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10 Jun 01:56

MEDIA IMPRESSIONS of The Expanse: A Telltale Series

by Telltale Staff

A couple weeks back, we set influencers and media in front of PCs and let them play the entire first episode of The Expanse: A Telltale Series before it launches on July 27th. Their choices, their story consequences – and, we have to say, some of these people were SAVAGE!

We kept it simple. They could record everything and share how they felt about the experience after the first few hours in-game. We wanted to let people play early enough so that they could think about what they experienced and share their honest feedback.

Among those invited: Fans of narrative games as well as a few hardcore fans of The Expanse. Well…what did they think?

You can, of course, always read articles from the likes of Digital Trends, GameSpot, IGN – even – but we wanted to also share some of our favourite videos.

The Normies

“It’s a very intense experience off the bat…!” Not going to lie, we loved being in the room watching them debate for 10 minutes on some of the big decisions they had to make in Episode 1. Check out the link for a peek at not just the event and their impressions, but their interview with Cara Gee (who reprises her role of Camina Drummer from the show).


“Telltale and Deck Nine have made a lot of improvements…choices will matter, the exploration is awesome so far, and this is definitely the most advanced Telltale game we’ve seen to date.”

It was so great to have Dom and his brother, side-by-side playing the first episode. We threw out the suggestion that one plays “good guy” and the other plays “evil twin” who makes savage choices. We won’t tell you which was which. Also, buckle up and keep some tissues handy. The intro to Dom’s video got a couple of folks from the Telltale crew here a little misty.

Easy Allies

“This ran better than any Telltale game ever made. This is the biggest, most explorable Telltale game ever made. One of the best parts is when you actually start going to scavenge for supplies in Zero-G. The planet Jupiter is in the background, you are floating in and around a ship…and you can freely go into each part and explore. I love that you can find additional collectibles that can open up other conversations.”

Easy Allies’ Michael Huber didn’t stop there. “After this play session, I was like, ‘can I get this right now, please?’ I wanted to go home and commit to finish playing out the whole story….when I play the final game, I’m going with completely different choices.” So, safe to say, he liked what he’s seen so far! 

Thanks so much for your support, beratnas and sésatas. 

We’re continuing to be transparent about our first new game as the new Telltale. And, yes, like any “well-oiled” hype machine we’re still going to post trailers so you get an even better sense of what awaits you when the game launches soon. Like the new Story Trailer we recently posted. (Subtle, right?)

The Expanse: A Telltale Series launches July 27th 2023 for Xbox, Playstation and the Epic Game Store. Pre-order now!

We’re sharing more Expanse-related hijinks on our social media channels. So look for us on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook as we get closer to the launch of The Expanse: A Telltale Series.

See you soon in the black!

09 Jun 14:57

Apple’s Mac Pro Announcement At WWDC 2023 Was Less Than Three Minutes Long, From A Keynote That Exceeded Two Hours In Duration

by Omar Sohail

Apple Silicon Mac Pro

For a product that is supposed to represent the absolute best in performance, Apple refrained from making any efforts to extend the announcement duration of the Mac Pro at its WWDC 2023 keynote. This can mean that the company may have different plans for its workstation, which we will be discussing here.

Apple’s tvOS announcement at WWDC 2023 was actually longer than the Mac Pro’s

The WWDC 2023 keynote lasted for more than two hours as there was a bevy of announcements. One surprise entrant, at least for us, was the Mac Pro, and its launch also meant a great deal of significance since it would be the last Mac that had to transition to the Apple Silicon. Even then, with its powerful M2 Ultra, the workstation powerhouse was given bare minimum attention at the keynote, lasting for only two and a half minutes, according to Twitter account Constant Geekery.

Apple also kept the older chassis for all those years while giving it a specifications makeover, suggesting that the Mac Pro might slowly be phased out in favor of more portable machines like the Mac Studio. In case you did not notice, both models can be kitted out with the same hardware, so why sell the two simultaneously?

It is possible that Apple invested plenty of resources in the Mac Pro’s design and cooling with the Intel Xeon processors running underneath the hood, so it wants to recoup those funds before singing its farewell to the product. Adding a little fun fact about the WWDC 2023 keynote, YouTuber Vadim Yuryev, who is the host of the channel Max Tech, mentioned on Twitter that Apple spent more time talking about tvOS than it did talking about the Mac Pro.

For lack of a better word, this revelation surprised us, especially when tvOS is one of Apple’s least popular software platforms out there. We should also point out that despite featuring seven PCIe Gen 4 slots, the Apple Silicon Mac Pro does not support AMD Radeon GPUs. This can mean that either the company thinks that its M2 Ultra is more than capable of handling the same graphically intensive tasks as those chunky graphic cards or the lack of functionality suggests that Apple does not intend to support the Mac Pro long.

Written by Omar Sohail
09 Jun 14:52

House of Representatives To Hold Hearing On Whistleblower's UFO Claims

by BeauHD
The House of Representatives in the United States plans to hold a hearing to investigate claims made by a whistleblower former intelligence official, David Grusch, that the US government possesses "intact and partially intact" alien vehicles. The Guardian reports: "There will be oversight of that," Comer told NewsNation. "We plan on having a hearing." Comer said he had heard about Grusch's claims, but added: "I don't know anything about it." The timing of the hearing is not yet determined, but a source familiar with the matter said a date is expected to be announced in the next few weeks. Tim Burchett and Anna Paulina Luna, Republican members of Congress from Florida and Tennessee, respectively, will lead the oversight committee investigation. Burchett is working closely with House oversight committee leaders to prepare for a hearing, the congressman's office said. The witness list for the hearing has not yet been set, so it is unclear whether Grusch will publicly testify before the oversight committee. "Congressman Burchett's office is working through logistics, including a witness list of the most credible witnesses and sources who would be able to speak openly at an unclassified hearing," a spokesperson said. Austin Hacker, a spokesman for the committee, told the Guardian in a statement: "In addition to recent claims by a whistleblower, reports continue to surface regarding unidentified aerial phenomena. The House oversight committee is following these UAP reports and is in the early stages of planning a hearing," Hacker said in a statement. "The National Defense Authorization Act for 2022 created the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office which coordinates among the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, Nasa, and other federal agencies to study UAPs. Americans, who continue to fund this federal government work, expect transparency and meaningful oversight from Congress."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

09 Jun 14:49

ChatGPT Makes False Accusations Against Radio Host, Resulting In A Defamation Lawsuit Against OpenAI

by Omar Sohail

ChatGPT founded by OpenAI

Irrespective of how simple ChatGPT has made lives for millions of people when they want quick answers to queries in seconds, it cannot be ignored that the Large Language Model (LLM) would make glaring errors that were both false and misleading. Unfortunately for OpenAI, the entity behind ChatGPT’s creation, those errors have landed the company in hot waters thanks to a lawsuit filed by a radio host.

Radio host has filed a defamation lawsuit against OpenAI as ChatGPT generated answers related to the host’s history of crimes, which ended up being false

Mark Walters, a radio host in Georgia, is suing OpenAI because ChatGPT made responses that the host had been accused of defrauding and embezzling funds from a non-profit organization. According to The Verge, the LLM generated the information after receiving an inquiry from a journalist named Fred Riehl. The lawsuit was filed on June 5 in Georgia’s Superior Court of Gwinnett County, with Walters seeking monetary compensation from OpenAI of an undisclosed amount.

The journalist received the responses from ChatGPT after it asked the program to summarize a real federal court case by linking to an online PDF. The Large Language Model then generated a false summary of the case, which has extensive in detail but was also false. It mentioned incorrect information that Mark Walters was believed to have pursued the misappropriation of funds from a gun rights non-profit called the Second Amendment Foundation, where Walters pocketed $5 million. Nowhere has it been stated that Walters was accused of this crime.

Fred Riehl, the journalist, made the responsible choice not to publish this factually incorrect information. Instead, he decided to double down on the information through another source, which was the correct decision to make. However, the reports do not confirm how Mark Walters figured out that ChatGPT was generating false responses about him. Since millions of users are aware that such programs would often make misleading responses, which are often referred to as ‘hallucinations,’ they would outright dismiss them without a second thought.

However, when ChatGPT starts generating responses that can result in actual harm, then it becomes a problem. Two instances where the LLM’s responses led to severe consequences was when one professor threatened to fail his entire class after ChatGPT stated that students were using AI to complete their essays. The second incident revolved around a lawyer facing possible disbarring after using the program to research fake legal cases. Due to these issues and more, OpenAI has issued a small disclaimer on ChatGPT’s homepage, warning users that the AI can occasionally generate false information.

It is unclear how this lawsuit will play out, but it is high time that OpenAI engineers attempt to alleviate the false responses generated by ChatGPT because more trouble can ensue for various professionals, including the company.

Written by Omar Sohail
08 Jun 17:10

Tom Hanks finds hidden Bible passage that's been missing for 1,500 years in Vatican library, will save the world from biological weapon with it (possible nsfw content on page) [Interesting]

08 Jun 17:04

Just like Malaysia Flight MH370, some jokes just don't land. I said, they just don't land, *tap, tap*, is thing on? [Awkward]

08 Jun 16:56

You won’t be able to buy Friday the 13th next year

by Anna Koselke
You won’t be able to buy Friday the 13th next year

Friday the 13th is unfortunately shutting down all sales before the end of the year, but that isn't the end of its bad news. The horror game may also cease all function and operations after the turn of the following year, meaning that there is a limited amount of time left for you to play Friday the 13th if you have yet to experience the thrill of the slasher-styled chase Gun Media's iconic game has to offer. While the news is sad to report overall, some good has come out of it for prospective players as the developers have decided to permanently discount both the base game and its DLCs.

08 Jun 16:55

GPU Shipments Continued To Decline In Q1 2023: NVIDIA at 84%, AMD at 12%, Intel at 4% Market Share

by Hassan Mujtaba

GPU Shipments Continued To Decline In Q1 2023: NVIDIA at 84%, AMD at 12%, Intel at 4% Market Share 1

Jon Peddie Research has just published the GPU market share results for Q1 2024 which show a big decline in shipments for NVIDIA, AMD & Intel.

GPU Market Slows Down, Hits Lowest Shipments In Over Two Decades: NVIDIA Retains Top Spot With 84% Share

According to the report, the overall GPU AIB market saw shipments decline by -12.6% versus the previous quarter and -38.2% versus the previous year. The attach rate did grow by a slight margin of 8% but compared to the previous year, that too declined by -21%. In terms of numbers, the AIBs shipped 6.3 million discrete graphics cards in the first quarter of 2023.

Quick Highlights

  • JPR found that AIB shipments during the quarter decreased from the last quarter by 12.6%, which is below the 10-year average of -4.9%.
  • Total AIB shipments decreased by -38.2% this quarter from last year to 6.3 million units and were down from 7.16 million units last quarter.
  • AMD’s quarter-to-quarter total desktop AIB unit shipments decreased -by 7.5%.
  • Nvidia’s quarter-to-quarter unit shipments decreased -15.2%. Nvidia continues to hold a dominant market share position at 83.7%.
  • AIB shipments from year to year decreased by -38.2% compared to last year.

In terms of market share, NVIDIA's market share dropped to 84% but still retains the market leadership. Meanwhile, AMD's market share remained flat at 12% while Intel's market share saw growth to 4%.

“Shipments of new AIBs were impacted by turndown in the PC market due to inflation worries and layoffs, and people buying last-gen boards as suppliers sought to reduce inventory levels. With inventory being run down, sales of new-generation boards will pick up, but not until Q3. Q2 is traditionally a down quarter, and the year won’t be any different, but probably not as severe as might be expected,” said Jon Peddie, JPR founder and president.

JPR has been tracking AIB shipments quarterly since 1987—the volume of those boards peaked in 1998, reaching 116 million units. Since Q1 2000, over 2.13 billion AIBs, worth about $490 billion, have been sold.

via JPR

JPR points to this market outlook as a course correction and expects that the second half of this year will be much better since all vendors will have more affordable and mainstream options available for its consumers. NVIDIA recently introduced its GeForce RTX 4060 series graphics cards and has more affordable variants coming out in July. AMD also introduced the Radeon RX 7600 and has more options coming out too.

Meanwhile, both NVIDIA and AMD have older inventory that can be used to attract gamers in the mainstream and budget segment. Intel on the other hand is very active in the consumer segment and has some of the best performance/$ options available at the moment. The company has price dropped its Arc A750 offerings which can be found for as low as $199 US while the 16 GB Arc A770 is currently the most affordable 16 GB option under $300 US.

Although new graphics cards have been launched, consumers have shown little to no interest in them due to the obviously bad price-to-performance ratio. GPU vendors, especially NVIDIA, saw a big uptick in the prices this generation and while Ada's features and efficiency remain unrivaled, the graphics cards do cost a lot. At the same time, the mainstream RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 are priced the same or lower than their predecessors but the performance gains aren't as significant when we look at something like the RTX 4090 and how its achieves over 50% uplift over the 3090s.

Which GPU are you using right now? (2023 Edition)
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  • Intel
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Written by Hassan Mujtaba
08 Jun 14:16

Play Diablo 4 on your Mac with Apple’s official Windows emulator

by Dylan Wilby
Play Diablo 4 on your Mac with Apple’s official Windows emulator

Apple's WWDC 2023 keynote was filled with huge announcements, but amidst all the excitement was something of a surprise sleeper hit. The tech giant announced it’s working on a Game Porting Toolkit for developers to port their games to Mac. Turns out, this tool allows you to play hitherto inaccessible Windows games like Diablo 4 and Cyberpunk 2077 on macOS right now.

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07 Jun 18:17

More Steam users are flocking to Windows 11

by Dylan Wilby
More Steam users are flocking to Windows 11

Despite a bumpy ride during its 19-month lifespan, things are really starting to look up for Windows 11. Microsoft’s OS is getting more and more popular with Steam users all the time, and the operating system has just achieved a new gaming PC adoption milestone. Is 2023 the year Windows 11 finally gains mass adoption?

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07 Jun 18:17

Apple's New Proton-like Tool Can Run Windows Games on a Mac

by msmash
If you're hoping to see more Windows games on Mac then those dreams might finally come true soon. From a report: Apple has dropped some big news for game developers at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) this week, making it far easier and quicker to port Windows games to Mac thanks to a Proton-like environment that can translate and run the latest DirectX 12 Windows games on macOS. Apple has created a new Game Porting Toolkit that's similar to the work Valve has done with Proton and the Steam Deck. It's powered by source code from CrossOver, a Wine-based solution for running Windows games on macOS. Apple's tool will instantly translate Windows games to run on macOS, allowing developers to launch an unmodified version of a Windows game on a Mac and see how well it runs before fully porting a game. Mac gaming has been a long running meme among the PC gaming community, despite Resident Evil Village and No Man's Sky ports being some rare recent exceptions to macOS gaming being largely ignored. "The new Game Porting Toolkit provides an emulation environment to run your existing unmodified Windows game and you can use it to quickly understand the graphics feature usage and performance potential of your game when running on a Mac," explains Aiswariya Sreenivassan, an engineering project manager for GPUs and graphics at Apple, in a WWDC session earlier this week.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

07 Jun 18:08


by Giles Edwards

366 Weird Movies may earn commissions from purchases made through product links.

Brooklyn 45 releases on Friday, June 9, exclusively on Shudder and AMC+.

DIRECTED BY: Ted Geoghegan

FEATURING: Anne Ramsay, Ezra Buzzington, Archibald Stanton, Kristina Klebe, Larry Fessenden, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm

PLOT: Following the close of the Second World War, Colonel Hockstatter invites his friends over for a séance in the hopes of contacting his dead wife; the evening turns out to be far more illuminating than any of the attendants would have hoped for.

Still from Brooklyn 45 (2023)

COMMENTS: One could, theoretically, craft a languid melodrama in which old friends with unspeakable pasts gather one evening at Yuletide, weighed down by the tension of physical proximity and psychological burdens, until revelations crash through the civil veneer. But, thank goodness, Ted Geoghegan said, “Nuts to that.” Brooklyn 45 is a ghost story, thriller, chamber drama—and I emphasize the singularity of “chamber” here—and contemplation on the horrors of war. Brooklyn 45 makes its zippy pacing believable by taking full advantage of its catalyst: a séance.  A communication with the dead. The past. And there are few groups of five characters with as messy a shared history as Marla, a former interrogator; Bob, a Pentagon desk-jockey; Archie, a real Yankee doodle dandy; Paul, an all-brass veteran; and Clive, a broken widower.

Brooklyn 45 is a period piece that plays out like a period production. It would be at home as a TV special from the 1970s, with its faded-candy-colored sets, props, and costumes. The dialogue isn’t stilted, but echoes vintage radio. The action (so to speak) rests at the intersection of Clue! and Twelve Angry Men. It even features a delightfully subtle opening of a curtain, as we see three people arrive at their place of judgement, and then later closing on three of the players exiting the bloody drama. We are watching performances; we are listening to reminiscences; we are being told a story.

This story is, at least, five stories. And while a keen attention to period detail anchors the viewer (I particularly enjoyed the empty packet of “Westerfields”), that doesn’t mean we’ve been abandoned in a do-nothing room. Various punctuations act as triggers: a door is sealed; a light switch turned off; the radio is silenced; and, before expected, a gun is fired. Geoghegan’s self-assurance is apparent here, as he does not shy away from the tools a contemporary teller of tales has on-hand. Time is of the essence, and there is much to learn as we are locked in a room with war criminals, spies, torturers, and ghosts.

We’re also in this room with Bob, the milquetoast bureaucrat. His wife, Marla, moving so assuredly with cane in hand and firm tone on her lips, intrigues from the start. Archie alternately charms and disappoints (morally speaking) as a semi-closeted homosexual awaiting a war crimes trial. Major DiFranco hits all the right notes;  a highly moral military man with some serious regrets. And Colonel Hockstetter evinces confusion and pity. But Bob, whose mild-manner immediately telegraphs he is doomed to a radical shift, is introduced as, and remains, a cipher. Brooklyn 45 is about the past, and the weight it bears down on the present. With this cryptic character, Geoghegan demonstrates that, even though he plays many cards in this film, he’s still keeping a few close to his chest. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.


” I was very pleasantly surprised to find a film so very oddly tender and tragic at the heart of a story that also features ectoplasmic seances and Geoghegan’s trademark pension for schlocky gore…”—Hunter Heilman, Elements of Madness (contemporaneous)

07 Jun 14:18

No Man’s Sky 10th Expedition, Singularity, Is Out Now with a Much Longer Narrative Arc

by Alessio Palumbo

Singularity No Man's Sky

UK developer Hello Games continues to surprise on a regular basis when it comes to the cadence of No Man's Sky updates.

Just a few days ago, the studio launched the native MacOS version of the game. Today, the studio announced the release of the tenth No Man's Sky Expedition, which they reckon is completely different from the previous ones.

Called Singularity, it'll focus on AI corruption and robotic uprisings, which Hello Games admits is a topic strangely absent from a sci-fi game up to this point. The developers said Singularity would evolve over a much longer narrative arc of five weeks. It'll begin with players investigating 'robot heads' that are dropping clues throughout the galaxy.

They'll collaborate with Polo and Nada to discover what's behind this space anomaly. Additionally, players will be making a choice at the end of the Singularity Expedition, and the decision will have consequences that will develop in the future of No Man's Sky story. Of course, participating in the Expedition will unlock many cool rewards, such as a new robotic character customization set.

No Man's Sky was hugely hyped before launch, only to provoke disappointment on day one in both critics and fans. At some point, the game was even investigated by the United Kingdom's advertising authorities for potential false advertising. However, the folks at Hello Games rolled up their proverbial sleeves and kept pumping new features and content at an incredible pace.

The game is now completely VR compatible, supports various upscalers (DLSS, FSR 2, etc.) on PC, is out on Nintendo Switch (with cross-play), not to mention the many gameplay features and mechanics introduced in the last six years or so. It doesn't look like Hello Games will be done adding more to No Man's Sky any time soon, either, even though the studio is also working on a new ambitious secret project, as revealed in September 2020 by studio founder Sean Murray.

Written by Alessio Palumbo
07 Jun 14:17

Two homes damaged in Smokey Point fire. I'd make a joke, but my house in Watery Point just flooded [Scary]

07 Jun 14:16

Pope Francis was briefly at hospital for tests, released when it was found that he does, in fact, shiat in the woods [Interesting]

07 Jun 14:05

The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition Patch 1.3 aims to reduce shader compilation and traversal stutters

by John Papadopoulos

Last week, Private Division and Virtuos Games released a brand new update for The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition. According to the release notes, Update 1.3 aims to reduce both shader compilation and traversal stutters. Going into more details, Patch 1.3 brings PSO cache improvements to fix hitching issues on PC. Moreover, it updates environment … Continue reading The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition Patch 1.3 aims to reduce shader compilation and traversal stutters →

The post The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition Patch 1.3 aims to reduce shader compilation and traversal stutters appeared first on DSOGaming.

07 Jun 14:02

North Korean despot Kim Jong-un issues secret order outlawing committing suicide, says it's 'treason against socialism'. No word if those caught will be executed [Dumbass]

06 Jun 19:07

White House Quiet on National Cyber Director Choice, Senator Says

by msmash
The White House has not shared much of anything with lawmakers about who the administration thinks should be the next national cyber director, a top cyber-minded senator told Axios. From the report: It's been nearly four months since Chris Inglis stepped down as the first national cyber director inside the White House, and lawmakers and policy experts have been putting pressure on President Joe Biden in recent weeks to name a replacement. Last month, Sen. Angus King (I-Maine) and Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) sent a letter to Biden questioning the delay in picking a nominee and encouraging the president to nominate current acting director Kemba Walden to the post. Yet in the three weeks since the lawmakers sent their letter, they haven't heard anything from the White House, King told Axios in a recent interview. What they're saying: "I'm really puzzled; I just don't know what's going on," King told Axios. "This is an important job, and it's an important moment and they have a highly qualified, able acting director." Congress created the Office of the National Cyber Director (ONCD) as the Biden administration was taking office in early 2021.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

06 Jun 19:06

Why Millions of Usable Hard Drives Are Being Destroyed

by msmash
Millions of storage devices are being shredded each year, even though they could be reused. "You don't need an engineering degree to understand that's a bad thing," says Jonmichael Hands. From a report: He is the secretary and treasurer of the Circular Drive Initiative (CDI), a partnership of technology companies promoting the secure reuse of storage hardware. He also works at Chia Network, which provides a blockchain technology. Chia Network could easily reuse storage devices that large data centres have decided they no longer need. In 2021, the company approached IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) firms, who dispose of old technology for businesses that no longer need it. The answer came back: "Sorry, we have to shred old drives." "What do you mean, you destroy them?" says Mr Hands, relating the story. "Just erase the data, and then sell them! They said the customers wouldn't let them do that. One ITAD provider said they were shredding five million drives for a single customer." Storage devices are typically sold with a five-year warranty, and large data centres retire them when the warranty expires. Drives that store less sensitive data are spared, but the CDI estimates that 90% of hard drives are destroyed when they are removed. The reason? "The cloud service providers we spoke to said security, but what they actually meant was risk management," says Mr Hands. "They have a zero-risk policy. It can't be one in a million drives, one in 10 million drives, one in 100 million drives that leaks. It has to be zero."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

06 Jun 15:16

You die and your kin just dump your PC at some thrift store. Nobody wipes the hard drive. What will the buyer find? Here, they found "the Library of Alexandria" of gay porn DVD reviews. And some sentimental stuff, hence tag. And stickiness [Sappy]

06 Jun 02:48

Sony Chief Warns Technical Problems Persist for Cloud Gaming

by msmash
Sony's chief executive has warned that cloud gaming is still technically "very tricky," playing down the risk to the console maker of the industry quickly converting to a technology on which its rival Microsoft has bet heavily. From a report: In an interview with the Financial Times, Kenichiro Yoshida said the PlayStation creator would still study "various options" in the future for streaming games over the Internet itself, adding it could utilize GT Sophy, its artificial intelligence agent, to enhance cloud gaming. "I think cloud itself is an amazing business model, but when it comes to games, the technical difficulties are high," said Yoshida, citing latency -- the fast response times demanded by gamers -- as the biggest issue. "So there will be challenges to cloud gaming, but we want to take on those challenges." Despite various attempts to remake the gaming industry around the cloud, many users have yet to switch from a console or high-end gaming PC to streaming games entirely over the Internet, fearing the lags that can be caused by slowing Internet connectivity and server speeds. Publishers have also not been fully supportive.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

06 Jun 02:45

The new Mac Pro brings PCI expansion to Apple Silicon for the first time

by Brady Snyder

Apple today announced the new Mac Pro, which features an M2 Ultra system-on-a-chip and six PCIe slots, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The revealing of the Mac Pro completes the transition of the company's entire Mac lineup to Apple Silicon, a process that began when Apple first unveiled the M1 chip at WWDC in 2020. Though the Mac Pro has the same system-on-a-chip as the Mac Studio, its connectivity and expandability options dwarf the other professional-grade Mac. The latest Mac Pro starts at $6,999, which is the same starting price as the last Intel Mac Pro. It is available for pre-order starting today, with worldwide availability beginning June 13.

06 Jun 02:44

Apple Announces macOS Sonoma with Desktop Widgets, Game Mod, and Much, Much More

by Furqan Shahid

Apple Announces macOS Sonoma with Desktop Widgets, Game Mod, and Much, Much More

Apple has finally announced the latest macOS Sonama. This is a supercharged update for the Mac operating system. Sonama will launch later this year in the fall and will be bringing a number of top-tier features, such as the ability to place widgets on the desktop. You are also getting aerial screensavers, something that you often see on Apple TV. With the new update, Apple is also focusing on making iMessage better for everyone, and last but not least, Game Mode is also coming to the new OS, and for those wondering, it works by ensuring that the game you are playing gets the most access to the resources so you do not run into hiccups while gaming.

The macOS Sonoma is also going ot bring a number of improvements to Safari. You will be able to have a Profiles feature that will allow you to have a separate work and personal account, something that you have seen on Google Chrome. In addition to that, Mac finally supports web apps, which would simply allow the websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, and more to appear as apps on the Dock, making it super easy for everyone to just go ahead and access the apps and websites they want.


Written by Furqan Shahid
06 Jun 02:40

Amnesia The Bunker detonator handle location

by Andrew Farrell
Amnesia The Bunker detonator handle location

Where is the detonator handle in Amnesia The Bunker? It's one of a few mysteriously placed items in the newest Amnesia game, and one which might have you scratching your head as you attempt to locate it. Fear not though, or try not to at least, because we've been brave and jumped in to find it for you. Just follow our instructions, and you'll be safe. Sort of.

For one of the best horror games out there, the Amnesia series always manages to impress with its eerie settings, but in Amnesia The Bunker that's cranked up a notch as you're tasked with remaining as silent as possible as you avoid the Stalker. In your quest to do so, you might want some help to find the detonator handle.

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06 Jun 02:40

New DirectX 12-To-Metal Translation Could Bring a World of Windows Games To macOS

by BeauHD
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Apple has made a tiny bit of progress in the last year when it comes to getting games running on Macs -- titles like Resident Evil Village and a recent No Man's Sky port don't exactly make the Mac a gaming destination, but they're bigger releases than Mac users are normally accustomed to. For getting the vast majority of PC gaming titles running, though, the most promising solution would be a Steam Deck-esque software layer that translates Microsoft's DirectX 12 API into something compatible with Apple's proprietary Metal API. Preliminary support for that kind of translation will be coming to CodeWeavers' CrossOver software this summer, the company announced in a blog post late last week. CrossOver is a software package that promises to run Windows apps and games under macOS and Linux without requiring a full virtualized (or emulated) Windows installation. Its developers announced that they were working on DirectX 12 support in late 2021, and now they have a sample screenshot of Diablo II Resurrected running on an Apple M2 chip. This early DirectX12 support will ship with CrossOver version 23 "later this summer." The announcement is simultaneously promising and caveat-filled; getting this single game running required fixing multiple game-specific bugs in upstream software projects. Support will need to be added on a game-by-game basis, at least at first. "Our team's investigations concluded that there was no single magic key that unlocked DirectX 12 support on macOS," CodeWeavers project manager Meredith Johnson wrote in the blog post. "To get just Diablo II Resurrected running, we had to fix a multitude of bugs involving MoltenVK and SPIRV-Cross. We anticipate that this will be the case for other DirectX 12 games: we will need to add support on a per-title basis, and each game will likely involve multiple bugs." In other words, don't expect Steam Deck-esque levels of compatibility with Windows games just yet. There are also still gameplay bugs even in Diablo II Resurrected, though "the fact that it's running at all is a huge win."

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Apple Announces macOS Sonoma With Desktop Widgets and Game Mode

by BeauHD
At WWDC today, Apple announced macOS Sonoma, the latest version of its Mac operating system that includes new features like desktop widgets, aerial screensavers, a new Game mode, and enhancements to apps like Messages and Safari. MacRumors reports: The first feature that Apple detailed was new interactive widgets, which can now be placed right on your desktop. Widgets blend into your desktop wallpaper to not be obtrusive when you're working, and with Continuity you can use the same widgets from your iPhone on your Mac. macOS Sonoma also introduces enhanced video conferencing features, including Presenter Overlay to allow a user to display themselves in front of the content they are sharing. Reactions let users share how they feel within a video session, and Screen Sharing has been improved with a simplified process. As is usual with macOS updates, Safari is getting numerous new features within Sonoma. There's an update to Private Browsing that provides greater protection from trackers and from people who might have access to the user's device. Profiles within Safari offer a way to separate browsing between topics, like having one for work and one for personal browsing. There's also a new way to create web apps that work like normal apps and let you get to your favorite website faster. When you're not actively using macOS Sonoma, the new screen savers feature slow-motion videos of various locations worldwide. They shuffle between landscape, Earth, underwater, or cityscape themes, similar to what you'll see on tvOS. For gamers, there's a new Game Mode in macOS Sonoma that delivers an optimized gaming experience with smoother and more consistent frame rates. It dramatically lowers audio latency with AirPods and reduces input latency with game controllers, and it works with any game on Mac. A beta version of macOS Sonoma is now available via the Apple Developer Program, with a public beta launching next month. As Ars Technica notes, the macOS Sonoma update will only run on a couple generations of Intel Macs. "[I]f you're using anything made before 2018 or anything without an Apple T2 chip in it, you won't be able to run the new OS."

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UBI of Nearly $2,000 a Month To Be Trialed In England

by BeauHD
An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Thirty people in the U.K. could soon receive $1,983 each month if the trial (PDF) by independent think tank Autonomy secures funding. The basic income payments are estimated to cost 1.15 million pounds through the duration of the two-year project. During this time, researchers would assess the impact of the UBI cash on the lives of participants. A separate group who won't be receiving the money each month will be monitored through one on one interviews, focus groups and questionnaires to understand the difference in their experiences. The trial is two years in the making. Dialogue with local communities during that time found strong support for UBI and informed how the trial was planned. It focuses on two areas in the U.K., one in East Finchley in the capital of London, which is often associated with a higher cost of living, and one in central Jarrow in the northeast of the country. Local citizens would be able to put themselves forward to take part in the trial and participant selection would be random. Autonomy has said they would work to ensure the trial group is representative, however. "All the evidence shows that it would directly alleviate poverty and boost millions of people's wellbeing," said Will Stronge, director of research at Autonomy. Stronge believes changes to the world we live in could also be a key driver in the adoption of UBI. "With the decades ahead set to be full of economic shocks due to climate change and new forms of automation, basic income is going to be a crucial part of securing livelihoods in the future," he said. A UBI could even impact the way people feel about work, some research suggests. In 2022, 19% of Americans said it would ease their frustrations with their jobs.

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Xbox FTC Settlement and Reimagining the Future of Safety on Xbox

by Dave McCarthy, CVP Xbox Player Services

At Xbox, we have the fundamental commitment to provide all players with a safe and secure experience on our platform – and this is especially true for our youngest players. We frequently iterate on our safety measures, in collaboration and with feedback from the community, regulators and partners. We recently entered into a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to update our account creation process and resolve a data retention glitch found in our system. Regrettably, we did not meet customer expectations and are committed to complying with the order to continue improving upon our safety measures. We believe that we can and should do more, and we’ll remain steadfast in our commitment to safety, privacy, and security for our community.

Our two decades of safety experience has taught us that all players want, and need, safety and privacy protections. Since 2005, when we launched the first console that could connect players online, we’ve continued to invest in tools and technologies to protect our community. That work evolved into a multifaceted safety strategy. Our suite of safety, privacy and security measures are designed to respect player privacy and safety, and empower players, as well as parents and caregivers, to have control over their gaming experiences.

Below we detail the changes we made to verify child accounts, however, our work on age validation doesn’t stop there. We see an opportunity to further advance safe digital experiences that are accessible, simple to use, and benefit all players. We are innovating on next-generation identity and age validation – a convenient, secure, one-time process for all players that will allow us to better deliver customized, safe, age-appropriate experiences. The long-term benefits will be felt by all players, especially children and their families. And while we see this as the future, we anticipate that the entire games industry will as well.

Over the coming months, we will test new methods to validate age and take feedback from our customers’ experience. The learnings from these trials will directly inform advancements in our player identity systems. We are incorporating Microsoft’s insights from across industries to develop a principled approach to secure digital identities that minimizes data collection, prioritizes security, and makes it easier for players to understand how their data is used.

We’ll continue to put players at the center – giving them full control over their online experiences and digital identities. We’ll continue to empower parents and caregivers to exercise appropriate oversight of the gaming experience for their children and families, in addition to tools like the Xbox Family Settings App and child accounts. Child accounts are built for underage players so that parents and caregivers can manage settings, privacy, spending and more. We will continue to be transparent and clear about the actions we take on our service, just as we did when we released our inaugural Transparency Report and second Transparency Report in May.

The Xbox community is our community – one we shape together. As we innovate and trial new experiences, we’ll work with the community to gather feedback so we can create a safer gaming experience together.

What the FTC settlement means for players

Since the FTC settlement, we have updated our account creation process, which now requires players to first identify date-of-birth and, if under 13 years old, obtain verified parental consent before providing us with any information such as phone number or email address. This updated process ensures that we can identify potential child accounts immediately and make clear to parents and caregivers the next steps to protect their children’s data and play safely on our network.

Over the coming months, players who are under the age of 13 and created an account prior to May 2021 will require parental reconsent – meaning a parent will be prompted to reverify the account and grant permission for their child to continue gameplay and activity on Xbox. We are committed to making this process as seamless as possible. We are working hard to ensure that when parents are prompted to reconsent, they will have the information needed to proceed without disruptions to their child’s access. To learn more about setting up a child account, please visit here.

During the investigation, we identified a technical glitch where our systems did not delete account creation data for child accounts where the account creation process was started but not completed.  This was inconsistent with our policy to save that information for only 14 days to make it easier for gamers to pick up where they left off to complete the process. Our engineering team took immediate action: we fixed the glitch, deleted the data, and implemented practices to prevent the error from recurring. The data was never used, shared, or monetized.

To more clearly explain what information we collect and how we use it, we updated our Microsoft Privacy Statement, including a dedicated section about how Xbox processes user data. We have also updated our home screen to have a clearly labelled link to the Microsoft Privacy Statement. This link also appears in each area of the service where personal information is collected. Microsoft also provides a privacy dashboard that shares with families what data is collected and used. Players can adjust their privacy settings at any time and child accounts are set to the strongest privacy settings by default. To learn more about Xbox’s privacy features, please visit here.

Additional resources for families

We want all parents, caregivers, and families to know that, more than anything else, we have their children’s safety and privacy top of mind. We will continue to communicate the changes we are making to our practices and the data we collect so we can better protect children using our platform. We also continue to explore creative ways to educate players about online safety.

This past Safer Internet Day, we released Minecraft’s Privacy Prodigy, aimed at teaching young people about privacy and how to safeguard their sensitive personal information. This world is the second chapter in the CyberSafe series, following last year’s release of Minecraft CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm, reaching millions of players, with unprecedented downloads of support materials underscoring the demand by teachers and families to teach these critical skills and integrate safer online practices daily. CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm and CyberSafe: Privacy Prodigy are both available for free on Minecraft: Education Edition and Minecraft Bedrock.

Our updated Xbox Family Hub shares information about creating a family group, managing child accounts, and helps parents and caregivers understand the safety measures we have in place, such as the Xbox Family Settings App.

For more information on Microsoft privacy, safety, and responsible gaming, please see the below list of resources:

Xbox Releases Second Transparency Report Demonstrating the Integral Role of Proactive Content Moderation
Xbox Celebrates Safer Internet Day with Minecraft’s New Privacy-Themed Learning World and Safety Tips for Parents
Xbox Shares Community Safety Approach in Transparency Report
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Microsoft Makes SMB Signing Default Requirement in Windows 11 to Boost Security

by Ionut Arghire

Microsoft is making SMB signing a default requirement in Windows 11 Enterprise editions, starting with insider preview build 25381.

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05 Jun 10:24 Turns 19 Years Old For Covering Linux Hardware, Open-Source News

Today marks nineteen years since I started for covering the Linux hardware space. It's been a wild ride from the days of 56K modems, graphics driver pains, and having to use NDISWrapper for WiFi device driver support on Linux, among many other Linux hardware pains in the early days. These days the open-source GPU driver scene is far better off, Linux hardware support overall is great, companies continue investing massively into Linux/open-source thanks to the success in the server space over the past two decades, and the Steam Deck has proven to be one of the most interesting Linux-powered consumer devices in recent years...