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09 Apr 22:20

The Ultimate Sandwich Cost Calculator: How Much Does a Sandwich Cost?

by James Hirtz

How much does a sandwich cost?

It’s a simple question, but one that’s more important than it sounds. By figuring out your average sandwich price, you can take a closer look at your spending habits and dietary choices.

Using a Sandwich Cost Calculator

sandwich calculator

While it might seem simple to just total up ingredient costs, there aren’t a lot of resources online. Often, you’ll just run into calculators geared towards restaurants buying food in bulk.

So the challenge of figuring out your sandwich cost comes from attempting to quantify your toppings.

What if you could skip those hypotheticals though? decided to share their sandwich price calculator with the world after their own specialized research. It even provides a surprising amount of options that range from cheap to pricier.

Plus, their sandwich cost calculator doesn’t take long to try out. Simply check the boxes and make your selections from the pull-down menu. After you click the calculate price button, you’ll see a graphic breaking down the cost of each sandwich ingredient.

After the image, you’ll see the total cost of your sandwich once all the ingredients factor in. It’s a great little reminder that cheap food can be great and save you money.

Using a Sandwich Calorie Calculator

sandwich calorie calculator

Once you’ve finished figuring out how much does it cost to make a sub sandwich, why not look at the calories? My Food Buddy offers a deli sandwich calorie calculator.

By using this calculator in tandem with the sandwich cost calculator, you get a calorie break down of your ingredients on a sub roll, hard roll, sliced bread, and thick-sliced bread.

If you’re trying to stay to any weight goals, the cheapest sandwich might not necessarily be the healthiest sandwich.

How Much Is a Sandwich?

Figuring out your average sandwich’s cost with a calculator provides a great first step towards being more informed. Whether you’re trying to be more frugal or healthy with your diet, don’t be discouraged.

If you’re a beginner, try using these food apps and sites to cook delicious and healthy meals.

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09 Apr 22:20

You Can Now Lock Your Netflix Profile With a PIN

by Dave Parrack

Netflix has added new parental controls to help families get along. This includes the option to protect your Netflix profile with a PIN, which will prevent your children (and/or your partner) from accessing your profile and messing up your watchlist.

The Problem With Sharing Netflix With Others

Like all streaming services, Netflix can be a great option for families. However, setting up profiles for individual members of a family is vital. That way, the adults can keep their movies and shows seperate from the kids’ endless repeats of Peppa Pig.

The problem is there has been nothing stopping kids from logging into their parents’ profiles and watching whatever they want to watch. Until now. Now, you can set a PIN code to protect your Netflix profile, whether from prying kids or anyone else.

How to Lock a Netflix Profile With a PIN

To protect a Netflix profile with a PIN, sign into Netflix on your phone or laptop. Then, hover over the Profile icon in the top-right and click Account. Scroll down to Profile and Parental Controls, and click on the down-arrow to reveal more options.

Scroll down to Profile Lock and click Change. When prompted, enter your password and click Continue. Tick the box to “require a PIN,” enter a 4-digit code, and click Save. To stop requiring a PIN to access your profile, go through the steps again and untick the box.

This is just one of a number of parental controls Netflix has introduced. The others, as outlined on the Netflix Media Center, are the option to filter out titles by age ratings and remove individual titles. You can also turn off autoplay to prevent binge-watching.

All of these new parental controls can be accessed via the Profile and Parental Controls hub within your account settings. This is also where you can see what your kids have been watching on their profiles (or yours) to ensure everything is as it should be.

Tips and Tricks to Become a Netflix Pro

These new parental controls are all fairly basic, but they could prove invaluable for families all sharing a Netflix account. Especially in these strange times when lots of families are being forced to spend all day, every day together. Which is… fun.

We’re big fans of Netflix here at MakeUseOf. So much so that we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips and tricks to help you become a Netflix pro. This runs the full gamut from tips for beginners to recommendations for which movies to watch.

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09 Apr 22:19

7 Ways to Find Music and Songs From TV Shows

by Dan Price

We’ve all been there. You’re engrossed in a TV show or movie when you suddenly hear an awesome song that you don’t recognize. Or music that you really want to hear again.

But how do you find out the title and artist? Fear not, as this article details how to find music and songs from TV shows using the best resources we could find on the web.

1. Tunefind

tunefind tv music

You may recall HeardOnTV. It used to be one of the most popular websites specializing in helping you find songs from TV shows and movies. Since 2017, HeardOnTV has been part of Tunefind, but the tool is still as useful as ever.

The Tunefind library of musical references is massive. It covers hundreds (if not thousands) of TV shows. For each series, the songs are listed by season and by episode. Some series have scene descriptions to make the process even easier. Regardless, as long as you know what you’re watching, you will be able to find the track within seconds.

Tunefind is also ahead of the curve when it comes to new episodes. You can expect to see a show’s latest episode go live on the site—complete with its soundtrack—within minutes of it finishing on TV.

The site also focuses on accuracy. It deploys a community voting system so that readers can confirm or disagree with the selected track. It prevents cover versions or songs with the same title by different artists slipping through the net.

Other useful features on Tunefind include alerts for new episodes of shows and movies you like, alerts for your favorite artists’ songs getting featured in a video, and links to YouTube and Amazon listings for the various tracks (where available).

(NB: We’ve also written about how to identify music and songs in YouTube videos.)

2. WhatSong

whatsong tv songs

Another TV music finder worth checking out is WhatSong. The site is split into movies and TV shows.

Once again, hundreds of shows are available. However, during our entirely non-scientific testing, we felt that there were more placeholders on WhatSong than on Tunefind—as in, the show is listed but no songs have been added to the show/movie’s profile page.

Nevertheless, for mainstream shows on the major networks and streaming services like Netflix and Disney+, most of the songs are present. Like Tunefind, you can browse by season and episode number, and many of the listed tracks also have accompanying scene descriptions. Most songs have links to YouTube, Amazon, Spotify, and Apple Music.

We particularly like the “Trending Music” section of the site. It displays what’s popular right now; you’ll often find the newest songs from TV shows and movies that have just aired/had a theatrical release.

If you wish, you can make an account on WhatSong. It allows you to collate your favorite tunes, shows, and movies, and interact with the wider community in the comment boxes.


soundtrack music has been online since 1997, making it another of the most long-standing services for identifying songs you’ve heard on TV and in movies. You’ll have to forgive the slightly retro UI.

Just like the other services we’ve looked at so far, you can use to browse songs by season and episode.

But goes a little further than that. You can also browse by composer (for all those awesome instrumental pieces that crop up in shows), search for music used specifically in movie trailers, and search official soundtrack audio releases.

Music geeks might also appreciate the Release Dates section. Rather than putting the title of the show/movie front-and-center, it instead lists artists who have work included in upcoming new content.

The site used to have a news section. Unfortunately, although you can still browse the archives, it has not been actively updated since 2011.

4. IMDb

imdb music

We’ve covered the three main sites that help you find music from TV shows. For the rest of the article, we’re going to briefly look at some other services you might not have considered. First up, IMDb.

Of course, IMDb is primarily known for being one of the best resources for movie and TV geeks. It features plotlines, actor lists, reviews, and trivia for almost every release you can think of. But don’t forget; it also lists music—including bands, track names, composers, and more.

5. Shazam

Shazam is one of several music recognition services for smartphones. It uses music fingerprinting—whereby it records a few seconds of a track and then searches its database for a match—to provide you with results.

If you’re listening to the radio, the service is hard to beat. However, it’s slightly less useful for identifying music in TV shows due to background interference.

On TV and in movies, songs are rarely played clearly for a prolonged period without the accompanying noise of speech, traffic, gunshots, or something else. That interference effects Shazam’s ability to record clean clips that can be fingerprinted. However, it’s worth a shot.

Download: Shazam for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Adtunes

adtunes music

What about music in ads? The magic touch of advertisers often means that songs from commercials are catchier than songs in even the best TV shows.

If you’re trying to identify a song from a television ad, Adtunes might have the answers. It is forum-based; ask your question and the community will try to help.

7. StreamingSoundtracks

streamingsoundtracks movie music

StreamingSoundtracks is an internet radio station with a difference. Instead of playing the usual fare of chart hits, the site only plays music from TV shows and movies.

As such, it’s not the best TV show music finder if you are searching for a particular track. It is, however, a great way to hear music you may have heard on TV in the past without mentally registering it. If you like enough of the songs you hear from a specific release, it might even inspire you to watch the film or TV show in question.

Other Ways to Discover New Music

Using websites to find music from TV shows is only one of the many ways to discover new music to listen to. Here are more timeless ways to discover new music to stream, all of which should help you grow your music collection.

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09 Apr 22:14

Making a Cutting Table for Your Nibbler

by claudia

Let’s talk DIY magazines and mail order catalogs (of the dead tree varieties). Tell me your favorites. I’m especially interested in specialty mags and catalogs that might be of interest to a wider maker audience.


Making a Cutting Table for Your Nibbler

Turning a manual nibbler into a powered nibbler table.

Turning a manual nibbler into a powered nibbler table.

In response to my posting of Sean Ragan’s demo on using a manual nibbler tool, reader Mark sent me a link to this video of a guy who built a drill-powered table to power his nibbler. Nifty!

Keeping Replacement Blades on the Tools

Image from

Image from

From Family Handyman magazine: “Here’s a tip from reader George Sarna. Use tape or twist ties to attach spare blades to the frames of your hacksaw and coping saw. The next time a blade breaks or dulls, you won’t scratch your head trying to remember where you put the spares.” This tip is one of a hundred in this round-up on the magazine’s website. There’s more good stuff in there.

Using Repositionable Spray Adhesive

So tacky.

So tacky.

In this recent Cool Tools video, Sean Ragan shows how he makes use of repositionable spray adhesive in his shop. I’ve never used this stuff before, but his demo has me intrigued.

TOYS! Parachute Bags

You need at least one of these.

You need at least one of these.

You know a tool has filled a real need in your work life when you get a special feeling of satisfaction every time you reach for it. And you keep buying them for family and friends. Such is the case with parachute screw bags. Everyone I’ve given one to has raved about how much they love it. It can hold tons of screws, nails, other fasteners, picture-hanging hardware, small tools, you name it. And it cinches securely and can be tossed onto a shelf until called for. You need this!

Life Hack: Grouping Your Tabs
This might be a real “duh” for a lot of people, but it’s something I’ve only recently started doing and it has been a huge help. I keep LOTS of tabs open on my browser and am often working on several projects at the same time. Clicking back and forth can become a real pain if I have to scan a dozen or more tabs to find the ones that are related. So now, when I begin a project, I make sure to group all of the tabs related to that project in one area (to move a tab, you simply click, hold, and drag left or right). Again, it seems obvious, but what a difference it makes to take those extra few seconds to organize them this way.

Maker’s Muse

Jimmy Makes Metal Finger Joints

Jimmy Makes Metal Finger Joints

Don’t ever tell Jimmy DiResta he can’t do something. He had an idea for a joint made of finger-like tabs holding the pieces together. They said it wouldn’t work. It worked!

Shop Talk

A not-so-homely tool: kitchen tweezers

A not-so-homely tool: kitchen tweezers

I’m still getting lots of folks telling me about their beloved “homely tools” and sharing pics. Keep them coming!

Reader John from Berkshire, MA wrote in to remind me about pretty much the homeliest tool ever: A bent coat hanger. “Here’s a super humble thing: a bent section of coat hanger. It’s been a hook, a reacher, a poker into small places, and most often, a re-threader of sweatpants drawstrings.” John also wanted to share his enthusiasm for the Stanley FMHT1027 FatMax knife: “For my money, it’s the best cheap folding razor knife.” He also told me that I had introduced him to CA glue accelerator and that he now uses it all of the time. I love hearing when my recommendations are helpful.

I’m not so sure how homely this tool is, and frankly, I’d never even heard of it, but after reading this description, I think I want one:

Reader Robert Clary writes: “I love my kitchen tweezers. I use them for deftly flipping shrimp in a pan, grabbing the sink stopper through a sink full of water, reaching down the back of the sofa to grab something that fell there, retrieving something from under the driver’s seat, getting hold of a cable that’s gone rogue in a tiny space. In the kitchen, they’re every bit as versatile as tongs, but not as clunky. I really like them for pulling pin bones out of all the salmon we catch here in Alaska, and the machined ridges (on the outside, for a good grip with wet hands; on the inside for easily pulling a strand of spaghetti out of a hot pan when testing for doneness) are clean and precise. They are easily kept in one’s apron pocket. You can even use them as chopsticks! Mine are made by Kuchenprofi, out of Germany, and I don’t expect to ever break them. I’m going to get a couple of extras, maybe in different sizes. My current set is 12” long. Get some, you’ll find dozens of uses for them, in the kitchen, studio, and workshop.

[Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales is published by Cool Tools Lab. To receive the newsletter a week early, sign up here.]

09 Apr 22:01

Evergreen House Video Tour

by Jenny
Evergreen House Video Tour

After wrapping up our Evergreen Project, we decided it would be really fun to make a video tour! If you have been following along with this project from the beginning, you will remember this was a total gut job. We tore down walls, moved entrances and created new bathrooms and bedrooms. We detailed the process room by room (you can find links for each room below), but we got a lot of questions about the general layout and flow of the house.

Continue reading Evergreen House Video Tour at Juniper Home.

08 Apr 14:00

Santorini House

Perched above a grove of trees and the rural landscape, the Santorini House is a modern holiday home in Argentina. The current dwelling is the result of an extension off...

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08 Apr 13:24

Harvard University Free Online Courses

Whether working from home or simply staying there, put self-improvement towards the top of your priority list with these free online courses from Harvard University. Over 60 courses and webinars...

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08 Apr 13:23

Cabin One

Escaping to your own minimalist sanctuary is easier than you think. Cabin One is offering modular, flexible solutions to micro living. Their cabins include 25 square meters of interior space...

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08 Apr 13:23

Conbody Fitness Program

With gyms around the country closed, we are all having to get a little more creative to stay in shape. If there's a group of people accustomed to getting creative...

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08 Apr 13:23

1971 Jensen Intercepter II Coupe

The combination of American engines and British chassis has given us some of the best sports cars the world has ever seen. Another great on that list is the Jensen...

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08 Apr 13:22

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Visits

Many of Frank Lloyd Wright's buildings are architectural landmarks. Like most other non-essential businesses, they're not currently hosting tours. So to help those looking for an at-home architectural fix, the...

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08 Apr 12:19

Use Mondly to Learn a New Language and Have Fun Doing It

by Dan Helyer

There are countless benefits to learning a new language. Not only will you finally be able to tick that item off your bucket list, but you can show off in front of your friends and confidently make your way around new parts of the globe.

The brainwork involved with learning is even shown to help stave off dementia!

A solid language-learning app is one of the best tools at your disposal for making the dream of becoming bilingual a reality. Let’s look at everything you need to know about one such app: Mondly.

What Is Mondly?

Mondly Home Path


Mondly is a multi-platform app designed to help you learn new languages in a fun and effective way. Dive into more than 300 bite-sized lessons spread across 40 real-world topics, or take it slow with Mondly’s free daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges.

Before long, you’ll find yourself addicted to the simple interface as you burn through the syllabus, earning points to level up and compete against your friends in the leaderboard.

Mondly is available for free on iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows so you can keep learning no matter which device you use. You can even access Mondly’s web app on any computer. Just be sure to sign up for a premium subscription if you want to unlock the entire catalog of language-learning content.

Download: Mondly for Android | iOS | macOS (Free, subscription available)

Choose From a Huge Range of Target and Native Languages

Mondly offers a staggering 41 languages for you to learn, as well as a range of languages to learn from. While most language-learning apps only let you choose English as your native language, Mondly lets you choose from 40 of the other languages available.

For example, if your native language is French and you want to learn German, you can learn German from French. A lot of other apps force you to learn German from English, which is an added layer of complication you probably don’t want.

Here are some of the most popular languages available to learn with Mondly:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese

The app’s language portfolio has recently grown from 33 to 41 languages, surpassing most language learning solutions available on the market. Additionally, Mondly teaches languages for which courses are generally scarce—such as Finnish, Latvian, Hungarian, and Latin.

Learn About a Variety of Real-World Topics

Mondly presents its lessons in 40 real-world categories, ranging from basic greetings all the way to medical emergencies. Through the course, you’ll learn 5,000 words and phrases to carry you through day-to-day life in a foreign language.

But Mondly doesn’t stop there. You can also choose to learn from a range of work-specific courses catering to the following jobs:

  • Flight attendant
  • Restaurant staff
  • Hotel receptionist
  • Healthcare professional
  • Shop assistant

The syllabus remains the same no matter which language you choose to learn. This is perfectly fine for the most part, but some languages might benefit more from a bespoke learning syllabus, since their use of grammar and tones are so unique. We’re looking at you, Chinese.

Even so, it builds your vocabulary at a steady pace that gives you a constant sense of progress without ever stretching you too far. And it works to get you into a position where you can start using your new language as soon as possible.

Engage in Fun Lessons With a Slick Presentation

You’ll spend the bulk of your time with Mondly completing different lessons. Most lessons introduce you to around 10 new words and phrases, using a variety of techniques to help you fully absorb the vocabulary.

You might find yourself matching a new word to a photo, translating audio to a different language, filling in the blank space of a sentence, or spelling out a word you just learned.

It’s also possible to take part in set conversations with the Chatbot, which lets you choose from preset responses to different questions. The conversations are a little stilted, but it’s a good way to start using what you’ve learned.

The range of tasks throughout each lesson keeps you engaged, as Mondly rarely asks you to do the same task twice. At the end of each topic, Mondly invites you to consolidate your learning by listening to a real-life conversation in your target language and working through a vocabulary review.

Subscribe to Mondly Premium to Unlock Everything

Mondly Path of Learning


You can download and start learning with Mondly for free, but most of the content is locked behind a premium subscription. Without paying, you can still work through the first topic for any language, as well as the new lessons released each day. This should give you a feel for the app to help decide if you want to subscribe.

If you do sign up for a premium subscription, Mondly unlocks every single lesson at once. You also get access to the entire back-catalog of daily lessons, weekly quizzes, and monthly challenges dating back to the beginning of 2015.

Not interested in paying for a subscription or want to avoid the time constraint while learning a language? Mondly also offers a lifetime access alternative. While this normally costs $1,999.99, Mondly has prepared a limited-time offer for MakeUseOf readers: $89.99 for Lifetime Access with all current and future updates included.

Get the offer now and save 95% off the normal price!

Mondly Kids and Mondly AR

In addition to the entire content of Mondly, a premium subscription provides completely free access to Mondly Kids (worth $9.99 per month) and Mondly AR. These extra offerings can further aid your language-learning journey.

Mondly Kids is a simplified and colorful version of Mondly, aimed at helping children learn a new language. There are 11 topics—including animals, sports, and nature—with a vast catalog of daily lessons to get stuck into.

Mondly AR uses augmented reality to expand your vocabulary in an exciting new way. Simply scan your environment, then place the virtual teacher into your room. She’ll conjure up a range of different objects for you to learn about.

Neither of these apps is as comprehensive as Mondly itself, but they are a fun bonus to the premium service.

The Cost of a Mondly Premium Subscription

If you want to unlock everything in Mondly, you can pay for a premium subscription from within the app. You’ll have the following options to choose from:

  • $9.99 per month for one language
  • $47.99 per year for all languages (equivalent to $3.99 per month)

Don’t forget about the special limited-time offer Mondly has put together for MakeUseOf readers: Lifetime Access for $89.99.

This investment will give you unlimited access to the entire content of the app, 41 languages and counting, Mondly Kids, Mondly AR, all future updates including new features, languages, lessons, and more. Get the offer now with 95% off Mondly’s retail price.

Mondly Is a Great Place to Start Learning

Learning a language is hard work. You need to keep at it for years to make sure the words don’t fade from your memory. It requires putting yourself out there to practice speaking with real people. And you need to study the intricacies of grammar to grasp subtext and meaning.

No language-learning app can do all of that for you, but they can certainly make it easier to get started. Think of Mondly as another tool in your belt when it comes to learning a new language. Use it to enforce a daily habit, build a solid foundation, and provide a framework for future growth.

If you use Mondly alongside the other tools available to you, there’s nothing to stop you from reaching fluency in a foreign language.

Make the most of this limited-time Lifetime Access offer and start your first lesson today!

Read the full article: Use Mondly to Learn a New Language and Have Fun Doing It

08 Apr 12:19

5 Household Experts Teach You How to Clean and Organize Your Home

by Mihir Patkar
House cleaning and organizing

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your house in order. These five experts share their best tips, tricks, and techniques to clean and tidy your home, as well as how to keep it organized.

When you sit back and really take a long look at your house, you realize that it could do with some sprucing up. When was the last time you dusted in the corners and the high spots? Couldn’t this room be straightened out to make everything easier? How about adding a little aesthetic comfort to make it more liveable?

The internet is full of blogs and YouTube channels where everyday folks and experts share household hacks to manage a home. They’ll show you how to clean and organize, they’ll give downloadable checklists, they’ll share DIY instructions. Crank up a playlist and get cleaning.

1. The Order Expert (Web): Workbook to Figure Things Out Before You Start

Rashelle Isip of The Order Expert shares her tips and tricks on decluttering and tidying up your home

Rashelle Isip, a professional organizer and productivity consultant in New York, believes that your personality doesn’t inherently make you organized or disorganized. Instead, she says organization is a skill that anyone can learn and shares how to go about it.

On her blog The Order Expert, Isip shares her knowledge about how to organize your home (and your life). Cluttered workspaces and home often lead to disorganized thoughts and a feeling of being overwhelmed, which is part of the productivity tips she offers.

She has written posts on every type of household cleaning and organizing you can think of, such as how to clean a garage, how to organize a drawer, how to declutter a closet, and so on.

A good starting point is to download her free guide on the three smart steps to organize your home. You’ll need to sign up to access this, but you can opt out of getting newsletters. It’s like a workbook, in which Isip first makes you organize your thoughts about the problems with your space and how to address them.

It’s just 11 pages with only three of them being interactive but go through the exercise. This will end up becoming a guide you can use for all future house-cleaning and organizing projects.

2. Clean My Space (Web, YouTube): Tips From a Professional Cleaner

Clean My Space is one of the best YouTube channels for cleaning and organizing homes

Melissa Maker hosts the Clean My Space YouTube channel, and also runs a professional cleaning service. You can watch her videos or head to the website for articles about the same things, depending on how you like to learn.

Maker recently went viral with her “3 Wave System” of cleaning fast and effectively. In it, she explains how to break down the big task of cleaning a room into smaller bite-sized tasks. It’s a common productivity technique to get things done, which she applies in a practical way to declutter, organize, and clean any room in any house.

The website divides household chores into categories like home cleaning, cleaning routines, decluttering and organizing, and products and tools. You’ll find several DIY substitutes to make cleaning products if you can’t get something off the shelf.

Watch: Clean My Space on YouTube

3. Unexpectedly Domestic (Web): Readymade Checklists to Clean Regularly

Unexpectedly Domestic's checklists will ensure your home stays clean with daily and weekly tips

Rebecca covers a wide range of topics at her blog, Unexpectedly Domestic, including household cleaning, budget and finance management, and meal planning. Across these various topics, her checklists to get things done are the stand-out feature.

You’ll need to sign up for the newsletter to get access to the checklists. For household cleaning, she offers six lists:

  • Get your home organized toolkit
  • Daily tidy checklist
  • Blank weekly checklist
  • Spring cleaning checklist
  • Fall cleaning checklist
  • Cleaning supplies

For each list, you will find an accompanying article that talks about how best to put it into practice. The “Get your home organized toolkit” is the largest of these, with tips on decluttering your home by getting rid of 135 things.

Apart from the lists, check out Unexpectedly Domestic’s section for cleaning and decluttering. Rebecca shares several techniques and tips to simplify home organization and upkeep. And if you like what you find here, the rest of the blog is pretty good too.

4. The Simply Organized Home (Web): 5-Day Course to a Clean Home

The Simply Organized Home hosts a five day free course over email to clean your home

Some people think cleaning and organizing one’s home is a monumental task that will never end. Kaitlin Stearns wants to bust such myths by showing you how to get a clean home in five days.

Sign up for the email course to get a new set of tasks every day, complete with free printables, tips and tricks, and other resources. At the end of the fifth day, your home will be spic and span.

At the Simply Organized Home blog, Stearns shares several household hacks to make it easier to clean and organize your kitchen, living room, bathroom, and everything else. It largely divides the posts into organizing, decluttering, home management, and home decor, with a mix of guides, DIY tips, and other articles.

Make sure you also check out the Resources section. Apart from the 5-day course, this also has Stearns’ “home management toolbox,” which is a collection of cleaning and organizing tools she recommends. And you can sign up for the newsletter to get access to her library of free printables.

5. The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Declutter Your Home (Web)

Budget Dumpster rounds up expert advice from organizational experts on how to declutter your home

Dumpster rental company Budget Dumpster isn’t where you’d expect to find one of the best decluttering guides on the internet. But that’s exactly what you get with The Ridiculously Thorough Guide to Declutter Your Home. It’s an aptly-titled piece full of expert advice and logical step-by-step instructions.

You’ve probably heard of many decluttering experts such as Marie Kondo, Peter Walsh, Joshua Decker, and Davon Parks. This article rounds up salient advice from all these professional cleaners as well as several others. It then applies those tips in the appropriate section, making it easier to act upon them.

The guide breaks the cleaning process into decluttering methods and tips, room-by-room organization, and staying decluttered. Even though it’s a long read, it clarifies the whole idea of home cleanliness and organization in your head, once and for all.

Let Robots Clean for You

With these guides and experts, you’ll have everything put in its proper place and your house looking neat in no time. But things are slowly getting even easier, as you don’t have to do many of these tasks. From vacuuming the floors to cleaning your windows, these robots will do the chores for you.

Read the full article: 5 Household Experts Teach You How to Clean and Organize Your Home

08 Apr 12:18

Do More With Your iPhone: 70+ Tips and Tricks You Should Know

by Joel Lee

Whether you’re a new convert or a veteran user, whether you have the latest iPhone or one that’s much older, you’ll want to check out our tips and tricks for iPhone users!

iPhones are super straightforward to use. That is, after all, one of the main selling points of an iPhone over Android alternatives—at least that’s what iPhone fans like to say.

But we bet there’s a lot more your iPhone could be doing that you may not be aware of. And when you run into iPhone issues, troubleshooting a problem isn’t always as clear-cut as using the device itself. Well, we can help!

Before we dive in: don’t have an iPhone but looking to get one? Read these first:

Understanding Your iPhone


Confused about a certain iPhone feature? You aren’t alone! Here are our explanations of the various iPhone features and how you can make the best use of them:

Basic iPhone Tips and Tricks

Apple EarPods plugged into Lightning port on iPhone

If you want to do more than just check emails, take photos, and send messages, you may want to check out these foundational tips and tricks for iPhone users:

For settings and maintenance tweaks:

For learning how to do useful things:

Advanced iPhone Tips and Tricks


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How To Clean Your Digital Clutter

by Hari Ravichandran, CommunityVoice
By following a few easy steps, everyone can take solace in knowing that their digital life is clean, secure and at less risk.
06 Apr 15:58

Essential Tips for a Winning Resume

by Saikat Basu
A couple of resume samples

A resume is a marketing document that gets only six seconds of attention from recruiters. So, it isn’t only a chronological record of your accomplishments but also a statement of your uniqueness and how important you can be for an organization. You already have a record of your personal data. Now, showcase that in the best possible light using the cheat sheet below.

The cheat sheet covers various sections that need to go on your CV. It also gives you content- and design-related tips to help you build a resume that brings results.

Plus, you’ll find a special section on tailoring your resume for ATS compatibility. (ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems are essentially bots used by companies to shortlist applicants.) This section includes pointers for ensuring that your resume passes through ATS without a glitch.

FREE DOWNLOAD: This cheat sheet is available as a downloadable PDF from our distribution partner, TradePub. You will have to complete a short form to access it for the first time only. Download Essential Tips for a Winning Resume.

Essential Tips for a Winning Resume

¹General Information
◼︎ Read the job ad carefully.
◼︎ Always tailor your resume to the job in question.
◼︎ Use an online resume builder instead of a text editor, or start out with a resume template.
◼︎ Use verifiable metrics wherever possible because hard numbers catch the eye of recruiters.
◼︎ Focus only on the most important content. Try to fit everything on two pages or fewer.
◼︎ Pick the right resume format: A Functional resume, a Chronological resume, or a Combination resume (if you have experience across different industries).
◼︎ The reverse-chronological resume, where the latest work experience is listed first, is the most popular format.
Design and Layout
◼︎ To make a good first impression, ensure that the layout is pleasing and the content is scannable and easy to read.
◼︎ Balance text with whitespace.
◼︎ Use classic fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Calibri, Cambria, Helvetica, and Georgia.
◼︎ Don't choose anything less than 10.5 for the font size. A font size of 12 is ideal.
◼︎ Use font sizes 14-16 for section headers.
◼︎ Pick a font that reads well on all screens. Legibility and cleanliness are important.
◼︎ If you can, choose sans serif fonts like Arial over serif fonts like Times New Roman. The former are more legible on screens.
◼︎ Avoid big blocks of text and excessive bullet points.
◼︎ Ensure that sections flow from the most significant to the less important.
Contact Information
◼︎ Place your name and contact information at the top of the document.
◼︎ The font for the name should be larger than the font used in the body, but not so large as to overpower the other elements on the page.
◼︎ Don’t place contact information in the header/footer.
◼︎ Use a home address rather than a PO box or an office address.
◼︎ List one phone number. A mobile phone number is ideal.
◼︎ Use an email address that sounds professional.
◼︎ Place social media icons and URL links to relevant social media pages.
◼︎ Include a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one) and ensure that the profile is up to date.
◼︎ Include the URL of a personal website that highlights your expertise.
◼︎ To avoid possible age discrimination at the onset of hiring, avoid mentioning your date of birth unless that information is mandatory.
◼︎ Don't include a profile photo.
Job Summary
◼︎ This section is ideal if you have years of relevant job experience. Skip this section if you have less experience or applying for a job in another field.
◼︎ Highlight your current professional title with a larger font at the top of the section.
◼︎ Write an objective statement that describes a future goal. This is not mandatory.
◼︎ Outline your skills and accomplishments to demonstrate what:
1. Distinguishes you from other applicants
2. Makes you the ideal candidate for the role
◼︎ Highlight skills that are relevant to the role offered.
◼︎ Use the Adjective + Skill + Value formula to frame achievements in bulleted sentences.
Core Skills
◼︎ This section focuses on the skills you’ve gained based on the job roles you’ve performed in the past.
◼︎ Some job roles like programming demand hard technical skills while some like teaching ask for a mix of both hard and soft skills.
◼︎ Exploit the keywords in the target job descriptions and correlate them to your skillsets.
◼︎ Use topical nouns instead of vague verbs to highlight skills and boost recognition by ²ATS.
◼︎ Cover both hard skills and soft skills. For example, a Project Manager can list "Conflict resolution" as a soft skill.
◼︎ List hard skills with experience levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.)
Work Experience
◼︎ If you’re going by the most common resume format, arrange entries by date, with the latest job at the top.
◼︎ For each entry, mention the relevant job title, employer name, location, and job tenure (with start and end dates.)
◼︎ Use the mm/yyyy format while listing dates. It’s the standard format expected by recruiters and applicant tracking systems.
◼︎ Expand on the most critical jobs with a bulleted list of roles and accomplishments.
◼︎ Mention key metrics for every experience.
Example 1: Generated over $25,000 in sales in one month (instead of Managed sales through self-generated leads.)

Example 2: Developed and executed marketing strategy for three new national projects. Increased market penetration by an average of 35%.
◼︎ Some roles may not be quantifiable. In such cases, it’s okay to mention only responsibilities.
◼︎ Don’t duplicate the information from the Summary and Core Skills sections. Use unique phrasing.
◼︎ This section can follow the Summary section for new graduates or for jobs with highly relevant educational requirements.
◼︎ Include educational qualifications, complete with the school/university name, location, degree earned, and the course dates.
◼︎ Mention extra qualifications, certifications, and training under relevant sub-sections if necessary.
◼︎ Include GPA/Class Rank if among the top-half of the class. This information is not mandatory.
Other Details
◼︎ Awards
List awards in the Education section under a sub-heading.
◼︎ Hobbies
These are not necessary in most applications, but they’re also not a dealbreaker. Include them if other details are sparse.
Don’t include inappropriate and commonplace hobbies like reading.
◼︎ References
Don’t mention these unless specifically asked for.
Tips for Compatibility With ²ATS
◼︎ Keep the resume structure simple.
◼︎ Avoid fancy/creatively designed resumes and resume templates.
◼︎ Use an ATS-friendly resume template when you don't want to design from scratch.
◼︎ Use simple headers and consistent formatting across all sections.
◼︎ For entries with dates, preface dates with descriptions, such as work experience or academic qualifications.
◼︎ The ATS is programmed to read specific keywords, so scan the job ad for potential keywords you can use.
◼︎ Use concise bullet points instead of full paragraphs.
◼︎ Spell out any abbreviations so the ATS can understand them.
◼︎ Submit the file in the format specified. (ATS reads Word formats better than PDF.)
◼︎ Use Jobscan to enhance your resume for ATS.
Final Round of Editing
◼︎ Always proofread for spellings and other errors.
◼︎ Double-check your contact information.
◼︎ Remove all fluff and keep the resume concise.
◼︎ Print the resume and check for design issues.
◼︎ Save a copy of the resume as a PDF for future use. (Word can mess up the formatting across different computer systems.)
◼︎ Back up a copy of the resume to the cloud so you can access it from anywhere.
¹This covers tips that apply to all kinds of resumes.

²ATS refers to Applicant Tracking System. Many companies use this software as the first screen to filter the flood of resumes.

Save Time With Resume Templates and Apps

Your resume is situational to the job, your experience, and the process the resume goes through before you land an interview. So, there’s no “best resume layout” you can count on. For effectiveness, it’s ideal to stick to the basics and include only the most important information. And yes, always keep your resume updated because you never know when you might have to send it off in a flash.

Don’t want to start your CV-building efforts from scratch? Use one of these Google Docs resume templates or any of these free resume apps to create a striking resume.

Image Credit: Oli Lynch on Pixabay

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5 Cheap and Easy Recipe Sites to Cook Healthy Meals at Home on a Budget

by Mihir Patkar
Cooking at Home With Budget Recipes

Looking to cook a healthy meal while on a limited budget or low on supplies? These websites teach you the best cheap recipes to make at home, whether you’re a beginner or seasoned cook.

With the coronavirus outbreak, most people are stuck in their houses all day. The no-risk option is to cook your own meals. The pandemic has also wreaked havoc on the global economy, so it’s wise to cook healthy and cheap food yourself.

Whether you have only the pantry essentials or fresh produce, you can make delicious meals at home with the right recipes. You don’t even need to be a great cook as these websites work for beginners in the kitchen too.

1. The Stonesoup (Web): Low-Carb Recipes With Only Six Ingredients

The Stonesoup recommends recipes with only six ingredients that are also low-carb

The Stonesoup’s claim to fame is making recipes that use only six ingredients. This makes it much easier for beginner cooks, and cheaper.

At the same time, author Jules Clancy focuses on making them low-carb and healthy. And you can trust Clancy on her claims since she’s a former food scientist.

The recipe format is usually pretty standard, but the best part is what comes after the recipe. Clancy usually shows how to make it fancier and adds substitutes for a variety of dietary choices such as vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, pantry-friendly, etc.

You can check out all her recommended common food substitutes in a separate section. The site also sorts recipes by the amount of time it takes to cook, dietary choices, and dish type.

Clancy also includes “waste avoidance strategies” so that you’re making full use of all your ingredients and not wasting food. These easy and healthy recipes also have a section on whether they can be prepped as part of future meal planning.

For offline references, you can download a free ebook with 29 low-carb, 6-ingredient recipes.

2. Mob Kitchen (Web): Serve Four People in 10 Bucks

Mob Kitchen makes cooking simpler for students and beginners with recipes for less than 10 bucks

Mob Kitchen targets students who are fending for themselves for the first time in their lives. So all the meals here are easy to make for beginner cooks while trying to stay healthy. And all of these are recipes on a budget.

The website’s big idea is to make recipes that serve four people and cost less than 10 British pounds.

In America, you should still be able to get all these ingredients in 10 dollars. And really, they include everything except pantry essentials like salt, pepper, milk, and oil.

Mob Kitchen presents recipes in a slightly different format than more recipe sites, but it’s actually quite thoughtful. You’ll find the steps more wordy than normal, but that’s because they are careful to include all the “dummy’s guide” steps.

For example, they won’t say “cut the cucumber in two” but instead write “peel the skin off the cucumber, then chop it in half.” These specifics might seem overkill for an experienced cook, but they are important notes for beginners.

The website doesn’t have a huge collection of recipes, but the available options are varied and sound delicious. Make sure you also check out the Mob Kitchen student hacks ebook for tips and tricks for any beginner.

3. Brokeass Gourmet (Web): Recipes Under $20 and Cooking Tips

Brokeass Gourmet gives awesome home-cooking recipes that cost less than 20 dollars to make

As the name suggests, Brokeass Gourmet is all about staying on a budget while you eat delicious and healthy food. Author Gabi Moskowitz’s idea is to make recipes that cost less than $20 but still look and taste awesome.

The blog has been around for over 10 years, so the collection of recipes is extensive. The recipe archives are a nice mix of full meals, diet-restricted dishes, varied cuisines, and some items that you wouldn’t have thought of.

Also, look for the signature “$5 Dessert” column to find cheap but rich desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The nice part is that you don’t have to read through long paragraphs to set the mood, as the blog dives right into the recipe with only a short intro.

Moskowitz also often writes guides about the things related to cooking on a budget, like how to make produce stay fresh for a longer time.

4. One Pot Recipes (Web): 30 Minute Meals Using a Single Pot

One Pot Recipes reduces cleaning in the kitchen with simple one-pot recipes that can be made with 30 minutes of work

The worst part about cooking is the cleaning that goes with it. You put in all that effort over the stove and instead of enjoying the meal, you’re thinking about that mess in your sink that needs tending to.

One Pot Recipes shows you how to reduce that mess and make cooking simpler by using one large vessel for the whole meal.

Blogger Abeer says most of these recipes need only 30 minutes of work from you. One Pot Recipes often relies on store-bought pantry items with long shelf life, thus making it easier for amateur cooks.

You’ll need a good slow pot or instant pot a.k.a. pressure cooker to make many of the dishes, which have their own sections too. But you’ll also find recipes without those, for everything from salads to dessert.

One Pot Recipes has a nice format that tells you variations for the dish, like adding or deleting ingredients, or changing the base itself.

You’ll also find storage instructions for the item, and tips and techniques to ensure you are getting the best result as per the recipe.

5. One Dish Kitchen (Web): Recipes to Cook Meals for One Person

One Dish Kitchen reduces waste and leftovers with recipes for food that serves a single person

Most food websites give you recipes that serve a family. But if you are staying by yourself, that’s a lot of food wastage or leftovers. Plus, it’s not as simple as simply dividing the recipe’s quantities to turn it into a single person’s food. One Dish Kitchen focuses on cooking for one person.

The website packs recipes for breakfast, main dish, side dish, appetizer, salad, soup, sauces, drinks, and desserts. It also includes meal planning ideas so that you can prep in advance to cook food later. The instructions are clear and the recipes have helpful tips and tricks to ensure a smooth cook.

One Dish Kitchen regularly adds new recipes and relevant guides, like the 14-day isolation meal plan to make single-serving items in advance. If you prefer watching to reading, check out their YouTube channel for many of the same recipes in video format.

Sharpen Your Basic Cooking Skills

Just because you’re cooking and eating at home doesn’t mean the food has to be boring. If you sharpen your basic cooking skills, you’ll be eating delicious home-cooked meals without taking a step out of the house.

One of our favorite resources to learn the essential skills of cooking is the 51-page free Cooking Crash Course by Chef Gui Alinat. You can find that and more tools for beginner cooks in our collection of five essential sites for newbies in the kitchen.

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How to Read Free Ebooks With Wattpad

by Simon Batt

Whether you’re stuck indoors with nothing better to do or on the move and in need of entertaining, free ebooks are the answer. And Wattpad is a useful app which helps you find and read free books.

In this article, we explore the Wattpad app, explaining what it is, what it does, and how you can use it to read one of the free ebooks from its expansive library.

What Is Wattpad?

Wattpad is a little different from traditional ebook distributors like Amazon. Wattpad is more of a social reading experience that aims to connect authors to readers. Authors can publish stories—even works in progress—to the platform, and readers can like and comment on their favorite entries.

There are many different genres for you to browse, from Fantasy to LGBTQ+-themed stories to a genre just called “Werewolf.” You can also sort books by tags to find sub-genres that you’re a fan of.

Given Wattpad’s nature, you won’t find popular and famous books here for free. If you’re on the hunt for those, you should check out how to download thousands of free ebooks formatted for modern e-readers. You will, however, find independent authors with stories for you to read, like, and comment on.

How to Get Started With Wattpad for Android and iOS

You can read stories directly from the Wattpad website on any device, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on how to read stories using the Android and iOS app.

How to Download and Sign Up to Wattpad

To start, download the free Wattpad app for Android or iOS. It’s a good idea to grab it from the official store instead of a third-party one, as unauthorized stores may harbor malware.

Once the app finishes downloading, you’ll need a Wattpad account. You can make one by opening the app, then tapping Don’t have an account? Sign up underneath the login fields. Alternatively, you can sign up using a Facebook or Google account, which is a good option if you plan on sharing your reading habits with your friends.

Download: Wattpad for Android | iOS (Free)

How to Find Something to Read on Wattpad

Now that you’re all set up, Wattpad will show you some stories to read. This can be a little much, so here’s how to cut through the information overload and find something good to read.

First of all, if you’re using Wattpad just to read free ebooks, keep an eye out for the paid stories. Paid stories have a free preview, but you need to spend money to read the rest. To avoid these books, look for the paid stories icon: it looks like a stack of coins behind a dollar symbol.

To get started, tap the Search and browse bar at the top. When you do, Wattpad will show you all the genres it supports. Tap on one to view all the stories under that genre.

Alternatively, you can search for stories that fit your favorite styles. If you enter a word, Wattpad will search that word in the title and description of every ebook. For example, searching “cyberpunk” will find books with “cyberpunk” in the title or description.

You can also prefix a word with a hash symbol to search the book tags. This is a good option if you’re trying to find books under a specific subgenre. For example, searching “#cyberpunk” will bring up every book with “cyberpunk” in its tags.

How to Read Free Wattpad Ebooks

Now that you’ve found something you want to read, it’s time to dive in. Wattpad works a little differently from other ebook readers, so let’s break down how these books work and how to read them.

How to Read a Wattpad Ebook

When you select a book, tap the Read button to start reading. You should now see the start of the book. You can read more of it by scrolling down. Each book is broken up into chapters; you can see how far you are in the current section by looking at the scroll bar on the right.

When you reach the bottom of a chapter, do one more scroll to view an ad. These ads make it look like you’ve finished the book, but don’t worry. Simply scroll past the ad as you would a page, and the next chapter will start.

How to Move Between Chapters

If you want to skip between the different chapters, you can do this by tapping the screen. This reveals the top and bottom toolbars, which hide while you read. Now, tap the three bars in the top-right, then select the chapter you want to jump to from the chapter menu.

How to Add a Book to Your Library

From this chapter menu, you can also tap Add to library. This will add the current ebook to a digital library for easy access later. If you try to stop reading a book that isn’t in your library, Wattpad will remind you if you want to add it. To revisit a book in your library, tap the three-book icon at the bottom of the homepage.

How to Read and Make Comments on an Ebook

As you’re reading, you may see a speech bubble in the right margin with a number in it. This means someone has commented on that part of the book; the number tells you how many comments there are. Tap the speech bubble to see what people are saying about that part.

If you have something you want to say yourself, press and hold on the part you want to comment on. This highlights the sentence you pressed on. Then, tap the speech bubble that appears in the top-right. You can now type your comment, with the piece you’re commenting on visible at the top of the screen.

Fill Your Digital Ebook Library for Less

If you’re a ravenous reader but tight on money, it’s never been easier to read ebooks for free. For example, you can use Wattpad to check out free ebooks from independent authors, and even make comments which the author can read.

If Wattpad doesn’t satiate your desire for books, be sure to check out the best sites to download free ebooks.

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A Guide to the Instagram Hashtags No One Understands

by Philip Bates

Are you #confused by all of the hashtags on Instagram? With a barrage of #instagood, #l4l, #f4f, #photooftheday, and #igers on every social media post, you’re definitely not alone. So what does #fmspad mean? What is #bhfyp’s full form? And what does #iamtb stand for?

In this article we explain the meanings of various Instagram hashtags. Which will help you use them to gain views and likes on your posts. All without annoying your followers.

What Does #instagood Mean on Instagram?

#instagood is a widely used hashtag which should be used only on your very best photos. In short, it signifies that the user is especially proud of the photo.

But in practice, many use it on almost any photo. Why?

The obvious reason is that people like every photo they take, so each must deserve the hashtag. The second is that #instagood actually originated with an Instagram account (@instagood) which uses the hashtag to feature the best photos. They also promote a second account, @2instagood, and prompt users to use the new hashtag, #2instagood.

What Does #instamood Mean on Instagram?

View this post on Instagram

Flying time

A post shared by Welcome ?? (@instamood) on

Very much like #instagood, #instamood is also connected to an Instagram account which primarily features photos of flowers, animals, and sunsets. Use the #instamood hashtag if the photo you’ve taken reflects your mood. In practice, all photos reflect some kind of mood, so #instamood can always be applicable, meaning it’s widely used. Since the account is popular, it could be a good way to get your photo noticed.

What Does #photooftheday Mean on Instagram?

This isn’t a meaningless hashtag used by all in an attempt to give more importance to average images. Like many other popular hashtags, it’s connected to an account.

The moderators of @photooftheday find one image each day and share it with the account’s sizable number of followers. Obviously, the chosen photo must bear the #photooftheday hashtag.

Businesses can also use the hashtag to inform followers that they intend to use the platform every day, attracting a dedicated readership. You’ll also see a variation of this, which is #picoftheday.

What Does #igdaily Mean on Instagram?

This is similar to #photofotheday, albeit with less gravitas. #igdaily means you’re either sharing content every day (add #igdailypic or #igdailyphoto to make this clear) or that your photo includes something that you do daily.

Share a part of your normal routine. Tell people your exercise regime. Let your followers know what you love doing frequently.

What Does #igers Mean on Instagram?

This is one of the more obscure hashtags, but #igers simply means “Instagrammers”. If you tag your photo with this hashtag, it means you’re using Instagram.

It should go without saying, yet the hashtag became popular as a means to build a community. This gave rise to the @igers account.

What Do #tbt and #throwbackthursday Mean?

#tbt and #throwbackthursday are two of the most popular hashtags on social media, but what do they mean?

Throwback Thursday is a great way to wallow in nostalgia by posting old photos. Often, these photos are selfies to show how much you’ve changed in the intervening years. The main problem with this hashtag is that it’s sometimes used as part of those copy-paste hashtag lists, and the photos it’s used on have nothing to do with Throwback Thursday.

It’s so popular, it’s spawned a #flashbackfriday sibling, which includes similar content (for those who missed their opportunity the previous day).

What Does #motivation and #motivationmonday Mean on Instagram?

#motivationmonday first came to prominence on Twitter, used to share inspirational quotes for workers to start a new week feeling energized. It’s used similarly on Instagram, as is #motivation, although it’s increasingly tagged to photos of people at the gym or exercising elsewhere.

Of course, not everyone is motivated by others flexing their muscles, so some users attach the hashtags to images of people working on laptops.

What Does #fmspad Mean on Instagram?

This hashtag stands for Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day, and is a challenge set by the Fat Mum Slim blog. Every month, a list of daily hashtags is revealed and anyone taking part needs to think creatively to take the best related photo they can. Be as literal or as figurative as you like. Interpret the hashtags however you wish.

Although it began in January 2012, it remains popular with Instagrammers who keep up-to-date with the latest hashtag challenges. Keep an eye on related hashtags, #fms_, #fmsphotochallenge, and #fatmumslim.

What Does #bhfyp Mean on Instagram?

#bhfyp on Instagram automatically generated bot

#bhfyp is automatically generated by, and means Best Hashtag For Your Post. The site is a research tool to get more likes and followers on Instagram, particularly useful for brands and would-be influencers. #bhfyp is listed last in your posts if you use the service.

If you search for the hashtag, you’ll certainly see an eclectic mix of posts!

What Does #iamtb Mean on Instagram?

Given that TB also stands for tuberculosis, this isn’t the ideal hashtag, but it’s an increasingly popular one used by people on vacation.

It means I Am Travel Blogging, so tag this in snaps of exotic locations—although do so after you come home or you risk your security. This is one of the Instagram hashtags you’ll want to follow; it’s a way of seeing the world without leaving the comfort of your living room.

What Does #instagramhub Mean on Instagram?

Think of #instagramhub as the main hub for all sorts of content from all sorts of users. Use this hashtag to attract attention by reaching a wider audience. It’s something many Instagrammers add to every post.

Search #instagramhub and you’ll see a mix of selfies (which some further hashtag as #me), inspirational quotes, travel photos, art, and animals.

What Does #jj Mean on Instagram?

This is another hashtag that builds a community, this time around photographer, Josh Johnson (@jjcommunity). #jj  is just one in a long list of similar hashtags (e.g., #jj_forum, #jj_daily) which are used to enter all kinds of contests, and to simply become part of this community.

What Does #iphonesia Mean on Instagram?

#iphonesia has grown exponentially, but there’s some misunderstanding over what it actually means. Some use it as “iPhone amnesia”, as in an image you’d forgotten you had taken. However, for most Instagrammers, it’s used to build the social media community in Indonesia. Certainly the latter meaning gains credence as it has spawned an account, @iphonesia.

What Does #dogstagram Mean on Instagram?

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Summer is coming ?:@amora.golden.retriever

A post shared by Golden Retrievers World ? (@retrieverglow) on

Search for #dogstagram or #dogstagramming to find lots of pictures of cute dogs. And yes, looking at gorgeous puppies should tide you over from quite some time.

What Do #l4l, #likeforlike, #lb, and #like4like Mean on Instagram?

There are several variations of these hashtags, all widely popular. In a nutshell, using them on a post means you’re going to like someone else’s photo in exchange for them liking one of yours. Did 30 people like your photos? You’re going to have to like a photo by every single one of those users too. It’s tedious, but if you’re really desperate for likes, it’s one way to get them.

A similar hashtag is #f4f, or #follow4follow, which means you will follow back anyone who follows you. It’s a good way to gain more followers on Instagram.

What Does #tfl Mean on Instagram?

This has multiple meanings, one of which is Tag For Likes—similar to the above #l4l variations. Some of these use #tflers instead.

If you live in the UK, however, it means Transport for London, so you’ll typically see pictures of the underground. Elsewhere, inspirational quotes tagged #tfl stand for Tips For Life.

Don’t Overdo the Instagram Hashtags!

Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags to every photo, making it one of the most hashtag-heavy networks available. The copy-and-paste habit of many users also helps the disproportionate proliferation of hashtags on Instagram. Nonetheless, they’re useful to curate content and keep track of the latest developments and interests.

Instagram can be a confusing place, but it has lots of benefits, including letting you stay in touch with friends and family via Direct Messages. If you have any questions, check out our guide to Instagram DMs.

Image Credit: Jeff/Flickr

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Hulu’s 68 Best Shows To Watch In Lockdown, According To Rotten Tomatoes

by Paul Tassi, Contributor
Here are the 68 best shows on Hulu to watch during lockdown, a combination of originals and FX shows which have joined the service.
06 Apr 15:33

The Internal Combustion Engine, Explained

The all-you-need-to-know guide to that mechanical thing under the hood powering your car.

06 Apr 15:33

How a Globemaker Navigates a Digital World

by Lauren Vespoli

Nearly a decade ago, a shipment of several hundred globes from Hillside, Illinois, arrived at a port in Chile. There was nothing inherently wrong with them—they were round, depicted Earth with some measure of accuracy, and would have passed muster almost anywhere else—but customs officials sent them right back to Replogle Globes, the United States–based manufacturer. The problem was that the maps on them didn’t fit with Chile’s view of the world, which includes Chilean dominion over certain disputed territories—claims that are likely of little to no concern to most other nations. “It’s funny, what we find is [one country] usually doesn’t care about anything outside that country,” says Kevin Dzurny, chief cartographer at Replogle, of the company’s international customers. “But I’ll be darned if that political border isn’t showing.”

Dzurny is responsible for the accuracy of the maps on the hundreds of thousands of globes Replogle sells in 100 different countries every year. When he was hired at Replogle 27 years ago, Google Maps was more than a decade away. Replogle had not yet hit its all-time sales peak, which would come in the fourth quarter of 2001, in the wake of 9/11. At that time, at school and at home, globes, atlases, and paper maps were how we made sense of the world’s geography and scale. Now, in an age when you can “walk” down streets in a web browser and pinpoint any place in the world in a matter of seconds, globes, particularly in America, are becoming less primary references than decorative objects. “In a lot of schools, globes will be sitting there for 15 years, which blows my mind,” Dzurny says. “Geography here is not as important as it used to be.”

But abroad, in many of the other countries where Replogle sells globes, they’re still in use in classrooms, according to Dzurny—often in countries where territorial conflicts are ongoing or fresh in the national consciousness. “Geography overseas—in China and Japan, Serbia, places like that—is huge,” Dzurny says. “They teach it and they enforce it and they want people to learn about the geography of the world, not just their country.” For countries such as Chile, a globe can be something more than decorative or even educational—it can be an expression of national identity, a manifestation of pride and a certain geopolitical view of the world. As the company’s lead mapmaker, Dzurny is responsible for plotting and tracking these variant takes of the world, and making sure that the right globe is made for the right country.


Such geopolitical reconfiguring has always been a part of the business at Replogle, which was founded by former school supply salesman Luther Replogle at the start of the Great Depression, and blossomed during World War II as President Roosevelt encouraged listeners to “get out your globe” during his fireside chats. As Dzurny’s predecessor LeRoy Tolman, who worked at the company for 44 years, told The Wall Street Journal in 1986: “The customer’s not always right. But he’s always a customer.”

Let’s take those Chile-bound globes, for example. Any globe acceptable to Chile’s National Department of State Borders and Boundaries must include the country’s territorial claim in Antarctica, which overlaps with both British and Argentine claims. It also must denote a maritime claim that dates back to the 19th-century War of the Pacific, in which Chile won land from Peru and Bolivia, and later claimed a large portion of the bountiful fishing waters off the southern coast of Peru, though the maritime borders were not officially resolved at the time. In 2014 the International Court of Justice in The Hague ruled in favor of Peru, removing 8,000 square miles of ocean from Chile’s claim—but not from its globes. “Chile supplies us with the actual dimensions of the maritime line and the latitude and longitude and direction of that maritime line,” Dzurny says.

Dzurny confirms country-specific adjustments with the relevant government agencies in those countries, but mistakes still happen—“99.999 percent of the time, an error in shipping,” he says. The globes shipped to Chile were in Spanish, but did not include the approved cartography. So back they went.

Chile is one of 11 countries—along with Japan, China, Argentina, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Greece, Israel, Ukraine, and Russia—that require special cartography from Replogle. “In order to sell globes in those particular countries, you have to abide by the rules and regulations of that country,” Dzurny says. “It’s kind of a joke, but in some sense, I almost feel like I could start a war.”


A current hot-button example is Kashmir, the predominantly Muslim Himalayan territory claimed by both India and Pakistan. In August 2019 the Indian government revoked Kashmir’s special status as an autonomous region, sent in thousands of troops, and cut off all phone and internet access in the region. In the next three months, “I probably got 15 calls on Kashmir,” Dzurny says, noting that both American and Indian customers have inquired about how Replogle depicts the region. The answer depends on where you’re seeing the globe. For globes sold to India, he says, “we have to make sure that our borders comply with the government of India,” and show Kashmir within its borders. Otherwise, Dzurny defaults to the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook take, which places dotted lines around the region so as not to demarcate it as belonging to a particular country.

In China, globes have to show Taiwan as part of the larger People’s Republic, using the same coloring as the mainland. They also depict the Nine-Dash Line, a claim to a significant portion of the South China Sea, where countries including Malaysia, Brunei, the Philippines, and Taiwan have also asserted territory—and a claim on which The Hague has ruled China has no legal standing. (In early October 2019, the border appeared on a map in the animated movie Abominable, causing Vietnam and Malaysia to pull the movie from theaters.) “If you don’t include these zones, these lines, you definitely won’t be able to sell globes in China,” Dzurny says.

“Names are very powerful.”

The cartographer isn’t bothered by making these changes, and the world views they reinforce. “Do I have any political stance? Not really, I mean I couldn't have one in this job, in a sense. It’s about trying to get our product out there to help people learn,” he says. “You can't just say, ‘China's wrong for teaching [their view] or India’s wrong for teaching about Kashmir.' That's their policy ... it's no different than what we do here.”

To Dzurny’s point, the United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN), a federal body that works with the Secretary of the Interior to implement uniform name usage throughout the federal government, and which Dzurny relies on as a key reference, is strongly influenced by American policy. As Trent Palmer, the BGN's executive secretary for foreign names explains, “Because we’re a part of the U.S. government, we need to present a unified U.S. government position on foreign places, which gets into foreign policy.” The Foreign Names Committee is comprised of about 15 members from various federal agencies, including the State Department, CIA, and Library of Congress. “The State Department may have a position about something, and in order to be consistent with that foreign policy, it will result in a certain name being the one BGN authorizes for use,” Palmer explains, leading to name choices that can be controversial, such as the Sea of Japan (disputed by Korea) or the Persian Gulf (which Arab countries call the “Arabian Gulf”). “Names are very powerful.”


Though globes are increasingly less common, Dzurny says that over the past decade he’s noticed an increase in geographic awareness, and particular attention to out-of-date borders, naming, or mistakes. More customers, it seems, have been calling in to complain. “People are more aware of updates to maps than 10, 12 years ago,” he says. “It seems like people follow more politically what’s going on in the world.”

Now that Google Maps becomes the world’s most influential cartographer (so influential, in fact, that in 2010, Nicaragua used a border error as an excuse to invade Costa Rica), Replogle has maintained its business by focusing on globes as artifacts, relics that, unlike Google’s ostensibly real-time and agnostic digital maps, capture the geopolitical moment of their making and the design sense of the customer. For example, Replogle CEO Joe Wright notes that the Frank Lloyd Wright Series, which offers stands based on the architect’s aesthetic, is currently “enjoying a resurgence in Japan.” Presumably those globes also include that country’s claim to four of the Kuril Islands—part of a dispute with Russia that dates back to 1945.

Dzurny understands the current lay of the land. “I keep the cartography up to date,” he says, “but most people just care what it looks like.”

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A Southern Seafood Recipe From The Heart Of Auburn, Alabama

by Brad Japhe, Contributor
Everyone is hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.
01 Apr 17:23

Goats take over deserted British town during stay-at-home directive

When the small hamlet followed government guidelines by temporarily shuttering business operations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a large pack of nearby goats took the lack of human presence as their cue to move in. According to Buzzfeed News, ...
31 Mar 18:56

♥ / Make It Remote: A Survival Guide for the Future of Work

by swissmiss

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Inside, you’ll find resources for both business leaders and team members, including:

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The dark side of dog food

by Bobby Durben
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The Farmer's Dog image


Butylated Hydroxyanisole. Sodium Tripolyphosphate. Propylene Glycol.

These aren’t just fancy words used to thin out the competition at a high school spelling bee. They’re also common ingredients in store-bought dog food. 

Yup, that big sack of kibble with the smiling corgi on the front is actually not as good for your faithful companion as you think. 

Along with other unsavory additions like rendered fat, animal digest, and “meat meal” (“meat meal”???), dry dog food contains all sorts of nasty ingredients — like the ones above, which can also be found in detergent, insecticide, chemical preservative, and even antifreeze.

And you want to feed that to Fido? We think not. 

So, where exactly did these sad, stomach-churning mixes come from? How did they make it onto the shelves of your friendly neighborhood pet store? And — most importantly — what should you be feeding your pets? 

Lend us your leashes and we’ll walk you through how we ended up here.


The original dog diet consisted of little more than table scraps. We’re talkin’ meat, bones, and whatever else could be scavenged between meals. 

This approach to feeding our four-legged friends remained status quo until the first commercially-prepared pet food was formulated. In 1860, English businessman James Spratt created the original “dog biscuits” using a blend of wheat meal, veggies, beetroot and beef blood. Mmmm… beef blood. 

Dog biscuits became quite popular (enough so for his recipe to get acquired by another company and brought to the U.S. in the 1890s), but the real dietary shift came with the introduction of Ken-L-Ration canned dog food in the 1920s. 


Developed using a mixture of dehydrated horse meat and grain, Ken-L-Ration’s new alternative was a notable shift in our approach to pet food — and soon, this more affordable canned food soon made up 90% of the market. 

As the country entered lean times around World War II, rationing of meat and metal meant dry dog food became the de facto standard for our faithful sidekicks. Soon after the war ended, the trend of convenience and affordability exploded thanks to a new process known as “extrusion. 

Extrusion made manufacturing dog food at scale much easier… but that simplicity only papered over a much uglier truth about this new air-puffed kibble: it was nasty. 


At its core, the kibble-making process is two things: 1) Complicated. 2) Gross. 

Here’s how it works: 

First, all sorts of different (loosely regulated) ingredients come together through “rendering” — the process of combining all the parts that go into kibble prior to it being extruded. 

The catch? Pet food standards are much lower than human food, meaning the scraps we can’t use can be used in kibble. This includes:

  • Hair, bones, and beaks
  • Digestive systems and udders
  • Expired packs of meat (with wrapping still on)
  • Remains of diseased animals or even euthanized pets (!!!)

Have we lost you yet? Yeugh

Rendering this mishmash creates an ingredient known as “meal.” Meal then undergoes extrusion, which involves being cooked under extremely high temperatures — up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit. — until much of the nutritional value of the “food” (if you can even call it that) is stripped out. 

Once it’s heated enough, the meal puffs up into those familiar brown squares known as kibble… except now, additional nutrients and minerals have to be injected back in to cover for what was lost during extrusion.

Easy to make? Check. 

Cheap to buy? Check. 

Good for your golden retriever? Er, not exactly… but thanks to some well-placed lobbying and a heavy advertising push, dog owners in the latter half of the 20th century were wholly convinced that the only logical food to feed Fido was this factory-made kibble.

And that, my fine friends, has continued alllll the way to today. 


The explanation for why we still buy our dogs bags of this highly-processed food is simple — it’s what we’ve been led to believe is appropriate, even healthy, for our pets.  

(Hey, we said it was simple, not logical.) 

Lucky for our canine companions, in recent years we’ve begun to see the value in balanced diets featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients.

One leader in the better food movement? The Farmer’s Dog

By putting quality, freshness, and customization first (and ditching the kind of chemicals that even a high schooler in advanced literature can’t spell) they’re showing dog owners the impact a proper diet can have on your pet’s life… and the negative effects of the old approach, like: 

When each of these poor pups made the switch to real food, their problems subsided.

It’s this belief — that better food makes for better health — that has helped companies like The Farmer’s Dog make waves in the pet food industry. 

By focusing on custom meal plans and fresh ingredients that cater to the specific needs of each dog, they’re helping happy hounds live healthier lives and solve the multitude of problems that highly-processed dog food usually exacerbates. 

It’s a big step forward for the industry and, more importantly, a wake-up call to owners everywhere. 


Gone are the days of canned horse meat and chemical mash-ups created to imitate real food. With companies like The Farmer’s Dog leading the way, we now know just what a difference your dog’s diet can make — which is exactly why it’s so important to make sure it’s fresh, wholesome, and perfect for them. 

A subscription to their food delivery service that’s tailored to your pup’s particular needs starts at around $3 a day. But knowing you’re feeding your dog fresh food (and not Butylated Hydroxyanisole)? Now that’s priceless. 

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Free: Austin City Limits Opens Up Video Archives During COVID-19 Pandemic

by OC

Austin City Limits--an PBS music program recorded live in Austin, Texas--has decided to open its archives "as a gift to music fans during the current live music moratorium." They write: "Starting March 23, the perennial television series will make fan-favorite episodes from the recently broadcast Season 45 available for streaming, in addition to the entire slate of programs from the previous two seasons of the acclaimed concert showcase. Over 35 ACL installments will be available to stream free online at offering a wide variety of music’s finest from every genre. here’s something for everyone: an electrifying hour with guitar hero Gary Clark Jr.; an epic stage journey with 2020’s Grammy-winning global pop phenom Billie Eilish; supergroup The Raconteurs, featuring Jack White and Brendan Benson, in an all-out hour of pure rock and roll."

Get more information here, and stream episodes here.

Above you can watch Robert Plant on Austin City Limits during a show recorded in 2016.

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Stream All 18 Hours of Ken Burns’ Baseball for Free on What Would Have Been Opening Day

by OC

Baseball season won't start today, on what would have been Open Day. So here's your next best bet. As Sam Barsanti writes at AV Club, "PBS and the world’s preeminent director of extremely watchable and extremely long documentaries have a special treat: The entirety of Ken Burns’ Baseball—over 18 hours—is now available to stream for free on the PBS website and all of its related apps."

It's no coincidence that Burns' documentary becomes free during COVID-19. On Twitter, Burns adds: "With events canceled & so much closed, I asked @PBS to stream BASEBALL for free so we can participate in the national pastime together. Watch at the link below or on any streaming device. And please look out for those with greater needs. Play ball."

Stream the videos here.

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Watch 3,000+ Films Free Online from the National Film Board of Canada

by OC

What, exactly, is Canada? The question sometimes occurs to Americans, living as they do right next door. But it might surprise those Americans to learn that Canadians themselves ask the very same question, living as they do in a country that could be defined by any number of its elements — its vastness, its multiculturalism, The Kids in the Hall — but never seems defined by any one of them in particular. Many individuals and groups throughout Canadian history have participated in the project of explaining Canada, and indeed defining it. Few have done as much as the National Film Board of Canada and the filmmakers it has supported, thanks to whom "three thousand films, from documentaries to narrative features to experimental shorts, are available to stream free of charge, even for Americans."

Those words come from The Outline's Chris R. Morgan, who writes that, "for the 'Canuckophile' (not my coinage but a term I happily own), the NFB’s Screening Room is one of the supreme pleasures of the internet. Since 1939, the NFB has facilitated the telling of Canada’s story in its people’s own words and images."

Morgan points up to such NFB-supported productions as 1965's Ladies and Gentlemen … Mr. Leonard Cohen, which "follows the titular 30-year-old poet giving witty readings, partying, and living around Montreal," and the 2014 Shameless Propaganda, described at the Screening Room as an examination of "Canada's national art form." That art form developed in the years after the NFB's founding in 1939, a time when its founding commissioner John Grierson called documentaries a "hammer to shape society."

Not that most of what you'll find to watch in the NFB's screening room comes down like a hammer — nor does it feel especially propagandistic, as we've come to understand that term in the 21st century. Take, for instance, the documentary portraits of Canadian writers like Margaret Atwood and Jack Kerouac.

The latter lead a life described by filmmaker Herménégilde Chiasson as "a Franco-American odyssey," which will remind even the most Canada-unaware Americans of one thing that clearly sets Canada apart: its bilingualism. That, too, provides material for a few NFB productions, including 1965's Instant French, a short about "the adventures of a group of businessmen who are forced into taking French lessons to stay competitive in their field."

"At first put out by this news," continues the description at the Screening Room, "one by one they begin to realize that gaining fluency in another language has its benefits." Hokey though it may sound — "definitely a product of its time," as the NFB now says — a film like Instant French offers a glimpse into not just Canada's past but the vision for society that has shaped Canada's present and will continue to shape its future. You can browse the NFB's large and growing online archive by subject (with categories including literature and language, music, and history) as well as through playlists like "Expo 67: 50 Years Later," "Extraordinary Ordinary People," — and, of course, "Hockey Movies," which  reminds us that, elusive though Canadian culture as a whole may sometimes feel, certain important parts of it aren't that hard to grasp.

Find more free films in our collection, 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc..

Note: An earlier version of this post appeared on our site in June 2019.

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Based in Seoul, Colin Marshall writes and broadcasts on cities, language, and culture. His projects include the book The Stateless City: a Walk through 21st-Century Los Angeles and the video series The City in Cinema. Follow him on Twitter at @colinmarshall, on Facebook, or on Instagram.

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Explore the Entire World–from the Comfort of Quarantine–with 4K Walking Tours

by Ted Mills

Many of us right now are sheltering in place, or in quarantine, dreaming of that day when we can once again travel the world. And that day will come, friends, that day will come.

But until then, there are already several YouTube channels set up to provide you with a chance to go on walking tours around the world, with only the sounds of the environment in your headphones.

I was alerted to this by good friend Phil Gyford, who found this via Sarah Pavis (via FaveJet), and provided several links to this large selection of virtual traveler. Your mileage my vary, as they say, but here’s some trips I found particularly relaxing in these anxious times.

Above, I started here with this walk through Pimmit View Park in Falls Church, Virginia. Despite an umbrella dipping into view, I found this a relaxing walking in the rain through a verdant wonderland, with occasional pauses to admire the flowing streams. Lovely.

From here I was feeling a bit peckish, so I bopped over to the Phatra Market in Bangkok to have a look at the various foods on offer. LazyTourist, the person who filmed this, never strays too long at any stall, but knows enough to linger.

A YouTuber called 4K Urban Life produces the occasional walking tour of European cities, and here they show us Tuscany, starting in a very non-descript sidestreet until venturing out into the heart of old Italy. This one is nearly four hours long, so bring a bottle of wine but skip the sunscreen. Enjoy the lack of social distancing, and pray for Italy.

Night has fallen and it’s time to venture out into the West End of London in this evocative video from Watched Walker. It’s rainy and wet, but no matter, the streets of London look lovely and this hour-plus takes us through “Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Oxford Street, Carnaby Street and Soho.”

Now let’s drop in on one of New York City’s most popular tourist destinations, Times Square. Wind Walk Travel Videos has a lot of these short (30 mins or less) visits to American locations, and this is one of their most popular. Try not to think about how empty these spaces are now, and enjoy the ambience, sketchy Elmo and all.

Here’s Rambalac walking Shinjuku at night, checking out the side streets and testing out his binaural mic. This is a treat with headphones on, so make this full screen and order in some ramen.

A final thought: recently I’ve been focusing on 4K “remastering” (by way of AI) of turn of the (20th) century films, a look back to a different age. In these above videos, we can see the tradition continues, a fascination in watching life go on as we sit and look into our devices. Think on both those long since deceased folk in the 1900s and a record of our once-normal lives (only a month ago, as of this writing), and keep them both in your hearts.

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Ted Mills is a freelance writer on the arts who currently hosts the Notes from the Shed podcast and is the producer of KCRW's Curious Coast. You can also follow him on Twitter at @tedmills, and/or watch his films here.

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