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07 May 07:22

Sheep farming in the hill country of New Zealand

by (Minnesotastan)

I suppose some farmers have tried using drones not just for photography, but for the herding as well.  I hope drones never replace the dogs.
05 May 13:44

Hotel-Restaurant Belvédère

by (Minnesotastan)

Located "am Furkapass im Wallis, Schweiz auf 2'300 m.ü.M."   Visible in the background of the James Bond movie Goldfinger.
Truthfully, no one really knows for sure how and why it was built [in 1882]. What’s well established is that it was built right after the mountain pass was completed, probably as a lounge for people who wished to escape and enjoy the silence, or attend one of the many lavish parties held inside. So this might answer the question as to why it was built. Or maybe it was meant to be a resting place for the mountain workers, but, in no time, the charming location and what it offers in terms of isolation and excellence inspired the elite to climb the scenic road.

And then there is the Rhône glacier right next to it. Only 200 steps away, it offers a spectacular close-up view of an icy scenery like no other place on Earth. The Belvédère Hotel is raised on a rock, practically over the glacier, so the view is available right from the hotel’s balconies while guests are slurping their morning coffees. Not only that but from the 1890s onward, an ice chamber inside the glacier has been carved out, re-drilled and maintained as a walkable tunnel.   (much more info at the link)
Drone video here.

Webpage with some interesting photos (click the "Galleries" top photo on the right, then the arrows).  Satellite view and reverse view explain parking.

Global warming has caused the glacier to retreat, and a tunnel has bypassed this series of S-curves, so the hotel is closed until further notice.
05 May 13:40

Video Of A New Fancy-Dancing Bird Of Paradise With Iridescent Plumage Caught Trying To Impress A Lady

This is a video of a newly recognized species of bird-of-paradise (the Vogelkop Superb bird-of-paradise) from Papua, New Guinea trying to impress a lady with a fancy dance and his iridescent plumage. Admittedly, those were some solid dance moves. The female is not impressed though and flies off. I can't say I blame her, the iridescent plumage on his face makes him look like some sort of creepy phantom bird. And who wants to raise a family with a ghost bird? Why are you raising your hand? Keep going for the video.
05 May 13:39

Shhhh...She's Sleeping

05 May 13:39


Cheezburger Image 9154647808

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05 May 13:38

A Little Bear’s First Climbing Lesson

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05 May 13:38

You Better Watch Out

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05 May 13:37

TFW when your outfit perfectly matches land, sea, and sky

by Jason Kottke

August Ostberg

I know many photographers have taken similar photos, but August Östberg’s Lover in Disguise is a particularly good instance of fashion camouflage.

See also people who dress like their surroundings and Dressed to Match.

Tags: August Ostberg   photography
05 May 13:36

Four seasons in the life of a Finnish island

by Jason Kottke

Jani Ylinampa Kotisaari

Nestled amongst hundreds of stunning shots of the aurora borealis taken by Finnish photographer Jani Ylinampa is a series of four photos of Kotisaari, showing the island from a drone’s point of view for each of the four seasons (clockwise from upper left): spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

But seriously, go check out Ylinampa’s Instagram account…it’s packed with aurora borealis photos. What a magical place to live, where the sky lights up like that all the time.

Tags: Jani Ylinampa   photography
05 May 12:17


by André Farias

Vida de Suporte - Educação


Suporte: Como assim você não quer mais ir à escola?! Se não estudar como vai escrever sem erros?
Garotinho: Corretor ortográfico.
Suporte: Tá… mas quando você precisar resolver uma operação matemática, como irá fazer?
Garotinho: Com a calculadora. Conhece?
Suporte: E onde você espera ganhar dinheiro sendo um completo ignorante?
Garotinho: YouTube.

Futuro sucesso no YouTube.

Educação é um post do blog Vida de Suporte.
05 May 12:15

innovation risk

by tomfishburne

Glass Half Full

New ideas inherently carry risk. And there’s often friction between the risk profiles of our ideas and the risk tolerances of our organization. How we navigate and manage that friction impacts what, if anything, makes it through the gauntlet of the innovation process.

Risk tolerance can vary across different parts of the business. Ultimately we need all of these different points of view to sense-check ideas as we collectively bring them to life. All of those different perspectives can make an idea stronger. But silo-thinking often gets in the way.

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"If marketing kept a diary, this would be it."
- Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs
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Years ago, I saw innovation legend Doug Hall lead a workshop on managing risks. He had a few words of advice that stuck with me:

“Meaningfully unique ideas spark fear. Fear causes shut down. The secret to reducing fear is to make the unknown known. We need to turn killer issues into manageable threats”

Here are a few related ideas that I’ve drawn over the years.

Compromise with Legal” June 2011

Safe is Risky” July 2014

Lifecycle of Innovation” November 2002

(Thanks to my old colleague Jon Overlie who first inspired a glass half full cartoon idea years ago).

05 May 12:14

Que loucura é o dinheiro

by Will Tirando

05 May 12:10

Guerra Infinita se torna a maior abertura em todos os tempos e da sequência a uma brincadeira que começou há 40 anos

by Luide

Com US$ 258 milhões, Vingadores: Guerra Infinita se tornou a maior abertura em todos os tempos nos EUA. O filme tirou Star Wars: O Despertar da Força do topo e já em seu primeiro fim de semana arrecadou impressionantes US$ 640 milhões. Com isso uma velha tradição de Hollywood aconteceu novamente e tudo começou em 1977.

Era dezembro daquele ano e Star Wars: Uma Nova Esperança tirou Tubarão do topo das bilheterias. Steven Spielberg e George Lucas eram velhos amigos, e Spielberg resolveu parabenizar Lucas pelo feito com uma mensagem.

Não demorou muito e em 1982 E.T. – O Extraterrestre quebrou o recorde de Star Wars, aí foi a vez de George Lucas retribuir a gentiliza.

Só em 1997 o recorde foi batido novamente com… adivinha só? Star Wars e seu relançamento nos cinemas. Mais uma vez os Reis do Box Office trocaram parabenizações.

A farra dos amigos acabou em 1999 quando Titanic chegou arregaçando com tudo. James Cameron não estava muito ligado na brincadeira, mas Lucas fez questão de seguir com o combinado.

Só que o otário do James Cameron quase deixou a brincadeira morrer em 2012, quando Os Vingadores ultrapassou a bilheteria doméstica de Titanic no primeiro fim de semana. O tempo passou e a cultura pop sofreu calada, até que em 2015 Jurassic World destronou Vingadores. A Marvel fez questão de parabenizar:

Só que os dinossauros não ficaram muito tempo no topo até que em dezembro do mesmo ano, O Despertar da Força deu novamente a um filme de Star Wars o posto de maior abertura em todos os tempos.

Abril de 2018 e o recorde foi quebrado, mas agora estamos todos em casa sob as asas da Disney. Sendo assim, é óbvio que a brincadeira não vai acabar.

E segue o jogo. Quem vai tirar Thanos do topo das bilheterias?

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05 May 12:07


05 May 12:06

Dressing up for Success [Comic]

by Geeks are Sexy
05 May 12:04

Look, Human

Cheezburger Image 9158560512

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05 May 12:04

NASA hopes to launch its next big Mars lander, InSight, tomorrow!

by Phil Plait

NASA is ready to launch its next big mission to the Red Planet: Mars InSight!

First, about the launch. It's scheduled for tomorrow, Saturday, May 5, 2018, at 11:05 UTC. That’s 04:05 Pacific time, yes, a.m., so if you want to see it you'll have to be up early. In an unusual move, the launch will be from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Normally, interplanetary missions are launched from Florida, but due to some peculiar circumstances the site was moved to California. It takes more power to launch to Mars from California, but happily the rocket, an Atlas V, has that to spare.

This will be the first interplanetary mission ever launched from Vandenberg. If you live in the Southern California area, NASA has info on how to watch the launch with your own eyeballs. If you don't live near there, never fear: It'll be live-streamed.

You should be aware that the weather as of now isn't looking great for launch; early fog reduces visibility. However, the launch window extends to June 8, with an opportunity every day (though the time of day varies a bit). Hopefully they can get this candle lit earlier rather than later.

Once launched, InSight will travel for about six months to get to Mars, and is scheduled to set down on the surface on November 26, assuming it launches tomorrow. It's a lander — the first NASA mission to Mars since MAVEN, and the first planned to touch down since Curiosity — and will be looking into marquakes.

The Mars lander InSight will sit on the surface and measure marsquakes, heat transport, and the planet’s wobble, all to help us understand the internal structure of the Red Planet. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Zoom In

The Mars lander InSight will sit on the surface and measure marsquakes, heat transport, and the planet’s wobble, all to help us understand the internal structure of the Red Planet. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Yes, you read that right. InSight stands for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport. It has very sensitive seismometers on it (called SEIS, for Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure), designed to investigate seismic activity on Mars. This is critical to understand the planet's interior. In fact, it's how we've learned so much about our own planet's innards! As waves travel through the interior, they move through different material and can be changed (for example, some kinds of waves can't travel through liquids, which is how we found out part of Earth's core is molten iron), revealing Mars' structure. It'll also detect meteorite impacts! That's pretty nifty.

One of the scientists on the team that built the seismometers wrote an article about them that's fun to read; he talks about some issues they had just a few weeks ago that threatened the launch! It was resolved, but what was causing it is why the article is cool. Go check it out.

Mars InSight is equipped with a fleet of instruments to probe the planet’s interior. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Zoom In

Mars InSight is equipped with a fleet of instruments to probe the planet’s interior. The complete description is at the credit link. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

InSight is also equipped with a heat probe (Heat Flow and Physical Properties Probe, or HP3) that will penetrate the surface to see how heat flows up from the interior. This is an ambitious experiment; the probe is supposed to hammer itself an amazing 5 meters down into the Martian surface, far more than has even been attempted or achieved before.

Very interestingly to me, a set of radio antennae (Rotation and Interior Structure Experiment, or RISE) will measure the planet’s wobble. Have you ever watched a top spinning on a flat surface? The axis of rotation of the top will make a circle in a process called precession. This is due to friction with the table applying an off-center force (called torque) to the top. Other forces can cause the precession itself to wobble as well, and this is called nutation.

How a spinning object precesses and nutates depends on the forces acting on it, and the structure of the object. The forces in this case are mostly from the gravity of the Sun and Jupiter. As Mars wobbles, the rotation rate is affected very, very slightly. This can be measured with extreme accuracy, though, by sending radio signals to Mars and having them reflected back using radio antennae. Doing this with previous missions like Viking and Pathfinder revealed that Mars does precess, gave hints that Mars is differentiated — that is, has different layers of materials in it — and even gave an estimate of the size of its core.

With InSight, planetary scientists hope to nail that down much better, and also determine whether the core of Mars is liquid or solid. I think it’s interesting that we don't know that yet! Hopefully, in just a year or so, we'll find out.

But first things first. The mission has to get off the ground. I'll note that launch of Mars InSight was originally supposed to be in 2016! It was delayed when leaks were found too close to the launch date, and the mission had to be pulled back. The problems were fixed, but orbital mechanics — the relative positions of Mars and Earth — dictated that the next launch window would be 26 months later, so here we are.

Let's hope everything goes nominally (NASAese for "no problems") and we see the roar of the Atlas flinging this mission skyward!

05 May 11:58


"Ugh, TMI." "Yeah, that's some tantalizing meat info."
22 Apr 20:10

O ângulo da foto faz toda a diferença

by ONEberto


O que acontece quando você inverte o ângulo da foto? Resposta: cria-se uma nova foto com uma perspectiva completamente diferente. Muito legal!





















22 Apr 20:07

Se você é perfeccionista, então vai adorar este post! (Parte 5)

by ONEberto


Sabe aquelas pessoas que se sentem muito felizes quando veem objetos em situações visualmente agradáveis? Se você é uma delas, então vai adorar estas imagens.























22 Apr 20:06

Futebol dos pensadores

by Carlos Ruas

Tirinha desenvolvida pela equipe do @piadasnerds e desenhada por mim.

O post Futebol dos pensadores apareceu primeiro em Um Sábado Qualquer.

22 Apr 20:05

If the Marvel Cinematic Universe Was Made in the 90s

by Geeks are Sexy

A fan made this cast poster for Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War if it would have been released in the 90s.

[Source: Bochi-Bochi on FB]

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21 Feb 00:48

o ai aaa oa ueui

by Mark Liberman

As ktschwarz pointed out in the comments on yesterday's post "Easy going crazy", Google Translate is disposed to recognize text consisting only of vowels and spaces as Hawaiian, and to hallucinate a coherent if sometimes chilling translation into English.

In order to exercise this option more fully, I wrote and tested a simple R script to generate random messages of this type:

 N = 150
 Letters = c("a","e","i","o","u"," ")

So for example:

Or again:

One more time:

OK, I can't resist:

This is addicting, but I can stop any time I want to:


iua eo eio oea iiaeaaou eeue uoauoi o oaaoaooioeouaiu oeuaiui aaiao oii eao aaaa u aaiuoiaiueeooaaoo euuue oeoaaeoeaoaoeoeouaio i o auoi ueeouei iaei

you are not sure that you have to keep your eyebrows and you will be able to make sure that you have the right to make a difference

Some useful advice:

aiauee uiiu ouio ea ao eueaiueoieui i eaoeoi e uoioooaaeoeiua iuo ui ioeuui aaio oiaeauau eii eoio iiioee oui oueoaueuaaiuu uee e oiiae ia uu eao

let's see you while you are here to go to your friends and keep them in touch with you here and then you will be able to keep your eye on it.

One step too far?:

aoeeaao aai ooo oooaoooaueaueeeuaeee oieiaa iiuuoi oaeaae u o ou aoeaaaaoo uueuiaeoooauaia auouuoi o o uu a eu eiaaoouaaoeeeiuuo a iaiue ioaiia u

noisy noo noo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo nooo noo

OK, I can take a hint — I'll stop there… Except that if I change the last letter of the first "word" to 'i':

aoeeaai aai ooo oooaoooaueaueeeuaeee oieiaa iiuuoi oaeaae u o ou aoeaaaaoo uueuiaeoooauaia auouuoi o o uu a eu eiaaoouaaoeeeiuuo a iaiue ioaiia u

how many times are you looking for your friends and your friends and your friends and your friends and your friends and your loved ones?

Or to 'e':

aoeeaae aai ooo oooaoooaueaueeeuaeee oieiaa iiuuoi oaeaae u o ou aoeaaaaoo uueuiaeoooauaia auouuoi o o uu a eu eiaaoouaaoeeeiuuo a iaiue ioaiia u

recreational and productive products and services of minerals and minerals of minerals and minerals in minerals and minerals

There are some interesting results with shorter inputs:

 aoeeaaa aai  summer meal
 aoeeaae aai  air conditioning
 aoeeaai aai  number of cities
 aoeeaao aai  breakfast
 aoeeaau aai  lunch
aoeeaam aai the temperature
aoeeaan aai last year
aoeeaav aai tourism


21 Feb 00:43

ultrafacts: Source: [x] Follow Ultrafacts for more facts!

18 Feb 12:29

Fotos interessantes e as histórias por trás delas (Parte 119)

by ONEberto


Confira outra sequência de fotos interessantes e suas histórias.


Essa é a bolinha que fica dentro de uma lata de spray


E essa é uma bola de golfe cortada no meio



O maior navio cargueiro do mundo: Maersk Triple E



O interior de uma mesa de bilhar




Cactus cortado



Muita gente sempre quis saber o que está por baixo dos pêlos de um Furby… taí



Interior de uma granada



Há 10 anos, a versão do Facebook para celular era assim



Isso é o que está por baixo de um hidrante




O interior de um cartão de crédito



Isqueiro Zippo cortado no meio



Se você já se perguntou como é o interior de um pneu, está aí




E aqui você confere um tanque de combustível pronto para ser instalado embaixo de um posto de combustíveis


Uma cobra rei tentou matar uma python. Ambas morreram



Este é um sistema nervoso humano intacto que foi dissecado por dois estudantes de medicina em 1925. Levou mais de 1500 horas e existem apenas 4 destes no mundo






Novas fotos da NASA mostram que Marte parece muito com nosso lar


18 Feb 12:11

Fotos interessantes e as histórias por trás delas (Parte 118)

by ONEberto

Confira outra sequência de fotos interessantes e suas histórias.


O esqueleto de uma tartaruga


Esta é uma foto que a NASA tirou de um ônibus espacial saindo da nossa atmosfera


O interior de um violão



Tijolos sendo colocados numa rua na Holanda




O lado oposto de uma planta



O outro lado de um teatro



Vasos sanguíneos de uma mão



Como parece um navio moderno sem água ao redor



Baleia azul




Um embrião humano precoce na ponta de uma agulha



Este é o topo do Everest



Scanner tomografia computadorizada sem a cobertura



Globo ocular após transplante de córnea



É assim que instalam grandes torres de linhas de energia elétrica




Uma bateria de 9 volts nada mais é do que 6 pilhas AAA juntas



O interior de uma bola de boliche



É assim que geralmente ficam as pernas de um ciclista depois do Tour de France


18 Feb 12:07

NET bloqueou acesso ao Pastebin no Brasil

by Felipe Payão
O Pastebin é um dos serviços de postagem mais usados por estudantes, profissionais de TI e hackativistas pelo mundo

A operadora NET bloqueou o acesso ao Pastebin para usuários de seus planos, segundo uma postagem no Reddit. Usuários vêm reclamando para a operadora desde quinta-feira passada (8) que o serviço de colagem de código fonte não está acessível. Hoje (15), a conexão parece que foi reestabelecida pela NET.

É impossível alegar falha por parte da CloudFlare ou interrupções de roteamento criada por terceiros já que há rota para todos os demais IPs

Leia mais...

18 Feb 12:03

etosaurus: #what is this It’s a diplocaulus–but since that...


#what is this

It’s a diplocaulus–but since that amphibian has been extinct for millions of years, it’s actually a hyperrealistic sculpture by Goro Furuta (source)!

18 Feb 12:03

Jogador Nº 1: novo trailer do longa futurista de Steven Spielberg

by Guilherme Haas

Should have been a Netflix series, but ok

O filme é baseado no best-seller de Ernest Cline e se passa em 2044

A Warner Bros. Pictures divulgou um novo trailer do filme Ready Player One (Jogador Nº 1), adaptação de Steven Spielberg para o best-seller de Ernest Cline.

A história do longa se passa no ano de 2044, em uma sociedade à beira do colapso quando as pessoas passam a se refugiar em uma realidade virtual chamada Oasis.

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18 Feb 11:55

Switch no Brasil? Console é homologado pela Anatel

by Felipe Gugelmin
Requerente é a mesma empresa responsável pela suposta loja oficial da empresa no Mercado Livre

Parece cada vez mais próximo o lançamento oficial do Switch no Brasil: embora a Nintendo não confirme que está voltando ao país, o console híbrido já recebeu a homologação da Anatel, conforme descobriu o canal DigPlay. Emitidos no dia 8 de fevereiro, os documentos se referem tanto à plataforma de mesa quanto aos controles conhecidos como Joy-Cons.


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