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20 Nov 21:07

the bechdel test

by kris


the show sets a record for number of times “bechdel” is uttered on air (average 5.6 BPM)

from a suggestion by mikey

21 Nov 01:36

laws and order: beyond reality

by kris
Chelsea Pearson

Paul Funyons strikes again!


don’t be ashamed, mr. president. thanks to 320×200 full-color VGA technology, the line between reality and the computer world is almost impossible to detect. god help us but the door to a virtual world of crime and eroticism is wide open

have a great weekend everyone

21 Nov 14:31

atencio: Key & Peele - Aerobics Meltdown (Keep...


Key & Peele - Aerobics Meltdown (Keep Dancing)

Here it is, my favorite Key & Peele sketch of the season, and possibly ever. This sketch exists because of the brilliance of Rebecca Drysdale, who wrote a script that I immediately fell in love with for it’s darkness and scope. Then we added the combined talent of Charles Papert absolutely nailing the look for both the period broadcast footage as well as the narrative behind-the-scenes pieces, Gary Kordan and his team delivering an authentic and wonderfully detailed set and faux-backstage world for the actors to play in, and Beth Morgan SanfordMelody KoerberScott Wheeler, and Amanda Mofield doing an incredible job making everyone look just right with their combined eye to detail in wardrobe, makeup, and hair, respectively. Once we were on set, Kathryn Burns provided the beautiful and hilarious choreography, guiding both Keegan and Jordan as well as our amazing background dancers to perfection. Keegan and Jordan displayed incredible stamina, dancing for 8 hours and still giving masterful performances, and Hal Rudnick and Clint Howard added an amazing comedic touch to their characters, bringing depth to the entire piece. After we shot, the whole thing was masterfully cut by Christian Hoffman, who waded through hours of footage to find the perfect moments with which to tell the story. Every part of this one came together so wonderfully, and for me it’s a testament to the fact that everyone on our show can collaborate to make something incredibly unique. It’s funny and emotional and disturbing and very, very unlike anything you’d see on any other show. That’s why it’s my favorite sketch.


19 Nov 16:09

Meet cute


The technique creates an artificial situation to bring together characters in a theoretically entertaining manner.


19 Nov 10:00

Did You Know?

Chelsea Pearson

Everything is bigger in Texas.

Did You Know?

Did you know that Texas is almost as large as the entire United States, including Texas?

Submitted by: ross.cunha

Tagged: texas , states
14 Nov 15:30

Printing What Matters

15 Nov 16:04

paulftompkins: I mean, really, when you get right down to it,...


I mean, really, when you get right down to it, it’s just a beautiful melody.

16 Nov 04:53

Spending Saturday night with @alfredyankovic

Chelsea Pearson

@alfredyankovic: "We should spend time together more often."

Spending Saturday night with @alfredyankovic

31 Oct 17:54


by Simon

I came across a wonderful word today – borborygmus [bɔrbəˈrɪɡməs] (plural borborygmi) – which refers to a rumble or gurgle in the stomach. It comes from the 16th-century French word borborygme, via Latin from the Ancient Greek βορβορυγμός (borborygmós), which was probably onomatopoetical [source, via The Week].

Are there interesting words for this phenomenon in other languages?


08 Nov 06:00

What Your Favorite Movies Would Look Like with One Letter...

What Your Favorite Movies Would Look Like with One Letter Removed

by Austin Light

11 Nov 05:00

my name is an anagram for "horny rant" and imagine how great it'd be if it was an anagram for "horny ghost"? things would be different, i'll tell you what

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November 11th, 2014: CUT LINES:

Dromiceiomimus! Can I talk to you for a second?
I need a favour! I need to know how to get points at Life Quest!!
Aw dang it



– Ryan

10 Nov 18:00

This Dog is Ready for Battle

12 Nov 15:26


12 Nov 06:34

Video: The Incredible Dog Shrinking Machine

15 Nov 02:41


Chelsea Pearson

Good cop/bad cop - James Adomian.

29 Oct 22:11

ifc: Hear and download the extended version of the ska song...


Hear and download the extended version of the ska song “It’s Got To Be Ska” by The Vandals from last week’s Comedy Bang! Bang!

03 Nov 01:43


Chelsea Pearson

Tell-Tale Heart

26 Oct 19:25

witsradio: Good morning.

Chelsea Pearson

SPOOKY table tennis.


Good morning.

25 Oct 20:39


Chelsea Pearson

I'm talkin' picante.

28 Oct 05:05


by kris


“we knew things had gotten bad when he introduced himself to someone as ‘the crypt-creeper.’ his name was already scary”


This Week’s Podcast

This week’s amazing Halloween episode of the podcast is up — Mikey went all out on this one. We perform a full-length original audio drama of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, along with guest voice Molly Lewis! It’s equal parts creepy, funny and thrilling, and it’s an amazing 60 minutes.

Don’t listen to it alone. Or headless.

22 Oct 04:44

Combined GIFs [imgur]Previously: Reversed GIFs

Combined GIFs [imgur]

Previously: Reversed GIFs

17 Oct 18:54

where indeed

by kris


i know we had a lot of fun finding her, but let’s not forget, she did kill 35 patients in her care over the past 8 years

hey, i got an erotic mention in today’s penny arcade. it’s everything i wanted it to be

20 Oct 14:30

Jughead Jones

Chelsea Pearson


Link (thanks, Ryan!)

11 Oct 16:49


14 Oct 06:27

get off me assholes

Today on Married To The Sea: get off me assholes
30 Sep 22:15

The Entrancing Cinemagraph Creations of Julien Douvier

by DL Cade

The cinemagraph genre is one of the most exciting to follow because, unlike almost every other type of “photography” (in quotes since you they aren’t photos in the traditional sense of the word), it’s not yet oversaturated with phenomenal work.

Almost everywhere you turn you’ll find a great street photographer, or landscape photographer, or fine art photographer. But when you stumble across a master at creating cinemagraphs, he or she is one of only a handful. Julien Douvier is one such photographer.

As you might remember, earlier this month we featured a number of Douvier’s cinemagraphs of moving water.

Douvier is based out of Strasbourg, France, and his ability to combine well-crafted photographic compositions with just a touch of motion somewhere in the frame makes his cinemagraphs some of the most compelling we’ve run across.

Not limited by one genre, his photographs range from landscapes and nature scenes to street photography, sometimes augmented by only the slightest bit of motion, and at other times completely wrapped up by it. Below are some of our favorites from his sizable cinemagraph portfolio:

To see more of Douvier’s work or follow along as he creates more, head over to his website or give him a follow on Tumblr and Behance.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Cinemagraphs by Julien Douvier

11 Oct 00:42

Mãe papagaia com Alzheimer.

by Zanfa


15 Oct 15:30

The Only Thing Holding You Back is You

Chelsea Pearson

Put your mind to it and you can juggle anything.

The Only Thing Holding You Back is You

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15 Oct 07:18

Life Decisions


Life Decisions

Exceptions to the rule include, but are not limited to, robbing a bank, building a time machine, or having imaginary children.

10 Oct 00:22


by kris


it’s official, the new ghostbusters screenplay is moving forward with an all-woman team

i have ghostbusters 1 and 2 on blu-ray, dvd, laserdisc AND vhs. i watch each one every night and check to make sure NO ONE is taking those precious ghostbuster dicks away from me