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25 Mar 19:18

A Clever Yet Irreverent Kitty Condo Custom-Made in the Shape of the Sinking Titanic

by Lori Dorn

Sinking Titanic Condo 3

The Hollywood Kitty Company in Cleveland, Ohio is currently offering the very clever yet irreverent Sinking Titanic Condo, an all-in-one cat center that include includes everything a cat could want, including a severed hull.

At nearly 6′ long and 4′ tall, this amazing 3-level condo has a scratch post, 6 kitty windows, 3 “play tunnels”, and a cozy private enclosure at the top. These tunnels are wide enough for most cats to fit through, and are perfect for viewing your cats inside. They can also be used for dangling toys into, for hours of hilarious fun.

Sinking Titanic Condo 2

Sinking Titanic Condo 1

images via Hollywood Kitty Company

via Nag on the Lake, Neatorama

27 May 00:44

Motion-sensing 'PomPom Mirror' recreates your likeness in fur

by Andrew Tarantola
If you're tired of your ugly mug staring back from across the bathroom sink every morning, just install this furry silhouetting mirror from New York-based artist Daniel Rozin. He built it for the Descent With Modification exhibit at NYC's bitforms ga...
24 Mar 20:20

Pretty Tabby Cat Patiently Models Illustrated Paper Masks With a Flower on Her Head

by Lori Dorn


A pretty little tabby cat with a flower on her head patiently models several illustrated paper masks depicting different mouth expressions that were handmade by her creative human (and reddit user) Luke_Hero.

Toothy Grin


Big Smile



photos by Luke_Hero

27 May 00:00

6 Amazing Kevin Champeny Mosaics From Afar And Close-Up

by Mario Marsicano

A quick glance at one of Kevin Champeny’s large-format mosaics will reveal a beautiful, often playful image—an elegant rose, a detailed skull, or a colorful fish, for example. But a closer look reveals the true artistry of the work, as colors turn into hundreds or even thousands of tiny hand-sculpted items, chosen based on their relationship to the larger image.

Champeny is interested in the relationship between his work and the viewer: "I want people to talk about what these pieces mean to them and how their own experiences make sense of the choices I made when creating the work,” he told mental_floss. The self-labeled "organized hoarder" keeps literally hundreds of thousands of tiny sculpted pieces in his Westchester studio, where they also serve as inspiration for new ideas. Enjoy some of Champeny’s work below, and check out his tumblr and Facebook pages for the complete collection.

1. What Remains

This 60-inch wide by 48-inch tall and 1-inch deep piece is made of 35,000-plus hand cast urethane flowers.

After a skull was then chosen to be the subject, I photographed a skull and printed it out on a large format printer and visually broke down the colors to about 40-plus to work with. I hand sculpted 30 different flowers as the pixels for the skull. I then molded and cast the flowers in color (nothing is painted) in various forms of resin. It took over 35,000 castings to create "What Remains". The flowers were then painstakingly glued on by hand to create the final piece. Each mosaic can take up to several months to complete from concept of idea to finished art.

2. Sweet Death

More than 33,000 individually hand cast urethane pieces of candy make up this piece, which is 66 inches wide by 66 inches tall and 1.5 inches deep.

This my homage to 'Día de Muertos' or the Day of the Dead. I captured the beauty of the intricately designed sugar skulls commonly found around this holiday with a tattoo styled design created entirely of candy, taking the idea of a sugar skull to a completely new level.

3. A Rose By Any Other Name

This piece is 51 inches long, 41 inches tall, and 1.5 inches deep, and is made of more than 15,000 individually hand cast urethane pieces of candy.

What could be sweeter than giving flowers? Candy? A flower made out of candy with a title alluding to Romeo and Juliet? Yes, all of these. This cloyingly sweet rose is a perfect example of how far you can take a theme before it just about implodes. Had I actually made it from real candy, well, that would have been going too far. Or would it?

4. School of Transcendence

Champeny hand-cast 25,000 fish to create this 42-inch long by 60-inch tall and 1.5-inch deep piece.

I created this particular piece with all of the left over castings I had from learning how to cast urethane. It was a very cathartic piece, utilizing castings that I'd accumulated over about 15 years. Finishing this mosaic closed a chapter on a very long process that helped me get to the point where I am now in my career.

5. Hot Wheels

This Hot Wheels piece is made of 4400 tiny cars and weighs 550 pounds. It's 9 feet wide, 4 feet tall, and 3 inches deep.

This is perhaps the most fun I have had creating a mosaic. This custom beauty was created for a car enthusiast and allowed me to get in touch with the joy I had as a child playing with Hot Wheels in the driveway. It took me several months just to acquire the nearly 5000 Hot Wheels needed to make this and another month to build the finished mosaic.

6. Flag

This American Flag piece is made of 44,450 hand cast urethane army men; it measures 72 inches wide by 48 inches tall and 1 inch deep.

I created the Flag mosaic as a direct commission through Jellio for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), in Michigan. I was only given 30 days to hand cast—they are cast in color, nothing is painted—and apply all 44,500 soldiers. It was exhausting but well worth it. It remains to this day, the mosaic that I have been the most proud to complete.

All photos courtesy of Kevin Champeny.

27 May 00:30

A LEGO-Like Kit for Professional Architects

by Rebecca OConnell
A. Kachmar

Looks interesting

When architect Damien Murtagh became too frustrated with computer 3D modeling programs, he decided to turn to something more tactile. Arckit is a modeling kit that architects and designers can use to bring their creations to life in the real world.

The LEGO-like building blocks are made from ABS plastic and click together. There is no glue involved so designers can switch things around as they build. The pieces are also easily disassembled and can be reused for new projects. For added flair, you can print out surface textures and stick them onto your bricks. Everything is at 1:48 scale.

"For many people, 3D modeling images are very difficult to fully understand," Murtagh told Dezeen. "A physical model is much easier to comprehend. With Arckit you don't need to spend months learning a complex and expensive software either, you just open the box and go."

The kit was launched last year at the Grand Designs Live in London. Although it was originally made for professionals, children also took a shine to it. 

"Children as young as nine stayed and made wonderful models for hours and then begged their parents to buy them a kit," Murtagh said. "I realized then how captivated they were by the system and how it could have a wider application in the toy sector."

You can buy your own kit, complete with furniture and window modules, right here on Amazon

26 May 21:35

A Fun Photo Series In Which Food Is Expertly Styled to Represent Easily Recognizable Objects

by Lori Dorn

Banana Shoes

German photographer Martin Roller has created a fun series of portraits in which common foods are expertly styled to represent other easily recognizable objects. For example, a pair of bananas becomes a pair of shoes, a strategically peeled orange is turned into a world globe, a plate of spaghetti is shaped like a gun with the sauce representing the subsequent blood.

Grape Wine Orange Globe

Spaghetti Gun

Pickle Charger

Slingshot Bra

Vegetable Plate

Meat Shoe

images via Martin Roller

via Beautiful Decay

26 May 16:28

hammerlock:does whatever a sipdre cna


does whatever a sipdre cna

25 May 16:15

Mean Tweets Just Landed an Emirati Man in Prison for 10 Years

by Kate Knibbs
A. Kachmar

Not surprising for a country where you can get fined if caught chewing gum on the metro.

An Emirati national was sentenced to ten years in prison for badmouthing political leaders on social media.


05 May 23:07

These artists revamp familiar U.S. landmarks into hypnotizing animations

by Justine Testado

The Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and the Space Needle come to life in a growing series of U.S. landmark animations created by illustrators Kirk Wallace and Latham Arnott. In this collection, Wallace's background in computer science is hinted at through his signature computer icon-like style that he always balances with fun and some bright color. Then, Arnott adds the finishing touch by transforming Wallace's pictograms into hypnotizing GIFs.

The illustrations are available for purchase as prints, which Wallace prints in his studio. Perhaps these aren't your old stomping grounds or your favorite landmarks, but more cities are expected to be added over time.

25 May 15:24

isaac: complicatedly–simple: captainjaneways-bitch: thelegendo...







Dont fucking hurt my heart like that ever again.



this upset me 


15 May 13:00

Corkcicle lets you say goodbye to watered down drinks

by Janet Cloninger


Corkcicle says the Whiskey Wedge is the artful way to a perfectly chilled, but not watered down, drink.  The Whiskey Wedge includes a glass and a silicone wedge.  To prepare the glass for use, you insert the silicone form into the glass, then fill the glass with water through the opening in the top of the form.  After four hours in the freezer, you have a wedge of ice that will cool your drink, but it won’t melt and water down your beverage as quickly as cubes because it has less surface area.  Corkcicle says the Whiskey Wedge is perfect for serving whiskey, bourbon, scotch, vodka, and tequila.

The Whiskey Wedge with one glass and one silicone form is $17.95 from Corkcicle.

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19 May 14:00

mariusu: (via “猫用ポケット”付きパーカー、「膝に乗ってきて動けない」を解決。 |

22 May 17:59

California Assembly votes to ban all products with toxic plastic microbeads

by Charley Cameron

microbeads, water pollution, microbead toothpaste, microbead body wash, plastic waste, ocean plastic, california, california microbeads, microbead ban, environmental toxins

California has just voted in favor of what could become the strictest ban in the U.S. on all products that contain plastic microbeads—the tiny gritty flecks found in a wide array of toothpastes and exfoliating body washes. Microbeads are typically smaller than five millimeters in diameter, but are a significant source of water pollution, with one jar of facial cleanser containing up to 300,000 tiny plastic pieces that wash down drains and accumulate in lakes, rivers and oceans. The bill to ban microbeads from California was passed this morning by the state assembly by 58 votes to 11, and must now pass the senate in order for it to go into effect as law on January 1, 2020.

microbeads, water pollution, microbead toothpaste, microbead body wash, plastic waste, ocean plastic, california, california microbeads, microbead ban, environmental toxins microbeads, water pollution, microbead toothpaste, microbead body wash, plastic waste, ocean plastic, california, california microbeads, microbead ban microbeads, water pollution, microbead toothpaste, microbead body wash, plastic waste, ocean plastic, california, california microbeads, microbead ban

Read the rest of California Assembly votes to ban all products with toxic plastic microbeads

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20 May 18:00

8 Interview Questions You Might Not Know Are Illegal

by Hannah Keyser

Hiring managers have their companies' best interests at heart. Of course they want to know if you'll be a good fit, but they also want to know if you're likely to leave to start a family or retire in the near future. But asking anything intended to get information about a person's status in a protected class—age, race, religion, pregnancy, etc.—is technically illegal. Still, Peter K. Studner, author of Super Job Search IV: The Complete Manual for Job Seekers & Career Changers, says that often both interviewers and interviewees don't realize that a certain line of inquiry has veered into murky territory. To help defend job seekers against revealing information that could be used against them, here are eight questions that you should always avoid answering.

1. Are You Married?

Anything that fishes for information about a candidate's family plans (marriage, engagement, and child planning) is technically illegal because it falls under pregnancy discrimination. It can often seem like a hiring manager is just making pleasant conversation and trying to get to know you better, but job applicants are not obligated to disclose any personal information. This could also be a subtle way to question someone about their sexual orientation—another protected class.

2. How Old Are You?

Lots of applications will stipulate that employees have to be over 18, and that's fine—ensuring their workers are not minors is within a company's rights. But this question becomes problematic when interviewers ask more mature candidates that question, because it's illegal to discriminate against anyone over 40 on the basis of age. If anyone asks, don't feel bad about declining to respond. Recognize that whoever is interviewing you probably already has some sense of your age just from looking at your resume, and use the opportunity to emphasize all those years of experience. 

3. When Did You Graduate?

We all know how math works—this is just a not-so-sly way to calculate someone's age. (Feel free to nix the graduation year from your resume, too.) "If the interviewer presses for a reply, you might give him the date and then ask how that applies to your candidacy," Studner says. "And in the final analysis, would you really want to work for a company where the management discriminates against age? It might be better to move on."

4. How's Your Health?

If it's a physically demanding job, employers have a right to ask about specific physical abilities. For example: "This job requires lifting packages up to 30 pounds, or standing on your feet for six hours a day, or talking on the phone at least 80 percent of the time. Is this something you can do on a continuous basis?" But anything that isn't directly related to tasks you'll be performing on the job is personal information that you don't have to—and shouldn't—reveal.

5. What Religion Are You? Do You Observe Any Religious Holidays?

It's illegal to discuss your religion in an interview, even if it will affect your need to take time off. It can be awkward to back out of this question if an employer presses the issue, so Studner suggests a polite but firm, "I prefer not to discuss my religion, but I can assure you that it will not interfere with my doing this job."

6. Have You Ever Been Arrested?

It's not illegal to ask if you've ever been convicted of a crime, and many employers do, either on the application or in the interview. But what they can't ask about is your arrest record. That said, it is not illegal for a concerned hiring manager to do some independent research to see if there are any records of arrests available online. If you know they'll be looking into your background, this constitutes a rare instance where an interviewee should volunteer incriminating information.

"In these kinds of cases where a future employer might uncover prior arrests, it is important to discuss the incident up front and point out that it was a thing of the past, never to be repeated," Studner says. "The more serious the offense, the more convincing you have to be."

7. What Country Are You From?

As long as you're authorized to work in the country where the job is located—a question they are allowed to ask—employers can't dig into where you're from because nationality discrimination is illegal. Similarly, they can't ask if English is your first language.

8. Do You Like To Drink Socially?

It's not entirely clear why this would come up in an interview situation, but if it does, it's actually illegal in order to protect people who might answer "No." Under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, recovering alcoholics don't have to reveal any information that might hint at their status. It's also illegal to question job applicants about when they last used illegal drugs, although asking if you're currently using illegal drugs is permissible.

22 May 09:00

The Selfie-Stick Generation Is Starting Earlier Than Ever

by Jamie Condliffe

And now after nine long months, they have some data signal to send it over Snpachat, too. [Wumo]


21 May 21:20

‘Ô les mains’, An Unsettling Photo Series of Models Posed With Hands Fused to Their Bodies in Unexpected Places

by Rebecca Escamilla

Ô les mains

Ô les mains is a photo series by multimedia artist Babak Hosseiny and photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte (previously) featuring models posed with hands fused to their bodies in unexpected places. In the project statement, the opening line from On Certainty by Ludwig Wittgenstein is listed as the inspiration: “If you do know that here is one hand, we’ll grant you all the rest.”

The original idea for this project was conceived around a decade ago after reading this philosophical statement by Wittgenstein. From this point onwards Babak Hosseiny imagined a series of drawings of situations where hands are no longer only hands, but become the physical embodiments of the obstacles, wishes or fears of the individual.

Ô les mains

Ô les mains

Ô les mains

Ô les mains

Ô les mains

Ô les mains

Ô les mains

photos by Babak Hosseiny and Jeffrey Vanhoutte

via Hi-Fructose, Feature Shoot

21 May 23:00

These Video Tours Of Abandoned Mansions Are Incredibly Spooky

by Vincze Miklós

We love photographs of grand, abandoned buildings, where we can see what happens when once-luxurious digs fall into decay. But there’s something special about taking a video tour of a crumbling mansions... something that makes the experience a little creepier.


22 May 19:00

This Prehistoric Pocket Deer Has Fewer Chromosomes Than A Fruit Fly

by Levi Gadye

Meet the muntjac — the most interesting deer in the world. It’s the size of a dog, it’s the oldest deer around, it has antlers but fights with tusks, and it even barks loudly at things that threaten it. But its most interesting quality is this — it gets by with fewer chromosomes than any other mammal on Earth.


22 May 20:06

23 May 03:05


19 May 16:16

A Simple Video Game Featuring a Cat Trying to Wake Up Its Owner by Knocking Stuff Over

by Rollin Bishop

My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day

My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day is a simple video game by Will Herring where the player romps around as a cat and tries to wake up their owner by knocking stuff over. The game was inspired by Herring’s own “garbage” cat that wakes him up on the regular.

Cat Video Game GIF

GIF via Will Herring

via Kill Screen

19 May 18:00

BBC journalists arrested for reporting on Qatar's World Cup laborers

by Alexander Walter

We were invited to Qatar by the prime minister's office to see new flagship accommodation for low-paid migrant workers in early May - but while gathering additional material for our report, we ended up being thrown into prison for doing our jobs. Our arrest was dramatic.


18 May 18:41


15 May 23:08

2spooky4boo: Restroom air dryers are a great way to warm your hands before wiping them on your...


Restroom air dryers are a great way to warm your hands before wiping them on your jeans

21 May 00:00


20 May 21:32


20 May 03:48

This guy.

This guy.

19 May 07:57


21 May 03:00

Your Favorite Characters as Cats

by John Farrier

Artist Cassie Graus specializes in cats, which is about as optimal a choice as an artist can make. Everything is better with cats, including your favorite movies and television shows. That’s why she created posters that show the characters of Game of Thrones, Mad Max: Fury Road, Parks and Recreation, and Broad City as cats.

The Arya and Joffrey are particularly effective illustrations. Adopt the cat of your choice. Conveniently, Theon is already fixed, so you won’t have to make an extra trip to the vet.