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21 Nov 20:19

This Parody Of Battle Royale Games Looks Really Fun

by Ethan Gach

welp i want to play the dumb game

A bunch of white dudes sit in an office, all of them wearing black suits and white collared shirts. Everyone sits in the same lime green swivel chairs. For a video game, Last Man Sitting sounds really boring. Add shotguns and ragdoll physics, though, and you have a recipe for the only battle royale game left to make.


21 Nov 16:40

Big Turkey

by admin

21 Nov 16:34

Just Type Stuff

by René

i typed dog like a hundred times

Type stuff in, see what happens!“ by Terry Cavanagh.

21 Nov 15:03

Viola Davis, FLAWLESS in Michael Kors Collection at the American Music Awards

by Tom and Lorenzo

i love the shoulders and sleeves

Darlings, you know how it is with a shortened work week. All the ambition just drains out of you and those three days stretch on for eternity, making it somehow the longest week of the year. We, for our parts are dragging our asses this week because we keep getting sidetracked by Thanksgiving planning and such. Thankfully, we all have Miss Viola to help us out. For us, she gives us a chance to down another pot of coffee and fire up the opinion-generating parts of our brains. For you, she gives you fabulousness to behold.

There. Didn’t this endless week get a little shorter? Viola Davis, light at the end of the tunnel.



Style Credits:
Custom Michael Kors Collection White Crystal-embroidered Gown
Le Vian diamond bracelets

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, ABC/Image Group LA]

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13 Nov 22:59

Temple of Doom's Sacrifice Scene Is So Much Creepier With Lego Ewoks

by James Whitbrook


In hindsight, Return of the Jedi’s Ewok Village scenes have a lot in common with Temple of Doom’s sequences with Mola Ram. After all, both are about human sacrifice, it’s just that one happens to be perpetuated by sentient teddy bears. Which is why a mashup of both, held together by the glue that binds all good…


13 Nov 21:06

schifnimrod:Groot movies

by brianbendis


Groot movies

13 Nov 14:53

Rita Ora Serves up Pure IDGAF-Chic at the MTV Europe Music Awards

by Tom and Lorenzo

Behold, darlings: 2017 red carpetry, rummed up perfectly by the last person we’d expect to be that witty about it:


And just like that, Rita Ora took the loungewear trend to its most absurd point, leaving all others in the dust and closing the lid on the 2017 red carpet vogue for showing up to events without actual clothes on. Or so we’d like to think.

We are pretty sure the Bitter Kittens will remain true to their sobriquet and hate this, but we’re going to have to admit that we absolutely LOVE it. It’s hilarious and campy and fuck-you fabulous. And it was probably the most talked-about red carpet moment of the past month or so. This is how it’s done – especially for an MTV event. Sure, we could all bemoan the loss of norms and niceties, but considering how many female pop stars show up at these events dressed like strippers, clowns and circus acts, this is a fun and glamorous way of poking a stick into the modern red carpet. It almost certainly won’t become a trend (and if it does, we’ll lead the complaints), but it sure as hell produced a capital-M Moment on the red carpet.




Style Credits:
Palomo Spain White Robe from the Spring 2018 Menswear Collection

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages, Courtesy of Paloma Spain]

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06 Nov 15:55

UFC 217: Georges St-Pierre chokes out Michael Bisping to win title in comeback

by Associated Press

this was the best card of 2017 by far. incredible night of fights. ROSE NAMAJUNAS QUADRUPLED MY MONEY, I KNEW SHE WAS GONNA WIN

  • St-Pierre returns from four-year layoff to capture UFC middleweight title
  • Canadian star slaps rear naked choke on Michael Bisping in third round
  • TJ Dillashaw and Rose Namajunas also capture UFC championships

Georges St-Pierre returned from a four-year layoff and peered through the river of blood that flowed down his face to choke out Michael Bisping and win the middleweight championship at UFC 217 on Saturday night.

“I took this fight to challenge myself and I am honored to be champion once again,” he said.

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25 Oct 16:11

Japan's Lamborghini Day Is Delightfully Colorful

by Ken Saito on Jalopnik, shared by Riley MacLeod to Kotaku

what a wonderful day

October has been quite a month for events in Japan. From the Nicole Racing Days, the La Festa Mille Miglia, and the Ferrari 70th Anniversary Rally just last week, we’ve been staying busy over here. But we can’t always have nice things, and as such it’s been raining non-stop (like raining water, not raining cool car…


19 Oct 17:16

Watch Cardi B Play “Bodak Yellow” for a Very Awkward Audience

by Jake Boyer

she is even good live, wow. i love me a good stripper anthem.

Cardi B‘s “Bodak Yellow” may no longer claim the top spot on the Billboard charts (here’s looking at you, Post Malone) but the star behind the biggest rap track is still finding new ways to amaze. Last night, Cardi stopped by the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live! for an utterly fierce performance of her queen-making song. Watch it above.

“Bodak Yellow” has, of course, become the first song by a female rapper to top the charts since Ms. Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” way back in 1998. And as of last week, it is also the longest running number one by a female rapper ever, period.

Check out our guide to just what exactly “Bodak Yellow” even means here, and revisit the track’s music video below.

In other music news, Gucci Mane has shared a new music video for ‘Mr. Davis’ cut “Back On.” Watch it here.

19 Oct 15:30

Dungeons & Dragons Stumbles With Its Revision Of The Game's Major Black Culture

by Cecilia D'Anastasio

i disagree with a lot of these criticisms. the old stuff that was actually in the 90s: yeah, off putting to say the least. but tomb of annihilation seems like a humongous leap in the right direction. the key part that i think they are missing is that every city in dnd is an amalgamation of various nations and cultures.

For nearly a decade, there hasn’t been more than a vestige of a black society in the official world of Dungeons & Dragons. There have been black people, but no black civilizations except for a relatively small group of survivors of a catastrophe and locals living under colonists’ control. Back in 2008, D&D’s…


19 Oct 15:25

Divinity Original Sin 2 Player Collects Paintings Of Boss, Beats Him With Them

by Nathan Grayson on Steamed, shared by Nathan Grayson to Kotaku

They say that pride goes before a fall. One Divinity: Original Sin 2 player decided to interpret the saying literally, killing jerk boss Bishop Alexander by having a plethora of paintings of himself—the surest sign of hubris—fall on his head until he died.


11 Oct 14:21

Cate Blanchett Sparkles in Gucci at the “Thor: Ragnarok” Los Angeles Premiere

by Tom and Lorenzo

for real looking like loki

Given the neon-drenched palette of this film’s promotional imagery, it’s perhaps not a surprise that Miss Cate opted for an eye-searing frock for the occasion.

This was not the time for sober Oscars-poledance gownery and we suppose it was also a good idea not to show up in black, lest she look like she came in costume as her character, who’s the goddess of death. In other words, she’s threading the needle here. She’s dressed appropriately for the occasion and symbiotically with the promotional material, but she’s avoiding the trap of cosplay, which is a thing that actresses in genre projects need to be wary of. Some modern runway fashion looks pretty much indistinguishable from superhero or sci-fi costumes, so a gal with an action figure in her likeness needs to find a way to walk that line without tipping over. Cate, ever the red carpet pro, pretty much nailed it. She’s bright, bold and glittery – exactly what you want from an Oscar-winning actress when she shows up to promote her comic book movie. There’s a real sense of fun and joy here, without sacrificing a bit of her high-fashionista cred.

Having said that, while she nailed the tone of the event, there are a few technical issues here. And by that we mean “things we don’t like.” For one, the shape of the sleeves. That will never not look like a bathrobe to us. For another, the massive gathering of fabric at the waist. She can handle it, but it’s another reason for us to dislike the sleeves – there’s just too much volume occuring right at her midsection. A pair of fitted sleeves might mitigate the effect somewhat. And finally, there are the accessories. We don’t know if the navy pumps work, but we respect the choice. The necklace? Not at all. We’re all for fun, but that’s tipping over into major tacky.

Style Credits:
Gucci Yellow Sequin Dress from the Spring 2018 Collection

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/,]

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11 Oct 14:21

Lindsay Lohan Defends Harvey Weinstein, Tells Georgina Chapman to 'Be There For Her Husband'

by Bobby Finger

lindsay you got a weird ass fake accent now

In a bizarre pair of videos uploaded to her Instagram story Tuesday night, actress Lindsay Lohan surprised her 6 million followers (or perhaps she didn’t surprise them at all) by expressing her support for accused sexual harasser and rapist Harvey Weinstein.


07 Sep 16:29

Tom Ford Kicked Off New York Fashion Week With One Hell of a Sexy, Sparkly Show

by Alyssa Vingan Klein
There's been endless chatter about New York Fashion Week being "over." Designers like Rodarte, Altuzarra, Proenza Schouler and Tommy Hilfiger have decamped to either Paris or Los Angeles in order to escape the super-crowded, hyper-commercial NYFW schedule and to bring more attention to their ...

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07 Sep 16:18

It Must Be Fashion Week Because Kim Kardashian is in NY and Blonde Again

by Tom and Lorenzo

latex trashbag dress (but i like it all the same)

Stop the presses.

She looks like she just swam to shore from New Jersey.

We would’ve normally thought of this stunt as a way of promoting her hubs’ Yeezy show, but he canceled on that, so now she’s stuck parading her chlorine hair around Manhattan for pap shots.

We don’t tend to pay Miss Kimmy a lot of beauty or fashion compliments, but her natural hair color looks amazing on her. We don’t understand her occasional reversions to Blonde Ambition (outside of the press it gets her).

Hey, dress. You’re latex.



Style Credits:
LaQuan Smith BlackStrapless Latex Dress

[Photo Credit: DARA KUSHNER/,]

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07 Sep 15:47

Eating ‘Delicious’ Pizza Triggers Opioids in Your Brain

by Lia McGarrigle

mmm pizza

New research has found that eating pizza triggers opioids in your brain, but they’re not the same ones present in heroin or other similar drugs. Instead, these are naturally-occurring opioids that have been found to be released when listening to music, having sex and eating food.

The study, published in The Journal of Neuroscience, found that eating in general triggers a “significant” release of opioids.

For the study, researchers tested participants after an overnight fast, after drinking a tasteless nutritional drink and after eating “delicious” pizza. According to the report, “eating a delicious pizza led to significant increase of pleasant feelings,” but surprisingly the nutritional drink actually released more opioids than the pizza.

Opioids are thought to be linked to obesity and other food disorders, so the fact that non-“delicious” food can trigger more opioids than seemingly addictive food is a surprise to scientists.

According to one of the study’s researchers, Jetro Tuulari, “This creates a basis for future research and hopefully we will find ways to study and describe the development and predictors of addiction, obesity, and eating disorders.”

In other news, “The Mountain” from Game of Thrones reveals his insane diet plan and weight regime.

25 Aug 03:32

New Video: Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire Feat. Meyhem Lauren “Bebop and Rocksteady”

by Andy B.

i love it


Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire head downs to Little Havana with and Meyhem Lauren in his new video for “Bebop and Rocksteady.” And having just recently made his comeback with the impressive Brainiac EP (do not sleep on “Manboy“), it’s no wonder the Crown Heights rapper is having fun in the sun. Shouts to that cool-ass old couple getting jiggy wit it, too.

Watch below…

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24 Aug 14:22

Dai Burger Throws an Acid-Rave Barbecue in “Where My Girls”

by Jake Boyer

New York’s underground rap scene is about as wild and colorful as it gets, but even by those lofty standards, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more wild and colorful than Dai Burger. The rising rapper from Queens is like the embodiment of an acid rave; bright, exuberant and more fun than you should probably be having. As she prepares to launch her debut album Soft Serve tomorrow, she’s first shared a frenetic visual for single “Where My Girls,” making its world premiere here on Highsnobiety Music. Watch it below.

Filmed in her backyard, the visual finds Dai indulging in a seriously zany barbecue with her girls. And as she reminds us so vividly in the track, it doesn’t matter if you have “blonde, jet black, purple, orange, green hair,” you can still whip it everywhere to roll with her crew.

With the release “Where My Girls” also comes an initiative of the same name between Dai and the Brewery Recording Studio. Though she may effuse the kind of polished badassery that most spend a lifetime trying to achieve, Dai had to work for her come-up; and so this new project will aim to aid girls between the ages of 12-18 in New York to nab them time in the studio, something the rapper could have used during her own journey. The program will offer workshops and sessions on how to produce demos and master tracks, tools any aspiring musician needs to help break through in the industry.

Dai Burger’s Soft Serve is out tomorrow, Friday, August 25.

For more of our premieres, give a listen to dreamy Australian synth-pop duo Kllo’s “Downfall” right here.

24 Aug 13:46

Diet Cig – “Harvard” Video

by Peter Helman
We were so won over by Diet Cig's 2015 debut EP Over Easy that we named them a Band To Watch before it even came out. Two years later, Over Easy is finally being pressed on vinyl for the first time -- limited edition "fried egg" vinyl, no less -- and to celebrate … More »
22 Aug 19:39

New Video: Desiigner Feat. Gucci Mane “Life”

by Staff

i like this song. i like desiigner but mostly because i love this intereview:


Desiigner’s Life of Desiigner debut album is expected to arrive later this year via Def Jam Records. The Brooklyn rapper has kept a presence by dropping records like “Malibu” and “Arms,” and most recently “Formula.” “Life,” a collaboration with Gucci Mane, also dropped earlier this summer and now comes with an official music video.

Premiered by VEVO, Desiigner rides through a forest on a dirt bike before meeting up with Guwop inside a mansion. A psychedelic trippy journey, delve into the mind of Desiigner with his new visual below.

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Desiigner – “Formula”
Desiigner – “Malibu”
Desiigner – “Arms”

22 Aug 13:57

ISS Eclipse Transit

by René

tie fighters

Aus dem Flickr-Feed der NASA: Die ISS im Transit vor dem Mond im Transit während der Sonnenfinsternis gestern, hier auch als kurzes Video.

Apropos Eclipse: Trump hat reingeguckt ins kosmische Bongoloch und alle drehen am Rad, Fox-News-Idiot Tucker Carlson findet, das reingucken in ein kosmisches Bongoloch eine Sonnenfinsternis sei das „Most impressive thing any president’s ever done“. Well, it is not.

Ich hab' in meinem Leben 3 Sonnenfinsternisse gesehen, 1 davon total, und ich habe nie eine Brille gekauft und immer reingeschaut. Die Physik des „augenschädlichen Sonnenfinsternisguckens“ geht so: Man guckt in die Sonnenfinsternis, alles easy, aber die Augen gewöhnen sich an die Dunkelheit, die inneren Augenmuskeln entspannen die Iris und das Auge lässt mehr Licht auf die Retina, als normalerweise. Wenn man dann nach dem Transit nicht aufpasst, knallt die volle Sonnenenergie ins nacht-entspannte Auge und die Retina verbrennt. Das heisst: Wer in eine Sonnenfinsternis guckt, sollte an ihrem Ende weggucken. Das ist alles und dafür braucht man sicher keine Ripoff-Sonnenbrillen.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse - ISS Transit - (NHQ201708210203)

22 Aug 13:57

Watch Nicki Minaj & Blac Chyna Race in Yo Gotti’s “Rake It Up” Video

by Jake Boyer

i dont know about this song (which you have to click through for) nicki rhyming 'china' with 'real thick vagina'

Back in June, Yo Gotti dropped “Rake It Up,” an absurdly catchy new single featuring the one and only Nicki Minaj. Now, the duo star in an eye-popping music video for the track, one that features such imagery as money literally growing on trees, a squadron of girls raking up cash and Nicki drag-racing through the streets in a Lamborghini with Blac Chyna. Watch it below via TIDAL.

“Rake It Up” appears on Gotti Made-It, a collaborative mixtape between Gotti and the ubiquitous Mike WiLL Made-It. Minaj, meanwhile, has been appearing in a plethora of music videos this summer, most recently stunting with Future in “You Da Baddest” and teasing on Instagram an upcoming visual with Migos’ Quavo.

Revisit “You Da Baddest” below.

In other music news, JAY-Z has given a revealing interview to discuss the rumored Kanye-diss on his new album ‘4:44.’ Get the scoop right here.

22 Aug 13:44

Kllo’s “Downfall” Is the Stuff of Synth-Pop Dreams

by Jake Boyer

i like it a lot

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were stuck inside a David Lynch movie while listening to Kllo. The rising Australian electro-pop duo share many characteristics with the sonic palette found in the surrealist auteur’s work, such as the breathy, angelic vocals, the aura of inherent mystery and the feeling of waking from a hazy dream.

No better taster of their sound can be found than in “Downfall,” the brand new single off their upcoming debut full-length Backwater (and making its premiere right here on Highsnobiety Music). “We wrote it on a balcony in Croatia overlooking the water,” the band says of the track, “It was very beautiful there, warm and still… It’s a reminder to not get too caught up in your head, to not dwell on the negative things.”

Listen to it below via SoundCloud.

You can pre-order Kllo’s Backwater right here, and catch them on tour on the following dates below.

Nov. 12 – Madrid, ES @ Costello
Nov. 13 – San Sebastian, ES @ Dabadaba
Nov. 14 – Barcelona, ES @ Sidecar
Nov. 16 – Paris, FR @ Supersonic
Nov. 17 – Rotterdam, NL @ V11
Nov. 18 – Brussels, BE @ Les TransArdentes at Palais 12
Nov. 20 – Amsterdam, NL @ The Sugar Factory
Nov. 23 – London, UK @ XOYO
Nov. 24 – Bristol, UK @ The Louisiana
Nov. 25 – Manchester, UK @ The Soup Kitchen
Nov. 27 – Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
Nov. 28 – Edinburgh, UK @ Sneaky Pete’s
Nov. 29 – Leeds, UK @ Headrow House
Nov. 30 – Nottingham, UK @ The Bodega
Dec. 3 – Berlin, DE @ Badehaus
Dec. 4 – Cologne, DE @ Yuca
Dec. 5 – Hamburg, DE @ Haekken
Dec. 8 – Sydney, AUS @ Oxford Arts Factory
Dec. 9 – Perth, AUS @ Jack Rabbit Slim’s
Dec. 14 – Brisbane, AUS @ Woolly Mammoth
Dec. 15 – Melbourne, AUS @ Corner Hotel
Dec. 16 – Adelaide, AUS @ Fat Controller

For more of our premieres, take a look at MABE’s deliriously colorful video for “HLDN” directed by the one and only Zebra Katz right here.

10 Aug 16:08

Glas Drip Bowls

by René

this is useless if you dont show me the view from the top

Beautiful Glas Drip Bowls by Daniela Forti.

10 Aug 15:17

Katy Perry Stars in the Cover Story of W Magazine September 2017 Issue

by admin

YUUUP i was right

Katy Perry

Pop superstar Katy Perry lands the cover story of W Magazine‘s September 2017 edition captured by fashion photographer Steven Klein. In charge of styling was Edward Enninful, with set design from Stefan Beckman at Exposure NY. Beauty is work of hair stylist Shay Ashual at Art Partner, makeup artist Yadim at Art Partner, and manicurist Honey for Londontown at Exposure NY.

For the cover story Katy is wearing selected looks from top brands such as Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, Miu Miu, Prada, Bottega Veneta, Tom Ford, and Brandon Maxwell. Model posing alongside American singer is Louis Bubko at Fusion.

Everything is more fun with short hair! I can just get up and go. I feel so liberated with this hair now. In general, I feel 360-degrees liberated—all around. Whether it’s politically, mentally, spiritually, sexually. I feel liberated from all the things that don’t serve me. I’m surrendering and embracing my 30s. You couldn’t give me anything to go back to my 20s. To get to this place, I had to do some much-needed work on my heart, soul, mind, and body. Since doing that, a lot of beautiful things started to bloom again.” – Katy on enjoying her life more with short hair.

Read the rest of Katy Perry Stars in the Cover Story of W Magazine September 2017 Issue

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10 Aug 15:16

Saint Laurent Turns Up the Shine Factor for Fall 2017 Campaign

by Rogue

i think katy perry wears that dress on the cover of w magazine

Mica Arganaraz stars in Saint Laurent's fall-winter 2017 campaignMica Arganaraz stars in Saint Laurent's fall-winter 2017 campaign Saint Laurent turns up the rock and roll appeal for its fall-winter 2017 campaign. Photographed by Collier Schorr, the advertisements feature models Mica Arganaraz and Binx Walton as well as singer-actress Charlotte Gainsbourg. Captured in black and white, the new season focuses on square shoulders and... [Read More]

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10 Aug 15:15

Retail Rage

by admin

10 Aug 15:08

DeepMind releases StarCraft AI

by René

great so the computer, which already kicks my ass, is going to just get smarter at kicking my ass

Google und Blizzard haben ihre StarCraft AI veröffentlicht:

Testing our agents in games that are not specifically designed for AI research, and where humans play well, is crucial to benchmark agent performance. That is why we, along with our partner Blizzard Entertainment, are excited to announce the release of SC2LE, a set of tools that we hope will accelerate AI research in the real-time strategy game StarCraft II. The SC2LE release includes:

  • A Machine Learning API developed by Blizzard that gives researchers and developers hooks into the game. This includes the release of tools for Linux for the first time.
  • An open source version of DeepMind’s toolset, PySC2, to allow researchers to easily use Blizzard’s feature-layer API with their agents.
  • A series of simple RL mini-games to allow researchers to test the performance of agents on specific tasks.
  • A joint paper that outlines the environment, and reports initial baseline results on the mini-games, supervised learning from replays, and the full 1v1 ladder game against the built-in AI.
27 Jul 20:56

Pickup Artist

by admin