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25 Feb 14:45

cracked: Like everything great, Star Wars came within an...


Like everything great, Star Wars came within an ass-hair’s width of being total shit. You gotta remember that in the ’70s anyone with a doofy beard and a plaid shirt could shoot a movie just by telling people what to do and not giving them the chance to disagree. It was a magical time.

But through George Lucas’ devotion to an acid flashback he was apparently having for three straight weeks, when production wrapped, he found himself with a masterpiece of celluloid, right?

Nope! Turns out that the first cut of Star Wars was an incomprehensible mess, and it was up to George’s wife and editor, Marcia Lucas, to swoop in and save the day … again.

Actually, Marcia was Lucas’ “muse” through the entire production, if by “muse” you mean “person who had all the good ideas.” It was her idea to kill Obi-Wan (apparently George’s first draft had him just disappearing at one point) and demanded that Lucas keep the “For Luck” kiss scene that would snarl the series up in a knotty mess of incest once the third movie was released. But, most importantly, she’s totally responsible for the Battle of Yavin, also known as The Death Star Trench Run scene, also known as The Part at the End of the Movie Where the Good Guys Win.

5 Women Who Invented Modern Pop Culture (And Got No Credit)

04 Mar 19:34

Government finds the FAA is vulnerable to hacks

by Terrence O'Brien
On the scale of extremely disconcerting government revelations, this isn't PRISM, but damn if it isn't alarming. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a scathing report on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) air traffic control ...
04 Mar 15:00

Cracked Thin Mints

Cooper Griggs

Well they sure are addictive like crack.

Rumor: Thin Mints Girl Scouts cookies contain crack.
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04 Mar 06:02

Taurus: Chess Club President but also ran through the school dressed as a banana once

this is strangely accurate.

04 Mar 11:11

Security flaw from the '90s leaves Apple and Android users open to attack

by Mariella Moon
Cooper Griggs

dammit! When will these exploits stop!?!

A team of cryptographers have discovered that a security flaw from way back in the '90s still leaves users today vulnerable to cyberattacks. They've dubbed it "Factoring attack on RSA-EXPORT Key" or FREAK, and it renders everyone who uses Safari on M...
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04 Mar 18:32

This Bubbling Ferrofluid Light Works like a Magnetized Lava Lamp

by Christopher Jobson
Cooper Griggs






We’ve seen a number of interesting ways to play with magnetized ferrofluid over the last few years, but here’s a new one worth a mention. Designer Kyle Haines just launched a Kickstarter featuring his design for a “motion lamp” filled with heated ferrofluid that can be manipulated with a pair of magnets called the Inspiration. The idea works somewhat similar to the iconic 60s-era lava lamp but with a magnetized twist. For those who just want to play with ferrofluid without the lamp, he’s also create a smaller self-contained bottle called the Thinker. See a video of them in action here.

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04 Mar 03:56

Protect Ya Neck

Protect Ya Neck

04 Mar 04:04

(via gifsboom)

(via gifsboom)

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03 Mar 15:00

Weasel Riding Woodpecker

Rumor: A photograph shows a woodpecker flying with a weasel on its back.
03 Mar 21:30


by brandpowder
03 Mar 15:00

Sodomite Suppression Act

Cooper Griggs

Filed in California??? LMAO!!!

Rumor: A lawyer proposed a ballot measure that would make sodomy a capital offense.
03 Mar 20:58


by speero
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03 Mar 19:57

Snowden in talks to come home -- still holding out for a fair trial

by Devindra Hardawar
Cooper Griggs

BTW - Citizen Four is really good.

After blowing open the NSA's secret surveillance plans and spending the past few years in Russia, former NSA contractor Edward Snowden is now in talks with lawyers to make his way back to the U.S., reports Russia Today. But, according to his Russian ...
03 Mar 19:21

A Softer World: 1210

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27 Feb 09:14

Design Detail – A Window Seat For Reading

by Dave
Cooper Griggs

via A. Kachmar

Bernardo Rodrigues designed a home for a family, and included a unique window seat that is the perfect size for the kids to enjoy some quiet time reading.


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03 Mar 15:19

Lenticular Cloud, Moon, Mars, Venus

Cooper Griggs

WOW! What a shot

It is not every day that such an interesting cloud It is not every day that such an interesting cloud

03 Mar 06:00

Comic for 2015.03.03

03 Mar 15:00

(via d0gbl0g:darksilenceinsuburbia:Tanja Brandt)

Cooper Griggs

OMG these are amazing

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03 Mar 15:52

A Flock of Synchronized Dancing Origami Cranes on an Electromagnetic Stage

by Christopher Jobson



Not content with boring old inanimate origami, Japanese designer and maker Ugoita T. assembled this clever electromagnetic stage to bring his paper cranes to life. While the idea of moving paper creations around with magnets is fun, it’s the synchronization that really makes this hilarious. (via Digg)

03 Mar 16:58

New Murals by ‘1010’ Expose Hidden Portals of Color in Walls and Buildings

by Christopher Jobson

Installatoin view, Limbus. Hashimoto Contemporary







Over the last year or so, German street artist 1010 (previously) created several of his fantastic spray paint portals in locations around Germany, Panama, and the United States. 1010 brings surprising layers of depth to drab facades and blank gallery walls by painting concentric layers of color. The artist most recently had a solo show at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco titled Limbus. You can see more over on Juxtapoz and on Facebook.

02 Mar 22:30

batsvsupes:Riddle me this…

Cooper Griggs

via David Pelaez


Riddle me this…

28 Feb 03:17


Cooper Griggs

via Christopher Lantz

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