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30 Nov 23:57

Vintage Electric's latest e-bike gives you more retro power

by Jon Fingas
Cooper Griggs

$5k?!?! Neeeeeewp.

Vintage Electric drew a lot of attention when it unveiled its retro e-bikes a couple of years ago: it managed to fuse the classic look of early 20th century board track racers with a decidedly modern electric motor. Well, it's back for another year....
30 Nov 04:48

Turning sunlight into clean fuel is now cheap and simple

by Jon Fingas
Scientists have already produced artificial photosynthesis, but it has been an exotic process until now. You aren't about to replace the oxygen-giving plants around your home, in other words. However, researchers at Florida State University researche...
30 Nov 14:09

'Top Gear' returns in May 2016 without Clarkson

by Nick Summers
While Clarkson, May and Hammond develop a new motoring show for Amazon, the BBC is working on its biggest Top Gear reboot in years. Presenter Chris Evans (no, not Captain America) is taking over Clarkson's role and revealed last weekend exactly when...
30 Nov 18:51

Post a racist comment online, see it on a billboard near your house

by Jessica Conditt
Messages posted on Facebook, Twitter and other online spaces may feel like they carry less weight than things said in the physical world -- but that's not the case, argues Brazilian civil-rights group Criola. This year, Criola launched a campaign lab...
30 Nov 21:15

Mind-controlled robot gives the disabled a taste of home

by Jon Fingas
Brain-controlled robot limbs have already helped the disabled gain some mobility, but full-fledged robots have proven elusive: how do you use thoughts to steer a free-roaming machine? Swiss researchers think they have the answer. They've developed...
30 Nov 03:22


30 Nov 13:59

An Amsterdam Museum Asks Visitors to Trade Their Selfie Sticks for Pencils and Paper

by Kate Sierzputowski
Cooper Griggs

Fantastic idea

Banier op gebouw

All images provided by the Rijksmuseum

HierTeekenen_Rijksmuseum (15)

Rijksmuseum, an arts and history museum located in the heart of Amsterdam, is asking visitors to put down their cameras and pick up a pen next time they enter the museum’s walls. Rijksmuseum’s new campaign #startdrawing wants to slow down observers, encouraging attendees to draw sculptures and paintings that interest them rather than snapping a picture and moving on to the next work in quick succession.

By slowing down the process of observation, the visitor is able to get closer to the artist’s secrets, the museum explains, engaging with each work by actively doing instead of passively capturing. “In our busy lives we don’t always realize how beautiful something can be,” said Wim Pijbes, the general director of the Rijksmuseum. “We forget how to look really closely. Drawing helps because you see more when you draw.” The museum has begun to highlight drawings completed by participants on their Instagram as well as their blog associated with the campaign here.

Banning cameras (or softly dissuading attendees from using them) is also a way to bring the focus from the selfie an attendee may take with a work of art to the masterpiece before them. A perfectly timed exhibition titled “Selfies on Paper” is currently on display in the museum — 90 self-portraits from well known artists from the 17th to 20th century spread through each floor of the museum. The exhibition shows how artists captured themselves on paper while acting as a challenge to those who might have thought selfie sticks were the only tool appropriate for self preservation. “Selfies on Paper” will run though the winter. (via Hyperallergic)

HierTeekenen_Rijksmuseum (16)


HierTeekenen_Rijksmuseum (13)

HierTeekenen_Rijksmuseum (8)

30 Nov 20:40

Brandalism: 82 Artists Install 600 Fake Ads Across Paris to Protest the COP21 Climate Conference

by Christopher Jobson


Just days before the start of the UN COP21 Climate Conference held in Paris and during the French state of emergency following terrorist attacks earlier this November, 600 posters were covertly distributed and hung within the city. The posters were not taped to poles or distributed in public grounds, but secured behind glass at bus stops around the city. The large-scale posters were advertisement replacements, fake corporate ads designed by 82 artists across 19 countries to satirize messaging found throughout the Parisian streets.

Organized by the Brandalism project, the citywide sweep is meant to challenge the corporate takeover of the Paris climate talks, forming ads that target the link between corporations’ advertising with consumerism, global warming, and fossil fuel consumption. The posters reference many of the climate talks’ corporate sponsors including Air France, Dow Chemicals, GDF Suez (Engie). Many of the Photoshopped images use the same branding and voice as the original advertisement, forcing the audience to take a deeper look at the content of the hundreds of posters dotting their daily commute.

“By sponsoring the climate talks, major polluters such as Air France and GDF-Suez-Engie can promote themselves as part of the solution – when actually they are part of the problem,” said Brandalism’s Joe Elan.

Escif, Jimmy Cauty, Neta Harari, Bansky-collaborator Paul Insect, and Kennard Phillips were just a few of the dozens of artists who created posters for the Parisian installation. You can see many more of the 600 posters created to challenge the UN COP21 Climate Conference over on Street Art News and Brandlism’s own website here.







29 Nov 20:55

Amazon and Jeremy Clarkson hint at the future of delivery drones

by Jon Fingas
Cooper Griggs

April Fool's is still months away... hmmm. Real?

Former Top Gear co-host Jeremy Clarkson isn't just working on a new motoring show for Amazon... he's helping the internet giant pitch its vision for delivery drones, too. Amazon has unveiled a splashy new Prime Air ad where Clarkson shows off a new,...
28 Nov 22:15

The NSA's mass US phone surveillance ends tonight

by Jon Fingas
Cooper Griggs

yeah, right

The National Security Agency's long-running mass phone surveillance program is coming to an end. As promised, the USA Freedom Act will forbid the NSA from indiscriminately collecting Americans' call metadata at midnight on November 29th. Agents wi...
29 Nov 00:11

Apple's next iPhone reportedly ditches the headphone jack

by Jon Fingas
Apple's quest for ever-thinner, ever-smarter devices may produce another casualty: your iPhone's headphone jack. A rumor at MacOtakara claims that the next iPhone might drop the 3.5mm port and use the Lightning port for audio instead. The move would...
28 Nov 19:53

Gravity's Grin

Gravity's Grin Gravity's Grin

27 Nov 22:30 - Get Inspired.

by speero
Cooper Griggs

Glass doors for your closet? Why have doors then?

28 Nov 01:21

dailygiffing: Video: Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp Take...

Cooper Griggs

The video is soooo much better than the gifs. :)

26 Nov 08:40

Raspberry Pi's latest computer costs just $5

by Matt Brian
Over the years, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has enabled universities and hobbyists to create their own DIY computing projects with its affordable boards. But that doesn't mean it's stopping there. Today, the company unveiled its latest programmable c...
26 Nov 12:39


26 Nov 12:39


26 Nov 16:39

Vintage Photographs

by cigarettefish
26 Nov 22:03

Tarantino explains why he thinks 70mm is better than digital

by Andrew Tarantola
Cooper Griggs

oh hell yes. Totally going to see this.

Famed film director Quentin Tarantino is well-known for his purist cinematic tastes and revelry of antique movie production techniques. His fondness for old-school cinema is on full display in his upcoming release, The Hateful Eight, which is being c...
26 Nov 22:20


27 Nov 08:28

DJI's MG-1 drone is water-resistant, dustproof.. and made for farming

by Mat Smith
Cooper Griggs


DJI's newest drone isn't its sexiest: it's a specialized, toughened agricultural drone. Yep, hard to get excited about unless you're a farmer perhaps, but the Agras MG-1 is dust-proof, water resistant and constructed from anti-corrosive materials. Sm...
27 Nov 05:00

Food Combinations

If anyone tries this on you, the best reply is a deadpan "Oh yeah, that's a common potato chip flavor in Canada."
27 Nov 18:23

A Perfectly Symmetrical Photo of a Kingfisher Diving for Prey, Nearly 6 Years in the Making

by Christopher Jobson

Licensed from Caters / Alan McFadyen

For the last 6 years, Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFadyen spent an estimated 4,200 hours seeking the perfect shot: a symmetrical image of a kingfisher diving into its own refelection in search of prey. Last month, after 720,000 exposures he finally got it. McFadyen certainly snapped hundreds of other successful images along the way, but this particular photo—as it existed in his imagination—eluded him for years.

“Kingfishers dive so fast they are like bullets, so taking a good photo requires a lot of luck – and a lot of patience,” McFadyen told the Daily Mail. The difficulty is compounded by the fact that female kingfishers only rarely dive, so timing is essential.

McFadyen owns Scottish Photography Hides which rents out hides in pristine locations in Southwest Scotland for use by wildlife photographers. You can explore more of his photography on Flickr. (via PetaPixel)


25 Nov 20:12


by saripipicamasiripi
Cooper Griggs

more WTF?

25 Nov 21:11

Google Reader (1000+)

by weevil
25 Nov 21:19

4-east-corner-trellis.jpg 700×1054 pixels

by blankenship
25 Nov 22:23

Distortion auf Flickr - Fotosharing!

by m9dfukc
25 Nov 22:27

sup foo.jpg 510×408 pixels

by typersx
25 Nov 22:41

la petite mort

by lucious
26 Nov 00:00

pleatedjeans: Dog Helps Fire Department [video]

Cooper Griggs

no chainsaw?


Dog Helps Fire Department [video]