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16 Apr 04:00

Orbital Mechanics

To be fair, my job at NASA was working on robots and didn't actually involve any orbital mechanics. The small positive slope over that period is because it turns out that if you hang around at NASA, you get in a lot of conversations about space.
16 Apr 00:08

Nuh Uh.

by Ryan

Nuh Uh.

14 Apr 17:44

Good Day

by Reza


15 Apr 05:57

Envelhecer com alegria

10 Apr 20:37

Trollbait / Nobody is Right | 730.jpg

11 Apr 21:34

Tumblr | 6b7.png

12 Apr 01:26

Shakespeare in Three Panels

by Miss Cellania

May Gosling (@GoodTickleBrain on Twitter) is a librarian, cartoonist, and Shakespeare fan. She runs the webcomic Good Tickle-Brain, which is is mostly composed of Shakespearean humor. One section of her site is dedicated to condensing Shakespeare’s plays into three-panel comics, called Three-Panel Plays. Warning: they contain spoilers.

There are 38 Three Panel Plays so far, and also other comics about the Bard’s works, including some that humorously put Shakespeare’s characters into the modern world. Check them all out!

-via io9

11 Apr 03:06


by The Awkward Yeti


11 Apr 12:31


by The Awkward Yeti


12 Apr 23:00

Lynch him!

13 Apr 04:00

April 13, 2014

Just a reminder - I'm posting new content and curated content over at The Nib.
10 Apr 15:00

This cartoon can never be tamed

by seemikedraw


10 Apr 23:00

C-3PO needed the money

05 Apr 14:54

Alternate Universe | 4df.jpg

05 Apr 15:29

Dogs | 623.gif

05 Apr 16:39

Lord Of The Rings | fc7.jpg

06 Apr 11:00

April 6, 2014

Picture of noctilucent clouds

Cloud Shine

Photograph by Martin Koitmae, National Geographic Your Shot

It was the most amazing night of my life so far, says Your Shot member Martin Koitmae of capturing this noctilucent cloud over Estonia's Kuresoo bog, calling the silence of the moment the loudest sound Ive ever heard.

Koitmae had never been to a bog before visiting this one in the country's Soomaa National Park. "It was an absolutely magical experience to see noctilucent clouds glowing and reflected by perfectly still bog pools and accompanied by complete silence."

Koitmaes picture was recently included in a National Geographic Daily News gallery featuring these night shining clouds, which grace high-latitude sunsets around the globe.

This photo was submitted to Your Shot. Check out the new and improved website, where you can share photos, take part in assignments, lend your voice to stories, and connect with fellow photographers from around the globe.

10 Apr 06:50

Não acredita

09 Apr 10:57

Mentirinhas #615

by Fábio Coala

mentirinhas_606Comigo era com fio desencapado, mas não funcionou.


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09 Apr 18:40

Plum Tree

by Reza


07 Apr 18:32

friend and other zones

by kris


did you know there’s lots of ways to zone people? zones aren’t just for friends anymore.

according to behavioral research doctors, the human mind is “lousy with zones”

08 Apr 04:00

"Bondage Puppet" - Tue, 08 Apr 2014

Bondage Puppet
08 Apr 10:47

Mentirinhas #614

by Fábio Coala

mentirinhas_605Normalmente é o que acontece quando a briga sai da internet.


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08 Apr 06:27

Betinho: uma decepção

04 Apr 04:00

"Hiring 3" - Fri, 04 Apr 2014

Hiring 3
04 Apr 13:09

1352 – Pecados, todos temos

by Carlos Ruas


04 Apr 05:48

2ª Semana da Anésia # 5

04 Apr 15:52

Hard Drives

by Reza


04 Apr 02:12



let our powers combine

04 Apr 22:04