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Родина, восемь утра


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Anésia # 315

by Will Tirando


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by Owlturd

by Owlturd

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Never Seen Star Wars

If anyone calls you on any weird detail, just say it's from the Jedi Prince book series, which contains so much random incongruous stuff that even most Expanded Universe/Legends fans collectively agreed to forget about it decades ago.
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myherocomplex: aqueousserenade: coledownlow: I love this...




I love this quote. I love this movie.

This scene impressed me so much when I first saw it. It still fills me with… idk something. I love it.

this is one of the most profound scenes in cinema.

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Detailed time-lapse of everywhere on Earth

by Nathan Yau

A few years back, Google released a time-lapse feature in Google Earth that let you see change through satellite imagery. They updated the feature last week. It’s more detailed and higher resolution than the first version, based on the pixels from about five million images.

We took the best of all those pixels to create 33 images of the entire planet, one for each year. We then encoded these new 3.95 terapixel global images into just over 25,000,000 overlapping multi-resolution video tiles, made interactively explorable by Carnegie Mellon CREATE Lab’s Time Machine library, a technology for creating and viewing zoomable and pannable timelapses over space and time.

Pretty cool to see my own neighborhood develop into what it is today.

Give it a go.

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micdotcom:‘SNL’ hilariously skewered Donald Trump’s tweeting...

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as-per-usual: Based on a Tumblr post by...

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Fighting authoritarianism: 20 lessons from the 20th century

by Jason Kottke

Do Not Obey In Advance

Yale history professor Timothy Snyder took to Facebook to share some lessons from 20th century about how to protect our liberal democracy from fascism and authoritarianism. Snyder has given his permission to republish the list, so I’ve reproduced it in its entirety here in case something happens to the original.

Americans are no wiser than the Europeans who saw democracy yield to fascism, Nazism, or communism. Our one advantage is that we might learn from their experience. Now is a good time to do so. Here are twenty lessons from the twentieth century, adapted to the circumstances of today.

1. Do not obey in advance. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In times like these, individuals think ahead about what a more repressive government will want, and then start to do it without being asked. You’ve already done this, haven’t you? Stop. Anticipatory obedience teaches authorities what is possible and accelerates unfreedom.

2. Defend an institution. Follow the courts or the media, or a court or a newspaper. Do not speak of “our institutions” unless you are making them yours by acting on their behalf. Institutions don’t protect themselves. They go down like dominoes unless each is defended from the beginning.

3. Recall professional ethics. When the leaders of state set a negative example, professional commitments to just practice become much more important. It is hard to break a rule-of-law state without lawyers, and it is hard to have show trials without judges.

4. When listening to politicians, distinguish certain words. Look out for the expansive use of “terrorism” and “extremism.” Be alive to the fatal notions of “exception” and “emergency.” Be angry about the treacherous use of patriotic vocabulary.

5. Be calm when the unthinkable arrives. When the terrorist attack comes, remember that all authoritarians at all times either await or plan such events in order to consolidate power. Think of the Reichstag fire. The sudden disaster that requires the end of the balance of power, the end of opposition parties, and so on, is the oldest trick in the Hitlerian book. Don’t fall for it.

6. Be kind to our language. Avoid pronouncing the phrases everyone else does. Think up your own way of speaking, even if only to convey that thing you think everyone is saying. (Don’t use the internet before bed. Charge your gadgets away from your bedroom, and read.) What to read? Perhaps “The Power of the Powerless” by V’aclav Havel, 1984 by George Orwell, The Captive Mind by Czeslaw Milosz, The Rebel by Albert Camus, The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt, or Nothing is True and Everything is Possible by Peter Pomerantsev.

7. Stand out. Someone has to. It is easy, in words and deeds, to follow along. It can feel strange to do or say something different. But without that unease, there is no freedom. And the moment you set an example, the spell of the status quo is broken, and others will follow.

8. Believe in truth. To abandon facts is to abandon freedom. If nothing is true, then no one can criticize power, because there is no basis upon which to do so. If nothing is true, then all is spectacle. The biggest wallet pays for the most blinding lights.

9. Investigate. Figure things out for yourself. Spend more time with long articles. Subsidize investigative journalism by subscribing to print media. Realize that some of what is on your screen is there to harm you. Bookmark PropOrNot or other sites that investigate foreign propaganda pushes.

10. Practice corporeal politics. Power wants your body softening in your chair and your emotions dissipating on the screen. Get outside. Put your body in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. Make new friends and march with them.

11. Make eye contact and small talk. This is not just polite. It is a way to stay in touch with your surroundings, break down unnecessary social barriers, and come to understand whom you should and should not trust. If we enter a culture of denunciation, you will want to know the psychological landscape of your daily life.

12. Take responsibility for the face of the world. Notice the swastikas and the other signs of hate. Do not look away and do not get used to them. Remove them yourself and set an example for others to do so.

13. Hinder the one-party state. The parties that took over states were once something else. They exploited a historical moment to make political life impossible for their rivals. Vote in local and state elections while you can.

14. Give regularly to good causes, if you can. Pick a charity and set up autopay. Then you will know that you have made a free choice that is supporting civil society helping others doing something good.

15. Establish a private life. Nastier rulers will use what they know about you to push you around. Scrub your computer of malware. Remember that email is skywriting. Consider using alternative forms of the internet, or simply using it less. Have personal exchanges in person. For the same reason, resolve any legal trouble. Authoritarianism works as a blackmail state, looking for the hook on which to hang you. Try not to have too many hooks.

16. Learn from others in other countries. Keep up your friendships abroad, or make new friends abroad. The present difficulties here are an element of a general trend. And no country is going to find a solution by itself. Make sure you and your family have passports.

17. Watch out for the paramilitaries. When the men with guns who have always claimed to be against the system start wearing uniforms and marching around with torches and pictures of a Leader, the end is nigh. When the pro-Leader paramilitary and the official police and military intermingle, the game is over.

18. Be reflective if you must be armed. If you carry a weapon in public service, God bless you and keep you. But know that evils of the past involved policemen and soldiers finding themselves, one day, doing irregular things. Be ready to say no. (If you do not know what this means, contact the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and ask about training in professional ethics.)

19. Be as courageous as you can. If none of us is prepared to die for freedom, then all of us will die in unfreedom.

20. Be a patriot. The incoming president is not. Set a good example of what America means for the generations to come. They will need it.

A great thought-provoking list. “Corporeal politics”…I like that phrase. And I’ve seen many references to Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism in recent weeks.

See also Five Steps to Tyranny and The 14 Features of Eternal Fascism.

Note: Illustration by the awesome Chris Piascik.

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ultrafacts: (Fact Source/more info) Follow Ultrafacts for more...

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Remember that Trump & gang will be the ones controlling these, now

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This Is Not Normal

This Is Not Normal:


  • Using your Presidential transition website to promote your own business properties is not normal.
  • Calling for millions of federal employees to sign nondisclosure agreements apart from standard government forms is not normal.
  • Blasting journalists with product placements for the labels your child, who is on your transition team, is wearing is not normal.
  • Having a wide range of senior figures in your own political party distance themselves from your transition team, citing the profound irregularity of it and worrying about future ugliness, is not normal.
  • Placing your children in charge of your business empire, then placing them on your transition team, then seeking top secret security clearances for them, is not normal. The conflicts of interest that this represents are almost too many to count, but at a basic level: you do not give someone with a financial interest to work against U.S. policy access to sensitive information — at all, ever.
  • Putting one’s children into senior positions of a government is the behavior of a banana republic, not a constitutional democracy with strong institutions. This is not normal.
  • For a president who ran on his business acumen to refuse to disclose his taxes to the public, which in turn denies anyone the ability to see if financial conflicts of interest are driving his policy decisions, is not normal.
  • Asking if he can decline the President’s salary, so as to avoid paying taxes, is not normal.
  • Owing hundreds of millions of dollars in business debt to a foreign bank and refusing to fully divest yourself from those finances is not normal.
  • Ascending to the White House while your eldest son, who is also on your transition team, and for whom you also seek a top-secret clearance, seeks out seven-digit business deals in Russia, is not normal. When Russia then names the President elect an “honorary Cossack,” it is not normal.
  • Asking a hostile foreign intelligence agency to hack into the emails of your opponent in the campaign is not normal. Refusing to comment while they expand those hacks into other institutions is not normal. Watching that same government’s propaganda network dramatically change its tone in order to benefit the incoming president is not normal. That this foreign government is also the subject of numerous investigations into the President elect’s improper business conduct is not normal.
  • Threatening to cut off Europe from NATO if payment is not received, like a gangster demanding protection money, in a way that benefits said foreign government, is not normal.
  • Chanting for the summary imprisonment of your political opponent despite repeated conclusions that she has committed no crime is not normal. Refusing to back down from that call to summarily imprison her is not normal. Essentially suggesting a show trial before you’ve even assumed office is not normal.
  • Hiring an avowed white supremacist and proud antisemite to be the chief of strategy at the White House is not normal. That the new White House chief strategist has bragged, openly, of his desire to destroy the United States is not normal. That the cofounder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center raised money for this is not normal.
  • Staff participating in authoritarian victim-blaming and antisemitic conspiracism is not normal. Collaborating with cable news channels in that antisemitic conspiracy about protests is not normal.
  • When one of the new administration’s most senior proxies and spokesmen calmly discusses committing war crimes in the Middle East, it is not normal. When he is shortlisted for the Department of State — despite lobbying for terrorists who killed Americans, despotic regimes in the Middle East, and the tyrannical government of Venezuela — it is not normal.
  • When that proxy is simply following in the footsteps of the new President-elect, who has called for reinstating torture and summarily executing the families of alleged terrorists, it is not normal.
  • The leading candidate for the department of education (who himself has no background as an educator or in education policy) openly suggesting to censor speech on universities is not normal. Nominating an oil executive as the Secretary of the Interior is not normal. Nominating a climate change denialist funded by the oil industry to run the EPA is not normal. When the leading candidate for Defense Secretary having a long history of openly racist comments toward his own staff it is not normal.
  • The FBI intervening decisively in the last week of the election to alter its outcome for one candidate is not normal. But the FBI refusing to address the president elect’s violation of sanctions against a communist country is also not normal.
  • When a woman accuses a presidential candidate of having raped her as a child, but then refuses to go forward with her allegations because of a barrage of death threats yet still receives almost no media coverage, it is not normal.
  • It is not normal for a president-elect to have 75 pending lawsuits against him, ranging from business fraud to illegal hiring practices. It is not normal for his lawyers to demand those lawsuits be delayed until after his inauguration for not discernable reason other than to retreat behind the immunity of the office.
  • Relentlessly attacking the legitimacy of the media (to be distinguished from criticizing media conduct) is not normal. Threatening to sue the media because you don’t like being criticized is not normal.
  • Being so steeped in the language of fascism that you and and your staff mirror Hitler (“make the trains run on time“), appeasing Hitler (“America First“), or Mussolini (“drain the swamp“) is not normal.
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mediamattersforamerica: The so-called “alt-right” are neo-Nazis...


The so-called “alt-right” are neo-Nazis by any other name, and that’s how the media should address them.

21 Nov 02:07


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Cool Stuff: ‘Sequel 2’ Art Show Delivers More Prints For Sequels That Never Happened

by Ethan Anderton

Sequel 2 Art Show - Close Encounters 2

It’s been almost exactly two years since iam8bit debuted a new art exhibit called Sequel featuring artwork from nearly 50 artists imagining what the posters for sequels that never happened might have looked like. Pieces included The Rocketeer: Crimson Skies, Spaceballs III: The Search for Spaceballs II, Top Gun 2 and more. Now we’re getting a sequel to Sequel.

Sequel 2 is coming to the iam8bit gallery in Los Angeles at the end of the month, and the first pieces from the follow-up show have artwork for unproduced sequels such as E.T. The Return, Being Jeff Goldblum, Who Shot Roger Rabbit?, Son of Scissorhands, Close Encouters 2: Reunion and more. Check out the pieces released from the Sequel 2 art show so far after the jump.

Here’s the prints from Sequel 2 that have been release so far by iam8bit:

Revenge of Shogun 2 The Power of the Dark Crystal The Last Sortie Son of Scissorhands Superman Lives Poster Imperator Furiosa Who Shot Roger Rabbit The Book of Life 2 Being Jeff Goldblum E.T. 2 Month Python and the Holy Grail 2 Big Trouble in Little China 2 Tank Girl 2 Purple Rain Encore Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2

The gallery will be open at 2147 W. Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA starting on Wednesday, November 30th at 8pm PT and will be open through December 23. All of the pieces from the show will also be made available for purchase as soon as the gallery has its opening reception on November 30th, so if you want any of these prints, make sure you head to iam8bit’s website right away that day.

This year there are over 40 contributing artists, and there are plenty of pieces we haven’t seen yet, so you’ll definitely want to stay tuned to their website to see the other outstanding work. If you’re curious about the artists involved, here’s the whole list:

Sequel 2 Art Show

Just like most of the prints we feature under our Cool Stuff banner, these will be limited edition, numbered, giclee prints printed on acid-free paper with archival, fade-resistant inks. That means these are high quality prints that will look good on your wall, and I can’t wait to see which ones we haven’t seen yet.

The post Cool Stuff: ‘Sequel 2’ Art Show Delivers More Prints For Sequels That Never Happened appeared first on /Film.

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Artista recria princesas da Disney como se fossem pixels

by Andre Noel

Eu sempre vi artistas recriando as princesas das mais diferentes formas e sempre quis fazer também. Essa é a minha contribuição (fiz com zoom, para melhor visualização).

O artigo "Artista recria princesas da Disney como se fossem pixels" foi originalmente publicado no site Vida de Programador, de Andre Noel.

21 Nov 01:17

Vertical / Square

21 Nov 01:13

patrickat: micdotcom: Watch: George Takei has a vital message...



Watch: George Takei has a vital message for those misusing and misremembering Japanese internment.

If I see one more fool say, “But FDR was a Democrat…” without bothering to educate themselves on how the parties basically swapped positions on social issues over the course of the last 75 years… as if the sins of FDR as a Democrat mean that Trump as a Republican deserves a shot at repeating this stain on our nation’s history…

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - The Rubber Duck Method


Someone needs to invent a USB rubber duck that just tells you that you're garbage.

New comic!
Today's News:
21 Nov 00:56

(via llobobr)

(via llobobr)

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angeldrake3: speciesofleastconcern: esiderius: A funny thing...




A funny thing about introducing a new queen into a hive that has lost its queen (or one that you’ve killed because her brood was too fighty). 

You have to introduce the new queen into the hive with these special queen cages that are stopped up with candy, and are open enough to let the hive smell the new queen, but not open enough that they can get in there and kill her.

Because they will kill her. 

When you first put the new queen in she smells like an intruder, but by the time it takes the bees to eat through the candy and free the queen, the queen’s pheromones will have had time to work and the hive will have gotten used to her.

From the outside this kinda seems like: 

“Yeh, we were all going to murder you to death before, but we’re full of candy now, so we’re cool. Oh yeh, and how about you be the new queen and stuff. Yeh, that’s cool too.” 

beekeeping is really weird

Listen, strange bee queens lyin’ in cages distributin’ candy is no basis for a system of government.

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fuckyeahfuncats: *hacker voice* I’m in


*hacker voice* I’m in

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"It’s important to stay vigilant about the other transgressions going on with Trump, but examining..."

“It’s important to stay vigilant about the other transgressions going on with Trump, but examining this Hamilton thing isn’t frivolous. This is the country’s future leaders coming from a place of such DEEP insecurity that they can’t handle MILD criticism in a public forum. The press and the president-elect are attempting to shut down a reaction WELL within the rights of those expressing displeasure. If you think this is an isolated incident? That it won’t continue to happen every time free speech is exercised to dissent? I beg to differ. We’re getting our first looks at the character of this administration in power. Let’s not look away… Historically, leaders who abuse power have been extremely insecure, have overreacted to small slights. It’s already starting. And as artists, our work is often considered frivolous, unnecessary, as such it’s often the first to go when the hammer of oppression falls. Theaters closed, books burned, art irreverently depicting those in power prohibited. We’ve seen these warning signs with every rise. Don’t criticize people’s worry just because it’s related to art and not money or policy. It matters. Art matters. The cast of Hamilton made a heartfelt, onstage plea, using their visibility, to a leader that’s supposed to represent ALL of us. To have that rebranded by the president elect and the press as harassment (which is a CRIME by the way) is censorship, plain and simple… Art is our voice. Art is our joy. Art is our resistance. All the most successful oppressors have understood this. Don’t give it up willingly.”

- Tehlor Kay Mejia (via beachdeath)
20 Nov 23:36

Not even president yet, and Donald Trump is losing his mind

by (Hunter)

President-elect and gigantic rubbery manchild Donald Trump was all over Twitter this weekend. His newest grievance is that Saturday Night Live made fun of him last night. This, the soon-to-be leader of the United States of America declares, will not stand.


You don't get equal time, you pompous suit balloon. The American president has zero protections against comedians mocking him in television or in print—he doesn't appear on the network afterwards saying I'm da president of the United States, and I strongly disapprove of that last sketch in which I was portrayed as a luxuriously coiffed show rabbit duct-taped to the top of a steel coatrack. You self-absorbed git. You citrus-faced two-bit monorail salesman. You great gilded walking Viagra advertisement. You woman-grabbing, child-groping, teen-ogling professional fraudster and con.

But wait! He also just cannot stop being obsessed over Mike Pence (doomed for the next for years to play Ronald Reagan to Donald's Bonzo, and if you think that is a compliment to Mike Pence you are unfamiliar with your Ronald Reagan movies) being talked-at by the cast of Hamilton. Donald will freely tell you which minority groups in America are the most full of rapists and is willing to torture and kill the families of suspected bad-doers for the sake of fulfilling his turgid campaign vows, but talking back has him in flop sweat for an entire weekend: 

20 Nov 09:26

thefederalistfreestyle: we have the honor to be… [x x x x x]

20 Nov 09:23

nickfuckface: thingsfittingperfectly: The super moon on a radio...



The super moon on a radio receiver dish

mission accomplish boys,,,,,,,,,,,,, we caught the moon………………..

18 Nov 15:29

sixpenceee: Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by...


Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright