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16 Jul 02:47

Eran Hilleli and Ori Toor experiment together. Cant wait to see...

Eran Hilleli and Ori Toor experiment together. Cant wait to see whats next!   

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This was actually wish #406. Wish #2 was for him to lose the ability to remember that each new wish wasn't my first.
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by Ioanna Mar

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Strangely beautiful

02 Jul 20:30

disalmanac: New diagram.

by joberholtzer


New diagram.

26 Jul 17:24

Así son algunas de las reacciones que tiene el agua al toparse con un material hidrofóbico

by Rodrigo Garrido

Las aplicaciones de los materiales hidrofóbicos no son nada nuevas. Con el paso de los años científicos han buscado mejorar esta propiedad, que originalmente vieron en la naturaleza; principalmente en las hojas, telaraña, y las plumas de las aves, para así aplicarla en productos que usamos en nuestro día a día.

Así que la noticia de hoy no trata sobre cómo funciona esta propiedad, sino de un video que encontró la gente de Sploid y en el que se muestran algunas de las reacciones que tiene el agua al toparse con un material hidrofóbico. Mi parte favorita es esa gota saltarina que aparece en el minuto 1:19; simplemente impresionante.

La noticia Así son algunas de las reacciones que tiene el agua al toparse con un material hidrofóbico fue publicada originalmente en Xatakaciencia por Rodrigo Garrido.

25 Jul 13:12

Gif Friday - Romain Loubersanes


Such a nice metyl amina





French freelancer art director and animator Romain Loubersanes, has a very well rounded selection gifs and animation over on his site, make sure you go check it out! 

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21 Jun 09:19

06/20/14 PHD comic: 'Academically Correct'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "Academically Correct" - originally published 6/20/2014

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by Gojko

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28 May 13:25

Where's my popcorn??

by Pr1nceShawn

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25 Jun 15:57

Soccer: 55 vs. 2

by Jason Kottke

Watch as two players from the Japanese national soccer team try to score against 55 kids.

The kids had two opportunities to stop the pro players, once with 33 players and the second time with 55 players. This didn't turn out how I expected, given how a similar stunt involving fencing ended.

This was posted on Marginal Revolution a few days ago and garnered several interesting comments about how much better professional athletes are than us regular folk. Here are a few:

Rugby: I played against an international player once. Watching him play, I'd seen a chap who ran in straight lines, a strong tackler with a weak kick. Playing against him revealed him to be skillful, agile and possessed of a howitzer kick.

Back in the 1980s a friend was watching a pickup basketball game in Boston and reported what happened when a player from the Celtics showed up. He was so much faster, more athletic, and more agile than the other players that it seemed like he was playing a different sport. The player turned out to be Scott Wedman, who by that time was old and slow by NBA standards, and mainly hung around the 3-point line to shoot outside shots after the defense had collapsed on Bird, McHale, et al. But compared to non-NBA players, he was Michael Jordan (or LeBron James).

My U-19 team (we were very good by local standards) had a practice with the New Zealand All Blacks, who were on some sort of tour. It was like they were from a different planet. I stood no chance of containing, or conversely getting past, the smallest of them under almost any circumstance.

Back in the olden thymes I was a pretty good baseball player. Early in my high school career I got the chance to catch a AAA pitcher. I went into thinking I would have no trouble. The first pitch was on top of me so fast I was knocked off balance. It took a bunch of pass balls before I got used to how to handle his breaking stuff.

The result in the video might also shed some light on the question of choosing to fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses.

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06 Jun 19:41

Gif Friday - Sachin Teng

This weeks great gif’s come from freelance Illustrator Sachin Teng.  Word on the street is that hes in the process of making a movie. If its as good as these then we can not wait to check it out. 

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by Wes + Tony

something like this is probably how jesus happened

Did you know that you can go to jail for having a butt? Okay, nudity laws are a little more specific than that but that’s the general idea. It makes sense; we all want to be able to go outside knowing that we’ve agreed to not show each other our various below-the-belt output parts.

But does that mean there’s an indecent exposure version of manslaughter? You didn’t MEAN to reveal yourself to some other folks and you aren’t getting your jollies out of it, but let’s say you put too many heavy rocks in your pockets on a day you aren’t wearing a belt. Or your dress gets caught in the subway door as it’s pulling way. All I’m saying is that both those things could happen to anyone and I shouldn’t be in this jail cell, officer.


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by tepenetroennochebuena

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by holyfuuu


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Watch this video

18 Jun 14:09

John Delivers

12 Jun 13:36

Bored Guy

21 May 14:00

Dating Stuff

22 May 13:28

"It's raining cats and dogs"

♫ It's raining men / Who are husbands ♪
Thanks to Michael Yin for suggesting this one.

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07 May 20:06

The iCat

by wallq

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05 May 21:08

05/05/14 PHD comic: 'What to call your Academic Event'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "What to call your Academic Event" - originally published 5/5/2014

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05 May 04:00

May 05, 2014

Today's comic is a response to this individual.
30 Apr 02:44

Truest Facts Ever

by wallq

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28 Apr 13:47