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27 May 16:48

Brasil na Segunda Guerra Mundial

by Will Tirando

22 May 18:44

Comic: S-Tier

by (Tycho)
New Comic: S-Tier
19 May 17:24

Aranha da minha sacada # 8

by Will Tirando

19 May 17:24

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Theodicy


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This will featured in 2025's all-theodicy smbc collection.

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19 May 17:06

Startup Struggles

Startup Struggles

05 Mar 18:10


by Will Tirando

27 Feb 20:08

Viva Intensamente # 433

by Will Tirando

07 Feb 21:53

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Job Interview


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Oddly enough, this comic inspired by TH White's 'The Goshawk,' which I recommend to anyone interested in goshawks.

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05 Feb 20:29

A Dreaming Octopus’s Imagination is Revealed in Her Color-Changing Slumber

by Laura Staugaitis

A recent documentary from PBS includes a fascinating clip of an octopus changing colors while sleeping. The marine biologist involved in Octopus: Making Contact thinks that the sea creature was dreaming about hunting, which sparked the color shift to a camouflaged shade. Dr. David Scheel describes his theory in the documentary:

So here she’s asleep, she sees a crab and her color starts to change a little bit. Then she turns all dark. Octopuses will do that when they leave the bottom. This is a camouflage, like she’s just subdued a crab and now she’s going to sit there and eat it and she doesn’t want anyone to notice her. …This really is fascinating. But yeah, if she’s dreaming that’s the dream.

If you’re wondering how it was possible to document this occurrence, the octopus in question is being kept in captivity and closely studied by Dr. Scheel, an Alaska-based professor.  Stay tuned for the full documentary, which premieres October 2, 2019, on PBS. (via the sleeping octopus’s enthusiastic cousin, Laughing Squid)

25 Nov 19:25

Viva Intensamente # 426

by Will Tirando

31 Oct 22:14

Mentirinhas #1474

by Fábio Coala

O halloween no fundo do mar promete.

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30 Oct 13:14

O Clínico Geral

by Will Tirando

17 Oct 17:37

Tiras Medíocres # 10

by Will Tirando

17 Jun 17:51

Whomp! - As You Dish


New comic!

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28 May 05:27

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28 May 05:25


21 May 18:30

Mundo Avesso – Extintos

by Carlos Ruas

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21 May 17:27

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Daddies


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On the plus side, he never punishes you because the only noticeable way to do that would be to flip your bit to dead.

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21 May 17:22

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Box


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Why do they call them deadlines if they move around all the time?

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At last, you can buy all of Shakespeare's Sonnets, reduced to convenient short stupid couplets:

21 May 17:14

Respect your elders

by Scandinavia and the World
Respect your elders

Respect your elders

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21 May 17:07

O segredo da felicidade

by Will Tirando

20 May 19:27

Enjoy the final episode everyone! I’m sure it will prove…...

Enjoy the final episode everyone! I’m sure it will prove… interesting ;p

22 Apr 19:57

Cientistas nos anos 90 e agora

by O Criador

Um meteoro não cairia (literalmente falando) mal =)
tag: buraco negro

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25 Mar 16:03

Fly on the wall


I wish I were a fly on the wall when my neighbor tries on bathing suits.


Pidjin is now a fly on the wall.

His neighbor is about to try on a new bathing suit.

Close up on Pidjin as a fly.

Fly Vision.

Don't miss our next comic:

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26 Feb 19:41

“Empire” by Artist Rone

by Staff



























Rone’s Website

Rone on Instagram

20 Feb 18:40

Anésia # 433

by Will Tirando

17 Feb 14:54

Adoro açaí

by Will Tirando

11 Feb 19:11

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Ducklings


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Mallards are a natural servant race.

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08 Feb 16:43

I recommend you read Lizardman’s comment with George Takei in...

I recommend you read Lizardman’s comment with George Takei in mind. ;)

01 Feb 18:13

Done is Better Than Perfect (part 2)

by Dorktoes

If I’m being honest I think this whole comic is kind of a mess, but as specified I’ve been known to lose sight of the full picture over a few details that don’t conform to the ideal in my brain. Sayyyy, that sounds conspicuously like the theme of this comic! Was that on purpose???

Anyway. I got that out of my system. I wish I had a more profound ending or solution for you guys struggling with the same thing, but I don’t, since I’m just smack dab in the middle of it. Just try to do things. Every little thing is a thing that you did. And maybe see a mental health professional if it really keeps you from the things you love. <note to self>