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03 Mar 16:36

10 more optical illusions better than The Dress

by Mark Frauenfelder

Pull out your eyedropper tool -- the brown square on the top of the cube is the same as the orange square on the front. (more…)

02 Mar 18:00

malformalady:Every few years in the badlands of Utah, a rare...


Every few years in the badlands of Utah, a rare occurrence happens, under just the right conditions, turning the landscape into a colored carpet of scorpionweed and beeplant. 

Photo credit: Guy Tal

03 Mar 06:11

Tuesday, March 3 @ 6:11:14 am

by Soze
26 Jan 08:57

Portifólio: Gabriel Loques

by Marcus Ferreira
Gabriel Loques é um concept artista e artista 3D residente em Londres. Suas habilidades incluem ilustrações em 2D, render, still, textura e animações tridimensionais. Conheça um pouco do seu trabalho.

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03 Mar 15:54

What Would Minecraft 2 Look Like Under Microsoft?

by timothy
An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft spent billions purchasing Mojang, the studio behind the game Minecraft, and while it's unlikely to start work on a sequel anytime soon, rather than continue development of the game, it's worth considering what a Minecraft 2 will look like. After all, as a public company with revenues to justify, it doesn't seem beyond unreasonable a few years down the line, especially since a Minecraft-like game was one of the stand-out tech demos shown for the software giant's HoloLens augmented reality headset. As the author points out, Microsoft will have to tread carefully, tackling issues like whether greater graphical fidelity is actually what players will want ever — and whether to continue to support Minecraft on PlayStation."

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28 Feb 18:09


01 Mar 21:03

20-Year-Old Military Weather Satellite Explodes In Orbit

by samzenpus
schwit1 writes A 20-year-old U.S. military weather satellite apparently exploded for no obvious reason. The incident has put several dozen pieces of space junk into orbit. From the article: "A 20-year-old military weather satellite apparently exploded in orbit Feb. 3 following what the U.S. Air Force described as a sudden temperature spike. The “catastrophic event” produced 43 pieces of space debris, according to Air Force Space Command, which disclosed the loss of the satellite Feb. 27 in response to questions from SpaceNews. The satellite, Defense Meteorological Satellite Program Flight 13, was the oldest continuously operational satellite in the DMSP weather constellation."

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02 Mar 07:19

Spock and the Legacy of Star Trek

by samzenpus
StartsWithABang writes While the nerd/geek world mourns the death of Leonard Nimoy in its own way, it's important to remember the legacy that Star Trek — and that Spock and alien characters like him — left on our world. Unlike any other series, Star Trek used a futuristic, nearly utopian world to explore our own moral battles and failings, and yet somehow always managed to weave in an optimism about humanity and our future. This is something, the author argues, that is sorely missing from the new J.J. Abrams movies.

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02 Mar 19:47

A Resourceful Young Man Uses a Clear Glass IKEA Table as an Improved Smartphone Viewer

by Glen Tickle

glass table kid

An online photo shows a resourceful young man using a clear glass IKEA VITTSJÖ laptop stand as an improvised smartphone viewer.

via reddit

03 Mar 00:53

sixpenceee:The River of Five Colors Known by many as “the river...


The River of Five Colors

Known by many as “the river that ran away from paradise” and the most beautiful river in the world, Colombia’s Caño Cristales or The River of Five Colors is a veritable biological wonder.

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07 Feb 17:11



28 Feb 19:24

enemy-stand:enemy-stand:"Valve is holding a conference at GCD2015. March 3rd, at 3:00 PM."3/3 at...



"Valve is holding a conference at GCD2015. March 3rd, at 3:00 PM."

3/3 at 3 o’clock



skippin right to ricochet 3 is a bold move cotton, lets see if it works out for em

01 Mar 02:53

shaggyshan:3dmat:Once again, spite concurs all.I KNEW it!...



Once again, spite concurs all.

I KNEW it! (fricken space wizards…)

01 Mar 13:00

Hedge Shot

by Mark


I’m pretty sure I just made a ‘Clever Girl’ reference a few weeks ago so now what am I supposed to say here?! :'(

Not sure why I’m thinking about hunters so much lately! Maybe I have a subconscious desire… to be hunted.

02 Mar 16:42

The Final Boss

The Final Boss

02 Mar 23:42

by Amazing Super Powers

28 Feb 17:04

dilithium-crystals: #actual fangirl Jadzia Dax Me and Jadzia...


#actual fangirl Jadzia Dax

Me and Jadzia knew what was up. #SpockLoveForever

28 Feb 19:43

Chat logs show how 4chan users created #GamerGate controversy

Chat logs show how 4chan users created #GamerGate controversy:

This story is a few months old, but it serves as a reminder of how the entire horrible thing was created and perpetuated. This was never about anything other than harassing and attacking people.

"A set of IRC logs released Saturday appear to show that a handful of 4chan users were ultimately behind #GamerGate, the supposedly grass-roots movement aimed at exposing ethical lapses in gaming journalism. The logs show a small group of users orchestrating a ‘hashtag campaign’ to perpetuate misogynistic attacks by wrapping them in a debate about ethics in gaming journalism."

Remember, if you’re on the same side as Adam Baldwin, you’re on the wrong side.

01 Mar 23:54

blazepress:Weekly Inspiration 4

02 Mar 05:00

March 02, 2015

02 Mar 13:56

So much respect right now.

So much respect right now.

02 Mar 05:00

Us vs. Them by Tom Gauld

Us vs. Them by Tom Gauld

01 Mar 15:48

4eyedblonde:doop doop doop


doop doop doop

01 Mar 18:45

talk-nerdy-to-me-thyla:Wow I never knew this




Wow I never knew this

01 Mar 20:15

4gifs:Who put that there? [video]


Who put that there? [video]

25 Feb 15:29

Bathroom Poets (photo via reddit)

Bathroom Poets (photo via reddit)

25 Feb 20:00


25 Feb 20:36

Philip K. Dick On Fine-Tuning Your B.S.-Meter To Spot "Pseudo-Realities"

by Charlie Jane Anders

How can you tell what's real, in a world where huge industries, governments and religions are all trying to force-feed you manufactured realities? Philip K. Dick sums up the challenges of detecting reality in a world that resembles Disneyland, in this great 1978 quote.


25 Feb 22:45

(photo by amk1221amk)

(photo by amk1221amk)

26 Feb 05:26

5 White Collar Jobs Robots Already Have Taken

by samzenpus

So... that is the problem. Now what?

bizwriter writes University of Oxford researchers Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne estimated in 2013 that 47 percent of total U.S. jobs could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033. That now includes occupations once thought safe from automation, AI, and robotics. Such positions as journalists, lawyers, doctors, marketers, and financial analysts are already being invaded by our robot overlords. From the article: "Some experts say not to worry because technology has always created new jobs while eliminating old ones ones, displacing but not replacing workers. But lately, as technology has become more sophisticated, the drumbeat of worry has intensified. 'What’s different now?' asked Leigh Watson Healy, chief analyst at market research firm Outsell. 'The pace of technology advancements plus the big data phenomenon lead to a whole new level of machines to perform higher level cognitive tasks.' Translated: the old formula of creating more demanding jobs that need advanced training may no longer hold true. The number of people needed to oversee the machines, and to create them, is limited. Where do the many whose occupations have become obsolete go?"

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