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15 Nov 22:02

(photo via BeyondMusing)

(photo via BeyondMusing)

17 Nov 00:34

sandandglass: World leaders – including Barack Obama and...


World leaders – including Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin – met for the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. So too did some cats, apparently.


17 Nov 12:41

Anésia # 250

by Will Tirando

ninguém merece Anésia Dolores dia ensolarado amigas banco reclamação

16 Nov 09:00

Our Mission

by Doug

Our Mission

It’s good to have goals.

16 Nov 09:48

Adam 2.0

Adam 2.0
16 Nov 14:43

That’s right, I draw ducks really well. image | twitter |...

That’s right, I draw ducks really well.

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16 Nov 15:53

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - P/R


Hovertext: I mean, maybe a sense of one's place in the universe also leads to happiness, but power is pretty great.

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08 Nov 06:29

Billionaires Pricing Millionaires Out Of San Francisco


Pacific Heights, known for its panoramic views and quaint Victorian houses, is quickly being overrun by Maseratis and massive ultramansions. The neighborhood has historically been a bastion of rich San Franciscans, but is now being increasingly populated by the even ridiculously richer.

Around 2000, the dot-com boom produced a generation of techies who gentrified San Francisco neighborhoods. The dot-com rich, as well as some old-moneyed families from outside the Bay Area, settled predominantly in Pacific Heights. Yet an even more resurgent tech industry in nearby Silicon Valley has produced a new wave of billionaires whose fortunes dwarf those of the mere millionaires before them.

Darius and Nina Ebrahim have been living in the same house on Buchanan street for more than a decade. Both became multimillionaires during the late 1990s: Darius as a venture capitalist, and Nina as a CTO of a startup that made personal websites for pets. They live humbly, with only 3 floors, floor to ceiling windows, and a home theater room. “We bought this place for only $3 million when we moved in,” says Darius. “Just yesterday, we had a real estate agent knock on our door and offer to buy our house for $20 million. That’s almost two-thirds of my net worth!”

Many of the Ebrahim’s neighbors have taken the offers of real estate agents looking to flip mansions to noveau tech rich. They’ve used the extra money to pay for a new Tesla, to fund their children’s private school tuition, and to hire a full-time butler in addition to their full-time nannies, cooking staff, doctors, and drivers. The Ebrahims used to be able to sit outside with their neighbors on a Sunday afternoon, drink mimosas, and smoke Cuban cigars lit with hundred-dollar bills. Now, many of their new neighbors are reclusive, sometimes living in their new properties for a few months out of the year and spending the rest of their time rotating between Shanghai, London, and New York.

“Recently, we’ve been harassed by a Facebook billionaire who wants to tear our mansion down and replace it with an indoor swimming pool extension to her supermansion next door,” says Nina. “Why can’t she just buy a vacation home in the Bahamas and put a swimming pool there like we do?”

The Ebrahims say that they barely recognize the neighborhood anymore. The 1-star Michelin restaurant around the corner, where the Ebrahims used to eat at every day, was forced out of business by ever increasing rent. It has since been replaced by a 3-star Michelin restaurant that they can barely get a table at. “The maître d’ will only seat you if you show proof of ownership of at least two senators,” says Darius.

Walk from Green Street to California Street, and it’s easy to see how the quaintly wealthy neighborhood is rapidly transforming into a glitzy haven for the ultrarich. A local Barney’s closed down, and in its place is a showroom for Gulfstream private jets. The Porsches and Mercedes in the neighborhood have been replaced by Ferraris and Maseratis that speed recklessly through the streets, driven by owners who can more than afford to pay for a speeding ticket.

Mr. and Mrs. Ebrahim initially wanted to stay in Pacific Heights, but they’ve started to reconsider as they’ve watched their neighborhood undergo its radical transformation. They say they might take that Facebook billionaire up on her offer, and they’re thinking of moving to a more “up and coming neighborhood” like the Mission.

13 Nov 18:11

(via Andy H.)

(via Andy H.)

12 Nov 18:20

Pay to pitch to randoms, the next big idea!

by CommitStrip

14 Nov 15:33

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - A New Discovery


Hovertext: Actually, you don't collapse anything. You just observe one of a multitude of flavorverses.

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12 Nov 19:00

batsvsupes: bombed



11 Nov 00:00

Linguistics Club

If that's too easy, you could try joining Tautology Club, which meets on the date of the Tautology Club meeting.
10 Nov 22:12

Nocturnal Ideas

by boulet

11 Nov 08:43

Comic for November 11, 2015

by Scott Adams
Two Choices For A Project - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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by Raphael Salimena

11 Nov 16:37

Bond, James Bond

by Wes


12 Nov 12:55

Série de zumbis

by Will Tirando

zumbis série TV televisão the walking dead câmeras cinegrafistas

09 Nov 22:12

magictransistor: Hiroshi Yoshida


Hiroshi Yoshida

10 Nov 15:02

Blank Page Variations

by Grant

Posters are available at my shop.
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09 Nov 11:14

1583 – Enquanto isso, no ENEM

by Carlos Ruas


07 Nov 05:20

4gifs: Wagging intensifies. [video]


Wagging intensifies. [video]

09 Nov 15:05

Coisa de virgem

by Raphael Salimena

09 Nov 13:55

Do one thing well. image | twitter | facebook | patreon

Do one thing well.

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by Reza


09 Nov 22:40

Color Ballpoint Pen Drawings by Nicolas V. Sanchez

by Christopher Jobson


Artist Nicolas V. Sanchez fills entire sketchbooks with drawings of the world around him rendered in precise color ballpoint. Portraits of families page by page, sprawling scenes of rugged farms and livestock, and near photographic recollections of people and places from residencies in the Dominican Republic and China. Sanchez often explores the roots of his own identity, delving into a bi-cultural upbringing that spans from the American midwest to his family’s rural history in Mexico.

In addition to his exacting pen work, Sanchez is also a painter and works in a distinct style that’s quite different from his ballpoint pen sketches. The sketchbooks help him work through ideas to determine if they eventually meant for a larger canvas, or if they’re meant to exist only in the pages of a book.

Filmmaker Jesse Brass recently sat down to talk with Sanchez in his New York studio for this interview entitled Resolve.











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