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22 Jul 22:13

he wasn’t a very good writer

by kris


“oh so you’re telling me it looked like a big barrel with a starfish on one end with tentacles frozen in the ice. why didn’t you just say that?”

22 Jul 23:06




23 Jul 07:01

Pay Per Poo

by Ronnie
22 Jul 13:32

Legal. Barely legal.


22 Jul 14:00

Check Please

by Mark


There. Did you see that? I spelled cheque the American way for the sake of a title joke. Are you happy now?! Hm?!

Fun fact: I added the third panel at the last minute to make the action clearer- it nearly didn’t make it in! Wow, fun!

14 Jul 06:18


Here is a comic that was written by Omnithea! Surprise!!

Canada friends! Next weekend I'm making a CANADIAN REPRIEVE for ConBravo! It is in Hamilton, Ontario! I plan to smuggle back as much poutine as I can fit in my suitcase. WILL YOU JOIN ME?
21 Jul 23:23

07/21/14 PHD comic: 'Writing'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "Writing" - originally published 7/21/2014

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

21 Jul 18:58

A secret.

by Ryan

o bonus panel qdo vc clica no link eh animal

A secret.

Didn’t realize being a best man in a wedding could interrupt comics so badly last week.  Back on the damn wagon!

Also, here’s another old comic I’ve added a bonus panel to.

21 Jul 04:00


Don't turn it on.
18 Jul 12:00

Beverage Logic


Beverage Logic

Okay I’m pretty sure McDonalds Coke is way different from normally bottled Coke. Next time you have it, close your eyes and think of apple pie, and taste the interesting resemblance. Or am I crazy. Comments here.

17 Jul 14:00

High Tide

by Mark


It’s only a matter of time…

WOW this is comic #400 and I can’t believe it. Thanks for you ongoing support! If you get a moment, why not introduce a friend to the comic? 400 strips should keep them busy! Heck, why don’t you go back through the archive yourself and rediscover some classics I myself have long forgotten? Thanks for reading!

17 Jul 21:27


17 Jul 08:01

Comics Where the Punchline is That Snails Are Very Slow

Comics Where the Punchline is That Snails Are Very Slow
17 Jul 07:00

Tirinha x Lista de compras

- É como eu disse lá no Face: Eu tinha tudo para ser um quadrinista de sucesso. Mas daí eu casei.
16 Jul 07:12

Viva Intensamente # 165

15 Jul 07:01

10 Million Years Ago

10 Million Years Ago
16 Jul 07:00

Toy Story 19

by admin

Toy Story 19

14 Jul 04:35


09 Jul 04:00

July 09, 2014

This week I have a somewhat topical essay over at Warning: political.
09 Jul 16:13


by Reza


09 Jul 08:15

Ficando bêbado com Brasil 1x7 Alemanha

09 Jul 02:07

1348 – Vacilão 3

by Carlos Ruas


09 Jul 07:01

Comic: Marxio Kart

by (Tycho)
New Comic: Marxio Kart
08 Jul 14:00

5 Bad Comics

by Mark


Ha ha! Nah… they’re alright.

08 Jul 04:00

July 08, 2014

07 Jul 19:30

We Were Trees

by Reza


03 Jul 11:03

Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid
05 Jul 11:00

Previsões pra Copa — Parte 2

by Clara Gomes


02 Jul 07:01

Internet Man

by Jesse

I also didn't shave or shower for comedic effect


In case you didn’t know I just sent out my first Patreon rewards!

They are super rad as all heck

02 Jul 23:05

Snorting trunks