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02 Sep 01:19

When I don't try on a new outfit until the night I have to wear it and it fits perfectly

09 Sep 19:03

Me on the phone with that relative who just won’t stop talking

10 Sep 14:00

When I keep eating my ice cream even though I feel the brain freeze coming on

09 Sep 16:52

Straight Outta Crestwood (Kentucky)

by Kerry

Writes our anonymous submitter: “Pity the fools of the Crestwood, Kentucky ‘Crips.’ They can’t even scare old ladies.”

Dear Crips:  I am a nervous old lady with a .38 revolver.  Please do not write on my home. T Y :)

Dear Crips:  I am a nervous old lady with a .38 revolver.  Please do not write on my home. T Y :)

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12 Aug 17:30

The Pump Prank

by admin

17 Aug 16:30


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17 Aug 18:00


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10 Aug 18:00

GTA Online Player Says Hi To 100 People, Is Murdered Almost Every Time

by Patricia Hernandez

so i started playing ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED OR WHATEVER, its day z with dinosaurs. i have joined an island that has a BIG TRIBE, essentially different lil gangs of groups hanging out sharing resources. the big tribes on this island have all formed a truce and dont bother each other just bully smaller tribes. the biggest is TEAM AMERICA. i being brand new, found a group that wanted to help people and 'show them the ropes". i randomly decided to pretend to be a russian and tell them in broken english typing that i want to take over the whole island for motherland etc. they think nothing of it but i have created a huge tension in my three days of playing. i made dye with berries and painted our wooden house red and yellow, i made a bunch of wooden signs and posted them everywhere saying we are the kgb. i built a tiny lil house right in front of the bigggest tribes bases and put signs up sayign DO NOT ENTER and things like this, so of course they break in to check out my stuff. inside i had a box filled with SPECIAL REPORTS that i typed out with impressions about all the clans, who is who's ally etc, all in fake russian accent , including fake TRANSMISSIONS FROM MOTHERLAND .... written out like a telegraph. after someone broke into my hut and stole my letters they brought htem to team america who then sent a trex to my house and killed all my teammembers, and they then air dropped via a pteradactyl wild raptors into our dinosaur pen and killed our dinosaurs (which my tribe mates named after bruce jenner for some reason idk). while my tribe mates were off line i made notes and left them intheir inventory giving them STATUS REPORT TEAM AMERICA HAS AIR RAID AND KILL. my tribe members told me we cant keep being kgb so i had them change the name to CIA and i keep leaving notes for team america in SECURE DROP BOX LOCATION which is a thatch hut on top of a mountain with a box that has notes i leave for them and emtpy paper for them to leave me notes back. now the big tribes have divided the island into two sections. i do not care about taming dinosaurs or anything like that, i am having so much fun trying to play tribes against each other by the use of NOTES. my tribe i feel bad for cause they just want to play the game and get along and everyone be nice to each other, but ikeep reminding them "you must remember is war game, yes?" i have now started painting other peoples houses as an act of sabotage and petty revenge. i painted a tribe names US NAVY's house ALL RED and left a note for team america saying us navy is INFILTRATE and have KGB SPY

What happens when you try being friendly to fellow GTA Online players? Chaos, bloodshed, and rudeness, that’s what.


10 Aug 20:30

A Game About Begging For Your Life

by Nathan Grayson

surprising game twist!

Someone’s about to kill you. What do you say to make them change their mind?


11 Aug 12:30

Those are some wicked lighting effects.

by András Neltz

well this looks awesome

Those are some wicked lighting effects. The GIF comes from the devlog for MegaSphere, an action-RPG-roguelite-platformer currently being developed for PC, and is one in a series of GIFs demonstrating a newly introduced weapon, Storm. Lots more info here.


04 Aug 17:00


by Staff Writer

the boots worn by the guy with the suspenders

The latest Wolverine 2015 fall collection is made up of footwear boots that celebrate the background and high influence of work wear. Authentic designs are featured in each pair that gives emphasis to the classiness of its genuine leather material that shows off an old school vintage appeal.

Visit Wolverine online for a complete list of their 1000 Mile vintage boots collection.

04 Aug 19:03

Cops Say Video of Them Mocking a Disabled Woman Violates Their Privacy

by Ashley Feinberg

how do these cops still have jobs i dont get it. the republican father in me wants to blame unions

This past June, three Santa Ana police officers were suspended after a video surfaced of them joking about kicking a woman in a wheelchair “in the fucking nub” and eating (what appears to be) weed-infused edibles during a raid of a medical marijuana dispensary. And now, those same cops want to ban that video from ever becoming evidence—because they didn’t realize they were on camera.


04 Aug 19:31

Chris Farley in ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’

by brianbendis

Chris Farley in ‘Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’

04 Aug 17:22

The Hobbit Wants To Kill Your Butt With Extended Edition Cinema Showings

by James Whitbrook

these movies were completely and utterly forgettable. i couldnt remember the movie series ending, i though tfor sure the last one hadnt come out yet.

I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who was eagerly anticipating even longer versions of the Hobbit trilogy, even the people who actually liked them. But you can relive the magic of being stuck in a theatre seat for what feels like eons this October, with new showings of the extended Hobbit trilogy.


06 Jul 18:00

A Few Twix

by admin

03 Aug 11:00

The First Attack on Titan Movie Stinks

by Brian Ashcraft

oh thats a bummer. the manga was the first manga i ever read and it was pretty great!

Attack on Titan, of course, is a massively successful—and popular—manga and anime series. This live-action entry is the Japanese film industry’s latest attempt to parlay manga and anime into cinema. Parlay? Sorry, plunder would be more fitting here.


27 Jul 17:00

Scoot Over!

by admin

28 Jul 19:21


28 Jul 16:00

Tetris Grandmaster Takes On The Weirdest Game Mode I’ve Ever Seen

by Evan Narcisse


In its most vanilla, near-ubiquitous form, Tetris is already a near perfect video game that challenges you to be smart and fast in increasingly hard fashion. The stuff that gets thrown at you in an ultra-hard arcade version is mind-blowing. Blocks that need to be cleared twice. A stack that flips around. Let’s watch one of the best Tetris players in the world take it on.


20 Jul 16:30

Water Challenge

by admin

jesus debbie

14 Jul 16:00

Break In Bro

by admin

14 Jul 15:30

Please Stand By

by admin

16 Jul 19:00

Deciding Who’s Daddy

by admin

15 Jul 21:21

Be the ____ you want to see in the world.

by Kerry

Frani’s roommate likes to leave inspirational messages on the fridge. (Apparently what she’s inspired was another roomie’s less-than-dazzling wit.)

If I take time out of my day to put an inspirational quote up here for you guys, I expect you to not write penis on it. kthanks.

Be the ____ you want to see in the world.

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15 Jul 20:23

Gardening, Not Architecture has been added to The Outlaw Roadshow Nashville!

by Ryan Spaulding

i like that song and that big smile

Expect the unexpected with The Outlaw Roadshow. We enjoy stacking dissimilar sets, surprising our listeners with new rising stars and rewarding everyone with our vision for the better music event. Sarah Saturday is a fusion artist bringing together elements of electronic rock, folk and theatrical, personal storywriting - performing under the name Gardening, Not Architecture. 

The talented Saturday has a brand new album, Fossils, which dropped just last week. Those songs will explode up on stage this Friday night. Sarah Saturday is an Outlaw and definitely One To Watch.

Gardening, Not Architecture, born in the deep winter of 2003 in Wisconsin, is the brain child of Sarah Saturday. It was never supposed to be more than a few recorded demos. The project wouldn’t be named until 2007, and wouldn’t see its first live performance until 2009, only after pressure from friends and fans to release more songs and start playing shows. Since then, Sarah has played over 200 shows as Gardening, Not Architecture; toured the United States and Canada multiple times as a solo act; self-released two full-length albums; and had her music featured in television shows, promotional videos, and feature films. She is currently venturing into the world of film scoring, composing her first score for an independent feature film Superpowerless, (currently in post-production), and releasing a three-part anthology film for her upcoming album, Fossils, which was just released last week.

Album / Web / Fb / Tw

The Outlaw Roadshow is absolutely free to the public (VIP ticket giveaways are now underway via Lightning 100!) July 17 & 18 at the Mercy and High Watt in downtown Nashville. New artists announced each day!

03 Jul 09:39

“Shriners on Parade (With Shitting Dog)” Art Print by Ryan Duggan

by admin

this is beautiful

Ryan Duggan continues his Treasury of Shitting Dogs series with number five, “Shriners on Parade (With Shitting Dog)”. It’s a 16″ x 20″ screenprint, has an edition of 45, and costs $45. Visit his shop.

Ryan Duggan

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01 Jul 15:11

New Video: Gunplay ft. YG “WuzHaninDoe”

by Legend



Gunplay has been on a tear when it comes to the musical releases, throwing out freestyles every few days like it’s nothing. Throughout the flood of tracks, though, we’ve gotten a few Living Legend singles that will live on the album. Although “WuzHaninDoe” feels like more of a YG record than Don Logan’s, that’s probably why they went down to South Central to shoot for the visual. Posted up on the block, the two represent for the streets and keep it real Cali.

Watch the video below…

New Video: Gunplay “John Gotti Freestyle”
New Music: Gunplay “Commas Freestyle”
New Music: Gunplay feat. Styles P & Tyler Woods “Know Me Like That”

15 Jun 12:29

Fallout 4 Offers Players A Real-Life Pip-Boy, And Fallout Shelter Hits iOS

by Darrell Etherington

is this the future of fashion

Fallout4_E3_PipEdition_1434323994.0 Your phone is about to get a lot more Fallout; Bethesda Softworks held its own E3 press event last night, wherein they revealed a lot about upcoming title Fallout 4, and launched a new Fallout dedicated mobile game called Fallout Shelter. True fans of the series will probably be most excited by in-game support in Fallout 4 for a real-world Pip-Boy, powered by your very own smartphone. A version… Read More
15 Jun 12:02

#LCM Sibling Spring Summer 2016 Collection

by admin

share for the bejeweled football uniform that is DEFINITELY the future of fashion


The British trio Sibling presented their Spring Summer 2016 collection on day 2 of this year’s London Collections Men. Sibling stayed true to their tradition presenting playful designs, including tailored suits as well as looks inspired by American college football & cheerleaders’ costumes.

See more of Sibling’s collection + backstage action captured by Clara Copley bellow:

Read the rest of #LCM Sibling Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Read the rest of #LCM Sibling Spring Summer 2016 Collection

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08 Jun 22:13

Questionably moist bills

by Kerry

Summer’s here! And you know what that means….

Due to rising summer temperatures, we will NOT be accepting boob or sock money. Questionably moist bills are subject to denial. We're sorry, but it's gross.

(via reddit)

Meanwhile, our submitter Ellen spotted this one at a drive-through daiquiri-store in Louisiana. “Apparently, you can buy everclear in a Styrofoam cup at 11 am without leaving your car, just you can’t pay for it with boob money.”

Due to sanitary reasons. We will not and cannot accept money that comes out of a bra.

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