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27 Aug 01:59

The Grand Canyon is contaminated with mercury

by Nicholas Korody

Sadly, even the Grand Canyon, a symbolic landmark of America’s natural environment, unfortunately isn’t immune to the ravages of pollution. Concentrations of mercury and selenium in canyon’s food webs — the interconnected food chains in the environment — regularly exceed levels considered risky for fish and wildlife. Those findings are from a study from the U.S. Geological Survey scientists published in the journal Environmental Toxicity and Chemistry.

It's the kind of news that reads like Anthropocene poetry – both existentially dark and metaphorically potent. This vast fissure in the Earth's crust, which presents us with two billion years of geologic history and basically defines our image of the sublime, has been thoroughly contaminated by a relatively short period of industrial agriculture and other human activities.

More precisely, the selenium likely comes from agriculture and mining (although it also exists in the soil naturally). The mercury is thought to have been brought in by algae from Lake Powell, originating in "distant coal-burning electrical plants."

The researchers explained, "The findings of the present study add to a growing body of evidence showing that remote ecosystems are vulnerable to long-range transport and subsequent bioaccumulation of contaminants."

Researcher studied minnows, invertebrates and fish at six sites along the Colorado River and recorded mercury and selenium levels that exceed toxicity threshol...

26 Aug 10:30

This Stunning Adventure Game Plays Like Art in Motion

by Megan Logan
This Stunning Adventure Game Plays Like Art in Motion

Calvino Noir is what you get when you combine film noir and side-scrolling action gaming.

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26 Aug 17:42

Clever 3-Piece Rings That Fit Perfectly Together to Form Adorable Animals

by Lori Dorn


m e r r y m e“, a studio jewelry artist from Bangkok, Thailand has designed a clever line of 3-piece enamel and brass rings that fit together perfectly to form adorable animals. The rings can also be worn separately to create a sense of action, such as a squirrel chasing after a juicy acorn. The rings are available for purchase through the DAINTYme Etsy shop.

Raccoon 3-Piece

Owl 3 Piece

Owl Ring

Bunny 3 piece Bunny Ring

Squirrel 3 piece Squirrel Ring

Reindeer Ring Reindeer

images via DAINTYme

via Bored Panda

26 Aug 18:29

‘Monster Issues’, Illustrations of Legendary Monsters Stating Their Very Specific Problems

by Justin Page

Monster Issues - Kraken

Monster Issues is an ongoing series of illustrations by artist Teo Zirinis featuring legendary monsters who are stating their very specific problems. The entire collection is available to view on Zirinis’s website and Facebook page. Prints of his amusing monster drawings are available to purchase online via Society6.

Monster Issues - Hydra

Monster Issues - Dracula

Monster Issues - Cthulhu

Monster Issues - Cyclops

Monster Issues - Godzilla

images via Teo Zirinis

via Tastefully Offensive

26 Aug 23:10

Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid

by Scott Beale

Science and illusion channel Brusspup presents 10 amazing science tricks using liquid.

26 Aug 16:33

flyartproductions: You just Father Lathuille’s typeAt Father...


You just Father Lathuille’s type

At Father Lathuille (1879), Edouard Manet / Show Me, Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown

26 Aug 22:11


by Leticia Roncero
27 Aug 02:40

LG made a solid, roll-up keyboard for your tablet or giant smartphone

by Mat Smith
To the untrained eye, LG's new Bluetooth keyboard looks like a (very long) mobile battery, but that's because it's all bundled up. Unfurl the Rolly and you'll get a "full-size" keyboard that automatically switches on and connects to your nearest (LG?...
26 Aug 17:30

The Amount of Sleep You Should Get at Night to Be Happiest the Next Day

by Melanie Pinola

It’s no secret that sleep significantly affects our mood and performance the next day. How many hours of sleep is the sweet spot, though? Jawbone’s study offers concrete recommendations.


26 Aug 14:07

Istanbul castle restored, now looks like SpongeBob SquarePants

by Laura Vitto

Not all restoration attempts are welcome

Take for example, the hilariously botched Ecce Homo or, for some, the restoration of Istanbul's Şile Castle.


Sure, the old castle appeared to be crumbling to pieces, but some critics think the ongoing facelift has turned the historical landmark into a towering homage to SpongeBob.

In Şile, restoration of the @SpongeBob castle was

— Çağlar Lale (@caglale) August 26, 2015

Sile Castle, Istanbul @FacesPics

— Arda Akay (@ardaakay) August 26, 2015

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26 Aug 14:53

Oh God Spiders Are Using Textspeak Now

by Rob Bricken

Photographer Heather Ar’ite stumbled upon this web, created by a spider with more than a passing familiarity with online chatting. What was it lol-ing at, I wonder? Did it see a caterpillar trip? Did a fly escape its web only to fly directly into another spider’s web? Did it lay eggs in my ear while I was sleeping? Because if I so, I’m immediately going to start ROTFS (rolling on the floor, screaming).


25 Aug 14:56

Point of View Shots Used in Coen Brothers Movies

by Scott Beale

Jacob T. Swinney has a new video that explores POV (point of view) shots used by Joel and Ethan Coen in their films that help give them thier distinctive style.

With a filmography that covers everything from westerns and gangster flicks to comedies and film noir, it can be rather difficult to pinpoint what exactly contributes to the style of Joel and Ethan Coen. While there are reoccurring themes and ideas that surface throughout the filmmakers’ work, a consistent visual aesthetic is not easily recognized. What makes a Coen Brothers film look like a Coen Brothers film? One stylistic element that seems to be rather prominent in all their films is the POV shot. The Coens tend to utilize the POV shot to better submerse us in a scene, but the shot is often used to simply give us a unique perspective that can only be created through cinema. Here is a look at the Coens’ use of the POV shot throughout their career.

25 Aug 01:28

This dual cannon machine gun that shoots fireworks is so much bad ass fun

by Casey Chan on Sploid, shared by Casey Chan to Gizmodo

You probably thought you had a nice summer. Maybe you got a little bit of color, maybe you sunk your toes into some sand, maybe you had a drink with an umbrella in it. But no, your summer was not that fun. Because when you see this crazy guy shoot Roman Candle fireworks with dual machine guns, nothing can be as fun as that.


26 Aug 03:03

Heaps of fluffy yellow chicks swarm Chinese highway after truck accident

by Victoria Ho

A truck carrying little chicks on a highway in Shandong, China, tipped on Wednesday morning, releasing its cargo of tens of thousands of the yellow birds onto the road and grass

ChinaFotoPress reports that other commuters on the highway in cars and bicycles stopped to help the driver gather his fluffy passengers. Nearby villagers also came to help.


Image: ChinaFotoPress


Image: ChinaFotoPress


Image: ChinaFotoPress

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26 Aug 03:00


24 Aug 16:00

Building looks like couple doing it doggy style

by David Pescovitz

Atelier Van Lieshout constructed this delightful building, titled "Domestikator," as the centerpiece of their large festival installation, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly," at the Ruhrtriennale music and arts festival in Bochum, Germany.

Atelier Van Lieshout (via Design Boom)



(two photos above by heike kandalowski)

24 Aug 23:39



25 Aug 17:23


25 Aug 15:10


24 Aug 12:00

Happy 20th birthday, Windows 95!

by Mat Smith
When Windows 95 launched on Thursday August 24th 1995 (the clue's in the name), Mortal Kombat was the surprise box office hit, TLC was top of the charts, and Microsoft was pushing its new operating system with a $250 million publicity campaign. Sta...
24 Aug 17:21

Cortana officially arrives on Android via public beta

by Billy Steele
A. Kachmar

Not compatible with Moto X :\

Following a leak last month, Microsoft's virtual assistant officially arrived on Android. Thanks to a public beta, Redmond keeps its promise to bring Cortana to the Google faithful. As we've already seen, you can use Cortana to help with things lik...
24 Aug 19:14

Hoope STD Testing Ring to Let You Check Partner Before Shagging

by Editors


The birth control pill liberated sexuality in the western world, while sexually transmitted diseases rolled it back considerably. A new device, in the form of a ring, is being developed that may offer a new level of safety for couples wanting to hook up.

The Hoope ring is a microfluidic device that has four separate chambers each filled with antigens related to syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and trichomoniasis. A small needle on the inside penetrates the finger and draws a sample of blood. If antibodies produced by the immune system that target the four diseases are present within the blood, the antigens cling to them and produce a reaction that can be detected within the ring.

The team behind the Hoope ring has worked with researchers at Colorado State University and showed that the device can detect syphilis. The next step is to do the same for the three other targeted diseases before bringing it to market, and also moving to adapting the technology for spotting other diseases.

Link: New ring can diagnose sexually transmitted diseases in a single test…

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24 Aug 07:06

tentxcity: Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street ©...


Me and my dog Pandora, adopted from the street

© Sergei Sarakhanov

This has got to be one of the best photos I’ve seen in a while.

24 Aug 13:09

chrisisoninfiniteearths: buzzfeed: 17 Illustrations That Are...



17 Illustrations That Are Incredibly Real For Anyone With ADD

ADD really is one of the worst-named conditions. It should be called Attention Surplus Disorder because when it’s really bad, it’s because we try to pay attention to everything around us at once. When I was younger, crowds and parties could be a nightmare because my brain would try to listen to 10 conversations at the same time.

I always wonder. I was one of the ritalin kids, diagnosed at about age 8 or 9, medicated until my tweens. Ritalin kept me focused and I felt brilliant (math was a breeze, I’d get weeks ahead in class) but couldn’t write a story or draw a picture to save my life. I could either be smart and uncreative or distracted and artistic and I ended up choosing the latter. Since they stopped diagnosing it with the overwhelming frequence of the 90s, do we still have it?

I’m still happy with the choice I made, even if I can’t do algebra in my head anymore and feel dizzy when presented with too many options.

24 Aug 16:30

NASA Releases Adorable 'Little Planet' Selfie of Mars Rover

by Erin McCarthy

NASAJPL-CaltechMSSS // Little Planet: Andrew Bodrov

In the three years since Curiosity landed on Mars, NASA has released a lot of excellent selfies of the rover—but this one might be the best of all.

On day 1065 of its mission, Curiosity used its Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) to snap a panorama from Mount Sharp. Photographer Andrew Bodrov digitally stitched 92 images together to create this adorable “little planet” selfie. (The arm used to snap the photo isn’t in the image, but you can see its shadow.)

Curiosity is positioned over a target known as Buckskin in an area on Mount Sharp called Marias Pass, where, according to NASA, the rover “detected unusually high levels of silica and hydrogen.” The rover had bored into the rock with its sample-collecting drill just days before its three-year landing anniversary, and the powder sample was taken into the rover’s on-board laboratory for analysis.

15 Aug 01:00


23 Aug 17:00

Fresh Faces: Clever Artist Gives Russian Buildings a New Look

by Steve
[ By Steve in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

Artist Nikita Nomerz is giving abandoned buildings and structures in Russian cities a new look… and the eerily expressive edifices are looking back!



Hailing from the northwestern Russian city of Nizhniy Novgorod, Nikita Nomerz cut his artistic teeth in the field of hip-hop graffiti. For the past few years, however, his focus has been on street art of a different sort. Nomerz gets his inspiration from the buildings and structures he paints, seeing the inner “soul” of the edifice much as a sculptor imagines the finished statue before the first chip of the chisel. “The Big Brother”, above, is one of Nomerz’ earliest such works dating from 2010. The lowest of the three images was taken in April of 2015 – darned graffiti artists!



“When you are doing street art, you create a dialogue with passersby, architecture, nature and with other artists,” explains Nomerz. “Maybe on streets, art is not so durable, but it’s for real alive. Works which has been done on the streets are living their own life.” Since not everyone can see the life still couched within these derelict structures, Nomerz employs his own talent and creativity to bring it to the forefront.




Since 2010, Nomerz has been engaged in a wide-ranging project he calls The Living Wall. From St. Petersburg eastward to the Chinese border city of Mudanjiang, Nomerz has left his mark – often quite a large mark – upon cities and towns in need of a little extra character. The bizarrely disturbing piece above is titled The Glutton; the striking installation below, The Chinese Residents. The latter stands out for NOT being created on an abandoned structure.

nikita-nomerz-toothy man

nikita-nomerz-toothy man2

nikita-nomerz-toothy man3

Nomerz’ main medium is spray paint but in some of his works, a little added plaster and some shifting of stone and/or brickwork is performed to enhance the composition. It’s startling how a row of decaying bricks can approximate a grinning mouth, as seen on The Toothy Man above – no doubt the building’s original constructors would be shocked at the transformation!




If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the windows of abandoned buildings must be… OK, let’s not go there. Nomerz has no qualms about bringing out the inherent “personalities” of his inanimate subjects, mind you.

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Artist Nikita Nomerz Gives Russian Buildings A New Look

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24 Aug 02:00

Hardcore Pirates Are Reportedly Banning Windows 10

by Chris Mills

There’s casual Pirate Bay piracy, and then there’s private torrent trackers: members-only clubs that share the best movie and TV rips among themselves. As you’d expect, they tend to be pretty hardcore about privacy, enough so that some groups are banning members from using Windows 10.


24 Aug 01:08


23 Aug 15:47

awesome-picz:  Eyes As A Canvas Casual daytime looks


 Eyes As A Canvas

Casual daytime looks