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12 May 10:00

Olive Garden to Start Making Sandwiches with Breadstick Buns

by Lisa Marcus

Image: Olive Garden

Fans of Olive Garden's breadsticks will be happy to know that beginning June 1, 2015, the restaurant will start serving sandwiches made with the same garlic-buttery bread as their breadsticks. According to the Associated Press, the sandwich buns will be the exact recipe as the popular chain's breadsticks, except shorter and wider. 

As with all of the Olive Garden's dishes, sandwiches will come with unlimited breadsticks. Never fear, your neverending bread supply won't disappear. Read more, including the variety and price of the new sandwiches, here.

12 May 09:35

Abandoned in Detroit

Abandoned in Detroit, MI.

11 May 16:40

A Blow To The Back Of Your Head Can Shatter The Front Of Your Skull

by Esther Inglis-Arkell

A blow to the back of the head is dangerous enough, but when doctors have examined such head injuries, they’ve found a strange phenomenon. A hit to the back of the head cause breaks in the front of the skull.


10 May 15:45


11 May 12:30

You Can't Take Risks if You're Waiting for Certainty

by Eric Ravenscraft

It’s natural to be nervous about doing something when you’re unsure of the consequences. Waiting to be sure feels safer. However, certainty and risk are also opposites. You can’t take a risk if you’re sure of the outcome.


08 May 20:10

This Is An Agricultural Tool

by Diane Kelly on throb, shared by Charlie Jane Anders to io9

You already know that vibrators are great for erotic release. It turns out they can do something similar for plants. In an article at Wired, Gwen Pearson discusses how vibrators found a home on the farm by mimicking the intense thrum of bumblebees.


10 May 10:23

cynique: popculturebrain: Leading Men Age, Leading Women...

by cute-gurls-club
Courtney shared this story from The Babe Brigade:
Good concept, lousy data viz.



Leading Men Age, Leading Women Don’t | Vulture

There are more charts if you click through.

I’m so glad this info graphic is going around, because so many people don’t realize how ageism and misogyny play hand in hand and how the sexualization of young girls play into this.

10 May 15:39

10 May 02:30


08 May 04:00

everlasting-charm: People with social anxiety will be able to...


People with social anxiety will be able to relate with this easily

01 May 09:30

3D printed iconic Shelby Cobra is all electric under the hood

by Lindsey Caldwell
2015-05-01 4 printed shelby 7We've seen some 3D-printed cars evolve from rough, inexpensive designs to dreamy, printed concept cars. In honor of the iconic Shelby Cobra's 50th anniversary, the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory 3D-printed an electric Shelby Cobra. The vehicle's whole body and chassis, even interior details like the headrests, were 3D-printed from lightweight, reinforced ABS. To give the cobra … Continue reading
08 May 20:39

‘Clownville’, A Nightmarish Photo Series Featuring Menacing Clowns

by E.D.W. Lynch

Clownville Creepy Clown Photos by Eolo Perfido

In his nightmarish photo series Clownville, photographer Eolo Perfido has created a most disturbing portrait collection of menacing clowns. Note that some of the clowns are nude–menacingly nude, if that’s possible. The series was created in collaboration with makeup artist Valeria Orlando.

Clownville Creepy Clown Photos by Eolo Perfido

Clownville Creepy Clown Photos by Eolo Perfido

Clownville Creepy Clown Photos by Eolo Perfido

Clownville Creepy Clown Photos by Eolo Perfido

photos by Eolo Perfido

via Feature Shoot, Bored Panda

08 May 20:49

Gorgeous Paint Splatter Portraits That Capture the Elegantly Pensive Nature of Animals in the Wild

by Lori Dorn

Blue Ink Leopard

Chinese artist Hua Tunan‘s newest body of work captures the elegance of wild animals on paper. Tunan’s use of quick brush strokes and splatters amazingly organize to form pensive animals that look ready to leap off the page in a moment’s notice, similar to the style in much of his incredible street art around Tapei and Foshan.

Tunan recently had a show at Galerie F in Chicago.

Night Owl

Night Owl 2

Prairie Fire


LIfe on Dusk

images via Hua Tunan

via Colossal

07 May 19:20

Twitter Got Paid to Promote a Tweet About "Killing Arabs" 

by Kate Knibbs

It was a hateful message to spread under any circumstances. And Twitter actually took money to promote it. “My fellow Jews,” it read, “the time to start killing Arabs is NOW.”


07 May 02:30

Today's archidose #835

by John Hill
Here are some photos of the CityLife Milano Residential Complex (2014) in Milan, Italy, by Zaha Hadid Architects, photographed by Simone Utzeri.

wooden fluid balconies


like a cruise boat

To contribute your Flickr images for consideration, just:
:: Join and add photos to the archidose pool
To contribute your Instagram images for consideration, just:
:: Tag your photos #archidose
07 May 14:00

Zone Shield AC Adaptor HD DVR hidden video camera review

by Andy Chen

best AC adaptor hidden camera 01

I’ve had my eye on something like this for a long time:  A self-contained camera hidden in plain sight that doesn’t require any fancy installation.  The Zone Shield AC Adaptor HD DVR is disguised as an ordinary “wall wart” power adapter.  Just plug it in and go!  Let’s see how well it works.

best AC adaptor hidden camera 02

I’ll get this out of the way:  I think it should be spelled “Adapter”, not “Adaptor” with an “o”.  That’s the grammar police in me.  OK, carry on.


  • AC Adaptor Plugs in Almost Anywhere
  • Color Wide Angle 70 Degree FOV Pinhole Camera
  • 2 Recording Modes: Continuous and Motion Activated
  • Time and Date Overlay for Solid Evidence
  • Easy Access On / Off Switch
  • 1280 X 720P HD Resolution


  • 1.3MP CMOS Image Sensor
  • 1280 X 720 Effective Pixels
  • Pinhole Lens
  • Electronic Shutter Speed 1/25 ~ 1/100,000s


best AC adaptor hidden camera 03

Open the package and you get instructions, memory card, and the camera.  Or is it a power supply?

best AC adaptor hidden camera 04

I’ve pointed at the cleverly concealed pinhole camera lens (above).

best AC adaptor hidden camera 05

The attached power cord does nothing.  It’s a prop.

best AC adaptor hidden camera 06

On the bottom is a single, unmarked button.  This is the power button.  You press and hold for a few seconds.  You can see the reflection of a red/green LED inside the “adaptor” through the vents.  Once the blinking stops, you release the button and can safely unplug the unit.

best AC adaptor hidden camera 07

This is the memory card slot (micro SD) and mode switch.  “M” (left) is motion record only.  “C” (right) is constant recording.  The camera overwrites the oldest file.

best AC adaptor hidden camera 08

I must say that the camera does a great job of looking like any old wall wart.  Here I’ve piled it alongside some other random ones I had lying around.  Can you spot the camera?

best AC adaptor hidden camera 09

To test, I mounted the camera in the garage on a wall outlet that’s about chest AC adaptor hidden camera 10This is what the camera sees.  Note the time/date stamp on the lower left.  This is set by editing a text file on the memory card.  (I was able to do it on a Mac, no problem.)

When set to “motion” recording, I noticed the camera kept recording short movie clips when the white van was in the shot.  When it wasn’t parked in sight, the camera wouldn’t record unless something moved.  I suspect the overhead fluorescent lights and light colored vehicle might be causing the camera to “wake”.   There are no sensitivity settings.
best AC adaptor hidden camera 11

Here’s a file list of the video recorded.  Even though there was no activity in the garage, something set the camera off as long as the white van was parked in view.  (Once the van was gone, the camera stopped this behavior).

The other minor problem is that the motion detection may cut off the first few seconds of activity.  Here, the white van pulls into the garage, but you miss the first few seconds.  As you can see, the file starts with the van in the middle of the frame driving to the left.

How long can you record?  The manual states that 32gb cards are the max supported.  I let the camera run overnight an fill up several memory cards, and came up with the following back-of-the-envelope calculations:

8gb card:  142 min

16gb card:  284 min

32gb card: 569 min

Despite the lack of motion detection adjustments, the Zone Shield AC Adaptor HD DVR is certainly the easiest to install, “hide in plain sight” camera I’ve found.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by SpyGadgets. Please visit for more info.


Product Information

Price: $169.99
Manufacturer: Zone Shield
Retailer: Spy Gadgets
  • micro SD card (32gb max), 100-240VAC input.
  • Hide in plain sight
  • Motion or continuous recording
  • Overwrites oldest file
  • No motion detection adjustments

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07 May 10:51

weird juicer chair-o

weird juicer chair-ouch! chairs from CRIBCANDY - a gallery of hand picked houshold and interior design items from magazines and webogs, every day

08 May 10:57

Palazina Stratta-Cob

Palazina Stratta-Cobetti (B) - post by Paola Parodi 1912 - Francesco Bertrandi Il bovindo d'angolo Torino, Via Bossi 6 angolo Via Le Chiuse

07 May 18:12

(photos via @snickers)

(photos via @snickers)

08 May 04:00

(via 4gifs:video)

(via 4gifs:video)

08 May 03:00


08 May 17:00

(via meetthepugs)

(via meetthepugs)

08 May 20:30

Gotta make sure… (images via babymchaggis)

Gotta make sure… (images via babymchaggis)

09 May 03:36


07 May 08:39


by jwz
Avengers 2 is exactly like a large bucket of concession-stand popcorn: it seems great at the time and you just keep shoveling it down because wow, popcorn is delicious, and then you get to the bottom of the bucket and you're thinking, "Oh god, why did I eat that whole thing, what the hell is that artificial butter flavoring made of, anyway?" and then you remember it's misogyny.

Previously, previously.

08 May 18:39

que-cooltura: When I grow up I want to work at Piñateria...


When I grow up I want to work at Piñateria Ramirez

04 May 22:24


04 May 19:08

The Fictional Restaurant Los Pollos Hermanos From ‘Breaking Bad’ May Become a Reality

by Lori Dorn

Los Pollos Hermanos

In a recent reddit AMA, the incredible Vince Gilligan, creator of the series Breaking Bad, mentioned that Los Pollos Hermanos, the fictional restaurant heavily featured in the series (and portrayed by the burger/burrito chain Twisters), may soon become a real restaurant.

Believe it or not… there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant. This is not an idea that I generated personally. But it’s one that’s been presented to me, through the good folks at Sony, and the idea came to them from a businessman who has an interest in doing just that. Speaking for myself, I’d love to see that happen!

Mike Los Pollos Truck

images via Breaking Bad Wiki

via reddit, Eater

06 May 20:37

Dapper Baby Squirrel Cleverly Creates a Cape From a Piece of Cabbage

by Lori Dorn

Cabbage Cape

A dapper baby squirrel cleverly dons a cabbage cape after chewing through the leaf to make a perfect hole for his little head.

?????7600? RT???????????? ?????????????????? ??????? #?????????? #????

— ???? ????? (@std0267) April 28, 2015

Squirrel Cabbage Cape

images via Manyan Kihon Sutaba

via Huffington Post Japan, RocketNews24

04 May 22:00

Empathy Cards For Serious Illness

by Miss Cellania

Emily McDowell is an illustrator, greeting card designer, and a cancer survivor. Now she’s put her experience to work in creating a line of greeting cards that cancer patients and survivors say really hit the mark. The line of eight greetings are called Empathy Cards.

The most difficult part of my illness wasn’t losing my hair, or being erroneously called “sir” by Starbucks baristas, or sickness from chemo. It was the loneliness and isolation I felt when many of my close friends and family members disappeared because they didn’t know what to say, or said the absolute wrong thing without realizing it.

You can order yours here. And continue reading to see the rest of the collection. One contains NSFW language.

The last one is my personal favorite. -via Metafilter