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30 Jul 06:30

Hunter S. Thompson on Violence, Vengeance, and the Only True Fix for Our Destructive Impulses

by Maria Popova

“One of the most important things is to recognize that we do have this mounting violence in us, and then to find the reasons.”

More than half a century after Tolstoy’s little-known correspondence with Gandhi on violence, human nature, and why we hurt each other, as the civil rights movement was being built on a philosophy of nonviolence and Leonard Bernstein was making his moving case for the only true antidote to violence, twenty-something Hunter S. Thompson (July 18, 1937–February 20, 2005) became fascinated by a subculture that seemed to embody the most violent and vengeful aspects of human nature and society: Hell’s Angels. Although Thompson was on his way to becoming a counterculture icon himself and would struggle with addiction for the remainder of his life, he was at heart an idealist — from the remarkably precocious letter of life-advice he sent to a jaded friend at the age of only twenty to his unrelenting advocacy of integrity in the media. He viewed lawlessness, violence, and vengeance not as an intelligent and productive act of political dissent but as a moral failing and a vile indulgence of our basest nature, and saw Hell’s Angels as a grotesque microcosm of society’s larger tendencies toward such pointless, lawless violence.

In the mid-1960s, Thompson took a magazine assignment profiling the infamous motorcycle gang of proud “outlaws” and, true to the integrity code of the gonzo journalism movement he founded, he embedded himself with the Angels for more than a year, all the while being upfront with them about his intentions as a journalist. The resulting article became the basis for his first book, Hell’s Angels: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (public library), published in 1966, which launched his career as a writer.

In 1967, legendary broadcaster Studs Terkel interviewed Thompson — who was about to turn thirty — about his experience with the Hell’s Angels and the deeper themes in the book. Nearly half a century later, the always delightful Blank on Blank has brought a particularly poignant segment of this interview to animated life:

One of the most important things is to recognize that we do have this mounting violence in us, and then to find the reasons — and then once you find that, it’s like curing a boil… The same venom that the Angels are spitting out in public, a lot of people are just keeping bottled up in private.

I think this technological science of obsolescence — the fact that people are becoming obsolete — the people who are most affected by this technological obsolescence are the ones least capable of understanding the reasons for it. So the venom builds up much quicker — it feeds on their ignorance. Until you recognize what’s happening, what makes you do these wild things … it’s like an albatross around your neck.

Complement with Thompson on living a meaningful life and this graphic biography of the famed gonzo journalist, then revisit some favorite Blank on Blank masterpieces: Ray Bradbury on storytelling, John Lennon and Yoko Ono on love, David Foster Wallace on ambition, Jane Goodall on life, and Richard Feynman on the most important thing.

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15 Jul 17:24

A Brief History of Flash

by CommitStrip

16 Jul 14:09

20 Photos Of Norway’s Fairy Tale Architecture

by Martynas Klimas

Norway started out as a kingdom in 872 and has existed ever since. It has also saved quite a bit of its traditional architecture. Traditional Norwegian architecture makes it look like a land out of a fairytale. Stave churches – so named because of the Norse words for their load-bearing poles – were extremely popular back in the 12th century, and their unique shape matched with all-wooden construction make is simply spectacular.

Norvegian vernacular (as in, built to local requirements and using local materials) architecture is wonderful. Moss and even trees grow on the roofs of wooden or stone buildings, making Norway a sort of Norse Shire. Have a look, and plan your next holiday accordingly!

(h/t: boredpanda)

Borgund Stave Church


Source: Tnarik Innael


Source: Robert Cross

Barn In Valldal






Ancient Road Vindhellavegen



Bridge Over Låtefossen Waterfall


Source: Max Rive

Under The Aurora


Source: Hans Marius Mindrum

Kvednafossen Waterfall In Norway


Source: Lars Neumann

At The End Of The World, Tjome


Source: Allan Pedersen

Old Farmhouses


Source: SoyabaraJohnny99

Natural Swimming Pool In The Forest


Source: Strezz69

Old House


Source: Slemulv

A House In Norway


Source: Robert Snow

Old Village



Fjord Houses


Source: AdMixStar

A Bridge In Norway


Source: Will Zhang

Rogaland, Gullingen


Source: dmitryprofi

Lake Bondhus


Source: Jindra Rotscheid

Fairy House In Hunderfossen, Lillehammer


Source: Ester Ayerdi

Fisherman Hut, Undredal


Source: Ester Ayerdi

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14 Jul 19:16

These are the Most Incredible Photos Shot by NASA’s Cassini Probe


NASA’s New Horizons probe dazzled the world with a detailed photo of Pluto today, but another probe has been beaming back stunning shots of space for over a decade already. The Cassini space probe has captured its fair share of eye-popping photos since launching in 1997 and arriving in Saturn’s orbit in 2004.

Here’s a collection of some of Cassini’s most remarkable photographs. Many of them were compiled by Reddit user I_Say_I_Say, and others were featured here before or obtained from NASA’s website:

Saturn passing in front of the Sun. A color-exaggerated image that combines 165 images taken over 3 hours.

Saturn passing in front of the Sun. A color-exaggerated image that combines 165 images taken over 3 hours. [#]

Saturn's gradation and rings. [#]

Saturn’s gradation and rings. [#]

A photo of Saturn during an equinox. [#]

A photo of Saturn during an equinox.

Three of Saturn’s moons (Titan, Mimas, and Rhea) captured in a single photo. [#]

An electrical storm on the surface of Saturn. [#]

A long-lived electrical storm on the surface of Saturn. [#]

Four moons huddling around Saturn's rings. [#]

Four moons huddling around Saturn’s rings. [#]

Saturn casting a shadow on its rings. [#]

Saturn casting a shadow on its rings. [#]

Saturn's moon Rhea hovering in front of Saturn's largest moon, Titan.

Saturn’s moon Rhea hovering in front of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

Saturn's rings glowing in scattered sunlight. [#]

Saturn’s rings glowing in scattered sunlight. [#]

Saturn overexposed to bring out details in its rings. [#]

Saturn overexposed to bring out details in its rings. [#]

Saturn's icy moon Enceladus. [#]

Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus. [#]

Saturn casting its shadow on its rings.

Saturn casting its shadow on its rings.

A storm on the north pole of Saturn.

A storm on the north pole of Saturn.

Saturn and its moon Titan

Saturn and its moon Titan

Saturn's rings cut across an eerie scene that is ruled by Titan's luminous crescent and globe-encircling haze, broken by the small moon Enceladus, whose icy jets are dimly visible at its south pole. North is up.

Saturn’s rings cutting across the moon Titan, which hovers behind the shadow of the smaller moon Enceladus. [#]

Saturn, its rings, and its moon Dione. [#]

A massive storm stretching across the surface of the planet.

A massive storm stretching across the surface of the planet.

Earth seen as a pale blue dot under Saturn's rings.

Earth seen as a pale blue dot under Saturn’s rings.

You can find a massive collection of Cassini’s photos in the mission gallery on NASA’s website.

14 Jul 21:51

No one bothered telling Harold he is adopted by ducks & that he isn't one.

14 Jul 23:15

Pluto and other known “not-planets” in our solar system mapped in scale image montage

by Xeni Jardin
Montage by Emily Lakdawalla.

Montage by Emily Lakdawalla.

“Now that I have a reasonable-resolution global color view of Pluto,” writes Emily Lakdawalla, “I can drop it into one of my trademark scale image montages, to show you how it fits in with the rest of the similar-sized worlds in the solar system: the major moons and the biggest asteroids.”

The solar system contains dozens of objects that are large enough for self-gravity to make them round, and yet are not considered planets. They include the major moons of the planets, one asteroid, and many worlds in the Kuiper belt. The ones that we have visited with spacecraft are shown here to scale with each other. A couple of items on here are not quite round, illustrating the transition to smaller, lumpier objects.

It's just an accident that Pluto wound up next to Iapetus and Triton, which I think are the two best analogs for what we can see on Pluto's surface. Yet Pluto stands out for its uniquely ruddy color. Charon, too, is unique, for its dark pole, but there are similarities to the similar-sized worlds on the left side of the diagram: Ariel and Dione in particular.

These are the not-planets. Their non-planetary status is a handicap because these are the worlds that we need to get Earthlings excited about exploring. Titan's strange hydrology -- Enceladus' geysers -- the subsurface oceans of Europa and Ganymede -- the dynamic surfaces of Triton and Pluto. And beyond all the worlds pictured here, there are hundreds of Kuiper belt objects that I would include on this montage if we had ever visited them up close. But we haven't yet. So much undiscovered country yet to explore -- but they're all worlds that much of the public is not familiar with.

Full size here [PNG].
The not-planets” []

Montage by Emily Lakdawalla. The Moon: Gari Arrillaga. Other data: NASA/JPL/JHUAPL/SwRI/UCLA/MPS/IDA. Processing by Ted Stryk, Gordan Ugarkovic, Emily Lakdawalla, and Jason Perry.

Montage by Emily Lakdawalla.

Montage by Emily Lakdawalla.

15 Jul 21:15

Video: Nick Offerman Shows Off His Pizza Farm

15 Jul 04:00

by Rob DenBleyker

14 Jul 16:09

gameraboy: Mad Max: Fury Road without the Special Effects



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12 Jul 22:00


14 Jul 16:31

The Fourth Wall: A Rare View of Famous European Theater Auditoriums Photographed from the Stage

by Christopher Jobson


For his ongoing series The Fourth Wall, Hamburg-based photographer Klaus Frahm shatters the illusion of stagecraft by taking us behind-the-scenes of several European theaters. Shot from the vantage point of the stage looking toward the audience, the photos reveal the stark contrast of ornate auditoriums and the technological scaffolding that facilitates a major theatrical production. Frahm captures the elaborate configurations of lights and the surprising enormity of the fly space hidden just behind the red curtain that can be up to three times larger than the seating area.

Frahm says the intention behind his photography “is to give way for a new perspective, to entertain, to offer a fresh sight on familiar things,” and to “reveal something laying under the surface.” The Fourth Wall project began in 2010 when he was documenting a new theater for an architect which involved a series of shots facing the wings and other angles from the stage. When reviewing his polaroids later that day he was immediately struck by the image-within-an-image contrast of the warm, fully-lit theater seats and the cold, hidden infrastructure. Klaus had ingeniously turned the tables: suddenly the audience was the spectacle and the stage was reality.

You can see more from the Fourth Wall series on Fram’s website. If you enjoyed this, also check out the work of David Leventi. (via It’s Nice That, thnx Kevin!)








14 Jul 23:12

"There are 2 gateway drugs to science - dinosaurs and space."

“There are 2 gateway drugs to science - dinosaurs and space.”


My astronomy professor

(via coffeeforcollege)


(via thedoubleclicks)

14 Jul 23:18


15 Jul 03:05

quietserval: thepioden: possiblestalker: I had a dream where...




I had a dream where Lying Cat replaced Garfield. So then this happened. And because of Max Gladstone, it KEPT happening. ;)



15 Jul 03:03


14 Jul 11:24

Социальный флешмоб: мертвому еноту создали мемориал на улице

Торонто, Канада, 9 часов утра. Прохожий обнаружил на улице мёртвого енота и предупредил об этом городские службы при помощи твиттера.

Вскоре городские службы Торонто, ответили ему, что они получили сообщение и в скором времени животное будет убрано.

Три часа спустя животное продолжало лежать на тротуаре, и кто-то решил отдать ему дань уважения. "Покойся с миром дорогой енот, помощь в пути".

К 15:00 в поле зрения не появилось ещё ни одной машины городской службы, поэтому мертвый енот получил новую долю уважения.

Скорбящие прохожие даже создали специальный мемориальный хэштег для него #DeadRaccoonTo

Который пользователи стали активно использовать.

"Спи мой милый принц, люди любят тебя и помнят"

День подходил к концу, а машины городской службы всё ещё не было, поэтому этот пушистый парень продолжал получать знаки внимания.

Член городского совета Норм Келли даже призвал людей оставить на ночь мусорные баки открытыми, чтобы другие еноты могли помянуть своего погибшего товарища.

20:20, день превратился в ночь, а енот по-прежнему лежал на тротуаре, ожидая достойного погребения.

Люди начали зажигать свечи в его честь.

Неизвестно, был ли енот христианином, но, безусловно, он бы оценил этот жест.

Люди устали ждать ответной реакции от городских служб, поэтому поставили ящик для пожертвований, чтобы заплатить уже кому-нибудь, кто мог бы убрать этого енота с дороги.

И продолжали приходить и молиться за упокой души енота.

И наконец, спустя 14 часов, ровно в 23:00 на месте появилась машина городской службы, чтобы убрать бедное животное.

Но привычка уже сформировалась, и люди продолжали идти на это место, чтобы отдать еноту дань уважения.

Честно - завидую Канаде и её проблемам. Нам бы так.

14 Jul 04:29

Carpet Surfing

Carpet Surfing

14 Jul 12:38


by villeashell

14 Jul 14:46

by Rob DenBleyker

11 Jul 19:00

Soundsgood Features Playlists Curated by Real People, Influenced by You

by Alan Henry

It’s tough to find music that’s not algorithmically recommended, but suggested by real music lovers: DJs, producers, or just fans like you. Soundsgood is a new service that wants to be just that, with playlists that are platform agnostic, so you can listen to them on YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, whatever you like.


12 Jul 12:50

Perfectly preserved ancient roman gate in Lugo, Spain. Lugo is...

Perfectly preserved ancient roman gate in Lugo, Spain. Lugo is the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls from 3rd century AD

12 Jul 21:29

phillyzoo: Oscar the porcupine high-fives his keeper.


Oscar the porcupine high-fives his keeper.

13 Jul 16:48

For Mr. Iwata...

11 Jul 22:00

First Look at Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Also Offer a First Look at Luke Cage [PHOTOS]

by Angie Han

Netflix series

Now that the world has fallen in love with Charlie Cox as Daredevil, Netflix and Marvel TV are ready to introduce you to two more of its small-screen heroes. The first photos from the upcoming series Jessica Jones have been revealed, featuring Krysten Ritter as the title character and Mike Colter as Luke Cage. Get your Jessica Jones first look after the jump.

Netflix unveiled the Jessica Jones first look photos today (via CBR). Because only Marvel could steal the spotlight during Comic-Con, with a show they didn’t even bring to Comic-Con.

Jessica Jones (1) Jessica Jones (2) Jessica Jones (3) Jessica Jones (4) Jessica Jones (5)

The photos show what should be a very alarming scene — a man on fire, running out of a building. Fortunately, the man in question just happens to be Luke Cage, who has unbreakable skin (among other powers) and is therefore invulnerable to fire. Not that that keeps Jessica Jones from frowning with concern. Catching on fire probably isn’t fun, even if it’s not fatal.

It’s interesting to see Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in normal, everyday outfits. Jessica Jones looks to be taking on a more grounded, realistic tone a la Daredevil, which also featured the hero in street clothes for most of the season. It should also be fun to see how their relationship unfolds as the show goes on, as the characters are romantically involved in the comics.

Jessica Jones picks up with Jessica Jones after the tragic end of her short-lived stint as a superhero. She rebuilds herself as a New York City detective who specializes in cases involving people with extraordinary abilities. Luke Cage makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut with a recurring role on Jessica Jones before headlining his own series in 2016. Melissa Rosenberg serves as showrunner on Jessica Jones.

Netflix will debut Jessica Jones on Netflix later this year with 13 episodes. Jessica Jones is the second Marvel TV show to hit Netflix after Daredevil. It’ll be followed by Luke Cage and Iron Fist, and then all four titular superheroes will team up for the show The Defenders.

The post First Look at Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ Also Offer a First Look at Luke Cage [PHOTOS] appeared first on /Film.

12 Jul 16:34

Video: George R.R. Martin is Working Hard on His Next Book

13 Jul 15:16

Baby Drew a Picture

by Reza


13 Jul 20:51

hypenoticeTheAtlanticRoad1.jpg 430×365 pixels

by evencleveland
12 Jul 20:23