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01 Sep 14:53

InteRose Underwear: That’s Not How Thighs Work

by bev

You’ve got to love how they made the front and the back views consistently awful.



Whoa, now that’s a thigh gap! Thanks, Raquel, for spotting this hilarious disaster on her new package of undies.

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28 Aug 17:29

Murphy’s take on Moore’s Law

31 Aug 04:25

a-giant-spider: i dunno about you guys but if i’m not sure if a...


i dunno about you guys but if i’m not sure if a snake is venomous or not i don’t think my first step would be to grab & examine its ass 

31 Aug 18:27

socallmedaisy: magpieandwhale: #tiny knitwear goat gang gonna...

31 Aug 21:24

shinyx2: Sweet Peas in bloom on Poppy’s head.


Sweet Peas in bloom on Poppy’s head.

31 Aug 18:26

Journalist Spends Four Years Traversing India to Document Crumbling Subterranean Stepwells Before they Disappear

by Christopher Jobson


Across India an entire category of architecture is slowly crumbling into obscurity, and you’ve probably never even heard it. Such was the case 30 years ago when Chicago journalist Victoria Lautman made her first trip to the country and discovered the impressive structures called stepwells. Like gates to the underworld, the massive subterranean temples were designed as a primary way to access the water table in regions where the climate vacillates between swelteringly dry during most months, with a few weeks of torrential monsoons in the spring.

Thousands of stepwells were built in India starting around the 2nd and 4th centuries A.D. where they first appeared as rudimentary trenches but slowly evolved into much more elaborate feats of engineering and art. By the 11th century some stepwells were commissioned by wealthy or powerful philanthropists (almost a fourth of whom were female) as monumental tributes that would last for eternity. Lautman shares with Arch Daily about the ingenious construction of the giant wells that plunge into the ground up to 10 stories deep:

Construction of stepwells involved not just the sinking of a typical deep cylinder from which water could be hauled, but the careful placement of an adjacent, stone-lined “trench” that, once a long staircase and side ledges were embedded, allowed access to the ever-fluctuating water level which flowed through an opening in the well cylinder. In dry seasons, every step—which could number over a hundred—had to be negotiated to reach the bottom story. But during rainy seasons, a parallel function kicked in and the trench transformed into a large cistern, filling to capacity and submerging the steps sometimes to the surface. This ingenious system for water preservation continued for a millennium.

Because of an increasing drop in India’s water table due to unregulated pumping, most of the wells have long since dried up and are now almost completely neglected. While some stepwells near areas of heavy tourism are well maintained, most are used as garbage dumping grounds and are overgrown with wildlife or caved in completely. Many have fallen completely off the map.

Inspired by an urgency to document the wells before they disappear, Lautman has traveled to India numerous times in the last few years and taken upon herself to locate 120 structures across 7 states. She’s currently seeking a publisher to help bring her discoveries and photographs to a larger audience, and also offers stepwell lectures to architects and universities. If you’re interested, get in touch.

You can read a more comprehensive account of stepwells by Lautman on Arch Daily.












31 Aug 16:45

The GIF Artists World Map presents: Artist: zollocFrom: Austin,...

The GIF Artists World Map presents:

Artist: zolloc
From: Austin, Texas

The GIF Artists World Map is a project by Alessandro Scali from OKKULT Motion Pictures + The

29 Aug 15:43

jeanpolfus: The sculptures by Gustav Vigeland at...


The sculptures by Gustav Vigeland at Vigelandsparken (Vigeland Park) in Oslo, Norway have been one of the highlights of our trip! There are over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron in the park.

29 Aug 23:41

nahiri-lithomancer: keranos-god-of-storm-crows: k4ll0: dajo42:...






original post [x]

this is the happiest day of my life


Too soon

65 million years…

28 Aug 15:48

A Lone Marmot Sits Upright to Emit Ear Piercing Screams Atop a Mountain in British Columbia

by Lori Dorn

A lone marmot climbed atop a wooden fence on Blackcomb Peak near Whistler, British Columbia, sat upright and let out a couple of ear piercing screams. The mountain-dwelling squirrel probably wanted to warn others that the humans of Lone Goat Soap were nearby and filming.

Alpine marmots emit variable alarm calls when they encounter humans, dogs, and several species of aerial predators. The first part of the study involved observations and manipulations designed to document contextual variation in alarm calls. Alarm calls varied along several acoustic parameters, but only along one that we examined, the number of notes per call, was significantly correlated with the type of external stimulus.

YouTuber Homar Sánchez has created a couple of amusing mashups that incorporate the “screaming marmot” footage.

via Nothing To Do With Arbroath

28 Aug 16:10

“Sexting” Is Just a New Name for a Very Old Activity

by Diane Kelly on Throb, shared by Sean Hollister to Gizmodo

In 2011, a remarkable and distinctly erotic 17th century portrait of Nell Gwyn was put up for sale by her descendants. It shows Gwyn, an actress who was one of Charles II’s mistresses for more than a decade, washing a string of sausages with her breasts exposed.


28 Aug 23:11

'Walking Dead' web series: Zombies on a plane

by Sandra Gonzalez

Get ready for mile-high zombies

AMC reportedly has plans for a new 30-minute online special that will feature a Walking Dead first: a zombie attack on an airplane.

Installments of the full special will air during Walking Dead commercial breaks during the upcoming Season 6, which starts in October and introduce a character that will be featured on Fear the Walking Dead Season 2.

EW first reported the news.

The special, which will be a standalone, will be set in the pre-apocalypse period, similar to what is currently being portrayed in Season 1 of Fear Read more...

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29 Aug 00:46

theinturnetexplorer: Hide and Seek



Hide and Seek

28 Aug 17:49

Nitrogen triiodide: "So volatile that a mosquito landing on it will make it explode"

by Mark Frauenfelder

The Royal Institution posted this demonstration of an explosively unstable substance called nitrogen triiodide. I love the purple smoke it makes.

Nitrogen triiodide is so unstable that even something like a mosquito landing on it can set it off. Three iodine atoms cluster around one side of a nitrogen atom. Being crowded around one end causes something called bond strain as the atoms repel each other in a small space. The result is that the molecule is prone to falling apart, explosively.


28 Aug 09:25

Muzzle For Walking Your Dog In The Woods

by Dainius

If you’re afraid to walk your dog at night (and your dog is the kind that would rather lick the attacker than protect you) – this werewolf muzzle is for you! The Russian-designed dog muzzle sells for about 30 USD and permits your dog to slightly open its mouth, allowing it to pant. It is made from non-toxic plastic and nylon.

Some countries require that all dogs wear a muzzle when out in public. However, if you live in a country that also permits the carrying of firearms in public, this muzzle is probably not for you. While you see a cool dog accessory, others might only see a terrifying dog, which can have unpredictable results. Terrify responsibly!

More info: Krlmhl |


Image credits: Alexey Kurulyov


Image credits:


Image credits:


Image credits: Alexey Kurulyov

27 Aug 21:38

10+ Funny Comics That Only Introverts Will Understand

28 Aug 05:00

What is Trypophobia? And Is It Real?

by Jen Pinkowski

Many people report fearing clusters of holes. If you're one of them, this post is for you. But don't say we didn't warn you.

24 Aug 12:08

Luis Quiles Artwork

by Bo

Luis Quiles is a Spanish artist known for his controversial art, which uncovers the dark side of society. Quiles is unafraid of addressing sensitive subjects like sexism, abuse, exploitation, and homophobia. More often than not his view seems polarised which sparks heated debate.

What causes Luis Quiles’ work to be so controversial is that it is so blunt. He frequently chooses taboo subjects, that tend to cause a level of discomfort to the viewer. For a few individuals, Quiles’ pictures spark sentiments of terror and disgust at first. Take a minute to look for deeper meaning.



I see that some people blindly leave their only hope for a temporary joy. On the other hand, how do we know he didn’t look over the ladder first, and see a certain failure. Maybe he’s making the most of a dire situation.



Hooked on the bottle? According to the WHO (not the band) 3,300,000 people die every year from alcohol abuse.



Probably one of the most provocative pieces I’ve seen from Luis. It is definitely disturbing. I think it’s about the unwanted sexual attention that women receive through social media, though others interpret it differently. It would be good to hear your thoughts on it too. Please leave comments at the end of the post.



A friend of mine recently had 6 days off work. He sat in front of his games console solidly for the whole time. I think this is becoming a sad reality for many. Is this becoming another form of addiction? There is no doubt people use it as a form of escapism, in the same sort of way people use alcohol and drugs.



Can you buy waterproof phone cases?



I believe this is symbolic of the pornographic industry and it’s expectancy of women to have a certain physical appearance while simultaneously representing the food industry’s constant pressure on us to consume their products. In a way, the person holding the burger is taunting her while she sits there with no access to it.


27 Aug 01:59

The Grand Canyon is contaminated with mercury

by Nicholas Korody

Sadly, even the Grand Canyon, a symbolic landmark of America’s natural environment, unfortunately isn’t immune to the ravages of pollution. Concentrations of mercury and selenium in canyon’s food webs — the interconnected food chains in the environment — regularly exceed levels considered risky for fish and wildlife. Those findings are from a study from the U.S. Geological Survey scientists published in the journal Environmental Toxicity and Chemistry.

It's the kind of news that reads like Anthropocene poetry – both existentially dark and metaphorically potent. This vast fissure in the Earth's crust, which presents us with two billion years of geologic history and basically defines our image of the sublime, has been thoroughly contaminated by a relatively short period of industrial agriculture and other human activities.

More precisely, the selenium likely comes from agriculture and mining (although it also exists in the soil naturally). The mercury is thought to have been brought in by algae from Lake Powell, originating in "distant coal-burning electrical plants."

The researchers explained, "The findings of the present study add to a growing body of evidence showing that remote ecosystems are vulnerable to long-range transport and subsequent bioaccumulation of contaminants."

Researcher studied minnows, invertebrates and fish at six sites along the Colorado River and recorded mercury and selenium levels that exceed toxicity threshol...

27 Aug 19:52

This underemployed woman is selling her college diploma on eBay

by Max Knoblauch

A frustrated 2011 graduate of Florida State University's School of Theatre is looking to get rid of her student debt in an interesting way — by selling her diploma and "college experience" for $50,000 on eBay.

Stephanie Ritter, who attended the university from 2007-2011, posted a sarcastic-yet-very-real eBay listing referring to her diploma as "brand new" and "Never been used to get a job".

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Ritter explained that she's been underemployed since graduation and is looking for a way to erase her $40,000 of loan debt. Read more...

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27 Aug 15:00

Drone rudely interrupts man sunbathing on 200-foot-tall wind turbine

by Brian Koerber

It's 2015, so no matter how much privacy you think you may have, there is always a chance that a drone is lurking nearby, ready to invade your seclusion

Drone pilot Kevin Miller was capturing some footage of a wind turbine in Rhode Island, when his craft accidentally revealed a man that was attempting to catch some rays on the deck of the turbine, the Daily Mirror reports.

Initially, the man didn't seem too pleased about being discovered, and it appears that he even flipped the drone off. But Miller told the Mirror, "Upon landing he saw me bring the drone down and was leaning over the edge. I looked up and wave to him and he waved back." Read more...

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26 Aug 23:10

Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid

by Scott Beale

Science and illusion channel Brusspup presents 10 amazing science tricks using liquid.

27 Aug 15:01

Artist Retells the Entire Story of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ With Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

by Justin Page


Talented Japanese manga artist and illustrator Takumi has recently retold the entire story of George Miller‘s film Mad Max: Fury Road with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The original black and white ink drawings of Takumi’s hieroglyphic masterpiece are available to view on his Facebook page.




images via Takumi


27 Aug 15:45

Microscopic zoom-in on a bacterium on a diatom on an amphipod

by Mark Frauenfelder


From the entrancing Micro Universe Tumblr: a bacterium on a diatom on an amphipod.

26 Aug 21:07

Seeing Japanese handmade paper get made is completely soothing

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Alissa Walker to Gizmodo

I don’t know exactly what’s going on but you see trees get chopped down and stripped and cooked and boiled and drained and dried and flattened and then transformed into pieces of paper that were all delicately made by hand. It’s a lovely process to watch, especially since it’s so damn soothing.


27 Aug 06:00

I Need LG's Foldable Keyboard In My Life

by Luke Hopewell - Gizmodo Australia

“Hello, LG? Yes, this is Luke. Go ahead and take as much of my money as it takes to get this keyboard-based sorcery into my travel bag.”


27 Aug 01:23

nemfrog: Postpartum confinement. Jacques-Fabien...


Postpartum confinement. Jacques-Fabien Gautier-Dagoty._Anatomie des parties de la génération, et de ce qui concerne la grossesse et l'accouchement_ 1775

26 Aug 22:11


by Leticia Roncero
27 Aug 02:40

LG made a solid, roll-up keyboard for your tablet or giant smartphone

by Mat Smith
To the untrained eye, LG's new Bluetooth keyboard looks like a (very long) mobile battery, but that's because it's all bundled up. Unfurl the Rolly and you'll get a "full-size" keyboard that automatically switches on and connects to your nearest (LG?...