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24 Mar 15:17

forcenturies:we’ll meet again in another life


we’ll meet again in another life

25 Mar 20:21

theodd1sout:Memes never die.


Memes never die.

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by Reza


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131 - Outsourcing

Re: Working from home; Cube Drone: What is this, 1992? I can be productive from home without a needless commute. 
Also, think of all of the talent you could miss out on by only hiring locally. 
| Re: Outsourcing; Cube Drone: The communication gap is just too big. You'll never get the software quality that you 
would with local employees. 
| Re: Contradictions; Cube Drone: ...
Hiring employees from Vancouver is good for your business, and hiring employees from anywhere else? Bad for your business.
23 Mar 19:13

Depressed Alien #309

by (Connor Ullmann)
Coming soon!
23 Mar 19:53

A Message

by Reza


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i dunno

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by Lunarbaboon

aghhahahahaha pqp

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - That Thing We Do


New comic!
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Of course, if you were a monocle backer, you'd have seen this EXCLUSIVE RYAN NORTH COMIC already...

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by Huge Cartoons
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how to play soccer

25 Mar 07:01

Disparate Measures

by Ronnie
25 Mar 03:30

Viva Intensamente # 201

29 Dec 09:30

azertip: Oren Haskins

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by tga


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Peaceful peace talks

22 Mar 14:03

the Restaurant

by The Awkward Yeti

the Restaurant

21 Mar 15:03

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Incredible!


New comic!
Today's News:

OH MAN, rapidly closing on 85k, at which point Jeph Jacques will do an exclusive comic on the topic of monocles!

20 Mar 20:41

Authentic Present

by Reza


20 Mar 07:44

Fartura psicológica

19 Mar 19:44

A Softer World: 1215

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not feelin hot

by kris


joke’s on my stomach, i didn’t eat gummi bears! it was a 5-lb bag of sargento’s mexican cheese blend

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Love Potion


pqp, right in the feels.

Love Potion
18 Mar 23:48

taikonaut:humanoidhistory:Fifty years ago today, cosmonaut...



Fifty years ago today, cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made history when he stepped outside the Voshkod 2 spacecraft and became the first person ever to walk in space. As a small step, as a great leap, Leonov’s 12-minute spacewalk was an adventure for the ages — and it almost killed him.

The BBC has the story of how his spacesuit started inflating into a death trap:

At this point the cosmonaut realised something was wrong. The lack of atmospheric pressure in space had slowly caused his spacesuit to inflate like a balloon. He recalls:
"My suit was becoming deformed, my hands had slipped out of the gloves, my feet came out of the boots. The suit felt loose around my body. I had to do something.”
"I couldn’t pull myself back using the cord. And what’s more with this misshapen suit it would be impossible to fit through the airlock."
In five minutes he would be in the Earth’s shadow, and plunged into total darkness. Without telling ground control, the cosmonaut decided to bleed half of the air out of his spacesuit through a valve in its lining. This risked starving his body of oxygen, but if he couldn’t get back inside the capsule, he’d be dead anyway.
Leonov let out a little oxygen at a time to reduce the pressure. But as he did so, he started to feel the first hints of decompression sickness.
“I began to get pins and needles in my legs and hands. I was entering the danger zone, I knew this could be fatal.”
He started coiling the cord in order to haul himself back. When he finally reached the airlock, he pushed the camera in, grabbed the sides and lurched through head first.
The extreme physical exertion had caused his temperature to soar; he was now at risk of heatstroke and sweating uncontrollably. The globules filled his helmet, obscuring his vision.
Leonov was supposed to re-enter the airlock feet first. Getting in the wrong way meant he had to turn himself around in the cramped space to make sure the umbilical cord was inside and the hatch was locked.
He says: “It was the most difficult thing: I’m in this suit and I had to turn around in the airlock. But with the perspiration, I couldn’t see anything.”
"I don’t normally sweat much, but on that day I lost 6kg in weight.”
After curling around in his bulky suit, in such a narrow space, Leonov finally made it back inside the craft.


Jesus Christ that’s most of my phobia list right there.

14 Mar 15:03

Todos os arquivos

by André Farias

Vida de Suporte

Quem já passou por algo parecido levanta o mouse °\0

Todos os arquivos é um post do blog Vida de Suporte.