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24 Aug 19:17

"How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?"

“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?”

- Howard Zinn, historian, playwright, and social activist (24 Aug 1922-2010)
24 Aug 19:21

thekintsugipictures: I’ve been pregnant twice. The first time...


I’ve been pregnant twice. The first time it happened I chose to have an abortion. I was too young to be a single mother so I did what I felt I had to do, and I did so without regret. The second time around, I didn’t know I was pregnant until I miscarried alone at home. My then-husband tried to reassure me by reminding me that we didn’t want children. We didn’t talk much about what happened. It was for the best, that much was understood. The days after passed in a blur. I remember going over to my father’s house after I got medical confirmation. He and his wife sat down with my husband and I and we all agreed, this was for the best. Of course it was. I went to bed early that night. I remember lying in bed in the dark listening to music. Beyoncé’s “Heaven” came on my shuffle rotation and I just lost it. For the first time since it happened, I let myself cry. When my husband came in the room and found me crying to Beyoncé, he laughed. I told him I was crying for the child we lost. He told me I’d been there before. “That’s different,” I said. “That time I got to choose.” I don’t think he understood the distinction.

I left him two months later.

I met Alex by chance. He called me beautiful. It was the only time I had ever believed that compliment.

I didn’t feel beautiful but I wanted to. I wanted to believe him. When I looked in the mirror, I wanted to see what he saw. I wanted to be able to say, “I am beautiful” and believe it. So I started taking self-portraits and I didn’t shy from showing off my stretchmark covered belly. Other women really responded to it and soon I was taking pictures of other people and now photography has become my life.

These marks remind me of what I lost and all I’ve gained since. They tell my story. They are my tiger stripes. They mark my strength, my ability to survive, and to let go.


@kathrynlouiseh photographed by @aboothinthemidwest for @thekintsugipictures

June, 2016

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22 Aug 04:46

Map of Total Solar Eclipse Path in 2017 August

Would you like to see a total eclipse of the Sun? Would you like to see a total eclipse of the Sun?

17 Aug 01:28

laughingsquid: A Baby Goat Wearing a Striped Shirt Climbs Her...

20 Aug 18:38

La Salita de Estar

by aeaea
21 Aug 04:52

"At the end of the day, you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s holding you..."

“At the end of the day, you can either focus
on what’s tearing you apart or what’s holding you together.”

- Anonymous  (via wnq-anonymous)
21 Aug 06:13

Kommand Propaganda #streetart #poster #marvista #losangeles...

Kommand Propaganda
#streetart #poster #marvista #losangeles #california (at Los Angeles Brakeless)

12 Aug 13:00

Experimental GIFs Exploring The Laws Of Physics

by Jessica Jungbauer

Swedish architects and 3D artists Anny Wang and Tim Söderström teamed up to create an ongoing series of experimental GIFs that challenge the laws of physics. Titled ‘Physlab‘, the hyperreal pieces were made with 3D software to create worlds that merge physics with dreamy, experimental spaces. In a statement about the project, the duo says: “What we’ve been into lately is to implement physical forces from the real world and play with them in our otherwise quite surreal platform.”





All GIFs © Anny Wang and Tim Söderström

16 Aug 19:26

sabotabby: myhappyhearts: taphonomy: visqueuse: bogleech: pu...








I expected garbage and I got gold

I want more edgy support posts like this tbh. I love them in the same way people find comfort in “you did great today! uwu” posts, which is nice.

please let supportive, understanding edgy skeletons become a widespread thing

This pleases me insurmountably 

These are excellent

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20 Aug 16:24

“The Last Bastion”this short made me cry. beautifully done. so...

Cooper Griggs

Good one!

“The Last Bastion”

this short made me cry. beautifully done. so good.

13 Aug 19:00

jupiter2: Huge Elephant Seal

Cooper Griggs

I said NO... PARK...ING...HERE!


Huge Elephant Seal

18 Aug 17:38

Sultans of Swings, de Dire Straits, al Gayaheum

by Troy
18 Aug 14:56

This Matrix reboot looks promising.

This Matrix reboot looks promising.

19 Aug 12:31

No contest.image / twitter / facebook / patreon

No contest.

image / twitter / facebook / patreon

17 Aug 20:10

World's longest aircraft takes its first flight

by Jon Fingas
That aircraft you see above may look more than a little odd, but it just made history... and it might be the future of flight. Hybrid Air Vehicles has successfully flown the Airlander 10, a long-endurance airplane/airship hybrid billed as the longest...
17 Aug 23:03

Driverless buses to hit Finnish city's streets

by David Lumb
Finland has been testing autonomous EasyMile buses on public roads for a little while now, but away from the hustle and bustle of its big cities. Now the Scandinavian country is ready to try out the adorable, driverless people-movers on the mean stre...
17 Aug 23:44

French mayor bans 'Pokémon Go' in his town

by David Lumb
In what is either great technological misunderstanding or extreme territorialism, mayor Fabrice Beauvois wants every digital pocket monster out of his village. He mailed a decree to Niantic, creators of the mobile game Pokémon Go, demanding th...
18 Aug 06:39

NASA's asteroid-bound spacecraft will blast off in September

by Mariella Moon
It's official: OSIRIS-Rex is blasting off to meet a near-Earth asteroid named Bennu on September 8th, NASA has confirmed at a press briefing. The spacecraft will launch from Cape Canaveral and travel for two years before it reaches its destination. O...
18 Aug 12:20

Uber will offer free rides in its self-driving cars this month

by Matt Brian
After months of testing, Uber's self-driving cars are ready to pick up their first passengers. Bloomberg reports that the ride-hailing company will allow customers in Pittsburgh to request one of its autonomous Volvo XC90 sport-utility vehicles via t...
19 Aug 00:52

Financial aid will soon be offered to attend coding bootcamps

by Brittany Vincent
It can be pretty expensive to attend coding bootcamps even if you make a decently comfortable living. The U.S. Department of Education is looking to change this, launching a new initiative that'll help eligible low-income students pay for them using...
18 Aug 15:16

Accessories Brand Claims They Sent Ivanka Trump a Rude 'Thank You' Note

by (Kim LaCapria)
Accessories brand Lady Grey leveraged the power of election news to publicize a critical thank you note they claim they sent to Ivanka Trump.
18 Aug 00:04

pleatedjeans: Let’s go!


Let’s go!

18 Aug 00:20

4gifs: Look at this chicken wearing pants. 2016 is turning...


Look at this chicken wearing pants. 2016 is turning around. [video]

17 Aug 19:58

a thing i do

Cooper Griggs

Very interesting.

i’m not sure when i started this, but i lower the pitch of my voice. i know i do this, can tell when i’m doing it, and it’s become automatic.

as a woman working in a male dominated field, how i carry myself has a direct impact on how i’m treated. add in the “blonde bimbo” stereotype and i’m having to check myself on yet another level.

this is not a complaint. it’s just how it is. but i know i do things to… “work around” this. which includes modulating the pitch of my voice.

i’ve been giving thought to these things recently. and my thinking has been, surprisingly, informed by some of the amber rose gif sets i’ve seen on tumblr about slut shaming. changing oneself to fit someone else’s reality…

but don’t we all do this, to some extent, as a matter of being in society?

i don’t know. it’s just something i’m thinking about. changing my vocal pitch has benefits i’m not willing (right now) to give up. but how many other compromises am i making? what are the benefits? which ones should/could/can i stop?

2016. my year of questioning.

18 Aug 20:34

knitmeapony: the-movemnt:The Equal Justice Initiative is...



The Equal Justice Initiative is building a memorial for lynching victims — and it’s about time.

The Equal Justice Initiative announced on Tuesday that it will build the first-ever national memorial to lynching victims in Montgomery, Alabama. Titled “Memorial to Peace and Justice,” the EJI project will sit on six acres of land that used to be a public housing project in Montgomery. 

The structure will include the thousands of lynching victims’ names on concrete columns, which will represent hundreds of U.S. counties where the acts took place. The memorial will also coincide with the opening of a museum.

follow @the-movemnt

Holy shit this is gorgeous and powerful.  Love it.

18 Aug 11:47

Meteor before Galaxy

What's that green streak in front of the Andromeda galaxy? What's that green streak in front of the Andromeda galaxy?

17 Aug 16:02

My gondola pic from Venice #2010 #wbw #venice #italy #europe...

My gondola pic from Venice #2010
#wbw #venice #italy #europe #trip #rtw #worldtour #travels #gondolas (at Venice, Italy)

18 Aug 19:23

Pastor Tony Perkins' Home Among Those Damaged In Louisiana Flooding

by (Dan Evon)
The Family Research Council president has mused in the past that natural disasters are God's punishment for various sins.