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05 Dec 15:23

by Owlturd

by Owlturd

06 Dec 11:41

Vegano salva lagosta

by O Criador

Gostei da atitude, é muito melhor morrer de forma rápida e alimentar um tubarão do que fervido pra alimentar humanos =D

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06 Dec 14:14

Anésia # 315

by Will Tirando


07 Dec 10:09

Mentirinhas #1075

by Fábio Coala


Ah, Coala, não sei o que é “side quest”! – Se trabalhasse menos e jogasse mais videogame, saberia.

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01 Dec 01:00

forlackofabettercomic:Made by me and my awesome coworker Julia...


Made by me and my awesome coworker Julia Lepetit!

01 Dec 01:13

the thrill of aging

by kris


the kris story

01 Dec 07:30

Mentirinhas #1073

by Fábio Coala


Novos tempos, velho batuta.

Hoje começa a CCXP, vem me ver!

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28 Nov 14:14

What does Alt-Right mean?

28 Nov 14:50

Anésia # 314

by Will Tirando


29 Nov 04:40

Don’t start your D&D session in a tavern unless you’ve got...

Don’t start your D&D session in a tavern unless you’ve got plenty of time.

29 Nov 10:30

What am I doing?

by Cale

Sitting here and typing this out, I'm wondering what my life is about. You see, I studied to be one thing, and I've done it alright. But I'm still not sure if I picked the right fight. I'm thinking of making a change, and doing something new, something novel, and something true. It's just that there's an emptiness in my gut, and I'm not sure if this job'll make the cut. So I decided to quit and find that other path, even under the nose of my wife's probable wrath. But would you believe what I found in the new work? I found others fed up, you could tell by the smirk. So I learned that just as one man's junk is another's treasure, it seems that one man's shitty career is another's pleasure.

Just the other day my friend talked my ear off about how he's not happy. It sounded a bit rough, like an old dead tree that's sappy. He asked himself what the hell he's doing with his life? All that I wondered was whether I'd be lunching with my wife?

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23 Nov 23:26

meat is murder

by kris


and for vegetarians who just hate animals, try our “meatless murder” (field roast, but we also kill a cow elsewhere)

21 Nov 15:26

Anésia # 313

by Will Tirando


22 Nov 03:15

Sir Dragonkill’s parents did not support his gifts.

Sir Dragonkill’s parents did not support his gifts.

19 Nov 07:09

verbalvomits: Thanks, brain.


Thanks, brain.

18 Nov 21:54

Pecado da Mentira

by Will Tirando


– Retirei a ideia da tira de uma dessas revistas “Seleções” que li há muito tempo. Que fique claro isso. Não é legal mentir por meio de uma tira que fala sobre mentira.

21 Nov 03:38

Life of Braveheart

18 Nov 01:57

I think this was funny a year ago

I think this was funny a year ago

18 Nov 08:11

One Hand Job

by delfrig


18 Nov 15:54

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Rubber Duck Method


Someone needs to invent a USB rubber duck that just tells you that you're garbage.

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17 Nov 11:00

Vidas Passadas, Vidas Futuras

by Clara Gomes


14 Nov 20:45

Kevin Finds Drugs

by Reza


12 Nov 17:50

#Art (via timurse)

#Art (via timurse)

12 Nov 15:30


14 Nov 10:10

I love you

by Cale

Star Wars bunnies are in the scene, with Vader and Fett and the carbonite machine. Leia bunny says i love you to Han the bunny cute, and he responds 'I know', improvised during the shoot. Han goes down, steam blasts up, and Chewy bunny groans loudly like an overgrown pup. They brought out Han, now frozen and stiff. Is he alive, asked Vader, taking a whiff. Yes, Lord Vader, said Calrissian's face. He's in perfect hibernation in his sweet chocolate case.

What have you done eating Han bunny chocolate candy, it's not even Easter, not even April is handy. And will you look at that, you nerd big and fat--you're more into Star Trek, and that's a bitter fact.

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11 Nov 04:45

(via lifeincartoon)

11 Nov 06:02

Comic for November 11, 2016

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11 Nov 08:12

Switch upon a Star

They say altering fate comes at an enormous cost...
09 Nov 16:24

Viva Intensamente # 284

by Will Tirando


Clique e veja o clipe da música: aos 2min. 40seg veja o cachorro mais indeciso do mundo!

01 Oct 18:01