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25 May 17:17

This Kid’s Music Video Is Going Viral All Because of Fidget Spinners

by Jonathan Sawyer

i am fully convinced that rap music has taken a wrong turn and needs to be course corrected, but i appreciate this kids style

It’s really nothing new for a musician to hit viral status thanks to an over-the-top video. In following the likes of Rich Chigga, Lil Dicky and many others before them, meet Matt Ox.

Matt is an 11-year-old rapper from Philadelphia who has recently gained attention, not only because he’s a young trap artist, but thanks to videos like his most recent for “Overwhelming” — which follows up on “This N That” —  that just so happens to showcase the latest craze: fidget spinners.

Lately, we’ve been seeing these things absolutely everywhere, so why wouldn’t a music industry hopeful utilize such a phenomenon to help launch his own career?

In addition to playing with fidget spinners, Ox can be seen paling around with his pre-teen friends and riding dirt bikes throughout the Pipus & Kendra-directed aesthetic.

Press play above to check it out, then be sure to let us know what you think of the clip.

25 May 16:05

The Witcher’s fave card game, Gwent, is now in open beta

by Brendan Caldwell

i want to play this so bad.

Drizzle-soaked Welsh county and card game of tavern scoundrels, Gwent [official site], is now in open beta. Originally an in-game pastime from The Witcher 3, developers CD Projekt RED are casting it out into the world to see if it can survive on its own with naught but a pair of free-to-play clogs. It involves pitting your fightcards against the enemy’s fightcards on a wooden battlefield and borrows at least some ideas from the card game of sublime Italian cowardice Condottiere. But if you’re unfamiliar, we have a trailer below which explains it much better.
… [visit site to read more]

25 May 15:49

Netflix Warren Ellis Castlevania series gets debut trailer

by Philippa Warr

im interested for two reasons: 1. castlevania. 2. castlevania as imagined by warren ellis?!

Netflix's Castlevania

Oooh! The Castlevania animated series Netflix commissioned now has a trailer. That means we have our first look at the Warren Ellis-penned adaptation (although there is more than half a minute of preamble and sneaking in refs to other Netflix shows – GET TO THE POINT! AND BY POINT I MEAN THE POINT OF THE STAKE BECAUSE DRACULA): … [visit site to read more]

25 May 15:42

The New Dark Times-Shirt

by René

Awesome shirt is awesome. Goes smoothly together with the Nothing is real-Hat, I guess.

25 May 15:11

Pope sez Fuck Your Hand!

by René


I find this far funnier than I should:

[update] It's from a Kimmel-Segment last night:

18 May 21:18

New Video: Cardi B Feat. Offset “Lick”

by Staff

this is my least favorite generation of rap music


Are they dating or not? Despite being spotted together at various outings this year, Cardi B and Offset have kept quiet on the status of their relationship. The voluptuous rapper and Migos member now return with Mazi O.-directed video, “Lick.” Inspired by Oceans 11, Cardi and Offset hit the casino crap tables, while the former VH1 star pulls off a big-time heist.

“Lick” is off Cardi B’s Gangsta Bitch Vol. 2 project. Watch below.

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Premiered by FADER

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18 May 17:27

Penélope Cruz as Donatella Versace on the Set of “Versace: American Crime Story”

by Tom and Lorenzo

unsettling as a blonde

Penélope Cruz is serving up her version of ’90s Donatella drag and we are definitely here for it.


Slay, mama.

We have to admit, we burst out laughing at the attempt. She’s fabulous and on point, and we are OBVIOUSLY going to be all over this show when it comes out, but let’s face it, this is a rather flattering version of the real thing, no? Miss Penelope’s just a skosh more movie-star gorgeous… and we’ll leave it at that.




[Photo Credit:]

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18 May 17:13

New Music: Iggy Azalea Feat. Anitta “Switch”

by Staff

someone got A LOT OF WORK DONE


Iggy Azalea is prepping to drop her new album
Digital Distortion later this year. After showing off her assets and twerking skills in “Mo Bounce,” the blonde bombshell returns with her new single “Switch.” The feel-good upbeat track features Brazilian pop singer Anitta, and the two joined forces to film the song’s rump shaking music video.

“Switch” is available now in select international markets like New Zealand, before it arrives on all streaming platforms and iTunes at midnight. Releasing via Def Jam Records, Digital Distortion is set to feature appearances by YG, Jeremih and Lil’ Uzi Vert.

Listen to “Switch” below.

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New Music: Iggy Azalea Feat. Anitta – “Switch”

Iggy Azalea – “Mo Bounce” (Video)
Iggy Azalea Feat. Lil Uzi Vert – “Can’t Lose”

18 May 16:03

Don't Overlook the Costumes on 'Master of None'

by Tyler McCall

i watched the whole season yesterday. 1. the italian lady is incredibly beautiful. 2. everyone is so handsomely dressed.

Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang's original Netflix series, "Master of None," has quickly emerged as not only one of the best comedies on television but also one of the most poignant. If you've somehow made it through both seasons one and two of the show without seeing something incredibly relatable, or ...

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18 May 15:39

Chiba Kotaro, Recent Work.Incredible and endlessly fascinating...

12 May 13:19

Marilyn Manson Is Utterly Chilling in the Latest Trailer for ‘Let Me Make You a Martyr’

by Graeme Campbell

im into it

Marilyn Manson showcases his acting chops once more in the latest trailer for crime action thriller Let Me Make You a Martyr.

The film tells the story of an adopted sister and brother duo who scheme to kill their abusive father. Once their father is made aware of the plan, he then orders a hitman (Manson) to resolve the problem. In the teaser above, the shock rocker can be seen providing a wholly unsettling rendition of a gospel song to an unnamed man, and from there, things only get more sinister.

Manson has already demonstrated his thespian prowess on TV shows like Eastbound and Down, Californication and Sons of Anarchy. You can catch him in the film at select screenings below:

05/25 – Tulsa, Oklahoma. @ Circle Cinema  (two-week run)
05/27 – Austin, Texas @ Alamo Drafthouse (two-week run)
06/05 – Los Angeles, California. @ Sunset 5 Cinema (one night only)
06/09 – Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Anthology Film Archives

Once you’re done watching the trailer, click here to find some hidden Netflix gems.

04 May 19:35

Applebee There

by admin

28 Apr 14:45

Hulk’s Nicknames for His Defenders Teammates

by Brian Cronin

i love it

Hulk’s Nicknames for His Defenders Teammates

Knowledge Waits is a feature where I just share some bit of comic book history that interests me.

One of the things that has mostly gone by the wayside in comic book writing is that few writers try to write the Hulk like they used to (well, obviously, no one CURRENTLY writes the Hulk, because he’s dead, but you know what I mean). Gone is the days of “Puny humans, leave Hulk alone!”

Anyhow, back in those days, the Hulk was famous for the short nicknames that he would give hie “teammates” (quotes because the Defenders were a non-team team) in the Defenders. I’ll try to list as many as I can…

DOCTOR STRANGE = Magician or Dumb Magician

Just “Magician” was first in “Defenders” #2 (after calling him just “Doctor Strange” at first)…

then it became the more specific DUMB Magician…

NAMOR = Fish-Man

This was a go-to for the Hulk…

SILVER SURFER = Silver One and Shiny Face

He didn’t seem to have a consistent one for Silver Surfer…

VALKYRIE = Girl and then Sword-Girl

This was a weird one for many years. Just girl!

Later, when Hellcat also joined, Hulk HAD to come up with a new nickname for Valkyrie, so he went with Sword-Girl…

HAWKEYE = Purple man

Short-lived teammate, Hawkeye, was also “Stick Man.”


Long-time teammate, Nighthawk, got Bird-Nose right away…

It stuck, even when his costume changed to his more familiar look…

HELLCAT = Cat-Girl

Another longtime Defender, Hellcat, got the Cat-Girl nickname from Hulk very quickly…


Moon Knight was really only briefly a Defender, but long enough to count!

I don’t believe that the Hulk ever came up with a nickname for Hellstrom or Gargoyle, but I could be wrong! Feel free to write in with some nicknames that we missed!

If anyone else has a cool piece of comic book history that they’d like to see featured, feel free to drop me a line at!

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25 Apr 18:34

Rosario Dawson LOVES Her Dress at the “Unforgettable” Los Angeles Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo

rosario dawson is top five most beautiful women in the world for sure



And we mean REALLY loves it:


Oh, honey. Never part the curtain on your legs. Not unless you have fanfare music on standby and you plan on saying “PREEEEEEESENTING… MY CROTCH!” like an old-timey ringmaster.



That is a whole hell of a lot of gold. And listen, you’d be hard-pressed to find two queens who love a sequin more than these two. But for whatever reasons, this isn’t really setting us on fire. To our eyes, that’s a very yellow, brassy gold, which is making it a bit less fabulous than we’d like. We’re not feeling the sheer flimsiness of the skirt, but that could have a lot to do with how she’s presenting it. And gold shoes with a gold dress is rarely ever a good idea. It’s almost always too much and you almost always risk going out with clashing golds, which is a fate we would only wish on our worst enemies. But she’s clearly feeling it, so maybe we should just get the hell over ourselves.

Still, doesn’t this seem like a lot for a semi-basic premiere?





Is it us, or does that trailer basically give you the whole movie?


Style Credits:
Vivienne Westwood Strapless Couture Gown in Deep Gold Lace with Rose Sequin Embellishment


[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, Vince Flores/ – Video Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via]

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20 Apr 14:44

Rafael Varona’s “Impossible Bottles.”A marvelous ongoing series...

Rafael Varona’s “Impossible Bottles.”

A marvelous ongoing series by artist Rafael Varona entitled “Impossible Bottles” which involves animated, lively worlds encapsulated in bottles for us to gaze upon.

Don’t miss Supersonic Art on Instagram!

20 Apr 13:42

“All Star” By Smash Mouth But All Instruments Are Bill O’Reilly Saying His Name

by Peter Helman

i didnt think it was worth it but it is

From the internet that brought you "All Star" By Smash Mouth But All Notes Are In C. More »
04 Apr 16:15

Meet Mr Eazi, the Nigerian Afrobeats Artist Making Global Waves

by Stephanie Smith-Strickland


“There’s always been interest in Afrobeat, it was just about the loudness of the interest,” says Mr Eazi, eyes concealed behind a pair of tinted sunglasses despite the dimness of the Playstation Theater’s numerous back rooms. He is preparing for the New York leg of the “Life is Eazi” tour and expects to play a sold out show that night, though you’d hardly know by his calm demeanor.

The clang of percussion and pulse-like beating of drums drifts down from the stage through an open door. Eazi’s team has started sound check, and the clamor of instruments underpins each of his statements like a song. Truthfully, his speaking voice isn’t so different than when he sings – there’s always a recognizable rhythm that carries his lyrics – something that falls between the satiny bedroom crooners of the ‘90s and the mumble rap preference of today’s youth. It’s a unique sonic marker, that, when coupled with Eazi’s tendency to write and record songs as he goes, gives his music an unstudied authenticity that has amassed him a legion of dedicated followers.

Last year, he signed a deal with Starboy Worldwide, the imprint label of Nigerian recording artist Wizkid, who like Eazi, was already a well-known name on the African continent. Of course the former’s meteoric rise to Stateside fame was sped along by the popularity of Drake’s “One Dance,” a song that quickly became the measurable precursor to American hip-hop’s flirtation with the sounds of the diaspora. In short, it’s no matter of small importance that Eazi is a rising Afrobeat artist during a most critical cross-over moment for the genre.

So who is Mr Eazi?

Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade or Mr Eazi was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, and attended school in Lagos until university. His father was a pilot who traveled often, and Eazi remembers that he would always play records for the family during breakfast whenever he was at home. “My dad playing Bob Marley was my first interaction with music,” he says.

While the early exposure to reggae gave Eazi an appreciation of the sonic connections between Africa and Caribbean, it did little to cement his desire to make music. “I always wanted to be a millionaire,” he shares in his unhurried way. If there was one thing he knew for certain, it was that music was a gamble that very rarely resulted in millions. “It really wasn’t until July 22 of last year I started to think music was a viable career choice from a financial perspective. When I was going to college I realized the only millionaires in my family besides my grandma were engineers. They were working for oil companies or they had their own oil servicing companies so that’s the reason I studied mechanical engineering. I wanted to work in one of those companies and become a millionaire. Just one year into Uni I figured out there were other ways to become a millionaire. That’s when I realized I didn’t need to be an engineer or a pilot like my dad.”

Going to university in Kumasi, a city in the neighboring country of Ghana, also exposed Eazi to a new community of peers and allowed him to let his entrepreneurial spirit soar unfettered. “I started about six business ventures before I got into music,” Eazi says laughing. “I did promoting, I sold phones, I had a cab service, then I started selling drinks, and then I did gold trading, and then I went back to phones.”

In fact, it was one of Eazi’s many business ventures that eventually led him to a recording studio. While a student, he started a party and promotion company called Swagger Entertainment with around thirteen friends whom Eazi describes as, “the coolest boys at my Uni.” The popularity of their parties soon spread around the college circuit and caught the attention of Ghanaian musicians who clamored to be booked for events.

“I started going to the studio because artists who wanted to play at my shows wanted to gain my favor so they’d invite me to the studio. I was already sick of going to the clubs every Friday because I was the one doing the parties so the studio became like a new place to relax; that’s how I ended up recording. I actually think if I go back to that studio in Kumasi I would find so many records that never came out. Every Friday we would just go and just record random vibes from hip-hop to dancehall. At the time I still felt like if I had the money to pay artists to come to my shows and parties then I didn’t respect being a musician as an economically viable position in Africa.”

In 2014, Eazi quit club promoting after a no-show from an artist ended the largest party he’d ever attempted to throw. He also disassociated himself from his old persona and began to hone in on the career path he least expected – music. Following a string of successful  singles such as “Bankulize” and “Skin Tight,” both of which featured Ghanaian artists, and both of which enjoyed social media success, Eazi finally began to receive more critical recognition.

Yet despite finding favor online and in the local music scene, in 2016, he was snubbed from inclusion at the Ghana Music Awards due to his Nigerian citizenship. Ironically, it was precisely Eazi’s innate ability to pull from both cultures that  made him an award candidate in the first place. Where some may fail to find great nuance between Afrobeat music from Ghana and Nigeria, Eazi not only identifies the differences, he thinks about how the contrasts can work together.

“My music is an expression of my lifestyle and my state of mind. I’ve become a product of Ghana and Nigeria and found a cultural junction between both. When I make songs there is an underlying Ghanaian signature, a high-life feel. I’ve cut the production down so it’s heavy on the drums that give you the groove. If you look at the drums especially, I have Ghanaian drum signatures. If you look at the chord progression it’s usually heavy on the Lagos and Nigerian sound. There’s a lot more chords and singing than you’d hear in Ghanaian music. That’s why even my singing is in between like talking and singing. It also helps that even though I don’t speak any other languages besides English fluently I understand enough to make records. I know enough Igbo, Yoruba, Twi, Ga and pidgin to make records in those languages which really helps my song composition,” says Eazi.

Such versatility will serve him well, especially as hip-hop artists in America continue to look outward for inspiration. When we ask Eazi his thoughts on the increased interest in Afrobeats, he reveals that he doesn’t think it’s actually anything new. “I could hear Nas sampling Fela. I could hear Jay Z using Afrobeats samples so there’s been recognition, but right now I feel the genre is considered more urban – you could classify it as urban music now. I’d say that’s why it’s the wave, that, and because you can’t take it away from dancers. Dancers are like the radio for the Afrobeats genre and they’re putting up videos that flood social media and you cannot help but notice it. They’re spreading the wave and it’s looking catchy. Just like back in the day in Africa with Soulja Boy. We were listening to ‘Crank Dat’ in Kumasi just because we liked the dance that was attached to it. I do feel that a lot more can be done in collaborations with African producers. I’m an artist who cares more about the producers because they are the core. I would hope to see that more in the future.”

With the global new direction of mainstream music in America, and the increasing visibility of narratives from across the black diaspora, Eazi’s hope will likely come to fruition much sooner than expected. As an artist, his hybridized output, which blurs genres and cultures, is helping to lay the groundwork for the sounds of West Africa to reach the world.

Special thanks to Oxosi in the creation of this feature.

For more of our interview features, take a look at our chat with the one and only Jamiroquai right here.

04 Apr 16:04

The 10 Best Kodak Black Tracks

by Jacob Davey

after sampling each one of these songs ive concluded kodak black sucks

At just 19 years of age, Kodak Black has lived one hell of a life. A documentary about his come up into the game arrived on Friday, illustrating the finesse kid’s pathway to his debut album on a major label, Painting Pictures. At such a tender age, it may seem ridiculous that anyone that young should warrant a full-blown, Worldstar Hip-Hop-endorsed documentary. But for someone with a history as dramatic as Kodak’s, it is compelling and essential viewing for fans old and new who want to truly gauge what Project Baby is all about.

Kodak often gets dismissed by fans of the likes of J.Cole, Joey Bada$$ and other #woke rappers as trash, and he himself acknowledges there’s a lot of people that still don’t get him. His raps are by no means strictly about “putting Molly in his lean.” As the documentary highlights, Kodak’s ability to reflect the harsh realities of growing up in the projects of Florida with themes like redemption, mental health, growing up in a single-parent house and musings on his own insecurities is largely unprecedented for any other rapper his age. Whilst he has been embroiled in a host of criminality and licks to finesse his way to the top, Kodak has the sort of heart-warming, candid charm that garners a lot of popularity, which could ultimately end up taking him to the very top of the game.

Fundamentally though, Kodak has already delivered a huge amount of hits in such a short space of time. While Kodak’s only Top-10 hit on the Billboard chart is the viral, Metro Boomin-produced “Tunnel Vision,” the Floridian has already released four full-lengths, packed full of all the rowdiness and affliction you’d associate from a 19 year old rap prodigy. In no particular order, we rounded up his ten best songs to celebrate the release of his debut Painting Pictures.

Kodak was only 16 when he recorded this track, and only 17 in the above video, which sees him stunting with his crew in front of a recently purchased “new-old Jag”. Kodak murders his money-hungry bars over the ominous, minor-key VinnyxProd-produced beat.

This motivational anthem is one of the more overlooked tracks in Kodak’s back catalogue. Taken from his 2015 project “Institution,” Kodak spits about his desire to get grinding again and get his life back in order over the booming trap instrumental.

Kodak’s self-assurity on “Like Dat” gives way to the Floridian’s most iconic bars, “I’m smokin’ broccoli count this green / I put Molly in my lean.” For many, it is the rhyming couplet most synonymous with Kodak.

This release featured a then-incarcerated Kodak joining a recently-released Gucci Mane on one of the most uptempo anthems in the finesse kid’s arsenal. Kodak’s ferocious flow is matched by an audibly hungry Gucci, who growls “Locked me in the box and I’m coming out swinging,” he does so resoundingly, with the best feature on Lil Big Pac.

In his documentary, Kodak talks about knowing whether he wants to listen to a song after listening to its beat for just three seconds. “Skrilla” is a perfect example of that mantra. Just watching the start of this video gives you an insight into the renowned electricity Kodak’s live shows are all about, as well as the fanfare he had built up even at the tender age of 17.

Completely stealing the limelight from French Montana (a fairly common feat), Kodak shines through on one of his best ever features. Rapping about his love for drugs and money, Kodak’s favourite trait of flashing his grills is summarised in the tracks namesake.

After being released from jail at the end of 2016, Kodak returned with “There He Go,” a track pointing to the fact that regardless of whether he’s locked up or out and about, people have their eyes firmly planted on what his next moves are.

Many attribute Kodak’s rise to fame after Drake was captured dancing along to this infectiously melancholic track. “SKRT” is also the song which, arguably, made the ad-lib become of the most frequently used expressions in hip-hop, and now popular culture.

Touching on themes like black masculinity, fears over his own mortality and the sexual frustration of a 19-year old, this is Kodak at his most candid as he talks about wanting to be out of prison.

The now-viral track captured the hearts of Youtube dancers as much as it did music journalists, who swooned over the surprisingly politically-charged video, matched only by the strength of the song itself.

For more of our best tracks features, check out our list of every single Gorillaz track ranked from worst to best right here.

01 Apr 00:51

adidas Originals Is Re-Releasing Its Classic ’70s Three Stripe Tracksuit

by Graeme Campbell

does anyone else secretly love track suits and wants to wear them but isnt confident enough to pull off such an insane look?

Visit the original post to see all 5 images from this gallery.

Brand: adidas Originals

Season: Spring 2017

Key Pieces: The iconic Three Stripe tracksuit still looks as dope now as it did upon release in the 1970s.

Editor’s Notes: Forty years on, adidas Originals honors its evergreen tracksuit with its new “Remixed” capsule. Combining purist ’70s design with contemporary materials, the collection comprises joggers, shorts, socks, and of course, tracksuits. Look out for it releasing in April.

Now check out the brand’s ’70s-inspired sunglasses collection.

31 Mar 13:30

“American Gods” is Coming to Starz And it Looks Amazing

by Tom and Lorenzo

looks fun!

We’ve had our eyes on this one for a while, and meant to do a write-up when the trailer dropped a while back. But this week, Starz released the credits sequence for American Gods, the new trippy, mystical sort-0f adventure drama series which drops on April 30th, based on the book by Neil Gaiman, and now we’re all juiced up and have to spew our excitement.

Here’s the trailer:






And here are the gorgeously hypnotic opening credits (via):




And what the hell, just because we love Ian McShane and so should everyone else, here’s a brief bit on his character,  Mr. Wednesday:




It should be clear by now that this is going to be, at the very least, a treat for the eyes:

Which is to be expected with something that has Bryan Fuller’s name stamped to it. Also expected are some highly entertaining performances, given not just the presence of Ian McShane, but a supporting lineup that includes Crispin Glover, Cloris Leachman, Kristin Chenoweth, Gillian Anderson, Pablo Schreiber, Orlando Jones, and Emily Browning. Come on, now. That’s a hell of a cast.


Even if you don’t know much about the book – and to be fair, it’s been a long time since we read it, so we’re pretty rusty on the particulars – this sure does look like a must-see to us. We’ll be there. And if we’re feeling it, we’ll be talking about the costume design a bit.


[Pictures: Starz/Video:Screenrant]

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28 Mar 04:40

Elizabeth Banks Time-Travels from the 1987 Grammys to attend the “Power Rangers” L.A. Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo

you know what? i love it. its like she is some sort of aquatic business leader

Were we too subtle with that title? Sometimes we fear we’re not getting our point across effectively.

Oh, Miss Lizzy. We love you so, but there’s no way in hell we can love what you’re wearing here.


Here’s what: We don’t think saying “It looks like something from the eighties” really means much as a critique. Fashion is cyclical and the decade of the eighties dawned almost 40 years ago. To our way of thinking, an ’80s renaissance happening right about now means it’s pretty much on time. But this is a bit too literal. So much so, that we briefly wondered if it was vintage. The shoulders, saddlebag pleats and little rhinestone buckle are just a bit much in this case. Retro trends need to reinterpret the originals, otherwise it just comes across like old clothes.

It absolutely makes sense – and shows some wit – for her to be going retro for this particular premiere (although the MMPR were a ’90s phenomenon), but we just can’t get behind what that silhouette is doing to her.

Great color, fun idea, but we’d have much preferred a freshening up on the concept rather than just raiding the back of Paula Abdul’s closet.


Style Credits:
Zuhair Murad Blue Beaded Jumpsuit wth Belt from the Spring 2017 Couture Collection
Zoey Chico Earrings
Sydney Evan Ring
Edie Parker ‘Jean’ Clutch
Charlotte Olympia Shoes

[Photo Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images – Video Credit: Lionsgate Movies via]

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23 Mar 16:47

Defeated League Of Legends Player Rams Head Through Computer Monitor 

by Brian Ashcraft on Kotaku, shared by Matt Novak to Gizmodo

Goodness. After losing a match, a League of Legends player in the Chinese city of Lanzhou, one player apparently got angry and slammed his head through the computer screen.


17 Mar 13:21

Stream Spoon Hot Thoughts

by Tom Breihan
Spoon - Hot ThoughtsSpoon's new album Hot Thoughts is the band's ninth album, and it's also their ninth really fucking good album, which is pretty incredible. The band co-produced the new one with psychedelic mastermind Dave Fridmann, and it's a little lighter on guitars than past Spoon efforts. But really, it's a Spoon album, which means it's … More »
16 Mar 21:30

Orange Is The New BFF

by admin

16 Mar 19:59

‘American Gods’ Looks to Be One of 2017’s Best New Shows

by Jonathan Sawyer

Upcoming Starz series American Gods is slated to premiere next month. The show is based on Neil Gaiman’s popular book of the same name, centering around an epic clash between old gods and new ones in the modern day.

Accordingly, here we showcase the first official trailer for the new series, starring Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday, Emily Browning as Laura Moon, Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney, Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, Bruce Langley as Technical Boy, Jonathan Tucker as Low Key Lyesmith, and Crispin Glover as Mr. World.

This one looks to be one incredibly wild ride.

American Gods premieres on Starz April 30.

16 Mar 14:12

Blizzard Demands $8.5 Million In Legal Battle Against Cheat Maker

by Nathan Grayson

hot dang they mean business

Blizzard’s been waging a legal war against cheat maker Bossland, maker of prominent cheat programs for games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Heroes of the Storm, for years. Bossland’s latest tactic? They’ve just stopped responding entirely.


16 Mar 14:11

America Is Number 1 in Opioid Use

by Joanna Rothkopf

honestly, this is the scariest thing happening in the world right now imo.

Data released by the United Nations find that the United States isn’t just first in the world in commissioning memoirs from Twitter users and putting cookies on sticks and frying them—we’re also first in overall opiate use.


16 Mar 14:08

Agent Provocateur Pairs Lamborghinis With Swimsuits for SS17 Lookbook

by Jonathan Sawyer

Visit the original post to see all 13 images from this gallery.

Brand: Agent Provocateur

Season: SS17

Key Pieces: Jo Jo one piece in black and white, Shannon two piece in pink, Keia one piece in khaki.

Editor’s Notes: Agent Provocateur return with a new batch of swimwear styles for spring/summer. In addition to an array of one and two piece swimsuit options, the label also presents a selection of beach coverups.

Most recently, we saw Agent Provocateur launching an assortment of monochrome swimwear.

16 Mar 13:49

Premiere: The Sextones conjure '70s soul on "Can't Stop"


one day i am going to pay people to make fan art of myself for my own birthday

When you think of soul music, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Al Green and Stevie Wonder are probably on the tip of your tongue. Then, when you dig deeper, names like Sam Cooke, James Brown, Otis Redding and Gladys Knight will certainly reveal themselves. It is upon such touchstones which The Sextones , a four-piece out of Nevada, have constructed their soul-rock fusion, alighting on such classics as Green's "Let's Stay Together" and Wonder's "Superstition." As they ready the release of their long-awaited debut album, Moonlight Vision (out April 7), they have dropped the smoldering and groovy "Can't Sop," which is "our modern blend on what could have easily been a 90's R&B jam," says frontman Mark Sexton.

The band is also comprised of Alexander Korostinsky (bass), Daniel Weiss (drums) and Ryan Taylor (keys), and together, they are fueled by the ache of yesteryear but with a smart modern flip. "['Can't Stop'] was the first song written for the album," Sexton adds. "Written in 2013 in my parents garage, the song took shape in a couple hours. Its gone through several versions but has never deviated far from the original feel."

Ironically enough, Green released an album in 2003 titled I Can't Stop , which saw the noisemaker return to his Memphis roots with his long-standing collaborator Willie Mitchell at the helm. Surrounding its release, in an interview with NPR , Green reflected upon his early work in crafting his signature sound in the early '70s. "Willie kept cutting the tape off and running back to the beginning and says 'sing like Al Green, don't scream and try to sing something you're not.' I said, 'OK, I'm not going to put any feeling in it, I'm not going to put any emotion in it. I'm just going to sing it dry.'" What resulted was that charming and syrupy-sweet Green falsetto. Sexton may not sound like Green, but his approach to phrasing and melody is much the same: there is a nonchalant ease oozing from his vocal, flaked with the raw suffering and deep-rooted knowledge of what makes soul music so affecting and important. When he lets loose, particularly on "Home is You" and the title cut, he is a vision, crumbling mountains as he goes.

The record--set down in analog at Prairie Sun Studios in Sonoma, Calif. (the home of many Tom Waits albums)--washes over you, with the swampiness of Ray Charles, too, surging in their veins. They shake and rattle with brassy horns and other '70s flourishes, especially potent on such standouts as "Drunk on Your Love," the sultry club-floor "Analog Girl" and "Blame It on My Youth," one of the album's boldest movers. "Hey, sexy lady. Take a photograph 'cause I'm taking you home and promise I'll call you back," they pledge on the latter, a playful number. And if things get too outrageous, well, you can just blame it on their youth.

"One of the intentions of 'Moonlight Vision's production was to have a sonically classic sounding album –sounds that are reminiscent of music we grew up listening to, but with a modern character. I think we achieved that," Sexton previously said. The album's character is a glowing reminder of where music came from, at a time when the political sphere was tumultuous, at best (not unlike today's presidential administration), and serves as a vehicle to light a fire under a new generation.

Moonlight Vision is up for pre-order now via their Kickstarter campaign.

Listen below:


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The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

The Very Best Adam lambert Fan Art—Right Here Right Now

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Freddie Gibbs Rocks Palace & Supreme in “NO PRBLMS Freestyle”

by Jacob Davey

the esgn logo is great.

Fresh from returning to action and addressing his time spent in jail on “Crushed Glass,” Freddie Gibbs stays busy dropping more and more fresh heat with this “NO PRBLMS Freestyle.” Taking rising artist 6LACK’s atmospheric, R&B jam and laying down his slick coke bars on top of it, Gibbs takes the original beat to an entirely different, thugged-out realm. Flossing in a Supreme deck jacket and several pieces of Palace merchandise whilst clad in jewelry and driving Aston Martins and Bentleys, Gibbs is sounding ice cold and back on absolute top form again, as you can see in the Eric Nelson-directed video above.

“Kane” (a name the rapper will explain in the video) returned to action on “Crushed Glass” last week, where he reflected on being accused of sexual assault charges last year. Before his upcoming project You Only Live 2wice drops on March 31, check out Gibbs traversing the desert before a surprise plot twist in the visuals for “Crushed Glass” below.

In other music news, Frank Ocean may actually be collaborating with Chanel after recently surprising us by dropping a transgressive track of the same name. Get the scoop here.