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16 Jul 11:12

The Best Post On Tumblr

by nickdivers

The Best Post On Tumblr

16 Jun 08:21


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

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23 Dec 04:54


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

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16 Dec 22:48

Linked: NROL-39 Logo

by Armin

NROL-39 Logo
Subtle: The logo for the latest spy rocket launched by the Office of National Intelligence and the National Reconnaissance Office. (Photo by Trevor Paglen). Many thanks to our ADVx3 Partners
27 Nov 09:41

(44) Tumblr

by ladybird13
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by nickdivers

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by nickdivers

11 Nov 21:43

Jenga House

by Alex Santoso

Perhaps this isn't exactly the right image that comes to mind when you think about Japan, which is also known as the land of earthquakes, but somehow the Jenga House makes it work.

Acclaimed architect Sou Fujimoto (who also designed the Itabu see-through glass box toilet we've featured recently) designed this 2008 Final Wooden House AKA the Jenga House in Kumakura village, Japan.

You can clearly see where it got its moniker: the Jenga House is built like a giant Jenga tower - with large cedar beams protruding here and there - but there is an actual logic to the way it's made. Find out how over at our new home design blog Homes & Hues: Jenga House.

Photo: Iwan Baan

More Dream Homes Tour on Homes & Hues:

The Chatsworth House: A Hollywood Classics-Inspired Modern Home Lilyfield Warehouse by Virginia Kerridge Little (Concrete) House on the Prairie PPDG Penthouse by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos
08 Nov 05:09

Who Will Win This Strange Match?

by Alex Santoso

Via This is The Internet

Okay, okay. First, I apologize for the NSWF typo in the text, but it's just too funny not to post.

Notice that it's "48-in-1" DVD. What does that even mean? There are 48 movies in that disc? (the one below it is even more impressive - 60-in-1!) Why, that's even MORE remarkable than the match between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sean Connery.

So, who do you think will win? My money is on Sean Connery, because didn't he already take on the Rock and win?

01 Nov 01:55

Dinosaurs Made From Jack-O-Lanterns

by Jill Harness

We've seen plenty of elaborately carved pumpkins before, but never a set of pumpkins that make up one image so large -or so delightfully geeky as a dinosaur skeletion. It's like a Halloween version of a natural history museum.

These cool dino creations were featured at the Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze in New York this year. While they apparently always have some dinosaurs, there were more than ever this year in all shapes and sizes. 

The event features over 5,000 pumpkin carvings including a tunnel o' pumpkin love and jack-in-the-boxes that actually pop out real pumpkins.

Via Geekologie

01 Nov 01:54

Sriracha Fumes Grip Town

by Miss Cellania

Huy Fong Foods began production of their Sriracha sauce last year in a new 655,000-square-foot factory in Irwindale, California. The company had previously made Sriracha in smaller facilities in Rosemead. The company processes a year's worth of chili between September and December. But the chili-processing season is proving to be too much for some residents of Irwindale.

…residents are complaining of burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches caused by a powerful, painful odor that the city says appears to be emanating from the factory during production. The smell is so aggressive that one family was forced to move a birthday party indoors after the spicy odor descended on the festivities, said Irwindale City Atty. Fred Galante.

The city of Irwindale filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday, claiming that the odor was a public nuisance and asking a judge to stop production until the smell can be reduced.

Galante said the court action is necessary because Huy Fong representatives, after cooperating in the beginning, now deny there is a problem. After all, their employees worked closely with the chili and reported no problems. But about 30 Irwindale residents have filed complaints with the city, which wants the factory to come up with a plan to mitigate the odors. A judge is expected to rule on the matter Thursday.  -via Daily of the Day 

(Image credit: Flickr user Memphis CVB)

28 Oct 02:32

Man Went Back Into Burning House to Save His Beer

by Alex Santoso

Sure you love beer, but do you love it enough to, say, run into a burning house to save some?

Meet Walter Serpit, world's biggest beer lover, as reported by WTVM9 in Columbus, Georgia:

Six adults and two young children were inside watching television when the room began filling with smoke. After the children were rescued and everyone made it outside safely, a man who walks with a cane went back in the burning house to retrieve something he left behind.

"I told them to get the kids out and everything, and me myself, being an alcoholic, I was trying to get my beer out," said Walter Serpit, "I went back into the house like a dummy and the door shut on me because this back draft was about to kill me."

Serpit managed to save several cans of beer and he escaped the home without getting burned.

I think I know how he celebrated his survival. Read the whole story (with video clip) over at WTVM - via Arbroath

25 Oct 04:49

Owl on Cauldron Midnight Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

by Tiffany

Owl on Cauldron Midnight Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers

Guess whoo's coming to dinner? Invite the Owl on a Cauldron Salt & Pepper Shaker set into your home. This festive salt and pepper shaker features an owl perched on top of a cauldron. It is a wise way to spice up your table for Halloween

Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Salt & Pepper Shakers


23 Oct 07:01



23 Oct 06:57

A machine making a chain (animated gif)

by Mark Frauenfelder

This animated gif of a chain-making machine is mesmerizing.

(Via Rafael R.)


23 Oct 06:50

cicadinae: breelandwalker: snkfan: myallyistheforce: Cats do...





Cats do this because its a hunting instinct to snap the neck of their prey.

*the more you know*

It’s a murderer instinct but holy shit it’s so cute.

Fun Fact: The little shaking move they do when they pick up toys in their mouths is the one for snapping necks.

This one’s actually for disemboweling. And it’s adorable.

The cutest murder machines ever.

23 Oct 06:49


23 Oct 06:49

Beetles: the soft parade

The soft parade of the beetles
The fall Abbey road
The vagone is near
[Matsuo Bashō (?)]
09 Oct 01:19

did you try turning it off then on again

by nickdivers

did you try turning it off then on again

06 Oct 07:14


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26 Sep 06:36

joqatanarama: fire-kissed: fire-kissed: adriofthedead: fairy-...

25 Sep 07:22

The First And True Language Of America

by Not Always Right
Grocery Store | Santa Fe, NM, USA

(I’m waiting in line behind a woman speaking on her cellphone in another language. Ahead of her is a white man. After the woman hangs up, he speaks up.)

Man: “I didn’t want to say anything while you were on the phone, but you’re in America now. You need to speak English.”

Woman: “Excuse me?”

Man: *very slow* “If you want to speak Mexican, go back to Mexico. In America, we speak English.”

Woman: “Sir, I was speaking Navajo. If you want to speak English, go back to England.”

25 Sep 01:41

Don't Mess with Samurai Monkey

by Alex Santoso

Actually, samurai monkey is part of Los Angeles-based photographer Hiroshi Watanabe's latest art series, titled Suo Sarumawashi, center around the ancient Japanese artform of Sarumawashi or Monkey Dancing.

Sarumawashi, as explained by the Kopeikin Gallery which is hosting Watanabe's exhibition, is a 1,000-year-old Japanese tradition that started as a religious ritual to protect the horses of warriors. The acrobatic stunts, dances, and comedic skits performed by trained macaque monkeys later developed into festival and imperial court entertainment, alongside Noh and Kabuki, as well as street performance.

Despite its popularity, sarumawashi almost became extinct in the 1970s. The urbanization of Japan and the rise of automobiles on Japan's crowded streets had sidelined sarumawashi, until a group of Japanese artists founded an organization dedicated to preserving the artform. Today, the group regularly tours Japan to perform.

In this interview with Lenscratch, Watanabe explained how he was fascinated by the range of emotions expressed by animals during a recent visit to the zoo, which reminded him of his childhood experience watching the street performance of sarumawashi in Japan. He wrote to the Suo Sarumawashi Association and asked them for permission to photograph the monkeys:

For the camera, the monkeys stood up straight and struck the poses for the plays over and over. But after a while, they started to fall back to their own inner-self, revealing their true personalities, but it only lasted until the trainers said something, and the monkeys immediately corrected the posture.

There’s always one trainer to one monkey. In other words, they work as a couple and trainers do not handle more than one monkey at any given time. They spend many hours practicing and appear on the stage together every day. This one to one relationship last until the day when the monkey retires (monkeys retire after several years of performing and afterwards live and are taken care of among other monkeys till natural death). They rely on each other and their bondage must be strong.

Take a look at more of Watanabe's fascinating photographs of Japan's dancing monkeys over at Kopeikin Gallery. (All photoraphs: Hiroshi Watanabe)

25 Sep 01:37

Dr. Seuss Dinosaur Toys

by John Farrier

Whether you're a plain Sneetchiraptor or a Star-Bellied Sneetchiraptor, you'll love these dinosaur toys! Sillof, a brilliant custom toymaker whose work we've featured extensively, made them for a dinosaur-themed Best Western hotel in Colorado. You can view more photos of them at the link.

Link -via Super Punch

P.S. If you like Sillof's work, be sure to check out our interview with him.

23 Sep 13:28

A Lot of Work Went into These Vines

gif mind blown vine funny

Submitted by: Unknown

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16 Sep 23:03

39 Awesomely Different Pumpkin Ideas

by Jill Harness

Sure, traditional carvings are fun and all, but if you're looking to do something different with your pumpkin this year, don't miss this great BuzzFeed article filled with all kinds of unique pumpkin decor ideas. I'm a particularly big fan of these cool embroidered pumpkins by Blog A La Cart.


12 Sep 23:17

Just a Turtle Wearing a Raspberry, No Big Deal

by Jill Harness

This could be the worst evolutionary strategy ever -replacing a hard shell with a delicious, soft fruit. Of course, it's possible that this is secretly a brilliant strategy -make yourself too adorable to resist.


12 Sep 00:10

T-Shirt Size Distribution at a Computer Science Conference

by Alex Santoso

Twitter user @kapravel tweeted this photo showing a vastly different T-shirt size distribution at a computer science conference for the Linux operating system.

We see similar shift in the sales of various T-shirt sizes on the NeatoShop, and a friend of mine whose job is in retail distribution confirmed that some chain stores in the midwest had simply stopped ordering "Small" shirts (not even for children's shirts)

What T-shirt size do you wear?

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