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21 Jul 15:12

Younger siblings understand. (by Loading Artist)

Younger siblings understand. (by Loading Artist)

20 Jul 20:38

Gosto de TI

by André Farias

Vida de Suporte


Gosto de TI é um post do blog Vida de Suporte.
21 Jul 15:00

That Face.

He died the way he lived: Smirking like an asshole.
21 Jul 14:12

Frescura gourmet

by Will Tirando


19 Jul 15:00

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Shame


Of course if someone half your age laughs at you, then it's time to reach for the poison.

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20 Jul 00:42

The moon, dude.

by Ryan
12 Jul 08:49




13 Jul 15:57

Viva Intensamente # 267

by Will Tirando


No episódio anterior

14 Jul 11:10

Mentirinhas #1008

by Fábio Coala


A vida… Essa grande rede social.

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15 Jul 19:59

Vida inteligente

by Will Tirando


17 Jul 16:27

I’d call that a 200% win

I’d call that a 200% win

17 Jul 19:04

Doodle Week #4

by itsthetie

doodleweek4 day1

doodleweek4 day2

doodleweek4 day3

doodleweek4 day4

doodleweek4 day5

doodleweek4 day6

doodleweek4 day7

doodle week4 bonus round

doodleweek4 bonus4

doodleweek4 bonus2

doodleweek4 bonus3

doodleweek4 bonus1

doodleweek4 bonus5

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18 Jul 06:19

P.S. Got up the next day at 11.25am.

P.S. Got up the next day at 11.25am.

01 Jul 13:53

Em dobro

by Will Tirando


01 Jul 20:24

proof positive

by kris


“hey! i skipped ahead to number seven, and it wasn’t you”

“buzzfeed didn’t believe me either”

07 Jul 19:34


by André Farias

Vida de Suporte

A única espuma que vai ter será a de raiva.

Espumante é um post do blog Vida de Suporte.
08 Jul 15:20

O dependente autossuficiente

by Will Tirando


08 Jul 17:18

Pet Store

by dhaldes

Pet Store copy

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10 Jul 18:02


02 Jul 15:07

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - What's really attractive


This comic is a love letter to future me.

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03 Jul 16:01

is childing a thing because I’m making it a thing

is childing a thing because I’m making it a thing

05 Jul 14:15

A família toda

by Will Tirando


05 Jul 17:54

Bot + Bot =

by CommitStrip


04 Jul 07:22

Comic: The Sixth Taste

by (Tycho)


New Comic: The Sixth Taste
04 Jul 12:30

Quem poderá me ajudar (parte 15)

by O Criador

Relembre os outros ‘quem poderá me ajudar’ clicando aqui =D

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05 Jul 11:00

Dona Aranha

by Clara Gomes


05 Jul 11:21

They look harmless

by Cale

They are the most dangerous animal in the world, and they strike when you least expect it.  The hungry hungry hippo is lethal, and children should not be left alone in the room with it.

be vigilant in the wild safari. the hungr hungry hippo waits patiently in the shallows

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01 Jul 02:15


01 Jul 07:41

07/01/16 PHD comic: 'A View of Brexit from Academia'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
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title: "A View of Brexit from Academia" - originally published 7/1/2016

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30 Jun 13:32

GUEST COMIC: Real Treasure." alt="This wonderful guest comic brought to you by" alt="" />