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10 Dec 21:01

Hark, A Vagrant: Lady's Favor

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It's always Stupid Medieval Type Joke Day here at Hark A Vagrant

Topatoco's holiday shipping deadlines approach, so get it while it's hot/available!

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04 Nov 04:54

Top Down Shooter

by Endswell
24 Nov 19:26

Tips: Caring For The Class Pet

25 Nov 18:59

Happy Thanksgiving

11 Nov 03:08

Bubble popping fun !!!!

Bubble popping fun !!!!

14 Oct 21:58

Hark, A Vagrant: Femme Fatale

Jono Lee

The legs one.

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Watch out! Dames like this are dangerous. But you know, they have other things going on in their lives than walking through a detective's door through a dangerous cloud of fog. Probably.

I've watched some noir films while drawing this comic, and where has that dialogue been all my life? Also, if you read essays on how femme fatales threw out conventions of the day you realize they are all basically the best characters ever. Too bad for any lousy rat they cross paths with though.

The store is going to update as soon as the new merchandise comes in. STAY TUNED
29 Sep 19:25

megaloveluck: My tribute to the baddest space marine, “Vasquez...


My tribute to the baddest space marine, “Vasquez the Vanquisher”.

Enlist today in the U.S. Colonial Marine Corps!

29 Sep 14:20

I Remember

02 Oct 12:11


Jono Lee


05 Oct 06:00

Update Science: How Do Dog Whistles Work?

How Do Dog Whistles Work?

16 Sep 18:08

Alfonso Ribeiro Might Have Won This Season’s Dancing With The Stars In The Premiere

by Endswell
Jono Lee

Hahaha holy shit.

From his Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial as a kid to tearing it up throughout The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Alfonso Ribeiro killed it last night on the premiere of this season of Dancing With The Stars. You can almost see the moment of realization on the other contestants’ faces when they realize how fucked they are.


09 Sep 03:40

Ninja Action

by Endswell

A look at what the Xiao Xiao videos would have looked like with better animation.

Ninja Action

08 Sep 18:45

The Truth About Icebergs

02 Sep 19:34

Hark, A Vagrant: Lady of Shalott

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I don't care how hot some random dude is, getting a peep at him probably not the best reason to invoke a vague curse that takes your life, LADY OF SHALOTT. Even if you did that thing where you lower your sunglasses at them as they go by, and say "dayuum!" And even if he's Lancelot. I can't imagine it being worth it, anyway. But I can imagine a circumstance that would definitely ruin the moment.

OK, I can joke about The Lady of Shalott, but I can't fib, I get emotional listening to Loreena McKennitt singing it, like the best of us.

More Kokoro at a later time! I did not forget that I said the same thing about Wuthering Heights.

Soon it is time for my annual merchandise rollout! If there is anything you would particularly want, drop me a line. I just want to make things people like, when it comes to that stuff.
29 Aug 17:30

What Do All Those Weather Predictions Really Mean?

14 Aug 10:00

A Birthday

by Justin Boyd
Jono Lee

This x 1 million

A Birthday

Things start getting really weird once you get a little older.


I’m gonna get a server set up for all of us to play Chivalry on Saturday, August 16th starting at 8 PM Eastern!  I’ll be there If you’re gonna be joining, please let me know in the comments here and please be sure to join this Steam Group so I can communicate with you!


bonus panel
21 Aug 14:11


21 Aug 10:00


by Justin Boyd


Speaking of vacations, I’m going on vacation!  Don’t worry, it’s a short one, so I’ll be back next week for the usual.

I’m gonna be relaxing mega hard this weekend though, so just know that =)

bonus panel
08 Aug 18:45

The Corythosaurus

The Corythosaurus

05 Aug 10:00

Alarm Sounds

by Justin Boyd
Jono Lee

I've actually had a dream as my alarm went off where I got up and got ready for work. It was utterly believable in that there was nothing fantastical about it and I was miserable through the whole thing. Then I actually woke up and had to do the whole thing all over again. That was not a good day.

Alarm Sounds

Dream Me, you are insufferable!  Why do so many cool things happen to you?!  AHHHH, Dream Me is so much cooler than me!


I ate some burritos from 7-Eleven for dinner.  Seeing that I’ve recently been eating stuff that looks like this


and this


7-Eleven may actually be a slight improvement.

*washes it all down with a Monster*

Don’t you worry, everyone. I had a full checkup very recently and I’m actually quite healthy.

*chugs a McDouble*

Whoops, chugged a wrong thing.


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30 Jul 19:59

Amazing 3-Year-Old Drummer Performs With A Full Orchestra, Caps It Off With A Drum Solo

by Endswell

3-year-old Lyonya Shilovsky performs the Galop Infernal (the “Can-Can”) from Act 2, Scene 2 of Jacques Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld with the Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra.

via 22 Words

05 Aug 14:37

The Future

29 Jul 15:59


28 Jul 16:28


just call me garfield. or garfeld.

Comic URL:

23 Jul 06:35

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22 Jul 15:03


20 Jul 05:15


17 Jul 10:00


by Justin Boyd
Jono Lee

Arse to grass.


Did you see the single panel comic yesterday?  Yes?  AWESOME!  No?  You should check it out!


I’m getting back into gaming finally!  I’ve made a new Steam group for all of us as well!  I hope to play some fun multiplayer games with all of you in the near future!

We played some TF2 before, but I’d love to add several to many more games to the games-we’ve-played-together list!  So if that sounds like a cool thing, please join the new Steam group I made: Invisible Bread Gaming!


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17 Jul 00:14


03 Jul 22:09

mymodernmet: Photographer Martin Klimas captured the exact...

Jono Lee

So fucking cool


Photographer Martin Klimas captured the exact moment of these kung-fu porcelain figurines shattering on the ground, resulting in chaotically beautiful images.