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01 Jul 19:52

Arrestingly Beautiful Portraits of Exotic Animals Staring Directly at the Camera

by Lori Dorn


Photographer Brad Wilson has captured the arresting beauty of exotic animals in his gorgeous portrait series “Affinity I” and “Affinity II“, many of which have been included in his book “Wild Life“. Individual prints can be purchased through Wilson’s site.

In the midst of our modern human civilization with all its technological complexities, animals still remain stark symbols of a simpler life and a wilderness lost. Perhaps these images can stand as a testament to this other fading world, and remind us, despite the pronounced feeling of isolation that too often characterizes our contemporary existence, that we are not alone, we are not separate – we are part of a beautifully rich and interconnected diversity of life.




Spectacled Owl


images via Brad Wilson

via Bored Panda

01 Jul 18:05

Free Ride: A Crow Catches a Lift on the Back of a Bald Eagle

by Christopher Jobson


Photographer Phoo Chan has seen more than his fair share of spectacular moments while photographing birds and other wildlife around his home in California, but perhaps nothing will ever top what he witnessed last spring while shooting near Kitsap, Washington: a crow riding atop a bald eagle. It only lasted for a few seconds, but Chan managed to capture the entire encounter on film. He shares about the image:

Crows are known for aggressively harassing other raptors that are much bigger in size when spotted in their territories and usually these ‘intruders’ simply retreat without much fuss. However, in this frame the crow did not seem to harass the bald eagle at such close proximity and neither did the bald eagle seem to mind the crow’s presence invading its personal space. What made it even more bizarre was that the crow even made a brief stop on the back of the eagle as if it was taking a free scenic ride and the eagle simply obliged.

You can see more of Chan’s bird photography on 500px and Flickr. (via Bored Panda, @pourmecoffee, Stellar)





01 Jul 19:00

Here’s the SPF You Actually Get When You Apply Sunscreen Sparingly

by Beth Skwarecki on Vitals, shared by Whitson Gordon to Lifehacker

A sunscreen labeled “SPF 15” should let you spend about 15 times as long in the sun before you burn. Pretty awesome, right? Unfortunately, most of us don’t get that level of protection because we don’t apply enough. What you’re likely getting: a mere SPF 2.


01 Jul 21:20

Watch This Tennis Ball Disappear Before Your Eyes

by Robbie Gonzalez

You’re looking at high-speed footage of a tennis ball being served at 142 miles per hour. The video (below) was recorded at 6,000 frames per second. In the span of twelve frames—two thousandths of a second—the ball transmutes from a sphere into a fuzzy green patty, all but disappearing behind the rim of the racquet.


01 Jul 16:43

Ninja Cat Hunting. Awesome.

01 Jul 00:00

26 Breathtaking Pictures of Abandoned and Forgotten Places

by Rebecca OConnell

Photographer Matt Emmett doesn't pay attention to signs that say "do not enter." While traveling around Europe, the urban explorer looks for the eerie beauty found in the derelict and forgotten. Emmett has photographed everything from abandoned hotels to power stations; before entering a new location, he always reads up about the history first. He offers a detailed description of each picture he takes on his Flickr

"I enjoy being in such magnificent places alone or in a small group," Emmett told mental_floss. "The atmosphere that hangs over a derelict power station or steel plant, for me, puts them on a level with the Angkor Wat's or Machu Pichu's of this world." 

You can see more of his work on his website, Twitter, or Facebook page

A rooftop view of an abandoned asylum in Northern Italy. A lot of the medical equipment and machines can still be found inside. 

A ruined chapel at a private residence in Italy.

The inside of a cooling tower in Belgium. 

A crane in an old factory. 

A radome in Belgium.

Inside the radome.

The overgrown window of a UK manor house. 

A decaying library in a manor house in England. 

Faded fresco paintings cling to the walls of the entrance hall at a large abandoned Villa complex.

This strange structure was created by an artist to house himself and his sheep. It's located on private land in the Cotswolds, England. 

Rusting radar dishes along the Norfolk and Lincolnshire coast in England. 

The banister of an abandoned Italian villa. It was converted into a psychiatric hospital in the 1800s. 

Light shining through the Oculus Tower in Italy. The factory was used to process sugarbeets in sugars and oils. 

Wooden cabinets that were used to hold patient information at a psychiatric hospital in Northern Italy.

An old television sits by the window in Bull Manor in England. 

A ruined colonnade encased in foliage. This photo is one of the photographer's favorites. 

A home abandoned after a fire during World War II. 

A statue of Neptune stands guard over a secret underwater dome in the UK. 

A Victorian reservoir located under the streets of London, England. "The echo in here had fantastic delay to it, my whoop coming back to me around four seconds after it left my mouth," Emmett said. 

A surgery room at an abandoned psychiatric hospital. "The hospital was famous in the 1930s for being one of the pioneering sites for the research and early practice of frontal lobe lobotomy," Emmett writes.

A long hallway of a military hospital used to take care of U.S. soldiers during the Gulf War. "Places like this remind me that [nature] always prevails and nothing we create can ever stand up to her and the passage of time," Emmett said. 

Another view of the Oculus Tower in Italy. 

A tunnel in underground London. 

Photographer and son in the Box Quarry in the UK. 

A jet engine test area at Pyestock NGTE, a Royal Aircraft Establishment facility in Fleek, UK, that has since been demolished.

Inside an empty castle in Italy. 

01 Jul 10:00

Draw Your Own Aquarium

by Rebecca OConnell

Doodle whatever creatures you like, then watch them swim around.

01 Jul 08:26

All pixels must die: Game of Thrones deaths reenacted with pixel art

by Stan Schroeder

Warning: This article and video contain a LOT of Game of Thrones spoilers. Stop reading now to stay spoiler-free.

You watched in disbelief as Ned Stark's head rolled off and away from his body. That 'Rains of Castamere' tune got stuck in your head for days after the rest of Stark family got butchered during the Red Wedding. And you couldn't believe your eyes as Stannis Baratheon and his wife Selyse did the unthinkable

Now, you get to experience all that again, but in pixel art!

Creative animation studio pipocaVFX created the 2-minute animated video, showing some (but not all) of the crucial Game of Thrones deaths as they would look in an 80s video game Read more...

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30 Jun 21:11

hair did nails did everything did

06 May 20:07

Photos of the Colossal Duga-3 Radar System Built by the Soviet Union


Duga-3 is a radar system set up by the Soviet Union in the 1970s as part of the nation’s anti-ballistic missile early warning system. Although official operations were ended in 1989, the gigantic antenna of the original Duga-3 still dominates the countryside near Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Photographer Peter Franc recently traveled to Ukraine to see and photograph the radio transmitter.

The towers are incredible feats of engineering: the big ones measure 479 feet tall and spans a length of 2,460 feet (nearly half a mile).

“Access to it has only been granted as of a few months ago,” Franc tells PetaPixel. “They’re tearing it down later this year, because all the metal is quite valuable to the ailing economy.”



Most of the photographs he shot were closeup studies of the massive structure, its intricate details, and its dazzling patterns. “Unfortunately with the whole area being quite radioactive, it’s was difficult to backpedal and get further afar,” he says.

His goal with the shoot was to create a coherent set of photos that plays on the abstract nature of the array before they’re gone forever.














The set has also been published in a gallery on Franc’s website.

Image credits: Photographs by Peter Franc and used with permission

30 Jun 06:21


29 Jun 23:04

NBC fires Donald Trump over 'derogatory' remarks about Mexican people

by Xeni Jardin
The presidential candidate and professional assclown called Mexican immigrants "rapists." Read the rest
25 Jun 06:32


Испанский художник Pejac. На улице и дома

29 Jun 14:25

The Perfect Suitcase Transforms Into a Portable Dresser

by Andrew Liszewski

For longer hotel stays, it makes life easier to put all your clothes in drawers instead of rifling through a tangled web of t-shirts, shorts, and shoes. Or, you could make things even easier with a suitcase that transforms into a pre-packed dresser.


29 Jun 18:26

Miniature Hand Thrown Pottery by Jon Almeda

by Christopher Jobson



Master of the miniature Jon Almeda creates tiny hand thrown ceramics at 1″ scale that are every bit as detailed and perfect as their much larger counterparts. The Washington-based artist makes vases, bowls, and even tea kettles tiny enough to sit atop a coin or toothbrush. Despite their fragile beginnings, the pieces are sturdy enough to endure standard glazing and firing to emerge as fully finished ceramics. Almeda uses a custom designed motorized curio wheel that affords the precise control needed to execute minute handbuilding techniques need for each object.

To see more, you can follow him on Instagram or maybe even take a class through the International Guild of Miniature Artisans of which he is a member. (via Artfido)






29 Jun 12:00

Watch How This Blade Uses One Cut to Make a Perfect Corner

by José Tomás Franco

Developed by Andrew Klein, this simple carpentry technique can bring your small-scaled, DIY constructions to new levels.

Klein’s specially designed saw blade has a specific shape that cuts wood without completely breaking it, allowing the board to be folded to form three-dimensional parts with varying uses. 

Check out a series of GIFs showing how it works after the break. 

Watch the full video here.

29 Jun 14:30

Pornogami: A Guide To The Ancient Art of Paper-Folding For Adults

by Ben Dahl

We’ve learned how to make plenty of different things (mostly swans) with the ancient art of paper folding, but none of them compare to what you can create with Pornogami: A Guide To The Ancient Art Of Paper-Folding For Adults. The 128 page book, published by Green Candy Press and created by Master Sugoi, is exactly what you think it is—a collection of smile and laughter inducing origami pieces that range from 3-D versions of boys and girls naughty bits ...
29 Jun 02:54

mechanicalriddle: gonna ride historic on the fury road


gonna ride historic on the fury road

28 Jun 15:40

Long-Exposure Photographs of a New Zealand Cave Illuminated by Glowing Worms

by Christopher Jobson



The twinkling lights dotting the ceiling of this dazzling cave system are the work of arachnocampa luminosa, a bioluminescent gnat larva (also called a glowworm) found throughout the island nation of New Zealand. It is believed that the light, emitted mostly from females, is how the insects find mates. These long-exposure photos by local photographer Joseph Michael capture small communities of worms amongst 30 million-year-old limestone formations on North Island. You can see more shots from the project titled Luminosity, here.








28 Jun 14:22

I love the news

27 Jun 16:22

Printing stickers with Polaroid's Zip Instant Photoprinter is too much fun

by Raymond Wong

I love being able to hold pictures in my hands, but I love being able to stick my pictures on things even more.

Sticker pictures are back, and they're more fun to print out than they were before thanks to Polaroid's $130 pocket-sized Zip Instant Photoprinter.

Before digital cameras, before cellphone cameras and before Facebook and Instagram, there was the photo booth. And then for a short period of time in the mid to late 1990s, photo booths from Asia that printed "sticker pics" became really popular worldwide.

It was a much simpler time. Sticker pics let you express yourself and show off your goofy side. They were a precursor to selfies, if you will. Read more...

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28 Jun 01:00

The Hellish Eruption of Mexico's Most Active Volcano 

by Andrew Liptak

The Colima Volcano is located in Mexico, Colima, and since November 2014, it’s been highly active.


28 Jun 03:08

The GIF That Encapsulates This Wonderful Week

by Maddie Stone

On Friday, Mother Jones shared a cartoon by the Southern Poverty Law Center that pretty much sums up this incredible week (below). Could it get any better? Yes. Some genius knew exactly what that comic strip looked like and created the GIF shown above.


27 Jun 11:13

vintagehandsomemen: Art Nouveau Mascarons 1890s-1910sMore...

26 Jun 19:29

The ultimate prank.

27 Jun 01:19

tkyle: The White House - 6/26/15 #LoveWins


The White House - 6/26/15 #LoveWins

25 Jun 19:21

carriehopefletcher: gameraboy: Helene Stanley dancing for Marc...

carriehopefletchergameraboy: Helene Stanley dancing for Marc Davis and other animators for Sleeping Beauty. See the video here. Oh I love this so much!!

26 Jun 17:35

There are a lot of medieval paintings of cats licking their butts

by Lindsey Robertson

It turns out that cats have been licking their butts since (basically) the beginning of time — and humans have always watched them, like big ol' weirdos

A collection of images from early illuminated manuscripts, dating back to the middle ages, is featured on the Tumblr Discarding Images. Every artist rendering features a cat caught in the act of self-cleaning

Because the Internet didn't exist during the Medieval days, so this is what people had to do to fill the absence of cat videos

Here's a sampling of some of the more, um, artistic images: Read more...

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26 Jun 13:15

Watercolor Lettering Quotes by June Digan

by Daniel Nelson

Earlier this week we published a couple of June Digan’s magnificent watercolor pieces in a roundup with great hand-lettering and calligraphy designs. But I was so impressed with this Filipino artist that I decided to also do a full feature so that you guys can see more of her spectacular work. So here’s 20 of our personal favorites, all of which contains funny and inspirational quotes but also truly magnificent artistry.

Coffee made me do it by June Digan

A pasty without cake is just a meeting by June Digan

Watercolor art by June Digan

Calories dont count on weekends by June Digan

Every flower must grow through dirt by June Digan

Failure is success if we learn from it by June Digan

Focus on the good by June Digan

Be Brave by June Digan

Practise for change by June Digan

Kindness is contagious by June Digan

Laughter is the best medicine by June Digan

Your mistakes dont define you by June Digan

Remember why you started by June Digan

Dreams dont work unless you do by June Digan

Lack of passion is fatal by June Digan

Walk slowly, never backwards by June Digan

This too shall pass by June Digan

Cant buy me love by June Digan

Night Owl by June Digan

Adventures are the best way to learn by June Digan

26 Jun 15:49

Turkish Tattoo Artist Creates Beautiful Cross-Stitch Designs That Appear As If They Were Embroidered Onto the Skin

by Lori Dorn

Cross Stitch Marilyn

Turkish tattoo artist eva krbdk of Daft Art creates beautiful cross-stitch designs that remarkably appear as if they were embroidered directly onto the skin.

Cross Stitch Swirl


Cross Stitch Captain America

Cross Stitch Elephant

Cross Stitch Rose

images via eva krbdk

via Design You Trust