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17 Apr 12:01

Having absolutely no plans for the weekend

In college:



10 Apr 20:00

The Most Depressing Days In Daredevil’s Preposterously Sad History

by Rob Bricken


It’s a good day for Daredevil fans, as Marvel’s anticipated series about the superhero without fear finally comes to Netflix. But what’s good for fans is likely bad for Daredevil, because his career has been one insane bummer after another. See for yourself!


31 Mar 17:27



this makes me extremely uncomfortable


02 Apr 14:00

Matt W. Moore Brings His Colorful Graphics to Blankets

by Caroline Williamson

oh my stars and garters i love em

Matt W. Moore, graphic artist extraordinaire, has taken his signature bold, geometric know-how and applied it to a colorful series of afghans. Now on his third collection, the first one with colors, the 2015 Spectrum Series Jacquard Afghans bring everything you know and love of Moore’s aesthetic to something you can wrap up in and get cozy with. Also, if you have a neutral-colored sofa, just picture one of these laying over the back of it! We love seeing Moore’s designs now being offered through a series of functional design objects he hows on his Core Deco site. All items are manufactured in the USA.

Matt W. Moore Brings His Colorful Graphics to Blankets

Iso-Geo Skyline closeup

Iso-Geo Skyline zoom view

XYZ Axis

XYZ Axis

XYZ Axis zoom view

XYZ Axis zoom view

4th Dimension

4th Dimension

4th Dimension zoom view

4th Dimension zoom view

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics zoom view

Plate Tectonics zoom view

Glitch Construct

Glitch Construct

Glitch Construct zoom view

Glitch Construct zoom view

06 Apr 19:33

UFO illustration by Charles Burns. 

by brianbendis

UFO illustration by Charles Burns. 

06 Apr 15:30

Prices [Tim & Eric]

by Marcie Gainer

Oh, lay an egg.

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02 Apr 12:00

Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig Made a Lifetime Movie?

by Mikey Fresh


Honestly, I’ve been staring at these stories for a while now — trying to figure out if this isn’t some elaborate April Fool’s Day joke. It almost sounds like it’s too good (and hilarious) to be true but EW, HollywoodReporter and Vulture are all rolling with it (or are all in on it).

The story goes: “Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig have teamed for a top secret Lifetime movie called A Deadly Adoption, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.”

Read more below…

Set for a likely early summer debut, Ferrell and Wiig star in the dramatic thriller as a successful couple who house and care for a pregnant woman (played by 90210 alum Jessica Lowndes) with the hopes of adopting her unborn child — then things quickly go awry. The movie is described as campy and fun and a contemporary wink at the genre that comes as Lifetime is poised to mark the 25th anniversary of its TV movie business.

The two-hour TV movie has already been filmed and is being executive produced by Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions. Ferrell, as it turns out, is a huge fan of the Lifetime movies and always has wanted to make one himself. The movie hails from Mar Vista Entertainment and National Picture Show. Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Escape From Polygamy, Love at the Christmas Table) will direct the two-hour pic that’s based on a script from The Spoils of Babylon’s Andrew Steele. It marks a reunion for Steele with Ferrell and Wiig, who both starred in the IFC miniseries.

Steele, Sharon Bordas, Fernando Szew and Jessica Elbaum will also executive produce.
For its part, Lifetime kicked off its TV movie business in July 1990 with Memories of Murder. The franchise has included With This Ring, Whitney Houston entry Whitney, Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B and more.

[Hollywood Reporter]

Will Ferrell Brings Snake Awareness to New York City (Video)

02 Apr 14:10

Nicki Minaj's Perfect Breasts Console a Young Fan, 'Can Cure the Sick'

by Bobby Finger

During a performance in Belfast last night, Nicki Minaj consoled a young boy named Donny after he began to cry on stage. Once the two were Cheek 2 Chest, Donny turned off the tears and turned up the smiles.


01 Apr 15:00

The Best Gag Products Gaming Companies Have Offered For April Fools Day

by Ed Grabianowski

UMM HELLO there a game called katanas and trenchcoats where you basically play a highlander.

The tabletop gaming industry has a rich history of releasing joke products and silly articles for April Fools' Day, and this year is no different. Here are some of best, including Katanas & Trenchcoats, the brooding '90s throwback RPG you never knew you always wanted.


01 Apr 12:58

Rumor: "Batman v Superman" Trailer Attached To "Mad Max: Fury Road"


mad max looks phenomenal and well, i love all the precursor films so this could be a huge added bonus

A new report insists audiences will "absolutely" see the first trailer for director Zack Snyder's film by May 15.
31 Mar 20:24

The Private Eye: A Damn Good Comic About How the Internet Changes Us

by Evan Narcisse

its free, and its really good, and by free its pay what you want and well i wanted to pay nothing cause i am house poor

The man who wrote Y the Last Man. The guy who drew incredible runs on Amazing Spider-Man and Batgirl: Year One. In 2013, they launched The Private Eye, a provocative sci-fi series set in a future without the internet. It just ended a few weeks ago, and you really should read it.


27 Mar 16:00

Is The World Ready For Black Mask's "Tube Comics"?

by James Whitbrook

i think the books are better as books personally, they are great comics. the art is beautiful. the voices arent as how i read them in my head

Black Mask Studios have made a name for themselves over the past few years for trying some interesting ideas with their comic books, but now they're branching out into video with new miniseries adaptations of some of their most popular series, to try and encourage more people to read comics.


26 Mar 13:11

Stock Up on Money-Saving LED Bulbs Starting Under $4 Each, Today Only

by Shep McAllister, Commerce Team

i get that they are good for the environment and everything but i legit stocked up on the old ones cause i love them

If you still haven't upgraded your home's lighting to LED, here's a great chance to do it on the cheap. Today only, Amazon's selling 6-packs of Energetic Lighting LED bulbs starting at just $23, or under $4 per bulb.


23 Mar 12:27

“Entre Chien Et Loup” Art Print by Victor Hussenot

by admin

Sergeant Paper just released this beautiful new art print by Victor Hussenot. “Entre Chien Et Loup” is an 11.5″ x 15.5″ giclee, has an edition of 30, and costs €40. Visit

Victor Hussenot

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by admin

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24 Mar 13:00

This MCU Themed House Turns Your Living Space Into Avengers Tower

by James Whitbrook

Sure, there's being a fan of the Marvel movies — watching them all, going to midnight screenings, buying the merch, reading the comics — and then there's decking your house out with wall-spanning prints and giant logos. That's like, Coulson-levels of fanboying right there.


18 Feb 18:20


by Steven Weissman


24 Feb 10:09

Christina Aguilera Does Old-School Britney Better Than Britney Does Old-School Britney

by Michael K

her cher is so good!


On The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, Jimmy played a completely spontaneous and totally unrehearsed game of random musical impressions with the yodeling bronzer stick in a white wig we call Xtina. Xtina’s Samantha Jones impersonation could win her the first place trophy at the Snatch Game Grand Championship, so it’s no surprise that she can spit out pretty good impersonations. Xtina did Cher, Shakira and Brit Brit last night.

Xtina’s Shakira impression didn’t cause a herd of horny goats to break through the door and hump her mouth, so she doesn’t get many points for that one. But her Cher was pretty spot-on and after she opened her mouth to impersonate fellow Mouseketeer Brit Brit Spears, Cheetos dust, gas station fumes, Frapp foam and KFed’s jizz filled my ears. And yes, since KFed’s jizz filled my ears, my head is pregnant with triplets now.

If you really want to see Jimmy Fallon’s David Bowie and Michael McDonald impersonations, watch the whole thing. But if you’re only here to see Xtina get possessed by the spirit of Our Lady of Cheetos circa 1999, skip to the 1:45 mark in the video below:

It’s perfect. If Brit Brit ever needs a ghost singer, she knows who to call.

If Xtina was doing old-school Brit Brit, then I’d easily give her 5 out of 5 Cheetos:


But if  Xtina was doing new-school Brit Brit, then I can only give her half a Cheeto and that’s being generous:


Because if she wanted to do new-school Brit Brit, she’d move her mouth for a little bit before giving up halfway to eat hot wings.

And I posted one or two of these yesterday, but here’s more of Xtina at the Vanity Fair Oscar party doing an impersonation of Double Trouble from She-Ra at a quickie wedding in Reno.

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10 Feb 19:53

Besiege Players Have Built Some Amazing Dicks

by Patricia Hernandez

Give people the tools to build whatever they want, and they'll probably create amazing technological wonders. Also, dicks.


09 Feb 20:45

New Music: Boogie “Further”

by Andy B.


There’s something in the water in Long Beach. The city that birthed Snoop has seen a resurgence in recent years, blessing the world with the gritty rhymes of Vince Staples, Joey Fatts and A$ton Matthews. And soon enough, Boogie’s name will be in that same conversation.

The 25-year-old single dad made his debut just over a year ago with “Bitter Raps,” a hilariously stern critique of thirstiness on Instagram and West Coast rap, before following up with his Thirst 48 mixtape (which I wrote about for OG Mattress) in the summer. His self-deprecating humor and genuine personality make Boogie instantly likable, but like early Kendrick, his music carries an overwhelming hunger for change — not only in the streets, but for his generation as a whole.

Just take a listen to Boogie’s latest offering “Further,” the first track off his upcoming project titled The Reach.

Stream below…

Watch “Bitter Raps” and stream Boogie’s Thirst 48 mixtape below.

Boogie slayed this freestyle on Sway In The Morning, too.

And finally, watch Boogie’s interview with Pigeons & Planes.

08 Feb 18:55

Storm by Olivier Coipel, 2012

by brianbendis

Storm by Olivier Coipel, 2012

09 Feb 15:38

entertainmentweekly: Our AWESOME retro posters. 

by brianbendis

that last one

Image Credit: (CW) David M. Benett/Getty Images; Francois Duhamel; Jan Hetfleisch/Getty Images; BERTRAND LANGLOIS/AFP/Getty Images; Karwai Tang/WireImage

Image Credit: Baby: Getty Images/Blend Images; Terminator: Everett Collection

Image Credit: Jing-chu: Raf Sanchez/Getty Images; Ferguson: Vera Anderson/WireImage; Cruise: David James

Image Credit: Pratt: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Image Credit: Jackman: Rankin

Image Credit: Disney

Image Credit: Van Der Beek: Everett Collection; Arquette: BENAINOUS/DUCLOS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images; Bow Wow: David McNew/Newsmakers; Skull: Getty Images


Our AWESOME retro posters

29 Jan 03:46


02 Feb 20:51

Do you think it's possible for someone to really love a character but not identify with them?

by brianbendis
27 Jan 20:00

Taking Stupidity to a New Degree

by admin

28 Jan 15:30

So this happened…

by admin

this is so outlandish that i think it is true

29 Jan 07:17

Video: Flyover drone footage of Auschwitz concentration camp is haunting

by Casey Chan

Video: Flyover drone footage of Auschwitz concentration camp is haunting

The BBC flew a drone over the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp today to show off what it looks like and it's absolutely haunting. Over a million people died in this concentration camp from 1940 to 1945. It's been 70 years since the Soviets liberated the camp and it's still so tragic to see.


21 Jan 04:44

DOOMIRON MAN #150 (Sept. 1981)Art by John Romita Jr. (pencils),...

by brianbendis

one of these days imma get me a doom tattoo

IRON MAN #150 (Sept. 1981)
Art by John Romita Jr. (pencils), Bob Layton (inks) & Bob Sharen (colors)
Words by David Michelinie