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09 Oct 01:16

MakerBot lays off another twenty percent of its workers

by Terrence O'Brien
In April MakerBot laid off 20 percent of its workforce. Roughly six months later, its doing it again, trimming another fifth of its payroll as it struggles to meet lofty ambitions and expectations set by its parent company Stratasys. In a blog post...
08 Oct 18:17

DNA nanomachine detects HIV antibodies in minutes, not hours

by Andrew Tarantola
Current methods for detecting the antibodies that indicate HIV infection are agonizingly slow and cumbersome. However a new DNA nanomachine developed by an international team of researchers (and funded, in part, by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foun...
08 Oct 16:54

DJI's slick 4K hand-held gimbal is ready for action

by Richard Lai
The day has finally come. After our sneak peek at a prototype back in January, DJI's first hand-held gimbal is finally arriving in its slick true form along with a new name: Osmo. This $649 device is designed to house the Zenmuse 4K range of detach...
08 Oct 15:00


Cooper Griggs

Sure would make their menu items taste better.

FACT CHECK: Have McDonald’s restaurants in Colorado turned their Play Place areas into marijuana-friendly smoking zones?
08 Oct 12:13


08 Oct 04:10

Light's L16 camera challenges DSLRs with 16 lenses in one package

by Mariella Moon
Photography startup Light has launched L16, which the company's calling a "a multi-aperture computational camera," at the Code/Mobile conference. It's named L16, because it's equipped with 16 individual lenses, though unlike bulky and heavy DSLRs,...
08 Oct 04:42

sizvideos: Guinea Pig sharing a blade of grass (Video)

Cooper Griggs


08 Oct 02:10

Meet the laundry-folding washing machine of our lazy-ass future

by Mat Smith
Cooper Griggs

can't wait

Socks are the hardest. For an future washing machine that washes, dries and then folds the results, it's one of the small barriers that remains in that latter stage. But as a research project that started back in 2008, Laundroid is finally getting...
07 Oct 21:14


07 Oct 22:31

Scrambles: Cat Detective!

by Matthew Inman
Scrambles: Cat Detective!

This cat solves mysteries.

07 Oct 20:42

Amazon's Snowball is a smart box for shipping tons of cloud data

by Jon Fingas
It seems paradoxical that you'd have to ship cloud data, but plenty of companies do -- it's sometimes faster for them to send a courier than to wait days for a massive upload to finish. And Amazon knows it. The internet giant just revealed the Sn...
07 Oct 17:46

Toyota aims to build autonomous car around 2020

by Autoblog
Toyota believes that it can make human inputs largely unnecessary from highway drives in vehicles by 2020. To prove what the company can do, the Lexus GS Highway Teammate concept shows the tech in action right now.The race is on to get increasingly...
07 Oct 18:41

FAA slaps drone video firm with record $1.9-million fine

by James Trew
It looks like the FAA is getting serious on unauthorized UAV flying. The department's just slapped SkyPan, a Chicago-based aerial video company, with a record $1.9-million dollar fine for violating flying regulations in its home city, and New York....
07 Oct 17:21

US Army's new anti-drone gun blasts UAVs from a kilometer away

by Andrew Tarantola
Engineers at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey successfully concluded a demonstration of its new anti-UAV platform recently by, you guessed it, blowing a pair of airborne drones clean out of the sky from a kilometer away. However, unlike other anti-d...
07 Oct 13:03

Backpack to school

07 Oct 15:26

Flying Past Pluto

Cooper Griggs


What would it look like to fly past Pluto? What would it look like to fly past Pluto?

07 Oct 03:45


07 Oct 13:57

tumblr_leqk94uaB71qfwsqao1_500.jpg (500×410)

by iamfran
Cooper Griggs


06 Oct 02:13

mydrunkkitchen: UPVOTE where do i sign the petition?



where do i sign the petition?

06 Oct 00:23


05 Oct 04:00

Keyboard Problems

Cooper Griggs


In the future, a group of resistance fighters send me back in time with instructions to find the Skynet prototype and try to upgrade it.
05 Oct 18:34

bunnyfood: Bird plays Peekaboo


Bird plays Peekaboo

05 Oct 05:44

tastefullyoffensive: by It’s the Tie

05 Oct 05:45

"Within one linear centimeter of your lower colon there lives and works more bacteria (about 100..."

“Within one linear centimeter of your lower colon there lives and works more bacteria (about 100 billion) than all humans who have ever been born. Yet many people continue to assert that it is we who are in charge of the world.”

- Neil deGrasse Tyson, astrophysicist and author (b. 5 Oct 1958)
02 Oct 21:55

spyras: TONI SPYRA “CONSUMPTION” 1250 x 270 x 325cm 2014




1250 x 270 x 325cm


03 Oct 15:04


03 Oct 19:18

oh bambi

by everyeskimo
04 Oct 15:23

Dark side of typography

by turn
05 Oct 09:21

The sheer beauty of the planet surprised me. It was a huge pearl, set... - but does it float

by superfamous
05 Oct 12:21


by linzey