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28 Jul 13:53

Marilyn Manson Tour Is A Mess

by Tom Breihan

oh marilyn what have you become

SACRAMENTO, CA - OCTOBER 24:  Singer Marilyn Manson performs onstage at Gibson Ranch County Park on October 24, 2015 in Sacramento, California.  (Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)Right now, Marilyn Manson is on tour with Slipknot, in a massive "Monsters Of Scaring People In The '90s" outdoor-shed trek. (That's not the actual name of the tour, but it should be.) Slipknot have been holding up their end of things, performing hard every night even though frontman Corey Taylor is in aMore »
29 Jul 13:20

How to Make Your Windows Look Any Way You Want

by David Nield on Field Guide, shared by Adam Clark Estes to Gizmodo

ive been wanting to do this for a while but am afraid it is a daunting task

After a spending a couple of years with it, the standard Windows desktop can get pretty boring. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, Rainmeter is a TK that will help you get there. It’s been helping PC users customize, tweak, tailor, and enhance their desktops for years. The cool thing is that it walks you through the process every step of the way.


28 Jul 19:30

Playing D&D Online Is About To Get Easier

by Cecilia D'Anastasio

fantasy grounds is stupid expensive, but this should be cool. my experience with roll20 so far has been very good. the only thing im having trouble with is finding good tiles for building my own maps.

Everything is getting uploaded, including stalwart meatspace occupant Dungeons & Dragons. Today, Roll20, an online “virtual tabletop,” announced its new licensing deal with D&D to offer the pen-and-paper RPG’s original content on their digital platform. Although D&D intellectual property is already accessible on popular digital RPG platform Fantasy Grounds, D&D’s Roll20 collaboration is the latest in the game’s quest for accessibility and social play.


28 Jul 20:20

M.I.A. Calls VMAs Racist, Sexist, Classist and Elitist After Being Snubbed

by Jonathan Sawyer

could it have anything to do with the fact that the song is bad? i think so. the video is cool, i liked how she made humans into a human boat, but the song is bad

Never one to shy away from what she’s thinking, M.I.A. has come out and accused the VMAs of racism, sexism, classism and elitism. The eccentric artist took to Twitter to let us all know how she really feels, after her “Borders” video missed out on a nomination.

This year’s nominees for Video of the Year include Adele, Beyoncé, Drake, Justin Bieber and Kanye West.

In further explaining her frustration, M.I.A. went on to discuss the lack of acknowledgement that her video is a clear case of silencing certain groups, showing the difference between “‘allowed’ voice[s] vs excluded voices.”

Finally, the English hip-hop artist voiced that she doesn’t need recognition from the VMAs, then linking to an Instagram post of herself helping Greek refugee children.

This of course isn’t the only drama surrounding the 2016 VMAs. It is already being reported that Kanye West will be blasting Taylor Swift during his performance of “Famous” at the live awards show.

29 Jul 13:10

Katy Perry in Michael Kors Collection at the Democratic National Convention

by Tom and Lorenzo

i cant decide if i love it or if it is a stretched out discoball

Singer Katy Perry onstage during the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.



Disappointed. A little.

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (9)

Katy-Perry-Democratic-National-Convention-Fashion_michael-Kors-Collection-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (10)

It’s a great dress for performing and she looks great in it, although it’s just barely on this side of “too tight.” And the hair looks awfully crunchy. You could break a nail running your hand through it. But it many ways, this is a typical Katy Perry look. It’s fine, if not exciting. And we wouldn’t have wanted to see her do anything too attention-seeking at a venue like this (although we’d argue this entire look is plenty attention-seeking enough). But she’s been showing up at Hillary events all year wearing some fun patriotic-themed costumes and we were hoping for more of the same here. This is a Grammys dress. We wanted Betsy Ross drag. At least the choker is fun.



Style Credits:
Michael Kors Collection Silver Stripe Sequined Stretch-Tulle Gown from the Resort 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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29 Jul 13:07


by Aujan Lazaro

looks like a monopoly mansion

The House XL in Slovenia by SoNo Arhitekti is situated right on the outskirts of a brand new residential neighborhood fitting enough for a family with seven members.  The area is filled with everything Slovenian urban in terms of landscape.  The concept of the home is made from two parallel volumes and a connecting volume placed perpendicular to the two.  All the volumes come in an elongated form with gable roofs that are symmetrical with the shortest volume extending to a roofed carport.  The basement is made with reinforced steel and the upper floor having cross laminated timber.

All the floor plans are utterly wide in spaces and constructed in three levels.  The living section is enclosed with big glas surfaces which open to the atrium that maintains the flow of interaction between the interior of the house and the nature that surrounds it.  The façade has big format panels and the connecting volume done lighter and the other two in darker shades of color.  The bigger glass surfaced are moved towards the inside and mixed with wood.

SoNo Arhitekti brings together a brand new generation of Slovenian architects to come up with top of the line architectural projects which emerge from a perfect mix of amazing design theories.

Source: archdaily

25 Jul 19:00

Overwatch's D.Va Is So Good Now

by Kirk Hamilton

dva is insane. i cant figure out how to play her still but i get killed by her and her super fast ult like a thousand times already. my new favorite is WINSTON, i like to kill the healers and just chase them with the big lightning gun monkey. hate his ult though

Last week Overwatch got a big update with a new character and a bunch of balance tweaks. The new sniper Ana got a lot of attention, but some of the less obvious tweaks are just as big a deal. Chief among them: A remarkably involved buff to the mech-driving pro gamer D.Va, which has transformed her into the high-flying terror I’ve always wanted her to be.


25 Jul 19:30

Crushing 17 LCD Screens With a Steamroller Looks Satisfying as Hell 

by Michael Nunez on Sploid, shared by Michael Nunez to Gizmodo


Work can be frustrating. Sometimes you just want to line up every computer screen in the office and run them all over with a 12-ton steamroller. Hey, YouTube channel Road Roller has already done the hard work for you and watching it is just as satisfying.


19 Jul 12:01

New Music: Jadakiss & Beanie Sigel “Dinero”

by Mikey Fresh

love me some jada AH HAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Rap generals Jadakiss and Beanie Sigel debuted a new collaboration on Tuesday (July 18). As two guys who have seen plenty of ups and downs in the drug game — and the rap game — Kiss and Beans give up their experiences about the paperchase on “Dinero.”

Produced by Buda The Future and Grand Muzik for Magnum’s Compound music series.

Continue below…

Beanie Sigel “Top Shotta”

19 Jul 04:28



just keep watching it unitil the end

15 Jul 14:30

Kristen Wiig on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in Jovani

by Tom and Lorenzo


Kristen Wiig makes an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to promote her new movie “Ghostbusters.”

At first, we were all “CHECK OUT MISS LADY OVER HERE” when we saw these shots:

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

Because it’s really not like her to bust out the mega-glam looks like this. Alas, it was all part of a funny gag:


It makes a rather perfect bit of costuming for the particular character she’s playing, but we admit it’s not exactly a chic or modern look. Still, we find ourselves kinda wishing she’d play around in this pool for real. Turns out “glam” is a pretty good look for her.

Kristen-Wiig-Jimmy-Fallon-Fashion-Jovani-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (9)

Style Credits:
Jovani Sleeveless Dress Featuring a plunging Neckline and Bead Detailing

[Photo Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC – Still Images: Tom and Lorenzo/NBC – Video Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube]

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14 Jul 17:33

Natalie Portman And Jonathan Safran Foer’s Emails Sound Pretty Much Like You’d Expect Them To

by Allison

woefully lacking ritual


Famous (and according to some people, overrated) author and vegetarian Jonathan Safran Foer recently interviewed his friend Natalie Portman for The New York Times’ T magazine to promote his upcoming book, Here I Am, and her upcoming directorial debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness. Since Jonathan and Natalie are ~intelligent~ types, they decided to do it through a series of pretentious-sounding emails. If you ever read a newsletter and thought “You know, this would be so much better if it was written by an Oscar-winning actress who also really wants you to know that she went to Harvard“, then these emails are for you.

Jonathan and Natalie are friends, but apparently they don’t write emails like us dum-dums do. Everything is capitalized properly, there’s no LOLs or FMLs, and they’re all long. Also, none of the emails end with a wacky signature, like “Sent from outer space – send help! I’ll die without oxygen out here!” or “Destroy this email before your French ballet dancer husband sees it.” Instead it sounds like they’re practicing for an admission interview to the Prometheus Society. There are so many emails, which you can read here, but here’s a few:

Jonathan on 05/24/16: When The Times suggested this piece, and it became clear we weren’t going to be in the same place for long enough to allow for a traditional profile – me observing you at the farmer’s market, etc., which would have felt ridiculous, anyway – I was happy to think of the lost correspondence being somehow replenished with, or redeemed by, a new exchange.

Natalie on 05/24/16: I’m sure at the beginning of our emailing I was trying too hard to be smart and interesting. Now, of course, I’m comfortable enough to send you videos of a sax-playing walrus. But yes, of course we mainly discuss religion and politics. And don’t forget art! We also talk about art!

Jonathan on 05/24/16: People often refer to aloneness and writer’s block as the two great challenges of being a novelist. In fact, the hardest part is having to care for guinea pigs.

Natalie on 05/26/16: My mother-in-law used the word guinea pig when telling me a story in French yesterday, and it’s “cochon d’inde,” which translates to “pig from India.” Who’s right?

Jonathan on 05/26/16: It’s Thursday, garbage day. One of the garbage days, I should say. Thursday and Sunday are garbage days. Tuesday is garbage and recycling day. Monday and Tuesday are alternate-side parking days, which makes Tuesday – parking, garbage and recycling – a very special day, indeed.

Jonathan on 05/26/16: For the last half a year, we have played a game at dinner called the Wonder Line. If one of the kids can tell me something that generates the experience of wonder – the cocked head, slight nod, raised eyebrow and muttered “hmmm …” — we call it “clearing the Wonder Line.” If they can clear it five times, they get to decide how we end the night, i.e., have ice cream, or watch a Pirates of the Caribbean iteration.

Natalie 05/26/16: What has cleared my Wonder Line recently? Yesterday we saw five bunnies when we left the community pool, and they didn’t clear my Wonder Line, but the look in my son’s eyes definitely did. He also made prolonged eye contact with a horse, during which it was pretty clear they were having some sort of communication. That made me feel wonder.

Natalie 05/26/16: I am woefully lacking ritual in my life, which is among the hardest things and best things about my work. I will never have the boredom or repetitiveness of an office.

Natalie on 05/27-16: An ex-boyfriend of mine used to call me “Moscow,” because he said I was always looking out the window sadly, like “Moscow,” like some Russian novel or Chekhov play.

Jonathan on 05/29/16: Hello from Blue Ridge Summit. All the cousins slept in the same room last night, which required half a dozen new amendments to the Constitution.

Natalie on 05/31/16: Acting is not like music or dance or drawing, where there is clear technique that you need to work obsessively to master, and then your individuality makes you more than just a computer who’s learned a skill…Okay, I gotta go to sleep though there’s some loud Harry Potter music blasting in the house.

Sending emails is their thing; Jonathan and Natalie have been emailing each other regularly for the past ten years. Unfortunately, all of Jonathan’s emails from Natalie mysteriously “disappeared” earlier this year. Which I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with that rumor about Jonathan allegedly leaving his wife for Natalie. According to Jonathan, it was because he was still using a Hotmail account. Actually, that’s a completely legitimate excuse. I mean, who is still using Hotmail in 2016? I bet Hotmail did that on purpose. The last email he received was from probably from Mr. Hotmail himself and it said “Dear Jonathan. I’m old, just let me retire in Florida already.

Natalie didn’t just write emails, she also did a moody photoshoot in her underwear too.

  • NataliePortmanEmails3
  • NataliePortmanEmails1
  • NataliePortmanEmails4
  • NataliePortmanEmails2
  • NataliePortmanEmails5
  • NataliePortmanEmails6

Pics: Craig McDean for T

14 Jul 10:04

Männerrechtler haben keine Ahnung von Ghostbusters 👻

by René

1. i dont know how i ended up subscribed to this other language feed but they always have cool stuff. 2. i have no idea how people can say their childhood was ruined based on a remake of a movie... its an outrageous statement to make, and i would like someone to collect a series of baby men's tweets and display that to me in a blog post


Ich hatte gestern ein Posting des laut Selbstbezeichnung linken Männerrechtlers Arne Hoffmanns über den Comic-Markt zerpflückt, dazu schreibt er heute unter anderem: „Ich glaube allerdings, René Walter und ich sind in unseren Auffassungen, was dieses Thema angeht, tatsächlich nicht so weit auseinander“. Da hat er Recht und nicht nur bezüglich Comics.

Ich lese Arne auch als Unterstützer des Feminismus deshalb sehr gerne, da er, auch wenn er für meinen Geschmack zu oft Rightwingers verlinkt, ein gemäßigtes Gegengewicht ohne Schaum vor'm Mund gegen das darstellt, was ich als Illiberal Left bezeichne und woran ich mich selten aber regelmäßig immer wieder abarbeite. You know, balance to the force und so. Und wer mich regelmäßig liest, weiß auch, dass ich der Meinung bin, dass es einige Anknüpfungspunkte zwischen Feminismus und (linken) MRAs gibt und ich letztlich für eine post-feministische (und post-MRA) Anti-Deskriminierungsbewegung bin. Bis beide Seiten soweit sind, dürfte es aber noch einige Zeit dauern und bis dahin schaue ich mir die Online-Gender-Wars mit nicht wenig Amüsemeng an. (Und ja, liebe SJWs. Ich weiß, dass dieses Amüsemeng eins meiner Privilegien ist. I checked it. Thank you very much.)

Zu diesem Amüsemeng gehört selbstverständlich, wenn sich Arne zu Ghostbusters und Filmkritik äußert. Er schreibt:

Inzwischen zeichnet die Internet Movie Database ein erstes Stimmungsbild der Kinobesucher. Sie geben dem Film im Durchschnitt 3,8 von 10 möglichen Punkten. Damit liegt der Streifen beispielsweise deutlich unter dem nach allgemeiner Ansicht grotesk misslungenen Fantastic-Four-Film von 2015, der schlechtesten mir bekannten IMDB-Bewertung eines als Blockbuster angelegten Kinofilms, sowie ebenso deutlich unter der Bewertung des Films The Human Centipede, zu dem ich mir wohl jede Erläuterung sparen kann. Normalerweise gelten schon Filme unter einem Durschnittsrating von 5,0 auf der IMDB als jenseits von Gut und Böse. Auch die Chicago Sun Times, immerhin Plattform des kürzlich verstorbenen Kinokritik-Papstes Roger Ebert, spricht bei dem Ghostbusters-Film von einer "horrifying mess". Begeistert hingegen sind der feministische Guardian, wo die Kritiker des Films als "Trolle" gelten, und natürlich das Magazin Time.

Okay then!

1. Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass den Bewertungen auf IMDB nicht wirklich zu trauen ist. Eine Top100-Movies-of-all-Time-Liste, die Dark Knight auf Platz 4 führt und Gladiator vor Citizen Kane ist schlichtweg unbrauchbar. Jeder, der sich mit Filmkritik auch nur halb auskennt, weiß das.

2. Das IMDB-Rating des Films wurde schon vor drei Tagen mit 1-Punkt-Bewertungen geflooded. Die Stats zu den Bewertungen zeichnen hier ein deutliches Bild (der Screenshot stammt von gestern abend 21:30h):


6333 User mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 3.5, 1172 Userinnen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 7.6, wobei eine klare Majorität der User mit 5487 Stimmen eine Bewertung von 1 Punkt abgab. Es ist bereits seit Jahren etabliert, dass IMDB ein Troll-Problem hat und gerne in konzertierten Aktionen geflooded wird. Und natürlich passiert genau das jetzt bei Ghostbusters. Noch dazu war der Flim zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht erschienen (der Film läuft heute in den USA an), nur ein Bruchteil der Bewertungen auf IMDB basiert also auf einer tatsächlichen Rezeption des Films.

3. Arne schreibt, dass auch die seriöse Filmkritik Ghostbusters in der Luft verreisst. Im Falle von Richard Roeper von der Chicago Sun-Times hat er Recht. Schaut man sich die Meta-Kritik auf Rotten Tomatoes an, zeigt sich allerdings ein weitaus differenzierteres Bild: Eine durchschnittliche Bewertung von 75% für alle Kritiker bei derzeit 127 Kritiken, aber auch eine durchschnittliche Bewertung von 52% bei den „Top Critics“. Es zeichnet sich also ab, dass der neue Ghostbusters weder 1 Punkt noch 10 Punkte verdient, sondern eher so „meh“ Punkte. Das Bild, das Arne hier zeichnen will – „feminisische Kritiker feiern Ghostbusters und seriöse Kritiker verreißen den Film“ – ist schlichtweg nicht haltbar.

4. Es ist in der Tat mehr als traurig, dass ein Ghostbusters-Reboot zum „Political Act“ hochgejazzt wird. Man kann sich lange darüber streiten, ob es nun der Genderflip war, der den Film zum Politikum machte, oder die in Teilen sexistische Reaktion darauf. Eins der Probleme hier scheint mir, dass sehr viele Kritiker des Trailers, die schlichtweg den Look und den Humor beknackt fanden, in einen Topf mit tatsächlichen Sexisten geworfen wurden. Ich mochte den Humor auch nicht, aber ich mochte den Look.

Ein weiteres Problem hier ist, dass die SJW-Kritik an den „Hatern“ oft vergisst, dass es hier um Ghostbusters geht. Das Original spielt vielleicht nicht in einer Liga mit Star Wars, aber sehr wohl in einer Liga mit Filmen wie E.T. oder Gremlins. Viele der negativen Ratings beim Trailer und auch auf IMDB dürften nostalgisch motiviert sein, wobei es wohl unmöglich sein dürfte, die Zahl der „soft-sexist“ Ratings zu quantifizieren. Ein Dilemma, das nun in der Debatte zu weiterer Polarisation führt und in dem Unterstützer des Feminismus und ihre Antagonisten mit Kinokarten Politik betreiben und Unsinn von IMDB übernehmen. Sad.

In anderen Worten: Arne hat keine Ahnung von Ghostbusters, IMDB, Filmkritik und kennt offensichtlich auch nicht die Mechaniken der Trollkultur. 👻

Ich werde mir den Film in zwei Wochen jedenfalls ganz unpolitisch ansehen und wahrscheinlich okay finden, wobei es nochmal ein ganz anderes Thema sein wird, ob ein okayer Reboot der (gefühlten) Reputation des Originals gerecht wird. (Ich persönlich finde nämlich Mittelmäßigkeit sehr viel schlimmer, als eindeutigen Trash oder eindeutige Brillanz. Das ist allerdings eine andere Geschichte.)

14 Jul 10:28

Don't Pokémon at the Funeral. Just don't. 😱

by René

just incredible


Ich fragte mich gestern abend, wann wohl nach den Selfies nun das erste Pokémon bei Begräbnissen auftaucht. Heute morgen dann so: Pokemon at Funerals – Catch 'em before they're gone. („This Tumblr brought to you by Jason Feifer, the guy who brought you Selfies at Funerals“.) You so predictable, Internet.

fun2 fun3

Mehr vom spürbar langsamer werdenden Pokémon-Hypetrain:


Hydraulic Press squashes Pokémon (am Ende des Clips)

Systemic Pokémon-based Discrimination: This Bakery Is Charging Different Prices Depending On What ‘Pokemon Go’ Team You’re On

Professional Pokémon-Trainer for hire (das Craigslist-Posting wurde mittlerweile gelöscht).


😱 Men are next-level catcalling thanks to Pokémon Go

A Reddit thread on r/theredpill is even encouraging men to use the game to pick up women. Normally, that’d be fine—meeting people via participating in a shared interest is kind of a healthy dating tip! But these guys seem to be advocating for Pick Up Artist tactics.
“You're going to meet a TON of women, likely surrounded by very weak, young, nerdy guys, and approaching them is as easy as pie,” writes the original poster. “All of the hard work, such as breaking the ice, is already done for you. All you have to do is show up and spit your favorite day game.” He also suggests dropping a lure at a Pokéstop and waiting for hot women to show up.

Later in the thread, users rave about the “quality” of women they’re meeting. “I have not seen any stereotypical ‘gamers’ using the app,” writes one. “It's only been fairly thin and attractive people.” Another thoughtful lad says, “I thought it would just be a bunch of nerdy rainbow dyed haired thick frame triggered glasses feminists playing it. While I have seen plenty of them playing it, I have seen a lot of non-geeky or non-SJW/feminist looking HBs playing it as well.”

The mysterious Pokémon Go gym at the border of North Korea and South Korea has disappeared

Once deemed evil, Pokémon is now being embraced by churches

Pokémon-Regulation: Assemblyman ponders Pokemon Go legislation

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, a Brooklyn Democrat and established nanny-stater, said he is "concerned” that people playing Pokemon Go, the viral augmented reality game, pose a risk to public safety.

"Like any new technology, it has its advantages and disadvantages, and like any new technology, it has to be looked at very, very carefully. Everything comes down to people’s responsibility as well as corporate responsibility,” Ortiz said Tuesday. "Every single one of us who might want to play this game have to be very cautious. Who’s sending what, and what is the follow up? Everyone should be cautious to make sure that no intruders will be able to tap into this and have people think they’re going to the park when in reality they’re going to a be targeted by some rapist. People could think they’re going to the bank, but in reality, someone is waiting to take their money.”

20 Jun 20:30


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27 Jun 21:00

E Ew…

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29 Jun 17:30

Vape Lyfe

by admin


29 Jun 20:30

You should both be extinct

by admin

13 Jul 19:30

Man What?!?!

by admin

27 Jun 21:00

If NASA were to ask you to pick the ten top GIFs you think best represent Earth during the events of 2016 at this time to send out into space for aliens to see, which ten would you pick?

by brianbendis
21 Jun 18:57

Jon Fox, Recent Work.Recent, intriguing work by British artist...

21 Jun 19:22

A.I. predicts High-Fives, Hugs and Kisses

by René



Im AI-Lab vom MIT haben sie ein paar Neural Networks auf Umarmungen, Knutschen und High-Fives aus Youtube-Clips und Fernsehserien trainiert, die sie dann vorhersagen konnten: Teaching machines to predict the future. Die Erfolgsquote ist zwar noch gering (43%), aber Körpersprache lesende Maschinen, die daraufhin Motive und Handlungen von Menschen vorhersagen, dürften bei der jetzigen Innovationsgeschwindigkeit nicht mehr allzulange weit weg sein. Und Menschen können zukünftige Aktionen ebenfalls nur mit 71% Wahrscheinlichkeit vorhersagen, Maschinen dürften uns hierbei schon sehr bald überholen. Und nun addiere man Predictive Crime und Überwachungskameras zu dieser Gleichung. Yay!

This week researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have made an important new breakthrough in predictive vision, developing an algorithm that can anticipate interactions more accurately than ever before. Trained on YouTube videos and TV shows such as “The Office” and “Desperate Housewives,” the system can predict whether two individuals will hug, kiss, shake hands or slap five. In a second scenario, it could also anticipate what object is likely to appear in a video five seconds later. […]

After training the algorithm on 600 hours of unlabeled video, the team tested it on new videos showing both actions and objects. When shown a video of people who are one second away from performing one of the four actions, the algorithm correctly predicted the action more than 43 percent of the time, which compares to existing algorithms that could only do 36 percent of the time.

In a second study, the algorithm was shown a frame from a video and asked to predict what object will appear five seconds later. For example, seeing someone open a microwave might suggest the future presence of a coffee mug. The algorithm predicted the object in the frame 30 percent more accurately than baseline measures, though the researchers caution that it still only has an average precision of 11 percent.

It’s worth noting that even humans make mistakes on these tasks: for example, human subjects were only able to correctly predict the action 71 percent of the time.

21 Jun 17:30

Summer Solstice


i love some of these looks (minus super long sleeves playing dress up in dads clothes) like THIS


Vogue Russia summons Sebastian Kim for its smoothest issue yet More...
21 Jun 16:11

wetheurban: ’90s Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, Adrienne...


’90s Teenagers in Their Bedrooms, Adrienne Salinger 

In 1995, artist Adrienne Salinger wanted to depict the authentic lives of young people in ‘90s America — a contrast to the perfect Beverly Hills 90210 types portrayed in the media. She photographed teens in the most intimate space of all: their bedrooms.

Keep reading

15 Jun 16:45

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in SoHo, NY

by Tom and Lorenzo

i think he is a very handsome man

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theorux spotted together in SoHo, New York City.


We don’t quite know why, but their various attempts to do the NYC celebrity sidewalk sashay always seem to produce hilarious results.

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (1)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (2)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (3)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (4)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (5)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (6)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (7)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (8)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (9)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (10)

Jennifer-Aniston-Justin-Theroux-GOTSNYC-Street-Style-Fashion-Tom-Lorenzo-Site (11)

Give these two some Southern California weather and tiny little clean sidewalks to walk down and they do fine. But something about NYC clearly throws them off and they always wind up looking like, well, weirdly attention-seeking tourists. It is physically impossible for his ensemble to look any douchier and her somewhat fussy scarf and coat situation looks odd for June. It’s been a little chilly in the mornings this week, so we’ll give her the need for coverage, but this all looks a little overdone and impractical.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, FAMEFLYNET PICTURES]

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16 Jun 12:51

The 11 Best Sneakers Releasing This Weekend & Where to Buy Them

by Chris Danforth


We’re back to recap the most noteworthy sneaker releases of the weekend ahead, ensuring that you stay plugged in to the source and are able to cop with the swiftness.

As always, a ton of great kicks from a wide range of brands are releasing, so we put them altogether here for convenience. Peep the selection below.

Packer Shoes x Reebok Ventilator Supreme “Spring”

Release Date: Friday, June 17
From: Packer Shoes

Skate Mental x Nike SB Janoski “Pepperoni Pizza”

Release Date: Friday, June 17
From: Skate Mental, Nike

Air Jordan 10 Retro “Charlotte”

Release Date: Saturday, June 18
From: Nike, Livestock

Ronnie Fieg x colette x PUMA Blaze of Glory & Disc Blaze

Release Date: Thursday, June 16
From: KITH

Air Jordan 10 Retro “London”

Release Date: Saturday, June 18 (EU Release)
From: Nike

Air Jordan 11 Low Retro “University Blue”

Release Date: Saturday, January 18 (EU Release)
From: Nike

Air Jordan 11 Low Retro “White/Red”

Release Date: Saturday, June 18 (EU Release)
From: Nike

Nike Flyknit Elite

Release Date: Thursday, June 16
From: Nike

BAIT x DreamWorks x Diadora N9000 “Shrek”

Release Date: Saturday, June 18
From: BAIT

Monkey Time x ASICS Tiger Gel-Sight “Olive Crown”

Release Date: Saturday, June 18
From: Monkey Time

Converse All Star Modern

Release Date: Saturday, June 18
From: Converse

16 Jun 12:07


by Staff Writer

I never paid any attention to cars or anything until i turned 30. now i look at cars, watch top gear episodes, watch those antique car auctions on tv, but man oh man. i would go to the drive thru just to talk to people in the car, not even order anything just be like how can you help me? you can look at me in my cool car right now how about that, tell me how cool my car is as i stroke my steering wheel suggestively

Rm Sotheby’s features the 1955 Ford Thunderbird for auction in Motor City on July 30, 2016.  This auto used to be part of the popular Lingenfelter Collection and considered an American car icon.  The unit has been nicely optioned and presented in the most attractive manner possible.  Underneath its hood can be found a 198 bhp, 292 cu. in. OHV V8 engine with a single four barrel carburettor.  It is of three speed Ford-O-Matic transmission and has independent front suspension with some coil springs, a 102 inch wheelbase, live axle rear suspension with some leaf springs and of course the four wheel drum brakes.  This cleanly styled car comes with all the comforts it requires and was first introduced to the public in October 22 of the early 1950s.  Just like the Jaguar E-Type, the Corvette or the Porsche 911, this 1955 T-Bird deserves to belong in every car enthusiast’s collection.  Check out more details via

Ford has always been an unfazed name in the vast world of cars. It is undeniable how they have also gained the credibility as a powerhouse leader in building the most popular muscle car in the world, the Ford Mustang.

15 Jun 17:00

Phantogram – “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”

by Chris DeVille

i like the song but that outfit is fantasy fuel

PhantogramPhantogram have been teasing their new single "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" for well over a week, and it turns out all that hype might have been appropriate. The song presents Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter at their best: One moment it's a snarling synth-rock banger a la Radiohead's "Myxomatosis," the next it's an … More »
15 Jun 17:00

Gwent Is Glorious, Will Contain Solo RPG Mode

by Adam Smith

i played more gwent than completed witcher contracts

Can a free-to-play standalone version of a card game within an RPG really be one of the best games at E3? I played Gwent [official site] yesterday and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

… [visit site to read more]