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29 Jul 21:22


by ricardo

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30 Jul 03:57

1356 – Vertentes

by Carlos Ruas


30 Jul 06:06

button, button

by kris


this was an ’80s twilight zone episode based on a richard matheson short story

tune in tomorrow for more topical references

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by delfrig


28 Jul 19:50

07/28/14 PHD comic: 'The Neurobiology of Writing'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "The Neurobiology of Writing" - originally published 7/28/2014

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29 Jul 04:00

Life Cycle

by K


I skipped the bit where the tiny chicks are tossed unceremoniously into massive, deafeningly loud machines and then ground into a nutrient-rich sludge. Some parents clearly took issue with this bit of the tour from the Science Museum, but I felt it was a refreshing bit of honesty. We really were getting the full chicken experience.

In all seriousness, Liz and I visited the Boston Science Museum this last weekend. I’ve been there several times and I always rather enjoy it. It’s nice to see an institution that promotes learning and science in an interactive way. If you’ve never been there before and have the chance to visit Boston, I very much recommend it, there’s a lot to see and it’s especially great for children. There’s a lot of history, science, and math to explore there and it’s a marvelous experience even for adults.

That said, there is actually a chicken exhibit there, though not quite like the tale I’ve spun for today’s comic. There is, rather, a glass case with some straw and little baskets containing eggs from which the exhibit’s stars hatch. This sort of thing happens every day, several times a day. Every time I’ve been to the museum, I’ve seen at least one or two chickens hatch. It got me thinking, how many chickens are actually hatched at this museum every week? Does this place moonlight as a chicken hatchery? What do they do with these birds once they’ve broken free of their tiny, fragile prisons?

Walking just down the corridor revealed the obvious truth. The cafeteria is not that far away. It seems like a sensible business practice, if rather mercenary. You’ve got your supply covered and you make a quick buck off the spectacle to boot!

I’m always amused at this particular exhibit, watching children’s eyes light up as these tiny creatures hatch. Exclamations about how cute the birds are ring through the room. Meanwhile I’m standing there thinking about how many chicken nuggets the average person consumes in a lifetime.

I am not a good person.

In other news, Happle Tea is back! I’ve been away for a while now doing some freelance work. Part of my struggle with keeping the site updated this year has been about making progress in my life, financially. I’ve been looking for freelance gigs and applying myself more to opportunities that present themselves. I’m also trying to expand on my own personal work by doing some bigger projects like storyboards and animation work.

Over this last month I had the opportunity to work with Cartoon Network on an animated short for which I did the storyboards and a little writing. When that project gets completed (mine was the first step out of many) I’ll definitely let everyone know so you can check it out!

Working on that with the creator of the show was a great experience. I’ve had a decent amount of freelance work before but nothing that galvanized me as much as this one. I’m excited and I feel a renewed sense of purpose. I’m currently working with Liz on a short animation that I hope we’ll be able to show off (if it turns out good enough!) to all of you as well!

Anyway, there will be a comic on Thursday this week, I’ve already got several strips written out that I’m quite happy with and I’ve started budgeting my time better. I’ve got plans to start doing one Lil K/Slice of Life comic every week and one comic related to mythology. There may be some overlap here and there but that’s the plan for right now. I think it’ll help keep everything a little bit more focused and fun!

Special thanks to Liz for helping me with that last panel and for coming up with a brilliant design for that poster in the background!

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Comic for July 29, 2014

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29 Jul 07:01

A Bird Holds Its Breath

A Bird Holds Its Breath
28 Jul 16:00

The Case of the Package of the Bees

by Reza


26 Jul 04:00

July 26, 2014

28 Jul 07:01

You Know Why Ice Cream

by Ronnie
28 Jul 11:02

Mentirinhas #673

by Fábio Coala

mentirinhas_663A Segunda sempre dando uma força.


O post Mentirinhas #673 apareceu primeiro em Mentirinhas.

25 Jul 17:55

07/23/14 PHD comic: 'Writing shortcut'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Writing shortcut" - originally published 7/23/2014

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25 Jul 07:02

Você olha, ele olha, ela vê

24 Jul 23:28

Tumblr | 84d.png

23 Jul 06:53

Presente da bonita

22 Jul 22:13

he wasn’t a very good writer

by kris


“oh so you’re telling me it looked like a big barrel with a starfish on one end with tentacles frozen in the ice. why didn’t you just say that?”

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23 Jul 07:01

Pay Per Poo

by Ronnie
22 Jul 13:32

Legal. Barely legal.


22 Jul 14:00

Check Please

by Mark


There. Did you see that? I spelled cheque the American way for the sake of a title joke. Are you happy now?! Hm?!

Fun fact: I added the third panel at the last minute to make the action clearer- it nearly didn’t make it in! Wow, fun!

21 Jul 23:23

07/21/14 PHD comic: 'Writing'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Writing" - originally published 7/21/2014

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21 Jul 18:58

A secret.

by Ryan

o bonus panel qdo vc clica no link eh animal

A secret.

Didn’t realize being a best man in a wedding could interrupt comics so badly last week.  Back on the damn wagon!

Also, here’s another old comic I’ve added a bonus panel to.

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Don't turn it on.
18 Jul 12:00

Beverage Logic


Beverage Logic

Okay I’m pretty sure McDonalds Coke is way different from normally bottled Coke. Next time you have it, close your eyes and think of apple pie, and taste the interesting resemblance. Or am I crazy. Comments here.

17 Jul 14:00

High Tide

by Mark


It’s only a matter of time…

WOW this is comic #400 and I can’t believe it. Thanks for you ongoing support! If you get a moment, why not introduce a friend to the comic? 400 strips should keep them busy! Heck, why don’t you go back through the archive yourself and rediscover some classics I myself have long forgotten? Thanks for reading!

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17 Jul 08:01

Comics Where the Punchline is That Snails Are Very Slow

Comics Where the Punchline is That Snails Are Very Slow
17 Jul 07:00

Tirinha x Lista de compras

- É como eu disse lá no Face: Eu tinha tudo para ser um quadrinista de sucesso. Mas daí eu casei.
16 Jul 07:12

Viva Intensamente # 165