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01 Jul 07:01

Comic: Piquant

by (Tycho)
New Comic: Piquant
01 Jul 07:01

Stairway To Heavy

by Ronnie
01 Jul 15:30

owlturdcomix: I’ve come a long way.image | twitter | facebook


I’ve come a long way.

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30 Jun 19:22

proud graduates

by kris


alternative first two panels: waking up at 1pm, returning to bed at 8pm.

optional: mom glowering from top of stairs

30 Jun 10:43

Sobre o frio

by Fábio Coala


E daí que, às vezes, eu me empolgo. uUÓUM!

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30 Jun 14:00

To Protect and Serve Awards

by Mark


Yuck it’s July already! Ick!

*pinches and punches everything you hold dear*

30 Jun 07:34

Arquivo confidencial

29 Jun 15:32

owlturdcomix: Advanced court tactics.image | twitter | facebook


Advanced court tactics.

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28 Jun 21:30

4gifs: I am the captain meow. [video]


I am the captain meow. [video]

28 Jun 18:27

#LoveWins #RobinLoses

#LoveWins #RobinLoses

28 Jun 23:05

If Jesus was around today

29 Jun 11:00

June 29, 2015

Picture of a willow warbler splashing in a fountain

Put a Wing on It

Photograph by Mohd Khorshid, National Geographic Your Shot

In this picture by Mohd Khorshid, a willow warbler splashes in a pool of water in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait. Willow warblers pass through the country in large numbers during their long seasonal migrations.

This photo was submitted to the 2015 Traveler Photo Contest. Find your best travel photos and join the competition.

28 Jun 09:30

glukkake: asylum-art:DarkAngelØne“Native American digital...




“Native American digital artist, DarkAngelØne, collaborates with photographers to create fantastic gif artwork that transforms original still pictures into moving masterpieces. ”

What’s interesting to note is that the artist claims not to be an artist. Instead, DarkAngelØne writes in his About page that he sees himself “as someone who just likes to play with pictures”. A humble attitude for someone who comes up with the stuff you can see below.

I like the inspirational aspect in this. It opens a window to look out into what modern technology is only just starting to allow us to do with it creatively.

how i wish i could see at all times

25 Jun 20:30


26 Jun 12:10

Mentirinhas #838

by Fábio Coala


Isso quando não vem pra passar o mês.

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22 Jun 23:05

How to go out with a bang!

23 Jun 07:01

Giant Snail Attack!

Giant Snail Attack!
23 Jun 11:13

Mentirinhas #837

by Fábio Coala


Agradeça a Deus, você não imagina o que os bebês coalas comem

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23 Jun 16:18


by André Farias


Vida de Suporte

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23 Jun 20:30


25 Jun 07:23

Jair Avarento

19 Jun 07:30

win some lose some

19 Jun 17:11


19 Jun 18:33


by Reza


22 Jun 08:54

Didn’t lie.

by Ryan
22 Jun 12:48

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Oh no.


Hovertext: It's so nice how all cute life forms are immortal!

New comic!
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19 Jun 00:24

Beauty and the Beast

18 Jun 07:00

The Beginning

by admin

The Beginning

19 Jun 13:52

Cheiro ruim

by André Farias

Vida de Suporte

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19 Jun 07:32

Como dar um nó na cabeça de uma criança