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FEBRUARY 18, 2024 | NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY | NATIONAL CRAB STUFFED FLOUNDER DAY | NATIONAL BATTERY DAY NATIONAL DRINK WINE DAY While February 18th is observed annually as National Drink Wine Day, it would be a shame to celebrate only one day a year. Perhaps this day is just a reminder to drink ...

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Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: How to Make the Most of Your Photos

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners How to Make the Most of Your Photos

Photo by Kar-Tr via iStock 

Traveling is an eye-opening experience that allows us to visit beautiful places, try exotic foods, meet new people, learn about foreign cultures, and make unforgettable memories. But how do we ensure those memories and experiences stay with us forever? By taking photos while we travel! 

In the past, you needed a dedicated camera to take good travel photos, but not anymore. Thanks to the rise of smartphones with built-in high-resolution cameras, anyone can take great photos nowadays. That said, we still recommend investing in a DSLR or mirrorless camera for traveling if you are serious about photography and want to grow as a photographer.

In this article, we’ll share five travel photography tips for beginners designed to improve your skills and help you make the most of your photos. We’ll cover various topics, including planning and packing for a trip, the best camera settings for travel photography, how to display your travel photos once you’ve returned home, and more.

OK, what are we waiting for? It’s time to dive in and discover how to start taking better travel photos today!

Check out the video above by Andrew Lanxon Photography to learn how a professional travel photographer takes his best photos when on vacation. 

Table of Contents

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Make a Plan Before You Travel

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners Make a Plan Before You Travel

Photo by seb_ra via iStock 

Researching and planning before traveling will not only make your vacation smoother and more enjoyable, but it will also help you take better pictures. Find the best photo destinations where you are going, and be sure to include them on your travel itinerary. If you want to go a step further, you can create a detailed shot list of all the photos you want to capture.

Other ways to plan for a photography trip are preparing the right photography gear, getting accustomed to your camera before you go, and staying up to date with local weather forecasts.

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Don’t Overpack

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners Dont Overpack

Photo by DeRepente via iStock

Photographers love gear, and while having lots of photography equipment at home is convenient, it’s completely the opposite when traveling. Lugging around a heavy suitcase is a giant burden and an easy way to make yourself miserable while on the road. That’s why we recommend practicing minimalism and only packing the true essentials for your next trip.

That means your travel camera, one or two lenses (max), a lightweight travel tripod, and spare batteries/memory cards. Depending on the type of images you enjoy shooting, you might also want to throw in a small camera cleaning kit and some lens filters. The less you have, and the easier it is to carry, the more likely you are to take photos. 

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Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Have Your Camera With You at All Times

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners Have Your Camera With You at All Times

Photo by MStudioImages via iStock

That leads us to our next travel photography tip for beginners—always carry your camera, no matter what. You never know when something unexpected will happen, and you want to be prepared to capture it on camera when it does. Even if you are only popping out to grab a quick morning coffee, think twice before heading out without your camera. 

Following this rule is easier than ever in the current age of smartphone photography. Better yet, you can instantly share photos from phones with loved ones back home or upload them to social media.

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Shoot RAW Photos

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners Shoot RAW Photos

Photo by scyther5 via iStock

Another one of our top travel photography tips for beginners is to take RAW images instead of JPEGs. RAW photos store much more information in them than JPEGs, which gives you more control when it comes to editing them. Editing is an easy way to enhance the quality of your photos, as long as you don’t overedit. 

When shooting in RAW, we recommend investing in memory cards with more storage and an external hard drive since the files take up more space. Other important camera settings for travel photography to monitor include the shooting mode, autofocus mode, drive mode, and exposure settings. 

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners: Invest in a High-Quality Album to Showcase Your Photos

Travel Photography Tips for Beginners Invest in a High Quality Album to Showcase Your Photos

Photo by Sinenkiy via iStock

Once you are back home, the real work begins. You must think of a good way to showcase all those amazing travel photos you just took. For us at Photography Talk, there’s no better way to do that than by creating a lay-flat photo book. These gorgeous photo albums look great in homes and offices and make excellent gifts. 

Photo Book Press is our go-to place to customize and order lay-flat photo books. This trustworthy online print shop has satisfied customers with its high-quality products for nearly forty years. Furthermore, it has a friendly and helpful customer service team and unbeatable low prices. 

Want to showcase your photos differently? They also have hardcover photo books, hand-sewn photo books, softcover photo books, wall art, and more!

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The Ferrari Enzo and Maserati MC12 Are More Coveted Than Ever. Now ‘Undriven’ Examples Are up for Grabs.

As both models share the same chassis and drivetrain, these low-mileage examples are being offered as a pair by Romans International.
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Diet do-over: Whole-fat milk and cheese may actually be great for your health

by Study Finds
milk, cheese, cheese slices

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS, France — Whole-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream, and yogurt should be part of a healthy diet in order to reduce the risk of premature death by nearly a third, new research contends. This advice counters the popular belief that limiting dairy improves health, with researchers now suggesting that these whole-fat products…

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The History of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore, From 1993 to Today

by Preddingerrr
A.P. beefed up its elegant luxury sports watch 30 years ago. The resulting model has since taken the watch world by storm.
03 Jul 13:59

Early History Of The National Skeet Shooting Association The history of the National Skeet Shooting Association from its 1920s beginnings to the 1976 Olympic Games. by NRA STAFF

by Grumpy
Nssa History 1
In 1936, Mrs. Albert F. Walker of Westmoreland Hills, Md., set a woman’s skeet record with a 99×100 score at a skeet club in Kenwood, Md. The following year, she landed the National Skeet Shooting Association women’s skeet championship.

The below is an excerpt from the 1978 book, Olympic Shooting, written by Col. Jim Crossman and published by the NRA.

The National Skeet Shooting Association

By Colonel Jim Crossman

Unlike most shooting events, skeet is of fairly recent origin and it is easily possible to trace the history of this shotgun game and its parent organization, the National Skeet Shooting Association.

Unable to get in enough grouse hunting to satisfy themselves, and not enthusiastic about trapshooting because it did not simulate bird shooting conditions, a group of New England hunters experimented with traps and clay birds until they worked out a game that seemed practical as field training, was fun to shoot, and was not too difficult to set up.

One of the group, W. H. Foster, became associated with a publishing firm which put out two very popular outdoor magazines, the five-cent Hunting and Fishing and the expensive 10-cent National Sportsman. Foster’s articles on the subject of the new game, first called “clock shooting,” aroused so much interest among readers that it was promoted as a new shooting sport. In 1925 complete rules and instructions were published. At the same time a prize was offered for the best name. “Skeet” was the name selected, and a good name it was, so that it remains skeet to this day.

Skeet grew rapidly up to World War II. The designers of skeet had done their work well in working up a game for teaching people to hit moving targets. So, skeet went to war. With the sudden urgent necessity of training aerial gunners as well as anti-aircraft gunners how to hit a moving airplane, skeet was seized upon as an important step in teaching swing and lead on a flying target. Many skeet shooters of the time found themselves in uniform, teaching skeet every day. Thousands of young men were exposed to shotgun shooting for the first time during this training, which was partly responsible for the great increase in shooting and hunting after the war.

The Hunting and Fishing and National Sportsman magazines had a proprietary interest in skeet, since they had originally promoted it and had devoted much money and magazine space to it. Thus, while there was a National Skeet Shooting Association in the 1930s, its officers read like the masthead of the magazines. But with the war and the lack of ammunition, skeet shooting for civilians practically stopped. The two magazines went out of business and the association became inactive.

With the end of the war, the National Rifle Association of America undertook to revive the skeet association. The NRA lent the embryo organization money and provided it office space. E. F. “Tod” Sloan was appointed manager of the organization. Sloan, although a rifle shooter, had long experience in competitive shooting and in promoting civilian shooting, his most recent military assignment having been as the Army’s Director of Civilian Marksmanship.

In 1952, after the organization was on its feet, Sloan resigned and the NRA bowed out, with Sloan taking a position as NRA field representative in the West, a position he filled with distinction. The skeet organization was turned over to the members and their elected officials. For many years, NSSA conducted its championships at various locations across the country, including the International Gun Club at San Antonio, Texas. This was a privately owned beautiful big layout, with all sorts of shotgun shooting taking place and with much room for expansion. The NRA conducted tryouts for its shotgun squads for the 1967 World Moving Target Championships and the 1968 Olympics at this club. In recent years the club ran into financial difficulties and NSSA bought it in 1974 and has moved its headquarters to that location.

Skeet is relatively new to the Olympic Games, although it has been part of the UIT program for many years. Skeet first appeared in the Olympic program in 1968 and it carried on into 1972 and 1976, although in a form barely recognizable by American shooters.

U.S. skeet has gotten away from some of the basic principles of the original game and a few major changes in rules have made it a much easier game. International skeet, on the other hand, is more difficult than the original sport, so there is now considerable difference between skeet as shot in the United States and as shot in international competition. There has been much discussion about making U.S. skeet tougher, both to reduce the large number of perfect tie scores and to improve international chances, but a vote by the directors in 1968 said no to the attempt to make U.S. skeet more difficult.

For those shooters who are interested in international skeet, the NSSA has established a separate International Division and there are a few events at the national championship shot under the international rules. The NSSA, not a member of the UIT, now works closely with the National Rifle Association in promoting international skeet. [Note: USA Shooting took the reins for international and Olympic skeet development and competition in the United States in 1994.]

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Texas Barbecue Is the Best It Has Ever Been. Here's Why. - The New York Times

03 Jul 11:53

The 20 Best Texas BBQ Restaurants for the New Generation - The New York Times

01 Jul 23:17

Paul Newman's 1998 Volvo V90 'Volvette'

Built for Paul Newman, this Volvo V90 wagon packs a 400HP Corvette Z06 V8 under the hood.

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01 Jul 23:17

Sliding House

DRMM's award-winning design in Suffolk is now on the market.

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01 Jul 23:16

Flo Floating Cabin

Micro off-grid cabin floats on the surface of the Halden Canal in Norway.

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01 Jul 23:16

Shacky Cabins

A collection of cabins, cottages, and container homes nestled in Australia's most remote locations.

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01 Jul 23:15

Ho'olawa Point House

Minimalist oceanfront cottage offers sustainable living on Maui's north shore.

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01 Jul 23:14

1963 Ferrari 250 GTE Le Mans Safety Car

This 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE was the Le Mans safety car and starred in a French film during its lifetime.

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01 Jul 20:59

Brough Superior Ultimate Series Motorcycles

Brough Superior's Ultimate Series brings cutting-edge manufacturing to the S.S. 100 and Lawrence.

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01 Jul 20:58

Johnnie Walker Master's Cut Scotch Whisky

Former Master Blender Dr Jim Beveridge blended two whiskies to create his final limited release.

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01 Jul 20:58

Jasper Johns' Stony Point Studio

The American artist's former wood cabin in Upstate New York is now on the market.

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01 Jul 20:48

The Year Modern Sport Watches Were Born

01 Jul 20:48

What Exactly Is "Lossless" Audio?

Streaming lossless-quality audio is cheaper and easier than ever before.

01 Jul 20:00

What is the Chicken Tax? And Why Does It Make Trucks so Expensive?

01 Jul 19:54

2024 Jeep Wrangler Review: Where Modern Tech Meets Old-School Steel

If you liked the Jeep Wrangler before, you'll like this one a lot.

01 Jul 19:42

Travellers Autobarn: Rent, Drive and Camp Every Van to Your Heart’s Content

Travellers Autobarn offers free unlimited miles on every single rental

01 Jul 19:34

Will Subaru Bring Back the BRAT or Baja? It Should. Here's Why

29 Jun 23:50

MoonPass Lookouts

Sleep under the stars with a smart glass roof in these custom-made lookout towers in Idaho.

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29 Jun 23:50

1960 BMW R69 Motorcycle

This classic R69 and Velorex sidecar combo is the epitome of classic cruising.

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29 Jun 23:50

Jaguar Classic E-Type ZP Collection

Jaguar marks the E-Type's first race wins with seven pairs of restored cars inspired by first two to win.

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29 Jun 23:49

Safari-Spec 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera

The last of the air-cooled 911s, this 1997 Carrera has been modified to safari-spec and is up for auction.

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29 Jun 23:48

Garb: Anderson

Channel your inner auteur with this contemporary Western-leaning gray and brown ensemble.

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29 Jun 23:47

Randolph Engineering Aviator II Sunglasses

Randolph updates its mil-spec Aviator silhouette with an acetate bar and relaxing green lenses.

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