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23 Aug 20:01

Goodness, This Is A Horrible Map

by sodiumnami

Maps are helpful tools that let us navigate to unknown places, or get information about other areas that we aren’t that familiar with. They exist in different forms, and some are more difficult to understand than others. This one however, is just horrible. The map is well-constructed, and the information is easy to understand, but it's just very scary. Anthony Fauci, the head of  the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases released a map that shows emerging diseases that pose a threat to our health, as Gizmodo details: 

The paper, released over the weekend as a preprint in the journal Cell (meaning it may be revised before its final publication), is intended to lay out the environmental and human factors that led to covid-19 erupting on the world stage in late 2019. Fauci’s co-author is David Morens, senior scientific advisor at Office of the Director at NIAID. It’s an educational read, delving into how newly emerging diseases like covid-19 and familiar enemies like influenza can become so dangerous to humankind.

Image via Gizmodo

04 May 21:23

Lock Overkill

by Jonco


01 Dec 04:15

Jimmy Wales' New Social Network Skyrockets To 345,000 Members, Will Hire Journalists

by EditorDavid
Jimmy Wales' new social network WT.Social started November with just 1,500 members. Four weeks later, it's skyrocketed up to 345,680 members -- and that's just the beginning. Next year Wales plans to hire journalists, with the site's users acting as their "editors-in-chief," fulfilling the dreams Wales had for the site's earlier incarnation as a crowd-sourced news platform Wikitribune, reports the journalism magazine Press Gazette: Wikitribune originally employed about ten to 12 journalists who created content and hit publish on stories for the site. But the whole editorial team was laid off in October last year after Wales told them costs were unsustainable with not enough money coming in from crowdfunding and no major investors. [On WT.Social] he instead enabled thousands of users to publish articles, a right that had previously been limited to Wikitribune's staff journalists.... "[T]here was a real feeling that this site was a journalists' website and you as a member are allowed to help them as a junior mini-journalist on the side. And that just didn't really work. Whereas to really foster that sense of community engagement and moral ownership of what they're doing, you kind of want to reverse that and say actually the journalists are here to serve whatever you're interested in so send them out, get them busy, you be the editor-in-chief and direct their work.... "We'll say: 'Here are some of the most active communities, you work for them -- what do they need you to do? What are the things that they want you to look into? Who do they want you to go and hunt down and interview?' So it's really putting journalists at the disposal of people who are in a certain area." Wales tell the Press Gazette that his original WikiTribune site had had a design that was "too intimidating" for non-journalists. "People felt like 'okay I have to go and write a whole big piece, edit it, publish it, all of that' rather than just sharing, interacting in a much more casual way..." "So far [on WT Social] that's proven to be overwhelmingly true," Wales added. On his new site users are signed up for four "subwikis" by default -- Internet News, Long Reads, Fighting Misinformation, and Upcoming Newsworthy Events -- and this has started some good conversations. "People come on the platform and they're discussing things, sharing things, writing things in a much more fluid way." WT.Social is currently looking for volunteer laravel or vue developers, as well as admins, and there's even a paid position as a community assistant.

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26 Nov 19:53

Apple renews Shyamalan's 'Servant' before it premieres

by Jon Fingas
Add another Apple TV+ show to the list of those already slated to get second seasons. M. Night Shyamalan and the Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon have confirmed that Apple has renewed Servant for a second season ahead of its November 28th premiere. That...
03 Aug 21:30

The ‘Black Widow’ Fight Scenes Won’t Be Your Typical Superhero Movie Fight Scenes

by Hoai-Tran Bui

black widow fight scenes

Black Widow has always stood apart from the rest of the Avengers, not just by virtue of being the only woman on the team. She was unafraid to get her hands dirty — which made her the perfect foil for Chris Evans’ noble Steve Rogers. And her solo movie, starring Scarlett Johansson as the titular superspy, will stand apart from other Marvel films for that same reason. Black Widow writer Jac Schaeffer has teased that the fight scenes in the film will be the “polar opposite” of the typical superhero film.

In an interview with InverseBlack Widow writer Schaeffer, who is co-writing the film with Ned Benson, described the fighting in the film as “a lot of close contact, hand-to-hand combat.”

“It’s very visceral. There’s a lot of aggression and power in a very human way that I find really satisfying and really exciting to watch, but it’s the polar opposite to writing for super-powered characters.”

That tracks with the footage we saw at San Diego Comic-Con, which showed a brutal hand-to-hand fight between Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and Florence Pugh‘s fellow spy Yelena in a dirty apartment in Budapest. The fight choreography lies somewhere between balletic and bruising, as the two super-spies are matched punch-for-punch, and eventually resort to fighting dirty with broken dishes and curtain chokeholds. “The grimy, tactile fight is reminiscent of the Bourne films, especially in its low light and intense close-ups,” I described in my write-up of the footage.

But even as the action gets more violent than that of what we usually see in Marvel movies — apart from perhaps the fantastic fight scenes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier — Schaeffer admitted that she would like to see “alternatives to violence in superhero movies.” She added, “Maybe I would qualify that by saying, alternatives to glamorizing guns and weaponry. That’s one of the reasons that I love Captain Marvel: it’s all about inner power. And the destruction is not at the expense of human life.”

Though Schaeffer’s description matches what we’ve seen so far of Black Widow, details are still scarce. The film will also star David Harbour as Alexei aka The Red Guardian, O-T Fagbenle as Mason, and Rachel Weisz as Melina.

Cate Shortland directs Black Widow which is set to arrive in theaters on May 1, 2020.

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06 Jul 04:21

Enormous 5,500-Mile-Long Patch of Atlantic Seaweed Might Be the ‘New Normal’

by George Dvorsky

Scientists in Florida have detected the largest seaweed bloom in the world. Extending from the Gulf of Mexico to the African coast, the unusually large bloom is threatening marine life and coastal regions, with the researchers warning it’s likely a sign of things to come.


30 Jun 14:26

Arby's Creates An Actual "Meat Carrot"

No, this is not a drill. Arby's has gone to great lengths to potentially troll the ever living shit out of vegans everywhere. They've created a damn "Marrot." A meat carrot. What a strange time to be alive. Apparently the process that went into creating this, in the test kitchen for now, was to roll up a bunch of turkey in the shape of a carrot and then sous-vide it before covering it in "carrot marinate." You can't find these in Arby's yet, but who's to say whether or not this might be hitting an Arby's menu near you soon! Just imagine the reactions from outraged vegans on Twitter. We'll wait patiently for now. 

Submitted by: (via Arby's)

12 Jun 01:55

The mini console craze continues with TurboGrafx-16 Mini

by CJ Andriessen

Running out of room on your TV stand for all these mini consoles? Well, throw that PlayStation Mini into the closest, because just revealed on Twitch, the TurboGrafx-16 Mini is coming your way. Originally released in 1987, the TurboGrafx-16 was overshadowed in its prime by the powerhouses at Nintendo and Sega. Now, it's getting a chance to show what a wonderful little console it was in a form littler than ever before.

The mini console craze continues with TurboGrafx-16 Mini screenshot

21 May 02:57

Slack Changed Its Stock Ticker From ‘SK’ to ‘WORK’ Weeks Before IPO

by John Gruber

Becky Peterson, writing for Business Insider:

Slack is not a public company yet, but it’s already gotten tired of its stock ticker.

In an updated version of its IPO paperwork filed on Monday, Slack revealed that it has dumped the proposed “SK” stock ticker it had settled upon a few weeks ago. Instead, in a dramatic pivot, the workplace collaboration company will makes its public market debut with the more descriptive ticker symbol “WORK.”

It’s no big deal, but “SK” was a bad-ass ticker. “WORK” is just corny. I think you ought to be able to look at a ticker and make a good guess what company it belongs to.

(I’ve always wondered why Apple’s ticker is “AAPL”, with two A’s. Searching for an answer, I found this old MacRumors forum thread from 2003. Someone there thought they should change it to “IPOD”.)

09 May 03:05

Denver Becomes First US City To Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

by BeauHD
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reason: In a surprise turn of events, a Denver ballot initiative to effectively decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, previously thought to have failed, now appears to have narrowly passed after all. This would make the Mile High City the first in the U.S. to decriminalize psilocybin. If the unofficial final tally holds, Denver law enforcement will be directed to treat psychedelic mushrooms owned for personal possession as the lowest enforcement priority. The initiative will not legalize commercial sales. "After trailing in results postings Tuesday night and early Wednesday, final unofficial results just posted show a reversal of fortune -- with Initiative 301 set to pass with nearly 50.6 percent of the vote," The Denver Post reports. "The total stands at 89,320 votes in favor and 87,341 against -- a margin of 1,979 votes. Denver Elections expects to continue accepting military and overseas ballots, but typically those numbers are small." Reason's Jacob Sullem points out that this decriminalization will have only a modest real-world impact, as Denver has only prosecuted a handful of psilocybin cases over the past few years.

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07 May 16:24

Watch These Two Playful Baby Bears Wrestling In The Road

While Jeff Molyneaux was driving back from a hike in Hetch Hetchy with his family, they were suddenly stumbled on two bear cubs and their mother. Watch these two playful creatures. 

Submitted by: (via Jeff Molyneaux)

Tagged: bears , cute , wrestling , Video
05 May 17:59

Windows Solitaire Inducted Into the World Video Game Hall of Fame

by msmash
The classic Windows game Solitaire has joined such landmarks as Doom, Tetris, and World of Warcraft in being inducted into the Strong Museum of Play's World Video Game Hall of Fame. The award recognizes Solitaire's role as a significant part of gaming's history. From a report: Solitaire was first bundled with Windows 3.0. Much like the other notable bundled game, Minesweeper, Solitaire was there to serve as a secret tutorial: in a time when the mouse was still regarded as a new and exotic piece of computer hardware, Solitaire honed clicking, double clicking, and drag-and-drop skills. As a computerized version of a familiar card game, it was instantly recognizable. It was bundled with every subsequent Windows version, up to Windows 7. Windows 8 replaced it with a much more varied set of card games. The combination of approachability and bundling means that the game has been installed on more than a billion PCs, and it has likely been played by many billions of people.

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23 Feb 16:49

Crowd Loses Their Minds Over Man Drinking Tea Through His Beard Cage

Nobody could've been ready for the King of Beards to make his appearance. Mere mortals were possessed with nervous excitement, and the crowd was caught up in an uproar, at the sight of a man drinking tea through his beard. 

Submitted by: (via iksnyrk)

30 Dec 13:30

NASA's Nancy Grace Roman, Known as the 'Mother of Hubble,' Dies at 93

by Catie Keck

Nancy Grace Roman, a former NASA executive who is often described as the “mother” of the Hubble Space Telescope, has died at 93.


05 Dec 15:30

Reigns: Game of Thrones' Storylines Are So Good, HBO Should Copy Them

by Charles Pulliam-Moore on io9, shared by Tom McKay to Gizmodo

Strong writing is almost always what ultimately makes or breaks a video game, but it’s especially important in a game that’s as narratively-driven as Reigns: Game of Thrones.


04 Dec 18:18

The Most Overwhelmingly Professional Marbles Race We've Ever Seen

This is way more entertaining and addictive than you'd expect. 

Submitted by: (via Jelle's Marble Runs)

Tagged: marbles , race , interesting , Video
02 Dec 03:32

Know the difference…

by Jonco


Thanks, DJ
23 Sep 02:43

Now You Can Watch 'The Room' For Free

by Emily Price

Fans of The Room can now watch the film for free whenever they want thanks to writer, actor and filmmaker Tommy Wiseau. Wiseau recently uploaded the movie in its entirety to YouTube, allowing free access to the film in its entirety for all.


16 Jul 13:30

'Furries Are a Lot Like Juggalos': How a Clown Rapper and His Daughter Teamed Up to Fight Snakes

by Jennings Brown

One of the members of Insane Clown Posse has teamed up with his 12-year-old daughter to create a new power duo: The Snake Busters.


22 Apr 00:02

Lycos Finally Discontinues Its Free Email Service

by EditorDavid
Long-time Slashdot reader williamyf writes: You may think of it as the end of an era, or as the final nail in the coffin. Today Lycos, one of the pioneering web portals of the '90s, notified all it's users that "On May 15th, 2018, we will no longer be offering free Lycos Mail accounts." They have been very upfront about the reason: "Q: Why are you doing this? A: Providing mailboxes costs us money, and we no longer make enough from ads to support the cost of the mailboxes." At it's heyday, Lycos was acquired by Terra Networks (a division of Telefonica), then sold to Daum Communications in Korea and then to Ybrant Digital in India. The search engine and other parts (like Angelfire, Tripod and Gamesville) continue working. In the meantime, instructions are provided to download all your mail via POP3 for offline archiving, or to upgrade to Paid Accounts.

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21 Apr 23:28

King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell Has Been Stripped of His Donkey Kong Records

by Devon Ivie

Well, we’ve officially found our video-game version of Icarus. One of the highest-scoring gamers of all time, Billy Mitchell — who was propelled into geeky stardom thanks to the 2007 documentary King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters — has been stripped of all of his high scores due to ... More »
27 Mar 22:12

An Apple Facility That Repairs iPhones in California Won't Stop Calling 9-1-1 -- and Nobody Knows How To Stop It

by msmash
The small city of Elk Grove, California received more than 2,000 erroneous 911 calls from Apple devices at an Apple repair facility. The months-long issue is yet to be resolved. From a report: Between October 20, 2017 and February 23, 2018, the police department in Elk Grove, California received 2,028 calls on its 911 lines originating from the Apple facility -- an average of 16 calls per day. At one point in January, the calls from the Apple factory were so frequent that they tied up every single one of Elk Grove's six 911 lines, according to public documents reviewed by Business Insider. "They lit us up like a Christmas tree," one dispatcher wrote in in an email to other dispatchers. It was obvious to Elk Grove police that the 911 calls were not real emergencies, but rather, the equivalent of accidental "butt dials," mysteriously ringing the city's hotline on an assembly-line scale. For whatever reason, many of the iPhones being repaired at the Apple facility were going rogue and dialing 911. But for city officials trying to stop the nuisance and to ensure that a critical emergency resource was not overburdened, fixing the problem has not been easy. Despite crediting Apple for being responsive to their pleas for help, Elk Grove officials have been frustrated by the company's inability to fix the problem. At one point, officials even discussed the possibility of getting the state government involved and sending police to the factory.

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18 Mar 13:35

‘Cobra Kai’ Teaser: First Look At Ralph Macchio In Next Karate Kid Move

by Greg Evans
“I just don't know why you'd ever want to bring back Cobra Kai,” asks Ralph Macchio, the Karate Kid himself, in this first-look teaser for the YouTube Red original series Cobra Kai. He sorta answers his own question later in the trailer: “Johnny, you and I, this, we aren’t done.” Reprising their Karate Kid roles after more than 30 years, Macchio and William Zabka resurrect the old dojo rivalry in the new series from YouTube, Sony Pictures Television and Overbrook…
19 Jan 23:50

Die With Me: $1 Chat App That Only Works When You Have Less Than 5 Percent Battery Remaining

by John Gruber

What a stupid, silly idea. I love it.

13 Jan 03:56

I got clean for nearly a year…

by Jonco



10 Jan 07:14

Wendy's Training Video On How To Serve Cold Drinks Is Filled To Brim With Cringe

The 80's were quite the time to be alive, and absolutely to be working at Wendy's as well. You can really feel the artistic passion that went into creating this video. 

Submitted by: (via Chuck Drake)

10 Jan 07:01

Unbelievable Idiot Smoking Tide Pod Will Make You Want To Quit The Internet

Easily the most profoundly idiotic thing I've seen on the internet this year. Let's hope that this is what 2018 bottom-ing out looks like. 

Submitted by: (via Cyber Terrorist Obama)

Tagged: tide pod , FAIL , dumb , Video , stupid
10 Jan 06:37

Supercut: Adam Sandler yelling and screaming

by biotv
The guys from Owenergy Studios have put together a montage of clips featuring Adam Sandler yelling in his movies.

Previously: Tom Hanks yelling (and laughing)
10 Jan 06:32

GAO Agents Tried 72 Times, Failed to Buy Guns on the (Normie) Internet

by Ed Krayewski

Government Accountability Office employees posing as sketchy buyers tried and failed in 72 attempts to purchase firearms on the internet, part of a failed investigation called for by a trio of Congressional Democrats.

While the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) insisted in its most recent strategic plan, as cited by the GAO, that "the privacy of the Internet makes it an ideal means for gang members, violent criminals, terrorists, and juveniles to traffic and obtain illegal firearms," the new report released by the (GAO) could not corroborate any of it.

The GAO did not fare much better on the so-called "Dark Web." Agents made 7 attempts and were successful just twice, purchasing an AR-15 and an Uzi.

There's not much in the report for Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) and Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) from which to demand stricter internet gun laws, but it may not stop Democrats from trying to impose new laws anyway.

It's unclear what kind of internet-specific gun laws there could be other than a blanket ban (LOL trying to enforce that) or enhanced sentencing (a dubious legal tool to say the least).

In all, 56 sellers refused to complete the requested transactions; 29 said they wouldn't ship the requested firearms and 27 refused after the agents disclosed they were prohibited from purchasing firearms. One five separate occasions, the GAO trolls were also banned from the websites where they were inquiring about murky purchases.

"The results of our testing are for illustrative purposes only and are not generalizable," the GAO wrote in a letter to the three Congressional Democrats about the results of the report.

The GAO was also asked to assess how ATF was enforcing firearms laws on the internet, since Cummings, Schatz, and Warren say they worry there are no specific laws about firearm sales on the internet. (As the GAO report notes, a bevy of laws on the book apply to firearm sales that happen to be made on the internet)

Nevertheless, the GAO found that ATF does coordinate investigative work on internet sales through an Internet Investigations Center to "ensure they have the necessary training to operate online in an undercover capacity."

According to the GAO, the ATF center, founded in 2012, uses free open-source software "to analyze online content for investigations," claiming that this allowed "analysts to glean information from public websites without violating users' privacy rights."

In any case, the technology that makes all kinds of commerce easier, including firearms-related commerce, isn't going anywhere. So-called e-commerce continues to grow while other technology, like 3D printing, promises to make government attempts to control all kinds of products, including firearms, even harder.

It's a bright future.

09 Jan 00:40

Check out this fan-made remake of Kid Icarus while you still can

by Rich Meister

Kid Icarus is an IP that doesn't get a whole lot of love from Nintendo. Since the first game released for the NES in 1986, only two subsequent games have been released, the last of which was a 2012 3DS title, Kid Icarus: Uprising

While Nintendo sleeps on Pit's adventures some dedicated fans have made a partial remake of the original NES title. 

Check out this fan-made remake of Kid Icarus while you still can screenshot