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27 Apr 13:28

Super-Long-Term Job Security


That, and "arts".

Super-Long-Term Job Security

Trying to imagine the far future is like trying to hi-five an elephant with a wet roll of toilet paper.

27 Apr 08:15

Salada de cultura pop

by Ivo Neuman

Com tantas referências disponíveis no universo da bazingagem cultura pop, o que aconteceria se um artista talentoso decidisse servir uma salada com as misturas mais inusitadas de filmes, desenhos, quadrinhos, etc.? Pois o ilustrador Marco D’Alfonso fez as honras:


CLIQUE AQUI para ver todas mais ilustrações da série!

Salada de cultura pop foi publicado originalmente no ((( TRETA ))).

24 Apr 19:32

panajan: Sheep



25 Apr 08:04

bisexualulfric: inmylifeitsalwaysraining:This is the type of...

Courtney shared this story from Super Opinionated.



This is the type of cat that would try to sell me magical potions in the woods.

I’d buy them all.

khajiit has wares

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25 Apr 15:06

Hewlett-Packard-01 wrist instrument, 1977

by adafruit



HP Virtual Museum: Hewlett-Packard-01 wrist instrument, 1977.

The HP-01 wrist instrument looked like a digital watch but was smarter than many pocket calculators. It performed more than three dozen functions to manipulate and interrelate time, calendar and numeric data. With six interactive functions (time, alarm, timer/stopwatch, date/calendar, calculator and memory) the HP-01 had 28 tiny keys that the user operated with a stylus built into the bracelet.

The HP-01, code-named “Cricket,” was not a successful product for HP. It was too bulky and heavy, and HP sold it though upscale jewelry stores. But miniaturizing the math functions was quite an engineering feat, and when HP discontinued manufacturing the HP-01, its inner workings were destroyed so no one would copy the extraordinarily small package engineering. The HP Archives has a few of the remaining elements.

The HP-01 currently is one of the most sought after collectibles in the antique electronics market, often fetching two or three times its original price ($650 for the silver color, $750 for the gold version).

26 Apr 00:18


24 Apr 21:24

Github DDoS Attack As Seen By Google

by Soulskill
New submitter opensec writes: Last month GitHub was hit by a massive DDoS attack originating from China. On this occasion the public discovered that the NSA was not the only one with a QUANTUM-like capability. China has its own "Great Cannon" that can inject malicious JavaScript inside HTTP traffic. That weapon was used in the GitHub attack. People using Baidu services were unwitting participants in the denial of service, their bandwidth used to flood the website. But such a massive subversion of the Internet could not evade Google's watchful eye. Niels Provos, engineer at Google, tells us how it happened. Showing that such attacks cannot be made covertly, Provos hopes that the public shaming will act as a deterrent.

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24 Apr 19:32

The Inverted Architecture and Gravity-Defying Worlds of Cinta Vidal

by Christopher Jobson


In her latest series of paintings, Barcelona-based artist and illustrator Cinta Vidal Agulló defies gravity and architectural conventions to create encapsulated scenes of intersecting perspectives. Painted with acrylic on wood panels, Vidal refers to the paintings as “un-gravity constructions” and says that each piece examines how a person’s internal perspective of life may not match up with the reality around them. The intersecting planes on many of her paintings are somewhat reminiscent of drawings by M.C. Escher, where every angle and available surface is inhabited by colorful characters going about their daily lives. She shares in a new interview with Hi-Fructose:

With these un-gravity constructions, I want to show that we live in one world, but we live in it in very different ways – playing with everyday objects and spaces, placed in impossible ways to express that many times, the inner dimension of each one of us does not match the mental structures of those around us. The architectural spaces and day-to-day objects are part of a metaphor of how difficult it is to fit everything that shapes our daily space: our relationships, work, ambitions, and dreams.

Vidal just opened a new exhibition of work at Miscelanea BCN in Barcelona and you can read an in-depth conversation with the artist on Hi-Fructose.







22 Apr 22:07

Swallowing Your Password

by samzenpus writes: Amir Mizroch reports at the WSJ that a PayPal executive who works with engineers and developers to find and test new technologies, says that embeddable, injectable, and ingestible devices are the next wave in identification for mobile payments and other sensitive online interactions. Jonathon Leblanc says that identification of people will shift from "antiquated" external body methods like fingerprints, toward internal body functions like heartbeat and vein recognition, where embedded and ingestible devices will allow "natural body identification." Ingestible devices could be powered by stomach acid, which will run their batteries and could detect glucose levels and other unique internal features can use a person's body as a way to identify them and beam that data out. Leblanc made his remarks during a presentation called Kill all Passwords that he's recently started giving at various tech conferences in the U.S. and Europe, arguing that technology has taken a huge leap forward to "true integration with the human body." But the idea has its skeptics. What could possibly go wrong with a little implanted device that reads your vein patterns or your heart's unique activity or blood glucose levels writes AJ Vicens? "Wouldn't an insurance company love to use that information to decide that you had one too many donuts—so it won't be covering that bypass surgery after all?"

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22 Apr 22:06

Great Job, Internet!: The nostalgia is strong in this Back To The Future/The Force Awakens mash-up

by William Hughes

The recently released teaser trailer for The Force Awakens was a masterclass in unraveling years of built-up fan cynicisma deft mixture of tight editing, instantly iconic images, and unashamed pandering to nostalgia. Apparently, the guys behind YouTube video series Mind Over Movies thought that same enthusiasm-building treatment could be well-applied to another beloved sci-fi film series from a more civilized age. Thus, they’ve put together a mash-up trailer that layers The Force Awakens’ audio and style over footage from the ’80s time travel classic Back To The Future. And while it’s almost certainly for the best that Future is seemingly the only well-remembered pop culture fixture from that era to not get the incessant reboot treatment, it’s hard to deny the Pavlovian fanboy reaction that wells up when the movie’s iconic, epoch-spanning DeLorean comes rolling out of its trailer. (Even if the producers did pass ...

21 Apr 17:00

Talk like a politician

by admin

20 Apr 17:23

For those of you currently celebrating 4/20. (photo via...

For those of you currently celebrating 4/20. (photo via retroman360)

20 Apr 21:57

Frozach Submitted

17 Apr 15:55

Raw & Rendered: Experimental 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

by Christopher Jobson


In early 2014, Vancouver-based graphic artist Joey Camacho set out to learn more about rendering images using Cinema 4D and Octane Render, with the goal of creating a new piece each day. His first attempts were pretty rudimentary, but it wasn’t long before his exploration and experimentation began to pay off with increasinly subtle details inspired by biology, sound, and geometry. Only several months into his ‘Progress Before Perfection‘ project, he started getting requests for prints as his images were shared widely around Tumblr and elsewhere. You can see more of his work on Behance and prints of many pieces are available through his website.











21 Apr 14:51

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - If I Were Rich


Hovertext: Tell me I'm not a remarkably predictable unit in an economic system beyond my control!

New comic!
Today's News:

I'm tumblring 

20 Apr 22:17

kazucrash: What a time to be alive.


What a time to be alive.

20 Apr 12:15

Handy aperture, shutter speed and ISO graphic

by adafruit

Handy aperture, shutter speed and ISO graphic.

Neat little info graphic to teach beginners how aperture, shutter speed and ISO affect a photo.

22 Apr 09:21

Radioactive drone found on Japan PM’s office roof

by RT

Shit. The Cancer-weapon Drone Timeline.

A drone marked with the radioactive sign and equipped with a camera, flare and water bottle, was found on the roof of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Tokyo office. A police investigation is underway.
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17 Apr 23:05

The Exo Prosthetic Leg Prototype: the Next Step for 3D Printed Prosthesis?

Industrial design student William Root has submitted a proposal and prototype to Behance for a new process for creating customized prosthesis for lower extremities.  Root suggests that the process could reduce costs, improve access, and create better compatibility. The Exo Prosthetic Leg relies heavily on modern 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, and could eliminate the costly and time consuming traditional methods of creating replacement limbs.

exo 3 printed leg prosthesis in action

I once heard a lower limb amputee compare the process of getting a reliable and comfortable leg prosthesis to waiting in line at the post office two days before Christmas, only the line takes months to get through instead of hours. He said it was tedious, soul-crushing and a never-ending test of his patience and humanity. I’m sure he was half-joking, but because each prosthetic limb needs to be custom made for the wearer to ensure fit and comfort by highly trained – and it should be noted dedicated – artisans, it isn’t hard to imagine the process and wait time involved as being frustrating.

exo 3 printed leg prosthetic

The process is even more delicate when dealing with lower limbs because fit and comfort need to be balanced with safety, and the mechanics involved in leg prosthetics are very expensive. Aesthetic concerns are very often the last thing considered, and this can produce unattractive and unnatural limbs that have a very mechanical appearance. Moreover, such a leg may contribute to a patient in need of a prosthetic feeling further alienated by their disability.

Root described his inspiration in his proposal: “There are over 2 million amputees in the United States with 185,000 amputations each year. Over 90% of those amputations are lower extremity amputations; millions of Americans are suffering from hindered mobility. Prostheses enable patients to regain their freedom and much of the functionality they had lost. At the same time they help to restore the amputees’ spirit and help with the psychological recovery from having lost part of oneself.”

The process proposed by Root could drastically reduce the amount of time,money and patience required for receiving custom fitted prosthetic limbs, thanks to some applied modern 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. Both the intact leg and any residual remaining parts of the missing limb are 3D scanned. This allows the final leg to be virtually identical to the remaining limb, and will often match the original within a matter of millimeters. The leg is then examined using MIT’s FitSocket technology, which tests specific tissue properties, so while designing the final product the residual limb’s internal anatomy can be considered. Here’s a video of the FitSocket technology in action:

Once all of the data has been collected it is given to a 3D designer, who combines the scans of the intact limb, the residual limb, and any required prosthetic mechanisms, like joints and motors, into the raw prosthetic model. The weight of the limb is then reduced by hollowing it out and creating a custom pattern on the surface of the exoskeleton that matches the patients style and aesthetic requirements.

exo 3 printed leg prosthetic

The final step is printing the model in titanium, using a laser sintering process. Titanium would be used to create the leg prosthesis because it is extremely lightweight, very strong, and a hypoallergenic metal that makes it ideal for medical applications. The leg can then be assembled and fit very quickly with custom connectors designed and 3D printed directly into the prosthetic.

exo 3 printed leg prosthesis

Root is currently a senior at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, studying industrial design and sustainability, so his prototype was printed out of Polyamide 12, not titanium, but his project is ongoing. He says that the sockets and connectors can also be 3D printed using various densities of flexible materials that would help cushion the limb and make it more comfortable for the wearer. You can read Root’s entire proposal for the Exo Prosthetic Leg over on Behance.

18 Apr 00:00

You can’t tell me what to do Netflix

You can’t tell me what to do Netflix

20 Apr 08:17


Свадебная часовня в Хиросиме. Две отдельные лестницы, спиралью поднимающиеся наверх, символизируют разные пути молодоженов, встречающихся на вершине.

20 Apr 10:40

La velocidad de los trenes de levitación magnética se acerca a los 600 km/h

by (Nacho)

Jr-Maglev-Mlx01 — Yosemite

Un tren de levitación magnética o maglev es un tren que vuela, manteniéndose suspendido en el aire mediante unos poderosos electroimanes que también lo impulsan hacia adelante.

En Übergizmo, Japan’s Maglev Train Breaks Its Own Record At 590 km/h,

La velocidad máxima que los ingenieros han logrado alcanzar con estos trenes es de unos impresionantes 590 km/h, una velocidad a la que ni siquiera podrías mover la cabeza. Pero parece que este récord no va a durar mucho porque el fabricante esperar batirlo tan pronto como esta semana en una nueva tanda de pruebas en la que intentarán impulsar el tren hasta los 600 km/h.

Aunque el proyecto de los trenes maglev se remonta a los años 70 del siglo pasado, está previsto que estos trenes entren en servicio en el año 2027 rodando a una velocidad más moderada de 500 km/h.

Fotografía: JR-Maglev, por Yosemite

Relacionado, ¿Será posible? Londres – Nueva York en apenas una hora

# Enlace Permanente

18 Apr 04:20

RT @WilliamShatner: The first JJ homage has been found in the trailer!

by Pai Osias
Author: Pai Osias
Source: Mobile Web (M2)
RT @WilliamShatner: The first JJ homage has been found in the trailer!
18 Apr 17:30

(photo via jaykah)

(photo via jaykah)

19 Apr 05:21

Еще несколько соседских портретов

В моем фотоархиве этого года норок уже раз в десять больше, чем медведей. Вот портреты. Хотите в профиль, хотите - в фас...

20 Apr 14:16

Will it be redundant?

by sharhalakis
19 Apr 05:41 delivering poor Internet to poor people

by Cory Doctorow

Mark Zuckerberg's project bribes corrupt, non-neutral carriers in poor countries to exempt Facebook and other services of its choosing from their data-caps, giving the world's poorest an Internet that's been radically pruned to a sliver of what the rest of the world gets for free. Read the rest

19 Apr 09:00

Олимпийская пустота

Нет, это не кадр из фильма ужасов или компьютерной игры про постъядерный мир. Это всего лишь одна из фотографий микрорайона Весёлое-Псоу в Адлерском районе Сочи, пришедшего в запустение после Олимпиады. Главред сайта Александр Валов на днях прогулялся по нему с фотоаппаратом и немедленно был оштрафован ФСБ за "нарушение пограничного режима в приграничной зоне".

Но я хочу обсудить даже не типичное поведение российских силовиков, а странное отношение властей к домам, в которые можно было бы заселить 60 семей. Большинство домов стоят совершенно пустые, в них никто не живёт, хотя здесь должен был быть полноценный жилой квартал. Местные жители говорят, что из 77 домов на данный момент заселены только 17.

Как полагает сам Валов, такая ситуация могла сложиться из-за того, что многие сочинцы предпочли денежную компенсацию переезду в новый дом. "Это дома для переселенцев, чье жилье попало под строительство дублера Курортного проспекта, автомобильных развязок и других объектов, которые курировало министерство транспорта РФ. Переселенцам по закону должны были предложить или денежную компенсацию, или новое жилье. Характерен случай сочинца Андрея Арнаутова, которому дали небольшие деньги, но не предложили нового жилья. И таких ситуаций, когда людям настоятельно предложили взять деньги, очень много. В результате много построенных для них домов остались пустыми", – рассказал он.

В конце марта жители Весёлого-Псоу заявили о "бесхозном состоянии" коттеджного посёлка и его нецелевом использовании, а сочинская общественная комиссия направила соответствующий акт президенту России, депутатам Госдумы и генпрокурору...

Посёлок (или, вернее, микрорайон) Весёлое-Псоу был построен для олимпийских переселенцев в 2011 году. Он состоит из 77 индивидуальных жилых домов, 5 многоквартирных домов на 518 квартир и объектов инфраструктуры – по крайней мере, так написано на сайте Департамента олимпийского наследия Краснодарского края.

Дома "частного сектора" строил Росавтодор, а точнее, созданное им ФКУ Упрдор "Черноморье". Росавтодор, в свою очередь, является федеральным агентством Министерства транспорта РФ.

Представитель "Черноморья" рассказал, что дома были сданы в эксплуатацию ещё в апреле 2011 года. Собственником домов, по его словам, является Росимущество – проще говоря, они принадлежат государству. "Разрешение на ввод объекта в эксплуатацию подписал заместитель министра регионального развития РФ. Объект находится в оперативном управлении ФКУ "Черноморье"", – добавил чиновник.

Получается, что дома по-прежнему не являются частными. Видимо, именно поэтому по кварталам разъезжает машина ведомственной охраны Минтранса.

Неужели жильё никому не нужно? Только в Сочи в очереди на получение социального жилья стоят более 30 тысяч человек. Представитель администрации города при этом утверждает, что "в Сочи нет свободного жилья". Как распределяется "олимпийское" жильё – непонятно. Почему эти дома пустуют? Почему бы не отдать их нуждающимся сочинцам? Почему нельзя подарить их погорельцам из Амурской области, Забайкалья и Хакасии, которые лишились всего из-за сибирских пожаров? Пусть на новом месте строят новую жизнь, если хотят. А сейчас эти бесхозные новостройки просто гниют и подвергаются регулярным набегам мародёров (кстати, есть же охрана; где она в таких случаях прячется?).

На первый взгляд, в Весёлом-Псоу всё в порядке. Только трава, пробивающаяся сквозь плитку, вызывает подозрения.

Снова кадр из триллера.

Охрана Минтранса прячет лица.

Это сейчас основное население посёлка, видимо.

Пешеходный переход для нетрезвых.

Дорога здесь особо не нужна.

Запустение, мёртвые окна.

Видно, что дом в правом нижнем углу обжит – там стоят детские велосипеды. Но это исключение.


Почти пустыня.

Одинокое дерево.

Печальный коттедж...

... и его клоны.


Вот так 60 неплохих домов уже три года просто разрушаются. Наверняка в каком-нибудь ведомстве сидит тупой ленивый мудак и все эти 3 года перекладывает бумажки вместо того, чтобы дело cделать и передать жилье нуждающимся.

Хорошо бы раскрутить эту историю, пока дома совсем не развалились. Отправьте ссылочку вашему любимому чиновнику:
Президенту РФ;
или губернатору Краснодарского края;
а может, министру транспорта России;
просто мэру Сочи;
в Департамент олимпийского наследия Краснодарского края;
в Министерство социального развития Краснодарского края.

И расскажите об этом в своих блогах и соцсетях:

Посты по теме:

Мистер позитив из Омска
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Новости отечественной урбанистики
Очень плохой Адлер
История одного распиздяйства из Сочи
Олимпийский парк в Сочи год спустя

Советую подписаться на мои странички в:
 Основной Твиттер
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Блог обновляется очень часто, поэтому пропустить что-нибудь интересное не так уж и сложно. Специально для таких случаев у меня есть email-рассылка. Это красиво оформленная подборка самых важных постов за прошедшую неделю для тех, кто заходит сюда нечасто. Одно письмо каждые семь дней - обещаю, что никакого спама вы от меня не получите. Если надоест, вы от нее легко отпишетесь. А если вдруг закроют ЖЖ и запретят соцсети, у нас с вами будет рассылка, это как тайный клуб:

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