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13 Nov 23:41

Email bot wastes a scammer's time with mindless chit-chat

by Johnny Lieu

While you might be wise enough to delete or flag emails promising great wealth in far-flung countries, not everyone is so savvy to these scams.

To ensure these scammers have less time to prey on real people, New Zealand online safety organisation Netsafe has developed a tool called Re:scam

It's an artificially intelligent email bot which engages with scammers in mindless, never-ending conversation, full of unrelated questions that waste their time — it's a pretty similar strategy adopted by Mashable's scam crusader Scamalot. Read more...

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13 Nov 01:11

Suspect shuts down detective's interview with parade of violent farts

by Heather Dockray

Who needs lawyers when you can have severe intestinal distress?

24 year old Sean Sykes Jr. temporarily paused a police investigation in Kansas City this week with a little bit of gastrointestinal creativity. When asked for his address, Sykes Jr. allegedly let one rip, forcing the interview to end abruptly.

The detective reported that the suspect "leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering."

It didn't stop there. As the interview progressed, the suspect allegedly continued to cut the cheese multiple times. The detective ended the interview prematurely. Read more...

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06 Nov 01:43

Dumb Things

by Jonco

05 Nov 14:49

Eyeball No-No’s

by Jonco

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05 Nov 14:46

MPAA: Almost 70% of 38 Million Kodi Users Are Pirates

by Andy

As torrents and other forms of file-sharing resolutely simmer away in the background, it is the streaming phenomenon that’s taking the Internet by storm.

This Tuesday, in a report by Canadian broadband management company Sandvine, it was revealed that IPTV traffic has grown to massive proportions.

Sandvine found that 6.5% of households in North American are now communicating with known TV piracy services. This translates to seven million subscribers and many more potential viewers. There’s little doubt that IPTV and all its variants, Kodi streaming included, are definitely here to stay.

The topic was raised again Wednesday during a panel discussion hosted by the Copyright Alliance in conjunction with the Creative Rights Caucus. Titled “Copyright Pirates’ New Strategies”, the discussion’s promotional graphic indicates some of the industry heavyweights in attendance.

The Copyright Alliance tweeted points from the discussion throughout the day and soon the conversation turned to the streaming phenomenon that has transformed piracy in recent times.

Previously dubbed Piracy 3.0 by the MPAA, Senior Vice President, Government and Regulatory Affairs Neil Fried was present to describe streaming devices and apps as the latest development in TV and movie piracy.

Like many before him, Fried explained that the Kodi platform in its basic form is legal. However, he noted that many of the add-ons for the media player provide access to pirated content, a point proven in a big screen demo.

Kodi demo by the MPAA via Copyright Alliance

According to the Copyright Alliance, Fried then delivered some interesting stats. The MPAA believes that there are around 38 million users of Kodi in the world, which sounds like a reasonable figure given that the system has been around for 15 years in various guises, including during its XBMC branding.

However, he also claimed that of those 38 million, a substantial 26 million users have piracy addons installed. That suggests around 68.5% or seven out of ten of all Kodi users are pirates of movies, TV shows, and other media. Taking the MPAA statement to its conclusion, only 12 million Kodi users are operating the software legitimately.

TorrentFreak contacted XBMC Foundation President Nathan Betzen for his stance on the figures but he couldn’t shine much light on usage.

“Unfortunately I do not have an up to date number on users, and because we don’t watch what our users are doing, we have no way of knowing how many do what with regards to streaming. [The MPAA’s] numbers could be completely correct or totally made up. We have no real way to know,” Betzen said.

That being said, the team does have the capability to monitor overall Kodi usage, even if they don’t publish the stats. This was revealed back in June 2011 when Kodi was still called XBMC.

“The addon system gives us the opportunity to measure the popularity of addons, measure user base, estimate the frequency that people update their systems, and even, ultimately, help users find the more popular addons,” the team wrote.

“Most interestingly, for the purposes of this post, is that we can get a pretty good picture of how many active XBMC installs there are without having to track what each individual user does.”

Using this system, the team concluded there were roughly 435,000 active XBMC instances around the globe in April 2011, but that figure was to swell dramatically. Just three months later, 789,000 XBMC installations had been active in the previous six weeks.

What’s staggering is that in 2017, the MPAA claims that there are now 38 million users of Kodi, of which 26 million are pirates. In the absence of any figures from the Kodi team, TF asked Kodi addon repository TVAddons what they thought of the MPAA’s stats.

“We’ve always banned the use of analytics within Kodi addons, so it’s really impossible to make such an estimate. It seems like the MPAA is throwing around numbers without much statistical evidence while mislabelling Kodi users as ‘pirate’ in the same way that they have mislabelled legitimate services like CloudFlare,” a spokesperson said.

“As far as general addon use goes, before our repository server (which contained hundreds of legitimate addons) was unlawfully seized, it had about 39 million active users per month, but even we don’t know how many users downloaded which addons. We never allowed for addon statistics for users because they are invasive to privacy and breed unhealthy competition.”

So, it seems that while there is some dispute over the number of potential pirates, there does at least appear to be some consensus on the number of users overall. The big question, however, is how groups like the MPAA will deal with this kind of unauthorized infringement in future.

At the moment the big push is to paint pirate platforms as dangerous places to be. Indeed, during the discussion this week, Copyright Alliance CEO Keith Kupferschmid claimed that users of pirate services are “28 times more likely” to be infected with malware.

Whether that strategy will pay off remains unclear but it’s obvious that at least for now, Piracy 3.0 is a massive deal, one that few people saw coming half a decade ago but is destined to keep growing.

Source: TF, for the latest info on copyright, file-sharing, torrent sites and more. We also have VPN discounts, offers and coupons

04 Nov 05:28

Happy Dogs

a funny pic

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28 Oct 16:44

That Was Him, Dad

Cheezburger Image 9089387264

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22 Oct 13:26

Steve ‘N’ Seagulls – Nothing Else Matters

by Jonco


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22 Oct 13:18

All measuring cups are wrong

by Carley Sposta

A former software engineer for Google and Facebook has combined his love of cooking and mathematics to make this innovative kitchen product. Read more...

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16 Oct 13:33

8.5-Ton Chinese Space Station Will Crash To Earth In a Few Months

by EditorDavid
dryriver writes: China launched a space laboratory named Tiangong 1 into orbit in 2011. The space laboratory was supposed to become a symbol of China's ambitious bid to become a space superpower. After two years in space, Tiangong 1 started experiencing technical failure. Last year Chinese officials confirmed that the space laboratory had to be scrapped. The 8.5 ton heavy space laboratory has begun its descent towards Earth and is expected to crash back to Earth within the next few months. Most of the laboratory is expected to burn up in earth's atmosphere, but experts believe that pieces as heavy as 100 kilograms (220 pounds) may survive re-entry and impact earth's surface. Nobody will be able to predict with any precision where those chunks of space laboratory will land on Earth until a few hours before re-entry occurs. The chance that anyone would be harmed by Tiangong-1's debris is considered unlikely. When NASA's SkyLab fell to earth in 1979, an Australian town fined them $400 -- for littering.

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15 Oct 03:57

Languish in Trent Reznor's Unsettling Rendition of The Halloween Theme

by Julie Muncy on io9, shared by Tom McKay to Gizmodo

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have released their own version of John Carpenter’s classic theme for 1978's hit horror film Halloween. I’m not scared, what are you talking about?


04 Oct 23:58

FreeBSD gains eMMC support so … errr … watch out, Android

Gadgets that need Flash now have another alternative OS

Version 10.4 of FreeBSD has landed, with the headline feature being support for eMMC.…

03 Oct 12:30

17 Animal Tweets That Made Us Laugh This Week

funny animal tweets

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03 Oct 02:19

How Strafe's 'Millennium Edition' overhauls the entire game

by Ray Porreca

When it released in May 2017, Strafe was something of an anomaly. The first-person shooter looked like a game from a bygone era. It was fast and violent, not unlike Quake, with relentless enemies hell-bent on stopping players dead in their tracks. Dying was an integral part of the experience. Unlike most shooters, running out of life didn't just mean that you had to replay the level. Instead, Strafe made players start all over again. Biting the bullet -- or pipe, rocket, or any number of things that can kill you -- meant buckling to randomized level layouts. In Strafe, you never know what's coming next.

Strafe's blend of frenetic first-person gameplay and roguelike design might seem common half-a-year after its release, but at the time it was at the forefront of a modern niche subgenre. 

"We wanted to play this game so bad," developer Thom Glunt said about Strafe's core concept, "we started a studio just to make it."

How Strafe's 'Millennium Edition' overhauls the entire game screenshot

03 Oct 02:19

T-Mobile Won't Stop Claiming Its Network Is Faster Than Verizon's

by BeauHD
T-Mobile says it will continue to claim it has the country's fastest LTE network even after the National Advertising Division, a telecom industry watchdog group, "recommended" that it stop doing so in print, TV, and web advertisements. In a statement given to Ars Technica, "NAD previously recognized third-party crowdsourced data as a way to look at network performance, so we looked at the latest results, and verified what we already knew. T-Mobile is still the fastest LTE network and we'll continue to let consumers know that." The Verge reports: The dispute arose earlier this year as part of a T-Mobile ad campaign that insinuated that Verizon's network was older and slower, and that its service did not feature unlimited plans. Verizon then filed a complaint with the NAD, which is a self-regulatory body of the telecom industry designed to settle disputes, avoid litigation, and protect against unwanted government regulation. Verizon said at the time that because T-Mobile was relying on crowdsourced data from third-party speed test providers Ookla and OpenSignal, the data was skewed in favor of T-Mobile. The data was pulled from a one-month period after Verizon first reintroduced its unlimited plans. Verizon's logic wasn't super bulletproof: the company claimed that because it had never before offered unlimited plans, T-Mobile customers -- who were familiar with the concept of throttling after a certain data threshold -- were more likely to be sampled in the crowdsourced data set provided to the NAD. Still, T-Mobile discontinued the disputed commercial, and the NAD felt the need to offer guidelines last week, advising the company not to claim its network was faster or newer. In addition, the NAD also told T-Mobile to modify its claim that it covered 99.7 percent of Verizon customers to make clear that the coverage is by population and not geographic area.

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03 Oct 02:15

Nature Is Incredible

by Jonco


30 Sep 00:42

I'll Take This Miniature Commodore 64 Over a Tiny SNES Any Day

by Andrew Liszewski

Unlike many of my friends, my first video game console wasn’t the original NES. It was a Commodore 64, which my parents bought as our first home computer. It could do a few useful things, but the C64 was always first and foremost a gaming system in our house. So while I find the SNES Classic Edition intriguing, this


30 Sep 00:35

These Cuphead figures are a pleasant surprise from Funko

by Jordan Devore

Between the SNES Classic and Cuphead both launching today, I'm in gaming heaven. Chris joked that it was like Christmas morning for me. It really is! Now here's even more stuff I gotta get my hands on.

Funko is producing a series of Cuphead vinyl figures, and this is the first time the company's wares have ever seriously tempted me. There's 4" Cuphead and Mugman figures (sold separately), a 6" Devil, and a New York Comic-Con two-pack of Cuphead and Mugman that are black-and-white variants.

Of course it's the NYCC exclusive set that I want more than anything else. Just my luck! The other figures will ship this November and they're priced at $10 a pop, with the Devil coming in at $15.

Coming Soon: Cuphead Vinyl Figures & NYCC Exclusive! [Funko]

These Cuphead figures are a pleasant surprise from Funko screenshot

16 Sep 03:41

The perfect pit stop

by Jonco

16 Sep 03:40

Gabriel Tallent joins MashReads with his brutal yet unforgettable debut novel 'My Absolute Darling'

by MJ Franklin

It's hard to describe Gabriel Tallent's debut novel My Absolute Darling without using a ton of "buts" and "ands."

It's a breathtaking debut novel, but it's absolutely brutal and one of the most painful stories you'll read this year. But despite that, it's almost impossible to put down once you've started reading.

My Absolute Darling follows Turtle Alveston, a 14-year-old girl living in the woods of North California with her father Martin. Turtle is strong and adventurous, and though she has free reign of the forest around her, her world is largely one of isolation. Turtle's mother is dead, her grandfather is a drunk, and she pushes away any and all attempts at friendship at school.  Read more...

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13 Sep 12:14

Use a Spoon to Open a Can?



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12 Sep 23:23

tastefullyoffensive:“Pickle, you want a belly rub?” (sound on)


“Pickle, you want a belly rub?” (sound on)

10 Sep 14:16

Meet The Line-Up of The ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ Reboot

by Hoai-Tran Bui

mickey mouse club reboot

Meet the next generation’s Britney Spears or Ryan Gosling. Those stars were all part of the ’90s reboot of The Mickey Mouse Club, a Disney Channel entertainment space for aspiring singers, dancers, and performers. And yes, Ryan Gosling used to be a Disney star.

Now The Micky Mouse Club is getting a 21st century reboot as a digital program called Club Mickey Mouse. And the new line-up of kids could very well be the next pop culture icons (or indie movie darling).

Disney Digital announced the launch of Club Mickey Mouse as a “social-first” variety program for the digital age, which can be viewed on Instagram and Facebook through Facebook Anthology

Disney introduced its first class of “Mouseketeers,” which consist of eight “social influencers” — each of whom already have thousands more Instagram and Twitter followers than me — in a press release and the following video:

Here are Disney’s biographies of the stars of the Mickey Mouse Club reboot:

  • Regan Aliyah (@regan_ux) – Regan Aliyah, 18, is a fourth-generation entertainer, lyricist and MC. Drawing inspiration from the community around her, Regan prides herself on being a socially conscious artist and creator.
  • Jenna Alvarez (@jennazalvarez) – Jenna Alvarez, 15, has been dancing for most of her life and is an expert in ballet and hip hop. A promising young vocalist, Jenna is ready to share her talent with the world through “Club Mickey Mouse.”
  • Ky Baldwin (@iamkybaldwin) – Ky Baldwin, 16, moved from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles with his family to follow his dreams as a singer, songwriter, and dancer. With nearly 100 million views online, Ky’s music videos light up the hearts of his fans around the world.
  • Gabe De Guzman (@gabedofficial) – Gabe De Guzman, 16, is a professional dancer who has shared the stage with some of the biggest stars in music. After being bullied for his love of dance, Gabe hopes to inspire kids to always be true to themselves and do what they love.
  • Leanne Tessa Langston (@leannetessa_) – Leanne Tessa Langston, 17, is an aspiring singer, songwriter, and dancer. Leanne lends her unique lyrics and melodies to original tracks for “Club Mickey Mouse.”
  • Brianna Mazzola (@brianna.mazzola) – Brianna Mazzola, 17, brings her passion for music, dance, and acting to “Club Mickey Mouse.” Originally from Philadelphia, Brianna’s soulful voice makes her performances unforgettable.
  • Sean Oliu (@sean_oliu) – Sean Oliu, 15, is a multi-talented instrumentalist and vocalist. Inspired by the music of the 1950’s, Sean blends Rockabilly flair with pop music to create a new, fresh sound and style.
  • Will Simmons (@bigwillsimmons) – Will Simmons, 17, is a dancer and choreographer with iconic moves and an infectious spirit. Will has performed with legendary artists and shares his choreography experience with the Club.

Alongside group pictures of them, Disney has released side-by-side comparisons of the ’90s Mickey Mouse Club, which itself was a reboot of a 1955–1959 ABC variety show and a 1977 revival.

mickey mouse club then and now

Disney seems to be relying heavily on the legacy of the last iteration of The Mickey Mouse Club, which jumpstarted the careers of Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Ryan Gosling, all of whom can be seen on YouTube acting in hilarious skits and all kinds of embarrassing dance-offs.

Trust me, seeing a baby-faced Ryan Gosling try to sing and dance is a treat alongside future pop stars can’t be unseen.

The journey of the eight new mouseketeers will air constantly on social media. Viewers can follow Club Mickey Mouse starting on September 8.

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10 Sep 13:58

Bear vs. Flamingo

by Miss Cellania

A baby bear crashed the party, and everyone else had to move indoors. As expected, mama bear wasn't too far behind! If you an adult, you may feel a little nervous at how much noise all these kids are making in front of the bears. Baby bear was a little disappointed no one wanted to play with him, until he saw the pink flamingo-shaped pool float. That's what he'll play with!

(YouTube link)

Everyone inside was just waiting to see the flamingo deflate, but mama bear was in a hurry to leave, so baby bear just took it with him. -via Digg

09 Sep 02:05

Rare flyover video of North Korea shows a virtually empty ghost town

by Yvette Tan

One photographer has been given the chance of a lifetime: to shoot North Korea from the air, unrestricted.

In a full 6-and-a-half minute video of the capital Pyongyang, we can see the stark contrast between the colourful high-rise buildings, green fields yet complete lack of people.

Singaporean photographer Aram Pan was given a rare chance to shoot the city from the skies, and he's posted the full video on YouTube:

"It's a rare treat that a foreigner is allowed photography and filming over the skies of North Korea and even rare to be doing so in a Piper Matrix PA-46 light plane," he says on YouTube. Read more...

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04 Sep 06:17

Asterisk RTP bug worse than first thought: Think intercepted streams


huge deal

Thanks for using Asterisk. Your call is transparent to us, so stay on the line to get p0wned

One of the Asterisk bugs published last week is worse than first thought: Enable Security warns it exposes the popular IP telephony system to stream injection and interception without an attacker holding a man-in-the-middle position.…

04 Sep 01:49


by jason
26 Aug 22:59

Bohemian Rhapsody – The Movie

by Jonco

Watch Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” Acted Out Literally as a Short Crime Film

Read all about it.

Thanks, DJ
26 Aug 22:46

Mud Mistake

by Jonco



26 Aug 22:39

Hero Texan delivers six-pack to TV reporter mid-Hurricane Harvey coverage, on air

by Chloe Bryan

Please enjoy the best thing to ever happen on Fox News.

Reporter Casey Stegall received a surprise treat during his extremely wet coverage of Hurricane Harvey on Friday—a six-pack of local beer from a scene-stealing local.

In the clip, which was later tweeted by Fox News, Stegall is mid-sentence when a woman darts into the frame. "Brought you guys some Galveston beer!" she says (well, shouts).

"Well, thank you. That will be nice for after we are done covering this," Stegall replies. (Many thanks for clarifying.)

After the broadcast, Stegall also tweeted about his uninvited guest. "Now that's what I call a GOOD photo bomb!" he wrote. "She was very sweet and even gave me a hug ... moment of levity, reporting on serious matters." Read more...

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