at the Chicago hotel owned by H.H. Holmes, who had the building designed to make murdering his female employees as efficient as possible. The World's Fair Hotel, nicknamed "The Murder Castle," was a labyrinthine construction of windowless rooms, doors leading to nowhere, a soundproof gas chamber, and a secret chute where bodies could be dispatched to the basement. Holmes was eventually caught and executed by hanging in 1896, though it took about 20 minutes for him to die on the noose.

Nine Familial Exterminations

The Persians weren't the only ones who really knew how to punish a person. In ancient China, Korea, and Vietnam, the worst penalty for committing a capital offense, such as treason, was to have all of your relatives murdered. This included the criminal's parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren (over a certain age), siblings, in-laws, uncles, and the criminal himself. The reasoning behind this? Because family members were loyal to one another, each relative was viewed as culpable in a criminal's act of treason.

The Taman Shud Case

On December 1, 1948, the body of a dead middle-aged man was found on Somerton beach in Adelaide, Australia. In his pants pocket was a scrap torn from the final page of The Rubaiyat, a book of Persian poems originally written nearly 1,000 years ago. The scrap carried the phrase "taman shud," which means "ended" or "finished" in Persian. An autopsy determined that the man, rumored to be a Cold War spy, had been poisoned. To this day, the body remains unidentified and officials have denied recent requests to have it exhumed for DNA testing.

Post-Mortem Photography

In the late 19th and early 20th century, it was common practice to commission someone to photograph your deceased loved ones. Needless to say, the images are supremely sad and nightmare-inducing.


Might want to scratch this one off your list of things to do and see in Japan. This desolate forest at the base of Mount Fuji, also known as the Sea of Trees, is said to be haunted and is one of Japan's most popular suicide spots. Police conduct an annual body search each year. Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe are set to star in a film inspired by the forest next year.

Greenbrier Ghost

Elva Zona Heaster, a.k.a. the Greenbrier Ghost, was, in a way, the Patrick Swayze of her time. Though the West Virginia native's 1897 death was originally attributed to "everlasting faint," her mother was able to get Heaster's husband, Erasmus Stribbling Trout Shue, convicted for her murder. According to Mama Heaster, her 20-something-year-old daughter appeared to her in a dream and revealed that ol' Erasmus had broken her neck. This prompted an exhumation, which proved that, yep, the corpse's neck had indeed been broken.

Winchester Mystery House

This San Jose, California tourist attraction was the home of Sarah Winchester, widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester. Story has it that a psychic urged the grieving widow to build a home for herself and the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles. Though the haphazardly designed home is said to be absent of paranormal activity, its unusual design is filled with the kind of superstitious touches you might expect from a woman who believed in ghosts. For example, every Friday the 13th the large bell on the property is rung 13 times at 1300 hours (a.k.a. 1 p.m.).

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16 Oct 23:24

absentlyabbie: collaterlysisters: natellite: madnessinthemist:...


Plan B doesn't work if you are over 178 lbs?! whaaaaattttt.









Tweet 1: I can see a lot of people either avoiding Plan B & ending up pregnant or attempting to take multiple doses & getting sick.

Tweet 2: anyone w a credit card (not everyone, I know) can/should use ella they’ll ship it overnight $45

SIGNAL BOOST. Ella is another form of emergency contraception/the morning-after pill. It’s more effective than Plan B and can be taken up to FIVE DAYS after your mishap, rather than three days. Please spread this around; with all of the anti-choice legislation flying about and how difficult it can be for some people to get Plan B even OTC (like minors, people living in small towns, etc.), this might be the only way a lot of people can get their hands on the morning-after pill.


I’ve also read that Ella is more effective for plus size people.

This is important. Ella works for everyone. Plan B is not effective for people over 176 pounds. Protect yourself


Boosting the shit outta this.

hey collaterlysisters this smells a little like bullshit to me, could i get a second opinion

It’s 100% accurate:

Ella still loses effectiveness beyond a certain weight; it’s just a higher threshold. I can’t recall the the exact number and am at work, and don’t have a moment to hunt the information down, but definitely thoroughly research Ella if you are choosing it due to the weight restrictions on Plan B’s effectiveness.

28 Oct 19:30

How to Make Dunkaroos at Home

by molly yeh

uhhh dunkaroos are just cookies and canned frosting so I don't think we need a recipe for it.

It's always more fun to DIY. Every week, we'll spare you a trip to the grocery store and show you how to make small batches of great foods at home.

Today: Dunkaroos may not be available in the U.S. anymore (grieving, commence), but frostable fun is still available for everyone, courtesy of the great Molly Yeh.

Turning down the snack and cereal aisle was like walking into a new school, where everyone spoke another language and I was completely naked.

Who are all of these characters on the gummy snack boxes? Is that a cake-flavored pop tart? Where are the Dunkaroos?!

My heartbeat got louder and louder as an employee headed towards me. “Excuse me sir, do you sell Dunkaroos?” I rehearsed in my head as he got closer and my eyes got wider, the word “Dunkaroos” barely audible out of fear that he would judge me. My eyes followed him as he walked past me without so much as a nod or acknowledgement or reassurance that I was not going to die in this aisle. I frantically scanned for the Dunkaroos, desperate to get out of that place as quickly as possible. I had the sweaty palms of an 18-year-old in a liquor store with a fake ID. I was out of place. I hadn’t been down that aisle in 15 years, easily. I was there for research -- that's what I told myself in order to calm down. Research.

Failed research that had me on eBay that night, ready to bid on Dunkaroos imported from Canada.

Because, news flash: Dunkaroos in the U.S. were discontinued in 2012.

...Can you believe that?

I mean just because my mom never bought them didn’t mean I wouldn’t have them every time I went over to my friend Gracie’s house or that I didn't trade my Applegate salami for them.

More: This is not the first time Dunkaroos have been a contentious issue on Food52.

They were a fleeting part of my childhood, they were likely a part of your childhood, and now, they’re another reason to move to Canada. (The first reason being the butter tart.)

But no need to start fishing for a green card yet: You can make your own Dunkaroos! And pretty darn easily, might I add. All it takes are some cut-out cinnamon graham crackers, frosting, and sprinkles (which you probably have leftover from the time you made Funfetti, right?).

Here, I’ve used a little Dala Horse cookie cutter (so these are actually Dala-roos), but you can use any little shapes you’d like. Of course, bonus points if you can find a little kangaroo cookie cutter.

Homemade Dunkaroos

Serves 4 to 6

For the cookies:

2 cups graham flour
1/2 cup all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons cold, unsalted butter, cubed
1/4 cup molasses
1/4 cup whole milk
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

For the frosting:

1/2 cup unsalted butter, softened
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 1/2 teaspoons clear imitation vanilla
1 pinch salt
1 1/4 cups powdered sugar, or to taste
1/4 cup rainbow sprinkles

In a food processor, pulse together all of the dry ingredients (flour through salt) to combine. Add the butter cubes and pulse until you have a coarse, mealy mixture.

In a large bowl, mix together the molasses, whole milk, and vanilla extract. Stir in the dry ingredients until just combined. Divide the dough into two parts, wrap each in plastic wrap, and then refrigerate for an hour or overnight.

Preheat the oven to 350° F and roll out half of the dough on a floured surface until it's 1/4-inch thick. Cut out small shapes with a cookie cutter and place them 1 inch apart on a cookie sheet lined with parchment.

Bake the cookies for 15 to 20 minutes, until crispy, and then repeat rolling, cutting, and baking with the remaining half of the dough. (If you have the oven space, you can bake both halves at once.)

It's important to make sure that the cookies are fully baked. If they're anything less than crispy, they'll have a weird texture that almost makes them taste like they are stale.

Cream together the butter and the cream cheese. Add the vanilla and salt. Gradually add the 1 1/4 cups of powdered sugar.

Taste and add more sugar, if desired. Fold in the sprinkles.

Dip a cookie, rejoice, and repeat.

See the full recipe (and save and print it) here.

Photos by Molly Yeh

28 Oct 18:06

Taylor Swift Wire: Yesterday country pop princess Taylor Swift...

by Adrian Glick Kudler

for bill

21taylor-swift-front1-1.jpgYesterday country pop princess Taylor Swift dropped her fifth studio album, and to celebrate the occasion, Curbed National has dug deep to find the 27 weirdest things Swift has in her many, many houses. From a fish tank full of baseballs in her New York apartment to "a topiary rabbit, as tall as an NBA shooting guard" in her Nashville pad, Curbed National has the scoop, right this way. [Curbed National]

18 Oct 19:04

johndarnielle: shrimpojess: clittyslickers: very into charts...


This may explain why Bill always feels awful after a nap.




very into charts about naps

Nap charts guys.

want the NASA nap, but fear I would get stressed out by its proximity time-wise to the Bad Nap

this is all well and good but i believe one must respect naps as autonomous things and wake up when they are over. this is delicate as you must discern the difference between waking up because your nap is over and waking up for other reasons, but the work is worth it both for your sake and for the sake of naps that visit you in your life

18 Sep 16:00

sherlockspeare: (X)


what a dick

22 Oct 02:57

Backstage Beauty: Long Lashes | Paul & Joe S/S 2015

by Le Fashion

This girl is an alien, right?

Le Fashion Blog Backstage Beauty Long Lashes Eyelashes Mascara Paul Joe SS 2015 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Backstage-Beauty-Long-Lashes-Eyelashes-Mascara-Paul-Joe-SS-2015.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Backstage Beauty Long Lashes Statement Eyelashes Paul Joe SS 2015 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Backstage-Beauty-Long-Lashes-Statement-Eyelashes-Paul-Joe-SS-2015.jpg
Le Fashion Blog Backstage Beauty Long Lashes Eyelashes Metallic Eyeshadow Low Ponytail Paul Joe SS 2015 photo Le-Fashion-Blog-Backstage-Beauty-Long-Lashes-Eyelashes-Metallic-Eyeshadow-Low-Ponytail-Paul-Joe-SS-2015.jpg
Photos via: Fashionising

Obsessed with the long simple lashes backstage at Paul & Joe S/S 2015.

Get the look:
+ Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara
+ Bobbi Brown 'Surf & Sand' Eyeshadow Palette
+ NARS Contour Blush
+ Bobbi Brown Lip Balm
20 Oct 21:36

DevelopmentWatch: Inexplicable Hollywood Jack in the Box Might Become a Hotel

by Bianca Barragan

Fun Fact: This Jack in the Box is home to the worst bathroom Bill has ever seen.

jack in the box oct 2014.jpg

The days of the humble little Jack in the Box restaurant across from Amoeba Records on Sunset are probably numbered, and it's kind of amazing it took so long—the property's already surrounded on all sides by fancy cafes and gastropubs, Amoeba and Arclight, and the Space1520 hipster mall. The LA Business Journal reports that the half-acre site is going to be sold to RD Olson Development for $13.8 million; the company was one of "six aggressive bidders" and the property was under contract within three weeks of going up for sale; the sellers, who have owned the property "for more than four decades," were surprised by all the excitemenet (which is maybe why they waited so long to sell). There's no word yet from RD Olson about what's going to happen to the site, but, for the price they paid, they're probably going to want to put up a hotel.

The pricetag on the land works out to $581 a square foot; to date, the only more expensive deal in Hollywood was for the property that the TCL Chinese Theatre sits on, which leased for $714 per square foot. "[$581 is] an aggressive price per foot," says one broker, "You can't really make that pencil as an apartment project, but knowing who they are, they probably want to do a hotel project." RDO has developed at least 10 Marriotts and has two more in the works in Pasadena and Burbank.

Jack in the Box opted to extend its lease for another five years before the property sold, so it'll be around until 2019. RDO probably needs about that long to get all its plans together anyway.

And if the plan is to build a hotel, it would be one of at least nine planned or underway, including a 12-story hotel on Wilcox, a boutique hotel on the other side of Cahuenga (about 500 feet away from the Jack in the Box), and the in-the-works, futuristic Dream Hotel up the block at Selma Avenue.
· Fast-Food Site to Serve Up Hotel? [LABJ]
· Boutique Hotel Headed For Cahuenga in the Heart of Hollywood [Curbed LA]
· Hollywood's Dream Hotel Getting Bigger But Reducing Parking [Curbed LA]

15 Oct 23:14


by mugumogu

it happens to the best of us, Maru

Maru&Hana do tag play.

Maru was run after by her and has entered at the narrow entrance of the mouse.

Maru:[Wow, this is too narrow.]

Maru:[My body does not go into this. ]

はな:「ねえ、まだ入れないの? 押し込んであげようか?」
Hana:[Hey, are you ok? Shall I push you?]


16 Oct 08:26




06 Oct 23:00


by mugumogu

OMG MARU IN A PLASTIC BOX. you can see all his fat rolls.

Maru likes the plastic box, too.

Hana:[I don't like it.]

Maru:[Because you are still a child.]



13 Oct 21:25

Filming: Tour the Eerie Abandoned Mall From Gone Girl

by Bianca Barragan



UPDATED 10/14: Greater Los Angeles has got something for every filmmaker and every film. Even a derelict old mall in which to go searching for a missing person? Yes, we've got that, in the form of the abandoned and crumbling Hawthorne Plaza, which co-stars in the box-office hit Gone Girl. We've taken a tour before, with the great Tom Explores Los Angeles series, and now a photographer going by HumanSockPuppet (naturally) on Reddit has posted a terrifically eerie photo set (via LAist). Closed since 1999, the Hawthorne shopping mall has had plenty of time to be tagged up and damaged by the elements enough to where it looks like the kind of place where some foul play might go down.

The Gone Girl trailer has a few quick shots where eagled-eyed viewers might be able to pick out Hawthorne Plaza, which has had a lot of screen time over the years—it's appeared in Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Minority Report, The Green Hornet. Oddly enough, Gone Girl's exterior mall shots were taken at an old Panorama City Montgomery Ward, says Los Angeles magazine.

· Abandoned mall, the FULL album [Reddit]
· L.A. Plays the Midwest (and New York) in Gone Girl [Los Angeles]
· Watch: Exploring the Spooky Abandoned Hawthorne Mall [Curbed LA]

06 Oct 19:04

Rumormongering: Report: NFL Will Move a Football Team to LA Within Two Years

by Adrian Glick Kudler

I won't believe it until I see the first game played.


Perhaps we've figured out why LA Live owner AEG keeps limping along with its half-buried plans to build an NFL stadium in South Park: sources in the NFL are now saying the league "will send one or two teams back to Los Angeles within the next 12 to 24 months," according to NBC Sports. But AEG might want to check themselves—radio show 101ESPN (via Epoch Times) hears that the St. Louis Rams are definitely moving to Los Angeles and will announce the news after the Super Bowl in February. Rams owner Stan Kroenke recently bought a 60-acre site in Inglewood that could make for a fine NFL stadium, so that story is buyable. But! The NFL is also trying to get Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis to sell his team (possibly to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison!), which could create a path for the Raiders to move into AEG's Downtown stadium. Ok, still with us?

The NBC report says a football team would probably announce its intention to move "in the 2015 or 2016 offseason, with arrangements to play at the Rose Bowl or the L.A. Coliseum pending the construction of a new stadium." Besides South Park and Inglewood, Chavez Ravine (home of Dodger Stadium) is also in the mix, as well as "a couple of locations that have not yet been publicly disclosed." (That lame Industry stadium plan "is not regarded as a viable destination.) And besides the Rams and the Raiders, the San Diego Chargers are on the short-list of teams that could move (back) to LA. The Chargers played in LA briefly in 1960; the Rams and the Raiders both left exactly 20 years ago.

All the new NFL-to-LA buzz arrives just as outrage crescendoes over reports about the widespread and horrible brain damage suffered by players and the possibly disingenuous handling of player Ray Rice's spousal abuse case.
· NFL believes it's 12-24 months away from a return to L.A. [NBC Sports]
· St. Louis Rams Rumors: Relocation to Los Angeles is a Done Deal, Will be Announced After Super Bowl [Epoch Times]
· LA Might Drag Out Dead Attempt to Get NFL to Downtown [Curbed LA]
· Confirmed: The Owner of the St. Louis Rams Just Bought a Potential NFL Stadium Site in Inglewood [Curbed LA]

07 Oct 17:00

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contender Alfonso Ribeiro Celebrates Halloween Time at Disneyland Park

by George Savvas

for you DWTS fans, of which there appear to be many.

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro took a break from dance rehearsals to bring his family to Disneyland park to experience a little Halloween Time magic last week.


Minnie Mouse stopped by to wish him luck in his pursuit of the mirrorball trophy as a season 19 contender on “Dancing with the Stars.” It is even rumored that Minnie and Alfonso were seen doing a few steps from “The Carlton!”

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Contender Alfonso Ribeiro Celebrates Halloween Time at Disneyland Park by George Savvas: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

01 Oct 16:00

News! Disney Fairytale Weddings Launches Wedding Cake Projection Mapping

by AJ

oh man we could have cat videos projected onto a cake.

Remember a while back when Disney was making waves in tech circles for, well, food reasons?

At that time, several tech outlets were all abuzz with the news that Disney had filed a patent application for an “interactive cake”. We did a post about what seemed like a fun adventure with food, since we couldn’t figure out how we’d approach interacting with a cake (other than eating it with wild abandon, of course), we studied the pics and did our best to imagine the end result.

Cakes and Patents...Patents and Cakes

Cakes and Patents…Patents and Cakes

Well, this week, Disney has finally let the cat out of the bag as it introduced Disney Wedding Cake Projection Cake Mapping at its Fairytale Weddings Expo.

And it actually looks pretty cool.

Disney Introduces Cake Mapping

Disney Introduces Cake Mapping

Basically, Disney has taken technology that looks similar to what it uses in its nightly slideshows at Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, and reduced it in size. The video sequence is then projected on the blank slate of a wedding cake.

Couples still have the option to customize the inside of the cake with delicious fillings and flavors. The video is customizable as well, with the aim to tell a couple’s unique story.

Want to see the effect in action? Check out these videos

for a cool demonstration of the technology! The first one is a Disney-made promo of the system. The second is from someone who saw the technology at a recent expo.

Currently, guests who would like to add Cake Mapping to their wedding festivities will need to book their special day at the Walt Disney World Resort, and opt for a Wishes Collection wedding.

It will be interesting to see how Disney applies the technology in the future, and if Cake Mapping will be the Next Big Thing for big celebrations. I’m wondering how we might be able to Cake Map my next Butterfinger Cupcake. :-)

Does Cake Mapping bring additional WOW factor to a Disney wedding, do you think? Let us know your thoughts in comments below!

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

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  3. Disney Launches Food & Wine Festival App
09 Oct 17:32

Where to Park It: LA, SaMo, Bev Hills All Banning Sales of Public Parking Spaces

by Bianca Barragan

I could see people taking up all the parking with the hopes of selling the spaces. The owner of the office building across the street bought like 6 junker cars and parked them in front of our office every morning so food trucks couldn't park there. It was pretty mean spirited.

monkey parking spots.jpg
[MonkeyParking screen via official site; Santa Monica via John Sequeira]

An app called MonkeyParking, which lets drivers auction off their public parking spaces as they leave, was booted out of San Francisco earlier this year and thought it would find refuge in Los Angeles. Nope! The LA City Council's Transportation Committee voted Wednesday to draft an ordinance banning people from selling and buying public parking spaces (another app called Haystack also enables the practice). What about other cities in the region? Nope! MonkeyParking has applied for a business license in Santa Monica and advertised itself as available in Beverly Hills, but Santa Monica will vote next week to potentially ban the sale of public parking spaces and Beverly Hills passed a ban earlier this week, says the Daily News.

Obviously, wherever these app-based services pop up, they're met with disgust and incredulity from government officials who can't believe people are trying to sell parking spots that they don't own. Transportation Committee member Mike Bonin described it as "the stealing economy masquerading as the sharing economy ... Not all technology is progress," while a Santa Monica parking commissioner has called the companies "immoral" and "unlawful." Aside from their at-best-shady legality, apps present many opportunities for abuse; drivers have been known to squat, "waiting in the space until it is sold."

The next step is for the City Council to vote on the potential ban. If they approve the ordinance, MonkeyParking will have to move on to another town, and they won't even be able to auction off their spot. Meanwhile, Angelenos will just have to make do with the existing city-runprograms like ExpressPark, along with the private apps that'll help drivers find and pay for parking in a legal, non-competitive way.
· Selling parking spaces? Los Angeles moves to outlaw auction apps [LADN]
· Probably Illegal Parking App Will Let Drivers Auction Off Public Spaces in Santa Monica [Curbed LA]

06 Oct 18:20

New to Market: Traveling, Spooky, and Historic Higgins House Asking $6.5MM

by Pauline O'Connor

A good week for old houses in hancock park.


Spicing up the market today is Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #403, aka the Hiram Higgins Mansion. Designed by the illustrious John C. Austin—whose other projects include Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles's second City Hall, and the Shrine Auditorium—the Queen Anne-style residence was originally erected on Wilshire Boulevard back in 1902 for Chicago grain merchant Hiram Higgins. Unfortunately, Mr. Higgins only got to enjoy the house for a short time, passing away in it in 1906. Less than twenty years later, the 9,918-square-foot house was cut into three sections, lifted onto trucks, and rolled to its current location in Windsor Square.

According to the LA Conservancy's page on the house, "the owner held a party in one of the moving sections, attended by the mayor of Los Angeles." However, the party soon came to an end, thanks to the Great Depression, and the house fell into disrepair.

Fortunately, after "a half century of neglect," a couple named Perry and Peggy Hirsch stepped in to rescue and restore the property, which was declared a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1988. The eight-bedroom, four-bath house has been seen in numerous films, ads, and TV shows, including a Halloween episode of Beverly Hills, 90210; the horror movie Willard; and the 1991 The Addams Family film, but is now retired and up for sale for the first time in three decades. Features include incredible wood paneling, high ceilings, hardwood floors, pocket doors, multiple fireplaces, leaded windows, beaucoup built-ins, a wine cellar, an updated "gourmet kitchen with stone counters & Wolf and SubZero appliances," and two guesthouses. Sited on a .43-acre lot, it's asking $6.5 million.

· 637 S. Lucerne Blvd. [Official Site]
04 Oct 18:00

Mr. X Blind Items Revealed- Old Hollywood

by ent lawyer

actually pretty juicy.

April 25, 2014

What recently deceased character actor used to publicly praise his former boss in public, but badmouthed him in private as much as he could? Might've been because the boss forced him, when he was still barely legal, to have sex with older actresses, most notably with the widowed wife of the VP.

Mickey Rooney/Louis B. Mayer/Norma Shearer
01 Oct 01:17

That's Rather Lovely: Stately 1914 Mansion in Windsor Square Asking $4.9 Million

by Pauline O'Connor

let us live in this historic mansion that appears to have no air conditioning, but it DOES have servants quarters.

Hold on to your monocles and your pince-nez—a serious time capsule has just hit the market. Located at the corner of South Windsor Boulevard and West Sixth Street, this Italian Renaissance Revival was designed by the architecture firm of Sumner Hunt and Silas Burns for banking exec Milton Getz back in 1914. (Although the residence measures 9,367 square feet, evidently it was too cramped for Mr. Getz, who subsequently commissioned architect Gordon Kaufmann to build the 29-bedroom, 40-bathroom estate now known as the Beverly House and up for sale for $135 million.) Along with eight bedrooms and four baths, the three-story Windsor Square house features a two-story entrance, 11-foot ceilings, elaborate moldings, wainscoting, extensive wood paneling, carved bannisters, a marble fireplace, grand chandeliers, vintage fixtures, pocket doors, and French windows, and comes with a two-bedroom guesthouse, a pool, spa, and rose garden. Sited on a .61-acre lot, it's asking $4.9 million.

· 601 S. Windsor Boulevard [Official Site]

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Blind Items Revealed - Old Hollywood

by ent lawyer

oh for crying out loud...

March 14, 2014

This former child star, who was then teetering towards B-list with A-list name recognition after several years of being A+++ list, had to deal with one of Hollywood's most powerful producers, after he invited her to his studio office to discuss the movie that would prove to be a sort-of comeback. He then exposed himself to her and she ran out of the room crying. Fortunately, another actress who was to appear in the same film was waiting in the next room for her daily session with the producer whom she would later marry.

Shirley Temple/David O. Selznick/Jennifer Jones/movie: Since You Went Away
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Trip To Visit MyKuali In Penang, Malaysia

by The Ramen Rater

dude is now getting free trips out of this instant ramen blog.

Tonight at 11pm, we leave for the airport! I didn’t expect how our first leg to Taipei would go north then south. One thing I just realized is that body of water at the top left. When I was a kid, I had a map on the wall of my room. I would look at it and found that body of water fascinating – just the name – The Sea Of Okhotsk. It sounded so strange and so far away. I never expected I would be that close to it; really quite amazing to me.

In past interviews I’ve done, I have told newspapers that my way of traveling was through the noodle. I would find a pack from an exotic country far away and feel like I was going on a little adventure. I never though that the daily noodle ritual would take me to those kinds of places someday.

We want to thank our hosts at Sky Thomas Foods, makers of MyKuali products for this opportunity to meet them, tour their factory and learn about Malaysia! This is really amazing and we are truly in awe of their kindness. See you soon!

The post Trip To Visit MyKuali In Penang, Malaysia appeared first on The Ramen Rater.

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That's Rather Hideous: Garish 1980s Citadel in the Hills of Glendale is Yours For $2MM

by Pauline O'Connor


By the power of Greyskull! You may want to take an extra-deep breath before proceeding, 'cause it's probably about to be taken away. Built at the dawn of the go-go '80s, this singular abode sits atop its own promontory in Glendale's College Hills neighborhood. Behind the elaborately carved walls of the "custom neoclassical estate," you'll find six bedrooms, four glittery-disco baths, an art gallery, several quarries worth of marble, and columns, columns, and more columns. Per the listing, the 4,444-square-foot house also boasts "historical statues and carvings throughout," a sauna, a swimming pool, and "forever views." The .57-acre property has yo-yo-ed on and off the market regularly for the past decade, asking as much as $9 million. But the seller now appears to be getting serious, re-listing it this week with a pricetag of $1.995 million.

­ 950 AVON OAK Terrace [Redfin]

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owning-my-truth: rubyvroom: Sorry for the extremely lengthy...


ugh ugh ugh

14 Sep 12:16

I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID THIS they went to the cricket with one of...


it is really hard to get sunscreen off of stuff. I just imagine there was residue in there.

I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID THIS they went to the cricket with one of those big 2L pump bottles of sunblock that they filled with vodka and just dispensed drinks all day

24 Sep 23:05


by mugumogu

the last shot!

Maru&Hana glare at each other across the tunnel.

At this time, Maru dashed earlier than her unusually .

Hana was surprised and escaped on the sofa.

Maru:[Yes, I did it.]

Maru:[If I take out earnest, the victory or defeat is clear in this way.]

Maru walked with a face full of confidence.

However, Hana's counterattack came immediately.

24 Sep 15:00

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Unveils Elsa-Inspired Wedding Dress

by Korri McFann

brb returning my dress

It’s time to “Let It Go” … down the aisle! We’ve teamed up with Alfred Angelo to create an Elsa-inspired bridal gown as part of the 2015 Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings by Alfred Angelo bridal collection – and I couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek with you!


This high-fashion, conceptual sketch is an interpretation of Elsa’s signature “Snow Queen” dress featured in Disney’s “Frozen.” The ice blue softly flared sheath gown has been dramatically beaded to glisten like sunlight on fresh fallen snow and boasts a sweetheart neckline and dramatic Watteau train (a classic style that drapes from the shoulders to the floor). The gown will be available starting January 2015 at Alfred Angelo stores nationwide and specialty retailers worldwide.

Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Unveils Elsa-Inspired Wedding Dress by Korri McFann: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

17 Sep 17:20

Pop-Up Shops: YES: LA's First Cat Cafe Pops Up in Chinatown Next Month

by Natalie Alcala


CatCafeChinatown_2014_09.jpgImage via

It's all happening! After wishing and hoping for Los Angeles to score its very own cat café, the Kickstarter's founder Carlos Wong is ready to reveal his first tease of the feline-focused project via a pop-up in DTLA.

As reported by LA Weekly and confirmed on the official Catfe Facebook page, Wong is partnering with Chinatown BID and no-kill shelter Best Friends LA to bring the café to Chinatown's Far East Plaza from October 2 through 5. The pop-up, which serves as the Kickstarter's second round of funding, will run from 4 to 9pm daily and is set to feature "cats for petting (and adopting, but only if you're over 18)" as well as "costumed maids" and butlers. Music will be provided by Lolita Dark.

Bonus: The final day of the temporary showcase aligns with CicLavia, inviting all cyclists to ride right into the cuteness.
· California's First Cat Café Is Coming to Chinatown in October [LA Weekly]
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· Get Excited Meow: LA's Catfe Could Be Coming to Little Tokyo [Racked]

16 Sep 18:15

Jimmy Fallon And Barbra Streisand

by ent lawyer

Our kitten was on the Tonight Show. So proud of her.

16 Sep 01:33

nevver: Dinnerware


The any plates remind me of our last house.

15 Sep 15:00

Professor Dumpster: Living Large in 36 Square Feet — The Atlantic

by Jennifer Hunter

If you want to click through for photos from the atlantic story you may agree we have a new nominee for This Fucking Guy.

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If you're ever in Austin and have some trash to dispose of, you'd better be careful where you throw it. Choose wrong and you might just toss your litter in Jeff Wilson's home. That's right, the University College dean is currently living full-time in a 36 sq ft green metal dumpster and guess what? He says he has a "better life than I had before."