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09 Dec 16:00

Recipe: Eggnog Marshmallows — Gift Recipes from The Kitchn

by Naomi Robinson


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You know what it's like. You've been invited to a dinner party, and suddenly you're wondering what, exactly, you should bring the host — a bottle of wine, some nice olive oil, a candle? See, that's usually my dilemma — that is, up until two years ago when I realized that marshmallows make the perfect gift this time of year. And these eggnog marshmallows, in particular, will guarantee you get an invite to the next party.


15 Dec 00:01

Young Super Hero Celebrates Life At runDisney Diaper Dash

by Robert Hitchcock

this baby race seems even more of a waste of time as a turtle race.

Even before taking the start line during Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend at Disneyland Resort, 11-month-old Nolan Wyatt from Rochester, WA, had already taken on a race and won.


That’s right, the runDisney Diaper Dash was not Nolan’s first race, his first race was one for survival. Having difficulties breathing at birth, it was quickly diagnosed that Nolan was born with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), a hole in the diaphragm that allowed internal organs to enter the chest cavity and prevent normal lung development. Within hours, Nolan was flown by medical helicopter to Seattle Children’s Hospital where he underwent life saving surgery.

After months of recovery it was time for this little super hero who fought through so much in his young life to celebrate with his parents, and what better way than to runDisney, or should we say crawlDisney.

“Nolan’s crawling the Diaper Dash to show how much he has overcome in his first year of life,” said Julie Wyatt, Nolan’s mother. “Just to show what he is capable of and to celebrate his life.”


After hours of training, dressed in his Captain America outfit, and cheered on by family and Captain America himself, Nolan was ready to ‘start’ a new chapter in life.

#WhyIrunDisney is dedicated to sharing compelling and motivational human-interest stories. To view submissions and to learn how to upload your story, visit

Young Super Hero Celebrates Life At runDisney Diaper Dash by Robert Hitchcock: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

09 Dec 20:00

How to Build a Gingerbread Farm, Part 1

by molly yeh

Here is the completed gingerbread farm

This week, a Small Batch special edition in three parts: Do you like small-scale construction projects, all things miniature, holiday cheer, and farm life? Lucky for you, Molly Yeh of My Name is Yeh is taking us on a tour of her gingerbread farm and giving plenty of helpful instructions along the way so that you can create your own. 

Today, Molly shows us how to make the gingerbread stencils and walls that will be the foundation of your cookie community.

Welcome to my farm, where fresh coconut snow is always on the ground and life smells of cinnamon and dark chocolate. As I take you on this tour, please feel free to interact with the buildings: Nibble on the doors, have a bite of the gravel roads, lick the windows -- it’s all edible! (And not in a Violet Beauregarde way, I promise.) This is a three-day tour, so your legs may get a bit tired, but don’t worry: A blue raspberry hot tub awaits you at the end. 

First, let’s discuss the walls on this farm. They are built to withstand nearly every natural disaster: harsh Midwest winters, swinging arms of toddlers, even land buyouts that will force you to move your house from one plot (the kitchen table) to another (the coffee table?). In the back of the farm, you’ll see two storage buildings identical in size, but of different shades of brown. This is where we keep our tractors and combines. 

The garage on the left was made with dark corn syrup, while the darker building on the right that says Hagen Farm was made with molasses. We now interrupt this tour for a brief, instructional interlude on how to make your own gingerbread house:

Basic Gingerbread House Walls

Makes 1 large house

 cup dark corn syrup, molasses, or a mix of the two (corn syrup for lighter colored walls, molasses for darker walls)

cup dark brown sugar

 cup margarine or butter

 cups all-purpose flour

 teaspoons ground cinnamon

teaspoon ground ginger

In a medium saucepan or microwave-safe bowl, combine corn syrup or molasses, brown sugar, and margarine or butter. Heat this until the margarine or butter is melted and the sugar has completely dissolved, either over medium heat on the stovetop or in the microwave in 1-minute increments, stirring in between each zap.

In a large bowl, combine all of the dry ingredients. Stir in the sugar mixture until combined. Cover with plastic wrap and let cool at room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, preheat oven to 350° F and get your stencils ready. You can either make them or find them onlineThe engineers of this farm used a fairly simple way of constructing these buildings using cardboard stencils, made with a ruler and a razor blade: 


Start by making a stencil for the front and back of the house (above left):

  • Draw a horizontal line (the width of the house) on a piece of cardboard, and then draw a line perpendicular to the midpoint of that line (the length of this line will be the height of the house's peak).
  • Draw two more shorter lines perpendicular to that middle line, and then draw diagonal lines connecting those to the center line. Cut this out with a razor. 

Next, make a template for the sides of the house (above right): This will be a rectangle that has the same height as the shorter vertical lines of the front and back of the house. 

Finally, make the roof, a rectangle that is about 1/2 inch longer than the sides of the house and 1/2 to 1 inch wider than the diagonal lines in the front and back of the house. This will ensure that it hangs over both the ends and sides of the house. 

Roll your dough out onto a piece of parchment paper that's fitted with a cookie sheet. Lightly flour the dough and place your stencils on top (leaving 1 inch in between them). Use a pizza cutter or sharp knife to trace around them.

Remove excess dough, slide the parchment onto your cookie sheet, and then bake until the edges just start to brown. Begin checking for doneness at 15 minutes. If you'd like a darker brown color, you can leave them in there for up to 45 minutes. You can re-roll your dough scraps a few times. If it starts to feel dry, microwave it for 30 seconds or so.

Now back to our tour! Below you see the farm house where my fiancé and I live. Its walls were built with a custom blend of 1/4 cup corn syrup and 3/4 cup molasses. The deep dark color of the roof was achieved through a highly specialized technique that our builders like to call “forgetting that they were in the oven and baking them for 45 minutes.” 

Tomorrow, we'll resume our tour, and I'll show you how to make the mortar that holds these houses together. 

See the full recipe for basic gingerbread house walls (and save and print it) here.

Photos by Molly Yeh

10 Dec 20:00

How to Make a Gingerbread Farm, Part 2

by molly yeh

Why don't I make a gingerbread village every year?

This week, a Small Batch special edition in three parts: Do you like small-scale construction projects, all things miniature, holiday cheer, and farm life? Lucky for you, Molly Yeh of My Name is Yeh is taking us on a tour of her gingerbread farm and giving plenty of helpful instructions along the way so that you can create your own. 

Today, Molly shows us an easy trick for making stained glass windows and gives instructions on making the glue that holds the walls together.


Thanks for joining me on day 2 of the tour (you can review our progress here). I've noticed some of you admiring the windows of the houses on this farm. They're delicious and fruity, made by filling cutouts in the dough with crushed Jolly Ranchers before they get baked. They’re a favorite among our horsies, which by the way are quite friendly. You should pet them. They won’t bite (they don’t actually have mouths). 

Up ahead you’ll see our grain bins, the largest of which can hold up to 40,000 bushels of hard red spring wheat.


These grain bins and our quonset are made by molding hot gingerbread that is fresh out of the oven around a can. The gingerbread is held there until it cools.

Because of the attention that these grain bins need, they should be baked and molded one at a time. A cinnamon stick grain leg helps to load our grain into our trucks, which is then taken to the town plant and processed into flour for things like…gingerbread! 


If you run your hands along the edges of our buildings, you’ll find that the mortar is extremely hard and sturdy. It helps to keep the drafts out and the warmth in. Here's how to make your own: 

Gingerbread House Glue

Makes enough for 1 house and a ton of decorations (or a few houses and a few decorations)

3 large egg whites
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
4 cups powdered sugar

In a large bowl or bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat together the egg whites and cream of tartar until the mixture is foamy. Gradually beat in the powdered sugar, then beat on medium high for 7 to 10 minutes, until very fluffy. Immediately it spoon into a piping bag and use. Any frosting that's not being used should remain under plastic wrap (the plastic wrap should touch the surface of the frosting) so that it doesn't dry out.

When the houses are built, a big piped line of mortar glues together the walls.

An extra line is added on the inside for reinforcement, and then any excess on the outside is scraped away to allow for embellishments that are added after the house dries.

Once the walls are dry and sturdy, the roof is added in the same way. The houses only take about 15 to 20 minutes to dry, and then it is time for the fun part, which we'll get to tomorrow!

See the full recipe for gingerbread house glue (and save and print it) here.

Photos by Molly Yeh

03 Dec 19:45

Blind Item #11

by Enty

I think someone overheard me talking about Taylor Swift you guys.


Journalists talking about the sexuality of this A+ list singer last night who everyone expects to come out at some point in the next year. “Last few boyfriends – gay, gay, bi-sexual leaning towards gay.” “Oh, and there was the virgin too.” “Yeah, well we know he isn’t a virgin any longer knowing who he is dating now. She probably has sex with him a million times a day.”

05 Dec 17:20

Blind Items Revealed #2

by Enty

more Matt Lauer dirt


May 4, 2014

This married A list talk show host was at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last night but he spent the entire day in a hotel room with his mistress. He made his wife stay back home.

Matt Lauer

08 Dec 15:56

Linked: NFL Logos as Penises

by Armin


NFL Logos as Penises
It's game over on this trend as David Rapoccio — responsible for the fat and hipster versions among others — wins with this epic, self-effacing rendition of all NFL team logos as penises. Link is NSFW if your job frowns upon penis illustrations.Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners
20 Nov 18:00

Alice, Can I Ask My Guests To Bring Cash Instead of Beer? — Ask Alice: Advice for Life at Home

by Ask Alice

oh my god this is so tacky. click through for the worst advice ever.

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Dear Alice,

I love to entertain but I’m pretty short on funds these days and buying all the supplies I need to cook what I (and my friends) love to eat is taking a toll on my limited bank account. I usually just ask people to bring beer or wine, but is it ever okay to ask people to bring a contribution in cash when I host a big dinner or party?

Hard Up Hostess


08 Dec 19:15

Michael Buble And Idina Menzel Not Singing Great On X Factor

by Enty

jesus what the fuck is the matter with him? drunk, I assume.

08 Dec 06:23




01 Dec 23:06


by mugumogu

AHhhhhhh! Let's give the kitten a clear box and see if she still goes in it.

Maru:[Do you think that I merely sit down?]

Maru:[Please look well. I am in the box.]

01 Dec 19:30

Recipe: Aunt Cass’ Wings from ‘Big Hero 6′

by Rachel Brent

I don't think these will be very spicy, but perhaps we should give it a shot.


If you’re anything like me, you were dying to try Aunt Cass’ “Melt-Your-Face-Off” Wings when she made them for Hiro in “Big Hero 6.” Since it might be tricky to visit Lucky Cat Café in San Fransokyo, the final recipe in our “Big Hero 6” series is Aunt Cass’ Wings, inspired by Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. The best part about making these wings at home? You can adjust the cayenne pepper and chili powder levels to make them mild or “melt your face off,” whichever you prefer!


Recipe: Aunt Cass’ Wings from ‘Big Hero 6′ by Rachel Brent: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

24 Nov 18:00

News: Gingerbread House at Disneyland’s Grand Californian Debuting November 27th

by Kim

we already saw this bad boy and it was awesome. the people building it wouldn't let bill have the chocolate shavings.

The sights and smells of a NEW gingerbread house will be opening at Disneyland’s Grand Californian Hotel on November 27, 2014!

A team of 25 artists, engineers, and bakers are busy creating this edible wonder. Measuring in at 7.5 feet tall and 12 feet wide, the baking process alone takes 1,400 hours!

Artistic Rendition of Gingerbread Display

Artistic Rendition of Gingerbread Display

And the recipe is enormous!

  • More than 500 pounds of gingerbread
  • 60 gallons of frosting and icing
  • 100 pounds of isomalt sugar
  • 50 pounds of granulated sugar
  • 50 pounds of powdered sugar
  • 2 gallons of egg whites
  • 1 quart of lemon juice

If the seasonal aromas make you hungry, you’ll want to purchase your own gingerbread eats and holiday treats at the display.

Choose from gingerbread shingles, assorted holiday cookies, holiday cookie-decorating kits, and gingerbread house kits. Grab a snack and enjoy the magnificent lobby at Disney’s Grand Californian; hot chocolate and cider will be available as well!

Disney’s gingerbread displays are holiday masterpieces!!

Will you be in Disneyland this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.

Disney Food Blog Fans, be sure to check out our DFB Disney World Dining Guide e-Books! Find great deals at! Also, come on over and:

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25 Nov 20:30

How Do I Make Gravy Last Longer? — Good Questions

by Christine Gallary

why does something made entirely of animal fat and poultry stock spoil so quickly?

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Q: I love gravy. I can put it on almost anything. My problem is that it doesn't keep fresh long enough. Is there any recipe or ingredient I could add to an existing recipe so that it'll preserve for at least a few extra days?

Sent by Zach


25 Nov 14:49

How America’s only water sommelier justifies his restaurant’s 44-page water menu

by David Yanofsky

this is the motherfucker who engaged me on twitter to justify his existence AND WOULD NOT LET IT GO. then he had other people coming to his defense. Mentioning "water menu" on twitter will get you almost as much responses as mentioning The Borgias series.

That's some high quality H2O.

LOS ANGELES—Martin Riese doesn’t drink US tap water. “I mean, I use it to brush my teeth,” he says. “Have you smelled it?” But he can rattle off many European locales where he enjoys the tap water. His favorite is Flensburg, Germany. (Riese is German.) For a quaffable tap water outside Europe, he recommends Clearbrook, British Columbia in Canada.

Riese is the general manager at Ray’s & Stark Bar, a restaurant at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. He’s also the “water sommelier”—the only one in America, he says.

Ray’s & Stark has a 44 page sewn-bound water menu, designed by Riese. With one bottle per spread, an index, and an introduction, there are 20 with waters from as near as Beverly Hills (his own brand, 90H20), and as far as Fiji and Norway.

Tap image to zoom
Tap image to zoom

Each page gives a qualitative and quantitative description of the water. A source description like “nestled among beech wood and chestnut forests on the slopes of Mount Gazzaro,” for Acqua Panna, is followed up with data about it’s sodium, magnesium, and calcium content, as well as the total amount of dissolved solids in the water.

Those solids are important for health, according to Riese, especially when you’re trying to stay hydrated. Vichy Catalan, a $12 bottle on the menu, has more electrolytes than Gatorade according to Riese. The most expensive water on the menu is the $20 Berg (that’s for a 750 ml bottle), made of water harvested from icebergs.

The water on Ray’s & Stark’s menu costs $12.64 per liter on average.

Riese said he became fascinated with water when he was a boy traveling with his parents and tasting the differences between local waters. Eventually, he received a certification from the German Mineral Water Trade Association and came to the US on an O-1 visa—a permit given to “individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement.”

Americans are seemingly becoming more fascinated too. US water imports grew 10% in value from 2008 to 2013, and are up 9.9% year-on-year through September of 2014. The top suppliers are France, Italy, and Fiji. Indeed, 42% of Fiji’s exports to the US is water, more than any other good, according to data from the US Census Bureau.

He doesn’t drink coffee, but Riese can tell you which water to use to make a cup, “you want to balance the bitterness, so you’re looking for a mineral water with very low mineral levels, and no carbonation whatsoever.” To make pasta or dough fluffier, he recommends carbonated water. “When I make pasta, I use Gerolsteiner.”

Back to that menu. It’s utility becomes immediately apparent upon trying two waters, side by side: one was mineraly and crisp, the other smooth and soft. When giving a tasting to Conan O’Brien in September, the late-night talk show host spit out one of the waters he didn’t like.

A different utility was apparent to Ray’s & Starks too when Riese introduced the menu in 2003: Water sales jumped 500%.

22 Nov 17:15

Blind Items Revealed #6-Mr. X

by Enty

what what what


July 18, 2014

What hooker/drug dealer who is in the news lately because of her possible murder of an internet exec may also be connected to the deaths of that Oscar winning actor and that TV star?

Alix Tichelman/Philip Seymour Hoffman/Cory Monteith

21 Nov 01:55

Instagram Account Documents The Cats Who Live At Disneyland

by Juliet Bennett Rylah

THE BEST. I finally saw a disneyland cat with Alicia. I keep forgetting to bring cat treats with me when I go.

There are 200 feral cats who call Disneyland home. These are their stories. [ more › ]

18 Nov 16:25

Stressed Out College Student Caught Having Sex With A Sheep

by Emma G. Gallegos


Stressed Out College Student Caught Having Sex With A Sheep A college student in the Central Valley has been charged with sexually assaulting a sheep in a barn on campus. The accused 23-year-old computer engineering student told police that he was really stressed out and drunk at the time. [ more › ]

20 Nov 18:45

Office Space: Viacom's West Coast Operations Moving Into Columbia Square

by Bianca Barragan

I am thinking a lot of companies are going to ditch santa monica in the coming years.

columbia square viacom .jpg

It's another mega-tenant for Hollywood mixed-use complex Columbia Square: entertainment giant Viacom has rented up 180,000 square feet of office space at the development. That much square footage means that they'll take up much of the campus' six-story Gower Building when they relocate their West Coast operations (including MTV, Comedy Central, VH1, BET, and Spike TV) from Santa Monica and LA-area offices into the new digs, says BusinessWire. With this lease—Hollywood's largest in a decade—Columbia Square's office space is 60 percent rented out, and it's not even opening for about another two years.

No word on what designers will be working on the Viacom offices' interiors, but we have an idea of what's in store for the exterior: the company is supposedly going to slap "large graphics on the building that will be visible from long distances," the broker who represented developers Kilroy Group in the deal told the LA Times. Earlier this year, Columbia Square signed up another big-time lease with chic, private co-working collective NeueHouse; they'll be moving into the renovated 1938 CBS Radio building and spilling over into a nearby three-story office space.

When it's finished in 2016, the $420-million project designed by Rios Clementi Hale Studios will include a 20-story residential tower with 200 apartments (designed by former Top Design judge Kelly Wearstler), 33,000 square feet of retail, three renovated, historic buildings, and four-and-a-half levels of underground parking alongside the over 330,000-square-feet of office space geared toward entertainment firms and other industry creatives.
· Viacom Signs 180,000-Square-Foot Lease at Kilroy Realty's Columbia Square Development in Hollywood [BusinessWire]
· Viacom signs 12-year lease at Columbia Square in Hollywood [LAT]
· Fancy Coworking Space Rents Up Hollywood's Columbia Square [Curbed LA]

18 Nov 01:00

Priceupper: Utterly Bland Americana Condo Asking Utterly Bonkers $2MM

by Pauline O'Connor

Is clayton kershaw selling his condo?

Is Secrets of the Shopping Mall one of your all-time favorite books? Do you love trolleys, dancing fountains, Tony Bennett, and the color beige? If so, your dream home—i.e., a penthouse unit within the Americana's Excelsior condominium complex—has just hit the market. Per the listing, the 1,894-square-foot residence is on the fourth floor and features two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, a wrought-iron balcony, wood floors, and a gas fireplace. Among the amenities offered by the complex are concierge service, valet parking, "home delivery from select restaurants," and access to the Excelsior's private pool, spa, and Club Room. Those amenities don't come cheap, of course: monthly HOA dues are $1,136. That's in addition to the keep-dreamin' asking price of $1.99 million—over a million dollars more than the unit's 2011 sale price.

· 401 CARUSO Ave [Redfin]

17 Nov 18:00

Mad T Party Steps Out of Disney California Adventure Park and Back Through the Looking Glass November 30

by Erin Glover

please bring back tron town. rip tron town, forever in our hearts.


Attention, hatters and hares! Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have asked me to pass an important message to you … Mad T Party will leave Disney California Adventure park to step back through the looking glass after its November 30 performance.

This is your chance to travel through the Rabbit Hole one more time and experience all your favorite mad things – the White Rabbit DJ, the Mad T Party band and those colorful concoctions. If you’re curiouser and curiouser about what’s coming in its place, stay tuned! We’ll have updates to share with you soon.

Mad T Party Steps Out of Disney California Adventure Park and Back Through the Looking Glass November 30 by Erin Glover: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

14 Nov 21:41

New From Calvin Laboratories

by Not That Mike The Other Mike


In the wake of their success with transmogrification, scientists at Calvin Labs have triumphed again with the dog shrinking machine.

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14 Nov 20:15

Pet Week 2014: Forget Humans: Beverly Center Hosts Santa Portraits for Pets

by Natalie Alcala

Robotron and Santa

SantaPet_2014_11.jpgPhoto by Mike Windle for Getty Images

On the final day of our first-ever Pet Week (did you catch reader faves like the blogger-pet gallery, dog park map, and Store Sidekicks series?), we invite you to explore new ways to ring in the holidays with your sweet little fur ball. One idea is taking him/her to Beverly Center, where the shopping mecca is currently hosting its annual Santa Pet Portraits service.

A handful of TV stars kicked off the FREE festivities last night, including Beverly Hills, 90210's Jennie Garth (above with her four pups named Pearl, Roxy, Pinky, and Sandy) and E!'s Ross Matthews. Pet portraits are available daily starting now through Friday, November 28th (Mon-Fri 12pm to 8pm; Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 12pm-5pm) and Saturday, November 29th (10am to 9pm). Note that pets must be on a leash or in a lightweight carrier and must be up-to-date on their shots.

Beverly Center also tells us that "Santa may elect to not be in the photo based on the nature of the pet," so unless it's Rudolph, make sure your furry friend is in a tame mood before approaching.
· Beverly Center [Official Site]
· All Pet Week 2014 Coverage [Racked]
· Get Festive: 5+ Free Holiday Haps at LA Shopping Centers [Racked]

14 Nov 01:00

catsbeaversandducks: Cats Who Want to Taste Your Food Just to...


It MAY taste good. The cats now want to eat anything I am eating until I let them smell it for themselves.

Photo by ©Val D'Aquila -

Photo by ©Chuck Olsen -

Photo by ©Jon Young -

Photo by ©Vassilena Valchanova -

Photo by ©Julie -

Photo by ©Niklas Pivic -

Photo by ©Jenny Ondioline -

Photo by ©Andee Duncan -

Photo by ©Bearden -

Photo by ©Marina -


Cats Who Want to Taste Your Food Just to Make Sure It’s Not Poisoned

13 Nov 23:28

archiemcphee: Statler: “He was doing okay until he fell off...




Statler: “He was doing okay until he fell off the stage.

Waldorf: “Wrong. He was doing okay until he came on the stage.”

LEGO builder grubaluk created this awesome diorama of the lovably disagreeable Statler and Waldorf, sitting in their balcony box seats at The Muppet Show, where they enjoy nothing more than heckling the performers. There’s something particularly pleasing about seeing Waldorf’s bushy mustache and Statler’s shaggy eyebrows in LEGO form.

We hope these two curmudgeons keep Grump Notebooks in their pockets. It would be awful to think of a good heckle when away from the box and have nowhere to write it down — not that being away from their seats would ever stop them from shouting.

[via Leg Godt]

13 Nov 00:04

New to Market: 1891 Folk Victorian in Pas For Sale For First Time in 40 Years

by Pauline O'Connor

this house is too cute.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Southwest Pasadena's Markham Place District is filled to the brim and chockablock with impressive residences erected between 1895 and 1918 by such esteemed architects as Charles and Henry Greene, Sylvanus Marston, Frederick Roehrig, Myron Hunt, and Elmer Grey. Named for its most famous resident, Henry Markham, who was California's governor from 1891 to 1895, the tract was developed by George W. Stimson, who also built this handsome house that's just hit the market for the first time in 40 years. Located on Congress Place east of Orange Grove Boulevard, the 3,544-square-foot Folk Victorian features five bedrooms, four and a half baths, an updated kitchen, a "double parlor," coffered ceilings, hardwood floors, elaborate moldings, French doors, and a gas fireplace. Per the listing, the .56-acre property also contains a "summer house with 3/4 bath," an 1891 barn that's been converted to a two-car garage with storage, and a gated swimming pool. Asking price is $2.095 million.

· G.W. Stimson Victorian [deasy/penner]
· 311 Congress Place [Estately]

11 Nov 01:00

Taste Test: We Tried The Pho Burrito

by Jean Trinh

what is this sorcery?

Taste Test: We Tried The Pho Burrito It's a deconstructed bowl of pho in burrito form. [ more › ]

11 Nov 20:01

What It Sold For: Snapchat CEO Moves Out of Dad's and Into Brentwood Mansion

by Adrian Glick Kudler

I feel like this guy and his dad have had a very similar conversation to this:

[Spiegel via Getty Images]

Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat cofounder and CEO who's so secure in his wealth that he turned down $3 billion in cash from Facebook, has been living at his dad's house in Pacific Palisades for years now. Back in high school, Spiegel's father gave him "carte blanche to decorate the [then-]new home, a privilege that came with the professional decorating services of Greg Grande, the set designer on 'Friends'," according to a 2013 CNET story. The high schooler went with a white leather custom king-size bed and a basement movie theater he could control from his bedroom, but he moved out to his mother's anyway when his dad refused to give him a BMW 535i (his Escalade was not cutting it!). After he'd spent a little time at Stanford and co-created his sexting app, Spiegel eventually moved back to the house in Pac Pal, but now he's finally striking out on his own, all the way to Brentwood.

Variety reports that Spiegel has picked up a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house in Brentwood that was owned for many years by actress Julia Ormond. The 1928 house underwent a renovation in 2012 and Ormond sold it that year for $2.575 million. It comes with a courtyard, dining room, eat-in kitchen, and a patio, and Spiegel paid $3.33 million.

Spiegel's Snapchat cofounder Bobby Murphy bought a glassy house in Venice last year. The pair settled recently with a third cofounder who alleged he was pushed out of the company in its early days.

Updated 11/12: Photos removed at the request of the copyright holder.
· Snapchat's Evan Spiegel Finally Leaves Family Home [Variety]
· Snapchat's Evan Spiegel: Saying no to $3B, and feeling lucky [CNET]
· Snapchat Cofounder Just Dropped $2.1MM On A House In Venice [Curbed LA]

08 Oct 10:00

piggyazalea: sharkeisha: a lot of people are STILL asking me...


she is the fucking worst



a lot of people are STILL asking me how Iggy Azalea is racist and homophobic so i’m just going to make a proper post 

in addition to all of this she also calls herself a “slave master” at 0:06 in this video

the amount of notes on this post

10 Nov 13:30

A Delia's Girl Dishes On Catalog-Modeling In The '90s

by Connie Wang

I am sure I had one of these t-shirts. they are all so familiar.

After school let out, the only thing more exciting than a Costco-sized box of Pizza Rolls in the freezer was a fresh Delia's catalog in the mailbox. With recent reports of the brand's decline, there's been an outpouring of nostalgia for all those ball-chain necklaces, ripstop parachute pants, and glitter decals, which — though rad by themselves — really came alive thanks to the book's roster of models. Executing silly poses with makeup and hair looks the average 13-year-old could actually achieve, these models not only showed us the true versatility of platform shower shoes, but that the secret to their late-'90s cool was not taking yourself too seriously.

You might not have known the girls by name, but you definitely recognize their faces. There's the brunette with the baby bangs and bob, the tomboy with eyebrows and jaunty poses, the lanky one always in board shorts with the beautiful fro…and then that girl. With mermaid hair down to her waist, a knack for looking both beautiful and weird, Kim Matulova was like your best friend's older sister who skateboarded to high school and always took her student photo with cross-eyes. She's the face we'll forever associate with Delia's. And, it turns out, the real-life Matulova isn't that far from how we always imagined her.

Said Matulova to MTV about her initial casting, "I probably had a skateboard with me. I was skating-heavy at the time." As for shooting those wacky poses, it's just as we thought: "I just always remember it being really fun... We'd be dancing, we'd be jumping all around. I think that I was definitely known for being that girl that made the crazy faces..."

We were also encouraged to hear that the cast of Delia's characters wasn't just something we made up in our heads while noshing on those pizza bagels, but an integral part of the catalog's mission. "As teenage girls, we look for something to kind of idolize and [Delia's] built characters out of us. It was also nice because you could see how one girl or the same few girls could transform themselves and look so different just with clothes and accessories and doing different hair. I think having a set of characters was definitely part of that appeal. You see it today with Victoria's Secret; they have the Angels, and people have their favorite one and buy what she's wearing."

Click through to MTV for a brief walk down Matulova Memory Lane, for her take on those mIxEd cAps Mad Libs, blow-up furniture, and some thoughts on what's inspiring Cara Delevingne. (We have a guess.) (MTV)

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