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23 Aug 08:00


by Alex Santoso

Bob Ross doesn't make mistakes, only happy accidents. But once someone told him that his painting is blasphemy. It is a mistake. To which he replied, "Mistake?" THIS IS PAINTING!!!!

20 Sep 19:00

A Lot of Work Went into These Vines

A Lot of Work Went into These Vines

Submitted by: Unknown

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21 Jun 01:00

Street Art: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

by John Farrier


This funny piece of street art in Prague shows a man who either chose the wrong place to take a nap or suffered a terrible teleporation accident. The artist, Fra.Biancoshock, describes himself as "just a person who wants to communicate with us, so he decided to do so in the least conventional way possible."

Artist's Website -via Lustik

04 May 15:48

The Beatles play Death Metal

by Jonco

Vocals by Bördi

Thanks Greg B