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Depressed Alien #257

by (Connor Ullmann)
30 Oct 04:00

When Werewolves Attack

by Scott



Personally, I’d rather be devoured by a terrifying man-wolf than to have one burst into my house just to butt-scoot around for twenty minutes. There’s something decidedly unnerving about that motion. Too bad taking that werewolf to the vet probably isn’t an option.

Man, between this comic and the last one, this is the scariest Happle Tea Halloween week yet! Are you scared yet? I bet you are!



30 Oct 13:00

Halloween Responsibly

by Mark



That’s Youtube HQ at the end if ya didn’t know.

Happy Halloween! Stay safe and don’t spoil your dinner. If you missed them, I did some other on-theme comics earlier in the month. You’ll have to find them yourself though, I don’t have the energy to help you right now. Thanks for reading!

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A fábula da curiosidade

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by Huge Cartoons
31 Oct 10:50

Guest Comic by Kris Wilson.

by Ryan

Guest Comic by Kris Wilson.

Today’s guest comic comes from my very good friend Kris Wilson, who probably doesn’t need an introduction, because you probably were reading Cyanide and Happiness for years before you even heard about Channelate.

In addition to the comics, remember to watch the weekly Cyanide and Happiness Shorts in anticipation for the release of the animated series in November!

21 Oct 19:00

Old People Love Westerns

Old People Love Westerns

Submitted by: (via Mr. Lovenstein)

Tagged: Cowboys , gay , western , web comics
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Spitting Contest

by tga


16 Oct 13:00

Those Pearly Gamer-Gates

by Mark


Ummm, the seatbelt light is clearly on…

15 Oct 23:05

Old people

17 Oct 12:00

#187: Zebu.

by 1111

1111comics - 00187 - zebu

As part of 1111′s A-Z of Creatures. Z is for Zebu. Zebu are South East Asian cattle that thrive in the tropics and have a distinct hump on their upper backs. Zebu are farmed throughout the world for their meat.

22 Oct 04:00

What A Catch

by Huge Cartoons
23 Oct 08:55

Friendly Spooks

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by admin


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Anésia # 189

29 Oct 08:17

Mentirinhas #720

by Fábio Coala


Eu era um bebê bonitinho e vejam no que deu…

O post Mentirinhas #720 apareceu primeiro em Mentirinhas.

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Gatinha ensinando yoga pro gatinho

by O Criador

O Yuki aprende rápido =X

The post Gatinha ensinando yoga pro gatinho appeared first on

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Truthful App Icons


Truthful App Icons

Let us know about some others we may have missed, on Facebook!

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by Lunarbaboon

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Trabalho Extra

by Clara Gomes


09 Oct 19:01

Magic In the School bus


o traço eh mto fofinho

10 Oct 01:31

We’re here today to witness the union of two special...

by vectorbelly

We’re here today to witness the union of two special people. The lasers we use to fuse them together are very powerful, so goggles on please

— sharon memes (@chuchugoogoo) October 1, 2012
09 Oct 23:05

My baby!

10 Oct 07:01

Comic: Bug Hunt

by (Tycho)
New Comic: Bug Hunt
10 Oct 11:00

Palestra de Motivação

by Clara Gomes


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by Reza


20 Aug 17:00

Joine Myne Empire and Together We Maye Rvle Yon Gælaxie as Father and Sonne