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15 Jul 21:03

NASA's Mars 2020 rover will search for signs of past life

by Andrew Dalton
After building out its next Mars rover in mixed-reality simulations, NASA is ready to announce the near-final design that will depart for the red planet in the summer of 2020. Unlike Curiosity, which is still on its extended tour, the Mars 2020 rover...
17 Jul 19:28

SpaceX picks its first rocket to fly a second time

by Jon Fingas
Sure, SpaceX promised to reuse a rocket sometime in September or October... but which rocket? At last, we know. As part of a NASA presentation, SpaceX has revealed that it will be using the second Falcon 9 to make a successful landing (in this case,...
18 Jul 13:34

Netflix will air the new 'Star Trek' series outside the US

by Daniel Cooper
Cooper Griggs


Netflix has announced that it'll be the exclusive home of the brand-new Star Trek TV series, and will broadcast the show globally next year. When it was announced, CBS revealed that only the first episode would air on TV, with the rest of the episode...
18 Jul 14:35

Germany plans to require 'black boxes' in self-driving cars

by Devindra Hardawar
Self-driving cars in Germany might end up having "black boxes" that can record details of accidents, similar to planes, Reuters reports. Sources say that the proposal from Germany's Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt, will also require that rider...
19 Jul 03:59

DJI drones will now get real-time wildfire alerts

by Mariella Moon
DJI has added real-time wildfire alerts to its geofencing system to prevent drones from wandering into affected areas and hampering firefighting efforts. The company already upgraded its Geospatial Environment Online software earlier this month with...
19 Jul 00:48

With all of the horrible things happening in this country and...

With all of the horrible things happening in this country and around the world, this is a nice reminder that we still live in an amazing time. Yay for good news!

16 Jul 14:00

Tilt Shift Van Gogh’s Paintings

by Léa

Les tableaux de Vincent Van Gogh traversent les époques et émerveillent toujours autant. Les utilisateurs de Reddit se regroupant sous le nom de melonshade, ont transféré les toiles sur photoshop et les ont retravaillées en y ajoutant du flou pour renforcer certains détails ou encore donner l’impression qu’elles avait été saisies avec un objectif disposant de l’effet « tilt shift ».

vangoghtiltshift8 vangoghtiltshift7 vangoghtiltshift6 vangoghtiltshift5 vangoghtiltshift4 vangoghtiltshift3 vangoghtiltshift2 vangoghtiltshift1
19 Jul 05:30

NYC's next subway cars have WiFi and USB ports built-in

by Andrew Dalton
The New York City subway system is gearing up for a major overhaul meant to bring a "modernized look and feel" to lighting, wayfinding and subway cars by the year 2020. At a press conference on Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the Metropolitan...
17 Jul 18:30

on the unquestioned given@ohfivefifteen posted recently about...

on the unquestioned given

@ohfivefifteen posted recently about what a drag it is to prefer short nails because the maintenance is so constant. i concur, but my short nails are a bit of a recent personal revelation for me, so i still enjoy the chore of keeping them clipped.

you see, i’d never stopped to ask myself if i wanted to wear my nails long or short. because for some reason i had it that “women have long nails” - end of story. having to have long nails was sort of just a given.

a given? by whom?

i’m going to assume this sounds dumb to anyone outside my head, but it really did surprise me a few months ago when i decided to file down my nails, and i realized… i had always hated having long nails. and my brain very loudly asked, “then why the hell have you spent decades doing this?”

why? because a very young notentirely got it into her head that that’s what women do. and there the thought remained, unquestioned.

and now that i see how casually the unquestioned was such a part of my routine, i’ve started to actively question a lot of mundane things, a lot of “givens”, and i’m starting to make different decisions about really basic stuff.

and it’s sort of really great.

… actually, really fucking awesome.

because it turns out there’s a bunch of stuff i’ve been doing, ways i’ve been being, things i’ve been thinking, that when questioned, i can just… let go of.

so yeah… the weekly nail maintenance is a drag… or at least i’m sure it will be, when it stops being so fulfilling to stomp on this simple now-questioned given.

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18 Jul 13:40

hobolunchbox: Booooiiiing.



18 Jul 04:00


Cooper Griggs

This is for my wife. She's always drinking water.

I don't care what the research says. Everybody knows you should drink 3,000 glasses of water a day and change your oil every 8 miles.
16 Jul 16:26

"So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding..."

“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.”

- Rainbow Rowell, Attachments
17 Jul 20:52

“Balloon Dog (Blue)” by Jeff Koons #thebroadmuseum...

“Balloon Dog (Blue)” by Jeff Koons
#thebroadmuseum @thebroadmuseum #jeffkoons #balloondog #blue #art #modernart #dtla (at The Broad Museum At Downtown Los Angeles)

17 Jul 20:58

Ups & Downs #staircase #thebroadmuseum @thebroadmuseum #art...

Ups & Downs
#staircase #thebroadmuseum @thebroadmuseum #art (at The Broad Museum At Downtown Los Angeles)

18 Jul 07:29

Too many toes? #hollywoodandhighland #hollywoodblvd #elephant...

Too many toes?
#hollywoodandhighland #hollywoodblvd #elephant #statue (at Hollywood & Highland)

15 Jul 06:27

“Red Block” by El Anatsui (at The Broad Museum At...

“Red Block” by El Anatsui (at The Broad Museum At Downtown Los Angeles)

15 Jul 10:12

Tulips by Jeff Koons #thebroadmuseum #losangeles #california...

Tulips by Jeff Koons
#thebroadmuseum #losangeles #california #modernart #dtla #art (at The Broad Museum At Downtown Los Angeles)

15 Jul 10:18

Prism Patina #rainbows #concrete #alisoviejo #orangecounty...

Prism Patina
#rainbows #concrete #alisoviejo #orangecounty #california #prism #2007 (at Aliso Viejo, California)

15 Jul 17:25

'Star Wars: Rogue One' sizzle reel loves practical effects

by Sean Buckley
Cooper Griggs

this is going to be soooo good. i hope

If you fell in love with Star Wars: The Force Awakens' gorgeous melody of practical sets and VFX, then good news: Rogue One seems to be following in its footsteps. A new sizzle reel released at Star Wars: Celebration looks behind the camera to highli...
15 Jul 19:31

'28 pages' on Saudi Ties to 9/11 Released by Congress

by (Jeff Zarronandia)
The long-secret "28 pages" of a 2002 Congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks finally have been made public.
15 Jul 16:49

“Green Angle” by Ellsworth Kelly (at The Broad...

“Green Angle” by Ellsworth Kelly (at The Broad Museum At Downtown Los Angeles)

15 Jul 17:02

Best bottle opener evar #apad #recycle #2007 #danapoint...

Best bottle opener evar
#apad #recycle #2007 #danapoint #orangecounty #california (at Dana Point, California)

14 Jul 23:26

'Love Trumps Hate' Billboard Goes Up in Cleveland

by (David Emery)
A billboard posted near the site of the 2016 Republican National Convention shows GOP candidate Donald Trump and former opponent Ted Cruz kissing.
14 Jul 17:50

Tech leaders say Trump would be a disaster for innovation

by Andrew Dalton
Cooper Griggs

He'd be a disaster FOR EVERYTHING!!!

While at least one notable tech billionaire is willing to openly support Donald Trump's presidential campaign, a whopping 145 other leaders from major tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, Tumblr, Slack and even Steve Wozniak himself h...
14 Jul 18:08

Amish Dobergoat Fighting Ring Busted!

by (Kim LaCapria)
Cooper Griggs

LMAO!!! What a fantastic story!

Police in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, have not broken up an Amish "dobergoat fighting ring," nor do "dobergoats" even exist.
14 Jul 18:27

Nintendo NES Relaunched as 'NES Classic Edition'

by (Kim LaCapria)
Cooper Griggs


It's true, Nintendo is re-releasing a slightly updated but visually identical version of their popular 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
14 Jul 08:11


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14 Jul 16:04