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18 Apr 03:00

#1020; The Unknown Knowns

by David Malki

“It still works as a parable.”

“There must be some distinction between a parable and simply a lie”

18 Apr 00:00

Free Speech

I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
06 Apr 15:30

Somebody Built a Kangaroo Robot Because Why the Hell Not?

by Robert T. Gonzalez

Somebody Built a Kangaroo Robot Because Why the Hell Not?

That somebody is German engineering firm Festo. The company, which has a history of turning to nature for inspiration, is also responsible for this mechanical seagull and these claw-tipped Doc Ock arms (which were modeled after an elephant's trunk).


14 Apr 22:37

It’s snowing again

by toni


10 Apr 16:30

For the first time ever, biologists have regenerated an organ in a living animal.

by George Dvorsky

For the first time ever, biologists have regenerated an organ in a living animal. They did so by manipulating a single protein in elderly mice that makes their bodies rebuild their thymuses, an organ of the immune system. It's the first time an organ has been repaired with a chemical trigger and not via stem cell regeneration.


09 Apr 06:50

Fast Forward

by Greg Ross

If a “dog year” is equivalent to seven human years, then time passes seven times more quickly for dogs than for humans. So in 1990 Rodney Metts invented a novelty watch that reflects this by advancing at seven times normal speed. This is a reminder as much to you as to your pet:

If a dog is kept locked in the basement of a house during an eight or nine hour day, for example, while its owner is away, the elapsed time on the dog watch will be 56 to 63 hours, or approximately two and one-half days. A one-hour ride in an automobile will register seven hours on a dog watch. Thus the value in dog time of a human activity will become quickly apparent.

That’s the actual patent figure. Part 10 is “dog.”

05 Apr 06:39

Asked and Answered

by Greg Ross

A college professor once offered the following creative final exam: Write a suitable final exam for this course and supply a key. The first paper handed in read ‘Final Exam: Write suitable final exam for this course and supply a key. Key: Any reasonable variation of the previous sentence = 100%.’

– Michael Stueben, Twenty Years Before the Blackboard, 1998

31 Mar 00:00

Shouldn't Be Hard

(six hours later) ARGH. How are these stupid microchips so durable?! All I want is to undo a massive industrial process with household tools!
01 Apr 00:00


01 Apr 18:09

Somebody out there will be okay with your weirdness.

by Jessica Hagy

it's a matter of preference

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26 Mar 00:00


New Cyanide and Happiness Comic.
21 Mar 21:00


by Cory Doctorow

Behold! The Diction-fairy! From This City's Lungs/Kelsey Parks.

"Diction-fairy" (via Seanan McGuire)


23 Mar 04:00

March 23, 2014

06 Mar 05:14

cactus fact

Today on Married To The Sea: cactus fact
12 Mar 14:36

Funny Book-Related Photos

by Brian Herzog

I'm heading to PLA today, and will try to post highlights of the conference over the next couple days. In the meantime, here's some random photos I saw online recently:

Bringing book covers to life...

acting out book covers


This seems so much better than calling the Police or a collection agency...

grim reaper book collection


I know we've all felt this way at one time or another...

blue book display
20 Mar 04:00

March 20, 2014

06 Mar 22:09

“Anglo-Foreign Words”

by Greg Ross

Walter Penney of Greenbelt, Md., offered this poser in the August 1969 issue of Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics. Below are five groups of English words. Each group appears also in a foreign language. What are the languages?

  1. aloud, angel, hark, inner, lover, room, taken, wig
  2. alas, atlas, into, manner, pore, tie, vain, valve
  3. ail, ballot, enter, four, lent, lit, mire, taller
  4. banjo, chosen, hippo, pure, same, share, tempo, tendon
  5. ago, cur, dare, fur, limes, mane, probe, undo

Click for solution …

07 Mar 23:20

Oh my god why isn't this Michonne from The Walking Dead Barbie real

by Rob Bricken

Oh my god why isn't this Michonne from The Walking Dead Barbie real

If there were a divine creator who loved us and watched over us, this Michonne Barbie doll would be a real product I could buy right this instant. But instead it's a beautiful figure custom-made by Park Seoung and it taunts me with its perfection, forever out of my reach.



04 Mar 21:00

Tauntaun hoodie with guts lining

by Cory Doctorow

Thinkgeek's Tauntaun Costume Hoodie not only has horns and ears, but its lining includes line-art innards and gore, to really bring home the feeling of climbing inside your trusty steed's guts to be shielded from the elements.

Tauntaun Costume Hoodie (via The Disney Blog)


05 Mar 16:00

AT-AT rocking horse

by Cory Doctorow

Jen from Cake Wrecks made this amazing AT-AT rocking-horse, documenting the build online (she's promised plans to follow). It will be auctioned for charity at Megacon by the Florida chapter of the 501st Legion.

As I said, little Isaiah (son of my Wrecky minion Julianne - and resident of the Ninja Nursery, if you remember that!) was afraid of rocking on the AT-AT, even though he loved it and kept standing next to it and patting it. So to help him feel brave, I got him a Vader mask and cape. And, hey, never underestimate the power... of a Vader mask and cape:

Isaiah is rocked all the way forward here, so as you can see the bumpers really prevent it from going very far. (He didn't want to rock backward at all. Heheh.)

If you missed it, you can see some construction shots of the AT-AT here. Oh, and I still don't have a pattern for you guys, but I promise it's on the to-do list!

Finished AT-AT Rocker Reveal!


04 Mar 04:00


by Christopher Hastings


27p20 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.

27p20 is a post from: The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Ads by Project Wonderful! Your ad could be here, right now.
27 Feb 05:00


by Jennie Breeden
27 Feb 14:05

Extra Credit

by Greg Ross

cooper malaria watercolors

In studying the parasitic protozoan Plasmodium ovale in 1954, English parasitologist William Cooper volunteered to receive the bites of about a thousand mosquitos, and nine days later underwent a laparotomy in which a piece of his liver was removed. On recovering, he stained the sections himself, located the malaria parasite stages in his own tissue, and painted these in watercolors to accompany the resulting article.

His coauthor, University of London protozoologist Cyril Garnham, wrote that Cooper “attained everlasting fame by this episode.”

(P.C.C. Garnham et al., “The Pre-Erythrocytic Stage of Plasmodium Ovale,” Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 49:2 [March 1955], 158-167)

(Thanks, Andrew.)

26 Feb 00:00


This image stays roughly in sync with the day (assuming the Earth continues spinning). Shortcut:
20 Feb 17:00

The Joker is all smiles as a nightmarish dragon facing the Dark Knight

by Lauren Davis

The Joker is all smiles as a nightmarish dragon facing the Dark Knight

In a medieval fantasy version of Batman, the Joker transforms himself into a hideous dragon, laughing gas leaking from his toxic maw. But even in his new form, the Joker still remembers to grin. See the full image below.



19 Feb 00:00


New Cyanide and Happiness Comic.
14 Feb 13:46

The most passive-aggressive wheelchair ramp in Britain

by Rob Beschizza

Photograph: Hemedia/Mark Sutherland

West Dunbartonshire council has had quite enough of listening to that woman complain about her assigned public housing being inaccessible to her disabled child. The Guardian:

Clare Lally, 33, spent two years campaigning for improved access for her daughter Katie, seven, who uses a wheelchair, after the council gave them a home at the top of three flights of stairs. But she was shocked at the solution, a £40,000 60-metre steel ramp which winds from the front door to the pavement.

They filled the entire yard with it!


16 Feb 17:55

The United States' weird January weather, summarized in a single map

by Robert T. Gonzalez

The United States' weird January weather, summarized in a single map

January was a month of extremes for the continental United States. Pretty much everywhere east of the Rockies endured unusually cold conditions, while most regions west of the range experienced record-breaking warmth (most notably in California, where a devastating drought recently extended into its 13th month).



14 Feb 06:21

Better Olympic Narratives

by David Malki !

stirring olympic narratives: • the athlete trained very hard • his/her country wants him/her to win • his/her family is very supportive

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

Like lots of you perhaps, I’m watching bits of the Olympics, and it’s interesting to watch how the same basic narratives are played over and over in an attempt to add drama to the sports. Fundamentally, the Olympics is about world-class athletes competing with one another, so of course they’re all going to be dedicated, and the pride of their country.


better olympic narratives • the last practitioner of a dying sport • in the olympics by mistake • possibly replaced by a bear in a costume

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

better olympic narratives • needs pure gold from medal to save dying spouse • in curling contest for immortal soul • skis are actually feet

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

better olympic narratives • actually snowboarding to save community center from developers • little white lie on first date has gone too far

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

better olympic narratives • back half of horse costume took a wrong turn • deep undercover narcotics agent • trying to outski her past

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

better olympic narratives • bionic sequined tutu has mind of its own • every 4 years we must cavort to thrill the icedemon • make-a-wish kid

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki Traveled back in time to kill world leader but fell into sport due to missed date

— Recovering ninja kat (@Kouban) February 13, 2014

@malki here to save their homeworld from a crippling gold medal shortage

— Erik Peterson (@miniwombat) February 13, 2014

@malki Lost hunter accidentally wins biathlon. Training for Gymkata II: This Time It's In Snow? Actually a wizard just showing off.

— Jon Bergdoll (@jbergdoll) February 13, 2014

• country ceased to exist mid-ski jump à la Tom Hanks in The Terminal • presidentchancellorking of micronation must do every event himself

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

• elaborate costumed ruse to trap international gambling cartel • athlete switched minds with family dog • in olympics ironically

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

• wants to prove that a scientologist can also be a world-class snowboarder • family was killed by a metal target and now out for revenge

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

• v. precise fetish requires winning a bronze medal specifically • hates snow and wants to crush it • just wants to get on the wipeout reel

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki Didn't realise where those stairs really went until it was too late…

— alison (@alisonborealis) February 13, 2014

@malki Elaborate spinoff of popular 1995 Sega Genesis game Izzy's Quest for Olympic Gold

— Jon Bergdoll (@jbergdoll) February 13, 2014

@malki Meant to sign up for Summer Games. Checked the wrong box.

— Erik Peterson (@miniwombat) February 13, 2014

@malki Ineffectual attempt to get divorced parents back together Chasing dream of starring in local furniture store commercial in ten years

— Jon Bergdoll (@jbergdoll) February 13, 2014

• need to collect all five colored rings to heal the planet • just love hearing accents • ruse to sell all this ski wax before it spoils

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki Believes winning gold medal will lead to an audience with Zeus

— Recovering ninja kat (@Kouban) February 13, 2014

• wheaties box photographer who always wanted to take a selfie • there against wishes of every country • forgot NOT to be in the olympics

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki ghost who needs to win 100 gold medals to get into heaven.

— Joe Hopkins (@Balthazarlove) February 13, 2014

@malki · Primary role on hockey team is enforcer, really just wants to dance · Speed skater is forced to maintain 55mph or bomb will go off

— Ned Keitt-Pride (@BigNed) February 13, 2014

@malki foolishly chose "dare" instead of much safer "truth" option

— Tim Willmott (@holterya) February 13, 2014

@malki blindly following guy who keeps getting into bobsleds

— James Webber (@james_t_webber) February 13, 2014

• making the best of speed-skate-shaped foot tumors • uncomfortable in clothes not emblazoned with national insignia and sports brand logos

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

• using biathlon as research for existential novel • splashed with paint while nude and mistaken for member of norwegian curling team

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki Just prefers the temporary McDonalds in the olympic village

— Bryan Stoll (@BryanStoll) February 13, 2014

@malki Cryptozoologist, misheard name of event as "all imp pics"

— Emily (@erpurc) February 13, 2014

@malki Werewolf competing for either Gold or Bronze

— Emily (@erpurc) February 13, 2014

@malki •feverishly chasing ghost, later revealed to be a smudge on goggles •team of snowboard thieves pulling off heist of a lifetime

— Nate MacDonald (@lentilstew) February 13, 2014

@Malki Accidentally wandered into event while trying to figure out the source of that smell

— CSjostrand (@cjsjostrand) February 13, 2014

@malki Forgot to return rented ice skates and felt obligated to use them

— Josh Closs (@FiveIronFanatic) February 13, 2014

@malki Trying to avoid getting a "real job"

— Josh Closs (@FiveIronFanatic) February 13, 2014

@malki dying father made her promise to never enter the olympics; hates dying father.

— Andrew J. Plant (@AndrewJPlant) February 13, 2014

@malki Wrote now-forgotten MySpace password on back of one of the medals

— Josh Closs (@FiveIronFanatic) February 13, 2014

@malki Died overnight from hotel gas leak, being subtly paraded around by coaches Weekend at Bernie's style

— Slinkydoodle Rick (@RicksWriting) February 13, 2014

• just wants to have fun on the bobsled without all the pressure of the World Championships in Königssee

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki communicating with spies via precise sequences of national anthems

— Emily (@erpurc) February 13, 2014

@malki Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winner going for coveted "EGOTO"

— Andrew J. Plant (@AndrewJPlant) February 13, 2014

and the number 1 motivator for today's modern olympic athletes: breaking own ankles by hand just not that exciting anymore

— David Malki ! (@malki) February 13, 2014

@malki Final Boss fight with Putin being a close 2nd. Afterwards u unlock a new character and a recolor of your respective country's uniform

— Spencer Stevens (@KryloGrad) February 13, 2014

i like twitter, twitter can be fun

12 Feb 14:00

Of course you will believe what happens next.

by Jessica Hagy

renew your faith in humanity!

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