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04 Jul 15:16

Press plans to continue development post Google Reader shutdown

by Andrew Martonik
Mario Kajiya

Espero que o theoldreader libere logo uma API. E espero que ele fique mais rápido.


One of our favorite Google Reader clients, Press, released an update to its app today explaining that it plans to continue development after Reader shuts down on July 1, 2013. First and foremost, Press is not shutting down when Google Reader goes away. The team is already looking into another backend syncing solution, which will ideally be cross-platform one. Noting that they, too, just found out yesterday about the shutdown, they state:

"We have used RSS for many years and believe it's a powerful and efficient way to follow your favorite websites. We're absolutely committed to keep working on Press. We've poured a lot of time and energy into it, and we love our app."

Press isn't alone in their search for a new platform to provide cross-platform RSS news syncing. There are dozens of popular news readers and podcast managers that rely on Google Reader as a syncing platform that will all be either shutting down or looking for a new means to keep going.

30 Jun 21:20

wired-infornography: (via Show and Tell - Imgur) WHAT...

Mario Kajiya



(via Show and Tell - Imgur)


27 Jun 19:48

Buttersafe by Raynato Castro & Alex Culang - 28 June 2013

27 Jun 16:40


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
26 Jun 23:41


26 Jun 18:59

what men want

26 Jun 18:49

Reality Show Idea

by Jonco

Reality show idea



26 Jun 18:23

Book-lined staircase

by Cory Doctorow

A mysterious and magnificent book-lined staircase, provenance unknown. Do you know where this is?

Update: Thanks to sleuthy commenters, who suggest that the photo depicts this staircase, at Australia's Deakin University Library, possibly taken by RuthC and for sale here.

29 October, 2012 (via That Book Smell)


26 Jun 18:20

‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters As Named By A Dad Quizzed Right After Watching The Season Finale

by Maske


With a stroke of brilliance that deserves to be chronicled in some sort of pop culture digest, one Game of Thrones fan decided to quiz his father — who regularly watches the show with him — thirty minutes after the season three finale ended with pictures of all the different characters to see how many his dad could name. He then of course made images and shared the fun with his buddies on r/GameOfThrones.

The results are — of course — glorious, and vary from nailing Jon Snow and Gilly to re-christening Bran Stark as James Stark and somehow offering up incorrect two syllable non-words for Hodor. Seriously, he missed Hodor. Twice!

The whole thing is just the perfect combination of zeitgeist meets massive confusing ensemble meets dad brain meets internet good times. The question marks are a nice touch as well. I thought.








Via Reddit

26 Jun 18:18

changing things up

changing things up

26 Jun 16:30

As gifs mais fofas que existem

by Bruno Eugênio

Prepare-se, pois neste post você provavelmente irá vomitar o triplo do que já vomitou nessa semana.

26 Jun 16:21


25 Jun 19:46

mshkh: Good Morning Kitten - Sophia [redux] - June 05, 2013

25 Jun 19:27

neil-gaiman: To answer a few questions people have been asking,...

Mario Kajiya

Terminei de ler ontem. Fantástico.


To answer a few questions people have been asking, mostly in the comments of that last post,  about what The Ocean at the end of the Lane is:

It’s a novel. It’s not a long novel, but it’s sort of bigger on the inside, if you see what I mean. 

It’s published on June 18th in the US, the UK, Canada,Australia, Brazil, possibly some other places as well.

It’s not part of any series or anything else. It’s not really like anything else I’ve written, although it was obviously written by me. 

It’s not a horror novel, although it has moments in it that are as scary as anything I’ve written.

It’s not a memoir, although I set it on the lane that I grew up as a boy.

There’s magic in it.

The Amazon US preorder is

The Indiebound link, to find an independent bookshop close to you with a copy is

I love that Indeibound categorises it as: Categories: Fairy Tales, Folklore & MythologyFantasy - GeneralGeneral. (They could add another half a dozen categories to that.)

I don’t like the reviews that tell you what happens in it, but I’m very happy to link to the reviews that tell you how it feels for someone to read it. Here’s author Amy McCulloch blogging about it.

25 Jun 17:52

kateordie: It’s the little things, isn’t it?


It’s the little things, isn’t it?

25 Jun 17:51

eu me apaixonei pela pessoa errada etc

by Patricia C.
Gente, estou apaixonada. Infelizmente, pelo ridículo da situação, não me sinto confortável em dizer quem é.

Só gostaria de expressar minha indignação. EM PLENO 2013 AS PESSOAS NÃO USAM REDES SOCIAIS. Jogo o nome da pessoa no google e só acho os artigos acadêmicos.

Como ser stalker assim, meu deus? Como arrumar uma foto e ficar suspirandinho escutando exaltasamba?

25 Jun 17:37

May 24, 2013

Really been enjoying Junior Scientist Power Hour comics.
25 Jun 17:27


25 Jun 15:02

omg :3

omg :3

25 Jun 14:59

Could Be Worse

18 Jun 14:28

06/05/13 PHD comic: 'Friend Request'

Piled Higher & Deeper by Jorge Cham
Click on the title below to read the comic
title: "Friend Request" - originally published 6/5/2013

For the latest news in PHD Comics, CLICK HERE!

18 Jun 14:26

The 12 Best ‘Game Of Thrones’ References In Other TV Shows

by Josh Kurp

Sigh. After tonight, it’s over, at least for another nine months, when Game of Thrones will return for season four and make our lives meaningful again in a post-Breaking Bad world. Production begins next month, according to star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, presumably in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where so much of the show is shot.

I, for one, am not ready for season three to be over with, because until it’s back, the only Game of Thrones we’re going to have in our lives, besides compulsively rewatching “The Rains of Castamere” and reading the books for a seventh time, is references to it in other TV shows, like Andy and Andy’s “Places to Live” list. Here are some other great Game of Thrones pop culture acknowledgements (there’s a lot of Parks and Recreation).







And at another point…



21 May 18:28

Buckling Under the Weight

by Steve Napierski
Buckling Under the Weight

“Well, excuse me Princess! That’s what I should have said… I’ll say that next time.”

21 May 15:54


Mario Kajiya

Acho que ele me ganhou já no design, haha.


20 May 19:09

by yasmine

This will be a mini-series, I think. Well, depending on how the story progresses.
20 May 15:48

1085 – Novo capataz

by Carlos Ruas


20 May 11:28


20 May 11:19


Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
15 May 10:57

Tira 1671

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14 May 11:08

room42: Hayao Miyazaki rain, which means that every frame was...


Hayao Miyazaki rain, which means that every frame was hand-drawn