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18 Sep 13:32

A primeira namorada a gente nunca esquece

by O Criador

Se você curte HQs e outras nerdisses, conheça ;)

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18 Sep 08:02

Dr. Scorpion Fights Appendicitis

Dr. Scorpion Fights Appendicitis
18 Sep 04:00

September 18, 2014

Thanks to NerdNite SF for a lovely evening!
18 Sep 14:00


by Mark


Hello! As a birthday present to myself, there will be no new comics next week as I am feeling burnt out right now. I’m pretty sure the last time I took a break was Christmas 2012! Haha!

These things take me a long time to make.

So instead of comics, I will update the look of the site a little, perhaps set up a new shirt design(let me know if you want something in particular!) and maybe get that patreon going – I’m still apprehensive about it!

tl;dr Comics resume Monday the 29th! Good luck!

17 Sep 23:05

Crying man

08 Sep 23:06


08 Sep 18:25

twisteddoodles: How to make a substitute cat.


How to make a substitute cat.

16 Sep 17:59

Comic: War and Peace

by Cale Grim

War and peace--a treaty is a divisive thing

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17 Sep 01:08

on research

by kris



“63 Animated GIFs That Explain the Death of Journalism,” Buzzfeed

17 Sep 05:00

Comic for September 17, 2014

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17 Sep 16:20

So-Deep Space

by Reza


16 Sep 00:06

jeremykaye: Coming this September. Throwin’ an oldie at...


Coming this September.

Throwin’ an oldie at ya!

Not much to say, still chugging along with the book and other things behind the scenes. Gonna have a new strip up later in the week!

16 Sep 13:01

Hungry eyes


Fredo went to see the Medusa. So?

If he looks into her eyes, he'll turn to stone.

We must warn him! Fredo!

Look into my eyes!

My eyes are up here!

16 Sep 05:28

Contando mentiras com verdades

11 Sep 21:47


12 Sep 04:00


by Huge Cartoons
12 Sep 06:21

Pizza clone

11 Sep 04:00

September 11, 2014

12 Sep 16:03


by Reza


13 Sep 00:19

The elephant in the room.

by Ryan

The elephant in the room.

Here’s a comic. Better late than never. Also, if you ordered something from the store last week, I didn’t get them shipped til this week due to SLCC, so thanks for your patience. But hey I have all the time in the world now, so if you want something here’s a link to THE STORE.

14 Sep 14:00

The Wet Bandit

by Mark


It was just being… ice-cream social…

15 Sep 01:00

the late night coffee

by The Awkward Yeti

the late night coffee

14 Sep 11:05

A arte do rodeio

15 Sep 04:00

Future Self

Maybe I haven't been to Iceland because I'm busy dealing with YOUR crummy code.
15 Sep 07:01

My Cross To Beard

by Ronnie
15 Sep 12:55

Força que hoje é segunda feira

by O Criador

A arte imita a vida… igualzinho! =D

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11 Sep 13:06

by Fernanda
Em tempos de eleições, as discussões no intervalo para o cafézinho no meu trabalho ficam cada vez mais legais:

- O chefe disse que vai votar na Marina porque ela é palmeirense que nem ele.
- Ué, então vou votar no Aécio porque ele é cruzeirense que nem eu.
- E eu vou votar no Eduardo Jorge porque ele é maconheiro.

10 Sep 05:57

Viva Intensamente # 173

10 Sep 15:59

Dreams and Fears

by Reza


10 Sep 09:29