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24 Feb 18:28

by Loading Artist

24 Feb 18:28

by Buttersafe

24 Feb 18:26

(via SammyAlbon)

(via SammyAlbon)

24 Feb 18:22

old comic with additional panels ;u

old comic with additional panels ;u

24 Feb 18:22

Teach you…

by Ryan
24 Feb 18:20


by André Farias

Vida de Suporte

Aí já é tortura demais!

Seja um apoiador do Vida de Suporte e entre para o clube! Entre as recompensas está o acesso ao grupo secreto e exclusivo dos “Suportes do Suporte”.

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24 Feb 18:18

Probably just stress.

Probably just stress.

24 Feb 18:17

Mentirinhas #1115

by Fábio Coala


Escola de Samba Unidos da Netflix… 10, nota 10!

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22 Feb 20:42

don’t tell osha

by kris

“move a couple of those leggies outta your eyeline and you’re good to go. hell, it’s breathin for ya, i wish i had one of them. i get winded taking the stairs”

22 Feb 20:19

How to Talk a Friend Through a Problem

by Scott Meyer

This comic reinforces my opinion that I was, in fact, the villain of Basic Instructions. Look at this thing! That poor guy came to me to commiserate about his problems, and I accuse both him and his teenage daughter of having body odor.

 Yeah, Mullet Boss and the angry customer weren’t great either, but for the most part, Basic Instructions was a comic about me behaving selfishly and heaping smug verbal abuse on anyone who stumbled into range. That may be why it always amazed me when a reader would express an interest in actually meeting me.

Note from Missy: On the other hand, having been a teenage girl, I wish all the other teenage girls had been given the gift of a light blue container. :D


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22 Feb 20:16

nedroidcomics: Sock It to Me Website - Patreon


Sock It to Me

Website - Patreon

21 Feb 17:43

by Arcade Rage

21 Feb 17:41

Wrong With Dog

by Reza

21 Feb 17:38


by Enzo

21 Feb 17:33

Toque de Espera

by André Farias

Vida de Suporte

Tem produtos novos na loja! CONFIRA!

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21 Feb 17:31

Bad bunnies

by Cale

I used to love to go to the fair, where on rides the wind would rush through my hair. But then I heard about one case, and it turned to white my entire face. On a chair swing whirling around, high above the grassy ground, people were merry and screaming in play, but something horrible would occur that day. A man's chair cut loose and he went flying, good thing this didn't involve dying. He broke his leg was rushed away, we everyone started at the ride delay. But what was the cause of this horrid event? Well, it was two bad little bunnies nibbling the cord, up there, hell-bent.

Looky there it's the Golden Gate. Metal to chew on with my mate. Let's cause a ruckus here we go, let's break the rebar and make it snow!

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17 Feb 19:23


by (Tycho)
New Comic: GTFOOH
17 Feb 19:22


by admin


16 Feb 20:13

it’s such a …tease

it’s such a …tease

16 Feb 20:06

Mentirinhas #1110

by Fábio Coala


Quando a luz dos olhos meus e a luz dos olhos teus resolvem se encontrar…

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16 Feb 20:05

Fim do mundo? Pfff…

by Will Tirando

15 Feb 19:24

by James Regan

15 Feb 16:12

theodd1sout: Happy Valentine’s Day!  Full image 


Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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15 Feb 16:11

by Adam Ellis

15 Feb 15:59


15 Feb 15:59


by Clara Gomes


15 Feb 15:56

Cães e Gatos – Malhação

by Carlos Ruas

14 Feb 17:06

Quando você é salvo… Ou não.

by Carlos Ruas

14 Feb 17:05

Clowning Around

14 Feb 17:04

Coala gourmet #9

by Fábio Coala


Depois que coloquei uma porta anti-chamas na cozinha a Sra Coala anda mais tranquila.

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