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26 Feb 20:07

"That’s enough, tiny kitty."

"That’s enough, tiny kitty."

24 Feb 14:26

by The Awkward Yeti

24 Feb 18:05

by Ryan Selvy

25 Feb 17:31

Masterful Dinosaur and Creature Origami by Adam Tran

by Christopher Jobson







Origami artist and chemistry teacher Adam Tram folds some incredibly beautiful objects with paper. From dinosaurs and skeletons to flowers and warriors, it seems nothing is off limits to his folding abilities. Tram is a member of the Vietnam Origami Group, and you can see many more of his pieces on Flickr.

25 Feb 07:20

Viva Intensamente # 197

25 Feb 18:03

1481 – Deus me salvou!

by Carlos Ruas


25 Feb 21:03

Emotion Books

by Reza


26 Feb 06:08

Comic for February 26, 2015

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26 Feb 13:00

The Eternal Struggle

by Mark


The shaving industry is a scam! If the razor really works, why do we need to keep buying them? Wake up, hairy sheeple!

Also I drew his arm weird! Look at that thing!

26 Feb 07:52


26 Feb 18:49

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

24 Feb 22:36

Love Snake

by Scandinavia and the World
Love Snake

Love Snake

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24 Feb 21:30


25 Feb 08:01

Second-Glass Citizen

by Ronnie
24 Feb 07:59

Responsive Webcomic

by Enzo



Happy 400 strips! Oh, and shiny new website... yes...

In case someone hasn't gotten it yet, follow this handy guide:


24 Feb 13:00


by Mark


23 Feb 19:53

Pretty Different

by Reza


23 Feb 13:34

The reality of Wind Waker

by MercWorks


“Eh, those weren’t my kids anyway”

This just in! If everyone who reads MercWorks pledges just $1 to the Patreon I could upgrade my lunch from very cold soup to fairly lukewarm soup! …And I could have lunch every day! Oh, and for your pledge you’ll get exclusive comics and stuff!

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19 Feb 23:35

Football dog I want him

21 Feb 07:00

gifsboom:Video: Sunbathing Cats Moving with the Sun

16 Feb 18:30

Lifelike Galvanized Wire Animal Sculptures by Kendra Haste

by Christopher Jobson










Working only with layers of painted galvanized wire atop steel armature, UK artist Kendra Haste creates faithful reproductions of creatures large and small for both public installations and private collections around the world. A graduate of the from the Royal College of Art, Haste says she is fascinated by how such a seemingly ordinary medium, chicken wire, is capable of suggesting “the sense of movement and life, of contour and volume, the contrasts of weight and lightness, of solidity and transparency—values that I find in my natural subjects.” She continues about her work with animals:

What interests me most about studying animals is identifying the spirit and character of the individual creatures. I try to create a sense of the living, breathing subject in a static 3D form, attempting to convey the emotional essence without indulging in the sentimental or anthropomorphic.

In 2010, Historic Royal Palaces commissioned Haste to fabricate thirteen sculptures around the Tower of London that will remain on view through 2021. You can see much more in this online gallery, and as part of the Art and the Animal exhibition currently at the Ella Carothers Dunnegan Gallery of Art in Missouri. (thnx, Kat Powers!)

20 Feb 05:19

Have A Safe Flight

by delfrig

Have A Safe Flight

20 Feb 21:30


20 Feb 16:07

Verduras e legumes

22 Feb 05:00

February 22, 2015

22 Feb 00:05

Let's talk about the elephant in the room

23 Feb 06:01

Comic for February 23, 2015

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23 Feb 00:05

The friend zone strip

23 Feb 08:01

Comic: Convenience Itself

by (Tycho)
New Comic: Convenience Itself